The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 12, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAELT NEWS, THURSDAY, MAT 12, 1892. THE MAREETS. MONEY ANI> STOCKS. N KW YiiKKj Way 12. —[Stock Letter furnished l>y the Kansas Grain and lAvc .Stoeh company.]—It was generally thong' 11 last night that the bulls in the stock market had rather the hest of the position notwithstanding the fault finding hy commission brokers of the dullness. The Wnll street Ne.wssay.s the Rock Island's annual report will show about 2 per cent, more earned than paid and that all new western roads were self-supporting. Now that the Rock Island policy is published. rates are to be reduced and nothing further which is unfavorable remains to base a further attack on the properly, and it is rumored that the Standard Oil people and Hop ton people have begun to accumulate the stock on a liberal scale. A bull article has been prepared by I'ullman for oneof the papers to-morrow, but whether to market stock upon or not, remains to be seen. The bulls on it promise to put it up to S 'J2fi this summer. i;iAtr.hlKon..'lfiV4. MtHHourl Pacific, Keck lslanfl, n:i«. SI. Paul. 7874. Union P;ic!ilc. 44i/(. Haas—In demand, 10c. POTATOES-Cholce. *.0 @75c. Al'l'LKS— SI. 00@l.'.!."> per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Red, 7.">c per bushel: home grown, Spanish, tl.!!i> per bushel. « OAHHAOE-Kalr. 4c per pound. TURNIPS- In demand. 40cper bushel. MBBTS—Steady. Mc per bushel. SWEET POTATOES—Plenty, 81.00 per bushel. HAY-nalcd,So .OO®. r '-'iO.' loose, g :i.00i%>i.»0 per ton. Grain, WHEAT-No. :isoft T-ic: hard (l .'ic; No. 3 soft (17c; hard (10c. COKN—HHr. KYK-No. Q Otic; No. :l (10c. OATS-!i4c. Live Htoek. CATTLE—Steady; stockcrs S2.25®:i.80; feeders S'.'.SWI.SS; fat cows and heifers In demand at fj'i .OOia" •l.oo. HOGS-Steady; Jt SHBEP—In; $4.00 0; fat steers, s :i .oo<% wagon, tops, 51.Oo: car, Poultry mid Wild Game. CUICKKNS-Clilckcns S-'I .OO per dozen: chickens 5<4c per pound; hens 0c per pound; roosters 4c per pound; turkeys TvSc per pound. GAME—Wild ducks In demand at $1.00® 2.00 per doz: pigeons In demand at $1.00 per do/.; geese $1.00©1. so per doz. monitor:. ChlriiKo. CliK'Ai .o.May 12. —[Special advices received by the Kansas Groin and hive Stock company.) — WIIKAT — Room traders have tried hard all day to break wheat down and apparently lost considerable property in the unsuccessful effort. It shows the commercial strength of the situation that May has has steadily appreciated to-day in comparison with .luly, though lifjO.000 bushels were delivered yesterday afternoon on contracts. II, is apparently the same way at fhiluth the grain is moving uway from that point as fast as vessel room can be had, and the price is (irmly sustained in comparison with futures. The only people who seem much distressed as to what will become of 'our stocUs are the scalpers who are short, who never carry any wheat and would hardly know what it, was if it were delivered to them. They are shortof .luly because settlement day is eleven weeks away and they trust in providence for au abundant harvest which, considering the present, outlook, Indicates more faith in a Supreme Ileing than the average scalper is commonly credited with. CoitN AMI OATS —Heavy realizing for a day or two by longs has held the market in check, but with predictions of renewed rains and deplorable reports from sections that should now be seeded, the long side would seem the safer for the present. PROVISIONS —Have followed feebly other markets, manifesting no individuality and no disposition to emerge from the rut. The following l.s the range of prices for active futures: GOSSIP. The Pacific coast storm has struck the Missouri river on time and is attending strictly to business. It is now raining all over the north and central west. The rain will doubtless move eastward and be followed by cold weather and probably frost. Chicago reports grain out of store Wheat, '3(1,000; corn, ,'131,000; oats. 80,000; rye, 1.000. Weather in the northwest is clear and warm. Wheat in thonorthwest: Miuneapo lis, 1T>7 ears; lluluth. 