Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1954
Page 3
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•A ^ t Friday, January 22, 1954 HO HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P, M. •Calendar Friday, January 22 On Friday, January 22, at 7:30 •. m., the Friday Music Club will t'cet in the home of Mrs. Earl )?Ncal. The program on Russian Suiric will JcRenzie. 7:45 at the home of Mrs. Henry Haynes with Mrs. Jim McKenzie and Mrs. Teddy Jones as associate hostesses. uiric will be given by Mrs. Jim cRe IjjGirl Scout Troop 2 under the eadership of Kay Camp and Mrs. . H. Tippitt will meet Friday at i p. in. at the Little House. Girls Ire asked to bring homemade landy for the candy sale. Saturday January 23 I The Melody Maids will meet Snt- Irday, .January 23, at the home of Vnr-x Charlene Horton. Members '•"i,asked to bring their dues. Monday January 25 I W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the Mctho list church will meet Monday, Jan lary 25, at 7:30 p. m. at the home If Mrs. Lylc McMahcn (Oakhavcn pith Mrs. Grover Thompson and jlrs. Harrell Hall as co-hostesses ps. H, E. Patterson will introduce md lead the first session of "The Phovhct Jeremiah" assisted by Rcs&imos Wayne .Russell, Howard lyers, James Cross and C. V Bunn, Jr. The devotional poem •Another Year Is Dawning," wil le given by Mrs. John Wilson, Jr. Ill members art; urged to attend. Chapter AE of the P. E. O. will meet Tuesday, January 26 at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Henry Haynes. Invitations have been issued by Mrs. Jesse Brown. Mrs. Arval May Mrs. Alvin Reynolds and Mrs. M. S. Bates to a bridal shower honoring Miss Greta Caston, bride-elect of Charles Gough, on Tuesday, January 20, from 7 until 9 p. m., at the home of Mrs. Bates, 1510 South Elm. J The Workers Sunday School Class If < <ne Gai-rett Memorial Baptist Thurch will meet Monday night at ": 15 for their regular monthly meet- tig in the home of Mrs. Alvin Rob- [isoa, with Mrs. Dalton Draggs as i-hHstc'ss. Each member is asked bring a gift for the sale. . J The Fidelis Sunday School Class If the Unity Baptist Church will lave a meeting in the home of Jimmy and Jerry Wilson on Monlay night, January 25, at 7 o'clock I Tuesday January 26 The Cosmopolitan Club will have meeting on Tuesday night at -' Only Aspirin At Its Best Carries This Name Of Highest Quality Mrs. Garrett Entertains Practical Nurses The Hope Division of Practical Nurses met in the home of Mrs. Wilina Garrett Tuesday night, January 19. A program was presented with Mrs. Wessie Pool giving a reading entitled. "Your Folks And My Folks." The president gave a taik on working together for the benefit of the Licensed Practical Nurses. A copy or the State Law concerning nurses working with a State License was read. A round table discussion followed with the majority voting to stand for the right and interest of all licensed Practical Nurses. The hostess served refreshment to eight old members and two new members. Notice The Mothers' March On Polio meeting will not. meet Friday January 22, at. Garland School duo to weather condition. The meeting will be held at Garland School Monday January 25. 'at 3:45 p. m. Births ~ Mr. and Mrs. Minor Polk. 1301 South Walker street, announce the arrival of a 9'/ 2 pound daughter on Wednesday, January 20, at the Julia Cncster Hospital. Hospital Notes Branch ,„ Admitted: Mr. Jesse Rice, Rt. 2 Hope Mrs. C. W. Stroud. Washing- on Mr. M. P. Nichols Rt. 4 Hope Discharged: Betty Lynn Munn. Hope. a,*.' 