Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 6, 1952 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 20
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ALTON EVENING' fELKGfiAPH , JUNE «, 19S* 0ARK,CW& WIVHTMWr" S WE/ WMOwew-j TW§ 06 A PI9M6R fifjf^ri ..-._... . - - ^ eQMSBf.WlTH k, WITH? W1L 14MaU> KMOA (CBS) tmko USD (NBC) IM KC •cam: RceoM Report n^^rwi — rim rive Alia- I**** fVAwi nifrW CllH MMM* . Lowell Themai td 0MIMI Newt: iottlMt Sport* R«1 Reading Clrela. Nawi Evtii Muiia M ran MM BeuMR Jack «mtt» Club 11 •M R. ttttHW* COM. Comnwnde, Muitetand Ray Ro|«n Bob * fta» oattrtt) Hattttr Bportt jfc A*fllMl t Dufout Interview* Otda * outfiet AttatMt Mans Lanza Short Story Ctrd* vi. Phil.. New» Melody Pattern KAPIO MONITORS 6P I; TH6 capital Cloakroom Billot Lawrenee rranjt Mutual MaliW Bible Story (PM Only) Newt Open Night Word! Intermezzo Meiody Time Pro & Con Nawa Harry rendat Beautllu) Muiia BB Roundup Crorty Show World "awa Hlnea This 1 Belleva Anun Sho* You * World Newt World Nt** V«rn Klni Newt Ablda With Ma ^lNDl/$!>tb: Mu«ie Scoreboard Newii Patrol Dawn Patrola Oreh.~Naw* Merry Haken HeadUnaa Tommy Reynold* Headiinaa rrollci Newi Chan. Kaihet Platter Parade B> Orcha*tra 4V4TSM WITHIN Markata Sunrise Balott Nawa * Waathar New* O (Hooka* Nawa ratlma Moaan rime It Tempot News WeatMl Charlie Stookey Farm Newa Newt rtaat CJub Nawa. «« cwefc Naw* B'tait Club Nawi Cloak Blm Slnlj Moef le; Wtlion Ed World Nawa New* Weather k T Meditation Hymna Music Hevelll* Cha World Newi Weather Report nme A fampoa Newa Nawi Carlf Id C. Stookey Muilo Cloak Chapel of Alt Newa Nawa Can't nappen to 0 Melody No School Today Alex Drier Sport* Nawi rime & Tempo* Broadway Cehoaa From Old Vienna •hopper* Guide fH Nabor: Nawa Mary La* Taylor News; 8. Guide Meet the Band •uiuet VaUar My Secret Story Ed Bonnet Lov« Story Grain. Serenade Melody Lane Ballet Rhadaody for Junior* News; Wealhcr Salvation Army Mann* Band Bellinger PTA Profraa* Shopper* Guide Qul* _ Newfi: Luncheon -Jeriey rarm Rr Luncheon Dxte Farm It Horn* Dude Ranch Newa Hal Frederick* ws; Lunch Date News Rerorrt Shop Modern Muil* Browns vi Yanks Sporta Glee Cl«* , Record Cabinet Nawa Savings Bond City Serenade News; Bandstand News Tops In Pope Overseas Report Relax With Musle Science News • Farm Newa Ernie Brown On Ivory Sacred Heart Native In Tone For Vou New* Serenade In Blue Here's to Vets U 9 <srm.f Band C3OOP WWAT VOO Chlcagoan* Cross See. U.S.A Faithful Word* Miller Reel L* I Women Today Medical Asim. Momenta-Matter* Mind Your Man. Belmont Stages Eddie Fisher Lee Adam* Roseland Orch. New Release* News Author Speak* Key to Health Scores; Bendstand Nawa Dancetlma Portraits Football Roundup News; Record* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 *"TV C«(>ig« Mn^t» f.t,«* Sn^nt. Inc 5:00 P. M.—Wrangler's Club 8:19 P. M.—Space Cadet B;30 P. M.—Bob ingham's Sportsrlew* 5:4S P M.—1. N S. Telenewi 6:00 P M — Kukla. Fran & Olll* 6:15 P. M.—Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 P. M.—Those Two «:45 P. M.—News Caravan 7:00 P. M.- 7:30 P M. 8:00 P. M.- 8:30 P. M.- fl:00 P M 9:45 P. M, 10:15 P M. 10:30 P. M. 11:00 P M. U:30 P. M.