Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY RHlGISTEll, MONDAY EVENING, NOIv^EMBER 4,1912. The lola Daily He^er TM lela Daily Rtcerd and tha lola Dally index. « TRB SEGISTCB PtTBLISHIKfi CO. CMA8. F. SCOTT. Pres. and Editor F. W. BRE\V8TE3l Manager Entered at the lola Post office aa Second- Class Matter. AivertlaInK Rates Made Known on Application. Official Paper City <tt lola. Official Paper City of Bacsett. Official Paper of Allen. County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By CarHer In lola. Gas City, Uanyen- villa, Concreto, LaHarpe and Basaett: One Week 10 ents On* Month 44 cents One Tear IS.00 « • BY MAIL: One Tear, In-ildc ounty 12.00 One Tear, outside county 13.00 TELEPHONES: Business Office 18 Society Reporter 18 Job and Bindery Dept. 141 A PERSONAL STATEMENT. The day following the primaries, last August, in an edttorial in the Register, I made the statement that I. should support the Republican ticket that had been nominated on the preceding day. That statement was , made In the full belief that when the electoral muddle was straighened out as I felt sure it would be, every candidate upon the Republican ticket would stand squarely upon the ticket and give his support to the Republican electors. I have been hopins up to the very last that they would do this. Jt is hardly ten days since 1 wrote Mr. Brady, candidate for Congress, that if he -«ould come out BQuart-ly for Taft and the Republican tslectors 1 would support him with all my power and urge all my frauds to do so. 1 had previously written Mr. Capper to the same effect. Neither of them has seen fit to make such an announcement, and in order that there may be no mlsunderstandini; 1 desire to say now that 1 feel myself absolved from the pledge of support formerly given, and that I shall vote against Mr. Stubbs. (who never was a Republicani and against Mr. Capper and Mr. Brady', who have abandoned the Republican party. I never votod against a Republican candidate for an important oflice in my life, and I shall feel that in voting against Mr. Stubbs. .Mr. Capper and Mr. Brady 1 am not violating ihut rule. If these gentlemen were merely bolting President Taft on th" theon- , that he had not been honestly nominated, and were supporting his leading opponent, Mr. Wilson, as the most .direct way of defeating him. I co"!'' condone their action however much I might criticise their Judgment. But they, are not doing that They ar< giving their support to a candidate who declares that it is his intent ior to dsstroi' the Republican part.v. The Democrats do not •frant to destroy the Republican party; they merely wish to defeat it. Col. Roosevelt is JBghting, with all the bitterness ;>nd vengrance of which he is capable, t.-^ put the Republican partv out of existence. And this is precisely wiiat would happen if he were elected. I' 'is what would h.ap"pen even if h£ wcr«' ?}ven the second place. If Roosevelt should havp a'' greater popular votf or more votes in the electoral coUefee than Taft in all human probability the Republican party would never hold another convention nor place another national ticket in the fi«>ld. In helping to swing votes to Roosevelt, therefore, .IfTr. Stubbs, Mr. Cai>- ner and Mr. Brady are not merely rebuking the party; they are doing what thry can Ui destroy it, to wipe it off the political map. and to open the «ay for a party which, if it should ever come into power and enact i»s platform into law, would destroy Representative government and convert this Republic into a,_Mexican, Central American democracy. In casting my vote against th ?F' candidates, therefore. I shall fee', that T an fighting for the Republican ii.-ir tv pad for the principles which for rapre than 'wnly .vears have guidrd mr political life. CH .