Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, NOVEM|BER 4, 1912. I Ton XnHtot ask to Voto. Tou must l)eac and rear our childmi, You.may guide their early years, You may Bit up niglUs and nurse them. You ^ay calm tlieir cliildisli fears: ! You, may teacli, amuse and spank them,. . To their good your llfe^ devote, But remember you're a woman. So you mustn't ask to vol?e. f Y'pu-may be our close comiuinion. isharc our troubles, case our pain: Ycu may bear the servant's burden, {But without the servant's sain): You may scrub and rook and iron. Sew the buttons on our coat. But as men we must protect you— You are far too frail to vote. You may toll behind our counters. In our factories you may slave: You are welcome in the sweatshop, FYom the cradle to the grave; IT you err, although a woman. You may .dangle by the throat. Dm cur chivalry Is outraged. If you soil your hands to vote. AXTiy not try to be contented, When no hardshipss we forbid? Realize your limitation— At the best you're but a rib. ^Tho" the Constitution class you In with foojs and rogues of note, " From the pedestal we give you. Pray do not step down to vote. —L.. Case Russell in Toronto Globe. Our Attraction is High Ouality and Low Prices A postponed meeting of the Sorosis club will be held on Wednesday afternoon of this week with Mrs. W. S. Goodin, 407 East Madison street. A .J, .> Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Cooksey, of La- Harpe, entertained yesterday with n four course dinner and family reunion In honor of the birthday of Jlr. Cooksey's mother, Mrs. Cooksey, of lola. The party was a surprise to the guest of honor. Covers were laid for the following members of the family: Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Adams and family, Sliss Ruth Adams,. Miss Grace Cooksey, of lola. and Mr. and Mrs. Cooksey and family. A pleasant event of the I afternoon was a postcard shower from the grandchildren. * • —Fifty .\cw Suits in all the wanted, materials, priced from f 10.00 to $30.00. Richardson's. ^ + + * Miss Hel<?n Day relumed to school in Colony this morning after spending j Sunday with her parents here. •:• • 4- Mr. H. J. Crowe and Miss Emily Crbwc returned to Topeka this morning after spending Sunda.v with Mr. and^ Mrs. C. W. Xau. Mrs. Crowe, who came with them will remain for a day or two longer. • * —An elegant line of Xew Suits .ind Coats marked special. Richardson's, • * * Circle number eight of tht Ijidles' Aid society of the First Methodist church will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Walter Woodside. 106 S. First street. * • •> —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at $l.oO and $2.00 per dozen. Phone 995-5. Peckler's Greenhouse • * * Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamilton and Walter Jr.. returned yesterday from Garnett, where they have been the guests of Mrs. Harriett Davis for several days. * • -S- Mrs. John Tyler, wlio i has been quite ill for the past tw^ weeks is convalescing. * '> •'• —Another big FliliimenI of New Coat* only in the advanced .^tylos.— Richardson's. « * -J- * Circle number four of the Methodist Indies' Aid society will meet tomorrow at 2:30 with Mrs. E. Becker, 516 South Walnut. • -J- * • —A big shlpiiient of new Suits.