Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1912
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VOLUME XVI. NO. 10. lOLA, KAS., ;^0V. 5,191^-TUESDAY EVENING. to th* ioU Daily Ra«istar. th* : leu Dally RaoM and tli« leU Daily ladM SIX PAGES UHW VOTE MSI m III HE DAY SEABLY 50 I'EB TENT OF lIKiaS- TRITIOX AT i OTLOIK. VOTERS MIXED THEIR TICKET ELECTORS I.I>«;EKKT) inx; I> THE VOTIMi HOOTIIS. KepnbliMn ronnty Tirk.t BrlirTcd Safe Itv ««od Manrih »ul Voters Scnitrhrtl Other?. An unusuiilly h-^avy vc;o was ciiit at the general «'l>^ctioii to <iav. Nearly fifty porc^'nt of i.ho r.-Wc;r;itioti hinl .be«n pollil at - i/cioik ;is follow?: Ward First 7.7, \ Second . 1".-, '* ^ 1^ Third . ]^^ :!•;> Eount» Fifth Sixth Total Tht^ parly Mrt.' hilt.-.; To t 'M> thinKS. Kirst • !; iri:ni ways nianif'-stoil .•ral .-ioTtlt-n. and. second, thr >•;•. iiils Tin: s<«nt th»» i -u>.>.- To •i .'ar'y in tv.e hopo t.>;at hf vvoi '.li n..' rain I 'siially. loss rpnt of th'» ni>nii. '.! v>t.' ; o^cIcK -k anil !h.> r r.s!-. i -on-.f-; in f;if- tern<Kin. ;;:>' r;r nti'is a::.T- nocn h <Md up ii of voters, and it in-' 1" THE WEATHER. Forpmst for KaB«aii: R^a and rold. er this afternoon and toBteht; Wed- nodar rlondf. Data recorded at the local office of the Weather Rureau: Temperature: Highest yesterday •It S p. at.. 6"; lonest this morning at 2 a. nv. ol: normal for today, 47; de- liri^'nry !?inco January 1st. 3i'3 de- :jr^05. Wste.-ilay. Today. •i p ra ."7 3 'a. ra o:i ^> p. m 'I 6 a. m .•>•> I:: nuJt. o2 9 a. m 61 Preiipiiation for 24 hours ending 7 a .m. totl.iy. 0; oxce.=.* in precipitation .-ir<<> .faawary Ist. S2 inches. UolatiVo humidity 7 a. ra. today, S .i ui^r i.->nT: barcroctor reduced to sea kn.'i 2:> '.'2 inches. Sunrise toilay, ^:"2 a. m.; .sunset, .••:!!' p.. .ni OOURLE TRXGUHE SANTA FE NEXT IMI'KOVEMENT CONTEM- ri.ATEI) 0.\ THI.S l>lVI.SIft>. Enipdije Ha< 4u<t FinNhrd Takin? .M('iiMir<-miMil» iiir Wideiiin:; the l^riiilc liei-e Ten Feel. did. becau.«e th.- pr>-< •,;•;:.<•:. n J .\a5 not ho heavy that trav-^Iip.; n-n there nijl he no .'a.-' h-^-ir r::~).; to t;i.^ iwlls to(1a> VoTer,* filr -l in'o the polls so s'teadiry durin= tii- ii:'y thar Mayor Bollinger ordere'i V.\'^ inrrar.aticn of extra bo <7th> a: 1" f'ol'-fk .-•.> t .' rii'^ early morr.inp ru?U louM b »r hamiW First started in the Thiril ward booths wat ?n a car .ii'e ;.ail bocc used to furnish lici-.t burr.'^d low and iKnited the ranvass T!..- firemen checked the blaze b'^fore it .zatneil any headway. There was no disorder or confusion dorinir the day. The' vo'er S '^omed to have made up his mind jus? lipw hr sboald vote Nfori' ht' srarfj :d for rh- polls and he did not stop to arzu*- along the way. Workers of i href- parties were activ*. ail day in rh* interest of their resp^crivp tick'^^ts and the Republicans arp confid-^ri' fha; they have won by saf-- m .'.r'-ins. Tn'^> K.>r si)!!;!' tlni." an employe of tlu' 1 Santa Ke ofii<-<\< has been in lola iiiak- itiK prcliiiiinary surveys ami niea.sure- tnoiits f>ir wideulni; the prade «f tli'' .•^.icr.i Ke trark.< throuRh here flve fefl on I'^uh side of t:u» track, or a total .if t.>"ii f-'.'t ^'huck that in your pipe an I s!'.> what kind of pictures yoi: van see in il-.e smoke. Th • Sir.'ii F- lias a doiibl*> tra.k from Kai;.-.j< iTty lo Kn'.pori:i. and f;Mi;; (•:.';;south rhroiiph hfr'> ir l'.a> ;i f:n.' s;ncl.' track, rock ballast• il, 1 i >ni bridcp'l ami with li'-avy rails Til.