11 ears. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat 2 out of .17; spring wheat, r >0 out of (111: corn, 1 out of 211; outs, lit out or 108: new corn No. I, 213: No. 2, to No. :i. 14.1. lopen'd nigh't. Low 'Htjclos 'g. WIIKAT. i May. .. . ....| HH; Ki'i H2"„ July ... 1 SI:', S2 HIM CO UN. I Miiv ...1 4714 •17?.,' 4 01', 474 July . .. l -"i 1:1 a 42'i •Wi OATS. ! . . . 1 V»H :in 21H4 an Julv . 211 *4 20}; 20':, 2UJ1 I'OHK. I Julv . J 0 72!i 0 77H (1 72'i 11 77'i I.Alto'. Julv .. (i :i2!i 11 :i'i>j (1 !I2!4 tl.112',4 Kills. July •..•.'..:i..! t J>_ r. H2S .1 8714 WHKAT—No. 2 sti-adr: cash 82c; May 82', (Tds:: 1 ,,^; Julv si Tic: Uccembi-r 84'ac. COKN-Ntf. 2 higher; cash4 .1 >4c; Mav 47Ti; June 44c: July .|:l>,;i\ OATS—Steady: cash :11114c; May :!»%c; July ws ,'c. PilllK-Steadv; cash Sn.OTM; July SH.77M; Septeinlier Sli.llfi. LAHU-Stcadv; cash $0.2214; July SCI.:i*3!-4; Senlcmlicr $li.47!i(ii,O.r>0. Hllis-Sieadv; cash $,1.K2V4; July $1.8.1® .1.871 /4; September »:">.87',5. KYB-lnaalvo: 7Ii'.4o I1AHLKY-.Nominal; No. 2 (12c. PhAX SEED—Firm: $1.01. TIMOTHY HEIOU-Steady; $1,211. IttlTTKK—Steady. KlifiS—Steady. Hauyer SketehttH. S AWYKII , Kan., May 12. —|Special.] Liveryman John Williams is putting up a neat residence in the north part of town. Sawyer is crowded full to overflow ing this spring, several houses having two families crowded into each and more people coming. Our merchants are doing a good bus iness and report a good cash trade About eight drummers visited this place last week and all seemed to be getting orders for goods. Chns. Gaither has spotted and filed on a good quarter of land on Elm creek, three miles south of town, ported to be worth SI, 200. It seems that this land was contested and that the contestor failed to file after can cellation. This Is a windfall for Mr 1 laither. The patrons of this school paid high compliment to l'rof. O. E. Child formerly teacher of this school to the board at Pratt, and recommended that Mr. Child be given a good position the schools at Pratt, where he now sides. Mr. Child is certainly an educa tor of the. first class, and deserves good and lucrative position. Ex-Governor Anthony's nomination for eongressraun-at-large meets with general satisfaction among the Repub- Means of Pratt county. He will re- eive a much larger vote here than was ivt'n to any Republican two years ago. Jerry Simpson's anti-option ideas do not meet with the approbation of a great many People's party men here. flops about so much that it is hard to keep track of him. His free trade 'deas were turned loose most too sudden, and People's Party men, who have 1 great deal of natural Republican ilood in their veins, begin to not only question Mr. Simpson's ability, but his lonesty and sincerity in vital matters of legislation. If the sentiment of the people, in general in the Seventh district is in harmony with Pratt county voters, the man of cheap notoriety, iind sweaty feet will come down from his high perch with a thud. KiiiiHUH city. KANSAS CITY, May 12. WIll '.AT -Nothlng doing. (JOHN—About steady; Noncash 87Jic bW; May ailc; OATS -Nothlllg doing. nmTEK-- Unchanged. tCCKIS-Uni'lKiugcd. Nl. I.imlH. ST. l.otns, Mav 12. VVHEAT-Oash. lower. Hilc; options higher May, Hilc; July. KIHic. August. 70H®7IH4c. COKN—Cash, higher. 4:ic; May, 42»4; July 1014c. OATS-lliglieri cash :12c; May, :i:i«c; July 2HJic. ' PORK-Dull; lobbing, $10.2.1@$10,:i7S4. IiAUI)-$O.OOfe0 .10. Korelieu Grain Murketn. biviaii'ooi.. May 12.