Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 30, 1968 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1968
Page 5
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^MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1968 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS GOP Griffin Wins Battle Post Office Won't Run Franking Privileges By MARTHA COLE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The Post Office Department, accused by a Republican senator of doing hatchet work for President Johnson, said today it was giving up its watchdog role over congressional mailing privileges. The decision, which said congressmen should decide for themselves whether the frank- have never . been any convictions. In the new policy statement, Timothy J. Miiy, general counsel of the Post Office Department, said the use of the franking privilege for official corre- 5—A MT. VERNON WEATHER Saturday high 53, low 23. Sunday high 31, low 26. Rainfall Saturday .62. Rainfall to date 1968 37.10. One year ago today high 35, spondence "is a matter strictly J low 19. between the member of Con- Five years ago today high 21, gress and his conscience." low 3. May said that after examining Ten years ago today high 39, past situations he feared it ; low 32. could 1 lead to constitutional prob- I Rapid City, clear .... -3 -21 | Richmond, clear 48 18 I Sr. Louis, rain il 27 j Salt Lk. City, cloudy 36 14 (T—Trace i .03 lems involving possible censor- 4:45. (CST) ingor" free mail privileges were j ship of Con^ional maU. j Te being properly used, made no " e sai « ™ ere w *s no way,; » mention of charges by Michi-. ™* should be no way, in which j 14 - 'the Post Office can assess a ! Mciine - cloudy 22 14 I Quincy, cloudy 26 25 29 25 ILLINOIS WEATHER By THE ASSOCIATE DPRESS Cold, cloudy weather prevailed throughout Illinois this I morning with a variety of Tuesday sunrise 7:22, sunset weather warnings in effect. 15 gan's Robert P. Griffin. But the senator issued a state- payment. ,, ,.. „I„„J. F ment saying both he and the de- 1 The statement said also mat Vanaana,_ cloudy partment, which passes from! ^ e department's involvement in Democratic to Republican! franking rulings has grown over Chicago G. Pk. cly 27 21 Peom, snow 26 23 hands next month, will benefit. He said he will press for Congress to draw up its own guidelines in the next session. During the peak of the controversy last fall over Abe Fortas' nomination as chief justice of ithe last several years from an' Springfield, cloudy 28 25 ' occasional inquiry "to the point Belleville, sleet 33 30 where the mailings of a substan- 1 Midwest tial number of Congressmen are i Dubuque, snow 15 9 being questioned on a contin-' Burlington, cloudy .. 27 25 uing basis." Paducah, cloudy .... 38 29 Griffin, in his statement, said Ma-Jison, cloudy 18 03 Predawn temperatures ranged, in the teens or 20s with winds ; Southeasterly eight to 15 miles 1 T per hour. • • i A travelers warning was in ( Tf effect for all of Northern Eli-! T j nois, with heavy snow warnings ... in the northwest and a glaze T warning for the southeast. . .' Cold wave warnings were on I T for the entire state. I Some early morning temper- T atures were: Chicago 24, Mo-; T line 23, Peoria 27, Quincy and i .... • Vandalia 29. Rockford 22, and T Springfield 28. 1 BONUS SALE! SAVE $7_$8- $ 9- $ 10 or $ 11 On All Winter Jackets the United States, the Post Of- • that "The issuance of a new pol- : villi Dend, cbucly 25 11 fice Department accused 1 Griffin of misusing the franking privilege and said he owed the government $25,000. Griffin led the successful fight, to block nomination of Fortas, j tra&on an old friend and adviser of the President's. i "When you stick your neck out and buck the Johnson administration, I guess you have to expect this sort oilthing," Griffin said at the time. The new decision follows a Nov. 26 meeting between Griffin and Postmaster Gen. Marvin W. Watson at which Griffin said he submitted a 15-page legal memo arguing he had 