Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1912
Page 3
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THE IOTA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 4. 1912. Big Suit, Coat an4 Extra Special for This Week! The Big Five Day Sale of the Season Two Hundred Elegant Hats —iho season's sHiartost styles at one-fourth or 25*; L off on the dollar. •Sl.OO Hats 7r>c $(i.(K) Hats. ...... .$1.50 • • ^2.00 Hals S1.:>0 .SS.OO Hats $6.00 ; $r).(H) Hats $:}.?.") $10.00 Hals $7.50 We Specialize on Hisrh (Qualities in Ladies' Tailor Made Suits l.< it the slyle and fii as well as the unusually low i)riee thai will plea.^e you in these eleijantly tailored irarnients. $35.00 Suits. si)ecially pi-iced at $30.00 $30.00 Suits. specially priced at .$25.00 $25.00 Suits. specially priced at $22.50 $20.00 Suits. specially priced at .$17.50 $17.50 Suits, si)ecially priced at .$1,5.00 $15.00 S.uits, si)ecially priced at $12.50 $12.50 S\n"ts, specially priced at $10.00 If you are needing a PRETTY NEW DRESS in Silk or Wool, you should not buy until you see our •splendid line. Big Extra Special on Coats of superb style and quality. This wonderful show- injr of new i)retty Suits'and Coals all jro in this bi .i^ sale at these e.\ti-a .special prices: $30.00 Astrican and Plush Coats >?25.<M) $25.00 .Astrican an«l Plush Coals .^22.50 $20.00 .\strican and Plush Coats $17.50 $17.50 Coais. on sale $15.00 $15.00 Coal.<. on sale $12.50 $12.50 Coats, on sale $10.00 $10.00 Coat's, on sale $8.50 .$8.50 Coats, on sale , $6.75 $7.50 Suits, on sale $5.00 Warm Underwear —the kind that wears so well—the kind that fits so well—and the very reasonable prices will please you. Warm Blankets Per pair,.from $7..50 down to 39c WE PAY CAR l^ARE RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON Mr. and'Mrs. E. E. Munger ^wcre visitors in Wichita ye8tfr«Jay. E. D. Stone of Ft Scott was a busi- i npss visitor Iiere this morning. j i Earl Johnson, of Carly]<> was a; business visitor here this afiernooit E. E. ilcHate. of Moorehcad, whoj has been here on business wi-n: to j Carlyle this afternoon. Miss Helen Davis, of Chanutc, is • hfre for a visit with Mrs. R. Y. Har- j rison and friends. —Heauiiful Fnrs al low prices. Xev Yorlj Store. |2r Red Fox Sots »1S: $7 ".'I .Ulue Wflif Sets jr ..98: UT,.W> i;lnik Fiix Set.s $1S.CI>. A. R. Recp went to Carlyle this af- ti-rnoon on businrs.s. ll.VT.S of all kinds and de .'O 'rip;i.-ns iroiii *2.."ii> t (i $!.">,IK'. .Millinery I 'l 'i'! .N'-w York Store. Mrs. C. M. Inman. of Chaniite came (o lolu this afternoon to visit Mrs. C. \i. KIme and other relatives. «ilc-,--«:.-iJS.iai3.--«.-f-CJ - • ff YWI OUGHT TO • r OUR STOCK OF \V. K. Carter went to Chiiiiun ;ift.iiioon on business. '.his Heating Stoves i before you make your selection. See the GARLAND LINE—it's4he peer of them all- Kterllon IIMT lllnnrr and Sn|i|ii>r ;it tlip ItniKC MudDildinr linildinc. innier Kust and Jrffrrson St<. Soap. •iiiM)nirhv> and rofff^ will lie xerfMl all dnrinir tbp dur liy llip Udieji of St .lohuV rhurrli. —Fartn and City Loans. R. M Gun- alnRham. K<l Miainun ot Hroiison was a busi- iuss visitor here this afternoon. F. Keilli. of Kansas City, who has b«-''ii here visitine his brother W. H. Keith, went to Qirard this aftemoo^. —Dr. XrXnien. Phones SS ni SSL U. H. Huckelby went to Chanute This afternoon on business. —Drs. Hall ft Hall. Osteopaths. Telrpbones ISO. 681. John Overman, of Olathe, who ha*. Ix-.n here visiting friends went to Muniboldt this afternoon. - - I haje a fine lot of Fruit Trees for SIS!'