- cr-ido is ample for this sin- si- trackji und rh" preliminary work of wideninp Ibis t .-n feer ran liave noihin^: "Is- in ronTomplation but diiu- bl«- trackin:.- Th-- man who was here was from it-.i" fhanute offices and he Siesian his la!>ors at Ottawa and work- •^il.south lif spent a w^pk or more in Inla. and will be ablp to make a ri port estimatinp the pradini; neces;- sary aloci: the t^n'ire division for a double Tr ^ck. It be some time beior-- flie ac' < -.struction work is '..psiin. 1. It it i.s p.ea.«ant to think that the division hoadiuarters is ac- rumulatine ficures on an imjirove- m^nt that wotild mean faster trains and i :iiprov»d ?r-rvice lor lola. IHE Bi6 ElECM HAS IHE» V THE 1>TEREST OF THE >.mO> IS CENTERED 0> THE POLLS. A REAVY VOTE IS PREDICTED FOR THE Xoi <T PART WEATHER IS WARStASD PLE.VS.V>T. The Momrntons Etent N Proceeding ynletjT With,no J'hanrc «f Fr»ndv—>o Violence. A> ELEITION .\EWS EXTRA. IJesi-iter Hopes to lone One In the .Mnmiiis With Re«nlt». Trio prov .inr plan.< of ih«> flesister ir.'issuins: of a-small .'\tra are conceding norhinc to' t;-..- r-mo- P^-'• " --'".'"^ °; a-smai, ."xira crats though it is admi-f 1 that ,ho --morrow for 'i- 'v.-o" 1-vote on some of The candidarps will —.>•••" •• ana ..oc:ock to a!I patron.. ^_,„„ .vr .o 1 .-in b-- reached by earner. U i--. be close. "I can't ihiak th;<- ••.•^ M-^mocrar.? have put ov^r a sinai- oandidatT>." said Chairman Aush-rman late this afternoon. ••Evprythins Jooks eood •la the county •• ^ "We will eiecrar !• as' ••\n or •hr*^county candidates.'' sa;il Chairmi 'n T P. Zippier, of I>"n?''r.rir f'n- tral committ'-. •and ixrlMp.s othi-rs " The Socialists ha \i- r. train- d fai';: fut to their tiikc but 'h-y ha\»' dot.- lea« wor ktbis v<ar. a' '.••as" ! ss worli ihui was i >«-ri ..p ;ibl' . t '...i:: ;!.v In thp past. Th'^ \o!''rs ii!;.:.<f-d .' 'i;: ii; llOoUis. siintt ;ii 'luT 1 .-;,.i>!'-r:ili.'- srrafcliinc A l.-ir.:; d'lu. T:i'- far- i tlonal differs tu -'s it tr.-- n'r"ili!iian 1 ['Y party aiii not bo !i ^ilxnc t!-.- surfac- j '"' "'^^ . «o far as it ufr"»'''d tb.' .•o ::n'.y 'irk- ct but Was plainly a (»;'ur« i:' \»'i'^n th' national and tirk.";s w. rc reached. The I>eiriocrats ar.- o'laiminz .Vlb'n county stronpiv foi^ Thomp?on.'Hodc- cs. >and Klein ani the R'»puhl;cans were disposed ro 'coned.. Klein's victory'<o far .is t.';:j r -ou .i'y is c ^n-| cemed. I Kerorts from "i'at -s 'Vn ^.-r th:.-: afternoon stat'd that p;.ul Klein was receiving a h^avy VOT - .-i;. r- and . •woaW probably carr> :!>• county. Judge Foust. rh^ r-i-or- ^.'.id; was re- celrins the S 'lppor* of many Democrats as Willi as R '^iublicans. The Democrats lat'^ irjis afternijon were making thf- aiosT confiden; claims in behalf -jf Jo> r. T. Tyl^r for coupty treasurer Th>- Rpi >ubi:ran committee did nor con —^df that Tyler had receive th^ h'-avy Rppublioan vote claimed and assert that Miss Wil son will win when ;h» coirnt is mad'--. The usual nural>.r of prophets .jr.? abroad in ihp land the claims are many and \arit;d. This report does not purport to r-fl-ct Anything saT3 public sontim.^nt it appears on the street which ij; all that is p«is- slWe at this flmp. Workers in behalf of thp surCraae amendment wpre active d^^y but opvcsition developed -hat has caused considerable worry a.mons rhe advocates of the cause !.o;if to jiublish in this paper suffic- U'ni >'!