Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 8
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sir: On Tuesday, November Sth, 1912, |be voters of this County will be called upon to elect a ent of officers, and the Rq)ublican County Central Committee are desirous of the.election of COUNTY. fW. B«I>reMiiUUTe, 20th Diit BAXTBR-D. McCLAIN '1 • -For County Clerk R. B. CULBBRl^N For County Treasurer FRANCES A. WIUSON • For Register of Deedi J. W. LAURT • ' For 'Cotiifty Attorney R. B. CULLlSbN • For Probate Judge J. B. SMITH • rot Bherlfl HOOVER KERR ,1 For Coroner R. N. MeinUiBN For ^upt of Pub. Inatoaetlon MRS. B. W. MTLER For County Snmyor H. U PAL8TRINO , |rtor;Clerk,ot District Court JOHN W. BROWN -— For.County Aseeaaor /B..a BBTNOLDS -— For!co. Cowm'r, 2nd Dlst H. 0. STEPHENSON . For Co. pomm's, 8rd Diet B. P. BRIGHAM Dear Sir: full c(»np]ement. thit whdl« Repnblidsui County Ticket by the tisual majbrity. In order that every voter may be fully in- forni^ aA Vo.tbe,jiaines, offices and positions of the several candidates on the Republican Counfy Ticto, wfi have concluded to set out a sample as the same will appear upon the official ballot, and which you will find on this pa^.' , Our Democratic opponents realize that they ^nnot: be elected by;the votes of their own party/'and without any particular regard as to the merits or qu^U- fications of their candidates th^ are relying chiefly upon rumored disturbances and defections in the.Re­ publican ranks, or such discord as they may be able to create tlierein. And while for a time we apprehend- cd 4hat there might be some actual defection result from tliis sort of campaign, we are now, on the eve of election, |^ad to say that the party is statiding practically ks a unit behind the County Candidates, and tliejr election seems assured. As an illustration of this feeling an15ng the Republicans of the County generally, we take the liberty of quoting the following: "That in as much as the leaders of the Democratic party, in this ,County,^re relying on a substantial Republican defection, among the voters of tlie County, hoping thereby to succeed in the election of Democrats to the public offices of the County, we hereby recommend that the Republican voters of the County, ^'ve the candidates on the Republican ticket their undivided support" (Extract from Resolutions passed by the Taft Club, October 22nd, 1912.). "The Allen County organization is working for the entire state, district and county ticket and invites the Republicans who favor the election of Mr. Taft to join them in the work." (Extract from statement issued by the Roosevelt Club, October 22nd, 1912.). And the Committee feels assured that this sentiment seems to prevail all over the County in regard to I - ' the County Ticket. Never in tlie .historj' of local politics have the Deinocratic candidates for County offices devoted more" time and expense in an effort to establish themselves in the Court House. They have automobiled over the County, in every direction, many times, and have scattered their appeals in the nature of photographs along every roadside, at everj* cross-road and in every window—in fact, not content with individual posters and .lithographs,'they liave wound up their campaign in a burst of glory by distributing for your edification a fidU page group dithbgraph of themselves, thus af^tealing to every trick of light and shadei tint and color known to the photograph^ in order to convince the voters of Allen County that they should adorn the Court House for thPnext.MhfW) years. While the Committee must not be understood as yielding the blue ribbon to our Democratic opponents in their Beauty-Show contest, we believe that the voters of this County are more^in- terestod in the iterits and qualifications of the candidates seeking their suffrage and support for office for two years than in a momentary photographic display; and i^r that reason we desire to call your attention briefly but-i^'all seriousness to the able and efficient array of candidates before you on the Republican County Ticket this y^r: FOR REPRESENTATIVE. Baxter D. McCIain is a native Kansan, a UMvyer by profession and practice, has been a resident of Allen County for more than twelve years, and has never aspired to or held any public' office. He has worked as a retail clerk, attended Ohio State University, taught school five years, served in the Spanish-American war, is a son of. of Ciyi) war veteran, and h*s practiced law thirteen vears. In his announcement of June 28th, 1912, after summarizing his position, Mr. McClain 'stated that his decision to run for the legtslatm^e was principally through a desire to simplify, condense and harmonize the^ws of our State without in any way disttu-bing its set^cd policies; and his long, active practice in the various Courts of the State and in all sorts of litigation esp«dany qualifies him for l^slative work. Mr. McClain's ii^dustry, ability and integrity will assure Allen County of an active, impersonal