? .\. H. Brown. .".15 S. Cottonwood \V. E. Ralston of the local Santa Fe attended a meelinj; of the Safety Commission in Chanute yesterday. -llr. H. L. Hendricks. Old Coart fliinse. Calls answered day or nlghf. roit RKNT— (JOOn 7 ROO.M HOrSK •ui i!ein. Close in. Call i>hone 4*!.". MUSI C! Tonight and Tomorrow: Night * Morris & Howard's West Side Sq. Free Delivery RNM. mi FOR SOFFIUGE Voters .\ sited lo (onslder the KIcht* ; of WoniCB and t« Do Away IVIth Privlleite. ' OKKKKS MO>EY »> WILSON Se-.rnil Maeers l>a«l<;d Here «in Election Resnlts. the The Big Shipment ol NEW 1912 BOOKS Is ill at Hi.- lio.iUsI"!. •of 111.- I'lii'iilar ;uilhiii> books ' yi;tr l'>'";i isiil .Mi. Kiitnri.- |{i<'.'. i;< Ov.T .".0 !M\C new rii llai- s n .iiry ViiiiUvU..^:u.' S .inu •st.-r. K'v.' ns I\.".v i>li.> ;ilti|' u ii'sl c! .v.;irs Evans Bros. ^ HOOKSTORK. ^ MIS .1. I. w liii lias JH .1 I. William;^ li. r hoiii'- ilii:^ WilliHins. <>1 luiltim. l\as . •n IKTO visiiiiii: li-r sou. ami will'. r.tuni<'<l lo afternoon. -I»r. 0. I.. Vox, Oculist 1 :1 . r> null' il - Craciiiato Nurse; H.niii'i. who ilaiiulH"'!' ill Imiii.' this .lit l|.IS Ci'isuolil. niooii. terms leason- IMionc Mrs K' \V I'aiisl. of l\- rm.iW , «lio Ix'.-ii her." visiliiif; iri. IM1>. i< tiiiiiiMl lioni'- iliis afl<riiooii. Th" f .'-w Wool |ir<>ss Cootis novrr no:.- so i.rftsy. Kiitianlsnn s .1 (' I'.ii'cli. r.'rotiui.. .1 iroiii Flor. .Ma . tliis iiiorii'im. wii .-r.- ho I" "11 on Imsitii'ss. .'li' li:i: V«r ««iiiiile(e line "f nursery sl<»«l» j XT .1. y\. .larksdii. I'hone MM;. '*^• T, noalriplit. Miss .1 .v II.i-li-: —- t ,:;rA .T and Miss Mahl- W.lHan-.s 1 Mrs. (. !{ S..w..»ai:. ol (lav ( . n- afl.moon to \<:i\ 1 I'-r «ho l:as IM. n aii.i iti l.a- Hari'c visitinj: fri.inls.. wfiit to I'lia- Extra Low Prices Cliff Coff.'i. s.-Us everywhere for IV-i'. "nr |"rif<- , , _!tttc Wab 's llrotlHMs" I'rl/e ('hop I'olfe.'. s.'Ils .vi'r.v where for our i>ri>-<- S.*»c :; rans IMantation I'eas . .S5c ••. i -aiis ll.-inz I'ork .li Ueans 2ic :; lans Van I 'liiiips r .iiller tSenn.s for . Sic 7 i.K::s I 'li*! Toasto'S .VIr ;: ..-.•lis Iowa .»^•lKar «'orii ' S.'»r Kill i»i< kl.'s. <lo/.. I«c .<o.i;i Ciaik .rs l>v th.- bo\. i«T lonii'l. only T 'iC I"f ran .Ma|il<- Sviaii 2."»r r .ill lii;- of ||.-in/. ri '-kles. lit si line of Fi-.sli Vi'Kt'ialili 's; li li. OysNTs. .'.T. a!s an<r .^^laple I'.ior. rie.S. Ncwby Grocery Co. I'liiine 210 im; .S. Uash!n;:ton Ihliier lo .\n} I'arl of the flty tp ("lii'rryvalf ihi Ofi th'' Holy City Oratorio. IKX IMIM.Ai: »»M>K rHKV.l i'l'li'- .\<ii<T-i-ka iiook. li 'lliii;; how >?Mi lan K.ASM.V ;:iiaril a;;.i:ti ~t a |i |"'n- <I;iitis. rillil how yon i ;.n rflio\f <<>.ii!;(i |)alioii oi: ^as on tin- stoiiiaiii l.\- •.ST.WTIA. is o;f..r.->i <:,:•• this wo .-k ^ liy Mollis A: llfi'varii. 1 Mii:;^;!-!s. ; 1 ,'itliti .ii M.'lvin. w!:o has l ).<ti h.i.' visitinR liis par .