The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 24, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1977
Page 4
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State's Ledger To Close In The Black offset by: the loss of «.5 million in anticipated federal reimbursements; a H5 million drop in expected corporate business tax income; and a $3 million drop in Motor Vehicles Department collections. Tepper said the figures do not add up to J80.1 million because of both small gains and not By JUAN TAMAYQ HAHTKOHD, Conn. (UPI) Connecticut, once seemingly drowning in a sea o! red ink. today appeared swimming along fine wilh announcement thai the stale's ledger will closed June 30 in the black. Gov. Ella T. Grasso announced Friday the deficit in the 51.68 billion budget - set al offsetting revenue"losses $80.1 million last November and lisled. cut to M.8 million only a monlh «_« ago — has been replaced wilh a $7.6 million surplus. Mrs. Grasso credited her Democratic administration and the legislature for paring the deficit, but Republicans have charged ai least half the S80.1 shortage was not a real deficit. They have said unspent fund allocations, in elfect savings, have ranged from $20 million to $£0 million in the past five years and there was no reason why it shouldn't have happened again this year. Finance Commissioner Jay 0. Tcppcr said Ihe turnaround in tte lasl month was due mostly lo higher-Irian-expected cuts in the state payroll and lower than expected unemployment payments lo MO employes laid off Researchers Hope To Solve Loch Ness Monster Mystery leave Login Interna.ional Air- VU'CATLTK XKWS U'a.n.i T BOSTON (DPI) - Another and sonar gear il hopes will attempt to find and idenlify the solve the mystery of the lake in Loch Ness monster starts this Inverness, Scotland weekend when a - team of Dr. Robert Rinesof Ihe researchers leaves Boslon for Massachusetts. Institute of Scotland Technology and other team Existence of the so-called members prepared several monsler never has been proven weeks by spending evenings but the learn is armed wilh testing underwater cameras in . sophisticated camera, lighting huge lanks al Ihe New England ce. The team members an the team last summer and in 1972 indicated some type of creature in Loch Ness. "We're going to use the same backup camera we had last year," Wyckolf said recently. "Bui we're going lo use il as our primary camera." Wyckolf said (he camera will to be critlers (lasl attracting these summer)," he ed about 10 inches apart, we'll Aquarium.: Charles'Wyckoft of Applied Photo Science Inc., Needham, said attempts will be made lo _ take both color and black and be lovrered into the water and white photographs. act as the lure to attract The expedition renews the whatever il is that lives in the search begun five years ago by Loch Ness. 3C<UUL Ucgull IITV- Jtuu ufcv ~J uvul l.vij. • • the Academy of Applied Scien- "It (the camera) is going loV watching, he II press a .. /..L . . i - +« u- ..-~A „,. ii./> i.ira H ^ and turn on a scl ot cr.. — He said uralerwaler creatures be able lo look at the piclures mav have been attracted to the In l»ree dimc.ns.ons. eve camera by "high frequency though ihey re meant m mly sounds" or electrical field. 'or taking measurements, he "\Ve expect to watch our lure said, with an underwater televison system. We'll have a monitor. We'll be watching, and we'll be taping," he said. "If something interesting happens while Ihe operator is •e to be used as Ihe lure ... II aid turn on a button stereo riK.BBIE'S BAIT/HTER HOI.I.VWnoJ) il'PIi - far- rie Fisher, daoalilcr nf Debbie Hcynfild< and K'ldie Fisher. will star with Sir Alec Guinness in "Star Wars " ^ Clorox Bleach tWsJ gallon n OO ctn WA. 0iva% 48 Wilh This Coupon 4 Purchase $5 or More._ Limit i " ~" Maxwell House 239 Instant Coffee 10oz jar With This Coupon & Purchase $5 or more. Limit One. Valid May 30-June 5.1976. H-273 SUPERMARKETS STOCK-UP ON FROZEN FOOD and SAVE the FINAST WAY! More Meat for Your Money on Meat Street U.S.A.'. last Jan. 2. More Irian 1,300 slale jobs have Ijeen eliminated since lasl November, he said. The job culs saved J2.S million in fringe benefits, and together with the reduced unemployment benefits and fuel culs they saved $1.8 million in Ihe Transportation Department and Sl.i mi!!.'» in the healih . agencies. Tepper said. State revenues for the past monlh were $1.1 higher than expected and Ihe Tax Department saved $1.9 million through lowcr-lhan-anlicipaled lax taeaks for the elderly and others, he said. Another factor cutting the 4'ficil. Tepper said, was $15 million in unanticipated revenues from (he Plainficld dog track Mrs Grasso gave Ihe following accounting of how she and the legislature claim to have trimmed part of the $80.1 million deficit in Ihe S1.68 billion budget for the fiscal year ending June 30: —S26.2 in increased revenues through several bookkeeping changes enacted by Ihe 1970 legislature V-S12 million