Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 19, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 7
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< N SENATOR WILL RESIDE HERE B. F. Buller of Idaho Says Covina is the Homeland. Senator R. F. Duller (if Idaho, who owns 36 acres of orange ami lemon land in Covina niul immediate vicinity, is inakitu? an extended viaib here, stopping at the Hotel Vendoirio and visiting his son, Charles F. Buller, who has been located for some time on one of the ranches. Senator Buller has made several tripa to California, hut on this occasion lias expressed himself as being mote pleased than ever with this state, especially with the San Gabriel valley and the country em- biaced in the Covina district. During the past week he has beeu negotiating with a local contractor for the erection of a large business block in the center of Covina on Citrus avenue, which is to be occupied by the Warner, Whitsel & Co. grocery store. The Buller block will be 101 feet in length, 30 feet wide and two fitories high, with basement. The upper floor will probably be used as a public, hall or fitted for lodge rooms. The building will be built of pressed brick. Owing to the fact that the senator has very extensive holdings in Idaho and business which cannot wholly be ignored at the present time, he would not definitely state that he would locate permanently here immediately, but he intimated that such was his Intention eventually. "You may say that in all probability I will make Covina my home for the rest of my life," he said to an Argus representative. Both Senator Buller and his wife are delighted with the Covina district. Senator Buller's ranch holdings here are divided into several ranches. All of the 36 acres are in bearing oranges with the exception of three acres of lemons. There is also a ranch of 25 acres in Walnut Center, which will be laid down to alfalfa this year. The Buller block in the center of 'Covina will be the largest and finest building in the town. The scene of Senator Buller's activity during a large portion of his life was laid in Idaho, where he is known as the owner of 3,000 .acre: of finely improved land, covered with cattle and grain, and for fifteen years he was the- president of tbs First National bank of Hailey in that state. The senator resigned that position last year and established a bank of his own in Boise with a capital of 8100,000, known aa the Bank of Idaho, RETICENT AND MODEST. The senatorial term in the state senate of Senator Duller does not geles without giving the home mer- : chant a bid for the irade. It is nn- juat discrimination." Senator Buller also \vent on to say Mint although it was difficult to convince eastern ranchers and capitalists that orange hearing land was worth the price asked fur it here, it \vas the dutv of the town to attract as many as possible, as the only method of convincing them was to get them iere where they could see for them- ' selves. Senator Buller snid that he : was skeptic;;! himself before coming. In his experience the senator aiiid he liad found that a hoard of trade ivis of little value to n town. Some con- ! jerted action, however, should he i kept up to legitimately advertise any ; ^immunity. When the senator made j Ilia first trip to Covina, he said that i no one in Los Angeles seemed to j know where the town was situated, uut since the electric cars had come the town is being advertised every bour of the day by the big oars that pass down Main street on their way to this town. The senator expects to make an extended stay hern while superintending the erection of the new building. Although the active president of his bank in Boise, it is unnecessary for him to remain in Idaho to manage his business, he states. In the coming of Senator Buller to CovitiH, the town is indeed fortunate. A business man of proven worth and integrity, in the full vigor of the afternoon of life, ho will lie- come of great value to the town in mapping out its future and in bringing together a concerted movement for greater prosperity. His wife is a woman of delightful personality, making friends of all who come in contact with her, and she is a woman of talent of whom any community might be proud. NOCTURNAL PROWLER. Takes Chamberlen's Trousers Small Sum of Money. With Citizens of Covina will join in regrets with Rev. George Chamherlen of the Brethren Church in the visitation which he received early Monday morning from a sneak thief, who stole the pastor's trousers, containing a sum of money. The Chamberleu household was sleeping soundly, when Mrs. Chamberleu was awakened by some