The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 13, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY HEWS, FRIDAY, MAY 13,1892. JOHN SMITH, JUNIOR. By R J, PLAYPEN, V. ! e- _— .t) "I— (ilitiotil (Mule thcrc'ii nothing give." So it came to puss Hint before iniotlior •week wits out Frances found herself living in ono of Hin most gorgcouH houses alio had over wen. having the comforting asmiruiiL'o Unit shu VIW leaving lici family with u substantial addition tu their narrow means, for Mr. and Mrs. Smith hud behaved with unpuvalleU-tl munificence in tho niatler of salary. Her heart went straight out to Jack's mother, and BIIO had not been long under the Hiurie roof with his father hefonj she discovered tliat a great deal oi shrewd, good sense and much kindliness of nature lay beneath the rough, somewhat bombastic outer man. Unconsciously the girl began to formulate u now creed—"True refinement may be found without much intellectual cultivation, and nobleness df nature does not always show itself in polished maimers." Before long, experience added anothei articlo of belief; it camo about in this way. Cluing into tho library one day tc tuko n message from Mrs. Smith to hei husband, she was greatly surprised tc find there no less u person than Mr. Fits- hardy, tho philanthropist, tho man ol loiters, tho disciple of culture. He was alone. Frances felt some awkwardness recollecting tho occasion on which tliej had Inst parted; but he was perfectly self possessed, and began talking at onci- -with easy friendliness. She explained hor position nt Tho Grange, adding in a tone of gentle deprecation, "They arc BO kind to mo, it is impossible to livt with them and seo their goodness and not love and respect them." "I am sure of it," ho replied warmly. "Mr. Smith is renowned for his liber ality, and is as unassuming as ho is generous. Ho lias only loft tho room tc make- out a check for a thousand pounds, which ho has promised mo for tho Society for Promoting Culture Among thi- Lower Classes, of which, you know, 1 am tho secretary. We invited him to become rur chiiiriir., but ho refuses on tho ground that ho does not pretend tc any culture himself; ho hopes the next generation will have better advantages iu its youth. Tho money is to he devoted to tho establishment of a scholarship, by means of which some promising lad in our night school will havo Hit advantage of three years' thorough technical training in any branch of artistic labor for which ho shows himself best fitted." "It. is .inat like him. They uro always giving and helping," said Frances. Mr: Smith's entrance put an end to the con versation. It was Mr. Fitrfiardy's pleasing duty to inform hia sister of the step Franco.- had taken. Alicia could hardly behove hor ears. "What!—Frances Lisle—agirl whom 1 believed to bo patrician to iioi finger tips—gone to ho tho companion oi that vulgar, odious Mrs. Smith? It is incredible! How could one so apparently sensitive- to tho least want of refino moot and cultivation submit lor a. moment to become tho dependent of people of that kind?" "Perhaps you think she had betlei havo let her mother and sisters starve on two hundred a year'r" was her brother's curt reply. Alicia was angry, an I auger is rarely discreet. "She need havo done neither if she had only played her cards properly,"Bht replied snappishly. "Yon may thank your stars sho did not hook you safely before their smash up camo—you nibbled at tho bait pretty considerably," "Alicia! you are downright vulgar," hor brother exclaimed. Later on Mrs. Smith, thinking it would bo a pleasant change for Frances, told her to invite some young friend tc oomo and spend a few days with her at Tho Grange. Greatly delighted at tho prospect, Frances wrote to her dear Alicia a long, loving, gossipy letter, such as girls lovo to send to their bosom friends, lolling her something of her changed fooling toward those good people, f The reply camo as a shock tx> all hor previous notions: "Miss Fitzhardy rcgreta that she is obliged to inform Miss LiBle that then acquaintance must bo considered at an end. She had given Miss Lislo credit for sufficient good tasto to seo that any intimacy between MiBS Fitzhardy and tho paid companion of her draper's wifi was utterly out of the question. Miss Fitzhardy wishes Jliss Lislo every hap piuess in her present station, and if at any timo hor namo would bo of sorvict to Miss Lislo as a reference or anything of that kind, she would bo