-':ion returns from>the nation. sUiTp and roun'y TO tell definitely how tlu- .-v. tior, has gone. The Rpgist.»r will E-it receive, a penny for this Issue, ac-! wil he at some exjiense in getting th- news and issuine the i>ap <T. which V i'.i ! '•'.lar'.jed of; to thp a. count of r- ni;.-'r:im i:oo<i s.Tvio The ca.-r!er hi I. «il brine this pai^r v- you •A',;! !;.• I'oinir evrra duty .al^o. without T' *a:'.' !;' .vo !i f.^f! an intt-rest in re- .••::u- K\tra ai;d find it in your l.-art rc.vard fh-' yoitns '.a^ls ''.)r | arl.\ morniiiir ir.i!u>-ry. a con''i'iiil'"t 'o !;-.. Ill «:!! !.»> liv T :-.- lads, «iil i!o yoi: f.' ;,ir :ii ;in >i «;1: tr.akc t !i.> a<. oiiC's /The three comer»^ presidential con test sent to the poll? today voters who took unprecedentid interest In the outcome of a campsign which has been waged with unusual bitterness. Middav reports from every quarter indicated nationwide record breaking vote. / In addition to ihp election of I'ns- ident and Vice-president and nipm- hers of congress thlrty-threi? states art; voting for Governors and thirty- six states for legislatures which will RI: vacancies in the Senate. Otntrally favorable weather conditions prevailed. In Cincinnati fifty l^r c-mt of tlio total vote- had b^en cast before elovpn o'clock and, ill-- ••ot-^ throughout Ohio was progrpfesine wi ;!i •.Hipr -C '^'^nted earn'-stness^ In Cliic.ipo the early' hours S.T.V "Very .>oI!.inK p'ac.^ fill'-d. Thero was inti'h scratching of ballots. In ih.> Pacific Coast states fh" early voting was heavy despite tbp inclement wp.ithcr. Praetl(^illy no disturbances havo bf-cn reported from anv section of tlip country A few arrests for violations of election laws w»-r-» made. .\11 thp leaders of the three parties adhered to previous predictions of succss for th'-ir respective candidates. Ther«> was nothing in the ap- par-nt attitude of the voters which would indicate what the result would be. President Taft spent the mgrning nt th" home of bis brother, Charles, in Cincinnati, and early in the afternoon pp'-parejl to cast his ballot. Fir »t Blood far Taft flo^ffin. .Vov. ."i. —President Taft carried .\cushnet. the first town heard from to<lay. The vote was- Roosevelt Taft. I«»: Wil.-on. .-.2. For Governor. Walker, Republican, farrie-l tht- tov-n by '.t.". votes to S7 for Biril. Frogrpssiv. and ;)-» for F'oss. Democrat. In !:i!»S .Acushnet gave Taft US and nryaa 12. The vote in UUl was: Foss. n -niocrat, 2": Frothinghani, Rr?pMb- lican. \'O!.V'.JU voT-'d: Roosevplt. 1"4; Taft ;'7; Wil .ion 7>'. In l:*o>; the vote was; Hryan -I"; Taft 104. .Vr. .Mnlrane'!* Calm Cnmnipnt. Chicai:o. .Nov. . T —"The silent vote will diKride this plection," said David .Mulvane wpstprn campaign tnanager to<lay. "Communications from west. rti territory show that a »hlg vote w j is b-ing poU. (1 We have no rnports of a't-mpted fraud .rnywhere." DEATH OF OrTO«E>ARlV\. Mr. lloliliin<i who Snrriies 0 |M -nitinn IHe-i of Paraljiti^ -Ahour a we .;!c a.iro. when a party of li:s friends.-..mpmbers of the Ma- scn;e onk-r in lola, organi2 «-d a joyous horae -i oming for Andrew J. Robbins, 'he R -^gisTpr rqld of the remark- abl • vitiili-.y of a man who had just rail'.-d from ih-r second amputation of a !;'mh .\.'r Robbins .see.-ned des- tir ..-d to >.-ars of life, but the shock ro hi.s nervous system was an un- »iUon -Voted Vr Straiitht.' Princeton. .V J. Nov ."i.