The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1942 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 14, 1942
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXIX—NO. 2?. Blytheville Daily News BIytheville Herald Blythcville Courier _ Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHJEV1LLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, APRIL U, 11)42 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS RETURNS PRO-NAZI LAVAL TO POWER U. S. Forces On Cebu Still Resisting Risked Lives to Rescue Shipmate IE-ESMISHED IFTEflJ OHt5 Heavy Fighting On Cebu; Manila Bay Forts Under Heavy Fire ; WASHINGTON, April 14. (UP)—American and Filipino defenders on Cebu are greatly outnumbered, but are stubborn!}- resisting the enemy advance, the War Department announced today. Communications between Corregidor and the Island of Cebu in the southern Philippines were restored after a two day lapse. A communique stated that heavy fighting was proceeding in Cebu. Meanwhile, the Japanese .invaders continued to attack the Manila Bay harbor defenses heavily with aerial and artillery bombardments. They succeeded in inflicting only slight damage on military installations and some casualties on the defenders. Four heavy flights of Japanese bombers dropped explosives on Corregidor. Artillery on. both sides of Manila Bay shelled Corregidor and Fort Frank which returned the Japanese fire. American and Filipino forces in Mindanao continued their operations in the Digos area where sharp skirmishes were reported in progress. \ Stale President Confers Here Today On J ay eee Plans These three seafaring men heroically returned to their sinking ship and rescued their mate who was so badly injured that he later died. Left to right: Malcolm MacPhee, third mate from Brooklyn. N. Y.; Henry Maahe. boatswain from Brooklyn: and Capt. T. P. Davenport, Port Arthur, Texas, captain. The shipmate they took off the torpedoed vessel was William L. Howell- of Port Arthur, Texas. The men talk over their experiences in Bruswick, Ga. (NEA TELEPHOTO). H.Taylor Will Head Lions Club Harman Taylor was elected pres- L C L j ident of the Blytheville Lions Club earn OUSpeClS | oll a ticket which defeated two WPI-P Not Rp^nonsihle' other tick6t s headed by Frank -Whit- vveie not ixcbpuiibiuie worth and paul prj , or in the annual election meeting today noon For Wardell Robbery Two Little Rock men arrested here Sunday as suspects in a robbery at Wardell, Mo., were released by officers of that county after an investigation. at Hotel Noble. Other officers named were: Chester Caldwell, first vice president; H. H. Brooks, second vice president; Murray Smart, secretary; L. E. Old, Lion Tamer; Charles Rose and William C. Steed, 24, and his I James Terry, directors; Edgar Bo- brother, Arnold Steed, 28, were held by officers here until turned over to State Trooper I. E. Beard late yesterday. He removed them to Missouri after they waived extradition. The two brothers, who returned here today, said that William C. Steed was compelled to wear his iron brace only when he walked and that he did not wear it on such occasions as visiting the theater. When arrested the purported cripple did not have on his brace, which aroused suepicion of officers, who said the men had told prospective customers for magazine sales that they were seeking funds' so that he could obtain treatment at Warm Springs, Ga. Two masked robbers, who held up a Mr. Aikin at his Wardell home Saturday night, are still sought by officers. rum, Murray Smart and W. J. Pollard, trustees for the Lions' Fund. Farmer England is the retiring president. .Prior to the election, each of the candidates was allowed to make a "campaign speech" telling why he should be elected. E. P. Gowan, of Memphis, was a guest at the luncheon affair. Local Physician Called To Active Duty In Navy; Leaves Thursday Dr. Joe E. Beasley, for five years a physician here, has been called to active duty in the Naval Reserve and will leave Thursday for Washington, D. C., where he Is to be stationed. Already commissioned as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, he received his appointment yesterday as assistant surgeon at the Washington Naval Base hospital. Mrs. Beasley, the former Miss Total Revealed By British Exchequer; British Budget Over 21 Billion LONDON, April H. (UP)—American lend-least aid to the United Nations