5HEHGER TODAY AND SATURDAY • You'll Enjoy This Double Feature! HE RIPPED A JAGGED SCAR ACROSS THE FACE OF THE WEST! Herring John HODIAK • John DEREK Audrey TOTTER'Maureen O'SULUVAf t, A COLUMBIA PICTlrBE KEITH LARSEN. DONA DRAKE ALLIED A«TIStS PRODUCTION Chap. 10, "Jungle Drums of Africa' & Bugs Bunny Color Cartoon Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gifroy, D. D. The "Good Samaritan" of the Parable in Luke 10 shares New Testament fame with another Samaritan, a woman of John 4. She was apparently of lesson importance than the good Samaritan of the Parable. If I have called her. "good" it is because ot what is associated with he through conservation with Jesus at Jacob's well, rather than because of any merit in her . As a matter of fact she wasn't a woman of good reputation. She had had five husbands and was living with a man who was not rher husband Jesus made it plain that He knew all about her. We do not know the upshot of the story or whether the woman like another woman "which was a sinner" Luke 7:36-47), experienced a change in heart and life. But Jesus must have seen some fiood in that woman or He would hardly have spent so much time in conservation with her. The story, which occupies the major part of John 4. as I see it, emphasizes these things: 1. The humanity of Jesus and His unconventionally. with His complete freedom.'from the prejudices — racial and religious — that in our own time have been all too evident in. many of His professed followers. 2. The realism of Jesus in disregarding the limiting customs and manners of the time. It was not only against usage for a man to be conversing thus with a woman in a public place, but when the woman was a Samaritan and of none too savory life, it made the matter even more contrary to all convention. It was no wonder that the dis- cipals as they returned from the city, "Marveled" (John 4:27). A modern minister might well havn feared for his reputation in ; similar encounter. Jesus had m fear of "what, people will say' where goodness and human vai ues were involved. 3. The great, words concerning worship (John 4:23, 24) that came out of the conversation and tha have given that conversation sup reme importanco . 4. The acknowledgement by Je sus of His messiahship "I that speak unto you am he." 5. Finally, the woman's witness and the fact, that many believec in Jesus, not only because of her witness, but because they had found Him for themselves. (John 4:39-42). In every respect, in the facts and details as well a in the telling, it is a remarkable story, and it is well that the Gospel of Jonah adds so much to the incidents in the three former Gospels. Trial of Ban Officials to Be Renewed Ohio, a state of'the United States sinse 1803, was officially admitted to the union in 1953 when Congress correctde a technical omission in the original legislation. Your two eyes work independently, having no connection except in Early Romans had little interest inn cosmetics, but adopted them after coming in contact with the Greek of southern Italy. • • TODAY & SATURDAY Sterling Hoyden Eve Miller — in -^"KANSAS PACIFIC" In Thrilling Color So True and Human! the Greatest Race Romance since "BROADWAY BILL" Don Ameche Catherine McLeod King of the Racetrack" HE'LL "CAST" AVA IN NEW ROLE-Assen Peikof, a Bulgarian sculptor who now lives In Rome,rltaly, works on a clay model of Ava Gardner; When completed: it will : .be used in a movie the screen star is making in the Eternal City. PRESCOTT NEWS CAPT. KIDD No. 7 Cartoon "BABY WANTS A BATTLE" «SUN.-MON.-TUES. fcxcvlement 'R.oc\s t Screen! GUN-THUNDERING THRUST FOR A HALF- MILLION DOLLARS IN GOLD! YOU'LL NEVER FORGET THE SHATTERING IMPACT OF ITS CLIMAX! CLIFTON WEBB BARBARA STANWYCK Robert WAGNIR • Aydrey OAITON * Thelma RJTTW Brian AHtRN{-R|(MPA$fHA8T j Hews of th§ "CANINE. I. Q," R9AM & «IANP OF Mrs. Steele Moore Receives Honors Friends of Mrs. Steele Moore of Dallas, the former Miss Florence ..ogan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Logan of Prescott, will be in- :erested to know that she received the following citation given by the National Council at the annual dinner meeting of the Camp r ire Council at the Highland Park VTethodist Church activities build- ng in Dallas Tuesday night. In recognition of your leadership' n Camp Fire it gives us pleasure o give you the National Wakan Service Honor. As a sponsor in 946 .you began your action participation in the Camp Fire program For the past 8 years you have rendered service as a leader, a guardian and as a Horizon Club advisor. As a leader you recognized the importance