The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 13, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1892. 3 Hutchinson, Kansas, f The oaly manufacturers of West of New York. Guaranteed not to Harden in any Climate. OUR WESTERN, \ RIVERSIDE, DIAMOND, , NEW YORK DAIRY SALT. We guarantee our Dairy Salt equal to either? the 'Ashton or Higgins imported salt in every respect. Give it a trial and you i will eeretainly agree with us. R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT. Ask'your grocer for it. It will Buit you, l &JttAtt ttMCQUMNTEDWITH THE GEOGRAPHY OFTHIS COUNTBYVmL OBTAIN MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THI3 MAP OF THE (Hon Rock IsM& Pacific Bj, The Direct Route to and from CHICAGO, FLOCK ISLAND, DAVENPORT, DBS MOINES, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, LINCOLN, WATERTOWN. 8TOUX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, ST. JOSEPH, ATCHISON, LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS l«TY, T0FEKA, DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS, Via PUEBLO. Freo Reclining Chair Cam to and from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGE CITY, and Falaco Sleeping Cars between CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAMS of Through Coaches, Sleepers, Freo Reclining Chair Cars andliining Cmra dally between CHICAGO, DES MOINES, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA ami LINCOLN, and between CHICAGO uod DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO Via St, Joseph, or KanflAS City and Topelca. Excunlonii dally, with Choice of Homes to and from Bait Lake, Portland, Loe Angeles and Han Francisco. The Direct Line to and from Pike's Peak, Blanltou, Garden of the Gods, the Sanitariums, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, ikak Express Trains dMly between Chicago and •T H AI"!" " ml yt - Paul > u ' ith THROUGH itecUiiIng Of «BCan FREE, to and from those points and Kau- aas City. ThrouKh Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake and Sioux Falls via Rock Island. The Favorite Lino to Watertown. Sioux Falls, the Summer llesorta wid Huntloc wid Flautng Qrouuds of the Nonhwpit, _ ., For Tickets, MapB, Folders, or desired Information apply to any Coupon Ticket Office, or address E. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, Cten'l Manager, Gen'l Tkt. &. Pan. AgU CHICAGO. ILL. 'CURE" R V0UR5ELF! _ .Tiftroiib 'n 'WU!u.onorrtirea% Falcet.'WJhr. fn'rmn.torrlioaft\ •your (lru!* : :iijt i.-i a bottle of Mfiitr <«. It euros iv. ti fewdaya •without thi>nhl or publicity of a • doctor. Knn-pokonous and *\ ii'iartinteoti not to stricture. j7'/i? Universal American Cure, * Manufactured by • ^Tho Evans Chemical Oo.l CINCINNATI, U. 8. A, Sure, Prompt, Posttrfi Oun for /mpotam, lot* of Mannood, Stmlnal £mlM $loni, BfHrmatorrtiaa, Ntivouantu, StlfOUtnit, Lou of Utmorjl, to. Will maktuoua 8TR0N9, Vigor- out Mm. Pilot 01.00. a Bon: ti 00. wit* toe* Box. AMrut 'laiv.jiwwLiiiutte*., Ms* LuowAnL •T. LOUIS. • Ma Cleansing. Chapped EantU, WotodB, Burns, Etc Bemoves iu >At ,jB |ypjaitB Dandruff. WHITE aisiiii SOAP. Specially AdaptadferUssfh Hard Watefc CHILD BIR • • • MADE H • • • EASY! " MoTHEtsVPntMR^^sqimtific- ally prep «ei' Unimeirt j everjr,|n gradient or (ecognkedfvf^lu* and in constant llse by thej me4ic|l profession. These ftt ^walents -^e combined i i aftnn^rhH jwto unknown MOTflERS' • FRIEND" • Wll L DO all th/t U c)aimed for it AND MORBi if Shortens Labor, LessensPaih, Dirj Irishes Danger to LifiMrfiMother JMChild. Book to " M OTRS W " laBMFREE, containing viUublf infojmation and vfi iUfrtary; (estu I onUh, Sent li" «*p«'«(lOn tjk cllrtnf price 11 .60 per bottU BRADFIeUI REIi UflOK CO., Atlanta. 0a. SOLO ar vuii pmigoiaTa. insatn "8AHATIVO," the Wonderful Bpanlah llimedy, la .old witU > Written .Guarantee) to euro all NeiToue Diseases, such aa Weak Memory, Loss or Brain Power, Headache, WnHefulne8R ,I .ofltHati- , hood, NerrouMiesfl .IiOS- I allude, all drains and 9* lo83 of power of the I Generative Organa In mmmi either Bex, caaKd by andlacretlona, or the exceaalre nratimulonta, which ultimately Maiptloa and Insanity. Put up Mrry in the vest pocket Price i. With every 45 order we give a t to cure or refund the fl to any oddreae. Circular free #tlon this paper. Addreu, I CO,, Branch Office for U.S. A, -JO Stmt, CHICAGO, ILL, riOTCHINSON KAS Bt OruMUt, oa< 4aoi north of LOVE'S YOUNG DEEAM IT OFTEN FINDS ITS REALIZATION THROUGH ELOPEMENT. 