representation, while bis independence woulcl insure fair consideration to all persons in all matters. The people'of Allen County are-most fortunate in having the omx»tunity of securing the public services of so able a representative, and they slipuld avail .themselves of the s^e by a decided majority for -^r. McCIain at' the •election. . » FOR COUNTY CLERfL R. E. Culbertsonisa^i old Allen County boy, having livetj here practically all his life, so that this fact, coupled with his distinguished and efficient service as an official, m»ces ftfi-tber intro^luction unnecessary. Day in and day out, alf^^ous^-the year, "Bob" Culbertson is to" be found on the job|—courteous, affable^ and always willing to give'you the details of his very intricate office-^-and he has them' ready and at hand. What misfortune did iq wreddng his frail liody so that he 'cannot do .manual labor, nature piade up by endowing him with a geni^otts heart and a'capable mind—qualifications - that have more than once saved Allen County mcHieyl Only last July, after the State'Tax Commission had raised the assessment on all Allen County real estate tcn;,po- cent, without notice to anyone, ^d when one day would have made it too late to remedy, Mr. Ctilbertsoir detected this raise from a 'communicatioa.apon another matter, and immediate^jr ''got bu^** by g^tii^Jdie.Conitty.CommtsskMeTS t^set&d^ who with delations- of dttzens from over Im Comity went to T(^dca fortified with £»cts: furnished themiby Oilbertson, and the raise was recalled with the result jthat more tlu^ StS^)0O.tXf w^ire saved to the taxpayers in this one instance alone—enough to pay "Bob" Culbertson's saU^ry for quite a While. The voters of the County owe it to hfan and to themselves to keep himrigln where he is. FOR COUNTY TREASURER. Frances Wilson was born in'Allen County and has lived here all her life. She is and has been a taxpayer as far back as she can remember! Miss Wilson made the primary race against three prominent men of this County, and won in tht contest without leanng her work; and if elected she will go into the office without any promises or arran|{^ents whatever, except that of giving her entire time and attention to the duties of the office. Ifer qg^ifications and efficiency are be>'ond questipn, and her conduct of the offke will be exemplary in evtiy way. \ FOR REGISTER OF DEEbs. John W. Laury has been a resident of Alien County for thtrtyrfive years, and has been a Republican all his life: and has pnbtMy assisted «s many other njcn into office a% any other citizen of the County. Two >xars ago he was ele<3«4 Kegisterof ppeds and is now a candidate for rejection. Prior to that tune Mr. Latny was a farmer. r^'dSng opon^the limrilb^t be broke-up from 0ie open prairie, where he reared a large and useful famil/.^ w)}|T« he devoted Ks time and infhtence in he^^ngmake the Allen County of todav„ Mr. Laury's oondadt of his office dmins hi^ |>resent term has been very satisfactory. %Qd he is fhvays to be found there with h^s affable manner wd readiness to serve the'pnblic. Under all the rules of precedent, as well as the rew»ri| of meritorious service. Mr» Latiry is entitled to a re-election this fall. FOR COUNTY ATTOI|NEY; R. E. CuUison, ^epii^>lican Candidate for County Attorney, was bom on a farm in Greene County, Indiana, thirty-five ytm and when six years of «ge came to Kansas with his parents where bis father entered the MethodistJMjiJitry. By reason pf the ca^tofb of the Church, Cullisoo has lived in the foltewing .towns of southeastern KuwMtCaney, Galesburg, Th»w. M Emporia, ReMling, Melvem and Altoona. graduated at the Empori*: High^School m |896 and at the College of Emporia in 1899.. While at the College'he won the kxal oratorical contest and received first place b'thought and composition in the; State. Oratorical Contest and «ras atsb senior member "of the winning Prize Debate team. Aft* Jeavii^ the college he received the degree Of Master of Arts by reason of specul study. He todk his law<ourse,at the .KanswUniversity and b^an the^n-actice of law in lola. He was elected Police Judge of The City of 1901 on the Republican Tidcet ami was rejected without any opposition from the' DemoQiats. Lh.i9(K he was'^)poi||ited Dty Attorney of lOla and'was re-appointed in 1906 and while Dty Attorney had foityiiiine cases, of wjUch he loj5t.<^^ While his opponent has lived in the Coimty; Cu&son has had twenty-two fury trials, of which he hak iostlfour, had three hung juries and won fifteen;-his opponent has had eight jury trials, lost dght; had no JMing juries and won none. The painted dockef of the ?fptcmbcr, 1912, Tenn of the District Court of Allen County shows that Cullison had twenty-eight cases while his opponent hid six.