noise, and thought that one of the children was walking about the room. When she spoke, a tall man straightened up at the foot of the bed and moved toward the door. The thief scurried down the stairs and tnrough the kitchen, carrying the minister's trousers with him. In the kitchen he stumbled and spilled out small silver from the minister's pockets upon the'flour. Mrs, Chamber! en awakened her husband and City Marshal Muhnert was called by telephone, hut it was doomed advisable to wait until morning before the hunt was taken up. Jt was then found by following the expire for some mouths, but he is tracks of the marauder that ho had exempt from duty at the present time as the legislative halls of Idaho are not in session. Senator Buller is a man who does not court publicity, and although he has become a millionaire through careful invest- gone into a nearby cornfield, and it was hero that the trousers were found, lying near an old suck which the thief had discarded. The pockotn had been rifled. A little further on another sock was found, the thief ment and application to business, and ! evidently taking them o(f because of has at all Mines been a forceful awl j Sf ,jii,, w ' them in walking over the and then replacing prominent man in Idaho, he has little to say of himself, prefering perhaps to allow his deeds to speak in place of words. When speaking of the Covina valley and its prospects however, the senator approaches an near to enthusiasm as his quiet nature will warrant. "I have beeu all over the state of California," said the senator one day this week; "and have found it delightful in many places, but Southern California and especially this part of the valley where Covioa i.s situated is the ideal homeland of the human family. I think this is the prettiest spot I have ever Be my life. My wife is also complet'-ly enraptured with the country. Vou inny way that I havo every intention of making my hero." TRAUINU AT H'OMH. "[ helieve," Haid Senator L'uiicr, "that tho welfare of (,'ovina, as welt an any Hrmill community, demands tljHt there shall he un<|tiali/h«i loyally among the citi/eus to the home town. I have no patience- with the lancher or business HIHII \iliu trti'le-j i;i a dis taut city uh';n the ait.inles cau Le ob- tainfcd as uell within a few ht<-(.s nf his plarc iif I.UR)I;<-S.S. The mail or der i:ii.~iii('S8 of this cmnitiy haa b«-.i-ii a cnrhe to the fanner. The l,ig unil hous-e.fl .send out immense cafa- which the fanner seans eagfei ly that damp ground, his shoes. } -Mr. Chnmherlen had been out col- j lectint; among members of his parish ' the day before, and it was thought ' that this was known, but very little j money was stolen. Tho house, it in j .said, had been left open, tho front | door unlocked and swinging buiiuuso j the family thought that a skunk had obtained access to the house, judging by the odor earlier iu the even- : ing, and Mr. Charnberleu w-mted to ; allow the atiimal to vacate If ho felt so inclined. The thief had mi easy ' tima gaining Hfoef-a. No tmther 111 trace has been found nf the thief About an hour helnre the thief entered Mr. Chan.herlen's home he was discovered in an attempt to break into the home of (J, \V. Williamson, nearby. He was frightened iiway while standing outside a window attempting to reach for Mr. Wi II iamsdii 'K troupers with a crooked stick as they lay near tho wi-idow. and HI- ii (Is art ay vastly inferi"! ^ when all fnit.'l.t i* ruiich in havi- Jin! leii in cannot i»- !'•<> tilib tart. Th rancher; mui! ihistrii-N or the lo A n time iti gf u« ' i' "I alentt-cl Teacher Mere. Mailame Jlanny \an Vliet, wife, of I'rot. v;in Vliet, who JH c'DiiMe'-te/l Mith the hi^li fcc.honl faculty, an- nfjiincrs this wti-lf tlirit «lie will tiike a liiuiterl of jiiijiil.H ii, \i<:i'H culture and piano in Covina. Ma ilaiiie van \'liet. is a (I'lent speaker of i''rt -uch, Sjaui'-h, lliilifiu and f Ji-nr.i:n, ii!i'l is -nijil in I i- a l(-;iclier of hiyh .S!;!i!a:ne and J J ri.feh.-r,r v;ni hi, I. .!:.i- t •'.. ('r.. i i,:i c-j r;/ [.:<t ri;iii/.e liie ill i.< s !,• ' Th i h -in i- V, Cill I V the t I in .me in a I'.i.j.' 1'iir --I' u-, .\u ,\ le-.Henre, o i-'iri i ai i )ii. If yo i,n t da 1 e 3 r,u tl,.