The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 12, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1892
Page 4
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4. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 12, 189». THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICIAL PAVEH OF CITY AND COUNTY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. I,. NI'ONNI.KIi, Killfor. TKKM8 OF ailUHOItllTION. The NF.WS IK ny carrlerw In Hutchinnon, South Hutchinson, and all sun- urhH, at 15 rents a week. The paper may be ordered by postal card, or by telephone tNo. 3), and will DC served early and regularly. S-t 00 . 2 00 no Engineering Magazine. The article is entltWWar a Hundred Years Hence,'' and the author takes the position that the perfecting of military science will lessen rather than odd to the destructive eifects of wnr. It is his opinion, nevertheless, that another century will witness such an increase in the complexity of social arrangements that war will he a material and moral impossibility. Please report any irregularity of service or change of address to the NKWS r"*-~ ' fllately, and it will be rectltled. BMIiV—BY MAIL. One copy, one year One copy, six months One copy, one month WEEKLY. One copy, one year >1 00 One copy, six months..,. , 00 Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. '.). In orderllng the NEWR by mail, state issue wanted, dally or weekly,, city, county and state. If subscriber chanRes place of residence, Rive former address as well as present, and slate issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chicago ofllcc, o70 Kookery building. C. E. SIDLINGER. THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONS. CoiiKri 'SHtotuil. The Republican Congressional convention for the nomination of a representative for the Seventh district will be held in Kingman, June 1HII2. MHion will be State Convention. The Republican state conv held In Topeka. .nine 30, 1S1I2. County Convrntlnii. Tne Republicans otHeno county. Kansas, •will meet in delegate convention in the cllv of Hutchinson, on Saturday, the'iiird day o'f July, 1802. at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.. for the purpose of placing In nomination candidates for: Clerk of the District Court, f ProbateJudge. _, County Attorney, County Superintendent. One Commissioner from the Third Coin- mlBsloner District. Delegates to the convention shall be elect- by the several wards and voting precincts at primaries duly called by the county central committeemen of, their respective wards and votingprcclncts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said countv convention will be one delegate-at-larg"e for each voting precinct in the county, and one delegate from every uventv-live votes or fraction thereof, and one alternate for each delegate, cast for Hon. Frank L. Martin for Judge at the November election. 1HP1. Under which rule delegates arc ap- K irtioned to the several voting precincts as Hows: Albion .'ijReno North Arlington ... 5|Reno South 4 Hell :i!Uoscoe •! Castleton '.'.Sail Creek :i Center -I'Suimner 'J Clav HjSylvIa :i Knterprlse '-iiTroy :\ • Irani -tiVallev 4 Grove D'Walnut Haven Westminster :i Haves :i!Hut(-hlnson— The Rank and File For Jones. The magniflcient campaign made by Coi.. HAI.I.OWKI.1. for congress two years ago, was remarked of by every Republican in this district. It is like the canvass of a state, and requires a man of physical force as well as mental Hut in the light of the present if Hon. 3. \V. ,!6 NT;S is nominated, he will make a greater campaign than did the gallant colonel. Mr. JOXKS has studied the economical questions of the day as relating particularly to the interests of the farmers of Kansas, until he can present them in the most powerful and convincing manner. In every county where he has made a canvass the rank and iile of the farmers and business men are for him and from this fact he will probably be nominated. It is the thing for the Republicans of this district to do. for there would be little, if any doubt as to his election. Once in congress he will stand the peer of any man who has had the honor to represent the people of Kansas in that great body, and central and western Kansas will have an advocate of whom they will be proud. The rank and file of the party is for him and he should really be nominated by acclamation. the Bplrits arc deposited in a bonded werehousc erected by a private Individual and stored there until the tux btbomcs due, but in no case is the government liable for any expenses incurred in the storing of distilled spirits of any kind. Heforc any distiller commences to operate a distillery he executes a bond, a condition of which, among other things, is for the payment of a tax upon spirits produced by him, and when spirits arc placed in flic warehouse, which he is required to provide, an additional bond, known us the "warehouse bond,' is executed for a payment of tax upon the said spirits. A Comparison, The distance from East Siginaw, Michigan, to Clayton, Mo., is ,s,'li) miles; the freight rate on salt to that point is 21J(I cents per hundredweight, or . 