-nts. ri'fnrn.'d to his .work in K. I', this afternoon. mil.- this aftiTiKion. Ci '.kin I'ic HiiiiKT -•"•<•; 2<i'i S .Icj 'li':.--. Ill oLoi-tion ila> . I.;iili< s of 1 'A: >• ian ihiiuli. "M' O. Holnii-s ami O. M.aih. of G .V <'eI<'y. wlio have b<"-n li-r.- on hnsi- 11! ss returned homo this r-fternoon • •:• • <• •:• <• •> <• <• <• <' ••• • . i •> Kbl-IOTT has atioth.r <a; ot v Potatoes on tin- .Mo. I';ii tia. k • \ and is si 'Uins out of th.- lar <• » •'.at 6.">c • Urin^' your sacks. •:• • • • ••* •> * ••• ••• ••' ••• Ki{i:i; suon a I FKKK MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM Tilt: MiM. Ill; I.KH iti;iiiM>. THK «;vi Drama iti 'SV II r .-<is. Thai's M} I'crMiiialil}. K, a .i ml.f! it 's KKIJK toHi^iil atui the sliow ^tai_ts al 7; t-",. .Mrs A. .\ Osliorn who has ht-eii ,!\isiiiiii; h«r liiotlier in Kansas City. ' n iiiriiil hoiiK' this aft<'nioon ; I 'aiil Stlioti. of Camy. vvho has : ho. II hir.' visi'inn his sist-r. Mrs. jc.-.) Mail.y, r«iiitii.'.l li'ini.' this af- j t'l IMMiII 1» here Mill, of TopeTtH. who lias lit-en i,n laisini'ss went to l:id> peiid- this afternoon. hi! been here visiiins friends, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. J. O. Tost, of ("off. yvill.\ who ;ias liH -n here visiiint; frh-nds, n- tiirnwl liomi tiiis afiernoon. .Mrs. Ada Thompson, of 'Jm-nemo. K,as., wlio has In -en here visitInc Miss Effi.' W 'atkins, relumed home this af ternoon. .\ttenil the sale of Prosses al Ih. i,.\<'\v York Store. $:! ".K for $7 Presses. $:. :ts for »I2l'" llrcsBCS, $7'."S foe |ti.; iire^s.'s. Mrs A. I.. Keilli who has Imi-H visit- in): friends in l ,<>av.-nworili .-inil Kansas City retiiriiifl lioiin- tins af4i -r- iKKin. KIrcllon I»aj lUnner and Siifiper at the Itracc and llildine liiiiidinir, ronicr KasI and Jefferson Sis. Sou|>. i sandnlehcs and coliW nill lie served all dnrini: the day Uy the ladies of SI. John's churrlk Mrs. .1. A. Adams went to KIk City this afternoon lo visit r -lalivos Mrs Klixahi'tli Lorkliart of llntii- iiolilr, -who has hern h<Te visiting; friends relumed home iliiK afl.'riioon Mrs M. {• Wilinuion. ol llninhohit who l;as liiin here visit inu .Mi -s.- II. A Kwiim atid friends returned home this afternoon. r I. Spears has Installed a new .Market in the \V Newc-omb Croeery on tin- west side of liK' sipiare and will ai .prei .iate a sliare of your patronaj:.' Dr. C. T. S<<.\ers an. I .1. C. Ashl'v. of Centerville, la., who lia \e heeii here on business, return-'d home this arternooii. .Mrs .1 O. Small ol Cli.rryvale, wlio,' b.eii li.-re visiliim fri.-nds. left for; "niah.i. .\'eh , this aiternoou. j K H. Holhy. of who has • , !)• en hir.. visiting fri.'nds r.-tiirnei! ' I liom.' this afti-rnoon ) ' Miss Irene I'ees. who has heen • 'h.ii' -.isiiiim friends. r.'tnrn<'d to .her' hor,„. in Mulherr ' v.tum. Kansas this a/t-r- j VOTE FOR ^ JOHN H. FOSTER Gas, Kansas Democratic Candidate for Sheriff I solicit the support of the Allen County voters November 5, 1912. Miss Clara CiiilrutT niC" this afieinoon ;o sUter. Mrs. l.on.e. wni to Ch::- . \isii Willi her! j .Mrs Ilird CliamU-rs ind .Miss IC'-'a; nor Siiiitl>. of Miiiiiboldt. wen- shop- I pers liore today. i U. O. Henderson, of Joplin, Mo., ' WHO lias been here visiting liis par- jenfs Mr and Mrs. J. E.