Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 30, 1968 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1968
Page 6
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G—A THE REqiSTBR-NEWS VERXON. ILLINOIS MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1968 Watching Television TONIGHT 1 9:00- -2 Dick Cavett 5 News 6:00- -2 News 1 311 Jack Lelane Shew 11 1 Love Lucv 3 CJI.;JS Pofe J -12 The Lucy Show 5:30- -2-4-5-12 News -1-12 News 5 Snap Judgment 11 Rawhide 8 Porfarit in Profile • 9:30- -3 Dick Cavett Evening 6:30 -2-3 Avengers 4-12 Beverly Hillbillies 6:00- -2 News 11 -12 Underoog 5-6 Concentiation 3 Cactus Pete 4:00- -3 The Hour 11 Love That Bou 8 The Big Picture 6 Popeye 10:00- -2 Pay Cards 6:30- -2-3 Mod Squad 1 1 F-lintstones : 4 -12 Andy of Mayberry 4-12 Lancer C 5nop Judgment 5 -6 Personality 5-6 Orange Bowl 4 -12 Gunsmoke 11 Outer Limits 8 Book Beat -J Movie: "Pushover" 10 :30 -2 What's My Line? 11 Bluehonnet Bowl 5 Mike Douglas 4 -12 Dxk Van Dyke j 7:00- -8 Who Is 3:30- -3 Lone Ranger 5-6 Hollywood Squaies j 7:30-2-3 It Takes a Thief 3-11 Dark Shadows 11:C0- -2-3 Bewitched 1 4-12 Red Skeltun 3:00- -2 Movie: "Nightmare" 4-12 Love of Life 5-6 Julia 5-6 You Don't Say 5-6 Jeopardy 8 What's New 4-12 Edge of Night 11 Twilight Zone 8:00- -5-6 Movie: "Come 9UJBQ tpJ e W B H1 9-S 11:30- -2-3 Funny You Should Aik Sheba" sasut'nbasuo^ JO HJnjx (( i 4 -12 Search For Tomorrow ! 8 Passport Eight 8 Film 5-6 Eye Guess : 8:30- -2-3 NYPD 5-6 1 Dream erf Jeannie 1 11 Cartoons 4-12 Doris Day 4-12 linklettei Show 11:45- -11 King and Odie 8 French Che' Television Review ... 7:00—5-6 Rowan and Martin 8 No Doubt About It 11 Of Lands and Seas 7:30—2-3 Peyton Place 4-12 Lucille Ball 8 What's New 8:00—2-3 Outcasts 4-12 Mayberry R.F.D. 5-6 Urban Crisis 8 Passport Eight 11 College Basketball 8:30-4-12 Family Affair 8 Black Journal 9:00-2-3 Big Valley 4-12 Carol Burnett 9:30—8 Opinion 9:40—11 Peach Bowl 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 Movie: "Boomerang" 10:30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "Double Crossbones" 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "The Iron Curtain" 11:00—11 Movie: "The Soldier* of Pancho Villa" 11:55-4 Movie: "Port Afrique" 12:00—2 Movie: "Let's Rock" 12:10-5 Film TUESDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:20—4 Summer Semes*pr 6:00—4 Town and Country 12 Summer Semester 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Focus Your World 12 Gospel Roundup 6:45—2 Thought For Today 12 Breakfast Show 6: 50—2 Farm Report 7:00—2 Lone Ranger 4 News 5-6 Today 7:30—2 Fury 4 Cartoons 8:00—2 Romper Room 4-12 Captain Kangaoo 8:45—11 Cartoons 11:55-2-3 Childrens Doctor Afternoon 12:00-2 Charlotte Peters . 3-11 Dream House 4 Dennis the Menace 5 Merv Griffin 6-12 News 12:15—6 Pastor Speaks 12:30-3 Make A Deal 4-12 As the World Turns 3-11 TBA 6 Hidden Faces 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game 4-12 Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5-6 Days of Our Lives 11 Make Room For Daddy 1:30-2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 The Guiding Light 6-6 The Doctors 11 Woody Woodbury Show 2:00-2-3 General Hospital 4-12 Secret Storm 5 Another World 2:25-4-11-12 News 2:30-2-3 One Lift to Live 4-12 Edge of Night 5-6 You Don't Say 3:00—2 Mivie: "Action of the Tiger" 3-11 Dark Shadows 4-12 Linkletter Show 5-6 The Match Game 3:30—3 Lone Ranger 4 Movie: "No Sad Songs For Me" 5 Mike Douglas 6 Snap Judgment 11-12 Underdog 4:00—3 The Hour 6 Popeye 11 Flintstones 12 Mike Douglas 4:30—6 Perry Mason 11 Gilligan's Island 5:00-2 Combat 3 Cartoons 4 Leave It to Beaver Back 9-.00—2-3 That's Uf» 4-12 CBS Year End Report 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 8 NET Festival 8 David Suss'< : nd 11 Peiry Mason 10:30—2-3 Joey Sisnop 4 Movie.- "A Song is Born 5-6 Johnny Carson 12 Movie: "The Keys of the Kingdom" 11:00—11 Movie: "The Night My Number Came Up'' 1 1:30-5 Guy Lombard: 12:00—2 Movie. "The Undead" 12:40—4 Movie: "Fort Wortn," World News By CYNTHI ALOWR Y AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The most dramatic moments of tele- I vision in 1968 came not In its ' show business function but in its news coverage. Television cameras permitted a nation to share in the tragedy of two assassinations; to react . to disturbances on city streets; to see war and fighting men in close-up, and to glory in an ad-; Lttle ' venture that took men around j the moon. i It was a year in which most Americans attended, through television, the funeral services I of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We shared the vigil outside the hospital where Sen. Robert F. Kennedy lay dying. We saw the President of the United States as he told us he would not seek j re-election. And television took [ us through every step of the; , complicated and sometimes tur- ' i bulent process that led to the I election of his successor. ! The nation and the world are ; still marveling at the way tele- ; vision permitted us to follow the . 