—"Wheat mar cheaperto sell; quiet and unchanged. Hd lower; corn linn (« penny higher. LONDON, Mav 12.—CargoeH off coast Hi unchanged prices. The coast is being rapht ly cleared of cargoes. On paBsage quiet; red winter unchanged, other kinds generally 2d to (Id lower, (torn steady, .HI higher; weather line. I.1VK STOCK. KaiiHHH City. KANSAS CITY, May 12 CATTLE—Receipts 2,(1 ir.;shlpments 1,674 steers 10c lower; heav ivy not Belling", cows steady and stockcrs and feed- market for light Bti crsr^ilOc lower. HOUS-Iiecelpts 12,0i10: shipments 4,011) Extreme range »:i.tl0@4.50; bulk S4.;)5® 4.40. SHEEP-Itecclpls 800; shipments 800 market dull and unchanged ChlCHKO. OmoAoo, May 12 The Evening Journal Heport: CATTLE—KecelptH 20,000; slow, With prices down to as low as at any time thl: year on lal steerH; 41,000 In two days flO.000 011 sale to-day. UOU8—Kecclpis 112,000; active and higher on lights: rough ami common $4.00 (S;4.4(l; mixed and packers$4.rii1(ft4-70; prime heavy $4.70<c>l 8.1; light $4. IIO ®4.8,1. SHEEP — Uecelpts 7,000; prime sort scarce and higher. Kt. l.uuU, ST. Lotus . May 1 OATTLE—Receipts n00; steady at the de cllnc HOGS—Hecelptfl a ? 4.r>0®4.fl5; mixed 4 .r>(K »4 .o«. SHEEP—Receipts 700. 700; r.c lower; heavy $4.008,4.11.1; forkerH Market steady. HUTCHINSON' HAIIKKT, ProUuee. FLOUR—Highest patent. $2.40; second patent. S2 .S0; extra line. 12.00. 1IUTTKK— lit demand. Creamery, 85c. lluett dairy, 20c; Hue dairy, lie; common 10c. Greeley County Hrlaflcta. TitniUNK, Kan., May 12.— [Special.]— It has been raining for thirty-six hours. Every body feeling good. Wheat and other small grain 200 per cent, better than it ever was before at this season of the year. The county commissioners have plowed around and fenced in tho court house. Improvement seems to bo the order of the day up here now. The city officials have been putting out a great many trees all along our trects. The Alliance organ, the "Greeley County Journal," has caused a good deal of amusement lately by the interest it has taken in the affairs of the Republican party of this county. The Western Educational ausocia- 1 tion meets here on May 20 and 27. A large attendance is expected. Eight counties have already promised to take part, and prominent educators will participate in the proceedings. Ilroke tho lleco rd. HiHMiNOiiAM, Ala., May 12. —Henry Klink, jr., in a walking match to -dny broke the worlds' half mile record by reducing it from 2:50 to 2:40. HE'S A FARMER CANDIDATE. Record of Claude Matthews, Nominee for , Governor of Indiana, The Democrats of Indiana have chosen a fannor candidate for governor in tho person of tho Hon. Claude Matthews, of Vermilion county. Though ho hag held office hitherto and been a man of noto in tho politics of the state for many years, ho ia still distinctively a farmer candidate, and in a truer sense than most to whom that title ia applied, as farming has been the business of his life. He was born in Kentucky forty-eight years ago nnd received but a common school education, but habits of close observation nnd long association with ac- AlHance no doubt had much to do with his recent nomination for governor. •" His place in Vermilion county, in the loveliest part of the Wabash valley, is the ideal homo of a gentleman farmer. It is also tho home of a very practical fanner. Personally Mr. Matthews is one of those men of whom the Hooaiers say, "The nearer you get to him the better you like him." His tenants and employees ore always his most enthusiastic supporters. He has been fairly prosperous in business, and his family nnd social life is pleasant and attractive. In conversation he is ordinarily pleasant, but as a speaker he is singularly effective, his stj'le being plain, direct and incisive, with occasional touches of homo- ly