Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 26, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
Page 8
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Hni'vicc.s in t.lif; Church of tho Trinity KifU'.unth Huiulny lifter Trinity: Morning J'rnyr-r, 11 «. m. Subject, "The Lnvc. «\' Trinity." KveiiflnnK, 7 :.'!(') p.m. Subject, ".Sri Answer to Uifl QufHtioii, 'Why uni f Hern?' " Offertory fl«)o hy Mrs. \Vhit.firiMi-n. Worship (it, tho IJnjitist. Church: Bihlf- Huhool O-.'iri. I'rwflhbiK 11 diif] 7::iO p. m. by UH; pnnt.or. Morn- iriK Hiihject, "/(;al for C,<><\ ntul It'« Kf'Wiirrl." Evening Huhjrifit, "Co- jmrtncirsliip with Christ" Ij.VM'.U. «:UO p.m. Topic, "The Cry of the City." Li.-Mflor, Mrs. H. W. (liitfe. Ail aro ill ike welcomed to thefio «er- The following nro the subjects to be presenter! in the «oHpel tent, next week: Hutulny "Thn Millenium." JS'o meeting Monrlny evening. TIICH- fl«y- -"The (Jreat Advent Movement of 1884." Wednesday- -"The HingH of Our Tim«!H. " Thiuwliiy- "Wliat Klmll 1 do to ho Waved?" Friday ..... "Why we keep the Hevonth Dny. " Them! HuhjectH ure of Interest to all. Come and hear. J ChriHtian Church: Hunday Hchool D:4r>. Preiuihing \>y the niwtor 11; subject, "The Central Knot of Uio doHpel." Junior I!. Henior Knrleu- vnr<!:45. Preiiclilng 7 :4f> ; Hiibject, "Bound for tho Top" an addreHH ck'Hignerl to help the young people. Anthem, "Why Art Thou Cast Down?" All day meeting of the A id Society WerlneHrliiy. The open meeting and reception of the C. W.1J. M. will be held ThurHday evening. All are cordially invited. W. O. Conley, paHtor. PreHnylerlim services: Sunday School 0:45. Preaching by pastor 11 a. in. ; subject, "Our Customs." Any prenenting letters or coining on confession of faith will be received Into church membership. We will commemorate the Lord's supper also, Junior Kndeavor 4 ::iO. Y.P.S.C.K. (i:4.5. The Sunday-school will Isold their rally services at 7 :40 p.m. All invited, eHpoolally strnugers. Paul (I. Slovens, poator. Music a. m. : Chorus— "Lead us, Father, Lead Us," Sullivan. Quartette "There is Rest For You," Harris. IRWINDALE. 10. K. Coll'man, who has been sor- ioiittly ill with indiimmatory rheu- mutism for two weeks, is leportod as aiill oonllnoil to his room. Miss Virginia Knot, who has been visiting for two months with her grandmother, Mrs. Daniels of PHBII- (liHia, returned home hint Wednenday. Miss Ada Devendorf has accepted a position as assistant secretary of the Y.W.O. A. of LOH Angeles. Hif Good Ey«. ft ffl a onrlotis fnct tlmt the loss of anyone of the five sen-<e-< is atoned for to n considerable extent dy n pronounced lii'.MTKiHo in tin: efnciency of th^> ofSmr s<'Mf:f.«i. The result Is Home- times astonishing. A rnnn who luid lost the sight: of bolh eyr-a trained his hearing until he could tell by the sound of tils foot.sterm on the sldowiiikn as ho triiulf.' his way j nhout town whether be was In the middle of the walk or at one Hide, whether he was vvnlklng past, a hrl^k or n frnruo houfiv or it fence or op'-n ground. Fin knew In wh'it pnrt of tlie town ho wns riot only by his memory or of general direction, but by flw? dIlTc.ri;Mer; In the "tones" of his footsteps, and ho walked about freely, seldom running Into anything or (iny- body. Some one In his presence once called In question his total blindness. "Which eye do yon think I can see with?" he asked the skeptic. "The left one. of course." was the reply. "J can see that the right one Is blind." • In reply the blind man merely opened his penknife nrid tnppod tho left eye with the little blade. It was a glass eye. The Htorni IIIIH done dtimaue to the iill'all'u crop in thin looality and haw ditmlileii tho telephone Hej-viee. B. Miller wan among those wlio left this week fui KIIIIHIIH Cily to attend tho orange growers' oon\e>it ion. Mr. and MI-H. Knisier left thin week to visit, frienilH in Oregon. The Covina dairy IN moving from itw idd station east of Covina to tho lower linddock ranch. Tall lints lire Selling. l)espile oiuiidy and rainy wentlifi 1 , Ml-ri. Lechi'ick stales thai H|II> i.H having a very successd'nl opening of fall millinery. Yesterday many ladii'H visited ln>r ("italilihliinriit on CitrtiH aveiHic and a iiuinlii'i' of ordriri for fall and winter hats phuicii. 