Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 26, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1908
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H. RABRICK CAMPING OUTFITS, CANTEENS, CAMP STOVES. GUNS TO RENT, AMMUNITION FOR SALE. COVINA PURITY FIRELE5S COOKERS Ever See One Work? RABRICIC'S HARDWARE ARGUS VOL 36 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1908. INO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS . J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. RoXIE E. BATES, M.D. Special attention given to treatment of diseases of women and children. Office and residence East College St., first door E. of First National Bank Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. REED & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. RBBD O. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. DR. J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 234 p. J. CWNE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. C. H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND Residence, Cienega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 ' Phone 3065 (JEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITECT The Vernon, Myrtle Avenue Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-L.AW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Office Argus Block. STORM MAKES EARLY CALL Jupiter Pluvius Breaks all September Records. Not in the history of the San Gn- briel valley for many years has there been such a rainfall iu September. It caught the ranchers of the Coviua district totally uupreparod. but such is the character of the crops here that little damage was done. The loss will be felt strongest up the coast; in Ventura, where thousands of acres of beans were curing in the shock. Bean growers say, however, that if the sun stays out for a few days so that the beans can be dried there will be little loss, but if it continues cloudy and rainy the beans will rot. Covina and vicinity is benefltted by this early rain. The citrus fruits will not need irrigation for a time. The dry pasturage on the Puente hills is spoiled, but if other rains come in order to keep the new grass growing there will be no suffering on account of short pasture. L. L. Ratekin of the San Gabriel Milling Company said yesterday that very little grain iu the sack was out iu the rain, as the ranchers had gotten it all into tho warehouses with the exception of a few small iots. Quite a little hay in bales remained uncovered, he said. A loss to the small fruit growers can be chronicled without 'question. Small fruits, however, have been a cheap product this year. ; <, 7;be rain ~pnt'inwny .taiepkcrM oat of commission throughout the valley. The Home Telephone Company in this district at one time bad twenty-five lines working badly, putting out of commission 110 telephones. Prompt work got them into shape again and the system is back again to a normal condition. The Pacific Light & Power Company had no particular trouble. It is interesting to note the fact that the 1908 rainfall is far in excess of anything tor the aarae mouth for a number of previous years. The total is given as two and two ntie- hundredtns inches. The following table shows the heaviest of other Septembers: '87 . . .15 '89 . . .00 '94 . . .71$ '95 . . .40 '02 . . .40 £)R. O. T. AMYKAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office and Res. San Bernardino Road Phone 1016. | Down town office, Keefer's Livery. MADAME VAN VLIET Teacher of VOICE CULTURE (four languages) i and PIANO j Graduate from European Conservatory, ten years experience in teaching abroad. Specialist for advanced pupils. Removing defecu in the organs of speech a specialty. I METHODICAL SPEAKING ! Full attention given ui be^innera. Trial let.jon free. Reception hours Thursday from two to four. Residence, East College Street, Covina. Guy E. Fairly Electrical Contractor Diversity of Opinion. Dr. O. P. Shoemaker, H. M. Houser and C. R. Crawford have returned from a life on the ocean wave at Catalina. And of the albicore they caught, it was Shoemaker who landed 12 out of tho total 10, HO the story goi)H. Shoemaker Hays shut ho had a deliriously delightful liino find has boon writing pontry nnd doing other irresponsible thingH ninco returning, while Houner HH.VH bfi doesn't think there is much fun in flsbiug and Crawford JH silent likn the oyster of the vasty deep. Ko goeth the luck of the fisherman. Shoeruaker'ji poem on tho trip in as follows: O albicore, O albicoro, To land you is no common chore, But I have fished full oft bef'iro As a fisherman I'm 11 rouser. The winds blow wild und tho waves run high, But a fisherman brave and hold am I. It makes two Jonahs wonder why, Like Crawford and my friend Houner. Everything in the Electric Line Call and see my fixture room equipped with the bent liiit: of fixtures in the valley. I,.,., An-clc^ price.-,. O.T.ce wit 1!. <.