eloquence^—in short, the kind of speech that is most effective among farmers. A Blap of Chicago. Chicago Lady—Were you ever in Chicago? Little Miss Ototham—No, ma'am, but I've seen a map of it in my g'ography. Chicago Lady—Ah, yes, of course. Was it a large map? Littlo Miss Gotham—No, ma'am, jea' • little round dot,—Good News. HON. CLAUDE MATTHEWS. live and intelligent men, as well as general reading, have so far supplied the defects of early education that ho is a man of considerable culture. He removed to Indiana in early manhood, located in Vermilion county and soon became noted as a successful fanner and stock dealer. His standing with.his neighbors was so high that he soon be- canio a power in local politics, and in that close and very political state such local strength is never long neglected. He was nominated for tho legislature in a county spoken of as "hopelessly Republican," and his unexpected success made him a power in tho state. In 1882 ho was nominated for senator from the district composed of Parke and Vermilion counties, nnd though Parlic usually has a Republican majority of 000 and Vormilion of 300, he cut this down about one-half. In 1890 he was nominated again for the same place, but before the campaign opened the state convention nominated liim for auditor of state and he was elected. The fact that he then received the unanimous and enthusiastic support of the Farmers' Pr>RA ; i:v .-.A' c ; i' •>///'•- I onry ts it bless- \ io work!. 8 j tut fiacltco I cf mediane is a \ c.v /cfl io iho com- i miiiiit-/.' if every j; drug si'jre was closed no one ivouiJ bo J .'cfc ex- l cspt through ac" adonis. Take median:: and die liVcur our Nag- j! r.eio- Conscriv- \ ii/o Cements \ 1:... ': mi 1 -i.V.-J . live. V'^."-'fiS-'.-' V'tlt - •tu:x<i :••!/. "ACTINA" EYE KKST'ORKli. PEOB 1 . WILL'S ism :::i :m. -Ai'Tl.NA" . CATAiI.KIl CURB- MAGN ET0-C0NSERV A'iTV S GAilMSTsT - OurMaRr.oto-Cnn-ivvmlvu Ilclte pn;\ ApiiUu*K-f» will POSITIVELY I'UKE all form* o dlifttfOB In l>:>ih PPX «'6 wlilitmt iho uw <>; iiru-;h. Itnntiroda of itioneamin teauf/to ib» •fleet. You can not wunr our tivi\ nr apififtiirSi tviilifiut h«ilm; ti«*ne!lii"i. It yuu follow ou idvlc* T«u will be free I'r .utt !•'\\\ Rr' of UIM *i-r«hcd uk-ctric or nift<?netlc noil"' for tbov oaly luiul to d:*itm»"l» :, m«»*'- U*n "to uio *aUt \n'),u^U>ti umt nui'mlftcturerB o Prof. wlUatrn worl't ruinAVifd MauMictn-Llic.:"'""'' «t«D used n»> dlrrc-toil. Jilwuvri ctYct-i n cur»>. licitj Coiifccvvk'ij iiciis ami AppUaucca. vrlildk. Si^OO ,J nny ^I'ys^lm or l"'flclrlc Belt maUor to ahow swvh murvcluiia curei by mrdlcliic or olrctrlc •liowu by tho UMO of I'l-ofei Magnoto Cuutervmlvo c-aii'tt- 7 vau Lc t?'tf |i] to any Ocullat who '• ,y "" run 1 * l»y tlitiir trcali can ahow auch timmtt us are he- tea liy tlio "Actiua,"romovlugCat- ors'-iv, :;r'inuiin'ii IUN or tiny atinurtiinl couillii'.u o! tho iyo. Uiitlor the OculldU' trcituMnt iv) per ii'ut IUO ruliuul for life. \\ Uti ••Aciiiitt" jterfoct aula:*/ id luaurod. ula'jtt—U a, n», to4 tsrcEiis f ,x-ii nwu/i THE iu»r«A» SYSTEM FREE. fori and London Electric Manufacturers. DK F.J5. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar bukinp powder highest of all in leavening' strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report. 