Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 4, 1912. ft 1 CLOTHING AND SHOE SALE C OMMENCING Thursday morDing November 5th, we place our entire stock on sale at 26 to 50 per cent discount* This will be one of the best sales ever offered in lola. We have already demonstrated to the people of Allen County that we can save them money on good merchandise. Now we are not going to wait until winter is over, but oflFer you Clothing, Overcoats, Hats, Shoes, Underwear and Furnishing Goods, right at the beginning of winter, at less money than you ever bought them for, late in the season. Our reputation for fair dealing is established. If you buy a dollars worth of mdse. that you are not satisfied with, bring it back and get your money. « Sale Tuesday, November 5tK MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING We have been doing the clothing business of the town. The reason is we sell for about half what other stores can ^iossibly sell for - We have now 500 men's overcoats from $10.00 to $25.00 We Can Sell— , * $25.00 Coats at /. $13,50 $20.00 Coats at : $10.">') $15.00 Coats at $8.50 $10.00 Coats at $6.50 $8.00 Coats at $5.98 $6.00 Coats at $3.98 We have 400 Men's Suits that are made up in the very latest styles and of the very best materials. We are going to sell these Suits for less than it cost to manufacture them. Wo will sell Suits Worth $30.00 at $16.00 Worth $25.00 at $12.50 Worth $20.00 at $9.75 A good Suit worth $1S.00 at $7.89 BOYS'OVERCOATS. $10.00 Overcoats at $5.98 .$8.00 Overcoats at $1.98 $5.00 Ovci-coats at ,$2.98 $4.00 Overcoats at $1.98 liOYS'SUITS. $5.00 Suit.s $3.48 $4.00 Suits $2.98 $:3.00 Suit.^ $1.98 Men's $5.00 Raincoats .$3.48 MEN'S CAPS. $1.00 Caps 98c 75c Caps 48c 50c Caps 19c Men's Odd Pants Worth $7.00 at $5-48 Worth $6.00 at $3.98 Worth $5.00 at $2.98 Worth $4.00 at $2.25 Worth .$2.00 at $1.48 Worth $1 .50 at 98c Overalls and Jumpers worth $1 .00 at... 85c f SUSPENDERS Woi;«h 50c for 39c Worth 3oc for 23c Worth 25c for 19c SHIRTS. $1.50 Dress Shirts for 98c $1.00 Dre.'js Shirts for 75c 75c Dress Shirts for 48c .50c Work Shirts (the best) 35c or 3 for $1.00 BOYS' ODD PANTS. Worth $1.00 at n9c Worth 7.5c at 48c Worth .50c at 39c One lot at ...25c MEN'S HATS. Worth .$4.00 for .$2.48 Worth $3..50 for $1.98 Worth $3.00 for $1.69 Worth $2.50 for $1.48 Worth $1.75 for 98c Shoes! Shoes! MEN'S SHOES. Men's Shoes, tan and gun metal, button, worth $5.00, for $3.69 Men'.s Shoes, tan and black gun metal, lace and button, worth $4.50, at $3.48 Men's Shoes, black gun metal, worth S4.00 for $2.89 Men 's Shoes, black, worth $3.50, at... $2.48 Men's Shoes, brown, worth $3.i50, at.. $2.39 Men's Good, Heavy Shoes, worth $2.-50 for $1.98 LADIES' SHOES. $4.00 black or tan button $2.48 $.3..50 black or tan button $1.98 $2.50 vici kid lace $1.48 One lot at 98c JiOYS' SHOES. $;i00 tan button at $1.98 ,$2.50 black shoe, lace at .$1.48 $2.00 good school shoes $1.25 $1.50 shoes 98c PARASOLS AND UMBRELLAS. .$fi.00 All Silk Parasols for $3.98 .$5.00 All Silk Parasols for $2.98 $8.00 Parasols for $1.98 $2..50 Parasols for $1.69 $1.50 Parasols for 98c $1.00 parasols for ...^ 69c 75c Parasols for 48c Peoples Store 15 WEST MADISON A BIG UNE OF TRUNKS AND /SOT CASES We can save you one-third on all Tnmks and Suit Cases. ! M TRUNKS. f ; / / $16.50 Fiber Trunk for $13'.00 $1-5.00 Fiber Trunk for $11.00 $12.00 Trunk for $9.48 $10.00 Trunk for t •. $8-48 $9.00 Trunk for $6,48 SUITCASES. V $8.00 All Leather Case for $4.98 $6.00 All Leather Case for .. $3.98 $5.00 All Leather Case for .. $2.98 $3,50 Case for , ,. $2.39 $3.00 Case for S1.98 $1.50 Case for .:. 98c HANDBAGS. \f f P $6.00 All Leather Hand Bags.., %AA& $5.00 All Leather Hand Bags $3.48 $4.00 All Leather Hand Bags ^ $2.98 $2.50 Leather Hapd Bags ....