'I'tie opening will foiitinnu today and the ladies i't flni valley should nut fail to call and inspect tint many elahorafe and dainty crraiion^ which are on display. Cement \\Ork All Kinds. I have in my yards in thn rear of the ('ovina lirinulin^ ('mil puny, l\a^( (.'olli-gi' sticcl, uemt'iit irrigatiiin id|'.e of all wi/es ready for instant dcliv ery. Ltit me furnish yon estimates i>n all cement cnrl>-j and siile^alki, fouiidut ions, site. Kmnj years of »'\ pericncn in laj'iiiiL,' ccmcni irrigation jiipu. \iui can diivit money liy seeing me. ./.\.MKS HONHA.M, P. O. hox I) I 1. Yards, rl. Colleue St., Covina. ClusiiiK Out lintire Stuck. 1 lia\i- on hud a \i-iy ^n.'d line »f tinnks and suit cases uliicli I \\ill clusu nut lit cusi. \ni"U^ tl.i-m air warii|-"kiH and steamer tiiinl-..-. \\'c will I'i'iidnci- i.ur in\oii-i;.s ar ! ."i.i..v you the pi-id-. _.. ' \V. It. lil adA, 11, fu\il.:, How His Placo Was Filled. A. well known divine whose theological discourses draw crowded houses In nil the principal cities accepted an Invitation to lecture In a small provincial town, but discovered afterward that he had a prior engagement on the same date. He accordingly apologl/.ed and offered to make good any loss the Hoclety might Incur through his delinquency. A few days later he received n letter from the secretary assuring him that no hnrm was done and Inclosing a handbill which the divine Is never tired of rending to his amimcd friends. "As the Rev. Mr. Is unable to give his advertised lecture on 'Conscience,' " announced the hill, "four members of tho U minstrel troupe have kindly volunteered to perform Instead n screamingly laughable farce entitled . Any person who has bought a ticket for the other entertainment may have It transferred to this on payment of sixpence extra."— London Taller. Whan Explosives Explode. A popular notion that explosives will "go off" by any simple method Is wrong. Many of the most powerful explosives Imaginable may be 'kicked about, may be set on fire or may be shot out of a gun, and unless the proper agency for exploding them Is employed they will not "go ott" and will do uo damage. Tho reason for this may be explained by an Illustration. Consider n grateful of cool. There Is there enough of what we may call explosive energy to throw a 1,000 pound weight through n foot of solid steel— If only It could be liberated. But there can be no explosion without oxygen, and tho coal In the grate will not burn faster than the supply of oxygen In tho ulr which reaches It will permit. If the coal could be furnished all at once with enough air to cause Its complete burning, It would explode with as great violence as If It were so much dynn- mlto.—.St. Nicholas. The Sun of the Blind. I have not touched the outline of a star nor the glory of the moon, but 1 believe that (Jod has set two lights In my mind, the greater to rule by day ami the lesser by night, and by them I know that I am able to navigate my life bark, us certain of reaching the huveu as he who steers by the North star. Perhaps my sun shines not an yours. Tin? colors that glorify my world, the blue of the sky, tho green of the fli'lds, may not correspond exactly with those you delight In, but they are none the less color to me. The sun does not shine for my physical eyes, nor does the lightning Hash, nor do the trees turn green In the spring Bill they have not therefore ceased to exist any more than the landscape Is annihilated when yon lurn your back oil It. -Helen Kell T ill (Vi'lliry. Harmless Joke. Piaets a spool of cotton In the In- slijo pocket of your coat and, having threaded a needle with tho beginning of tho cotton, pass thi! needle through the front of the coat, unthread the uoedlo and leave about two Inches of the cotton hanging as If It were only n stray piece. The ilrst person you meet will bo. suro to pick it oft* you, and Ids astonishment when ho tlnds there Is no end to It will give plt-nty of innocent fun. Hi* Hint. "Don't you want some needles, dear'.'" qnuried Mrown us lit? picked U[> his shirt and glanced Ml the places where the buttons should ha\o IUHMI. "Why. nit," replied Mrs. Brown "Why do you ask V" "Oh, I thought," said Mrown a trlflo nervously, "that probably your old onos hud become worn by much use." Hii Charm Gone. Ymi would hardly know Freddy since ho got b:ick from Motitu Carlo. Ho lost :ill his money tluro, and - Kvi'lyn Hardly know him! Why. I shan't know him at ail!