1.21 mills per mile. Clayton Is from Hutchinson, the rate Is 15 cents, or 11.71 mills per toil per mile. Fort Scott is 340 miles from Hutchinson; the rate is UK cents per hundredweight; to Clayton, Mo., (only seven miles farther) the rate Is 13 cents per hundredweight, or a difference of 3% cents. Does that look to be fair? Is it any surprise that the salt manufacturers of Hutchinson made complaint to the Interstate Commerce Commission'. 1 Kansas salt must have an outlet, and that without discriminations, and to that end the people of this region will vigorously labor. etation is growing luxuriantly, The wheat fields of the west two -thlrdB of Kansas, never gave better promise. These facts have a political significance. __________ JKRHY HIJII'BON hopes to see the election of the next president thrown into the house of representatives. Hut he needn't feel so elated. The Democrats have a majority without him. He'd get nothing out of it. Folltlcnl Notes. The platforms adopted by the different Republicon state conventions are all plain, positive and comprehensive, and the voters con easily see -where th e party stnnds upon every question of public interest and importance.— Newton Kansas. Brother Watterson says he wouldn't go around a corner to name the next president. It seems necessary to remind Brother Watterson that the next president will not be named oround the corner. The conventions will not be conducted on the Kentucky plan. St. Joseph News. "Hockless" Simpson is opposing the bill forbidding rtealin'g in options, which causes the Leavenworth Times to sav that when Jerry gets through his term as congressman he will not be too poor to wear soeks if he is economical, but the farmers of the Seventh district will knock the socks off him next Novcinber.—Sedalia Gazette. Huhtsvllle •Langdon Mnroln Utile Ulver... L.oda Meilford Medora •Nlnnescah. ... Plevna SI The committee recommends that the primaries in townships be held on 7 , liur*iia.v, July "1st. 1HM12, from ~ to 4 p. m.. and in the cities of Hutchinson and N'lckersnn on July :;ist, 1 »»•-'. from 7::w ioN::io First Ward l'J ;l] Second Ward 7 Third Ward K Fourth Ward 11 lllNickerson— III First Ward ."» '.I Second Ward.... "> a Third Ward 4 Thursd p. m. An:) flam • r er recommended that at the e. the voters elect the'S and alternates to i . • " the legislature live district: • f rom the ' itul as Hutchinsonou. and that each vo. member to serve on the for the ensuing year. llyordcr of the Republican J Committee. Jso. I). VINLKNT tral J. F. .STOUT, .Secretary. ANNOUNCEMENTS. roll DISTRICT CLE","1 hereby announce myself for the office of District CI ty, subject to the decision county convention whlc W02 KOU DIBTltli I hereby announce n the olllce of DlstrlctC nubject to the ilccls nominating conven rOH NDI'KHIXTENIIKKT I TION. I hereby aticounce myself as a candidate for the olllce of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention, to be held July .'.'.'I, 1HW!. CHAH. P. DAWSON, Abbyville, Han. Westminster township. VOlt RUl'EKINTENllENT or 1'UIILIO 1KSTUUC- .TION. To tne Republicans of Reno County: I am a candidate for the olllce of County Superintendent of Public. Instruction, subject to the declHlon of the county cpnventlon. W. VI. PAYNE. Sliver Coinage. The movement set on foot by president HAUMSON looking toward on international conference on the silver question gives promise of more definite and beneficial results than anything else that has been attempted in recent years. When the government made the experiment of increasing its purchases of silver to M.OOO.OOO ounces per year, it was conceded that the result would determine to a large degree whether or not the United States could successfully inaugurate free coinage of silver without the co-operation of at least a portion of the other great nations of the earth; and the effect of that act has shaken the confidence of many who had buen strong advocates of free coinage, and more strongly confirmed the faith of those who have opposed bi-metalism under any circumstances. The fact that the price of silver has steadily declined in spite of the heavy purchases by the government demonstrates how unwise would be the inauguration of tree coinage by this government at, the present time. AYe cannot open our mints to the silver of the world, unless we ar« prepared to bid adieu to gold altogether. The United States government coutrols more gold than any other nation on