was disclosed to be $2,600,000.000 up to February, Chaiir cellor of the Exchequer Sir Kingsley Wood said today in presenting a $21.144,000,000 war budget to the House of Commons. Wood announced an increase of} the beer tax to two pence, about four cents, a pint and an increase in whiskey tax. amounting to about 96 cents on a bottle, but said that "I cannot look to direct taxation, that is income tax, to provide the needed $600,000,000 new revenue:" Income taxes now are about 50 per cent. ' • The chancellor's estimate of a total expenditure of 2,286,000,000 pounds sterling for the 1942-43 fiscal year was an increase of 510,000.000 pounds or about $2,040,000,000 over last year. "I feel that there is no justification in our general financial and economic condition for gloomy forebodings regarding our position after the war," Wood said, reporting that U. S. lend-least \vas running now at the rate of $400,000,000 a month. Most of this has gone to Britain, but some has gone to other United Nations and more j will go to the dominions hence- I forth, he said. Wood said that taxpayers must, make further substantial contributions to the war effort, but that one of Britain's primary objectives in post war policy must be "the greatest possible expansion of trade." ' ." ' ' Britain, he said, is guarding against inflation during the war but must be "even more on guard after the war." ¥ FLIERS noun FOR Cited By President Roosevelt F o r Hazardous Flight; Details Secret J W. T. "Wlioopic" Stover Final plans for the convening of the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce, here Thursday. Friday and Saturday are expected to be completed today when W. T. "Whocpin" Stover, president of the state chamber, arrives here from Morrilton, to confer with Robert A. Porter, president of the local chamber. , Mr. Stover will preside over the convention sessions. It is believed that Mrs. Stover, president of the Morrilton Jayccc Ladies' Auxiliary, who has never'missed a state convention, will accompany him here. -The state president, who plans to work out all final details and arrangements for the convention Trio From Arkansas Arrested In Iowa iLillian Dietrich, daughter, CEDAR RAPIDS. la., April 14. (UP)—Police announced today that two me nand a woman arrested here have confessed to bogus check operations in 13 states, mostly in the South. They were carrying 74 draft registration cards and 18 Social Security cards which they used for identification. The suspects gave their names ^ l " T ^ 1C " 1W1 ' HI1Q aaugiiwr, as Mr . and Mrs _ CIifford M . Nim _ Molhe Jo, will join him later there ne i e an his arrival in this city, has one of the most outstanding Jaycec' workers in the state.' He has .won several distinguished service awards and various awards at previous state conventions. During his term as president of the Morrilton club, that group received much recognition. In addition, he has b£en a state director a state vice president and has been very active in ail phases of Jaycce activities. HONOLULU, April 14. (UP) — Nine United States Army fliers have been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross iU. President Roosevelt's own direction for making one of the most remarkable flights of the war In order to take ft complete photographic record of a Japanese base, It was revealed today. The high award was made for heroism and extraordinary achievement while participating in. an aeril flight In which they executed "A hazardous and important achievement." It was disclosed the the aviators "completely" photographed Uietr objective and thereby permitted "later and .successful action." 'However, the army in refusing to^glve details, said the mission was highly secret and its nature and circum- tances could not yet be divulged. •Lieut. Gen. Delo.s C. Eminons, ommanding United states annyl orccs in -Hawaii, presented the DFC yesterday to the men, who are: IPirst 'Lieut. Cecil L. Faulkner, Bellevue, Tex., whose wife Fay\ ivlng at Wellflect. Mass., bore a daughter March 31; Second Lieut. vValter K. Hcltzmaii, Lodl, Calif.; Second 'Lieut. William. B. Compton, Compton,. Calif.; Second Lieut. Thomas iC. Mustain, ..Omaha, Neb.; Master Sergt. Simpson L. Jennings ,19 Willen Ave.,) Montgomery, Ala.; Benjamin*', CUefton, Worth, Tex.; Corponii Jerome G. Parsons, Johnstown, Pa.; Private Joseph H. Capttte, Hartford, Conn., 'Black