Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1912
Page 7
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"IT'S A CINCH THAT JUBdE WAS A REP UBUCAN,'* SAYS FELiX TO FWK. FEUX THE 0EM0CRAT6 >NN*TT10 MOJO Mte -nNfi IH THE WmWG ACADEMY lONkCHT, SO IXr* <f )£J A COUPLE OF f^008T&R& AMO HAVE THeW -WERE TO OOLUX TME CROWD or OE«oaw5i • • i «aute*»' Profeadonal Dixectoiy; DB. C M. BOSS • Dealiat " . • BztneUon 'without pain by th* ^. use of Nitrous Oxide Qad B MUI X S. 1 . A 'ortkrap JBMg; • Phonea—Offlce 663; Ka ^JW • * • * MONET TO lOAHl « « Win lend on bouaehold gooda, « « planoa. orsana. . aewlpc ..oift- • « cblnea. diainonds and Jewtfty. ^' * ^ nr. tOFFBT • • 4> Office^ K«. IM Sartk StnM • * •. 4-«>««4>««««4' tr WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTS—ALL KINDS 1 FOR SALE—FOR SALE ; FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR EXCHANGE SOME Bir; BARGAIXS. FARM LOANS WANTED—I AM prepared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest pay- j tnr time. See me and get terms and' rate, before placing your load. R. L. Tbompson, Over Evans Drug Store. WANTKD—KXPEniKXCED. GIRLJ FOR SALE—BEST TE.\M OP TWO-'; FOR SALE—RHODE ISI^ND RED for housework. No washing; goorf year-old mules in the country. S. E.; cockorel.i; >->c each. Phone SS2-1, Gas. Call or write •'T." care Reg- , McUihnis, I.aHarpp, Kas. waiies. ister. WANTED—MAN AND WIFE TO take charge of chickcu and hop rancli adjoining tlie city. Apply Raxter D McClaln. • •• WANTED—A IMRL FOR GENERAL house work, at once. Call 407 S. Elm or phone 938. — FOR SALE—HERD OF INGLE- WANTED—GOOD GHIL FOR GE.X- fij.|ii short Horn.s. eight cows bre<i. „ , Tal hoii.«ework. 1<"»1 EOFT Street. or with calves at foot. Two yearling P'-'rUam 1 heirors, four weanling heifers and two S. Cottonwood afternoons between 3 P and <!• Must he .solil at once as I am obliged to vaiate the house. C. E. FOIt EXCHANGE—GOOD CLEAR western Kansas land for clear lola or suliurlian proi)eriy. j. K. Quick. |2ii:{ S. Thi)-d St. : ICO acres in Allen County, Kas, .{miles of a good town; level land, good Here i.> a chance ror most anyone to own a farm. See us for further information: • • 4> FHULIF BEIQELS • • • •» HABXESS Aim SiDBLEBT * •> fiwenU Bepslii^l « •> llOVi Sontli Street—lols. KkSi • FOR SALE—FOR TO TRADE—FOCR YOCNG HORS-isoil. 40 acres mea.low. 40 acre.^s pa.s- e..; tor or on a room lu»use in lola. lure, balance in cultivation; good im- I jirovements; fine never failing water; i"!^ :$40 per acre; $2,800 cash, 4 years, time Piione 2."i7. F. L. B. LEIYELL, K. 9, Speclamea: Dtaeaaea of the ChesC Dlaeaaea of Clia4ren X-RAY FkeBe »-0filc8 147; Bei. U1 • FOR SALE—GOOD Si:! X. Washington. Pin IRONING j(-„i„nv" Coops. Phone 1034 and plain sewing to drt. Will also go I —_^ WASTED — WASHING, out to work by day. ,•.12 E Lincoln St. FOR SAl.aC—.M.ANTLE FOLDING j FOR SALE—40. SO, IGO OR 200 bed. Inquire 20S .N. Huckeye SI. lucres nice meadow land; •'' miles from ^I lola; $3."> per acre. Want no trade. i FOR SALE CHEAP—TWO "PHILO'.See owner, S. W. Lust, I^Harpe. Kas. WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL bouse work. Apply G0« East St. WIRELESS Ol'EKATOR TO TAKE dlgpatohes from, liouven tomorrow night at Trinity. WANTED—100 SOl'LS TO MEET Jesus at the Trinity M. E chinch lo- nlfcht. FOR SALE-HANDSOME. ROOM (•(HiHKC. two lots, on paved street, clo.-e In. city water In kitchen, sewer connected, sidewalks, etc All Improvements paid. In<iulre t;o2 South Si. FOR SALE—ALL KINDS FRl.'IT trees, grape vines, roses and some large shade trees. Our stock fine; call and see .31.'. N. Walnut. Phone llSfi. .1. M. Jacksoq. • FOR SALE-AFrERNOOXS tween S and hotisehold goods I'erliani. 422 S. Cottonwix>«l. —(E. I FOR SALK-COOn AI'I'LES. I.'. TO ; 2ec iier bushel S. H. Weith, Uillarpe C. E ' ! FOR SALK—R r G S, FURXITIIRE. 