1 not misused the franking privilege as charged during his tough 1967 campaign. The department said Griffin had franked a newsletter that had political—and therefore improper—implications in its reprint of a statement by Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman. Until now, Post Office policy has been to issue rulings on possible violations of the privilege, leaving collection or prosecution to some other agency. Because congressmen use the privilege to report on their activities in Washington, a good deal of which are naturally political, misuse falls into a gray area that makes enforcement hard. As far as it is known there icy is not the most satisfactory resolution of the dispute from my point of view. But I am glad, at least, that final action has been taken by this adminis- ,; 'iv>Day Forecasts The Weather Elsewhere Southern Illinois — For tho Cy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS r:?ir:d Tuesday through Satur- High Low Pr. clay tomppratures will average NEWS BRIEF VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — A battalion of Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese troops attacked a strategic town in southern Laos near the Cambodian border but lost 50 dead in a 25- hour battle with government forces, the Laotian Defense Ministry announced today. A spokesman said three government soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded defending the town of Attopeu. The spokesman said two Communist companies also fired 20 artillery rounds into Saravane, 60 miles north of Attopeu, but inflicted no casualties. He said government forces retaliated with artillery fire and air strikes, silenced the enemy guns and inflicted heavy casualties. The commander in chief of the Royal Laotian armed forces, Gen. Ouane Rathikone, said Friday that 4,000 North Vietnamese troops had moved into southern Laos from Cambodia and were waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate into South Vietnam. Albany, clear 38 11 Albuquerque, clear ..38 19 Atlanta, clear 51 28 Fismarck, snow 10 -33 .02 Boise, snow 29 24 .01 Bo=ton, clear 37 19 ... Buffalo, snow 33 17 .01 Chicago, cloudy 23 17 .... Cincinnati, cloudy .... 31 25 .... Cleveland, cloudy .... 29 26 .01 Denver, cloudy 45 6 .... DPS Moines, sncw .... 19 18 .02 Detroit, clear 26 18 .... Fairbanks, clear ... -35 -46 .... Fort Worth, cloudy .. 70 54 ... Helena, snow -19 -26 .02 Honolulu, clear 77 62 .... Indianapolis, cloudy 28 27 Jacksonville, clear .. 64 37 ... Juneau, cloudy 13 0 Kansas City, cloudy 28 25 ... Los Angeles, clear . 61 47 ... Louisville, cloudy .... 33 26 .... Memphis, cloudy 47 38 .... Miami, clear 80 67 .... Milwaukee, cloudy .. 20 9 .... Mpls.-St. P., snow .. 12 9 .0.1 Now Orleans, cloudy 62 43 ... New York, clear . ... 46 25 .... Okla. City, cloudy .... 53 23 .... Omaha, snow 21 -3 T Pniladelphia, clear .. 43 21 .. Phoenix, clear 59 34 ... Pittsburgh, cloucy 32 26 .01 Ptlnd, Me., clear 37 11 .... Ptlnct, On., snow .... 31 9 .24 •alsout 15 degrees below normal. ... 1 Novmal highs range from mid ...; 30s through mid 40s. Normal lows range from upper teens to upper 20s. A chance of snow ending Tuesday with amounts about one-tenth of an inch. Northern Illinois — Tempera-. tuvej, Tuesday through Saturday nrp expected to average 12 to 18 degrees below normal. Normal highs range from 28 to 34 and normal Iwas from 13 to 20. Colder Tuesday and on Wednesday and continued quite rold through the weekend. Precipitation is expected to total one-tenth of one inch or less in water equivalent in snow HOMECOMING FOR APOLLO 8—A crane swings the Apollo 8 spacecraft up from the surface of the Pacific Ocean fo tlio deck of the carrier U.S.S. Yorktown to complete the recovery of the spacecraft and its three-man crew following; their flight to the moon and back. (AP Wlrephoto) Bob Hope Hopes This War Front Trip Is Last By DAN TEDRICK said, "seem better organized Associated Press Writer | and it looks like we're really on LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bob