— T.ike n i boy out of sj hool," w;..« GoviT.or Wilson's reply to a <iuery. how he felt. He admitted the campaign lia 'd b-H n .a physical strain. Hig sca'p wound was giving him no trouble. He planned to spend most of the day" answering letters and to get to bed early after hearing early re- rerurns in the evening. Prof. WiJ.=on vo'^-d the S-raight Iiemocra'ic ticker this morning in the interior of aii ensine house. H-- was in the 'tiooth four minutes and re- u.arked as he came out that the bai­ lor .'as so big h-- "had a hard time t THE SEASON OPENS. rerrain iyem,"7nd"a"'fe "w day's ago h«s f'nJJr,;; the Democratic Presidential sui'ered a i,aralytic stroke. He was el -<tors ' ' end ; givtn e\,.i-y artpntion, but the came abo'jc midnight last night at hisj "r;ome :;-J Hourh Buckeye street Mr. Robbins was for thirty yegra u locomotive pngineer at Rochester, N. V' I.ea \;nz/Ti<.e cr.gine he master n-e.-an - <-.r tt-^ New York Central for 3;;o'i; ten \eaW Giving up the rail- read wo.'-k ;.e came to lola to be near \U -on, <; M Robitu -i, who owns a larz-r ranch near Colony. Sine*? cijming here an afHiction of one foot lead to an amputation of the limb at the knee, following which he seemed to ira- prov-r and his general health was excellent. A fe -.v wefks ago a similar (Eilra< nt developed in jiis remaining foot end in spite of. his fish ty years and more he went cheerfully ro the hospital and underwent another oi: srHLEjnrER .«»rE.«i FOR WVOBCE. Wealtbr AUen CoBntaJn Woold be SeinanUed From Wife. John Schleinmer brought suit in the district court this afternoon for a dlTorce from his wif*. Addie Schlem- njer. The petition rei-ites that the couple were marrieii March 30. ' at Easton. Mo., and that April 11. 1S12 tJi«:defendant atKindoned him without caose or provocation He als-j al- leses (TOSS neglect of duty. Tiie property rights of the Sk -hlemmers •w«re adjusted in court s-everal BKAths ago. Mr Schlemmerls weal thy harins extensive holdings in Missouri is addition to his property In thU county. Mr*. A. C. Duncan, of Gtmett,' wits • Tfcitor bere this attenoon. Fair Weather in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, Nov. 5—Fair weath eraUon. Recoverltig gamely from this .Ur help.>d the party workers and a he pined for his home like a boy ;!nd it was his • home-<oming which was m ,tde a festal occasion by his friends .Tnd family. JTiie fune.-^l will be held from the Campbell Undertaking Parlors tomorrow afternoon at I o'clock. Mr. G M. RcJL 'iss will leave with t .i ^e !.ody tomorrow on the 2 o clock Santa Fe for V.inchen.lon, Mass, where burial will fake placp. SIEtiFRIED HEURE>S IS DEAD. Hf Wa<. Dean of Philadelphia Xii-.i. clanri ajid Was Well known. -l!. rile .\».~e.,ut«l Pri--.,i Philatieiphia. N -jr.Slegfred Beh- reas. Dean of PbtUdelphia musicians and prominently connected wtib many hjperatlc Tentures, died at his home lliere toda>-, aged seveiKy-two. Oniet al Sagamore, IliU. Oyster Bay. .Vo»'. 5.—The only sign cf election day at Sagamore Hill was the presence of- a linenian who ran a t-'egrsph wire into the large • room on the second floor of Colonel .Roosevelt's ho'ise to brine the returns. Rocse\e[t passed the day as any other He sen! for his s.x'ret.iry and as soon as he bad finish-M breakfast was in the libri'.ry working on his corres- li<iiidence. Then he took a walk. He ex[>ecied to vote about' noon in the village. Colonel Roo .