-Henderson, re i , luT.^^ lioiii.' this afienuKjn. j '• -J'Inck.n I'ie liinner 2 ".e: 2"7 S. ! i .ItnV'son: election day l«id!»s of the j iC'iilrrian i-!niie'ii. , i To injeet something more snlisian- lial than wind Into the cominjr election an.l 'o insure real. pround for xrlef for someone at 'the outcome, several heis have heen posted by Johti Younp. aw litins takers, as follows: $l <ii to $7."". that Wilson eleeteiJ President SC. even that he carries each of the !oi:- wins states, each stale constitut- !tiu a seperate hcl: I'ennsylvanla. Mi.s- -o'iii. Kans;is and California. {'i> even that Wilson carries .Mis.<on; i hv 2 '>.i'ei). JKAI.Orsi.Y tAISKU .\ KUtT Tno .Mew Flirht Oter Women and SO Feudists lire .\rrested. I.ibton. .Nov. 4 —.\ .-eene of jealously "nily occasioned the calling out of I •.'•siment of cavalry, a battalion of iif.intry and the entire police force and ••••stilted in the killing or seven persons ind the wounding; of twenty others in ::<• streets of Oporto. A well-known and wealthy local nier •• ::ni had a few weeks aso married a ric'i and beaiilifiii woman. While walk- 'T'l; on ono of the principal streets of :li.' lity he met an unsuccessful suitor for his wife's hand. Hot words ^lassed h>'two»n the two men, quickly followed by blows and revolvers were drawn. M.anwhile a number of friends of the two men had come up. In all some 2aO li<':.«ons assembled around the two dis- iiiiianis Sides wen- taken and a recu- lar pitched battle i-iisiied, aroiisin;; the lit-. Tho Ciovern'-r tiirne<I out the whole i.iiblic force ami directed them to the liattlelicld. but at their appearance tlie I v.c. parlies joined forces and turned th<'ir wi apons upon the iKdice. who v\e ;i. Completely ribte<I, leaving two kill-.l and six wounded on the ground. Tl-e Tw..nly-nlnth Infantry Regi:ii.-::? and tlie Seventh Cavalry were •!,.ii <-alIe.I out The soldiers sur- r.i'm'ed. the c,-nibatants and after a -hort r.'sislancf scattered them in all il-r.-ct'ons. the troopers ridinB hard at their heels. Eighty people were ar- i .Mrs. F. H. Hague of Chanute, who get new life and vigor by taking Scott's Emulsion after cvjty meal. It re\it.ili/fs the watery bk«)d and fiirni '^lus Nature with new iioiirishiiK i:t to make red, active, hsslthy blood and feed* the nerve centerM. Scotk't Emulsion ••tr-ii^th.-us the hone.-^ atifi rlut'i > th .-:n nith Scofi'r. Trrtuhicn a? ii:;i- !..ti--^ S4I <j:;iik'\ it coji^^ervcs •GOT A COLD?— We recommend .-iml guarantee three ri 'iiiiHlii -s in particular: Speiuer's White I'lne touch >jrHp, for «onghs and • oMs in ;lie eh. -St t^uineretts, for colds in the head. Menlliolaluni for nil around iiSf for all colds. Chas.B. Spencer SCO. (With the new front* UriiiTs Wall l'a|»er flipirs. i .Mr Voter: You are rtot asked ;o give the bal- ot lo the particular woman wh.o you rail wife—provided she desire.s. it— whether -he he the honoretl and cherished social and bu.^ companion, ind the reverend mother of your sons ind daughters, as God intended her to be or whether she be your humble subservient household chattle. You are asked to let your ballot be —not a ball^.