the way to winning." Hope, back from his 18th Christ- Gov. Ronald Reagan ap- mas with U.S. servicemen over- proached to present Hope with seas, says, "I may go to the the state's "Creative Citizen moon next year—but they told Award," the first ever for an me they don't want any fat as- actor. tronauts." | "I'd expected to see the gov- Hope, at 65, was his usual ernor up at San Francisco State, bouncy, wisecracking self Sun- piling sandbags around Hayaka- day as he sprung off a plane,w" said Bob, referring to stu- from Vietnam, reeling off a j dent rumbles besetting Dr. S. I. string of topical comments. JHayakawa, acting president of . Then, after making his moon San Francisco State College, flurries Tuesday. A few flurries i^p com ment, he became serf-: Besides Vietnam, Hope took arc likely in other days of the ous . i nis of 2 l entertainers-in- P eri °d. "I just hope that we don't eluding starlet Ann-Margret—to Chicago and vic^ity — Tue3 -: na ve to make another trip," he Japan, Korea, Okinawa and day through Saturday Tempera-, told a crowd of about 100 j Thailand on a 16-day tour co- turcs are expected to average I friends. "I just hope something sponsored by the USO and the about 15 degrees below normal. \ good comes out of these Paris Department of Defense. Normal highs are 34, normal j peace talks, and 1 1 just hope this His wife Dolores was among l:\vs 20. Colder Tuesday and I is the last Christmas trip." i those on hand to welcome him Wednesday and continue quite Hope, who visited 16 U.S. back. cold through the weekend. Pre- bases this time with his troupe, "I knew when I married him cipitation is expected to total, said he found warfront morale I'd have to share him with the ona tenth of an inch or less higher than ever. The troops he world," she said. ir. water equivalent in snow flurries Tuesday and a few other flumes during the rest of the period. 1968 REVIEW QUIZ PART I - NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. 1 President Johnson, made an announcement on October 31st about a military move that he hoped would lead to expanded peace talks in Paris. What did he announce? 2 Widespread student and labor disturbances last summer in helped trigger a currency crisis there later. a-France b-Canada c-West Germany 3 Richard Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey by a narrow margin of the popular vote in the presidential election.' One factor in the close race was third- party candidate , who won in five states. 4 Congress passed a law to forbid discrimination against Negroes in most sale or rental of housing. True or False? 5 One big labor news story occurred when tne AFL-CIO suspended the..... Union in an organizational dispute. a-Communications Workers b-United Steel Workers c-United Auto Workers PART II - WORDS IN THE NEWS Take 4 points for each word that you can match with its correct meaning. 1 gold 2 pulsar 3 magnate 4..... confrontation 8 inflation a-many tried this tactic b-outflows bothered U.S., Britain, France c-prices rose d-tbis word often used in headlines about Mr. Onassis e-astronomioal find PART III - NAMES IN THE NEWS Take 6 points for names that you can correctly match with the clues. 1 Earl Warren Martin Luther King, Jr. .Abba Eban 4 Pierre Elliott Trudeau 5,.,.,Ian Smith a-slain civil rights leader b-ohosen Prime Minister of Canada j-Cbief Justioe put off retirement d-Israeli Foreign Minister Li e-Prime Minister, Rbo- .. desia MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS KING CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY DOUGLAS REXAIX DRUGS JAMISON REAL ESTATE • • 1 80, 1968 * Former Arlington Hotel Apartment Building Burns At McLeansboro Suits AND ALL WEATHER Coats Hart Schaffner & Marx, Tempo and Cricketeer Suits. Famous name Jackets, All Weather Coats tagged. You check the tags, you deduct 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 dollars — it's your end-of- the year bonus — Don't hesitate, start the New Year with a fresh wardrobe pocket the bonus savings. Hurry, Tomorrow Is Last Chance To Collect Your Bonus . . . Stretch Your Christmas Money! walker's ILZ 120 South 9th Mt. Vernon, III. „„ , _. „ . . „j Max Leslie and family of Au- McLeansboro — Fire ravished burn ^ . . . Veronica Voss, Cor. Match word clues with their corresponding pictures or symbols. 