Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus; COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Poatoflice Covina, Cal., j as second-class matter. i Published every Saturday by the Co- ; vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. ; SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies 11.50 j .75 I .S0| M AIIVKRTISKMKNTS: t)isplay advertisement ai reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Issuers 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. fZDCOVJNA. September 19, l'X)8. Our Ticket Tafi I 1 'or President Perkins For Senator Sherman For Vice-President McLachlan For Representative Wednesday, September 2.'J, is tho last day for registration. If you are not registered by that date you cannot vote at the forthcoming Presidential election. COVINA RXPLOITATION NUHBIiR. This article vitally concerns the people of Covina and vicinity. It is an announcement inaugurating a movement which will bo active for (he coming four weeks, and which will make thousands of dollars difference in the growth of Covina and environs in tho future. Jt deals with plans for intelligent advertisement of this town and country, such advertisement ns has never been attempted or accomplished before, and which has been needed for years, a fact which every business man and rancher will agree upon. Head the article carefully and be prepared for concerted action, for it concerns you and will benefit you. Covina is in no need of violent booming. The day of booms for tho San Oabriel valley is past. But Co- viua as a town is in the same position as n good, healthy department store. It must be advertised steadily and intelligently, or it will fall behind in this rapid march which is going on all over the state of California. The Covina Argun lias done all that lay in its power to advertise, this community in a conservative and truthful manner in tho past, and shall continue to do so. It is our intention within four weeks to issue for di.strihution thioiighout tho whole of tho United States, a Covina JO.xploitatou Number of the ArgiiH. Jt will bo tho Jargo'ht, inoHl conclusive industrial newspaper advertisement of Covina and vicinity that lias over boon iwHUcd. Tho Argus lias issued industrial editions in tho punt that wcro strong advor- UMITH. of thin district. The 1'JOH special IMHUO will bo larger in every way, double tho si'/.o of others that JiaMI gone before, and will contain matter that will be uonvinciiig, Hiich matter an has been solootod after a long study of tho practical work of attracting attention to a locality through tho writ ton word. The editor of the Argun wishes a word as to the manner in which this liig edition in In bit placed in print. The editor tes Hcourod tho serviwH of an experienced no\vHpapt*r and maga/ine writer, mie \vliu IIIIH utudied Ihi'art of publicity I'm- ten years in connection with HOHK- of tlie largest newspapers in the eastern .states and in California. Mr. Henry L. Mar shall, ','Jio has charui' ut the milking of this exploitiit iun number, served his iippi'eiitiret»hip on iioslnn papers, ;ind papers and magaxineti in ihe New Kngland slates. Since coming lo California hi' hus been ri.imroi tnl with the San iMuiicisvo Chronicle anil ilie I.MS An^i-les Tiiiie-i. Mr. Marshal! liu- l.i-i-n urilinc, articles tor the piil-lii 1 ului'iM .-tr.iililv |M|- ten year-, .n: I >.'i-h stands t h< I oii^hly I III- 'A I U '1 i-a i i-l l ! . i lit r! I luelll e\ I .!• -II ,il II.M r -crii .1 < -nut r\ ;is is to i.e i • \ j 1 .M< .1 in ( '. ", lha ah'l .-urn.ti ml mu ti-iiit 'i \ . Mr. .Mai-hail kn>.us t lit- pi act n-al '., 01 k i I I !,>• outline in iin.-l!\ at he has v.. i ki-i) in it, .-tiiili ( ,i II aini J)i i-jiiij i il Jjuim-ioiis allii/les about it for well known magazines of this country. The editor is sure that the work will be done well. Mr, Marshall will be engaged in this work for the coming four weeks, and this announcement is for the purpose of preparing the rancher find the business man for the proposition as he will explain it to everybody. A word again in regard to the con tents of this industrial edition. It will contain the articles best suited to attract the attention of the man or woman intending to take up a home here. A new and prominent citl/en of Covina, .State Senator Huller, in an article elsewhere in this paper, nays that the duty of the town is to get, the people here, and then the undoubted excellence of the country will do the rest. This i« true, and on this basis will the work be gotten out. The issue Is to be lavishly illustrated with up-to-date photographs, among which will be a half page cut, of the $00,000 high school building which Covina will build immediately. The citrus industry will be explained carefully, the walnut Industry and the homes and ranches and business