—but. a cannon-ball, ijo aid in battering down the wall of pre ndice. because of which not only thj wrime of the' world today, but the mi lions of millions of the wear>- hanr md sorrowing hearts, would say. I'.iey cr/uld arise frpm their graves today.—"Yes, 1 did the best 1 could to make a happy home, but. the life of a woman was so hard.'" It was so hard that for hundreds I •){ ye.ari_many women of India threw 'heir baby daiirhters into the f;an-. ses. the wives for untold centuries were burned on their husband's funer- il pyre. Today the daughters of some i )f the \rctlc peoples play with their little Srothers and sisters until old enough :o be taken to IH' a man and then •iiany drown themselves among the Icebergs rather than live the life .•\nd, do you know. Mr. Voter, that •uany of the mothers among the j>oor '•n our own beautiful land of Ixmsfed •protection and prosperity." rejoice in he death of the little daughter because, then, no white slaw-r can •snatch her from God's land " Women are told that the lot of woni- in was the legitimate outcome of the •garden episo«le" and they .make reply •hat if one little inexperienced women ••oiild so completely turn this w-orld •ip.side down, the billions now inhabit- iig it. with the help of the good men. •re going to get it right side up. at 'east so far as restoring the woman, 'o her position at man's side, where ':o<| intended her to be. instead of at his feet. .Mr. Voter, you are asked to join •he men of The twenty-eight !iig!;- 'y civilizetl nations of' the world in •;ivinc e <iualily to its womanh<?ed Will you give the ?,<>0.oOrt women of Kansas, equally good and inlclligen: IS yourself the ballot, and allow its start to be added to that of Ihi- other "six free states" of the I'nion? Will you prove yourself to be really ind trulv a man. declaVing. by your >-oie that, vo'.i desire^ no advantages, -pe.-ial privilege^ or^rights that you Tre not willing for your own mother, wife or daughter, or any other woman lo enioy? Why should Women have to continue u> usi- ••indirect". Icmgest way amiiml :'!ei!iods of seci|ring legislation favor- iMe to the interests of the home, plead •ng lmi>ofently and vainly with capital - ronfrol.Ied legislatures and congresses for what they desire? Think of Congres.s refusing the worn en's for an appropriation itf'P for Child Welfare and giving Sno iii'O to investigate hog cholera! - Why must women fake tlie long, tedious, ex pensive..Cape Horn'route while men may take the short. dire<-t. effective. ! Panama Canal route—via the ballot? ! The trend of events clearly indicates I 'nat the nien of this nation ilo not in- ji.'nd they shonld. and every p'lltical I nariy \t\ a number of the states has de- ••!ared f'lr e<|!ial snffrage Wi:i you? I. MRS I. TKRR1I.I-. Co Sui)t. Franchise Depr W C T r GKT IN THE t:\HK. I'tfi in the game! Express your i)0- I liMcal belief! Send whom you vril! to ! Washington, but remember.—Shield.