8omn Itacont ItiKlnncnn of an Jnlcrostinu Sort—,V Fnlnt Heart That Fnllelrt t<; Win a Fair Girl Win. Aftorwnrd linn Awny with Another Fcltoiv. Roma uco has exluiusted itself on tlic- Bubjoct of elopnmont and has not yot caught up with fact. No sooner does some novelist portray nn imaginary cane so complicated that readers say invention hits reached its limit than some conplo in real life get up an elopement that in the bizarre, the ludicrous and the complicated completely discounts thi imaginary case. In Bhort, there is no end to tho vagaries of love, and as the world is progressing rapidly and social conditions changing daily, it follows that each new case presents totally unlooketl for features. The wealthy old Scotch lady of sixty who ran off with and marriod her son', playmate of twonty-ono, the editor of a St. Louis paper who eloped with the wife of a theatrical managor, the mi morons coachmen who have skipped with their fair charges, and all the ardent lovers of the frontier who have captured brides with the Bhotgun are outdone by pretty Anita, seventeen- year-old daughter of tho famous Lucky Baldwin, of San Francisco. The nativt of California is said to develop a tern perament as inflammable - as that of sunny Italy, and when Miss Anita was fifteen her father declared ho must take MB. AND MILS. BALDWIN. her away from school. It was out ot tho frying pan into the fire, however, for it required hut ten days in a Now York boarding house for her to form o marriage contract with Edward Mar- shutts. According to his story she suggested that they wed at once, and then sh would return to California with hei father and wait till hiB consent could bt obtained. Marslratts hesitated and was lost. Her father took her to tho Bald win home in San Francisco, and within a few months thereafter she and hoi distant relative, George Baldwin, wert engaged. Her father was equally op posed to: that arrangement, so the young couple went out on an ocean excursion last January, and when five miles from shoro wero united by the Rev. Julius Fuendeling. All this romaiucd a secret till tho young folks left town together a few days ago. Marslratts had meanwhilo made his way to San Francisco, but when ho mot Anita in tin street sho "dii'u't knou him." It has sinco transpired that hoi father had set a detective to work, whe had managed to recover all letters from Marshutts; the family now declares thai the whole story is a whim of his brain and wero it not for a few trifles of cot lateral evideuco the discarded suitoi would bo in a bad fix. The family pro Bented him with a tickot to New York and money enough to pay his expenses, but he obtained a position in San Franciscc and returned tho favors. Baldwin senior's fortune runs away up in the millions and as ho has but two daughters, young George Baldwin may bo considered in luck if the relenting is done all right— and "all the neighbors say" it will be. When one reads in the papers of tht elopement of a very young couple and their capture before getting marriod, ht naturally wonders if they afterward wed. Well, generally thoy don't. The parents know that if tho Bixteon -ycar- old girl and eighteen-year -old boy can bo provaileil on to "wait until you're old enough," they soon get too old. Ouo ol the funniost recent cases of mothorlj generalship was that of Mrs. Scarborough, of Trenton, whose nineteen-year old Isaac eloped with eighteen-year-old Bonlah Sieman. Tho young man nearly killed the Scarborough family horse in reaching Philadelphia, and then hied to sell horse aud buggy for savonty-fivo dollars. This led to the couple 's arrest. Tho mother, arrived, took what little money the young folks had loft, sent Beulah home by one train and took her Bon on another. She then named the dato when they might marry. All Trenton had a good laugh nt "the kids," but (and this was in October, 1889) tho lapse of years has, so far as can be learned, left the youth and maiden as before. Journalists who have kept close watch of such cuseB think that elopers once thwarted and separated for a year are three times out of four separated for good. In short, wo must