most happy to loud it." A hot, indignant blush burned tin. girl's cheek as sho read; her very fin gers tingled for revenge. Aud then hoi better self camo to her aid and she laughed aloud. "Poor Alicia! if slit had only heard her brother's proposal that day." And so was born that fresh article of her new faith, "Intense vul garity may bo found beneath the most por f oct voneur of polish and culliv. Hon." Mr. and Mrs. Smith quickly became very fond of Francos, and both did thoit utmost to spoil hor; the mother, because sho wanted to win the girl's lovo foi hor SOD'B sake, and tho father, because fow men are unsusceptible to tho charm of lieauty added to gentleness and re finoment. She brightened their home with her youth and sweetness, and soon let tho influence of hor artistic touch and good tasto bo folfc upon thoir gor geous surroundings. Mrs. Smith spoke constantly of hoi charming new companion in her letters to her son, but carefully refrained from mentioning the young lady's namo. Francos was happy now. Sho tried tc leave tho futuro to tho wisdom of Providence, and meanwliilo strove with all her might to do and bo all that she knew tho man sho loved would havo wished tc find hor. Sho felt sure that a day would como when sho would bo able to nsk his pardon for those unlucky words. How her face burned at tho bare recollection of that scene! There could bo no vul garity more flagrant than sho had exhibited iu the pride of her own gooil breeding. Had ho recognized this in nate vulgarity in her as she had done in Alicia Filzhardy, and if so, must nol that lovo have been slain forever? Mere was tho sharpest thorn in that soft nest in which she now found herself. Alas- she I tad learned too late tho importan lesson, that, refinement and cultivatioi. are only worihy of roverwneo when lhe\ nre the outward tokens of innate qualities. Mr. Smith, like his wife, was novel happier than when talking about bis boy, and Frances loved to draw him out on this subject, whenever the occasiot offered. He, knowing nothing of thv reason which purposely kept his wife from bringing the young man's nauu up before Frances, quickly beenmo verj communicative. From him Frances learned the history of Jack's childhood the ailments of his babyhood, tho hope; the old man had for his future, and evoi the namo of that big sum ho would place to his boy's credit when ho made up his mind to marry and settle down or when "Smith and Trowson" should be converted into a "Limited Liability company." From Mr. Smith BIIO nlsc learned what tho life of a successful business man must bo; the energy, tin enterprise, tho unceasing toil, tho un flagging patience that were necessn ry and she could not but admire him tn: what ho had achieved. It was "ull for Jack," ho said; he wa> a plain man himself, not likely to cnl much of a figure anywhere, but show Mm tho young fellow in any society win was likely to beat his boy. Why, everybody loved him. Even wdien ho was t baby, hadn't Mr. Wolvercourt, theii clergyman, a gentleman of first class family, offered to stand, godfather to the boy, and had never ceased to love bin. and take notice of him? Twice over} year Jack went to visit His godfather who was a very old man now, too old tc preach any longer, quietly wearing out his last years on a small estate iu the west of England. By and by there suddenly camo tin news of this Mr. Wolvercourt's death aud Jack was recalled to England to attend tho funeral. Very soon tho day ar rived on which ho was expected to retuiL to Tho Grango. Frances, feeling uneasy and excited ai tho prospect of meeting him, had ria away, girl-like, and gone to pay hei mother and sister a visit at tho tin) house in which they had established themselves at Highgate. Ono of the children opened tho door to her. On the parlor table stood a bunch of glorious roses, rich pink, crimson and damask aud roses wore roses, too, at this late season of tho year. Edith camo Hying in and flung herself into her sister's arms, but when sho saw Frances glanct at this fragrant bowl, sho turned nearl) as pink as the flowers themselves. "Well, who is tho sender?" her 6istei iuqured. "Mr. Jossolyn, of course," Edith re plied stoutly. Then, as Frances opened hor eyes nt tho sight of her guilt) cheeks— "Oh, they aro quite as much for mamma as for mo, I assure you," she maintained. "Youl—such a more child as you!' Frances ejaculated. "Well, I'm not such a child but that 1 shall soon grow to ho a woman," said Edith