of training to do an effective job secured a company certificate in 1048 and completing all camp fire training courses. You have been most active in helping with city wide activities at Camp grand council and guardian associa tion. The National Council joins the Dallas County Council in honoring you on the occasion. Your influence has been widely felt particularly in your participation in training courses and as a member of the speak er bureau. As your local asvard committee writes, "You are on of over most valuable assests", sig ned sincerely, Martha F. Allen National director. cake was served by Mrs. Ray Wooley. Mrs. Harry .Moore C. W. F. President The Christian Women's Fellowship met on Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Fannie Newth ith 17 members present. The opening song was "I'll Go Where You Want Mo To Go," followed with a poem read by Mrs. Harry Moore. Mrs. John Mauldin presented the program topic on "Benevolence" and gave the devotional from James 1-17. She also gave an article on "Missionary Work in India." Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter led in prayer and the song "I Need Thee Every Hour" was sung. During the business meeting the following officers were elected. Mrs. Harry Moore, President; Mrs John Mauldin, vice president; Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter, treasurer, Mrs. C. O. Waplquist, secretary. During the social hour refreshments were served by Mrs. Mildred Dawson and Mrs. J. W. Bradley. Mrs. John Vesey of Hope was the guest Monday of Mrs. O. G. Hirst. Wants to Quit Competition With Marilyn By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP) — MAmie Van Doren, a blonde bundle of sex, wants to resign as her studio's answer to Marilyn Monroe. "The comparison to Marilyn was okay.;-at the beginning of my career, ' says Mamie. "The publicity helped draw attention to me. But now I dcn't want to be the answer to anybcdy. I want to stand on to sheci the reference to Monroe. The lespmblance between the two girls is considerable. Both are blondes with Petty-girl faces and • — i"*.«v.^ ,>*m j. «.i.ij gu j laica uuil Mrs. Doug Hurley has returned to ' curvaceous figures. Both exude a )er home in Houston, Texas after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison McClelland. Thurman Haynie who is employed in Fort Worth, Texas, has been visiting his family. Mrs. Velma Martin is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Ray L. Gray and Mr. Gray in South Gate, Calif. Sgt. and Mrs. James Long of Camp Polk, La. are the guests of relatives. ••Mr. and Mrs. Don Cavanah and for Magnolia to make their, home. ARKANSAN SURVIVES INCHON, Korea,. Wl—. Marine 'fc. Arvin Stokes of Warren, Ark., s listed among the 2I sirvivors of i collision between a troopship and small landing craft. Twenty-eight Marines died in the isaster. sexiness in appearance and con versaiipn. They can drop quotes that send interviewers scurrying to their typewriters. " "But we're not really alike," Mamie protests. "My hair is silver blonde, almost platinum; Marilyn's is more golden-blonde. She is a much bigger girl too." She did admit that their tastes ASHDOWN m Pi-osecUtar Cofcer Thomas says he wlif I nest summer his aittmptS.^ wmcn ,; have twice failed, to convici --twtf*^ former officials in & $183,00* short* age at the now defuntit Batik el DierkJ. Thomas yestei-day requested . receivod dismissal of a 'charge misapplication of bank ' li agaittst Thomas F Westbrook la-,™ year-old former vice pfe§idierit< and' t* cashisr of the bank. s ,' *•' '3 A LHtle River Circuit Cotirt v ~,, Tuesday fieed Mrs. Opal Stmings ton, 47, of a forgery chargd, She had been with the bank 32 ,year§ and was assistant cashle* whSft the shortage was discovered. In' 1052. Thomas said ho intended to! try the Defendants on al; counts, itlll pending—22 against Mrs. Simlng*, ton and 21 i>gain«t Westbrook.,. . The fact that it would be jtft» possible to select new juries dttf-j ing this term would force postpone*' •»., ment of the new trials v until ^thi t '/ July term of circuit