- •Dennis Day Show -We the Penoie •Burns & Allen •TV Playhouse —Boxing Bouts .—Dangerous Assignment •Double Play iFilm) •Around the Town .Beat the Clock •Unexpected (film). 12:00 Midnight— Film 12:15,A. M — News 9:00 A. M. Hopalong Casstdy 10:00 A. M.— Space Patrol 10:30 A. M.— Mr; Wizard 11:00 A. M.— Big Top 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 A. M—WIld BID Hickok A. M,— Bill Veeck Show P. M.— Sky King P. M. — Milton Berle P. M.— R"i-tu Kf'ostic P, M. — Kit Carson P. M.— My Friend lrm« Belmont Stakes Race P. M.— Roy Rogers P. M.— Cisco Kid OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS LACKADAISICAL HUSBArJD INiT^ A OP SACK 6PRING& VMMEKl HE- OUT TMAT HE-DOS IhiTO TtA6 STATION •THE , TR.ASURE.' vwH&T'S THIS FOR? V MO, AMP THERE THEREPAREMTAMV IV^TBEWHEN T3RIPPIMG FAUCETS 7|jSAPRePARfP • OK AMVTHIWG UP X FOK 'EM--THAT5 HERE.' r--^ S WHY I PUT < THEM THERE PEACE MAKER. WEDDING CAKES A SPECIALTY' WEDDINS- CAKES A SPEOAUTV ' LICENCE BUREAU THE MANLY ART OP SELF-DEFENSE IM TWO ., WEEKS MARRL LIjEENS BUREA CARNIVAL By Dick fm net- THEN "iQv WAV/EMT MET . . MIKE JUMP'S WEVJ HEART / NQPE.' HE'S BPALLV SHARP. FRFC^LE'J ! CBEVJ WWR,— CUT-- KEEPS HIS MMUS IMMACULATEUY MEAT.,. AMD SUCH PARK EVES.' WHAT Cm. MIKE.'vou 60R6EOUS LITTLE MAM W5 Cleaning Up Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL «'My wife's b*en hinting arownd for an automatic dishwasher 1" DraVo't Treasure Sougbt Tlu'ee Chileans are ready to start a search for treasure believed to have beenb uritd by Sir Frances Drake, Santiago reports. The site is on the island of Juan Fernandez, commonly known as Crusoe's Island," in the Pacific. They believe the treasure consists of 150 boxes of gold coins, 20 barrels of precious stones and 700 gold ingots. Japan had a banner year in 1951 for export of Japanese film, selling 542 abroad* 1 Scrubbing tool 1 suds 8 Used for cleaning • water 12 Mimic 13 These sailor* swab decks M Atop 15 Lair Iff Annoys 18 Sign 20 Those who chill 21 Times of prosperity 22 Adam's third son (Bib.) 24 Auction 26Gudrun's husband 27 Greek letter 30 Hardens 32 Hurried 34 Utins 35 Whole 30 Abstract being 37 Beloved 39 Girl's name 49 Grooves 41 Lamprey 42 Cleaning liquid 45 Breathe 49 Entertainment 51 Dawn goddess 52 Do not (eontr.) 53 Within (comb form) 54 Musical direction 55 Ages 56 Peas* 57 Trthaped cross VEBTICAL 1 Created 2 Unclosed 3 Clock parla 4 Mixes 5 Rowing tools 6 Detain 7 Greek letter 8 Way to cook eggs 9 Poker stake 10 Brain passage 11 Deprivation 17 Venetian painter IB Musical drama 23 Senior 34 Father 25 Soon 26 Hem of property 27 Coolest 28 Possess) v* pronoun 20 Notion 31 Last 33 Precipitous 38 Agree 49 Pause* 41 Bar legally 42 Walk tn water 43 Love god 44 Food fish 46 Take apart 47 Roster 44 Brother of Jacob (Bib.) M Middle (comb, form) J'riuce To Meet Cw«l« Japan's Crown Pj'ince AUiWyo shortly will enroll in a coedm-a- tiowU university, Toljtyo learn*. It will be the first time in history that an heir to Japan's throne has taken higher education wit h either commoners or girls as classmates.

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