\{5. F. SCOTT. wo exprrt to do this time Is to break up the Republican party, and then put the Colonel over the next time." All anyone dqes, therefore, who votes for Rcoaevcit is (o contribute to the dcstmcUon of the Republican party. No: that Is not all.he does. He con- j tributes tp the restoration of Demo-! crfilic rule and the, almost certain paralysis of business and the destruction of prosperity. It is a good thing to remember that so far as the National tickets are concerned yoir do not vote for candidates tomorrow.—you vote for parties. Neither Taft nor Wilson will ^ake the laws for this countrj' nor govern it for the next four years; that will be done by the Republican or the Democratic parties. Vote for the PARTT that you think will do the job best. The managers of the Third party recently appealed to the clergymen of New York City to organize a religious Progressive Party League, giving them as a reason why they should do bo the statement that the new party was "born of an uprising against boss rule and the dominance of vested interests, and offers an opportunity for rtializing two great moral ideals, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man." It is to the credit of the clergy that they refused to be "worked." They knew as everybody else in the country knows, that the new party was born of one man's disappointed ambition and desire for revenge, and that it never would have been born at all if Theodore Roose-1 vits on which the new trial was volt had secured from the Republi-' granted, and these ailldaviis set forth can party the nomination which he so 1 succinctly and distinctly the nature eagerly sought. ! i'"d extent of the new evidence, on - ; its fjice showing the statutory ground I>DUK>Dfc>(fc KLKR. ,^..^^ ^-ouUi i„„>ei anv judge to Froin the Porono Republican: Mr. i ,„i,e judicial notice of such affidavit... '™_'!!I'll*:: land on their'showing grant the new prayed for.— Aui tlw fact Pure in ihe Making Baking CALUMET BAKING POWDER Just an-ordinary knowledge of baking requirements on your part is all that is necessary to produce perfect bakings with Cahimet Baking Powder. Calumet by its purity and perfect leavening qualities docs the rest. Leave your next baking to Calutnet and note the improVements—also note the saving—for Calumet is economical in cost and use. All good grocers sell it. RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS Wot I<r> Pun Foea Expowtion. ai{eMo.i:L Pari* Expoutioa. Frcac*. Mai^lSR. JSiiiHUSJSil? GUIMS 31S VOTES FOR TUFI IHIti:("n»K .MILV.WK ISSIKII HIS ri.».SI.\i; ST.\TKMK.\T l^J^ •c .nune ^ciar -Nation^'^Bank i j^Ss'SIf "^"^S-elld ^n!::^'b:.nk f n»?3r„'i?'''= 7''", ^ i t'>l« ruling, then, was If ought to nave been said in tli> beginning that the political iidvr tlsements which havp recently ai>- peared in these columns over the name of Charles;F. Scott wen> roiued from the Topeka Capital where they originally appeared and have been printed in the Register, without charge to :Uiybody. The Topeka Capital is owned by Arthur Capper, caudidat. ' on the Repul^din ticket'for governor But" Mr. Caj^er Is supporting Col. Roosevelt for President, and the onl.v way to get anything into the columns of his paper In support of the Republican candidate for President was to buy the space at advertising rates In point of fact it became necessary to pay even more than regular advertising rates, for Mr. Capper charged the Taft League 70' cents an inch for space that any Topeka mer- , chant could have bought for 56 cent;: . an inch. This space was bought by a Topeka man for the Kansas Republican Party League, and not by the National Committee, and . Mr. Scott wag asked to contribute the matter Id Bll it. The Register printed the advertisements in the form they appeared in the Capital without consulting Mr. Scott and as a gratuitous contribution to the Republican campaign. was making a canvas of oodson . b,,,,^ had lawvers-and pharos 11 county for the avowed purpose of de- (^pt was an attorney of record for tl.. Indepvndoncp bank. If the rights of featiag Judge Fcust for re-election as' district Judge, called on the Repiib- , ii,^ independence bank were, or are. llcan last press day and without any , ,„ jeo,,ardv. who Is to blame—Judge prelimin.tries. proceeded to show us. fouat or Attorney Apt. if either? his s->re head. : Mr. Kerr does not make his attack Once In a w.'iile some fellow comes ,i,rough the newspapers. Ho prefers along, strikes us for a dime, and that | ,o gumshoe a district in wrtich h.