^' • Shoe Company's place of business and I ask to see the new stvles »hic?i they i 'lave just re?eived in Selley Shoes for i I-adles and Excelsior Shoes for Men. • The prices run from $2 •'o to $4 .r.n.. ; and the finality is sure to be right if Lyou buy af the Shields Shoe Co. Grocery Priii^ FOR Pay Day andall Week 22 lbs Rest Cane Sugar for $1 .00 with f-'. general grotery order. Wolf Premium Flour highest iiatent ... . $1 .20 Turkey Patent Flour highest patent ... Old Glory Flour , Perfection Flour, sack Fine .Northern Potatoes, bu. JBe Graham Flour, sack . Corn .Meal, sack ...StJc 4 Cans Iowa Corn 35e 4 bo.xe.s Seeded Raisins S5e , Solid ' Cabbage, lb AHe V»J l!)s. Cabbage 5 bars Silk or l>enox Soap._i*e T bars Pearl White Soap S*c: 7 bars White Xaptha Soap—25e 4 bars Wild Rose Soap 2 »e :Mbs. Fancy Head Rice— —25c 4 lbs Japan Rice -._25c 6 lbs. Flake Hominy 25c 4 lbs. .\ew Navy Beans --....25e lbs. Pink Beans .^i.— 25c •2'- lbs. Lima Beans 25c »; fbs. Rolled Oats 25c Large pkgs. Oats ; -26c 3 Packages Rolled Oats 25c 3 pkgs. Pancake Flour 25c 2 pkgs. Grape-Xuts S5c 2 pkgs. Shredded Wheat 25c 5 cans Oil Sardiues 25e 3 Cans Mustard Sardines — 25e Tall cans Pink Salmon 10c Tall cans Red Salmon. 2 cans 35c Corn Starch, package -.-**r, 3 Cans Kidney Beans 1 25c 3 Cans Pork & Beans 25e 3 caiis Houiiny [ ^f*.- 3 cans Pumpkin .... 25c 3 cans Kraut 25e .S lbs. New Kraut 25c 3 doz. Sweet or Sour Pickles 25c Stone .lar .-Miple Butter ^^25c Ijirge Jar Olives 25c 3 Ijft-ge Cans Milk 25c 6 Small Milk _-25c 3 Cans Oysters 25c Gallon jar Tomato Calsup ...«5c. Gallon jar Miistard 65c North Pole Syrup, pail 4flc- White Syrup, pail S6c Pure Country Sorghum |>ail .60c Good Brooms, each .„25c .25c .20c .lOe .25c .25c 30c fi rolls Toilet Paper 25c 100 Clothes Pins 3 Cans Greenwich Itfe fi pkg.s. Rub-Xo-Mcfre .". Pounds Bulk Starch .T Pounds Sal Soda 4 Pounds Soda 1 lb. Black Pepper 1 lb. Bakin« Chocolate 1 lb. Sweet Chocolate SOc,, ^ Pound Cocoa 26e^ 2 pounds Good Coffee 45c, Punch Package Coffee, lb. _-25Cj .\rbuckles' Coffee, lb. 25c. .Morning GIor>- Cotfee, lb JOc. Imperia Tea. lb 40c Japan Tea. lb. l -45c 1 lb. G. P. Tea 50c 1 lb. Mixed Tea t-***,-. 3 Packages Macarona ._-25c;'| 3-lbs. Soila Crackers . ..r _25c'- Large box Soda Crackcrs ..fU»' 3 lbs. Ginger Snaps... ...-ilSc' 10 lbs C.inger Snaps ..Y -<5 C;| Cider Vinegar, gallon L25epl White Vinegar, gallon "L 3 Gas Mantles ^—85ei^ 10 lbs. Pure Lard ^.--*I.SO Prv Salt .Meat, lb l .lSc''] .'. lbs Rex Bacon._^_JL ..,._»l.l* .'.lbs White Ribbon Tomp. 55c 10 lbs. White Ribbon Corop- $1 Oleomargarine, lb.. -15c. 20c, 25r^ 2 lbs. 20c Oleomarearlne 35p* 4 sacks Salt: • 10 lbs. Bulk Salt . . 50 lb. sack Sail 3 boxes Matches 5 boxes .Matches 10 iwxes .Matches Five gallons Coal Oil Five gallon Coal Oil & Can -Wc"'-^ lnO lbs. Bran . *1.10. I'OTVTOKS—POTTOES : We are unloading a car of- Extra Fancy Northern Potatoes.* and will sell, out of the car' w hile oil track, at 6.">c ner bush-_ e! Car on track Tuesday and' Wednesday near Mo. Pac. depot,* The Potato market is goings hiuher and this will be our last- car at this price. (ilee us jour Pay Day order. We will save yoo moaey. Vonr Order nelirrred for 10c SOc lOe ._..15c' 25c: 45c ELLIOTT*.^ Year Order DeUrerei for l«e Mrs. M. E. Harkley. of Spring Hill, who ha."? been here vi.siting Mrs. F F. Turner, went to Gardner thjs afternoon, I Rev. Church, secretar>- of Baker Fniversity. who,has b: t-n herf. visit- ling ftiends, rciurni;d homo thid ifur noott

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