Pierre Named Successor To Darlan In Cabinet Shake-Up VICHY, France, April 14. (UP)—Pierre Laval, outstanding advocate of French collaboration with Germany, has been named vice premier in charge of foreign and interior affairs in a sudden overnight cabinet reorganization, it was announced today. Admiral Jean Francois Dadan, whom Laval succeeds as vice premier, remains in the cabinet in his capacity of national defense minister, informants said. Darlan, by the shift, lost his control of foreign affairs. (There was every indication Unit •* the cabinet reorganisation marked __ Bataan Doctor New York Cotton Bobby Smart Will Broadcast On Ants "Consider the ant" has long been well founded advice, and now it is being endorsed by eight-year-old Bobby Smart, who at that early age. has become enough of an authority to broadcast on the subject tomorrow. Bobby, grandson of Mr. a,nd Mrs. E. D. Ferguson and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Smart Sr., of this city, along with three other boys from his class Unique Figuring By Local Barber Forecasts Peace A firm believer in the study of prophecy, F. S. Barger, local barber, believes that the war will be over this year or will at least reach its climax because of some dates which he has arranged. (He took the year in which Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin. Churchill and Roosevelt were born to which he added separately, date of the year in which each came to power, the number of years in which each had been in power and his present age. The total of these figures for each ruler is\ 3884 which, when divided by two because there are two forces at war, according to Mr. Barger, makes 1942 or.the date of this year. Mr. Barger, who is also a stu- where they will reside. Well known trhoughout this section, Dr. Beasley ranks high in j the medical profession. After beginning his education at Steele, Mo., where he was reared, he received his medical schooling at Tulane University, New Orleans, from which he was graduated in 1935 and interned at Kings County (Hospital, Brooklyn, Is r . Y. After having been associated with a local hospital here during •vacations, he became assobiated with the late Dr. M. O. Usrey a, short time prior to his death. ne i e y and James Hudson all of Texarkana, Ark. American Merchantman Torpedoed and Burned Near Small Coastal Town Go East, Girls, Go East SAN FRANGISCO, Cal. (UP) — The . government reversed Horace Greeley's "Go West, young man, go West," and circularized all western states with its "Go East, young ladies, go East." They .want stenogra- •pliers in Washington. Secing-Eye Dogs Excused SALT LAKE CITY, Utah <UP> — Secing-eye dogs are privileged in Salt Lake county. The county commission- has agreed to waive the annual $2 license fee on the sceing-eyc dog owned by a local blind resident. Mar Mby 'Ju3y Oct Dec Jan open high ^010 20DO '1950 19tJO 1970 1970 1988 i988 1991 1991 prev low close close 1971 1979 199: 1029 1036 194 r 1938 1945 196( 1953 1960 197C 1957 1967 1983 1992b 1969 1985 New Orleans Cotton a crisis In French policy of Importance, to the entire allied world. (The question immediately 'arose whether France would sever rela- j-ions with the United States and "turn over its formidable navy to Germany. retain Under Prmurc (Marshal Henri Philippe Pctain, chief of state of Vichy, had been put under terrific pressure for many .days to cast Vichy's lot definitely with Germany. London reported that as part of the pressure Germany hnd closed the border between, occupied nnd unoccupied France and that the entire French border opposite Switzerland, Including Vichy France, had been closed. Petaln, Laval and Darlan made the announcement in a joint communique: "Since his last tulk with Marshal Pctain, Lnval has conferred often with Admiral Darlan. "Today Marshal Pctain, Admiral Darlan and Lavul will meet again, RetumiK to Paris Laval went immediately to his chateau after a final talk with Petain and Darfcm and made his arrangements to go to Paris this afternoon. He will return here Thursday. It was said officially that the full make up of ihe new cabinet would not be announce^ until. Thursday when Layalrreturns, As the cabinet change was made the .olfical Journal published^ a decree &u*pending the. Riotn guilt" ' trials which rdiciinany' had bitterly denounced./ because the mcl Private Robert Johns,' Forty- fort, Pa. Faulkner told the story of the Involved the war Mar May July Oct, Dec Jan prev, open high low close close 2017 20.!U 1997 19D9 2016 1951 1951 1932 1937 1961 1971 1971 1940 1948 1964 2007 2007 1978 1983 2001 2011 2011 1985 1988 200Z 2012 1989b 2001 Mississippi, during 1939, had a tuberculosis c.cath rate of 52.7 per 100,000 of its population, compared with 56.9 in 1938. flight over "enemy territory! 