The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 12, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THUBSDAT, MAT 12,1892. FAMOUS LIBEL SUITS.' HOW VERY SELDOM THE PLAIN! GAINS ANYTHING. Kdltsr Godkln's Jlllslinp—Funny Kx;>«- rtance of Georgo Jones, of tho Net , York Times—Tgnnttns I>onnelly Urtn Nix Cents »nd Mr. Malloy •20,000. It. EDWIN U GODKIN, of the New York Even. ing Post, is u •^constitutional re formor and n vigorous assailant. Adit that he is u north ot Ireland man and began bin literary career by writing n somewhat Orongoish history of tho religious discussions, and tho reader will readily see why any little accident in hia newspaper career affords much interest to friends and opponents alike, His recent arreBt was just bad enough to be fnnny. The-- is a politician in New York who married a sister of the noted Victoria "Woodhull and Tennie Claflin and otherwise locally celebrated. Of him Tho Post recently spoke as an "ex-koopor of a dive." Ho straightway employed a lawyer who had various reasons for not loving Mr. Godkin, and tho next Sunday morning the latter was aroused from sound sloop by an officer with a warrant for his arrest on information for a criminal libel. But ho did not go behind bars, Friends gathered rapidly, bail was given, and so "Larry," as jocular rivals call him, got away from court in time to attend church. This incident has onco moro started the discussion as to libel laws, and they are found to bo in oven worse confusion Hum ever. In a similar case a friend onco con doled with tho late George Jones, of tho Now York Times', who ropliod: "Oh that all? Why thoro are only six suits now pending against Tho Times. Thii is a bad year for 'em. I've been in the newspaper business thirty-five years and have always had from four to sixteen libel Baits on hand and have never yet paid ono cent damages." Mr. Matthews, of tho Buffalo Express, gavo similar testimony. Out of a dozen heavy suits but one went against him, and in that case tho verdict was for fit ,000. Other papers have not been so fortunate. Tho Now York Herald paid a Mr. Malloy, of South Carolina, fSO.OOO merely for making this little statement "Tho loading citizens of Edgefield thiol that ono Malloy, a white man who somo timo ago was suspected of burning his own store for tho purpose of obtaining the insurance, kindled the firo which re Bultod so disastrously." This is the case in which Judge William James Wallace; of the United States circuit court, made tho remarkable decision that The Herald had told so big and palpable a lie that it did no harm! This is not a burlesque. Hero is tho exact language of the judge: "Tho original publication, although its sensational character and ilagrunt mendacity wero well calculated to outrage, tho feelings of the plaintiff, was so destituto of a color of truth that it could not seriously injure him in tho estimation of tho immediate community in which ho lived To a good many persons this Bounded like a polito way of saying that Tho Hur- aid (or its correspondent) was such a liar that its word could injure no one And strangely enough, some people have an idea that this is law. But it isn't, No man can take advantage of his own wrong, and tho biggest liar in tho com munity is as responsible for his words as a George Washington. Tuero'B lots of fun in a libel suit—for all except tho parties—and by a curious but not well understood law thuy seem to run in groups. About five yoars ago an article appeared in the New York Mail and Express with these scare heads: SUlt MAIUUKD A NKOIIO. A charming and Intelligent young woman weds tin Illiterate black nianl Tho date was at a Now Jersey town, the names wero given in full and the local correspondent was known to bo reliable. A savage letter soon arrived from an indiguant father, then a uolino of a libel suit and next a retraction and very humble apology. A letter to tho correspondent notified him that if ho ever entered tho Mail and Expreas office ho would encounter an ablobodied janitor with a fair sized club. Scarcely \ it hastily, go* a false impression and tho resnlt was the misleading heads. Worso followed. West and south tho item was widely copied, tho retraction apparently overlooked, and so millions of readers have it in their minds as an actual and very bad case of New Jersey miscegenation. The managing editor of The Mail and Express,was just beginning to breathe freely when The Evening Telegram was Buod by Anthony Comstock, The Times by a publishing firm, The Herald by a mining firm and Tho Sun by Fred Gebhard and Pierre Lorillard, the last two asking for $50,000 each. At the closo of the week Foster Coates, who recontlj left The Mail - and Express for The Press, declared that thoro was but ono paper in New York not sued or other wise in trouble, and that was The Banner of Zion. Tho Sun bad published that Pierre Lorillard lost $235,000 at baccarat and had spoken of Fred Geb hard as a blackguard. None of tho suits amounted to much. Tho Chicago Times has probably spent more money on libel suits than any other American journal. And a strange fea tnro is that its worst losses wero in cases where it had been artistically deceived. Several years ago The Times received j an elaborate account of a fearful scandal at Bockford, Ills,, involving one prominent politician and tho davighteT of another. The editor