— Ricliardson's. + • * A wedding which will be of interest to a number of lola people was that of Miss Flora Day to Mr. Jofin Holzapfel, both of COIony. The ceremony was performed yesterday morning at 8ix ,o'clock In the Presbyterian church of Colony and after the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the 101 East Madison Ave. We Pay Your Mileage. I i APPAR You are sure to find what you want here. We're showing the most beautiful h'ne of ladies' and misses' Coats Qver shown in Tola, and the prices ai-e so low—quality considered. No matter what style you are looking for it is here in all the newest colorings and at prices that will save you money. Ladies' and Misses' Coats priced at Ji !o .30 to 9''i5 CHILDREN'S COATS. A beautiful line to choose from in velvet, corduroy and plain and novelty cloths— priced from $L5d, $2, $2.50 up to $6.50. * WOOL DRESS GOODS The most beautiful line ever shown over our counter—all marked very special. Munsirig Wear for women and children— the. best fitting garment on the market and the least expensive—quality considered. Ladies' tjnion Suits priced at $1, $L5p and up to $3. Boys' and Girls' Union Suits, priced at 50c to $L50. We're receiving new Suit^ for ladies and misses most every day. Some of the most beautiful gaments we have shown this season are here now for your inspection in all the wanted materials and latest styles and the prices are from $2.50 to $7.50 lower than you usually' have to pay for similar garments. Suits specially priced from $10.5(> to ?: J5 FURS! Select your Fur now while the assortments are large. If you look at our Furs you will buy here. Sets priced SI? 4 .50 to ?'2-^> RUGS AND DRAPERIES! At prices that will save vou monev. Let us show vou. SHOES! If you have not tried our Shoes you had better come with the crowds tomorrow. We can save you money on your footwear. . Ladies' Shoes in patents, gun metal, tans, velvets and fine kid leathers: specially priced from $L50, $L75,,$2, $2.50, $3 to $4.50. Finest & Best For Boys & G iris Red Goose We can save you money on Boys' and Girls' Shoes— our stock is large and prices lowest—quality considered. Girls' Shoes in patent, tan, gun metal and heavy kid leather, button and lace, per pair, $1.25, $1.50, $L75, $2. .Jockey Boots $L25, $1.50, $2 and $2.50. Boys' Heavy School Shoes priced at $1^0, $1.75 16 $2.50 BLANKETS You will profit by buying your Blankets here, where the assortments arethe largest and the pricies the lowest. Cotton Blankets 75c, $1, $1.25, $1..50, $2 to $3.50 Wool Blankets priced from. .$5 to $10 COMFORTS. We are showing the best line of Comforts we have ever show-n. Priced at $L $1.50, $2 to $5 OUTINGS in light and dark en'.)::-. Per vard 5c, Sl'sV, 10c FINE GOODS for Kimonas. Priced at 10c, 15c and 17'/2C yd. COMFORT CALICO. Priced at 5c, 7'/^c, S'./jC, 10c yard COTTON BATTS Good quality. Priced at. .10c, 12'/^c, 15c, 25c and 35c home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Day. Mrs. Molzapfel is a sister of Mr. C. P. Day of this city and for a number of .vears lias (aught in the Colony schools. Ufientiy she accepted a position in tlie Colony bank. Mr. Holzaufel Is a druggist and both are highly '•steemed by the people of Colony where they have lived sincp childhood, and by the been designated as Temperance Sunday by the MV C. T. i;. and in (bis city It will be observed with a Temperance program to be given in the Chris tlan church ai three o'clock. Children from all the Sunday schools will lake part. "> -:- • The Loyal Sons Class of the Christian church will entertain, with a IMt^U bIJIt »• \-HIHllHJ»l«i. II,' .ttnil 1.111 laiU. Willi <t friends here which they have made | taffy pull at the church parlors next during frequent visits lo the city. All New Watches We ha\.' r'H-ehfd our com plele line of new Watiliee—»hid is tUe larRest and most < oiiii)relien sive stock »•• lian- i v<'r triouii. Kvesy Wattli is iiiaile ''FperiaMy to OUT order, lias ri'telveii our critical insiiectioii. and is sold under the maker's Kiiarantci". rein forced by OIU INKK .STIurTKl) guarantee. The in watches, as in everything, alwayt i<leniitivs itself with this store. Big Value in 16 Size 15-Jewel Watch A fine gold filled case, oi>en face, beautifully engraved, guaranteed for twenty years, l.