Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1974
Page 3
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Tuesday, September :t, 1974 (ARK.) StAU Page Women's news Helttfien Hn.m. and -1 •• »». \tnndo\ihrU Ar Calendar of events Tuesday, September 3 Dr, Floyd Goodson of Henderson State College will teach a graduate reading course beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Brookwood School. This course will be for graduate students only and anyone interested should be there promptly on time. The Republican Women's Club will sponsor an "election procedures" film on Tuesday, September 3, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Court Room. Ron Etherton, district field representative for the state Republican party will present the film, and all election officials of the coming November election are invited. Also, any other interested citizen will be welcome. A short business meeting of the Republican Women's club will follow the film. Wednesday, September 4 District 16 of the American Nurses' Association will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 4 in the classroom at Memorial Hospital. All R.N.'S are urged to attend. Sunday, September 8 There will be a Gospel Crusade on Sunday, September 8, beginning at 2 p.m. at the City Hall Auditorium. Featured will be the world's only living Siamese twins; Slim and the Supreme Angels and the great Clarence Fountain. The public is invited. For further information call, Rev. Johnny L. Stuart 7-5637 or contact Ray Patterson. Keeping Clean A clean comb and brush will help keep your hair and scalp free of oil and dirt. Old fashioned potpourri Recipe Remember that old fashioned potpourri commonly called a rose jar, it will take a large quantity of rose petals. You will need to spread the petals out in a dark place to cure. Turn them several times during the curing process. For 1V6 gallons of dried petals make the following mixture: l h. oz. orris root 1 teaspoon oil of lavender 1 teaspoon oil of cloves 1 teaspoon oil of cinnamon '/4 teaspoon rosemary V« teaspoon eucalyptus Vz oz. orange or carnation sachet. with the rose in a tightly- Blend well petals. Place covered jar and let stand four to six weeks. When placed in covered pottery or glass jars, these perfumed petals make very attractive Christmas gifts, say Dolores McBride and Wanda Williams of the County Extension Office. For potpourri bags cut five- inch squares of net or nylon curtain scrim. Place about one- half cup of perfumed petals in the center of each. Bring corners together and tie with an attractive ribbon. Hubby likes to "bathe with Abby" By Abigail Van Buren (c; 1974 by Chlugo Tribune-N. Y. Ntwi Synd., Inc. DEAR ABBY: What would you say if I told you that a supposedly sane 50-year-old man refuses to take a bath without your column? If for some reason our newspaper ever quit printing it, I am sure he would rot. As if this isn't bad enough, he is truly convinced that sometimes his wife tries to destroy the paper before he gets an opportunity to "bathe" with Abby." Is he crazy, or just eccentric? APPALLED DAUGHTER DEAR DAUGHTER: Neither. He's adorable. Please ask him not to splash. I hate to get my hair wet! DEAR ABBY: I love my husband, but sometimes I would like to wring his neck. We have two kids, five and seven, and Joe keeps nagging me for more. He says he "loves" kids. Well, I love them, too, but he is making it very hard for me to raise them right. If I say no, he says yes. When I tell the kids to go to bed and they beg to stay up later, he says: "Aw, why do you have to be so strict? Give 'em an extra half hour." And he says this right in front of the kids! If I don't go along with him, I am'made to look like the mean one. You always say the husband and wife should be on the same team, but how do you get a husband on your team when he always wants to be the "hero?" CAN'T WIN FOR LOSIN' DEAR CAN'T: Tell the "hero" (and not in front of the kids) that children NEED to know what they may and may not do, and parents who allow themselves to be manipulated are doing their children an injustice. Mom and Dad should make those decisions together and stick with them. Always be fair and just. But firm. That's parental love in action. DEAR ABBY: I am living at home and my boyfriend, who lives out of state, is on a very limited income, so he has been writing airmail postcards instead of letters. He writes every day. My mother has been reading his postcards. I am sure of it because she seems to know everything he has written on them. He sometimes gets a little mushy and also writes some short poems which I consider beautiful, but