Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1954
Page 10
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• S f A * r A i letween • fs Seen N» Y» InvesHgoflon . . id. today there are sign totty bMfre'en Southern -'1ihd ftallonal part tfeh 'should p&? off ii elections involvtaj ed a group o in= boycotting ? rally at Chlcagc hC; is joining fully f6if « party mee at^ Miami Beach ^b-Pla) said in j&ftt fbrmfer Cov. Adlai E rot,Hlino)s, the 1652 Dem residential nominee, is ex > u be the main speaker Sehibefs from Southeastern attcrtd. .... sfcid in an interview he ^conditions have changed *y!*incc lie fald he would id ine 1&53 Chicago rally ie didn't believ% it'would the attitude of the nn- tyi leadership! is 'decidedly ifiiideratejo the South now ' - at thatvtime.," Hoi "I feel the signs pva'3 waging for better cooper- tfalri. th(}L par'ty''-ffikn they $ ntn months, Son .lost 1 foui f -S8uthern 4 Eisenhowei toJ3,%e ,1952 ^.^-Jie.'!!)!* of pep and energy. Srti aitijtieto nmyteiiiie to jlow- Irfef futtctldn.' Doctor* ««y (food sia«:»j''J-... J .»*t l«.M»w4-MMt *** trnnn to^ttood iin, causc« thin important n.ihnnyfolkiisufrornag- . ,.,-TniDemble. Minor bbd. ( 4uo t<3 cold or yron.e diet may iyoup Wdn?y« ttjh*** eondl- ,ou/ Try Do»n'«Tlll» r a mild i'iUcc«»»lully by ,wlillon» for It'< amazlngliow many times ^--Jrilte/from theae'^ljiioni- ,„. _U«iiSf Wdpey Wbe» u4fll ; tittle. C«,t Doan'»I?ill»,t«(l«yI (H The nation a! adjutant of the Disabled Amer icart Veterans said today a New York State investigating commi ec sst out to give the organiza tlon a "black eye" in advance of recent hearings on DAV s fund raising activities. Vivian D. Coibly of Cinclnnat said in 6 statement prepared for a House Veterans Committee hear ing that the New York State group "villifiea" the DAV and its service foundation as a "charity rack et." Corbly said DAV asked for the congressional hearing because tie contended the New York group did not <jive it a ''decent opportunity to refute the misinformation which was presented. . to the public as socallcd fact.ss * The New York legislative committee heard testimony that the DAV used none of- 21 million do] lars it collected from miniature auto tag sales as payments to needy veterans. Corbly said the organization did lot claim to make such payments. fie said testimony given to the tfew York committee by its own counsel, George Kerner, shows its 'Utter ignorance of the basic prin ciple.3 of rchabllitatioi-." Ex-Texarkanian Given 25 Years CHICAGO W) — James Dodd Sr., L former resident of Texarkana, 'esterday was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the fatal beat ng of his 2-yearold son last Sept. 26. - ' Dodd, 32, pleaded .guilty. At.,i corner's inquest Dodd tes ified that he stepped on the child, Tames Jr., several times besides hrowmg him across the room and beating him. • He said he must ''have' > gone ompletely crazy." Dodi came to Chicago ia 1948< Accidents kinlled Americans in 1953. about 94,0001 slections. He had tpken a stand n favor of civil rights legislation. n this connection, Holland said he was, pleased by Stevenson's state ment of a visit to'Atlanta "'" as), year. French Sand Ships to Base in Algeria PAHIS, (A— France sent a squad ron oi warships today to the Mer- ElKebir base in Algeria within easy -striking distance of Spanish Morocco— to back up her warning against any move to split the Madridruled protectorate from the realm of the Sultan of Rabat. The naval array, including a cruiser and