100,000 Lille* lii Olio Field. This is a siffht to be seen only on picturesque islands of the Bermudas. There these flowers are raised as a regular field crop. In value and in the esteem of the Inhabitants they come next to the potato, though both are less esteemed than the onion, which is the staple crop of the islands. No more beautiful sight can be imagined that at this season of the year greets the eye of the traveler us he comes suddenly upon one of these fields, hundreds of yards square and a muss of most fragrant white. Unfortunately, the lily fields are not in the most profitable state. The beati- tiftil bloom represents to its owner's waste, for the lilies should be marketed in the form of buds. They are cut from the stems and packed in cases, sixty-four in a box, and sent by express all over the United States. If kept in a cool, dry place, the buds will remain without opening for several weeks, while by being placed in water they can be brought to perfection in a day or two: or, if the water is slightly warmed, in a few hours. This fortunate peculiarity of the lily has made it possible for it to be transported notwithstanding the long journey. The culture was introduced only a few- years ago upon the Bermudas by an American gentleman. Gen. Huttings. Some of the largest fields are still owned by this gentleman, and it is said that on one of them at any time in the season over 100,000 lilies may be soen in bloom at the same time.—Buffalo Express. Tho Lpftsmis or Arbor Day. From Harper.s Weedly. The influence of Arbor day in promoting interest in trees and flowors is a happy influence which will not be lost upon multitudes of pupils. Many of them hereafter will trace their pleasure in trees, and it is one of the purest of pleasures, to this early training of their taste and observation. The day affords the teacher a golden opportunity of pointing out the relation between the landscape nnd literature, and they may wisely discourse upon the reason that in the ancient and most objective literature there is the least allusion to what we call nature. Not the least valuable of the lessons of the day is the tenderness of feeling coward trees which it encourages. If the children of to-day could once more people the woods and hills with dryads iind oreads, they would less ruthlessly multilate the shrubs and saplings, and look upon a shaved hill-side as ou a ravaged village. It is a beautiful holiday in the loveliest season, and we trust its observance will become more and more general. BAD ECZEMA ON BABY Head one Solid Sore. Itching Awful Had to Tie His Hands to Cradio. Cured hy Cutlcura. Our littlo boy broke out on biaboad with a bad form of eczema, when be was four month* old. Wa tried three doctors, but they did not help him. Wo then uaed your three CUT i CUBA KK*EDIB<I, auJ after using fcem cloven weoka exactly Accord. Ing to directions, lie began to steadily Improve, and after the use of them for •even months his bead waB entirely well. When we begun using Uhls bead WAB a solid sore from tbe crown to his eyebrows. It was al«o all over hla earn, mo«i of bis face, aud fitnall places on different parts of bin body. There were sixteen weeks that we bad to keep his hands tied totbccrudlo and bold them when he was token up; and hnd to keop mittens tied on his handB to keep bis finder, nills out of the sores, at he would acratcb tf ho could in any way Ret his hands loose. We know your COTICURA RBMBDIES cured him. Wo feel finfe in recommending them to othere. GEO. B. St JANKTTA HARRIS, Webster, Ind Cutlcura Resolvent Tho new blood and Skin Purifier, and grcatost of Humor Remedies, cleaneoa the blood of alilmpuri- ties and poisonous elements, and thus removes tho cause, whilo CUTICURA, the great skin cure, and CUTICTJBA SOAP, an exquisite skin beautiSer, clear tho skin, and scalp, and restore the hair. Thus the ODTICDBA REMEDIES cure every species of itching, burning, scaly, pimply, and blotchy akin, scalp, and blood diseases, from pimples to scrofula, from Infancy to ago, when the best physicians falL Sold everywhere. Price, OOTICUBA, 60C. * SOAP, 25c.; RIUOLVENT, $1.00. Prepared by the POTTJR Dnuo AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Boston. «9-3endfor "How to Cure Bkin Diseases," 64 pages, 60 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. BABY'S" Skin and Bolt GUTIOURA I purified and beautified IOAF. Absolutely pure. ClK'Hp OuOllH. Prom the Leavenworth Times. If cheap sugar Is good for us. would not cheap clothing and other necessities prove a blessing?