1 astronauts a quarter-million miles into space and back. Television also presented j thoughtful and thought-provok- ' ing documentaries on the prob- j i lems of the Negro and the trou CHRISTMAS IN VIETNAM finds a Marine tank crew decorating a tree just south of the Demilitariz Wendt Goes To Space Shots First Instance -o- -o- -o- -o CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) - As it has been with every But now I live more comforta- ^ 0 check with her. The first instance of Congress exercising its constitutiona pow\ er to declare war wag the dec- Many have i la ration of war against Great blcs of the cities A reoort on I man launched to date," the facei"? than I could any place ir ij stopP ed her on the street and Britain in 1812. blcs of the cities. A report on I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Europe. And for those who don t; asked her if what I said was TOKYO (AP) hunger in America was a shock- j scientists said today they be- 1 the agony i„ . oart u K,, Aw, Q ^i ! believe me, I give them my Japanese er. Day in and day out we saw < ^ last seenon earth J Amen-i^^ address % nd teU them of Vietnam. And| cas nex t astronauts until they lieve Communist China's latest 1 there was baseball, hockey, bas- i return from outer space, hydrogen bomb explosion was i ketball, golf and football and '< Wendt, a native of Germany, the cleanest of China's eight nu- i more football. ; has been a member of the clear tests. There were some especiallyi spacecraft close-out crew of all The Japanese Radioactivity happy events on the entertain-• U ' S - astronaut and monkey Counter-measure Center said • ment side. There was, for in- this was indicated by the lack of i stance, that fine adaptation of i chimpanzee who was the first fallout registered in Japan since l sta 8 e P lav » " A Case of Lithe bomb was detonated Friday ;bel," some absorbing original over the Lop Nor testing | drama, including "The People grounds in western China. AT "~* Tw " " " , *'"~ f - u — Fallout from China's seven previous nuclear tests was de- YOU Con Avail Yourself of the Services Offered by This Agency. Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, INC. SPACIOUS RANCH HOME. Wonderful west side location close to new West Salem school; 7 room all modern brick ranch, large carpeted living room and dining room, stone fireplace, 3 big bedrooms, 2 ceramic tiled baths, huge panelled family room, air conditioners, nice kitchen with many built ins, new garbage disposal, utility room, gas heat; double garage, patio with a tremendous well landscaped lot. Priced to sell. FAMILY RANCH HOME. 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Newly decorated 3 bedroom ranch home, north side location; new w/w carpeting, built in cabinets, large kitchen, built in bath, carport, oil heat, utility room. Priced to sell. NEW LISTING. This one has everything. Lovely colonial, west side location; spacious carpeted living room and dining room, 2 ceramic tiled baths with nice built Ins, 3 bedrooms, big basement with a large family room, fireplace and '/ 2 bath; also, room suitable for 4th bedroom, garage, gas hot water heat; large lot Siown by appointment only. RANCH HOME. West side location. Spacious 5 room large living room, <AA| W% ionic. Hardwood floors, with fireplace, carp Nil I II built in cabinets, built room efficiency all Main street. NORTH SIDE LOCATION—4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, b|g kitchen AAI •» built Ins, family room to cabinets, built uiNIII |l room and dining room, basement, new gas w,r "* lurnace; double garage. Corner lot. Under $20,000.00. |; 9 ACRES—3 bedroom modern home, large living room 26x.»2, kitchen, built In cabinets, furnace; double garage. Located east of Mt. Vernon close in. Pull basement wlth.Jlrep!ace. X5 ACRJSSr— is room modern home; basement, stoker heat, barn, other outbuildings; also lake. Located north of Mt, Vernon, Priced to sell. Next Door." Vladimir Horowitz was presented in a glorious hour of music and tected in Japan within two days Streisand giving after they were conducted. : Central Park - There were man y The center said Japanese jets j more ' collected samples of radioactive | launches beginning with Ham, a chimpanzee who was the first passenger to ride aboard a one- man Mercury spaceship. In between launches, Wendt —now a U.S. citizen—moon- y lights in behalf of the Free we saw Barbra i World making tapes for Radio, a concert in! Free Europe, a job that classi- 1 dust that were 10 counts above normal over Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost main island. But it said the radioactve count was too low to have resulted from the Chinese test. Scientists at Niigata University, 200 miles north of Tokyo, detected radioactive particles in rain water Sunday and believed it resulted from t he Chinese test. But they said all the fissionable particles were too weak to be analyzed properly for information on the purity of the