Biuartly. Then sho suddenly threw herself down by her sister and clasped her arms around her waist, tears streaming from her shining eyes. "Oh, Francie, dear, I'm not going to school any more; I'm going to work hard at homo for two years and learn all sorts of tilings—cooking and dusting and sowing aud everything useful—for, Friuicio, wranglers aren't always rich, you know, and oh, I'm so happy I don't know what to do with mysolf." Frances hugged her tight, but could not resist a I'ttle teasing. "Why, Edith, what about tho tall, handsome, lich young man with curly hair, who was to bo tho only lover you would look at" "Fnvuecs!" aaid her sister reproachfully, "I wns a silly little goose thou, but I know bettor now. After all, what do appearances matter if tho heart iB good and true—and—and all your own?" "You wise little woman," said fran­ cos, kissing hor fondly. "Thank God you havo found that out in time." Sho made her way buck to The Grango iu tho dusk of tho evening, and stolo up stairs into her own room. She would not intrude upon tho family party that night; thoy should havo theii boy all to themselves, and sho was glad enough to postpono tho meeting she could not help dreading. Next morning Mrs. Smith sent for hoi to como to tho boudoir. "I missed you last night, Francie dear," sho begun, "but I suppose you camo home late and were glad to go to bod." She hud adopted tho family pot name at tho girl's own request. She found "Frances" too stiff. "1 had dour friend oncocallod 'Fanny;' 1 should like to call you so, if you don't mind my dear?" sho said. It happened that "Fanny" was a pet abomination with fastidious Frances her color rose, but a moiuout after she answered gently, "Certainly, if you wish it, Mrs. Smith, but—at homo—they call mo 'Francio,' and I think that is plot tier." Of course it was adopted at once. <•« "iar]y all Fraucto's ideas wore. On this particular morning Mm. Smith wanted Frances to write a note for hor which a man sorvant was presently to take. Tho girl sat down to tin writing table, and Mrs. Smith went tc givo orders for tho man to saddle hit horse. In a minnto or two Jack Smith onint? sauntering unsuspiciously into the room seeing the slight figure in its plain black dress bonding over her work, ho said tc himself, "Tho now companion, I sup posn." Her back was toward him; he could not seo her face. Sho raised hei head. Something in tho turn of the neck, tho rich coils of bright brown hair, seemed familiar; ho made a hasty move mont—sho looked around; then she rose and faced him. "Good heavens, Miss Lislel You here?'! "Yes. Oh, don't you know?" lle.i face was scarlet. "Hasn't your inothei told you? I'm hor companion," "Never!" All this astonishment was Hummed up in tho ono word. Sho drew nearer. "Yes. My father died, and wo were very poor. Thon Mrs. Smith took me. She has been so good, so kind. Oh. won't you forgivo me? I was ignorant stupid—what, yon will; I have repented bitterly. Your mother is fond oi: ice your father thinks so much of me: I love them both dearly. Don't tell them I can't bear it; sparo mo that; let then: lovo me still. All, I think yon nnalit forgive nie—now"— Sho bravelv uu-.i lid Hi- she sup -tc to keep back the tears that blinded and nearly choked her utterance came forward and took tho hand was holding out to him with such a plicating gesture. "1—almost think thero's nothing- forgive," lie replied slowly, as if hall dreaming. Then Mrs. Smith camo in and they moved quickly apart. "Well, Johnny, my dear, I suppose you haven't forgotten Miss Lisle? This is tho dear young lady I have told you about, who is kind enough to come and be a daughter to me. And a very good ono sho is, loo, Johnny; I don't knew what I should do without her. We :,)•• derstnnd each other, tlon't we, Francie?' The girl turned and kissed her, OIK>twice—too much moved to utter a word then x>asscd swiftly out of the room. Hi- would havo followed her, buthismothci caught him by tho arm. "One moment Johnny, dear. There was some hitch between you and your love; toll mc, wis it us, father and me—because" "No, no, mother, dearest—there's nothing—God bless yon'.