— Illustrated Mlts. His N.glit Work. Wifoy What makes > mi stay at the alttec so lal.! at nights? l>o you gain Hliylhliii; l'\ il'.' Hubby- No. but I have ticvera! linses c":ne er \\ilhin an are of uainin.; somcttmij.;. — Phi'.adoiplilu Ueo,.rd. . .. Assessment Notice. Covina Valley Gas Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los An- gelrs. State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a regular meeting of the directors, held on the twentyfourtli day of September, 1908, an aisessment (No. 3) of three (3) cents p»-r share was levied upon the capital stock of the above named corporation, at the secretary's office at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California . Any stock upon which f.his assess- incut shall remain unpaid on the 2nd day of November. 1'W, shall be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be «old on the 2hth day of November, 1WS, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the office of the company in Covinn, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of jdvcrtising and expense of sale. C. F. Clapp, Secretary. Covina, Cal., September 25, 1908. Tomorrow and every Sunday we serve an extra fine CHICKEN DINNER We serve the same menu on Wednesday of each week, and every day a better meal than any country hotel in the valley. Mr. Rancher and Family-man— Don't allow your fire to be started at home. Visit us aod get the habit. Hotel Yendome J. J. FITZGERALD, Prop. F. E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing- of all kinds. Fine watch work a suecialty. Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Howeli & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor- 4'. ; 'x4'.|'— -30 h. p, Wheel Base 107 in. Floating Hear Axle. I I tea in Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs : }.; Kliptic. Weight—2000 Ibs. Titnken Roller Bearings. Weeds 32x3.'-J. Speed—45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 REG (^ v\)Vl.\.\ BROADWELL STORE Style Tendency in Children's Shoes. INTERESTING CHANGES AND MANY NEW IDEAS SEEN IN NEW FOOTWEAR FOR LITTLE PEOPLE. On medium grades a big season is expected. All combinations of leather are shown, with many tad shoes in button and lace. Patent, shoes with white tops and tan tops are noted. Broad toes still predominate. Nowadays, children's, misses' and young" ladies' shoes follow closely the styles for their parents. Any new novelty put into ladies' «shoes is also used in the small lines. Children's one and two hole sailor ties and Gibson ties are shown. Tans are strong in golden brown and russet. Perforated work and imitation tips are a feature this season. A new style noted is a misses' ankle tie with a button on the side. Last season they were made up with a button in the center. All these ties have leather bows. The "knockabout" children's shoe is a new feature. It has no lining, is made of solid calf or grain leather, with strap around the toe, so as to give strong serviceable wear, and takes the place of the ankle strap sandal which had so large a call during the last few seasons. In misses' and young ladies' a noticeable feature is that the heels are running higher and instead of a ^ inch, they now run 1 to 1J-2 inch heels. Children's Gibsons are largely shown with fancy trimmings at Broadwell's. 200 Boys' Straw Hats. Values 50c to $2.00. They will make good school hats and can be worn for some time. Choice , 25c Special Values. Boys' and girls' school handkerchiefs, good size 50c dozen Best bleached muslm lonsdale lOc Amoskeag apron checks. 