^-jewel Elgin or Waltham. nickel, very accurate lime keeper— ' OUR PRICE $13.45 Thursday night for ihe members of the l>oyal Dorcas and the Philathea classes. * • •> .Mr."!. A. \V. He«-k will b.- hostess to the P'riscilla club on Wednesday af- ••• ••• : lornoon. Mrs. Beck will be issisted The I*, i:. O. fhapier will meet "to- j„ entertaining by Mrs J. F. Uelap. morrow afternoon at the home, of; * 4; .v Mrs. P. S. Mitchell. I _jf you buy your Hat at Richard' son's you will be surprised at the 111- I tleness In price, i * * * I Miss Hatile Gerard, cashier at the I New York store, has been very III for the past ten days but at present is The regular me<>tin};.of the Philathea class of the Christian church has been |iost[)oned from Tuesday night until Friday night of this week. •:- •:• Next Sunday, .N 'oveiiilur Ht, has MtUk.lMWuUn. Wall Paper New Patterns L.arge Stock All prices from the cheapest to the best AT STOKE The Beull Store days but at slowly Improving. * + +> The Chicken pie supper which thr ladles of the Christian church will iKive tomorrow will be held In the 'J* i |>"etlng Klauraann building 207 South Jeffer- *'•"''» '^.f?.*"' ^^^^ V Bui)dei:s son street instead of the old court , l >'«I7l ^N^nesday afternoon: house building as was announced on, t-""—A Gem of Poetry. Saturday. Scnpturo lesson led by Mrs. Kin- and eoclal evening. The members of; '.he Levels, ttte Chisels, the Files and | Squares cin^ios are e.xijecfed to be • prcsfnt .nnd the work hours will hot followed by a su;>i'er and a social • good time. •:• • V —Are you in need of a .\ew Dress? if so ,attend the llig Sale at the New 1 Vork Store. « 4> « Circle number one of the Methodist readies' Aid society will serve lunch tomorrow at the old Joyce sfon- on South Washington street. Pic. coffee, sandwiches and soup will be on sale. * • * .Mr l.loyd Coe, wha^as been ill for several weeks is much improved and i there is every promise of a complete • and speedy rcovcry. + * + • Mr. and Mrs.. Hall, of Mount Wash. ington. were the guests of Mr. and 1 .Mrs. U. B. Sifvenson yesterday. Mrs. ; Sfvenson and .Mrs. HaJl were friends at their old home in Indiana. • -;- •:• Mrs. K. P. Stev.mson entertained at —If you are looking for vour Dress i Selection—Mrs. Beam. Hat. you should not buv until you see 1 Reading—Directing Kntigv in the elegant showing at Richardson's. 1 '""ht Channels. / , Vu*ic. 'v. Mrs Anna Beard Tuesday afternoon at 2.a&. * + * The following program will b.' KIV- i diiiiie.- on Saturday for Mrs. Witlng- of the Mothers' ton who cr.inf from Washington for a .isit with .Mrs. H. A. Ewlng and who formerly lived at Humboldt. Covers were laid for Mrs. H. A. Ewing. Mrs. Nettie Wise, Mrs. A. \V, Beck, Mrs. itey Simonson. Mrs. Witington and Mr. ' and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. Mrs. Wlt- thejiqgton was the guest of Mrs. Beck yesterday. A Dozen Photographs Such as WE Know How to Produce, Make Twelve Splendid Christmas (Jifts. Gibson's Studio I'huto.rurtraitisls and Franie-.Makers. glne, the bulls got out of hand and LOST B.\LLOON L«< KOl'XD. charged down on the vehicle . The drl Kai ;s;is ('tty. Nov. 4.—A cablegram ver hastily turned his machine and was nciived ye>!>-i.I:iy morning bv fled pursued by the heard of infuriated i Mrs. Joiin Watts, telling her, thai, ht-r animals but being ignorant of the hus'.iands balloon had landed as Ps!