an aircrft carrier, was ordered to the Mediterranean base after the French Foreign Ministry announced Spain had been warn cd France would resist "with all means at her disposal" any attempt to divide the Sherifian em pire. This "empire" includes both French and Spanish Morocco and the Jnternationnl zoo at Tagier. The Sulla, whose palace is in Ra bat, in the French zone, is the spiritual ruler. He also is nominally a temporal ruler but actual authority is exercised by the two North African protectorates. The Foreign ministry said the warning had been prompted by re sorts that a meeting of chiefs and religious leaders at the Spanish Moroccan capital of Tetuan tomorrow may proclaim BE the rightful sovereign over Morocco's approx malely nina million Moslems the man the French dethroned and exil ed as Sulta 'last August— Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef. Lion Search) Shifts to N. L. R. Section NORTH LITTLE ROCKJ, Iff)—The searcn for Arkansas' "lion" Shift >d to a residential section of North Jit'tle Rock early today, The crew of a Missouri Pacific rain said they saw the beast.late ast night near a railroad crossing. Apyrently the animal', , deVcrib ed as large and catlike, was the same one" which had been reported seen near Humnoke, in Looke COUnty, Monday. ' North Little Rock Police Capt. Warner Harris .said he found /.a luge five-toed footprint "as large as a man's hand." First reports from Humnbke saiil ,he beast was a lion. Raymond Newt Brie ft MUSkOGEE, Okla. (UP) — W»l tet Lindsey, 30, Walnuf lliagc, 1 Ai-k. must pay a $500 fitte tit takirig orders, and.. money, for calendars which allegedly r.ever were'deJiv ered. . '.;• The fine was levied agains Llndsoy here yesterday by - Fed eral Judge W. R Wallace^after Lindsey pleaded no, contest i to charges he defrtiuded -seven; f)i lahoma FFA chapters. Lindse^, at cording to testimony, sold the c* ondars to FFA chapters at ; Has kell, Vip.n, Muldtow, Eggs, Che cotah, Roff and Morris. . U. S. Attorney Frank McSherrt said Lindsey had repaid the mo'hejr WASHINGTON (UP) — Edward L. .Wright, a Little ,Rock, 'Ark. attorney, has been named to > the Hoover Commission to study, over hauling of federal legal scryibes; Wright Was one of 14 lawyers and judge:; named to the com mission here yesterday by former President Herbert Hoover. : The group will seek out duplication in legal services and procedures OJ the executive branch of govern ment. Wright is a member of the Lit; tie Rock law firm of Wright, .Harrison, Lindsey and Upton. ,•;. LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Francis Cherry will deliver * ' the keynote address at a twoday highway cductation conference opening in Atlanta, Ga., tomorow. ' FAVETTEVILLfi CUP) —r-Dele gat€4,from 30 colleges ' and,!, uni versities in Arkansas, Louisiana and -1'cias opened, a thrb.eday district council meeting «*here today. , • t ' ' ri The ,meeting 1 , that,,of,.-district' 4 of the American r Alumni -Council, was>on the campus^at the Univer sity of Arkansas. • •*" Pro^rsm highlights-included/s, an address on academic freedom by Harry S. \Ashmore, executive-, editor of the Arkansas Gazette, a'nd a taUo by Seward Marsh, Squires, cUrator of the Littlet'Rock Zoo, said from the description he thought it might, be a puma, 01 mountain lion,'which he -saidj some Limes ,have been found in 'Arkan sas, Scoffers'Said'it probably'was a big dog. , ..J V JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616"or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS agency DRUG STORE •/ »f BUY 2-YOU SAVES 'Dark Eyes' Alarm Clock SAVE39con FORMULA 20 Liquid Shampoo Olafsen Dicalciunt Phosphate Capsules WithVJosterol 49ASPIRIN T|itETS * Bottles p£,100' ' ; BORIC ACID PoWdtr or Cryitol* College, "president "of the- Amei-isan Alumni ers ZIPPER BAG— 12-b. NO-MJ <t 39 (n*# . t.,' long 79 Fountain Syringe Sttmltst, 4 69 Itikproof I """ 2-qt Cip»e«y Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Hand Lotion and *| OC 2 bars soap » •*«* 98c Perfectcuon AOr Hand Cream V7 *' Rubinstein's Hormone O RA Twins $6.00 value... •'••' v $2.00 Dorothy Gray | Cleansing Cream ... • • Dorothy Gray Cello- O 50' gen Cream $5 size *•••*** Barbara Gould Velvet of Roses Night Croam 1 $2.25 size ' > 2 , fc 0(( /«» <\ of 100 J| You SAVE s?c Brings out natural luster- lathers Jast ia any watet Mix^d<Jwea»J' 69' KELLERS ftw 'T^.t**"' ANTIBIOTIC ANALGESIC Antiseptic - "uASAL BALM, Powder'' DROPS TOOTHPASTE How in Handy RoW LUXURY COUGH PROPS n»9ifl djpps to stick m«8«y lingers I SERUTAN Pflily ; 1*39 •ITA1PS Boost Health' VWILDROOT "• — « — — ' Paper Shopping Bays Mtf.lAUjft ft (ta • --- !»roduc co.ttoh "farms irt Arkansas will have until Feb. lo nblia, head of the state.. agricultiir to file for a--cotton a ere ate allotment if: the marketing; program. ' The deadline- was- yester day by JV. L. Jameson, Jr., Mag al stabilization sad cpnServati&n cpmniittte. A "neif" cotton farm is on-; on which lib acreage. was islanWd to cotton . in 1952 < or ThurJdVy, 1953. James said the new cotton farm applications must be filed with the ASC committee in the county where the farm is located. o S'in year* pait, Chevrolet brings you the biggest savings In addition, Chevrolet for '54 (is ttrtl'in the lou>~price field with the industry's lowest-priced line of with a complete choice of automatic power feature*—con- t<4utt of greater buyer preference, year after year, veniences like v Power glide, PoWer Steering, Power Brake*,* lets a,re built than any other car. This, in turn, Automatic Front Window and Seat Control*.* Of course, production economies that are passed on to these options cost extra, but,a new Chevrolet with atl the y^wji iw-tfrrn« of> higheV all-round quality at 1 lower cost. power features you want actually deliver* for lew than i r..* * ' . * M « i » v . ' <• — moat nfVier makes without them. .i...5 4hd thit y**r, CAedro/ef brings you more . .". more_ downright dollar you get in th« new Chevrolet—the lowest-priced eVtet before! The .new '54 Chevrplets ie"w.FisherJBody ' with.money-«avirig gas mileage. line in the iow-prio* field. OFEXC »i. *Poteer Brtkft atattaUt o«lg,on Powerjltdt moJtls. Avhtnalic Front ffWwrW Seat Ctnlrtlt mly tn "Tom-Jen" W Btl Air meJdi. Young Chevrolet Co» 300 Eoit Second Street Phone 7-2355 ! ' i I > v ,,&,**: . / ii » - i ft ? " ' ••: . .* '-' CHANNEL SIX TELEVISION STATION KCMC TV, Channel 6, was allocated to this area to serve YOU and YOUR interests — YOUJR; sociiir activities — YOUR community affairs -*• YpUR h6rn« life— YOUR business and industrial interests. i i '..'•,. : . " •; • .••• : :..'•...• • •• '' • :-: KCMC TV /Channel 6, is YOU,R ^ com m unity station for YOUR benefit and enjoyment . **• to serve YOU and YOURS, KCMC-TV, CHANNEL ^ l§ YOUJiS'FATItN FOR YOUR COMMUNITY . • * Call or Write KCMC-TV YOUR ARIA STATION , , , , FRANK 0. MYIR5, ! ' !W iS?*»'%iwT!s W! r'"y'Ty^^*ly 'ir I 9SF" EV" v T ^ci r ^^^ "v-i-Pi-wf"' ^ Witt

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