1 " and how Japanese -installations were 'completely" photographed . "We got all the information necessary," he said. "We Approached ;nciny territory— which -we reached it the extreme range of our bomber—at extremely high 'altitude. "We were prepared for action but ive did not meet any. It was all Business. We came in. from the side and got to work, photograph- ng everything they had. •'All of us were a little excited it being over an enemy stronghold -my own pulse certainly was lounding. We had no idea what wo vould find so we kept our fingers ;rosscd all the time. "Our greatest worry was about gasoline, so we have to execute the ;n tire flight with precise timing ind navigation. "We hit the enemy base right MI the nose on the basis of our silculatioiis. It was perfect." During the return flight, he said ™erv man was nlert for expected intervention, because "the Japanese .just have known we took pretty /aluable pictures." But the rctuni was made safely. former French leaders were accused of losing not starting It. Power Now Cjreatcr » ILaval dlsimssed summarily as vice premier Dec. 13, 1940, was returned to even more , power than he had enjoyed for five months before that as virtually co-dictator with Pctain in charge of foreign and internal affairs. As minister of Interior he now controls the French national police whose hold epctends into the smallest villages of the country). For days before the change, German and Paris collaborationists hail intensified their pressure on the government and had said with steadily increasing sharpness that France must make up its mind at once on full co-operation with Germany. Lt. Col. Jack SchwarU of Fort Woith, Texas displays his quaint operating garb after completing^ an operation in the makeshift operating room of Hospital No. 2 on Bataan. (NBA TELEPHOTO). All Open for Air Alert Down Under in a Richmond, Va.. school will dis- i dcnb of the Bible, has been .study- cuss ants and their habits over the | ing figures for 30 years. Columbia network through the ( :—-—. Richmond station at 2 o'clock to- JJ $t Rooms, Apartments morrow. r He is the son of Dr. Robert F. Smart, professor at the University of Richmond, and Mrs. Smart, who is the former Miss Eleanor Ferguson of this city. Stock Prices A. T. & T 115 Amer. Tobacco 37 1-4 Anaconda Copper 24 3-4 Beth. Steel 56 Chrysler . ..8 W 5-8 Coca Cola 66 Gen. Electric 233-3 Gen. Motors 33 1-2 Inter. Harvester 42 1-4 Mont. Ward 26 N. Y. Central 71-8 N. Am. Aviation 111-4 Packard 21-8 Radio 27-8 Republic Steel 15 3-4 Socony Vacuum 71-8 Studebaker 41-2 Stand, of N. J 33 1-2 Texas Corp 31 1-2 With Housing Bureau Persons having bedrooms, apartments, houses—furnished or unfurnished—for rent or who want roomers and boarders are urged to list them with the Housing Bureau of Chamber of Commerce. This free service may be obtained by calling 2013. There were 25 requests for places to live in Blytheville Saturday and yesterday and it is expected that this number will be increastd rapidly within the next two months. Persons renting their places are asked to notify the bureau at once so that repetition will not be made in sending applicants. Chicago Whept May. Steel ............... 47 1-8 : July. prev. open high low close close 122% 122£ 120% 120% 122% l24Ti 124; d 122% 123 1251* JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 14. (ITP) — An. Axis submarine attack on a medium-sized American merchantman i which 19 of the crew of 48 members apparently lost their lives was witnessed by thousands along the shore of a small East Coast community Friday night. Some civilians commandeered xowboats to help in rescue work. The torpedoing of the vessel and of a smaller American merchantman were announced by the Navy today. The smaller ship was torpedoed before dawn Thursday. Thirty nine of the crew of 40 were saved and brought to Jacksonville. When the first red glow flared out at sea as tht ship was attacked Friday night and caught fire, citizens who ran to