{.. $1.98 $1.50 Leather Hand Bags .. 9^ 75c Leather Hand Bags ,... 48c OUTINGS. i : 12c Outing Flannel 8c 10c Best Grade Gingham 8c 10c Outing 6c MEN'S UNDERWEAR. $1.50 Ribbed Union Suits at 98c 50 Heavy Fleeced separate garments.. .39c One lot of Children's Underwear at 15c per garment. One-Third off on all shoes and Rubbei- Boots. Rubbers, Over- Th.' KrM .Mi '1luKli >l K|>!srn|ml Chnrrh TIK- riiornin;; iJiiJiio was,'"Who Shall Vdfo." and .H laiKC amiii-n-ce i-amo to; liston Tlu! •payior ."poke of the dif- , fpr«>ni ttioorios of our povernnj»>nt ' which lead to liifii'rent theories of tho office holdpr. One theory a.«- that he ! is a klnii of the day, the other that lie i.-: a >ervar.t of the people, carrying I out the will nf the people. A pure re-1 puWii^an ^^overntueni has ' only one I plan—that is ijniver:;a! franchise. ThU ' mean^ that all must have the right to i attain to the privileges of the ballot, yet this doe.s not prohibit restriction.*. We believe in restrictiotJ. Our great-] est weakness today i.s the lax natural- ' ization laws and grauUnff to the for- • oigner the right to vote beforenatural- 1 ized. No other country would be as 1 lax a.swe are. To vote is not inherent I }?ut is a gift by the people and we j should say who shall vote. Shall wcm- I en vote? Tie ideal answer would be I for her to say herself whether she j wants the ballot. How shall I vote? Oo ask your wife, your, uiotber, your-j 8ist«r or your swe«Uieart and then as t=ho wishes. The ballot taken ln^t Sunday from women over 18 years of iifri- r««iuitid In 4 blanks. 2 not hav- inu iiiadi' up their mlmls. 24 not wlsh- Ini; the ballot and asking for tl\e' ballot. The evenlnj; there was, '•.Xmerti-n, CtKfs Kuiplrv," and the pastor spoke, on ihc liitidiancc now In the way of. this tietnc Ciods Kmplre We h«v«> I some prol)Iems to solve. God expects ' us to solve theiu Our fathers have ' f:l»eu us a niasnilicant history but thoy \ have Riven us some pmblems to solve., The most important one is the foreign ; immigration question. X million a < year coinlnp and knockini; at our door. \ .\ million to make American citizens ' every year '.f we are safe. A hetcrogen- I eoijs ni.a.'s to be turned into a homo- ^ genoous peojtle—.\mericans. .\nother I vital (juestlon is rcgardlnp the negro ' race. One out of everj- ten is a negro ; or has negro blood in blm. We cannot; exterminate him, we cannot enslave | him, we cannot absorb him. He must i live by our sides and In our midst. ' The industrial question must be solved 1 so that labor shall not just get a wage;! and capital shall get just cotiH»ensatlon j for bis investment. Xot one or both, i The i)overty must be banished and the ' Christian forces of the world made to i unify in the object aimed at the chrls-! tianizing every one of our national for-! ces. ! (;<iod Soldier of Christ Jeilus.'* FYom which the pastor reasoned that men wore not Uiokib.i; for eaui: tasks as pioneers, statesmen, commercial or social—all these demand effort of quality and (lainstaklng. .A soldier doe.s not enlist now as In Paul's day for an easy job. " The laborer for the I^onl can expect little lesji .strenuous life if he and bis cause succeed, than those In other realms. Sometimes retjuests are made to be e.vcused or for llRhler tasks, the imstor put against this the words from 6th chapter of Bonians, "In the likeness of Jesus death," Was no easy matter for Jesus to die as agony of the Carder and the words of the cross show. He gave his life for mankind—can a true Christian expect to do less. CUrbUaa Cburrb. Morning sermon to a goodly number of members and visitors from the test, "Endur? Hardnese Witt He ae a Trtnitr .M. E. f'hurclu Yesterday was another great day at the .M. K. church In East lola. The attendance at Sunday School was excellent, lacking but- four of tiie 200 mark. The morning service wag given to a consideration of the divinely appointed prei»arations for a revival as recorded In thff^fi^st two chapters of .