accept the cynic's verdict, "If they do not marry while thoy are young and foolish they never will." PRINTED IN ARABIC. Ameriea Uao* » New Paper of a Novel Kind. The first Arabic newspaper on the western continent has begun its weekly issue from its offico at 47 Poarl street, New York, aud its name is The Kawkab America, which means "Star of America," There is no Bach paper m Europe or in any otuer country where Aryan tongues prevail, yet, strange to say, Tho Kawkab has a largo constituency already assured. It is a surprise and freshens one's impression that New York is truly cosmopolitan, to learn that there are in that city 7,003 Arabs, Syrians, Persians and others whose written language in Arabic. In both Americas there arc, says The Kawkab, about 150,000 aud in all the world 870,000,000. It will be edited and published by Mr. N. J. Ar- beely, interpreter in the bureau of immigration, and his brother, Dr. A. J. Arbeely, and will be not only the organ of all readers of Arabic in America, but a medium of spreading information about them and tho United States among their congeners in Asia and Africa. A OLI5IPSE OP THE OFFICE. Whtlo most of the paper will bo published in Arabic, there will bo a small department in English, BO editors who exchange with it need not despair. Both the proprietors are Christians, and expect moat of their support from Syrian Christians, but will, of course, avoid anything calculated to offend Moham­ medans. All the compositors are natives of Syria, and as there aro 1,335 characters in Arabic their typo cases aro calculated to make an American printer stare. In fact there nre Bix casea for eaoh compositor, ranged according to tho frequency of uso of tho clmrac-i ters. Kditor N. J. Arbcely is a graduate of Maryvillo college, Tennessee, where ho was professor of various languages for five years, but his brother, tho doctor, is a graduate of tho Imperial college, of Constantinople. The latter has practiced medicine for some years in New York and tho former was United States consul at Jcrusalom under President Cleveland. An Engltuli Tjttwyer's "Reports." The humor of the legal mind is sometimes a trifle subtle, writes a London correspondent of tho Yorkshiro Post. There is just now to be seen in the window of a famous secondhand bookshop in tho Strand a complete set of Voltaire in fifty volumes. The set is bonnd in what is technically known as "law calf." It has evidently belonged to a lawyer who hesitated to let his clients porceivo that ho was given to reacting anything so misohievously frivolous as tho philosopher of Ferncy, or who could not resist his own little joke. Instead, therefore, of lettering the volumes "Voltaire," which everybody would have understood, ho hail them inscribed "Arou- et's Reports." Tho joke would of course be lost upon thoso who happened to have forgotten that the great philosopher's proper name waa Arouot do Voltaire. Somo ItusHtan "Conveniences." A person living in Russia cannot justly complain of ennui, for thero a child ten years of ago may only go from homo to school with a passport. Servants and peasants cannot go away from whero they live without a passport. A gentleman residing at St. Petersburg or Moscow cannot receivo tho visit of a friend who remains many hourB without notifying tho police of his arrival. The porters of all houses are compelled to make returns of tho arrival and departure of strangers. And for every one of the abovo passports a charge is uiado of some kind. Aa for foreigners, the solic- itudo of the authorities for their "comfort" is really touching. Thoy are scarcely allowed to breathe without passports, for which fees aro asked. A Victim to Science. "Blinded suddenly and for life; his eyes cut out by tho flying glass." Such are the words in the brief announcement which tolls of the calamity to Professor Edward D. Campbell, of tho University of Michigan. It appears that bo was trying an e.