^ we may have *alue received, offers »o jjoes not live, and say things he dares .show UB an ulcerous sore on his arm ) not put in print—which no solf-ro- or leg. Mr. Kerr was willing to .show ! gp^tinp pa„<.r ,vou!d print as V.r. us a sore head, which was his side of i j^err said i the thingi!—in thl.<: case in ihe sioty of a lawsuit between bis I,he hs.iring of other people in this of- •baak and j^he Norihrup National B:>nk tice. Aside from taking a long •Jiance on the danper of being in ron- of Ida. The dime he wanted in. rr turn for his exhibition was in the na tun of votes for Charles H. Apt fr jt>istrict Judge against Jud^e Fousi This Mr. Kerr went into his case i" detail. He said his bank had filed . motion tor a change of venue on th usual statutory grounds, to-wit, namly: bias and prejudice, et cet. et a and so forth. That the Judge ha' overruled the motion, the case wn to trial, his bank got judgment fc the amount for which they contended and in due course the Northrup peo pic filed a motion for a new tHal or the ground of accident, surprise ant newly discovered evidence materis to the caso^ The motion for a new trial was granted, and the case wai set for trial "at the following ternv Mr. Kerr insists that iho court die errin granting tho now trial, thoupl! no move was made so far as ho ha^ enlightened us. through his attornoys to take the ruling to a higher rourt on error. His counsel' must have been convinced that the ruling wa? sound. 'Charles H. Apt appears a..; attorney of record in this case for the Independence bank. > The writer was once admitted to practice law and is even now .-i m'm- lier of the Woodson county bar, though, like Necessity, he freely admits he knows no l-dw. But still h' is able to read court records with fair intelligence, and in the past week ho has availed himself of the opportunity to do so. Ho has road tiio nniiln- cmpt of court in thus impugning the notives of a trial judg.? while tho ra.'io s ponding, no newspaper would risk he printing and sending of ob.scont I 'rgrv .VII Ke|tuh!irnns U> Vote for the rre>idrnt and Insure Contitiued (.'ood Jioiernnient. Wltcn, immediately after the Republican national convention. Col. Roosevelt led a bolt and then had 'himself nominated for president, it seemed as if the division thus created in the Republican party made. President Taits position hopeless. If the division had continued such would have been the case. The fact is, however, that as the days and weeks have gone by and tiie Republicans hav taken time to consider the situ.-ition they have retume<l to their old affllia tion.: They have seen that Roosevel offers no practical reform to be se cured by national legislation which hasnot already either been enacted in to law or has been recommended by President Taft. They have seen, too, that Roo.';oveIt Third Tenn party merely a Wilson Aid Society .ind tliey resent the effort on the part of a dis appointed and revengeful aspirant lor tho Presidential noiiiination to destroy the party which honored him in the and wliich was good enough for him until it failed to gratify his third term ambition. In other words, the Republicans o the United States are awakening to appreoiatinn of tlie true situation, is this fact whicii has made the turn o the tide for Taft. wliirh has broush encouraging news from States former ly considered hopeless, and which is the foundation of the claims whieli are now so conlidently made by the Ucpul)- lacan managers. Spofiul t'orrospondenco: Clili-ago. .Nov. 2.—On the e\o of the I'lovtiim the Ki.