—Fort Scott Tribune. Cortninly they would. In fact they are a blessing. The Republican policy of protection has built up manufactories in this country, created competition among 1 manufacturers until clothing costs less thun half what it did under Democratic free trade policy. They tried to cheapen sugar in the same way, but it wouldn't work, because the Democrats of the southern states either couldn't or wouldn't raise the sugar, and so the tariff was taken off. There doesn't seem to be much use to try to encourage a Democrat by protecting him. He will just stand around and growl anyhow. •W some ' Six In Ono Mall. ,1. VV. Hrehm, proprietor of the Don Ton bakery, showed n N KWS roporte six letters received in one mail quiring about and ordering bread, i each letter spoke about seeing His vertisement in the N KWS . Still would-be merchants say it does not pay to advertise. % ' Strlclly Moral. The Newton Republican says of Cook & Whitby's show: "It is strictly moral, no gambling institutions connected with it." . This is the repution this show has wherever It lias been. Us record here seems to be in keeping, with the above declaration. To Emitnoii Member*. All members of the Kraanon club who desire tickets for friends should' call at once on C. I,. Christopher for the same, as no one will bo admitted to the Auditorium without a ticket. Do not put this off until to-morrow night. The N EWS office has the only thoroughly equipped job printing office in the county. A box of BEECHAM'S PILLS constitutes family roedl-'j OIDB cheat. "» Sick Html- j ttchr, HVrtlM IJOS* of Ap-h petite, HlttdZ andlVrtn inZ theStonwcJt.9 £ rSt!Jttcas,8w€tUnq aftermrals f I>U*imi>!>£ f l>rowttinma t Cola Chilli, FXuahing$ of* ?. float. Shortneu at Breath, Cb *«iw»M u B!otvh*B on the Shin, Ditlurbvd SlerpS grand all ttervoitf and trembling *rn*a-\ i flan* aro relieved fry uting these PWfi i <> Covered with • Ttittliii and Soluble Coating ] o Of all drttcflsU- Prion •* osnU s baL < REMOVED. 1 have removed my bakery and fancy grocery to No. 16, South Main street, where I will continue to make my famous cream bread. K. R YDE. VJGQR OF MEN Jfeielly, Qutokty, Permanently Restored. n&neaa, >kty, Permanently Restored. Xcrvoaancss, Debility, and all tin of ovlls from early erroraorlator excoases, tbe resnlts of overwork, sicknoaa, worry, etc. Full aLrtugtn, development, and tone tfven to every organ and portion qf tbe body. Simple, natural motbods. Immediate improvement aeen. Failure Impossible. 2,000 references. Book, explanation* sod proofs mailed (sealed) froo. Address •RIB MIDIOAL CO., BUFFALO, N. V B PAIN8 AND WEAKNESSES Of fematoa ln«tnnt]y relieved by that new, olcgaut, and infalliblu AntiuoU: 10 Tain, Intluiumatfon, and Weakneai. thl Cutlcura Antl-Paln Flatter. THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA < STINGS BRUISES MAN m BEAST HA8 8TOOO THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALL8 SWINNET Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.*' It will save many doctors' bills.'- For sale everywhere at 2 5c., 50c. and $ 1.00 a bottled Seeeeee^eeeeeeeeeeeeeeememmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemeeeemd HIGH GRADI5 FURNITURE LOW GRADE PRICES^ Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. ed Room Suites, arlor Suites, Folding Beds, ling Room Tables, i Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age\ Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and H.W. Windsor Upright Bed, Corner Main and Avenue A. ILLITT. 1

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