cpurt,,Thomas said. ;,*- l{, Thomas yesterday' morning, tail cd to hove admitted as evidence two of three documents b6 ' sented to the court, Only two ecution witnesses haa been « when the prosecutor aslted for got the dismissal. Comden Woman Dies in Fire ' ^I-WIUIXLI •<V,UIJ,P *t^-i wirs. »ni W. Newton, 42/rticrrtbter ) '6t,n>vU_ rT known iamily here, was. burned*: to death last night in Y" " that destroyed her home. Mn Newtoh's husband,, Ouac-hita County treasurer, w, 0 ^ u In the hospital at the time of)the fire. t '- - i: The woman's chawed found just inside the living .._, of her home. The front door h fallen on her ard firemen £~ she apparently wa s ..trying*! to ' cape frcn ..the , house tyhen „ door croshed down on her. , y^ *NT n «.tn« t» «._ .»11 l_ i_ J ^tmj **• in men are similar. Marilyn's 11 ? heart belongs to Joe, DiMaggio. Mamie user! to go with anothcf- sports figure witn the initials J. D. Newton 4,1% who had be sral days, ( . thouflht his at the husiJi out. Mrs. mother, VM iiwi. , y . 5 operated hi hospital ? PS £t','^ -—Jack Dempsey. "We <' broke up plained. "He was a-little '"Mamie ex- bit too too youn,j for him." Her current boy friend is another rportsman, He is rancher and Bill Stead, Reno ipeeclboat racer. Other similarities between the two girls: both were discovered for the movies from the Bliss-Hayden kittle Theater here; both bear adopted names. Marilyn's is rally[.„.,„„ „ „_„...,.„.,,, R Norm's Jean Baker. Mamie's is (that 3he had -the assets Joan Lucille Olander, She got the business career. ancPsS Before compasses' 'weVe.'\plac<! oij-a ivpt, the,y were "^ K*%tt,1 «* lt«.,i.J " bowl of liquid. Mamie shortly after the 'presidents tial election o£*l%52^<",', ' „ 4 C A| Aside -'from » &«& f factors, tSftffi girls are Odissifiilfar. Marilyn* 4s"' a,4 native CaliforftiW ''Mamie w"a$l born in Howena^WJJ^Her'pareni" brought he^'tfere Curing > 'thp''""" and she attended Lo3 Angeles 1 , School, AftWmlp Kftfef stunt lawyer's 'secretary, she I '*3* Jr. Musical. Coterie Meets The Junior Musical Coterie me on Monday afternoon in the home of Mary AdaJyn Yancey with Rita Wai ren co-hosless for the January mee ing. The president, Mary Adalyn Van cey, conducted the business. The program topic for the afternoon was "Poetic Thoughts Expressed in Music." Piano solos were played by Nancy Gulley, Dolores Escarre, and Amelia Harrell. Rita Warren sang a solo accompanied by Mary Vancey at the piano. There were 17 members present and Jean Cunningham was welcomed as a new member, The next meeting will be in the home of Jean and Marion Buchanan, Cookies and cold drinks' were served during the social hour, Mr$. Richarcl Cook Feted Mrs. Howard Graham feted Mrs. Richard Cook, a recent bride, with a miscellaneous shower at hej' home on Monday, evening. Interesting bridal games were played after which Mrs. Cpok was presented her lovely and useful gifts in a container decorated in white. After the gifts were displayed the fifteen guests were invited into the djniqg rpom where the table -16 overlap wfth, a }ace clot}} irtw' • i a •:y:- „.-,,-'>:-Wv.-.-.. .; / . **' )ip<piiipi^p NiW CHEVROIET TRUCKS FOR Completely new! The new Comfortmasfer cab is only one of the many great new advances offered by the most powerful, finest V performing, best-looking Advance-Design trucks ever bwlltl The new '54 Chevrolet truck Cpmfortmaster cab offers increased visibility with new pne, KICU, BIGGER man spare Pnnmior piece curved windshield. Instruments are and stake bodies $ 9 easier to read and controls are easier to reach. ^ «jAc«eDnX*.«««. « , , u* And/the new Ride Control Seat* provides NEW CHASSIS RUOG?ON?SS. Heavier axle shafts extra comfort for drivers. on 2-ton models. Newly designet| cimch.es. w$ Were are more new features you'll like- mo * 9 n % 1 " fraraes oo M roodej^, NiW EN6INI POWfR ANP ECONOMY, Bieaer N ^ w . APVANCIrpjSJQN STYUNf• New frp^t' "Thi-mmaster 235." Rugged "toadmester ?»d js more massive: 235," All-new "Jobmaster 261" engine.* NiW m YOUN

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