in unanl|clpil£d rty'enu&s from Ihe fita^'s "Inslanl Lollery." —$5.3 million in unexpected income from other gaming operations. —$11.2 million saved by postponing minor repair and improvemeril projects. -S8 million through Ihe SCO layoffs, sustained attrition of slate johs and restricted overtime payments. Tepper also said some slate lax collections were higher than forecast, including: S12.8 million in Ihe sales tax: and S2.7 million in the dividends and capital gains! taxes. The gains, he said, were Large Chunk Of Ice Fulls Through House DENVER (UPI) — Thai a couple of basketball size chunks of ice fell from the sky is a fact. Fran Peterson has an eight inch hole in her roof to trove il. Whal police are wondering about, though, is how they got up there in the first place. "I didn'l really wanl lo believe that it had fallen from an aircraft, but apparently it's true." said patrolman Dan O'llare. "I understand Ihe city has conlacled Ihe Federal Aviation Administration and they arc going to send out some inspectors." Mrs. Peterson was outside her home Friday at Ihe lime of the incident. "I Itoughl the sky was falling in." she said. "1 was on the phone on the patio when 1 heard this tremendous explosion. It sounded bke a bomb." She said she ran into the house and "saw the hole in the roof and the ice all over the floor. "It cracked a very large team in the roof and knocked a tele about eight inches in diameter." The second chuck of ice fell harmlessly in her yard. GO GATOilS AUSTIN, Tex. (UPD - So rae Texas alligators have multiplied themselves off the endangered species list. The Parks and Wildlife Department reports the alligator population increased 12 lo 15 per cent from 1974. Under a federal proposal, alligators in the coastal portions of the slate would no longer be classified as endangered bul threatened, while inland gators still would be considered endangered. Richmond Orange Juice orange JUICE Butterball ^a^** Swift's Young Hens Avg. 10-14 ibs. Morton Frozen Dinners Green Beans Kfs!, Fried Chicken 0.^.1 Stoufferrr 4,'£1.001 Turkey, Beef. Sails. Steak, Meat Loaf Banquet Cookin' Bag 10 OZ , Orchard Apple, M So* 4 Aft iCheiry Peach. Blue by T pVgs I fW |pinact vs9 '" Bu " e '' p ""1 9 °'1 00 |rinaSlCo<n.Beaas.Ki.edO p>9* I .VU ji~ r~..« Brecon. /> ;DO 'QQc 1 s^Eye&Miiio.e. i pkas o9 Cod Fillet&" Lender's Bagels' 69 ™.", Pet Whip Topping.. Kwik Batter "« 2 pV<,'69 c Kwik Batter B Sr ^'79 -Shrimp p««,«TC Me , Banquet J'c"«s" Strawberries Finast Ice Cream Your Choice Drumsticks or Wings Fresh Turkey Parts Boneless Beef U.S.D.A. Choice Chuck Pot Roast . Boneless Beef Chuck Fillet Underblade Steaks Boneless Beef U.S.D.A. Choice Top Blade Steaks Boneless Beef Chuck U.S.D.A. Choice Cube Steaks More Great Meat Values! Sausage MeatT." ™°89' - •• - Bo<gn nig Oil Minute Breakfast ; Plain. w/Bacor Cooked Ham 419 Pepperoni *,£'...; Vl.98 Colonial Bacon 0 !?? 1*1.29 Bologna"n»S.... '»89 e Bologna » F S£l"£-..;iS1.09 Mr. Deli Favorites! Beef for Stew ^ Shoulder Steak ^.. ,^1.69 Finast Sliced Bacon.. £1.49 Beef Liver r/£££? »59 e Seafood Speciafs.' Swiss Cheese »,».,» ^'99° Mr. Deli Bologna &1.29 Liverwursnr -1.29 Italian Hot Ham ""1.29 Carando's Dandy Loaf. ,,,99 e Mr. Boston if Potato Salad ,£1%^... «49 C Whiting SS. Available O.I* InsuresWilM/i DcnDeots , ^.VTv Imported Freshly half Sliced Ib Ib Big H Towels «,,„ 2 'Sf 99* Finast Soda Waldorf T s ',r Green Giant Peas... 3 ""1.00 Handi Wipes C ,o 9 65 c Baked Fresh at Finast'. Proof It Pays to Shop tor Produce the Finast Way! California Navel Oranges Extra Large More Grocery Values'. areen Beans ^ 6 it" 1.00 'MiracleWhipK. ,T,99 C Realemon Juice BC,^ ?f,59 e Tomato Juice min t q i43 e Finast Fresh Gold Medal Flour 5^,79* Coffee-mateu,-*, ""1.49 cracked Wheat Bread 3 ';? 1.00 Nibtets Corn ^ 3 ^'89' Lignt Rye Breac j ^ .. 3 »«1.00 Instant Milkc™.. "?3.99 English Muffins 3 T 1.00 Mayonnaise,,^ £69' Hamburg Rolls 2T 1.00 9-Lives Cat Food ... 5 6 <n.OO Fra nkfurt Rolls«S;.,.. 2'3'1.00 Progresso s Sf ,al99 e Rnu barb Pie W Kosher Dill Pickles^,.. S-69' KW.*™•»>'•**^:^ <>, Sandwich Bags u"c... 3 P so s 89 t j^Mi^»^»»s?i"j^'-f^^^^ : ^ : j|' Fabric Softener™ S89' |l Beechnut 1 Potatoes sib QQ< "New" California ba 9 W^ 69* 39* "New" California Apples & Mclntosh "Crisp Aire" Pears Anjou Juicy Delicious More Produce Values.' Yellow Corn no-. ..8,0-1.00 Lettuce %ZS .... 3 M , 1.00 Lettuce£!?Kt.... 3hd, 1.00 Green Peppers 1 ^ .. ,t39* Begonia Plants £J^«.,1.29 Mushrooms SS4"i... Sunrise Fresh Dairy Values'. Befit Yogurt i» Baby Food § 8 , ^4s' KoolPops .-^l|, Pop Bars w,!^ Th.jcoupono^in ;;o; l6or«Qc I p ^77« i Top Choice Chiffon Lite Spread a Minute Maid °S.'. » /1 - ; Dog Food Hood's Yogurt W.... 4 £ 89 s | 9 VelveetaCheese»,«... ^1.89 Is. W in T^'iCOuCO^ o- i li Yuban Coffee Wices effective May 30.1 976 tluu June 5,1976 Not Hesporuibte for Typographical Errors We Reserve Ihe Right to brnii Quantities

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