\cts and at the close of the service 'x, or 80 people knelt at the altar, givins; themselves as an offering to be used for God and especially to be used In bringing souls to Christ during this series of special meetings. A goodly number of men attended the meeting for men and boys in the afternoon and listened to Rev. Mor- to9'« preseotatloB ol The Gentleman of the Oay. Different ages of the world's history have accepted different Ideals of a gentleman but Jesus is the true Ideal gentleman for every age and Uvc every inan. The address was practical, heltiful and inspiring and doublless many went away resolved to live nearer to the Ideal man The house was again full at the even ing service. The pastor presente«l the Chrisilnn life as a stniggle "For we wrestle against the rulers of the dsirk ness of this world." Our fathers toiled and suffered to secure a little of the shining gold that lay beyond the mountains In '49, but they felt that the reward repaid them for the struggle. To secure and retain salvation may require suffering and toil and struggle but the precious boon is worth all It costs and more for "He that endureth temptation shall receive a crown of life" The special revival services will con tinue through this week with services at the church each afternoon at 2:30 and each evening at'7:30. Tomorrow is election day and tomorrow night we will want to hear the news, but come to Trinity and hear the news from the glory land flr.=t. There will be special music and a special sermon and there will be special Joy among the angels if one sinner shall repent and be born into the kingdom of heaven. to the point from the text taken from seemed more hcatatifut and full of to the people to work with a will at meaning. The sermon was short bu' the beginning of the winter. There are n good many people today •who Peter II, "Add to your faith, virtue." i i,ro professed atheists: iher believe or fn other words, "Supply to your faith. <^nergy,' and It was an appeal they can live clean upright lives without the aid of the church, and In a St. TlBothjr'8 Cknreli. ' The choir was in good form yesterday after the long vacation and the full choral commanion service nev«r FOR County Coroner When you are selecting your ticket tomorrow, I will appreciate your support DR. F. L B. LEAVEU Nominee on the Democratic Ticket way they do. but th«y are like tha miner who works from day to day digxing the gold from the ground and spending it as fast as he gets U nev«r Chinking ther<^ may bo a tomorrow. While the (.hurrhman is like th« son of a nobleman *'ho works and leama the business that he may know the hardness of toil KM ^ tw wortby of his name and wealth when his herltagd shall bo his own. The wonderful old cathedrals and churrhes of England are monuments' to the" faith and energy of our ancestors who worked always under dIC ficulties. It is to our lasting shame if wc do less than they did. not neces- s.irtly in the building of churches, but in the winning of people to the tnid faith. The Morse Bible class will meet at the Y. M. C. A. night at 6.20. building tomorrow Chas. Punk was a business visitor in Oswego today. J. R.' Stewart was a visitor in Bronson this afternoon. ' * - • •. * * ELXJOTT has another car of * Potatoes on the Mo. Pac. track • * and is selling out of the car at • * 65c. Bring your sacks. , • * «e * 4>4> 4- «^ ^ :

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