earth, and to deliberately stir-1 render the power this affords by ex- 1 changing it for a cheaper currency would'be little short of financial suicide. Under an international agreement, if such a thing be possible, we can coin whatever silver our mines produce over and above the requirements of the arts, without disturbing our gold, or curtailing our power to prevent financial panics and wholesale bankruptcies among our people. Under such an agreement we can increase our circulating medium without lessening its value. Even under present arrangements we have a larger circulation per capita than jive have ever had before and an American dollar is worth its face in any country on earth, because that dollar is either a gold dollar or readily exchangablc for a gold dollar. Silver is maintained at parity solely because it is limited us to quantity. Let the international conference go on. Americans can await its results with complacency, for we have plenty of silver, if a silver agreement is reached, and we have more gold than any other nation if a gold standard lie determined as the best monetary basis. A little wise statesmanship at the present time will bear good fruit for the United States in the future. We hold the key to the financial situation and should be slow to surrender it. Another new industry, which claims Major MeKisi .Ky as its godfather, is the pearl button factory in Erie, I 'a. It is run by a firm which, before the present tariff went into effect, was managing a large factory in Merlin, Ont. The increased duties forced it to remove to the United States. All but three of the employes in the Erie shop are Americans, and they are producing pearl buttons of all grades and sixes, which compare favorably with the best foreign goods. It suggests the influence of active home competition upon prices, that a certain 50 line button which, when the firm began operations in this country, cost 850 per gross, now sells for SI3.50. American enterprise and ingenuity have introduced new and improved processes of manufacturing, and new machinery, and thus, while continuing to pay good wages, has greatly lessened the cost of production—just as protectionists predicted.—Boston Journal. It takes a Yankee to know how to adupt himself to changed conditions. Kittery, Me., has an old resident who has long been famed as a sculptor of figureheads for vessels, and his work is known in nearly every port in the world. Unfortunately, however, there are styles in ship ornamentation just the same in bonnets and gowns, and figureheads are no longer "the things' for vessels. That meant want of work for the Kittery sculptor. Now did he sit down and bewail his misfortune? Not at all. He did a little hustling and now has a contract for furnishing idols and graven images for the heathen of Central Asia which it will take him two years to complete. KOU COUNTY HUF-EIUNTKNbKNT. 1 hereby announce myHelf a candidate for the olllce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. GASI'EM EUWAHUU. Grove township, KOU I'HOUATK JUUIIE. I am a candidate for the olllce of probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. J. A. FoMTUON. Senator I'KKKINN prides himself upon his punctuality and upon never having broken an engugemcnt. LILLIAN BUSHKLL can earn gnoo a week by singing sweetly and looking charmingly, while less fortunate sinter women ore glad to earn !)0 cents per dozen by making vests for dainty duduB. ' .. Jtisti commoiily-hold opinion Unit war 1 B destined to die out in consequence of the increasing destructiveness of its enginery. This view is combated in mi Interesting way 1 in tin article by EMH.K CI.VUTIKII , translated from the French for the May number of The Farmers and Distillers. Although the old Alliance lie about the government building warehouses for the distiller haa been shown to be false about a million times, more or less, some people who are cither still ignorant, or pretend to be so are sending petitions to congress asking that the government "treat thofarmer as well as It does the distiller" and build warehouses for the storage of wheat, corn, outs, etc. One of these petitions was sent to Commissioner Motto. A.N, of the internal revenue service, and an explanation asked. The commissioner has replied as follows: In reply 1 would say that the United States docs not now and never has built« any wurohonscs for distilled spirits. There is no law authorizing tiie expenditure of public money for this purpose, All distilled spirits, with the exception of brandy distilled from apples, peaches and grapes, are deposited in a wnrehouso provided by the distiller himself until the tax has been paid. Distillers of brandy from apples, peaches, and grapes, either pay te.x upon the spirits as soon as\produccd or s, tiithe The call