6j4c Men's 20c Tenderfoot hose 12/2C Economy linon, full yard wide lOc Stevens' crash, best goods made, full bleached 17c Ladies' sleeveless vests, size 4 only, 20c values lOc A full case of new outings on second floor at a special price. Boys' sleeveless athletic undershirts, regular 25c values lUc •• Closing out all china at cost. Long silk gloves, black and white.. . .85c Women's 50c fancy hose 25c Not seconds or damaged. Special Shoe Values. 200 pairs women's vici kid shoes, Goodyear welt solos, at $2.CO Women's patent colt oxfords, welt soles, at SI ( >5 Young women's ]•'< heel vici kid oxfords, at '. Sl.'>5 Hat Sale. Look over our line of hats in our window at $1.85 And with every hat a straw hat free! The straw hats alone are worth the money. Men's Clothing. Did you see the line ot clothing we had on sale last week? Many a man passed up a good thing right in his own town. Chasing rainbows don't pay. The pastures are always greenest in the lands that are far away. But quite a few find our clothing department does sell good goods cheap. The Koyal Tailors. We. are exclusive agents for the Royal Tailors. It will cost you nothing to look at samples. You need not accept any suit unless entirely satisfactory. They guarantee their goods ALL WOOL and that they will hold their shape until worn cut. This is an absolute guarantee backed by a firm rated at over a million dollars. Every Friday we offer special values not advertised. Make it a point to see what we have to offer. Good Shoes. There is just as much difference in shoes as there is in people. Some people look mighty fine, but they don't hold out. The market is full of cheap shoes. The manufacturers of good shoes don't have to look for a job any more than a good man. There is plenty of room in this world for people who know how to do things better, and their work don't go begging. The world is not looking for cheapskates. It is looking for people who can do things, and they command their price. If you know leather well enough to tell if it is calf or kid at a glance you can easily command ten thousand a year. Can you manage the wash goods department of a large Los An,- geles department store? It's open January 1 and pays six thousand per year. Even a first-class shoe clerk can command S25 per week and commission. If you have an idea that first-class shoes are hanging out at any old price and that you can just drop in and pick up a pair of shoes, better cut it out. You don't buy your doctor or your lawyer that way; you want the best. Give your feet a show. They are human. Buy reliable makes that fit you and you will get your money's worth. The firm of Utz & Dunn of Rochester, a city widely known for fine shoes, make 90CO pairs per day—and every pair is a good one. The Brockton Co-Op of Brockton, Mass., makes a fine line of men's Goodyear welts. Our local shoe maker, Mr. Simeonoff, who has worked for Rosenthal of San Francisco and the best retail stores in other cities, says he has never seen as fine a grade of leather used in any shoes as our Brockton line. Come in and let us show you shoes. James Corbett BleiolcsmitHIng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmlthing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop Wesr Badillo St, Cavina IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMIMNG OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. We Are Told That Taft Will Be Elected But business is going to be good anyway. Business is good with us now. We have the largest stock in the San Gabriel Valley of Builder's Hardware, Tools, Oils, (Mass, Stoves, Heateas and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Gloves, and House Furnishing Goods. Inspect our stock of scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, AH work ;_;v.!, nan teed and prices ! reasonable. I'hone M. Money to Loan 4 -vl C. H. Kistler •P. roai estat utt-. privilege to jiay <li.K).m»or multiple thereof at any iuter«:at pay- date. I (HI y trust deciU. deed contracts a;.d rir,t niortgayca. At Argus c aftern >,.!;, ut' Tuesday* and Fridays; at h^me on Pueuti St. , except .daVa and 'i I'.ursdays. Te.leijhulltf.525 1 ', USt'AK MII.I.hlR

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