>puhlic:in managors in ilii.s city have sent out a last call to arms. An urgent letter has been sent to ov- •.TV State and County Chairman earnestly insistltr^' that unusual effort be uiado to get rhe llepubiican votor.< t; t!io iiolls on election day. There is oxo:.v ronsun to believe that if this is done President Tafi will be triumphantly To-elected. Director Mulvane, in charge of tlie Western Bureau of the Republican campaign, has issued a statement claiming 3ir. idectorial Votes for President Taft, or forty-nine more,than ar< natter through the mails. Mr. Kerrto elect. The reports which nust have taken his peculiar line of •lectioneering unadvised, or else on mi advice. • Certainly wo do not bc- ieve Charle^H. Apt. attorney of record for the Commercial National bank )f Independence—which is in Mout- -'omery county—and who is a candidate against Judge Foust, would so idviso this, to say the least; indi^-roet have ecme in to headquarters during tho past week have been unanimous ii: t!:c ir showing that the Republicans an ;;oitiiig hack into line, being convinced liiat I'.Dosevelt's election is an impos- -ibility jind realizing thai a vote foi Kivisevclt is a half a vote for Wilson and free trade. In addition to this, tlioro is indi^putalile eviiienco tha' Thoro are tliousands Upon tlious.-in of Uopiiljlicans who would vote fot Taft if they thought that he wopld hr olocted; there are almost as many Deni ocrats who in their hearts would sori ous.'y regret to see an academic (in;' thtorotical. col!o.:jo professor and frof trader liocome president; and there ar< large numbers of Roosevelt follower^ who woii.M hesitate to contribute' i< the election of a llemocrat if thoj could realize that there is no possibil ity of electing their candidate. President Taft not (mly can but nil he elocteil: there Is (very reason Ii foar \ViI.<rn and free trade; and Roosevelt cannot get tho oi^ht out of ever> ton llepubiican votes nfco.ssary to elect him. These are am convincing' faci.s which chould brini: iboiit on election day an old time ral ly of tho Kepiiblican party at the polls In the last hours before election these facts, already spread broadcast, are being emphatically repeated and will have their effect in still further re miting the party which enemies within and without are vainlv soekini: t' iestroy. CllAS. F. SCOTt. IMI Vtir KXJOY E.VTIX; case. .\nd Mr. AntiV"''"'* "'"ch was given to Bryan : himself honor, if he!'" ^'J--^ Thousands of Democrats in ace whatever, should idedarcl that thoy are ward this .Mr. Kerr - I '"" ''ro-iiNnt Taft ujion the plain busi- 4. It is always understood that campaign managers put the best foot forward "and giv'.< their candidate tho benefit of every doubt. But the olaimB of Senator Dixon that Coi. RooMvelt will carry Iwenty -tlve or thirty ttatcg and be elected is so pre• poaterous that the very rhildron UuKb at It. The truth is that tho Third term managers would be mo»t Agreeably surprised if their candidate carried three tttates Bets of four to one have be«n poatd in Now York for diir« without any taken that the Colonel would not carry flvo Htatf-*, CbauDO«y Dewey, th^ king bee at thjo ChtcaRo MooM beadi|iuiirt«ri,'w(is oti- erUwi the other da^ to aay t ^nt "a|l Soda crackers-are extremely sensitive to moisture. Before the advent of Uneeda Biscuit the only persons who ever tasted fresh, crisp soda crackers were the people in the bakeries. Now that we have Uneeda Biscuit—we have perfectly baked soda crackers—perfectlykept. No moisture can reach them—no contaminating influences can affect their flavor—their goodness is imprisoned only to be liberated by you for you when you open the package. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Httack on Judge' Foust "by a'Ti (igani; ^\"tls"n will not get the Demin a pending case. .\nd Mr. Am' V'^"'' veto which was given to Bryan 'vould b'.» doing has any influence he head homnw , . . , , j . and disavow connection will, his ol.s-' l ""P">-''tion that thoy do not want lioneering tour. As it i.s, it has onlv ; ' ''V!."