of the central committee for the Heno county convention to be held in this city July 23. also includes the call for the legislative conventions for the Seventy-sixth and Seventy-seventh districts, and both to be held here on that day. This will makefourconven tions for one day day in Hutchinson, as the convention of the Third commis sioner district will also meet to nominate a candidate. It will be the most important day of the year, prior tp November 8, for .lleno county. Th character of men nominated on that day will have much to do with the election results, and too great care cannot be exercised in their selection Million Dollar Economy. From the Topeka capital. Congressman Heltzhoover of Pennsylvania, is a Democrat and is serving his third term in the house. The bearings" of the fact that Mr. Heltz­ hoover represents the Heinocratic party lies in the application thereof to liis announcement that the appropriations of the present Democratic house already exceed those of the correspond ing session of the "billion dollar congress." Mr. Bcltzhoover gives the New York World a table of appropriations by the first session of the Inst' congress and the first session of the present congress by items, showing that the total for the former was 8403,398,510.70 and for the latter is already 5480,804,IMD.82. And this is not all. Mr. Beltzhoover makes bold to show up the hypocrisy of his party's vauntings against the. "billion dollar congress" by the following additional evidence: "Taking the Hcures practically as they stand to-day. we have the following result: Total appropriation. Fifty-first congress, first sesBlon, 84iw ,:ip,R,5lO.'iir. total appro priatton. Fifty-second congTcss. first session, 9480,804,0711.83; excess by present house, (33,400,160.0.1. But that is not all. Before congresx rises there will be an addition of at least £10,000,000 to the pension bill, and at least $0,000,000 will be added to the sundry civil bill. So that tne actual excess of the appropriations of this house over those made at the llrst session of the last house will be about 538,000,000. "When It comes to the discussion of matters on the stump the Republicans will of course add to this difference the 8:20,000,000 to which the government will be bound by the river and harbor bill, though not appropriated this vear, and the excess that they will charge us with will therefore be over 800,000.000. The Republican orators will present the sum in this way: "Total appropriations, tlrst session Fifty- llrst congress (J8II1). S40:l,;l08.r>10.70, including a pension deilciency for 1800 of 8tf. r >,- Siil.HU•.:<!>. Total appropriations. Oral session Fifty-second congress (1-K02), S.'iOl.- 804,070.8:1. including pension Increase of (OU.iiUT .uoii. The river and harbor bill, in addition to Its direct appropriation of about S^'J.OOO.OOO, authorized contracts for g'-'O,- 000,000 which hind the government and will have to be paid as certainly as the direct appropriation, making the river and harbor appropriation 848,000,000: add 8^11,000,000 and you have Sr ,tt7,K04,07H.8t!. The sundry civil bill will be Increased $5,000,01)0, making the total for which the llrst session of ~Ttv-i the iota slon of the The statement going the rounds of the press like a song of ANXII: BOONKV, that the state convention here lust week passed a resolution to the effect that no federal office holder should be a member of the national committee and aimed particulary at Cv LKLAXII is a mistake. Such a resolution was offered, but a substitute designating Hon. S. It. l'BTKiis as a member of that committee was adopted by a unani mous vote. Deadlocks in Republican conventions this year don't make candidates of dark horses, and neither do they make can didatcs of weak men. They simply se a process of harmony agoing until the whole lump is harmonized upon strong candidate and a good man. The Republican party is chuck full of wisdom this year when it is necessary tup that commodity in a convention. A little investigation into the dyna mite scare in I*aris seems to reveal th faot that for every well-defined case of attempted dynamite outrage there has been about thirty practical jokes ip tl; way of bogus bombs. The municipal laboratory has completed an cxainina tion of some 300 bombs discovered by the police. Of these all but six were found to be perfectly harmless. While it was blowing, freezing, and snowing up north, and in the centra and eastern -states, there was some nervousness exhibited by our fruit uud vegetable growers, Vmt the tremor has passed and ovorybody Is looking for 'vavd to mammoth crops. The weather continues fine for wheat und oata, but bud for corn. Veg As an additional attraction to our Bargain Glove Sale We place on sale 300 pair $1.75 quality First-class—Black