- I- 11 Lcnmiiiy i ii. l. Beaumont £ Apple... Paradise $80,000 Crop Last Season BEAUMONT apples—synonymous with the best quality fruit jfrown anywhere—soil, water, elevation, climate docs it. Hcaiimont has these ideal conditions-—and the apples—$80,OlK) crop lust season, averaging fl/5 per acre,'is eloquent testimony. APPLES—Sold in the home market—2c to 2,'-.c per pound—equal in cash returns to oranges, lemons and other California fruits dependent upon a market 3000 miles away, and require less expense and experience. The apple zone of California is limited—Beaumont irritfared lands at $140 per acre oiler crop returns to prove its rank with Oregon, Colorado and other apple sections of the world where land values run $600 per acre —more than four times the price of Beaumont irrigated land. Here is the homeseekers' paradise apple paradise. BEAUMONT The Land of Promise Has Become the Land of Fulfillment Sec what 10 months have wrought at Beaumont—population 150 per cent, increase, 102 »»vr building's valued at $100,000, 40 >ie\v businesses established, a bank with £25000 capital, school enrollment increased from 75 to 175 pupils. From a hamlet of-tOO people it has f, r r<i\vn to a young- city of 1,000. The tide of values run higher with each, week and the wise buyer will be a buyer this week. $140 Per Acre In Five and Equaling the Best Apple Land in the World Here Is the Cost to You 5 acres at $140, with water certificate BOO apple trees to plant 5 arres will cost you (Now is the time to plant for thin HCRBOH. Buy now and you'll save at least 0 monthV time.) HERE IS INDEPENDENCE One-fourth of $700 down (175t the balance payable 2 years a) 6 per cent. $700 $125 $825 Free Trips to Buyers On our popular homnHcokcrH* oxciirnionB from I.OH Anneles every Sunday unit Thumluy via 'Southern Pacific, train leaving at H:0fi ii.rn. Stopping at Doltiovlllo, Pomona, Ontario, Colton and Rcdlundn Junction to tuko an ptiHHen- Korn. Join our nuxt trip. You can Buy by Mail •Safely by our plan. Write us for literature and Hpccial tipple growing Information. Maleo rencryiition of 5 or 10 acrox at oncn and Hlnrt planting thin full un<l mive «ix nxjnlhii' limn. CUT OUT AND MAIL COUPON BEI.OW TODAY BEAUMONT LAND AND WATER COMPANY Lecture room 51-1 South Broadway and U2(5 Mercantile! Place, Los AIIKO|<;H. I am interested in UnowiiiK more about Hcaiimont and ita apple riiixinK irritfalod Inntltt and would like to him- you send me literuliire and in formal ion. Alxiul acres would suit mo best and if information is satisfactory 1 may want to KO to llcaumoitt on mic of ynur Sunday orThmxlay excursions. Civi* IMC! railnmd rales Trnm hen 1 . Nume.... Address Covina Armm, II-17-'OH Experience is ci Business A\«n's Greatest Asset \Ve iuive ht:en studying; fabrics and C:S|K'C- ially woolens for twonty-five years in the tailoring 1 business. \Ve now liave a heavily stocked tailor shop in Covina, a branch of our big one in Los Angeles. Place your orders for fall suits with us at the shop formerly owned by Scluimin & SUirdivaul on Citrus avenue. Call and #et acquainted. D. M. Sutherland Co. Gentlemen's Tailoring I. o» A n o r 1 1 s House 280-28.'i Wllcov Annex Why not buy your MILL FEED whore you gc\. the best I'nr the least motley? We make a specialty of Rolled always fresh CH!<?l«.ed IFe-ed of the most approved brands, tested by years of experience by poultry fanciers. HIgH sold on unit basis. You pay for what you ";ct and what you pay for. Deliveries made to all parts of the valley. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. Feel Bad To Day? How's your stomach? Hour—weak—nervous—shaky? Bad taste? Last night's dinner didn't agree? Well, just step over to the drug store and get a bottle of Kodol For Indigestion and Dyspepsia Take a good, liberal dose, and you will bo surprised how good it will make you feel. Kodol makes weak stomachs strong. Kodol is pleasant and palatable. Kodol digests all the food you eat. Keeps the Stomach Sweet POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If yon want the HKST \VOKK at Hie MOST KKAS< )NAIIU'} I'KICKS tfive us a trial. TWKNTY YI'iAKS' expurk'iif.e has taught IIH the CIIKAI'KHT .-UK! HKST way l<; do your laundry. With (irsl-chiKs c(|iii|)iiH-'iit our work and our.methods arc sanitary and ii|)-lo-dalc. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant IlKOS HOIIII- Plionc COVINA MEAT MARKET J. I . Ki:MMI.!., I'rup. <H(liT~,«-n arid 'Ii-Ji v«T)':s tov.'n v. nl r<:i;'-ivi: jii^ );i()c il-iily. ()i<lrr->in l ;»1 tirn Mon . Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, lite. GAS l 10 Sa le- n IK I FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main lineol and n>-ar ^uud town-,. I'lcntyol water ran In- ol<t;iin<-d. Thi . land i-oni- jjri',("i soiue (;l the be-,t ill th<' \',)lli-y and will be sub- divirled into small tracK to -.iiit |/iir' 1 , and -.old at !ov/ pen e-, on i-,i >y trrin-.. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS kl-AL I-;STATI: Sole District Agent (-ovina, Cal.

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