houses will occupy prornlneent space. The issue will bo an authority on all subjects it, deals with. Tho work has never been done before «s it will be done this year. Tho people of tho viciri- ty are asked to get together in one concerted movement and place Covina definitely on tho map throughout the entire country. With this article as a foreword, the editor turns the work over to Mr. Marshall with the full conviction that, the work is in good hands. J. L. MATTHKWH. WALNUT CENTER. Mr. Milton Haddox ifl harvesting a fine crop of apples this year. The ArguH man was treated to flo,ne samples of the fruit, and carried away some clusters of the banana apple on the limb which had grown to splendid maturity. Mr. Haddox also has a good crop of persimmons on his trees, and there )H no ranch in the. valley which has such a diversity of fruit. Claude F. C'ongdon has sold bl« ranch of 30 acres, consisting of alfalfa and walnut trees, to Mr. Fast- arm, who took possession last week, The consideration was U13.000. Mr. Congdon and wife are traveling in the Kast, and will return later and locate in some other locality in California. There are over a dozen ranchers in the lower Walnut Center district who are very desirous of having a telephone service. The matter has been broached repeatedly to the Covina and the El Monte companies, but no step has been taken as yet. Mrs. A. 8. Thomson, teacher of the Basset school, reports the enrollment of 37 scholars this year. The school shows a steady increase in attendance. I' 1 . .7. Stimson and family will journey shortly to Dallas, Texas, where thev will remain for some time, returning at a later date. Mr. Arthur Yarneli and family have gone on a vacation which will embrace the beaches and mountains. \V. S. Sawyer and family are taking an extended vacation at the beaches. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Brewster are spending a tew weeks' vacation at Long Beach. CHARTER OAK. Mrs. W. E. Kent returned on Tuesday from a week's viait with an mint at Redondo. Mr. Bud Mrq. \\m. Bowing and': jlittlfi daughter Winifred this woek from Catalina. returned Mrs. Hyde of Pomona was a visitor on Wednesday at the home of her aunt, Mrs. H. C. Maoe. The main boulevard, known as j! Center avenue, has been graded, oiled and gniveled, to the great delight of all. Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Mace returned Ion Wednesday evening from Long Beach, where they spent several days with the lutter's sister, Mrs. Chas. (jauldiu. Surprised by Their Friends. On Tuesday evening us Mr. and Mrs. Herman Head ley were setting out for H nice honeymoon auto ride, unwonted soundo pierced the air. "What's that fearful noise?" asked tho trembling bride, shrinking a little closer, if possible. "I believe I can hear something," said the stalwart groom. "Don't be afraid, 1'in- here. " It WHS only seventeen of Mr. Head ley's bachelor friends who bad come to give him a real old-fashioned ohivnrari, with cow-bolls, tin cana and borus, which they used unspar- ,ingly. They were taken into the bouse, where tho two brides, for Mrs. J. PI. Simpson was there, entertained them charmingly. Mr. Headley hurried to Covinn for ice cream and cigars, with which all regaled themselves and Mr. Headley made a happy and witty speech in which he told them how he finally summoned up courage to propose and shake off the n.tluclant culihacy which bashfulncH.s imposed upon him so many years in npito of smiles aud ardent glances, it is rumored that sevcraTold batches of Coviua are contemplating moving onto CyproHH avenue to breathe the Hymeneal air. Those present were Messrs. J. II. KimpBon, K. Headloy, D. Foster, .Seymour H. Paroell, W. Sprotte, Homer Hostottler, A. T. Sigslad, Harry and Burl, Hcndricks, D. IJriggH, I. Lamphorc, Knymond Sloan and sons, Curl and Fran/. Dal in. nisslonary Rally. The Womana' Homo anil Foreign MlHHiomiry Society of tho I'ruHhytor- Inn Church will hold their annual rally on Friday, Sept. '25. The program, which will bi>gln promptly at 3 p. m., will ti« furninlicd by t proHbytorial olllcers. Supper will bo sorvi'd at <i p.m. in tho church dining-room, to which all lucmhoi's of the church arc invited. At the nor- vico in the evening, to boign at 1 :!H) p.m., th« uddrctM will be given b.y a prominent, niissionary speaker and the geiuiral public \vlll bu cord in) ly welcomed. Hriiiu' youi j rally ofl'urings with you. ricaUley-OrifHth. A quint wedding at. the home nf ,the bride's mother, Mrs. Netla Mao,("111111 of I'aiuidttiia, united MIH. Xnda ' MaoCiiiirt (iiilllth of Irwindale to llciman T. Headley of Cu\ ina. The ei : i eiimny \\att pertdritied by Dr. K. K. MtM'eilith, pastor of the First ("ou- l^i•egtitiinial (.'liurcli. Miss Mahrl Mac 'diiirt, sister <if th<' bride, and Mr. aud Mrs. ,lames 11. Simpson \\ero wit nt'SM's. .Mrs. He.