-evelt cast his ballot In a tire trui-fc h'jiise at 121*.'.",. large early vote is reporteil poilei] all over the state. Democratic 1* id- ers d.-clare the sr-^te will go for Wilson by a fair majority. The ieaOrs of the other two partlt-.s are making a determined fight. HesTT Vote in MI.s^arL .^t. Ijicis. .Notf. a — .K bright clear d;-.> greeted early voters and indications are that a hearey vot-* will b,. cast throughout "he state The polls close at seven but the returuii will b*" lat^ as j^idges mi:si count nine state atnendmentf. Because of the single tax rniendra-?nt the rural vote wlU be large Rain began falling <»t nine o'cio<k Wa ^netAB Plar» al an Elerlioii. Washington. Ncv 5.—Residents of MANOOT DEGIARED WINNER SAFE BLOWERS UET AWAY. Break Jail in rhiraso I'nder the Very >o<<es of the Police. DEATH BREAKS IHE DEADLOCK spoRTix; EnrroRs iiEdOE THAT HE HAB.BEST OF If. j It Wa* a ('lo»e Coatcot hut the >«-w \ Orlpan« KM Seea»< to Hate Held His <h«n with Wo|g »!<t. .\ew Orleans. Nov .".—Wagers on the Wolgast-.Mandot fight here la.-, nighc were decided today by an opin-' ion expressed by the sport writers of four local newspapers in favor of the backers of .Mando: The fight was without referees . The decision of the two newspaper writers pave the fight to Mandot and one called it a draw.' The opinion of the fou.'-th will not i-e! known until this afternoon but even, should it be for Wolgast tli- three i ofdcion.-; already made publii-. count-, ing the draw as half a vote, gave the bout to the loi al boy." th» As.s/v^jated Pr»-s3) ! Chicago.'Nov. —Five alleged safe blowers escaped early today from the ; evils under ope of the Imrraus at p -i- lice headquarters. The noi..=e the men made w.-ui unheard owing to the hiss '. of steam from a defeciive radiator, .losppu Durand. leader of the gang. • usefi a chair rung to break the lock j on his cell PT.vit from rhe building ! Was found through a coal hole. '\ RHOr>E ISI, WO LOSES 0 \E OF ITS .ME.HBERS OF CO .MiRES.S. REIXFORIEMESTS CROWDIXG TO FRO-\T OF THE BATTLE. WODNDED FILL THE HOSPITALS POWERS .%OT LIKELY TO AGREE «»> TERMS OF SETTLESEXT. Aif.»(ria% Je:ilon.«y of Serria Lftelj to Proie a Bone of Contention In Peace Xe^gotbtionis. iHv tlie .Vs.-soclated fTtf*^ Sofia. .Nov —Reinforcements COHT tiniie to proceed to the front from the Bulgarian capital in considerable numbers. It is reported that fighting sUIl continues near Serai iand Tchorlu. The people here are being kept in entire ignorance of the happenings around Adrianople and at Achorlu where tlia Turk.s and Bulgarians are fighting. The hospitals at Sofia and Phillppop- olis are crowded with wounded. Thirty foreign war correspondents' have announced that they are leaving Bulgarian headr]uarters and returning to their rf«sp.;ctive countries. • But Will (;:iin a Vote for Pre>ident in ta>p the Election .Should Be. Thrown into (he Hoa!>e. (nt Constantinople .IqnedncL I>>ndon. Nov. 'i. —^The water supply • of Constantinople was ciit off today by a large Bulgarian force which occu- i pied 'Darkas. from which point the aque.'.Tirt supplying the Turkish cap!