^ieri- ment;—to measure the amount of hydrogen liberated by tho action of acids on steel — and tho PROFESSOR- CAMPBBU* gasos were passed as generated into a bottle through a piece of spongy palladium. This became redhot, and just as tho professor beut over to oxamine the bottle it exploded. One i yo was literally cut to shreds by the glass splinters, and tho other badly injured, aud both had to bo removed aa soon us possible. The victim is but twenty-eight years old, yet had already achieved a high reputation as professor of chemistry andhadabrightfuture beforo Mm, He is a son of the late Judge J. V. Campbell, of tho supremo court of Michigan, and has a wife and two children. His agony was terrible, and he prayed for death as a relief when told that recovery of sight was hopeless. But the shock to hia general Bystem was very Blight, and ho is recovering rapidly. Tluty *Wliututl Whiskers One*. How the pleasures of early manhood are discounted in after years! Among the ln^i conspicuous men in public life who aro smooth shaven aro Governor McKinley, Secretary of War Elk ins, Judge Nathan H. Goff, Senator John (J. Carlisle, Senator Arthur P. Gorman and Governor Horace Boies. Yet it is reasonably probable, as a wag recently suggested, that each of these distinguished gentlemen remembers to this day with what emotions of intense delight 1 M noted tho incipient growth of down on his upixr lip, and how carefully ho nursed the infant hirsutes. Southern California has gone into the business of raising English walnuts in earnest. More than a million and a half pounds of the delicious nuts are annually grown in that section. for Infants and Children. ^HtlllallinwtJIa ^rAexitochrjchwtiUMl 1 reooraanead It oa superior to ai^ prewcripUoa *now»tom«." IF. A. Amcrnm, X. D., Ill 8*. Oxford Bt^ Ih-osklra, X. T, "The use of 'CoAt^t'li ffexratveruJ and tta merit* so veil known that 1« tmms a work rif mjpererOK*tlnn to endoiwe It Few are the Intelligent families who da sot keep Caotoria withlteaay reach." CAOVUX IjUlrrTlt, T >.t>., New York City. —•—" -i Beformod Church. rata I Oaetoria cores OoBa, Onsjs^uiWoB, Boor rUomaca, DUrrhosa, Eructation, naiWo™, (ires ateep, and vroumtm • Wlthrtrttnjarioaa mwlsrullosL " For several jeers I hare reeonimea your' Oastorla,' and shall always contlnn do so aa it bis lararfaWy produced beaaa results,'* ttDwmP. b, " The Wtnthrop,". "Hi Street awS rtk a**. Tn {runes Ostrpan , Tf MOTWAT BT HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a G-eneral Yard-Business. Ample accommodation for eattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yaids have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson — five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Host distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stackers and feeders should try this market. Information furr.ished upon Application. SSSS!=S=!S . BENJ. W, LAPP, General Manager. CAMMON THE BABREB, SALT BATHS, HOT OR COLD No. 20 North Main St. Open on Sunday 12 O'clock. COMPANY Do all kinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially prepared to move Iron Safes and all kinds of machinery, being the. only one in the city having the necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods We Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of the city at reasonable ratos \ears of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without the least Injury. If you want to move your office or household goods wo can do it better for you than anyone elsd and save you Storage Department. We have the largest brick store room in the city for storing goods. Parties leaving tho city can hare their goods packed by us, stored away and shipped whenever dcBired. This is one of our specialties. We guarantee our work to be first-class in every respect and use tee utmost cure. A reasonable prlco Is all we ask and a trial will convince you that we are the best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. We will take down your stoves, move them and take all the nickel parts off, oil there, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it in paper and store them for the season for the small sum of &t.&0, the Reason ending December 1, 1802. This way of taking earc of stoves makes them absolutely rust proof, and makes a small job for the man who cleans it. We do not polish stoves, forthat is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal putronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., E. R. LOCK, MANAGER, Office and Barn, Second Ave, Ea t. Telephone No. 0ZMANLIS ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILLS

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