."'' from the present j-rosperous succeeded in strcngthonins Ju.!::"' ' .'""l"";'"^ , " •'^ ro ,,ort .;.l from all s.-- Kousfs candidacy. f^^f/- las ueli ns workinwuen .i who have hith- r ./-|TiT »rri ryrp » Tpn A fr» b' < n Hejiiociats. are op«-nly work- UUiy I DCJ AfKAlU linu- fnr the succo -s of tho Koi.uhIi>:ir EAT WHAT YOU WANT: '-koi in r .o l :ni.o that j.rospority will i_ ! ;-.ot h" <!estr(iyi;(i. Eat what you want when joii want' it. and "Digestil." Tko or three iali-| There i.- alisolutoly no lea -on «hy lets after meals digests all the fo<Ml,'a no;ii !-'>liran »*rion !d foUonCol, l{oi..<e- prevents distress, relieves indigestion;^ 'It into tho Third Parly, instantly. Brown's Digestit is a liit'"; Tiie party has been the tablet easy to swallow, ab.soliitelv, "no I 'lii ^ro.s.-ive part.v of the naiion. harni*e.«.s. it has relievert (hoii.^j.inds, ^rn-n ih-day th :.t it undertook to ov.r- and is guaranteed to please you, if in.: 'iirow . lavry to tlie pro.-ont time II yot\r money refunded— ."•('c Buriell s, iiiaini :iine<I the crerlit of the go\Drug Store. " I 'lniVicni at hon -.o and aliroad and its ' I.I iTtlof benelicial legislation for 'h<- ''.'••ret nii-n" of social conditions is lotic i!i 1 .'!:...--ive. It lias also maintainoi |io|ii -y of \irote.-tion. in wiiich i> j Ai!i |.it -i u|i th»> waco of tho working- II Mn .ni'I tl :e in'lu.-^trial procross of the •i :i ;:".ti In iii 'iiirion To this. President nil! !:;is ^i \en the country a safe, hoii ' si, «ise and o '.-onomical administra- I lion, accomplishing more in three and a !;ilf ye;irs t^m his prrdoccssnr di; in in'ce that time. In fact, columns j -i.r.M he ti '.leil with the achievomont.- j-'f !!ie Hepuhlicnn p .^rty and of Prefi- I I -nt Taf: I Tiii.- hrins .truo, it seeius roniark- jaiil- 'hat any Ropuldic.TU sjiould In j'oil liway fron! l .o or!;ani/.:ttion with I •\l:i7-'.\ he has i '.-n identitiel for a lif. '•itiie anil to • • principlr .;f which he I ::a-i given c .dial supp <it He has so. I "lie countiy grow and i rrsper undfr ; Heiiublican administrat; n. jnsf as i I saw it pass through a ; Tied of gre i'M.-treis under the tariif-lor-ievoniij only poiii-y of tho (Jemooratic party'. R. i;o v xoting for tlie Thiid Term candl- I'ate ho aids in tli- ele<''*)n of a Demo• ratio president and n :.ke5 possible a •-eairn to" the conditions wbick made .rlio period between IS.!.', and 189T one I'.-: national gloom. It is impossible to nlo 't TheiK'.ore Roosevelt. To win the ;(;'>sii (onry i.<- must receive eight out of ;<v.'yren Kepiiblican votes cast in ; ' '• r.-iife-j .siaio.-, Kvt .>rybody knotvs • ejinnor do this. T .';en why »a .-:;o a JOH - on Roosp- I •. elt? As'a matter of fact, the vote is j wT -e than wasted because it is half in Mile fDr WII .':on and free train Hoo.-oveli himself has said that if Wil- >oii is elected there will he the wor .it jianic that this country has over seen —a panic lioside whicli all others will 1-n as c ^.ild's play—and ho predirtF :l::it t !:e liepre.-.Mon will indeflnile:y j <-onfiiiiio ' I I; is one of tlio nuiiioroiis inconsist- (-lules < f which ho is guilty that even '•.;.>lo he jio'ntu out the danger wbl<h !s nheail he contributes to tho jiossi- li 'liiy of that danger by dividing tite I.Vhiihllcaii vn>o. The Reiuibllcan party as a party l«i in a majority in this (ouBiry. Iipeau >^e the' American .peo- i .;e know that Its prlnclpleK and iJolic- le. have hrouunt the nation to Its present splendid |K:sltion, Just as thoy airo know that tho Democratic party hdii Hover yet learned how to govorn this country wUoly and well. Domo4 crncVn only hope of victory Is in n divided Republican party. Or I)"e« Kierythln? You Kat lUslre! You. Kxlieris iloclaro- that the Tcasiir^ ;touia."h disorders are so common ir •hi.-- country is due to h.-isty and caro- o.-^s liabits of eating. Stomach trou lies anil run-flown conditions al.-( isually gc- together. .lohn Lind, of Onoonta. N. \'.. says "I had a bad slcmach troulile for fif teen years and became so weak tlia' I could hardly walk or do any work My appetite was. very poor, and !