-' tal starts, according to a news agency . dispatch from Sofia. Bulgarian troops have-< occupied the region between Tchorlu and Tchatalja. completely siir- rounding the Turkish force in that • district. The great powers of Europe are aligning themselves on either side of a sharp line regarding .the future of the Balkans. Public opinion in England. France and Russia argues that the allies should have the territory which they have conquered, and'Rns- sia particularly has warned Turkey that conditions could only become worse should further disaster occur at .Achatalja^ On the other side are Austria-Hungary, Gennany and Italy. Austria-Huneary will not,. It Is b«UeT- ed. sit quietly by and let the Balkan league establish itself across her path to the Aegean. TROIBLE I> KE>Tr( KY. EBBY E.STATE #237>l^:.'.. Two M<<n Killed a.^ a Result of Election Day (joarreL fBy the .A ..-»30crated Prw) Lexington. Ky.,' Nov. .i.—Two men were killed as a result of a quarrel in election booths in Kentucky today. ' In Le.^ county. Consrable Campbell, was killed and John and James Candill were arrested charged with having shot him. In .Anderson county. (Jreen. Mowen was killed by County .Magi.strate Hardin Satterk-e. it is i-h,irgeii. SMOTHEREB WITH (iA.S. ( brisliiin ."^rlence Fonnder** Wealth in .Hji'««arhii *e (t«« .lpprjil>fd. Itn.-iton. Ma.---. Nov I—Mrs Bak-r O. Kddy. foiiniier of the christian ^ci- \ en-.e ciiu-ch. had in Ma?,sa»'husi<ls at \ the time of iier death $>2S4:5 7.". in i^r- j scnal property and real p.'tare valii-'d ' at H '.'i.nii) a.rordins to the report of; Thomas W Streeter, Fc^lerick E. .I<n i nin-s and .John \V. Worthington. w;io were app''iinr''<f by t/.o Pro.f-are mirf to ap]>rai.=e Th>- estate They wer- in- FtriH -ted to make ret'im to .losiah K Foranald of Con -r,rd. .\. II. administrator of.t:;.: •Bill of Mrs. Kddy a!lo-*'d by the f r )-ir: of Ne-.v H^mi-sliire \\\ t :;e personal property gne^ u. the 'r-;.ris'ian S-.ien -e church under the li.-cipum of the <iinreii:e rotirt of .Vea )!arjii'.s;iire. wbic'i sus:ain»-<l the will of .Mrs Kddyv The entire Piuoin' whlca t -.;e .New Hnmpshire adtr.inis- trat^r>i^l:I turn over to th- rliurch. is Family »i Five IVri-hrd in Their Ohio ; Home Fmm Fiime^ . ( * f'V t!l.^ .V*.*.--. To'edo. l);ii<>. .Vov ."• —.\. family of fi'.e wa-' forird dea4rfrom i:as a.«i>hyx- iafion :n riieir home here at noon. Th«- . dead are; tV.M^rse W. Hassen. wife and three children. .\!l were in nisht r!--i;e,- The man »v kneelinc Ne^ide • Th-\')un:;e c'uld w.a< c!a«p- li^ moti'.er's arms We.-r. riy. r: I , No-.-eruber .1 —Con- gre.ssman tjeoree Herbert Ctter, for- Mier governor of Rhode Island, died a.- his hor ;e here today after several w-eeks' illr .es.s »-i;h stomach trouble. His death breaks the deadlock that would hav.^ existe,! in the House of Representatives in the event of the presidential eiertion being thrown into that body. Ctter was a Republican, the only other representative from this «*tate being George F. O'Shaunes- sy. a I >e :::o'rat Rhode Island's vote, should it fall to the House to name the'president, will (..^ Deniocratjc. thus making the votes by states as follows: Deitjocratii- Republican 22. Tiie situation heretofore ha.« been e\en ar 2-'. with four sT.ites de ;>dlock- p .l r..ncres..-«!on.tlly—(tliode Inland, Ne- |.ra.<ka. .Maine and New .Mexico. fO.MlflTTEE FOR HABLEY. PRIZE FKJHT WAS A BRAW. Mr. and Mrs. F. Firzirerald are vioitinp friends her-.. They h.ive b'-- a living in Grav- ft. .Ark . but are now- moving to Webb City. Mo. '.vhT re Mr. Fitzgerald will tak- up his old line — the transfer business. Joe Mandot Baltlwl Wolsa.