1 Stoves. Ulg stock. Cash or payments. hXin SALE-OO HEAR HIGH GRADE Ed Hennlnger, West Madison. S!iro)i8lilro breeding t'wes: 4U lambs; WANTED:—Y O V R MAGAZINES, j t purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 old books and Bibles to bind and recover. The Register Bookblndery. WANT—you TO KNOW ABOUT the finest frnlt and farming section In Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. iivle east and '-j mile south of Car- Was. l'h<me '.•S4-4. W. F. Weber. FOR SALE—I AM BREAKING ITP house keeping In lola. My household goo<Is for sale. Call at residence. 422 FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OUR modern residence. Call at COS E. : .Madlsoni W. T. Watson. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISII- Ings. rugs,. linoleums, trunks, suit I cases and combination heaters. Bonnell, 9 N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. FOR RENT—FOR RENT , l«ii acres ill .Mien eoiinty; 40 acres In ieulilvailan; 120 acres good meadow, .3 FOR RENT FURNISHED ROO.MS. miles from market. S miles from lola; C04 N. Jefferson. FOR RENT-TO SMALL FAMILY: tnotlern house six rooms and bath; elritric lights. I.ocatlon 41.". S. Walnut St. Vacant Nov. 10. Phone 1.'2. 120 acres In Dewey county. Okla.. 3; miles of Oakwood. small Improvements; .'lO acres In cultivation; %2'>\ •iffered nt forced sale, only $4300. j per acre. Mtg. $1,200. I Henderson Realty Co. . i !• miles of Elk City; CO acre.s In cuiti- C1IE.VP FAHMS IX ALLEN COUMY. = SSuet mc" ''"""''^^ "'"^ SO A. 3 miles Moran; fair Improve-;, acres In Beckham county. Okla.. : ^ 1 — ^ .— t"> '""PS of Sayre, county seat; 100 In cultivation; good alfalfa land; 100 FOR SALE OR RENT—FOUR ROOM modern hou.'ii'. 412 E IJncoln. See M L. Decker. 211 .\. Sycamore. "'c^'**!'^•°****M . , ... .V, acres level valley land; 2 sets bulld- SO A. 3 miles lola. all level, black:.; „.^.„ „,,„. ,25 per acre LOST AND FOUND. land In cultivation unimproved. $3200. irnlniproved 40, level land. $1200. ' These are all bargains. "Why rent \ when you can buy them on good ; terms? : . lOLA I-AND COMPANY. T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piaiip Timiiif and Repaiiiiig, Wltk BoberUlfQiloCa nil LOST—S C O T' C H COLLIE DOG about 4 vears old; will answer to name "Hob." J F. Halderman. Phone 12:.6. Reward. Mtfi^ $2,000. due in 11»1C. ! J n;o acre.s in Washita county, Okla.! ,j, t; mlle.'i of Canute; small improve-;^ nients. 7." acres In cultivation; goodie water. $:'..3i.O; .Mtg. $1,800. 1^ lt:u acres In Cimarron county, Okla.. I IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we will _i a paper by a special carrier „ . ' the same evening. LOST—S.ATCRDAY NIGHT BE-i tween lola and Gas City .a brown Arthur Hollingshead. of Carlyle. blanket .-thawl. Finder please leave at ^IHS been here visiting friends. Ri.'gister office. returned home this afternoon. • AUCTION EEB! • A. Ik CoUlBi , General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address. Carlyle, Kaa. • • • |5-3-3-«*«=-3J-*-S*«-B-£S-S?^ The board of education will meet |« OUR Big Wall Paper stock a, this evening in regular session, w must be sold. This is your op- Mr. and -Mrs. D. H. Morrison, after 3- poriunlty to secure the finest 3-,.^ seven weeks' visit in Illinois re­ s-wall paper that you have ever *, turned home last week. Tliey visited * used. Never before in this local- ^ at Homer, where .Mr. Morrison spent shown ^uch a *, his boyliood days. J. H. Vaughn was called to Salida. Colo., Saturday on account of the serious illness of his brother, George Vaughn. Nestor Shearer, who has been working in Kansas City came down I Saturday for a short, visit with his 1 mother. He will return to the city 1 tomorrow. UUUBPE NEWS FOR « SOLD 5« BFSnELS OF POTATOE.S !>• 24 HOURS. i* Ity has there been j* select and quality line of Wall * i* Paper as is now to be found * «M >«niI Tpnm Rent Gn-i 1* to 7.—»iO 1 * amongst the remnafats of that * Toir/^adrlo Get wonderful wJl piper as-* ^"uSffof People Ii.