very personal. I told my mother that 1 would appreciate it if she would NOT read my postcards, and she said anything written on a postcard could be expected to be read by the mailman and anyone else who handled it. Abby, I feel that if a person has real character he will not read even a postcard. What do you think? OKLAHOMAN DEAR OKIE: I think it is foolish to expect that which has been written on a postcard to remain confidential. Suggestion: Give your boyfriend his Christmas present early, and send him some airmail postage stamps- CONFIDENTIAL TO "EMBARRASSED NOW": My medical experts inform me that Herpes 2 should not (repeat NOT) be classified as a venereal disease. Although it is possible to contract it through sexual relations, it is by no means the ONLY way. No need for you to b# embarrassed. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. Fojf Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. 90212 <ihg fat in large pings* Combine up M*> eider and celery seed, stirring to idd 16 meat, CoVef tightly and took slowly " irship* and earrdb and took sl&ivly, fe lon^f dr Until meat and vegetables ove pot-roast and Vegetables to hot «fCooking liquid With bjend of fldur and Vegetables Luncheon honor Long cardigan tops fall styles y J «dy Love A Ae bulky sweater is going the gl lo "8 wa - v this fal1 - It>s pa number one topper for tho ' " stretches out over ne w skirt lengths and a "this season 1 ' look to - —. 0 you wear. tcf I ve 6°t a sweater for you 1 Crochet that's right with It's a long car- shirt-shape with chic 1 stripes, bordered in ^color. Worn open, it's a or a casual topper, and belted, it's an . pulled-together top. use Bernat's bulky Sportspun yarn for ped sweater. It takes ~Q\ *; to 10 balls of the main fn K . (two '0unce size) and six * V'ght of the contrasting • depending on the size 'sweater you crochet. A ,H crochet hook should : you the perfect gauge. - sweater is wonderfully "We with or without a , The choice is up to n - you'd like this topper ~nah ° rm more as a coat tV± n a sweater, you'll be with the extra bit of Mness and warmth that >.oloi *r I ini n ' ng will add. Information on cutting and inserting linings are included with the direction for crocheting. Crocheting instructions for this sweater are available for sizes small (10-12), medium (12-14) and large (16-18). To obtain your instructions please send 50 cents to Stitchin' Time, c/o this newspaper, Radio City Station, Box 503, New York, N.Y. 10019. Ask for leaflet No. 403 and be sure to enclose your name, address and zip code. KNIT KNACKS ' Dear Judy Love: I have a favorite sweater that I've worn so much holes are now in the elbows. Is there anything I can do to save the sweater? - V.M. Illinois, i Dear V.M.: Have you thought about making a sleeveless sweater? All you need do is take out the sleeves and stitch around the openings to keep them from stretching. Then use either matching or contrasting yarn to crochet a row or'two around the opening. You now have a sweater you can continue wearing.' Best, Judy Love. POLLY'S POINTERS Change tumblers irk this driver By Polly Cramer A luncheon was given on Saturday, August 24, in honor of Miss Sheryl l>atcham who was married to Mark Pendergraft on August 31. Hostesses were Mrs. Kenneth Madlock, matron of honor, Miss Jill Herring, maid of honor and bridesmaids Karlene Coleman, Robin McLelland and Susan Priscock. For the occasion, held at the Heritage House, Sheryl chose to wear a floor length dress of pink and orchid doited swiss. She was presented a corsage of baby gardenias. The mothers of ihe couple, Mrs. Ernest Lai- chain and Mrs. Eugene Pendergraft were presented corsages of white carnations. An arrangement of pink and How To Make Fiber Flowers Polly's Problem = reL EAR POLLY - Firs t, I would like to know if any fro can tel1 me how to remove a candlewax stain clntil a p ' ece of antic l ue marble. I have tried using a "in soaked in bleach and scouring cleanser. They did n°t work. Here is a great decorating idea. The flowers made from twine arc brightly colored in dye solutions. They are surprisingly easy to make, inexpensive and look like the expensive, imported ones you may find in stores. Supplies: Cream or light brown sisal or baling twine, liquid or powder Kit dye, fine and medium wire, green floral tape, scissors, wire cutter, old newspaper or paper towels. General Directions: Cut twine in about 8 inch lengths for each flower and unravel. Cut .shorter lengths, about 4 to 5 inches, for each flower center; unravel. A wide tooth comb can be used to help unravel; discard tangled fibers. Tie lengths loosely into