Suede, LENGTH MOWETIli 12 At the unheard of bargain price of $1.00 PER PAIR' All sizes from 5 3-4 to 71-4. Every Article First-Class. Every Price a Genuine Bargain. AT the Flftv-Becoml coiigresa appropriated and bound the government S- r jM^,804,U7i>.K:i. T whole total a' eminent S5:i£804,"U7f>.K:J. The iropriatlon of the second Mes- ty llrst congress and which obtained for it the notoriety of being the llrst billion-dollar congress was grilifi.OlK,- —:>.6G." As this is a billion-dollar country no blame rests upon the present house by reason of extravagance. But their acts impeach them of hypocrisy and villainous libel on^ the. Republican party. Their greateheese-parer, llolman, who was elevated to the chairmanship of the appropriations committee, and whose voice has sounded for c economy day and night like the beating of the assiduous waves upon the seashore, for some thirty years, admits that the present house is exceeding its predecessor in expenditures. The New York World says: The attention of Juilge llolman, chairman of the appropriations committee, was called to-uight to the statement of Mr. Heltzhoover. He expressed regret that the matter was to be made public at this lime, but he would not denynhat the sum total, as stated, was approximately correct. The Democratic party seems to be left in a ludicrous plight. It has failed to satisfy the free silvcrites, has been afraid to tackle the. McKinley tariff and yet has out-billioncd the billion- dollar congress in public expenditures. The next Republican congress should see that it is put on the pension rolls for total disability. to Missouri Interference, From the Wichita Beacon. George 1*. Anthony refuses to resign his berth on the'Kausaa board of railroad commissioners because he thinks the railways of Kansas will support his candidacy for eongreasman-at-large for the reason that Ue. can do them less harm as congressman than as commissioner, if the same argument appeals to votera %e will be overwhelmingly elected since neither Democrats nor Itepub beans could pit against him a man who an a resident of the state Is so potent for mischief and whose banishment would be auch an un mixed beneUt.—Kansas City Times. Yes, George T. Anthony is a bold bad man. lie is very bad, indeed His badness consists in heing opposed to allowing the railroads to charge Wichita, Arkansas City, Hutchinson and Salina 60 cents per 100 pounds on sugar shipped from Galveston, while they ship the same article right through Arkansas City und Wichita to Kansas City for 30 cents. According to the Kansas City, Mo., standard of morality this constitutes a heinous offense. If the Kansas City Times would pay more attention to reforms in Missouri and quit its efforts to run Kansas its readers in this state would be given an opportunity foV a much needed rest, The Kansas City Times makes the average Kansun tired. For large returns for money invested advertise In the Daily and Weekly N'RWH, s Wholesale Houses. fkUDESILL & DAYKIN, U Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. I I Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. II 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East. T\ARKER & UPDEGRAFF, Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY- First avenue eas v. Woodartl block, and 417 South Main. ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy G-oods. No. 10 Second Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. H UTCHINSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO Wholesale Dealers In SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies 114 North Main Street. Telcpln ilenhone 1711. ALL & WALL, Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River. 'J4 South Main Street. No. H UTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., Wholesale Groceries. Second avenue east. Telephone No. 7^. E.YAUGHAN & CO., Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Sup :ies. 406 North Main St. S • pi t Correspondence solicited. Mall orders promptly attended. ftjOODRUFF & SONS, MANUKACCBEU8 AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN G-UITARS AND MANDOLINS. Olllce, 11 and lltf Sherman Street east, Hutchinson, Kansas. . Agents wanted in every town in the United States. ICE! ICE! Pure Distilled-Water Ice. Our delivery is regular and reliable, and the quality of our ice is beyond comparison. 50 cents per Hundred to Families. Wo solicit your patronage. Orders received by the drivers, at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanaga's store, or you can send your address on a postal card to Union lee & Salt Co. 7.t 7 i riuecessor to Uutehiorfen Ice Manfg Co. HAVE YOU A ,1 SPRING SUIT If not, call at once on JOHN BUETTNE& the Fashionable Tailor 30'? North Main, Midland Block:

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