- If ^""'"^V Tl^.""".'^"^ * ' |W our early fall trade. Only a few * - of these elegant prints and pat- H- * room must be made for incoming * * stock. There are big bargains In * * store for von. * * WATEK.S & OAXFOKTII 3* Drugs and Jewelry * will visit at diifferent places in that state before returning home. —Car of potiitoes €3 cents a bushel out of car Tuesday.—J. R. Smith. J. A. Brown received a car of north ern potatoes Friday noon and by Sat nrday noon had the -500 bushels sold. Not only that but he was compelled to send to lola for 25 bushels to fill orders. Doesn't It pay to' advertise in the Register? | J. W. Brown. Republican caiidld .'Jte for Clerk of the District Court was in town Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. .Armlfage who have been touring the state in lectures returned home Saturday reporting a auccessful trip. The lj«HnriH> s.'cond team defeated the Gas City aggregation of foot ball nlayers yesterday afternoon on the latter% grounds by a score of 13 to 7. F. N. Hartiog and Abe Douglas visited R. F. Hartzog in Humboldt Friday and Saturday. Th» Literati and Phllomethean societies of the high school .will render programs in the high school buiUlinf: this even Inc. Wayne Preston assisted In the Smith grocery Saturday. ' Qlen Lawrence and Ralph Stephenson were out on Deer Creek Saturday hunting. Mrs. R. M. Nesbitt of Downs. Kansas was called here yesterday on account of the illness of her son. Don. jProf. Getty says tlie high school boys have Tjro.gressed nicely in the Manual Training department. About 12 boys are now taking advanced work in cabinet making. Tmiorrow 250 eligible voters in this city will be permitted to sav* the country from ruin and should not THE DATS D0iN6S AT Ens CITY THE TVVI.OR FAMILY TO TEXAS TO 'J,.vm ACRE KAXH SclKMil Out Wednesday Evening So Teaehert .^ity Leave—Sorlai and Personal Xotes. li OLD <.OLDE\ COFFEE n( CIRL k HIXTER'S Gas KanstLV 2 miles of Cshusky. 3» acres in cultivation; all black land; $S per acre. ''HO acres in Blalne eounty. Okla.. .[-^ miles of Okeene. good Improvements j ———M —f ilK>ut 20 acres In alfalfa, 40 acre pas- I ure. balance In cultivation, $.'.,800. | Mtg. $1,100. 160 acres in Losan county. Okla.. 2^ Biles of Navinal good improveraent .<5,, •0 acres in cultivation. 6.~> .acres bay | and, 10 acres timber pasture with liv- ; ng water. $2.". per acre, clear. i THE Vi. C. TEATS REALTY CO. lola, Kansax. 4- LotiKi LOOK: I * Renieiiiber this is the Ia.«t week * of our liig sale on Rugs. ,\11 our * * $2.' rugs In assorte<t Floral and * * Oriental natierns go for * 's'.thls week only. C<mie In and let * * us show you of the many advant- * age< of buying now. *. * • *: * LiHAKPE KniMTlKE STOKE 1 •> 11, R. .Martin, Frop.' r *, I Gas City. Xov. 4.—Mrs. L. H. Taylor land family will leave the latter part John and Owen Ashley, who were | of the week for Christine. Texas, to called here by the. illness and death join .Mr. Taylor and make their home, of their brother, Charley, returned toiMr. Taylor has 2.'>00 acrcis of land near Baldwin today. ' Christine and expects to have one of Misses Mayine and Fannie Ward the finest places in the country within visited Mrs. Ibrig. of lola Saturday,.1 few ye*r.-:. He has a steam plow iiud Sunday. ,jit work-now breaking up •140i> acres -- i)f the best tracks. RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—IV i Mr. Jol.-n.-on of I^Ilarpc. who has renewing your insurance, place some, l'<'«n conducting a shoe repair shoj- of It with me. I will see that your In-i bere. Saturday .>;old his supplies to terests are safely guarded, by writ- .Mr Cawyer <if the second hand store ing you In a first class company. Be-. —ludge Smart* spet>ch .Monday sides, we need the business and will night at the Majestic Is the kind to appreciate your patronage. R. L.' die campaign for a big repub- Thompson. Phone 142. Over Evans lican victory. Every Republican voter Drug Store. -Try n IlegMer Want Ad. S Combs, all kinds, both for ladies and gents. Hair Brushes In all grades and sizes. 