bundles using a small piece of twine. For each chosen color, prepare dye solutions by mixing 1 tablespoon liquid dye or 1 teaspoon powder dye in one quart hot tap water. Submerge bundles in dye solutions for about 10 minutes or until color is as desired. Dye flower center bundles in contrasting col- ors. Rinse in cool water and drain on paper towels. When dry, loop medium wire around center of a bundle of 4 lo 5 inch fiber lengths (cut wire twice the length desired for flower stem) and twist wire ends together, l-'old twine ends together and secure by wrapping around fine wire just above the loop. Trim twine flower center edges lo desired length. Repeat for remaining flower centers. Place longer lengths of dyed twine in a contrasting color evenly around a flower center and lie securely with fine wire. Trim edges; bend and shape with fingers. Repeat for all flowers. To finish flowers, wrap with flon.l tape, beginning just slightly above where wire is tied around the fibers and continuing until entire stem is covered. Fiber flower container: A natural rattan container was dipped into a dye solution to add color, to qomplement'.the. fiber flower arrangement. Centerville EHC meets Centerville Extension Homemakers Club met on August 21 at the Fair Park. Mrs. E.G. Bright read the minutes of the last meeting and subject matter leaders were chosen for the coming year. Watermelon was served to the seventeen present. The September meeting will bu held at Mrs. Luna Underwood's on the Rosston Rd. ith h ? anv P . et Pee ves but one of the most annoying is eir n pe 'eaving a performance of any kind, getting in indou y* d incm 'ng their way up to the parking ticket w ^nev a ]? d then having to get out a billfold or purse for "^ thfI and P er haps wait for their change. The wear and tear 0 nDlBu erves ° f those in the cars behind would be helped if P e £**"*? tneir money ready. Also think of all the gasoline W ^)liv W a11 those . motors are running. *• se« as ' {ed ^ or an i nex pensive and unique way to paper i\\s nn,', ag room walls - Sne should inquire at some store that s Jriir ni,j rns> Tnev mi 8 ht 8 ive or s eH inexpensively some of 1 iisM dated lar £ e Pattern books. These large pages could to paper her walls either butted against each other 'ht rows across and up and down or in a staggered '" lUles are sometimes placed. — MRS.H.I.A. "' * " and Olive — An idea my mother used in my Shirt-detailed cardigan is long on versatility for fall wear. Hospital Notes BRANCH HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Scott, McNab; Hazzard, Mrs. both of Hope; GENERAL Mrs. Barbara Mrs. Clemmie Kate Gosnell, Mrs. Blanche be T nii« at home and in those of my brothers might be used iiV aVJ her sewing room. Mother put panelin w *Jn i, ? uburla P covered the other two. In a sma on two sewing «*-- . •••-> wmiay vuvcicu me uiuer iwu. in a smaii sewing ro ron Durla P on all four walls would doubtless be great. M Wirs tf 1 had off ' whi te burlap but Olive could use any of the -rttnt, a are available. Always remember the color of the 8 a ^2n I i^ p u er " nde . rne ath is going to peep through a tiny bit. Whl ^i im ft , home 't J ust happened that Mother turned my old room into her sewing room and found the burlap great. She cou Hn her P att erns up conveniently to where her sewing naX5»"ie is placed. After six years the room still looks ter• f'-f UJNNiE. POLLY - My Pet Peeve is with those who put ma- chl ot ' rest rooms - etc., that contain all sorts of things However, n0 ne I have ever seen hold disposable diapers. Of te"' nave been downtown for just a short time and never tbouen {,„ extra di aper would be neec i e d. Then my toddler woi»J° 'Set into trouble. If we mothers knew such diapers wer^ Available it would often save us from having to carry a diaper bag. -KAREN. 5 > D *fnh POLLY ~ Mrs-J.H.M. who wants to use old stockings J°r making a rug must first cut her hose into strips by gou ^rino - 1 ; 1 ?•"? round lik . e Peeling an apple. Each single stoc*t'»e will be in one continuous strip. Tie all strips together to "|«ke one piece. Three strips can be braided together. Whe-Ji ine desired amount is braided coil it to make the center ni the rug. Shape in an oblong or circle as desired and stitcn P eces together by hand as you would any braided rug. Before the wor k starts the hose can be dyed any desired color or colo rs . _ HELEN Galloway, Ashdown. DISMISSED: Mrs. Delia Flemons, Prescott; Herman Smith, Mrs. Nina Anthony, Aubrey Smith, Mrs. Corine Kidd, Jesse J. Hardee, all of Hope. NEW ARRIVAL Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scott, McNab, son born August 31. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Terry Don Baternan, Murfreesboro: Pastor Ramirez.East Chicago, Ind.; Wirt W. Garland, Emmet; Mrs. Jennie Mayton, Patmos; Joyce Lemley, Rosston; Howard Milam, Mrs. Wayne Loe, Lonnie Tullis, all of Hope. DISMISSED: R.L. Ross, James Betts, Travis Smith, Mrs. David Griffin, all of Hope; Mrs. Walter H. Huckabbe, Washington. NEW ARRIVAL Mr. and Mrs. Terry Don Bateman, Murfreesboro, son born September 2. I TWO C»» U*Kl FJ3' »w»- v «rt, '• r r— - T—i t&i n r —« r 4^. 'NKWSI'AHKK Hats Are Tops Using hats as dramatic fashion accents in any season is a stylish,idea that has returned and should be here to stay. tint floor p<on WHEN ONE THINKS OF NEW ORLEANS, one thinks of wrought-iron, laced balconies across an entire width, with supporting grill panels above and wood columns below. In Plan HA842M, the second floor balcony creates a cover for the long porch below. Inside is the expected curving stairway with dining room and living room on opposite sides of the large foyer. Directly behind is an all-purpose room. The living room supports the New Orleans atmosphere of lush vegitation, with a greenhouse behind. Upstairs, four bedrooms are available, one used as a maid's room if desired. Three of the bedrooms have access to the unroofed sun deck at the left. Architect Rudolph Matern, 89 E. Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, N.Y. 11501 will answer queries about the cost of the blueprint if the query comes with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. orchid cat-nations with white daisies and baby's breath centered the table where 1m* cheon was served. A Kift in her chosen pattern of china was presented to the honoree by the hostesses. Out of town guest was Miss Ann Roche of Muncie, Indiana. Other guests were members of the wedding party. Mrs. Ross hosts Nehon Hill Post Nelson Hill Post No. 427 of the American Legion met August 27 in the home of Mrs. Annie L. Ross al 707 S. Spruce. It was announced that the Post won a trophy at the 12th District meeting at Texarkana for signing up the largest number of members in the least lime. Commander C.G. Car: rnichael presented the trophy to the group at the meeting. After the meeting there was a repast given in honor of the young people who will be selling poppies for the Post. Eye Care Beware of waxing eyebrows to remove unwanted hair - too hot wax or iaulty removal of dry wax can cause burns ana even scars. Double Duffle New brightly-colored duffle bags do double service. Use them to store bulky blankets and provide extra seating in a den or dorm. News of yesteryear Resuming activities for the chapter year, the Pat Cleburne chapter, U.D.C. held its September meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ben Goodlett near Ozan, with Mrs. Alma Hanna, and Mrs. G.W. Stewart as associate hostesses. ; The attractive living room of this hospitable country home was aglow with colorful late summer flowers, including lovely roses, altheas, zinnias and petunias, which were also used in the dining room and halls. ../• .-v,...••. The meeting was opened by the retiring president, Mrs. C.S. Lowthorp, and following the ritual and chapter hymn, the salute was given to the Confederate flag, after which the president called for reports from the different standing committees, and the treasurer's report and the minutes from the June meeting. Delegates were elected to the state and general conventions, convening in October and November respectively. Mrs. F'anny Garrett made the following report for the nominating committee, Mrs. W.O. Shipley, president in the place of Mrs. C.S. I J owthorp l resigned, Mrs. J.A. Henry, first vice president; Mrs. Dorr Smith, second vice president!^ Mrs. D.H. Lipscomb, recording' secretary; Mrs. Pat Casey/ corresponding secretary; Mrs'.' W.W. Duckett, treasurer; Mrs. Wilbur Jones, registrar; Mrs,*^ Charles Locke, historian; Mrs.- J.S. Gibson, recorder of crosses; Mrs. George Spragins;" 1 parliamentarian; Mrs. Fanny Garrett, agent Southern 1 Magazine; Mrs. E.S. Richards;director of music; Mrs. W.OV 1 Shipley, poet laureate; Mrs'.-" H.C. Whitworth director ofi Clara Lowthorp C.C. of chapter?" A short program including a'«' sketch of the life of Margarep Mitchell, author of "Gone Witjp the Wind" was given by Mrs.^ Sid Henry. The next meeting will be held on the first Thursday in October, place to be announced in this column. During the social hour the hostesses served a most tempting salad course with cookies arid iced tea. FALL CURTAIN GOING UP ON ACTlll 1AO/K SPECIALTY SHQf>

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