- nelgljborhood he drove the heavy con- veyanee over a i>reclpice Into a ravine So feet below. The driver and three passengers were killed outright ,while the others were all seriously injured. I 4"t- -> Circle number eleven of the .Meth- •& odiat IJidies* Aid society of which ; —Uie Dress Sale noiv going on at Mrs. W. A. Woodruff is president. t;if .New York Store. with will meet tomorrow afternoon J. A. Malone, 001 South street. • • A good audience heard the second, sacred concert given by the choir of the Christian church last night. I'n- der the direction fo Mr. A. U. Boat -j right it has become one of the best ; choirs in the city and the muFic last night was splendid, the solo work being especially good. * • -> —Silks that will delight you; the new things you will find here. Richardson's. * • •:• Mr. Reed Watterson who has been here visiting relatives and friends for about two weeks returned to his work in Kansas City on Saturday. * •:• * 'Circle numl>er 2 of the Methodist Ladles' Aid MCiety will m«et with • >»• • The Women's Home Missionary so- ciey of the First .Methodist church ': will meet Wednesday ^afternoon at \ 2;3(» at the home of Mrs. Beach, 414 south Buckvye street. + + •> —New Corduroys, Charnieuse and Crepe Meteors now on display at the New Vork Store Silk Dept. • •:• •:• Mrs. T. S. Stover will be hostess to the meml )er8 of the Thursday j Whlat Club on Thursday afternoon of' this week. i * • * • —Furs.; Furs:: Furs':: Big Sale now on at the New Vork Store. Prices ranging from Jl.'.'t up to $25.«»0. * * * Tomorrow night four classes of the Builders' Chapel will meet in the Sunday school rooni (or a business TONIGHT AT GRAND. "Homer's Odyssey" or "The Adventures of Ulysses.** One full show, beginning at 7:30. «U1 be given befcre the speaking by .Mr. Seott. This picture contains 3.000 feet of film .Admission tonicht free—tomorrow .•iii;hl -J & I'l cents. BILLS ('H.VKUE AUTOMOBILE. Fiahtlnu; .\uimul<< in Spain ObjMt to .Motor rslng Road.>on, Nov. 4.—^The famous fighting bulls of Portugal displayed ihelr aversion to motor cars recently when an automobile omnibus with ten passengers was proeeeding along a country high road near Cintra, Portugal. A herd of fighting bulls from a cele-. brated Im-eder's establishment snd- •Ifuly appeared around a comer. Frightened by the throbbing of the en- kov, Kussia. In M probabiUty Watts has won s'-eo!!'! place in the race. The dispatch was dat>-d from Pskov and read; "Both well and free." Pskov is situate.l at the mouth of the Vilikaia rivrr. which empties into the Gulf of Finland through lakes Pskov —Klegant line of hfeh grade Cordu- j and Peibiis. The town has a popula- rnjs fo be found only at the New York iiion of alxiiit St ),000 and is about !:;"> Store. I miles south of St. Petersburg... s. ALWAYS CONQUERS Thoasaads of persons Iiave been rescued from the tortuiesof Rheamatism and restored to perfect health by the xis ^fi S. S. S. So uniform are the good results from its use that we do tiot Jiesitate to say S. S. S. alwayscon- qaers Rheumatism if given a fair trial. ' You can npver cure this deep- seated with external treatment, such as liniments, plasters, blisters, etc. Thi-se may furnish temporary relief hut they do not reach the blood wtiece the real cause is located. Rheumatistn is rooted and (founded in the blood and must be driven from itsstronghold there before permanent relief can be had. S. S. S. conquers Rheumatism Ly driving from the circulation the excess accamulation of uric acid which is responsible for the di.sease. S. S. S. strengthens and invigorates the blood so that instead of a weak, isonr fluid, causing pain and agony throughout the system, it becomes a nourishing stream famishing health to every portion of the body and .elieving every symptom of Rheumatism. If you do not con, qnerRhenmatism it will conquer you. S.S.S. i^ the one renfedyVou can depend upon for good effects. Book oa, JUmtuiutism and medical advice fnx. THE SWIFT SFEOFIC CO, ATLAHTA, CA.

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