3- See our window display. F. A. rOOKSET Prescription Druggist LaHarpe, Kansas. fail to do so. The voting pl.ices are in the usual places and East Kim will vote at the Police Judge's office and West Elm in the Jury Building at Gas. The ladies of the Presbyterian church will serve dinner tomorrow In the .Mitchell building. An effort to arrange a game of foot-^ ball with the Emporia Xormal team* Is being made by Manager Ransom of' the local bunch. ' —Everybody come and set the demonstration of Cole's Hot Blast Heaters on Thursday, October 31st, at Mines' Hardware. .Miss Vehna Hurlock visited her grandmother, Mrs. J. H. Bock, of lola^l over Sunday. E. H. Brady, formeriy of this cityj* and a brother-in-law of J. T. Tredway^ is lying very III at his nome in Servc.v* Kansas. He recently wtni to Rochester. Minn., to have an operation per formed but the leading physician did. not aavis«. such a move. Hugh /Borders after a weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Meador, re-^ turned to Louisburg yesterday. Misses Pearl .Johnson and Edna^ Birchnough ft Moran, visited here.; Saturday. .;• J. L. Shearer Is expected home; from Kansas City tomorrow. ^ t Mr. and Mrs. .M. .Means, who havel been visiting Mr. Means' old home in' Southeni Indiana returned home last' week. . " I Train 409 goes through With- 1 ita. . Hutciiinson. Sterling and .t Lyons c»mnerting at Geneseo . with tlirougli service to Pacific | Coast. Train 4ii7. li-aviiig lola 4:4C p/ m., goes through to Wichita mak . ing conni.ftion at Wichita for.. Colorado and the Pacific coast. J Train 410 has through, first- class coach ami standard sleep-' er to St. Louis, making good i connections with all line.s at St. Louis. Train 40S inakes connection att Rich Hill for .North East and t Southern Missouri 'points. LL HUNGER AGENT. Oimranteed Since 18S6 * fS * « * « « 3- * * « * * %^« * * FIDELITY FLOUR NO EXPERIMENT PERFECT BREAD —PARKHFKST who can got Into the theatre should Ed Hunter will go to Garnett this ! ufternoon for a short visit w Ith his ,• liareni.s, .Mr. and .Mrs. .T. E. Hunter, i William Hanna was itf town today making preparation* to ship four cars of hay to. the Kansas City market.". Cheer up sciiool children for you know there are only three days of this week. Wednesday evening at 4 o'clock school will be dismissed until the next -Monday, the remainder of the week for the teachers to attend the State Teach ers Association at Topeka. • .Mis;.-! Fay .-Xrbuckle Is convalescinr: .Mr. Voter dont forget tomorrow to go to the iiolls and vote for what you think the best tuan. The wards wii; vote at the following places: • ward, schcjol house; Second ward, citv Hall; Third ward. Central .•'chor/l building; Foiirtli ward. King re-.-ldcncH. .Mrs. U W Staniim came in from Pfitkcr. 'Kas.. vesierdav to enjoy a vl--lt with .Mr. and .Mr.v C. W. Haekett :;iul ct-'.er friemls. T.-niinne!l of lola spent Sunday with Mr. and .XIrs. D. D. Troop «»f north Main .street. .Mr. and Mrs. O.-a and Mr. .ind Mrs. Clyde Hutton spent yesterday with grandfather Hutton and family soiith- esst of town V.'i.rd from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dem- iiiitt. who recently moved to Wllsle tt.'ites that they are well pleased with the p!:ice and are enjoying a good Ims- ine.r-. .Mrs H. Cramer, of Concrete, is re- poriell on the sick list. The ladies- of the Christian Church I are miking extensive prejiaratious to j serve both dinner and supper tomor- ^ row 'n the building second door north I of the bank. I h number from' here will hear Chas y. Scott at the Granil Theatre In Rda this evening. S * S -Our store l.s now o|)en to serve S •? you of the best then? is obtain- * •S able We. carry a full line of * <.