the shore reported • they could also sec the burst of gunfire from the submarine. The shore area was blacked out but not until 40 minutes after the attack. A defese official said that "We couldn't order a blackout without an army order but once we got the order we had everything blacked minutes. out in three Iran Government Breaks With Japan TEHRAN, Iran, April 14. (UP) —Iran severed diplomatic rela- ,ions with Japan today. The Iranian cabinet in closed •lession decided on the diplomatic ircak after disclosure that the Japanese legation in Tehran has been acting as a center for Axis )ropaganda and subversive aclivi- ies aimed at the Iranian government and the Allies. The Japanese minister and his •tafT was ordered to leave the country within a week. Arrest last week of six prominent Iran- ans led to discovery and the breaking up of an Axis ring of U. S. Apprehensive Over Vichy Move WASHINGTON, April 14. (UP)— The return of Pierre Laval to power as vice-premier of France caused apprehension in official circles here today over the possiblity of greater collaboration between Vichy and Germany. Acting Secretary of State Sumner\ Welles told a press conference he preferred to withhold comment on the significance of Laval's ap- .pointmcnt until he had received a full report, on the subject from the American ambassador in Vichy. A well-informed diplomat said the change could only, be Interpert- ed as a sign of "tremendous" pressure" exerted on the aging Marsha [Henri Philllpc Petaln by the Gcr- mRn government. Joan Kueter Hurl In Fall At School igents according quarters. to authoritative Livestock Hogs. 14.500—14 r^OO salable. Top, 1435. 180-250 Ibs.. 1425-1435. 140-160 Ibs., 1275-1360. Bulk sows. 1350-1400. Cattle. 4100. SI. Steers, 1000-1500. Mixed Yearlings, Heifers, 1000- 12CO. SI. Heifers, 875-1375. Socker. Feeder Steers. 875-1300. Beef Cows, 875-950. Canners & Cutters, 650-850. Open your mouths and close your ears—that's the anti-bomb concussion order for these Australian children pictured in schoolhouse corridor during Sydney air raid practice. Singapore Evacuees Reunited OAKLAND, Cal. (UP) — Arthur Gracey had a reunion with his wife and six-Months-old son here recently. When they evacuated Singapore Six-months ago, they circled the globe in opposite directions. Joan Kueter, 11-year-old studen of the School of The Immaculate Conception, received what may b a serious back injury when she fel down the steps at school yesterday afternoon. Examination had not been com pic ted today to determine exten pf the injuries which are causing severe pain. Joan is the daughter of Jo Kueter, now employed on a govern ment projct in Panama, and Mrs Kuttcr, who lives here. Barents Of Corp. Curtis Perry Receive Letter After Long Voyage From somewhere in India came i letter this week to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Perry, of Dell, from their sen, Corporal Curtis Perry, of the Army ground Air Corps, who joined the Army last June. The letter, which passed the censors intact except for deletion of the name of the place where stationed in India, told that he was docked that night in India after having gone there from Australia. . . He wrote "We have nob been torpedoed yet" and added "Don't worry anymore about me for I am here (in the service) for you and all my friends and - preservation of my community." A former student at Dell school, lie received, his first training at March Field, California, after enlisting. All Aldermen Asked To Attend Session •All members of the City Council were being notified today to attend the regular council meeting tonight, at City Hall. In addition to installation of officers elected in last week's Municipal election, several matters pertaining to the city in regard to the air' batfb will be taken up, it is understood. Chicago Soybeans prev open high low close close May .186* 186% 185Vi 186 186% July. 188 '« 188 vs 187% 188% 188% Chicago Corn prev. open high low close close May . 87 's July 87% 89% 85% 88V1 85% 87% 88% SJ^ Traffic Squad To Meet Lieut. William Crawford, in charge of the traffic SQUacl^ of the Chickasaw Guard.' toe * ' members of the group a meeting at his office tc 8 o'clock at the corner of and Ash streets. U. S. WEATHER FORECAST BLYTHEVILLE—Slightly waim- er today and tonight. ARKANSAS — Slightly warmer tonight.

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