10 points for each correct answer. 1 "ffii North Koreans seized B U. S. intelligence ship symbol of "Poor People's March" APOLLO Senator McCarthy- fought for Democratic nomination Q fcof 8 p * OB^LM, JNIGERIV New York City teachers made news 6 Senator Kennedy was slain during his primary campaign 7 this nation was invaded by Soviets H PUEBLO 8t«i this British landmark was transferred to Arizona 9 civil war here resulted in widespread famine 10 a British "Queen" has a new home in Florida i-t HOW DO YOU RATE? (Seer* Etch Side of Quiz Separately) 71 to 80 points • Good. 91 to 100 point. - TOP SCORE! 61 to 70 point* - Fair. 81 to 90 points - Excellent. 40 or Under???- HW FAMILY DISCUSSION QUESTION What "New Year's Resolution" would you like to see our nation make for 1969?!' NO SCOM THW WEEK'S CHALLENGE! Who was ph^senas thenewlpremier of Portugal one of McLeansboro's landmarks Saturday December 28. Aided by a stiff wind 1 which fanned the flames, the old building was burned alomost to the ground. The lower story was not burned, but water soaked. It was in the past called the new Arlington Hotel, and for the past several years has been an apartment house. It was unique in appearance, a three story building, unusual in the day it was built. -o- -o- -o- Mrs. Betty Burns of Chicago is spending the holidays with Miss Ruth Burton and ! visiting other relatives and friends. Miss Vicki Bright who is teaching in Northern Illinois is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bright. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cooney Jr. and Mrs. Annie Mitchell visited Mr. and Mrs. Dalford Ne- therlain and family , in Indiana last week. Visiting in the home of Mrs. Jesse Steward Christmas were, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Emmerson and son Steve, of Peoria, Miss Joann Duncan, also of Peoria. Mrs. Hazel Morris, Mrs. Nora Emmerson, Mrs. James Daily of Laport, 111., and Vick Steward. Mr. Rolla Chapman is visiting his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chapman, of Brazil, Ind. Mrs. Sadie Wilson spent Christmas Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilson in Carmi and Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Friel of Carbondale. Cathy Lasater, student at s.i. u. is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Lastaer. Other students home at this time are Carl and' George Mauck, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mauck. Miss Susan Daily, daughter of Judge and Mrs. John D. Daily graduated from S.I.U. in December, with a degree in Home Economics, and has accepted a teaching position in the Kathleen Junior High, at Lakeland, Fla. Dr. Whitson Daily (USN) wife, Cathy and son Brian spent Christmas visiting his .parents, Judge John Daily and Mrs. Daily. Also visited his uncle and i family, Dr. Joe W. Daily, Champaign, 111., and! friends in Chicago. . . . . rt<v „. , ...... .Visitors Chrjstrnas iday inj.the r THIS IS IT THE LAST HURRAH Tuesday is the last day for the HOLLYWOOD STYLE SHOP — EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD, your last chance to buy quality merchandise at a fraction of cost. Quantity is limited so come early. SELLING OUT TO THE BARE WALLS DRESSES, Values To $45. 00 $5.00 & $10.00 DRESSES, Values To $20.00 $3.00 SUITS $15.00 & $20.00 SLIPS $1.00 & $2.00 GOWNS & PAJAMAS $2.00 HOSE 3 Pair For $1.00 FORMALS, WEDDING GOWNS $5.00 VEILS $2.00 SWEATERS $6.00 SWEATERS, SLACKS & SKIRTS $3.00 & $5.00 DOOR BUSTER SPECIALS DRESSES SKIRTS BLOUSES SHORTS GIRDLES BRAS PLASTIC SKIRT AND DRESS HANGERS 12 far $1.00 FINAL! COMPLETE SELL OUT-HURRY! GET HERE BEFORE THE LIGHTS GO OUT

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