-ROCEKlE.s' * V Ulu*>. Tin and Uranite Wnrv % ^ And >oti0Ds of All Kinds. » r Come In and let us show you * S our st.-ek. S 4^ Spot ra-.h—>"o Delivery ? •:• . . • * ^ r. 11. and S. J. BOYD * J. R. West of Bronson is visiting lis daughter, Mrs. T. E. Osborn this week. .Miss liora ITurtch, after a short stay with Mr. and, .Mrs. A. E. Hughes re- leurnml this morning to her home in Weir City. Theodore, the son of .Mr. and Mrs. L H. Taylor is Imiirovlng rapidly and for this reason the family will be able to leave the latter part of the week. .Mrs. Elizabeth I^ckbart of Humboldt will spend the week with her daughters, .Mrs. J. W. I.<ower and Mrs C. R. Carmaine. " O. I.. Pitts wa.s on the sick list Saturday unable to attend to his duties at the Carl & Hunter grocery Geor.ce Tnttman acted as his sub.-!tl- tute. K .V. Hunter sang a .solo at the First M. E. Church in lola last evening Mr^ and Mrs. Isaac Carl Sundayed in Bronson. Extra low prices on new and used and Coal Stoves. Ed Hennlnger West Madison. i —Beautiful Hats at lowest prices Millinery Department New York Store Electric Wiring! .Done by experienced men. Prices reasonable. II Canfield &«Thoinpsoii' with the Lu H. -Wlshard mw.i Fboae t». ^ ^ How :^I,IMMI Will Orow To Twenty MiliiouH Here's a table showing how I $1,000 will grow to almost twen- f ty millions in 2.'>0 years, if placed ^ at compound interest: 2T. years Till years 7."> years l<iO jears 12.' years l.'.O years 17."i years •2"ii years 22^, years 2.'.0 years $ I 2.691..^.8 I 7.344.60 ;1 19.499.47 ! .-.2.484.46! 141' . 3S0.231.31 . 1.023.^2."5.99 ' . 2.7r.4,641.14 ! . 7.414.3r.».09 ^ . 19.9.^6.4<}0.13 ' • WILSO>'S HEAD THUMPED. Auto Pnm|M-d and Tossed Him Atniinst Car Top. . Princeton. N J.. Nov. 4.—Governor Woodrow Wilson tonight wears a nay- row strip of collodion across the top of his head, covering a scalp wound three inches long which he received today in a motor car mishap on the way home /rom Red Bank, N. J. His automobile struck a mound In the Coal, 6u Md ir ««i ^Biienlv- ComkhiatiM C M I n< G M, H«t Blast ud Air Tl^ti ECONOXT BAXGES ' Bora's Combliutloa Coil aad Qai^ Baage-the best nate. , ^ Prices BlgfctP^ , j TheLLWisliardfldwi road and jolted him up sgilnat' a steel rib in the-roof of the limdiidM car The wound is not serioua rand th<^ Democratic nominee will talAU: his speaking engagements in Patt«r> son and Passaic. N. J.. tomorraw night and attend to,his correapotnl- ence. , ' | —Big: Pur Sale at the New^ Yprlt Store.this week. I will sell at Pnbllc Anction at the .McKeever farm, one mile aoiik of LaHarpe. on i Thursday, November 7, 1^12 Besinning at 10 o'clock, a. m., the foHowIag described property: \ h HEAD HORSE**. 4 No. 1 brood mares in foal by jack: 2 brown mare. •> and 8 years old. wt. 1300 lbs.; 2 mares. 7 years old. wt. 1400 lbs.; 2 young marea. 3 and 4 year olds; I bay horse. 9 years old. wt. 1300 lbs.; I blind black nia're. 10 HE.ID COWS. 10 bead of cows, 7 of them giving milk; all of them No. I milk cows. . 11 UE.ID HOGS. FABX iXPLE^EXTS, ETC. 1 single shovel plow; 2 i4 -ineil plows; 2 harrows: 2 cultivators; t surreys; 2 lumbj^r wagons; 2 sets of work harness; 1 set of single harnea*. i 1 Tubular Sbarpless creaih separator; , about 5 tons of baled prairie hay, extra fine; some kafflr corn bay; wnM. S head of shoats each weighing about • , , ^ ^. 12 .T lbs. each; 3 fat hogs each weigh-, «o™ ^ crib; 1 harrow; and other ing about 22.'. lbs. 'articles too numerous to mentlOB. TERMS OF .SALE—Sums of $10 and under cash; on all sums over |10 nine months time will be given with 7% Interest from date . Bankable acite. required. Property must be settled foi^, before being removed from grouod,i. 4*:; discount for cash. . COL. H. D. S.VOrK, Anctloneer. 1. H. OLSOX, rierk. LUNCH SERVED ON QROUNDS. J. F.JPotterS

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