^ \ - ^ If elected to the office of County Attorney he, will perform all the duties with honest zeal, to the best • of his ability and without fear or favor. FOR PROBATE JUDGE. J. B. Smith, bbm in Springfield, Illinois, November 1st, 1853, came to Allen County, in. 1879, looting on a farm in Salem Township where he remained until 1893, and he then took up his residence in Humboldt until 1895. As" Judge Smith is the best known man in Allen County, it is needlessTo attempt any. introduction of liim to the voters. The office he occupies is one of peculiar trust and requirement] It Jha^tb do chiefly with the care and control of the person and property of the unfortunate, the insane, the imbedlerand the minor bereft of parental help and control either by death or neglect. The duties arising in this off iceiOc- tend over long periods of time in most cases, and it is not only important but almost imperative that the discharge of these duties should be intrusted to a Judge familiar with the matters in their incepjtion and con-, tinuwljyith settled policies until they arc finally discliarged. and administered by the aid of knowledge and experience peculiarly required in such matters. Judge Smith has these qualifications, as may be abundantly sliowh by grown-up wards of his throughout the County, and if.elected will continue the conduct of the office in. the careful and prudent manner given in the past. FORSHERIFF. ' ' > As the Republican nominee for the important office of Sheriff of Allen County, Hoover Kerr is asking the voters to give him the endorsement at.the polls on November 5th, 1912, strictly upon his merifs-and the record he has made in the office during his two years of service. If he has made one single mistake, -it has been absolutely an error to which all humanity is subject and liot an act of malice, prejudice- or reven^. He has endeavored to carry" out to the best of his ability every policy of law enforcement with- impartiality to all. The processes of thd court have been served upon friend and foe alike, without notoriety dr bluster. Prior to his term as Sheriff he served as jailor and under-sheriff and his riecord there stands unimpeachable. He has lived on the farm ever since being a resident of the county" which has been'for-the last thirty years, he is accustomed to long hours, hard work and know the necessity of devotion to duty if success shall attend his efforts. He wants to be your Sheriff on the ground that he is fitted in every way to serve you faithfully and well; Your vote on November 5th will be gratefully appredated. Vote for HOOVER KERR FOR^ SHERIFF. FORCORONER. Dr. R. N. McMillen, Candidate for Coroner, has practiced his profession in Tola thirteen years, who. if elected, will give his best efforts to the'duties of the office. FOR SUFT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. ^ Mrs. E. VV. Myler a.sks a second term-as County Superintendent. During her year and a half in^he office she has given her entire time and energy to the work of the schools and if re-elected will cbntinuelo do so. With the cooperation of the school boards much has been accomplished in the way of modem im- provem'ents during thats.time. Fully half of the country school houses have been equipped with modern heating and ventilating system.s, cement walks have been put in, and floors have been oiled. : Better lighting of the school rooms has been secured by the rearrangement of seats wherie necessary,, and in many cases b3r the use of shades which can be so adjusted as to let in the light but keep out the glare of sunlight. -The intrcH duction of agriculture as a study has done much to bring the instruction into toUch with the every-day life of the children. It has been so correlated with other work as not to materially increase the burdens of either teachers or pupils, furnishing as it does matter for the composition work, and for supplementary reading, geography and arithmetic. Mrs. Myler has insisted on neat and^uniforni arrangement of manuscripts and with the co-operation of the teachers the practical side of English composition and letter writing is being emphasized. Instruction in patriotism and ethics has not been n^lected. Definite results in these and all lines of; school work, are being accomplished. Mrs. Myler's educational qualifications and teaching experience more 'than cover, the work of the rural, grade and high schools under her jurisdiction. She attends educational meetings -and reads educational literature, and if re-elected plans to continue tliosc modern . improvements and methods which meet the needs of the schools of Allen Osunty. FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR, -Henry L. Palstring. the Republican Candidate, was born in Mtmcie. Delaware County, Indiana, September ^th, 1861, came to Humboldt, Kansas, with his parents in Msty, 1867. He attended the district school, the Humboldt High School and the State Normal. He commenced teaching at the age of nineteen and continued teaching until 1900, when he was electa! County Surveyor. He occupied this position.two terms. He was re-nominated in the primaries of 1912 without opposition. He and his family live on a farm near Humboldt. i - FOR CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT. John