bomb. A slam-bang, fast-paced comedy hour mace its debut last January and soon "Laugh-In" had become the nation's most popular weekly program. A situation comedy with two attractive Negro performers, Diahann Carroll and Marc Copage, made its debut in September and soon "Julia" was the season's most solid hit. There was nothing particularly memorable, sad to relate, about the bulk of the year's regular entertainment shows, and, as always, some shows were dreadful. Perhaps the worst was the in- tlustry's own, the Emmy Awards. LOS GATOS, Calif. (AP) — What kind of a year has it Don Schollander, Olympic been? A year when, for all the sprint swimming medalist, and griping, controversy and fall- I his bride were honeymooning to- out, the average television set day. j was turned on for almost six The 22-year-old Yale econom- hours a day. ics graduate student married 1 Penny Stark, also 22, here Sat- uray. Mrs. Schollander, of NBC's "Roberto Rossellini's rearby Saratoga, is a senior Sicily," on Sunday night was a dental hygiene student at promising special if only be- Bridgeport, Conn., University, cause of the name of the noted They plan to return to Bridge- Italian film director. But it port next week. turned out to be a standard—al- affectionate—travelogue. I The emphasis was on local col-: or, native festivals, scenery, cathedrals and art, its glorious Greek past and harsh present. It was a pretty slow moving hour although occasionally there was some splendid photography. fies him as a "traitor" in East Germany. ~ ' "I just want the people there to know that the United States is a true democracy where anyone can make a go of their life if, they are willing to work," he said. "I also tell them that Americans trust aliens, and put i them in responsible positions. 1 1 know that the people who hear \ my broadcasts realize the Rus-; sians never do that. "I tell them that I had 20 cents when I came to America. GUENTER WENDT true. His mother lives near Beuth University in Berlin where Wendt earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering in 1942. In 1949, he went to work as a mechanic for Ozark Airlines in St. Louis, Mo., and six years later began work for McDonnell Aircraft there, prime contractor for America's Mercury and two-man Gemini spaceships. Wendt was a member of the close-out crew, the small team of men which seals the spacecraft hatch before blastoff, for every Mercury and Gemini ' launch at Cape Kennedy. \ He is now pad leader for ! North American Rockwell | Corp., builder of Apollo space-: I ships, and was one of the last j eight men to leave the white 5, i room before the three Apollo 7 j! astronauts rode into orbit Oct. 11. "Guiener Went," pun-loving Apollo 7 commander Walter M. Schirra Jr. said at the time of Wendt's departure. I Call Larry Burkerr For Courteous, Personalized Service — At — BURKETT REALTY Office: 242-2860 Home: 242-4006 LISTINGS WANTED WANTED REAL ESTATE LISTINGS We have hovers for row home at a fair price. Call Us Dial 242-0251 WILLIAMS & RICHARDSON Realtors 815 S. 10th ANSWER'S TO TODAY'S When Your Mind Is On Medians, Call Us . . . __j, QUIZ We're On The Community Health Team The community health team is as strong as the members on it. Your physician -omes first and then your pharmacist, who is a col- ege - trained professional nember of our local com- nunity health team. Its our business to serve your good health! Recommended tonight: "Or- 1 deal of the American City," ( NBC, -11 EST, two hour special j which is the second in a three- part "white paper" series on I the urban crisis. ANSWERS TO PART II 1-b; 2-e; 3-d; 4-a; 5-c heat; full lot—2806 W. WANTED; LISTINGS. WE HAVE BUYERS WAITING. T. BAILEY, Inc. ^J ^niond Gl Loons Avoltabl* MT. VERNON REALTY CO. THOMAS A. PUCKETT, Broker Mt Vernon, Illinois 823 Harris,un Phone 242-1211 LARGEST FARM BROKERS IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Beautiful 3 bedroom home, full basement, garage, nico shade and shrub*, on 4 acres close in South on Route 'A", close to Rend Lake. Nice 8 bedroom home, full basement, new gas furnace, new carpet, new cabinets, new roof, garage at 1728 Cherry. 200 acres good laying land, well improved land, Northeast of Bonnie. Grocery and general merchandise store In small town doing good business. Owner retiring. Beautiful S bedroom home in good repair with gas heat, garage, large fenced back yard, close to downtown and nigh school. Would consider selling furniture with house. 708 Jordan. Nice house in east edge of Belle Blve in good repair on 8 lots. Out of town owner. Priced for quick sale. 52 acres vacant land close in North. Just off Route 87. 4 room house with small barn on about one acre, 4 miles out on Liberty Road for only $2000.00. 40 acrej vacant land 3 miles out Just off Rlchview Road. Call Any of Ow Salesmen Today Jofco ,Ljpjnax, 242 -8888 Russell McBrlde, 244 0748 I DRUG TROY A- O.ONES R.P.H. 107 SO;TENTH ST. MT. VERKIOM ILL. 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