\<: Sh , Successful Opening Miss Hard Reckard held a very successful fall milliuery opening at her parlors on N. Citrus avenue on Friday acid Saturday of last we:;k. During the afternoons the parlors were crowded with ladies, including nisny from Azuaa. Irwindale and fjlendora, who were delighted with the many beautiful creations display ed. Kach lady received a souvenir in the form of a beautiful (Ink carna tion, which grow to greater per feet ion ir ; ('aliform* than in any other Male it iLe union. Exploitation Number Growing. Tho immediate response met with in the first week of work on the big Exploitation Number of tho Argus. which will appear shortly, shows beyond a doubt that this encompassing edition will be the most successful ever gotten out in the San Gabriel 'valley. The outlying districts surrounding Covina have been quick to see the possibilities of advertisement from suoh a source, and spnoo in tho issue is being rapidly contracted for. It is the intention of the Argus to give a complete resume <rf uuch localities as Covina, Irwindale, Charter Oak, San Dimas, Pueute, Walnut Center, Bassett, AZUSH and Glendora, and the Upper San Gabriel valley iu general. Tho articles dealing with the growth and production of citrus fruits and walnuts, und all other productions of this splendidly rich region will be carefully prepared, many of them by experts, and all by competent writers on theso subjects. In making up an advertising medium, care must always be exercised to prepare the matter in such a manner that it will appeal to people not conversant with California life and conditions. Therefore much of the body of different articles will be composed of facts well known to everyone iu this vicinity, but new light and new facts will also be incorporated. The middle westerner has little conception of our lands here. When be becomes convinced he comes here, and stays to work under conditions better than be dreamed existed. Photographs that will be convincing proof wi'll be used without stint. At the present time there is a demand the world. e tion Committee ia sending out calls for good photographs from every community. Covina is constantly asked to produce illustrations of this beautiful country here. It must be remembered at all times that we have the lauds and tho opportunities bore without question, and that in writing of it there is no necessity for over-statements. On the contrary, it is necessary iu some instances to bo conservative about absolute facts of our productions, us the outsider will not believe them until given positive proof on the ground. For instance, if it IB said that a mun iu Covina bus paid 8'2,000 per acre for a Valencia grove and is realizing 25 per cent interest on his investment, the statement will bo taken aa a gross exaggeration, though being true and capable of being proved, although exceptional. With this idou in mind the Kx- riloitution Number of the Argus will be gotten out, employing the greateat amount of intelligence. Ho far HH we have progrosHfid the work is going finely. We are going to place this country around us definitely 'in the minds of the whole United Htatew. Con.iidcr what this rueans to you individually. Ranchers Discuss Fertili/cr.s. A very suceei-.hful meriting of the Covina Valley Farmers' Club was held oti Saturday afternoon in the 1'ienl.yi eriiin Clmrcti social I. all. Tho subject, "l''::rl ilixiTH, " was warmly dJHCuaBed, no special speak ers being present, but valuable Information was given by practical local nien. The program included a funny German recitation by Mitis Meta UrunjeH ami a piano solo, Men dlfeHshon'H "Spring Hung, " by MHH Anna Reynolds. A communication was received from J. B. Neff of Anaheim inviting Covina to bold the next institute. It. was decided that this should be done about, the end of next month, probably iu one of the church buildings. ORANGE MEN JOURNEY EAST Special Train Leaves For Kansas City Convention. The California Fruit Growers' Kx- chaugo special pulled out of the land of the golden afternoon Wednesday, bearing representatives of the citrus trade from all over the southern portion of tho state. The train was a sumptuous one, fitted with electrically lighted Pullmans and commodious sleepers, nnd it has the right of way to Kansas City, where tho convention of growers, shippers and buyers will bo hold, beginning on September 29. In tho party from Coviua and vicinity were: Mr. O. N. Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. D. Eyman Huff, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans, Dr. J. D. Rood, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Seeley,William Hoogendyk, B. Miller of Irwindale, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Powell of Glendora, Mr. and Mrs. Dana King of AZUBII. Tho convention will bo held for three days, during which time addresses and papers will be read by prominent growers and nhippors on all subjects embracing tho tnulo. Mr. Atwood, on his return, will visit the old home in Denver where he and his wife spent twenty years of their married life. Ho fans all bis old lodges to visit and friends to renew old acquaintances with. Mr. and Mrs. Seeley will be the guests of tue former's mother in iUriMUi'Cit?, wfcojh Tn» DM no**a9(fn for thirteen years. They will al«o visit in St. Louis. During her parents' absence Misa Margaret Seeley will be the guesb of Miss Oilman. The Argus has made turangements for receiving tho news of tho convention from in on) bora from Covimi. For Sale, A Bargain. Here is your chance to get a Va lencia grove for 8U17 per dcre. Seventeen acres of vacant lam! lying near Covina at thin price. The finest soil you will find anywhere. Will be worth ilUOO per acre when | set out. Jerome Koynold/4, Oovina. i Wanted Tv.o steady boaider'i. j ,\j/i. S. L. Spencer. Center it;eet, tf Pioneer Passes On. Tho passing of one of the pioneer aettlora of the middle west, \vhomade Jiin home iu California in the Inter youi'H of his life, uorneN to tho notice of the ArgUH Ibis week in the death of A. C. Cook, for eight years u resident of Covina. Mr. Cook was n native of Virginia. When ten yoars old ho niudo the trip an u teumstur of o'ne of the prnirle Huhooners of that time, from Virginia to Ohio, und followed the fortunoa of his father's family in that wild region during the early part, of the hi Hi, century. Later he moved to Illinois and was among the I'irnt, settlers to break away from the idea of following tho rivers of the middle stales, and Hell led far in on the prairie, a long distance from other habitations, marketing his wheat, in Chicago, hauling it HO miles by ox team. Mr. Conk came with his family to California in the spring of 1HH7, and Covina knew him an an active worker in the Sunday wehool branch i,1 the MetliodiM Church. He alwayn remained near lo the noil, loving the work of the fanner, and led a Him pie, upright, lite throughout. Hitt deatti occurred lit (inrdena I ant. Saturday at the age of HH yearn, and iruer- 'neiit WHH in tthe Kedondo cemetery. children he leaves are: Miss Harriet Couk of (jardena; T. A. Cook, Long liench; S. M. and A. M. Cook of (Jnrdena. KegUter Clerk Swamped. Regarding That Cup of Coffee for Breakfast Hare yon tried our I-*rcmicr Blend in one pound and three pound scaled tin cans; price .for and $1.00? Then ivc have a stronger one in hulk at ./or straight. Also the old reliable. Imperial iile.nd at 2^c. U'c hare been selling these coffees for ten years on a steadily increasing demand, and ice believe they MUS'I* he good or the demand would cease. Try them and hare a good cup of coffee for break-fast. DIRECTORS ^ I fv ^ n O. E. Anderson Morco H. Hollmaii W. U. HOMJDAY, PnmMont C. F. Clapp H. M. HouHor MAHCO II. HELUWAM, Vlco IVcw. J. R. Elliott J. O. llouHur J. It. ELMOTT. Vl<m I'r.m. W. H. Hollldiiy C. Munofuu W. M. ORIHWOI.D, Cimhliir A. I'. Kurclilioli: J. C. HUTCIIINHON, AH»I. C.WiU-r Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina \Dallcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. WRrX'.TONS OFFICERS Ci'n. K. Aiiil«rn<m W. II. llnllliliiy A. I'. KKIM'.K IIOKF, I'milih-nl. J. II. Klll'itl. II. M. HniiHi-r II. M. IIOIf.HKU, V|c« I'rxHlilcnl. Mar<:» H. ll»lliiinn A. I'. Ki>rckhnir J. C. IIUTCIIINHON, Cimlilm- W. M. ( Aiml. CIIM|I|IT Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo ion woke up at. the moment in Covina und caused u run on the office of ,}. M. Hlanton, the registration clerk, on Wednesday. There were two hundred names added to the lint on that day, and toward the approach of midnight the clerk ran out of blanks, sent to Axusa for more, and finally* hud to close the lint with several men still waiting for the privilege of American cit.i/en ship. The total registration vtas '!0'J for Cn\ ina city and I;"i7 for the country. All r:i«i)H [joint to a Jar^e vole for' the f.i evident lal candidates in thi/j eleci.ion. Tho caiu[jaigii from now on H|JO'^ HI^IJH ot being bii-ik i;j thin dittririt. CHINA AND CROCKERY TALK SOHH PRICES Can't. t;il<o time to Idl lliciu ;ill Inil just a starter to set you (1KKMAN and AUSTRIAN China cups and saucers 15c and up. Full line decorated salad sets. PORCKLAIN WARIO Here, is the finest display ever shown in Covina. Plain white and dainty patterns. Cups and saucer-i lOc to 2r>c.. I'KK SKT Plain white, six piece set, 111 pieces, $17.'i.T. (iolrl atirl while, or dainty vine, (> puree set, IDo piec.irs, $28.10. 1 PIKCK OR 1000 If you want single pieces we will siipyly them at set rates. No inconvenience to break a set it it suits you. MJSCKLLANKOCS PIKCKS Decorated Kn^lish tea pot-> So. i.., OTI . (jlass vases l.Sc to .<0i.. ('olonial (flass berry sets '1-1^. TuuiMers, [ilain, .Sc and lur. Salt arid peppers V and lo,;. We have a clean and attractive line (Or your inspection. JUST AS CHKAP AS LOS AN(iKLKS Your-, tor bu->in>:-,->, Home's Grocery • »^ • •••••••••••••••••••••••••a**••*••«•••••••••*•••••••••

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