—there's noth ing now" Frances had scarcely reached the foet of tho stairs leading to her Own apart ment beforo his voice arrested her. "Don't go, Miss Lisle—Frances—tho is something I want to tell you." Slit paused, still half turned away from him Ho went on quickly. "My godfathn has left me a small estate in tho west i,! England—on two conditions. The first'.that I enter upon a parliamentary career and tho second that I adopt his nac and henceforth call myself 'John Wol­ vercourt Smith'"— She covered l.,t face with both hands. "Under the::t circumstances—do you think I may venture to ask the girl I love—to be mj wife?" Ho tried to tako tho hands away from her hot. tear stained face. "Oh—I'm— sorry," she faltered, yielding them tc, his grasp. "Sorry, sweetheart? For what?" "Because—because"—then she looked up bravely; there should bo no misunderstanding now through any falsi shamo of hers—"because now I car, never prove to you how glad and—and proud it would make me—to be" "To bo what, my lovo—my darling?" It was easy now, from the shelter ct his arms, to whisper: "Mrs. John Smith, Junior."—Argosy. Tlw timaUest (a the best ir. pills, other things being equal. 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Chicago Vestibule Ex'ss Cannon ball Missouri liver night Ex. 4 0 8 .10 44 7:50 a m 10:32am 8:15 p m 4:00 p m 8:35 a m 8:10am 10:.T.Jam 8:35 p :,• 1:20 p n. 0:30 am 4:40,p m 0:05 p m 7:00 a m Freight 4 0 8 .10 44 7:50 a m 10:32am 8:15 p m 4:00 p m 8:35 a m 8:10am 10:.T.Jam 8:35 p :,• 1:20 p n. 0:30 am Chlcn^o, Kunst.s & Western KaUtowl. Hutchinson Kxtenslon. Trains. % p Leave Hutchinson. Arrive 1 . Kins-TM 12:20im 1:20pm SanFranc'co &Tcxas Ex.. Acco'md'tion :t ;)4i 8:30 pm 8:20 a m Arrive 1 . Kins-TM 12:20im 1:20pm Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Accom'd'tlon 4 ;i4s 4:37 a m 3:25 p m 7:50 a m 7:50 p m 4:40 p m No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cara to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair care to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Pueblo FOR KENT. F OR KENT—Furnished anA unfurnished rooms in the Woodard blAck, 153 and Colorado Springs with through (deepen) for San Francisco and Portland, via. Sa" Lake. for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to PROFESSIONAL CARDS. l'hytytfcl'un and Surgeon. Ottlce over j&idllnger's drug store, telephone, 1B;1 residence, 00. D US. STEW. 3*7 North Main, DR. J. E. STEWlAKT Practice llmitl-d to Surgery and V Diseases of \v \ ome; DR. It. A. STEWART. Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. J w MAGUIBE! Treats JSye, Km Office, No. Ill) North Main. VIGOR OF lastly, Quickly. Permanently Restored, WtmkneM. Nervouonewt Debility, nnd all the train of evils from early errorsorlutec excesses, the result* of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full strength, development, and tono given to every oiyan and portion of the body. Simple, natural methods. Immediate improve ment seen. Failure Impossible. 2,000 references. Book, explanations and proofs mailed (sealed) free. Address •HIM WKPIOAL CO., BUFFALO. M. Y. J G. MALCOLM, iMiVHlclan (Homeopathic) Offlo \TTO JNO. W. ROHKRTS. Attorney Rooms 2, 3 ami 4, y L ESLIE &CRAWFOR-, Attorneys Successors to Swlgai Penney Building, oppo; S U IITYICPPn Established 187k. , M. LI l I Lt & UUai 188 8. WATER 6T. OHIOAOO, ILL,, COMMISSION MERCHANT? BROOM CORN Cfcle*K< P OM J I Lenta* drain I VT.l. Wool. Mcrctiantt KMlnsal lUiik. * "LUCK IS PLUOK^ II you hav* run n muck ngnlnsi »onie Discouraging Disease which you ion-t eja«lw «r \ OUR HEW BOOK k&J*sz*!*12± mantt TumtuioulalK: Book mailed (mled) 33 Aoam-o DBMMSR you mw«W)WH "PLUCK WINS LUCK!" I NWARD A. IIAURIMA: At tocuey ut Offlccin HutcliinsonNation' Office, 1. Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louts. No. 0 carries through Pullman Hleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph. Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBbTORD, Agent Santa Fe Route, Hutchinson. 1 I (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Uurtman, cutter. Telephone 32. MIDLAND HOTEL. WHITBLAW, Attorney nt Onice over first National on Sherman street. Most contrally located hotel in the city. MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. r 'HITUS1DE & GLEASON Attorneys ut IAIXV , 3, 4, over No. 21 soutl Patronage of traveling men-solioted. rjlAYLOR ft TAYLOR, Attorueyg ut Law, Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple |j £ODEUN WOODMEN OP A Meet in the hall of Met'lurg's St! No. 20 South Main street, everj day evening. Visiting neiu ways welcome. W. B. MAHSIIAI.L , Clerk. A. M. U 'jTCiiiNeON,' Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. CUSON & WATSON x Grocery and Confectionery. 315 North Main.

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