-.t Mith E»en Honor.. P'-li'.-an Arena. .VeA- ttrleans. .Vov 4 —Liahtweiphf Champion .Ad Wolgast -and Joe .Mandot of New Orleans divid-:d honors in a ten-round, no-de. cision bout here lonish'. Both too'»j a lot of punishment hut at the end neither had the advantag-. according to a dec:.=ion of ne»-spap --r tcen. .\!- thoush ii.mdof was credit-d with hav ing tile liei'ter of four of rh.- tei; rounds. Wolcast with one. white the others Were even, the chainpion's fighting and early apcressivenes.i won for him the unotP.cial Wraw decision. Tn«-nty Member^ Faiored Him for ShermanN Place. N--A- York. .Nov. 4^Twecty mem- ! --rs of the RejHibli-Tan national com- -..ifee have thus far. in an informal : ••;!, e.vpre.i-eri their intention to vote f^r th-; s- lec'ion of Governor Had'ey, of .Missotiri. to fill the vacancyciB the pu'^ilii'-an tiiker caused by the death of Vice Pre,.i •;l •ent.^:herT^.?.c. according lo a sraren^ent :ra-ie hv Chairman H.;;es. of the Reptibl: -an national com mi'->.- .ronicht. stit-piementicg his an- ni >-.inceu-.ents last night. . Tw-r.ry-sU iitetnbv-rs have thusTar h.en ie.-<r-i frf-m There are TCi mem- l-.-rs I:' t':..- national corrmittee. n«M; -(HOPS" .siiLD I.\ BERLIV. ft .»i. .1 ». j- i- I ?' .'u \ V X' \A- 'I!- ^rVbv^bVk-irhv \r f (• f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ '• EI.EfTION RETIRXS \T THE (;RA>B THEATRE. Bi- I hi lteg{«terN (ine<.t Free Alter In O'rlork Tonipbt and Walch (he Election Railetinit in Comfort. Tiie Recister invites, rhe [lublic to the Gr-jnd Theatre at if n o 'c'.ick f..niglit to re <-ci\»' el .-ctton returns free i'rior to tho hour> ed the picture shnw will be run a.s i .sual. under the theatres management, a' tiie !;«ua! prices .\t the conclusion of- the show the .Associated Pres.s bulleiin.s of national, state and county returns as telographril to The Register, will l.e jient to the 'Irani* and thrown on the rur'ain through the Uig picture machiiie. There «ill l:- ro charge for admi.s^tnn to this and The Register arranc"! for the use of the thoitre m order that the e\peer <.<j ^row.! may h.-ar the news with physical comfort at lea>t It is improbable that any news giving a hint of the result will he I.T before 1'^ o clock, and the iMjlletin.^ will be thro»n on the screen until raldnight. or 1 o'clock, if ne ,-e .ssary. ro tifll ho-.v rhe battle has gone Between theitwo shows put on by the theatre, such news as is avaiUbie will be sent to the tiiejtre to b. b'iU^Tin.>d . 4\- -X. -1. I- 1- i. •f i. > •u -1. 4- A. Pn»il:r Eager to Biij .^leat When Stray '(anine> Are .Slaorbtered. HaWc, Germany. Oct. ?,\.—Scores of stray dogs »er- -lauchfered today •and th- n;ear .~old to the public in the city .'darker Th-re was a rush r«> obrain i!ie ranine steaks" and •i -hops" as if rhry »ere a great deli- ca-y. Th-^ city aurhorivies ordered The butr;ie-in< of rh- animals, which had been gathered for th-^ last month It i.- vUnne.1 to .ont-ar the meat famine w!th dottiesric ar^imais. and the lat.s of The i-i:v tiiav c-^x: go for "rabbit pi- • Austria Jealois of Srrrla. ' i Vienna. .Vov. .5.—The attiio .de of thB .