-idli'.v i s -i womiui of churm in^ i ity ainl an iii'compl islu-il IMU.-li-lan alul hit-. I mi ket'|iilig Imilsi' t.-i IH-I uncle, .). 11. Simpson. Mr. llfiiuan Hi.nil. \' is a \vt-ll Kuuun raiit'lu i alul mir it' Ciivi mi's |iinlU'tTs ajj.l is \\f\\ l,i\ii| ami rcsja'dt.l in I lie c. liiuiiuii il y. It \.as a line slrnke uf il i |i!'Un;ir\ i>n Mis Sun) sun's i ui I, hit', in^ depnv t'tl lu-i I r..|lier aiul Mis. ( ii Ullihs • acli nl a lii'iiu- mad-, (» -i ( I l.c in i-fii\i-il iiiu'-j i'. > .ai.-Mli' iach i.lhi-r. Chas. K. Paige baa left for a business trip to Now York. R. C. Casad comes in from Jrwin- dalo with two gigantio stalks of corn, one of them measuring nearly fifteen feet and with double "bumper" ears. The corn is « Kansas white pearl dent variety. Mr. Casad says he planted it the 15th of June, after another crop had been taken off the laud. He has about three acres of it each year. Reo for the Constable. Constable I. C. Fairly is complacently riding about in his new Reo this week. H. D. Blanchard, the local] agent for these machines, and the portly constable have been in long discussions of late, and the constable fell a victim to the charms of the speedy mile-eater, so that now the arm of the law will be a bard thing to escape in this town. The constable is fast learning the rudiments of operating the machine, but his wife says that he carries telegraph pole climbers, BO that if he lodges in a tree he can get back to earth safely. Country Club Entertains. Ladies' invitation to the hospitality of the Covina Country Club on Thursday evening was the opening of a series of entertainments to be given by this club each month during the social season. In the game of five hundred, A. P. Kerokhoff won the first prize, a pack of fine playing cards, and Mrs. C. F. Clapp the ladies' prize, which was one-half dozen baviland plates. There were sixty people present, coming from Glendora, Azusa and San Dioias. The club performed the honors with credit, serving delectable refreshments. The monthly socials are to be one of the features of the winter season in this vicinity. Guaranteed piano tuning. L. E. Sheets, Pomona, tf. Fall Opening of „ .Millinery You and your friends are cordially invited to call and see the first display of Fall and Winter Hats in my parlors on North Citrus Ave. Friday and Saturday September 18 and 19, 1908 HISS SARA RECKARD HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. No Longer an Experiment but a Fact! You can cook your meals without fire. Do you rcali/A' what a saving this means in fuel? i)o you know how much discomfort you avoid? Come and let us explain the "Purity" Pirclcss Cooker If it were not a success we wouU! nut recommend it. Cooks the dinner while you are awuy. For sale by F. H. FABRJCK'S Hardware Store Covina, Cal. Home I'hone WANTED Paying Citrus Groves I make a specialty of selling orange and lemon groves. If you list your grove with me I will spend my own money to make a sale. If I don't sell for you, you are out nothing. Isn't that fair? » H. G. Hagerty 304 Fay Bldg. 3rd and Hill, Los Angeles $$SS$$SSS$$SSSS«$$$$$$S$SSSS$SS$S$SS^ ' People Will Persist in trading where they can get the best quality of groceries at the most reasonable prices — and it is quite natural they should. The best brand of canned vegetables, the best packs of canned fruits, the purest and nicest jams and jellies, the choicest table butter and the strictly fresh eggs at no greater cost, but much greater value, are always found here. Our soecialties are fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Government Inspected Fresh Meats THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. F*or Home ZENOLEUM INori-Roisonous Dl SINFECTANT A germ-destroying deodorizer that can be used in the home without fear of poison or injury to the clothing, the linen, the furniture or the plumbing. Used by health officers. For sale by W. W. NASH F*resorlption Druggist Before you let any contract for the FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every size tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Phone 199 Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak Necessity of Good Bonking Facilities The necessity of good banking facilities is becoming more apparent each year. It is the earnest desire and determination of the National Bank to supply the best possible facilities obtainable for safe aud conservative banking. Our officers and directors spare no effort to make the service of this institution prompt, efficient and obliging, aud those who eiurust us with their accounts will reaiix.e our careful and conservotive. methods- The accounts of firms, corporations and individuals, subject to check are invited. Capita! .-i.^l I t Kit I \

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