• seemed imiinsslble to sot any roliet SIni-o taking two dottles of Vinni ' find that it has already niado a ri niarkabto inipi-.;venient in my hi-.i'tii my digestion is much sirongor. and ' have gained in weight." Vinol mak"s weak stomachs stron: because it strenttthons and toiio.s iif the weakened, tired and overtaxe. :orves, of tlie diiro.'^Mvo ortaii^:. Vino is easily assimilated by the weikest sfomaclis. and Is d-iicioiis to the taste Try a bottle of Vinol witli tho understanding that your moni-y will ho ri' •urnod if It does nr t help' you. S. R Burrell, Druggi.-t, lola. Kans. P. S. Stop si-rat?hinp. our S.-ix" Salve stojis itchin.!:. Wo ciiar;'.nti-e i* L C SMITH & 3ROS T ^-pewriter Ball Bearing Lont; We*rin|{ The Typcwriler toUhoul a Speed Lmtit The escapement of the L, C Smith permits the carriage tc get away from the Inst printing poiritso in3tantaneouslyr~v that no speed of opera-1 tion is too rapid. The hair trigger touch of the ball bearing type. bars, a carriage that is nevershifted for capitals, a capiteJ shift key requiring only one-third ordinary pressure, a combined one-motion carriage return and line sp>ace, •which spaces one, two or three lines with the same sweep, and the lightest possible carriage tension — gi*e an ease of ojieration that makes ell day speed easy for the operator. The tiwajt rigid canitge, XctioBary p.-iciiaf poist, the arrsoietnant of ribboa ikilt and IM'I tpacckeyi^stKltbBfsct thatDOBcccuuy operaiioi tJut the haadt Ira* wridacpoulioa. covbiai.' •peed with accuracy ia the L. C. Smith. Mall a patlalfer iHtntate toJt^. LCSSDTR&BROS. TYPEWRITER CO ^uSjTiSSS^ s >'U (m,i .Y.. u.f ,1 Kansas City Branch m nelMWwre .SU Kannna VWj, Xu. Wood Invesfmenf Company William Trine, Mgr. . Full line of MOTOKrY(M.!:S, BICYC! J':S AND ALL SMALL .MlI .SirAL INSTRUMENTS Supplies and Repairs for Same. incMXA-: SI ppiJMS AND KKPAIKS 112 Wt '.st M:ulison lola, Kansas NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE on iiaiid al AO'.) North .Jcller- A full .supi'ly son Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hnngerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots TflOS. E. BOITLUS, Prtsldeat. J. F. SCOTT, CuUw Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS KSTABLISHED 1 QUARTER OF A CENTVRl. Capitai ; $30,000.00 • Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 ISTEREST FAD) ON TIME DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT i. D. AKXETT, PrrsMent JOE McKIXLET, Cashier J. F. M(JII, Ylre-I 'resfdeDt. E. ('. McCLAI.V, Asst Cash. COtOXEL LAXYO.X, 2nd Vice-President. ' State Savings Bank CAPITAL $2.%,000 SURPLUS %t;m IOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts. Safety Depo.sit Boxes Free to our Customers. IOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. RORf ILLE. PTMU W. 8. KAUFMAX. ta* Tie* Tnt, J. H. < AVriSELL, Cashlor. A. TT. BECK, Tlcf-Preii. F. 0. BENSOX, Anst CuUar SAFETT DEPOSIT BOXES FOR REXT. s THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK IOLA. KAXSAS OVER FOltTY TEAKS OK COX.SEKVATITE BAXKLXK IX IOLA Dfposllorj for the United States Hlatc of Kansas, and Alien Co»Mj OFFICER.S: B. J. MII.LKR. President U I> NORTJUvCf. Vicc-Presu MELVIX FRONK, Ca.shier F. A. NORTHRrp, Vice-Prest R. J. COFFK-Y Asst. Cashier D. P. NOUTJIRUP. Vice-Prest CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUR BU.SIXE.SS SOLICITED Interest Paid on Time Depo.sfts , Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent Farm I .oans Lowest Rates Branch Office of The Merriam Mortgage C Q. Topeka. Kans. Op'innal Payments. Any Time. Will r.O'^; of Uind Value. BE.ST LOAX IX M.L^ COUXTI SKE I0L.4 L.^ND COMPy CHICHESTER S PILLS ^4 * 1 soi.iBVMWiGisTsnTimflifitr c. c. MCCARTY &m Pbonr 316 SOI Sonth St. Carriage and Automobile Painting. Put on Rubber Tires and do all kinds of repair work. A Rvfbter Wiwi Ai, WM Gel H,

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