\ustro-Hungarian government to tha proposal of Premier Poincar*. of ; France, for the adjustment of the Balkan situation, stated today, says: •Premier Polncare gives to the B«l- ' kan states more thaja they themselves ; demand- The proposal is so one-sid- : ed it can hardly find the approval of all the powers and particularly of .Austria-Hungary. .Vothlng is said regarding Albania." The anxiety of .Austria -Hungary that Servia shall not occupy Alttania and thus secure an outlet on the Adriatic Sea probably will provide a great bone of contention. An«(rian Airman FsH*. Vienna. Nov. ."i.— An Austrian mill-' tary airman was kilted this morning while flying around the army aero- dt^ome at Georz. The Tnrli K on Hiit KM«». I.onitoh. .Vo»^ 4 —The Turkish army occupying the line from Xchoria to latrandia was repulsed today by the B-algariass on the eastern flaak, ac- cordine to a news agency dispatch from Soria. Con.^tantlnopie, Nov. 4—Nbne of the powers has yet replied to tjie porte's . request for mediation The belief Is he'd here that King Ferdinand will . H 't be sorry to accept European ia- terveniion. as it is considered that after tts tremendou.s sacrifices, the Bui- • garian army must be near exfaaustloa.. Abdullah Pasha, commander of the Turkish Ea.<tem army, is still *r~ Tcherkesskeui. and at noon today a Turkiih detachment destroyed an Important railway bridge at Tcborln.- It now becomes clear that the deficient commissariat was largely responsible for the Turkish reverses. Turkish plans ai^med at encircling the Bulgarian forces by an advance on the right wing. The Bulgarian general concentrated his effocts on an attack against the Turkisb center at 5en4 and the left wing along the taiiway. The Turkish right was ratt^ixs witlj much success, but the commissariat froke down completely, owing partly to bad weather which made the roaids difficult, and prevented landing operations at the Turkish base. Midia. .As a consequence. Mahmoad Mnkli- tar Pasha, commanding the rtght. was compelled to sacrifice the. &dvaait»g« gained because his troops were witlt- E. (i. Lewi* A-V-i flJUW^Wl. \Va.-=h!n::on. .Vov 4—Charging tnatj(,u, food the whole day. various, ectrri.-i-e.^ of E G l >;wisofj All preparations have been complet- Cniverslty Cit.*. had Neen damased to for tie heir apparent to prticeed U> The extent of at ie».st J4..:.'.XVHV). Edwin J j^i-e Turkish headquarters accompan- C Madden, attorney in fact for Mr. by Khazl Ahmed Xnkhtar Pasba. ', L<-u:s and hi.-r interests, pending investigation by the H<. i.-e o-mmittee <m Port Offi.'- Kxi'-niliture*. has filed his "st;iun:ing >ip" Th<> ma -ximum civ en by Mr Madden is $6,W0 ,C»x» Of j thrs ti->tal he says the People* fnited I .States- Usnk. w:;loh wa» closed by a f raud nr^ier. was damaged to the extent of H .-'-Oi /.a ^v to |2."«>«).<y'», the Lewis Publishing Comjiany between $2,000,•^•» am! $2.-^00.! <'M^ and The American Woman s I>»asue not Ie*s than 11,- iConiinued on page 3j J I Morr.soc, of Pittsburg, wtio has . been here on business, went to (*ar- nett this afieniooiL . _ the late grand vizier, but np ,to tb« present they have not started. It is asserted i that the saltaa himself waa received by Xazim Bnhati optimistic reports and oalr reallied the true situation whea an EncIMi. cruiser brooght the latest sewa; vhieh was conveyed to the porte by the Bilfe- Ish ambassador. The pertc then asked the powers to haterveae. While there wa» aonie argfldBC 'oa the streets today, nearly ^veryboir. was so In doubt as to the -rMaHs -tlMt vivid pictures of the joshiBc'lM iai^ be labject to tomoirov tkatrb* -vpts

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