W. Brown, Republican Candidate for Clerk of the District Court, is an lola township product. His people settled there in 1857, and he was born three miles south and five miles west of Tola, February 16th, 1876. He is now married,, his family consisting of a wife and three children. John W. Brown is one Allen County boy that has had an interesting and laborious life. At the age of sixteen, he set about acquiring an education. How hard he worked; how faithful he labored; how well he succeeded is partly revealed by his having been graduated from the common schools of .Mien County; from the Kansas State Normal School at Emporia and from tlie Kansas University at Lawxence, working at odd jobs morning, evening anu night; spending his vacations, sometimes with a threshing outfit in the west; sometimes in the pacicing houses at Kansas City; sometimes in the cement plants at lola; once serving in the volunteer army against Spain, and later by teaching he managed to make the money that paid his expenses four years in Emporia and three years at the University. • ; . Mr. Brown has served two years as Clerk of the District Court. He was re-nominated without opposition at the August Primary. He asks the voters of this County for a second term. His work in the office is on the square and has proven him to be a competent man for the place. He should be rewarded with another term, November Sth, 1912. VOTE FOR BROWN. FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Doctor Reynolds was born in Illinois thirty-six years-ago, was educated in the public schools and; as money was not plentiful in the family, went to work early in life at the machinists trade. While engaged at .his occupation an accident caused the loss of his right hand which, while incapacitating-htm as a maGbinbt. made him realize the necessity for a broader and more comprehensive education. He, with what fittic moiwy / he had to bqjin with, worked his way through the Valparaiso College in Indiana, graduating from there in 1900. He then worked his w^y through medical coU^e by teaching chemistry and graduated from the Bennett Medical College in Chicago. ' Doctor Reynolds has, until this last summer, been engaged in the drug business in lola for the past ten years and by courteous treatment and fair dealings has always enjoyed a nice business. Deciding that the drug business was too confining he retired and now desires tcK serve the people in the capacity of County Assessor. He has never before run for office and promises to turn his entire attention to the duties of tl»- office to which he aspires and promises faithful performance of duty if elected.. We ask your support for • him on his clean record, both as a busiiiess man and as a private citizen. FOR COMMISSIONERS. H. O. Stephenson, the nominee in the Second Commissioner's District of Allen County, is now en- ga^ in the livery business in the City of LaHarpe, but prior to that time was a farmer, and has been a resident of Allen County for twelve years. Nothing that we conld sav in reference to his qualifkaficNis'fbr office could possibly add to" the information of the people of his District, but we can assure the voters that Mr. Stephenson is a capable man and entitled to be elected by a good majority. .E. P. Brigham, the nominee in the Third Commissioner's District of Allen County, is. now,. and for many years past, has been eengaged in the mercantile business in the City of lola—in fact, hie is one of the old timers and needs no introduction to any of the older residents of the County, and very litUe to the-newcr ones, except that he has been a successful business man. a large property owner in the city, and well qualified to help manage the affairs of the county. From the foregoing, it will be apparent to every voter having in mind his own as \ well- as the country's welfare, that we are not appealing to his fancy, ^ssion or prejudice in support of the, RepuUican. candidates, but are trying to assist him in a selection of officers for Allen County by appealing to his reason and good judgment as to the comparative fitness of the several candidates seekiqg these county offices. As we view it, your duty to yourself as well as to the County demands that you consider the rights, integrity and ef^dency of each candidate, and that your voice and vote should be for those who have gtv ^i the amnty the. best of service in the past and are entitled to re-election, and, to those who are able and willing to'jpvt equal good service in the futtire if elected. •' ' • . Relying on' your good judgment, whether you be a Republican, Regular or Pkt ^e^ve, Democrat, Socialist or Independent, the .Committee submits the matter to you with ah abiding fafth'diat'yhen. tbe Returns are in the merits of the Republican county candidates will have been property Fewardedi' f . . ALLEN COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITT^ ,^.E.,W. Stanfield, Secretary. By C. C. Aushermah, C^A^man- >

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