hesitated, but tho next day several lottcrs came, all in different hand writings, giving details as if from different standpoints, and so noxt morning an article appeared. There was not a word of truth in tho story. It was a most ingenious fraud ond tho author was nover certainly discovered. Of tho many resulting Buits BOUIO were tried five times. The final payment of damages was very small, but Mr. Storey admitted that ho had paid out many thousands of dollars in lawyers' fees and hunting evidence. A still more enrions case convulsed nn eastern city somo years ago. An evening paper gavo a thrilling account of four attempts to murder a young married woman by connivance of her lius band. Whon suit was brought and the reporter waB called on for his proof, it was discovered that his main witness was in tho penitentiary at Joliet, Ills., tho next in importance in tho Now York penitentiary at Auburn, and tho third was n police sergeant, who declared he had told tho reporter no such thing. Ruin to tho publishers seemed certain. Am afce enter* womanhood, ev- -jry young girl needs tho wisest care. Troubles beginning then may make her whole life miserable. But the troubles that are to be feared bare a positive remedy. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proscription builds up and strengthens the system, and regulate! and promotes every proper (unction. It 's a generous, supporting ionic, and a quieting, soothing nervino—a legitimate me* feint, not a beverage, free from alcohol and Injurious drugs. It correct* and cures, aaiely and surely, all those delicate derangements and weaknesses peculiar to tho sex. A romedy that dots cure is one that can be ff ^aranteed. That 's what the proprietors of Favorite Prescription " think, n it doesn't give satisfaction, in every case for which it's recommonded, they'll refund the money. No other medicine for women is sold en such terms. Decide for yourself whether something else •old by the dealer, is likely to be " just aa good " for you to buy. THREE CENT COLUMN. Advertisements inserted In trila depart meat will be charged for at the rate of one- half cent per word: they must be inserted for a definite number of times and paid for when insertion commences. This rule will be Btrlctly observed in all cases. WANTED. I xtT ANTED—Uood, clean rags at the Mawa yV prcsH room. W ANTED—Dining room girls and chambermaids at Midland hotel. 5t rANTED—Residence properly. Close In. ' —- -.11 a" at "W ""Mu»t be'clieap for spot cas'h. v^all at WHY IS TH« W ANTED— Good clean, cotton rags at the NKWB onicc press room. Will pay good price. ^_ ANTED—A bath tub, in good condition, * - - '-'^TCS" :>t W. L. 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C OUNTY officers should call or address us when In want of printing of any description, blank books or binding. We give satisfaction. NEWS CO ., Hutchinson, Kan. ANTED—Live agents In city and country, to sell an article wanted In every house and store. $4.00 per day to right men. Address with stamp, h, box 10, Atchison. Kansas. R. L. OODKIN. was it mailed when a still more savage letter arrived from him -with pointed references to his lawyer and a demand for his original manuscript. It was produced, and behold there was not n word in It to tho effect that any white girl hud married a negro, Then tho printed article was scanned, and all parties were amazed to find that in it also there was no such statement. Yet every ono who read it had got the impression that there was. The scare heads had done the mischief. In the text the newly made husband was do scribed as "a very illiterate fellow, but a prosperous grocer in a nogro settle raent, to which ho has taken his wife. The managing editor had received the manuscript at u late hour, glanced over w, p. STOREY. At this juncture a statesman of eminence who owed much to tho paper came to the reBcue. Ho had been public prosecutor for years, know the record of every crook and criminal in the county and held in his hands tho power to crush many of them. Ho summoned them one by one to his office and made each detail his knowledge of the plaintiffs. Tho result was a record which caused tho judge to declare that during the progress of the trial he had to pinch himself to be sure he was not dreaming. Tho originol case was practically ignored. It was shown that the plaintiffs were of a family of professional crimi nals, one that had been such for foui generations. Judge and j.-vry agreed that such peoplo could not be libeled. And it turned out after all that tho original publication was true, though it was not proved on the trial. The last affair to interest tho whole English speaking world was that of Par- Hell and tho London Times, in which Parnell won. Other recent and familiat cases are more amusing than serious. Hon. Ignatius Donnolly sued for $100,000 and got six cents. At least nine times out of ton these suits end in much the same way. Historically the subject is of intense interest. In Englund and America alike tho press has been growing freor for two centuries, and in reading (ho old coses ono wonders how men could have published papers at all, British law haa always laid great stress upon any feuture in a libel calcu lated to stir up Btrife, whether between individuals or nations, and under this law tho notorious Lord George Gordon "Protestant Chumplou," was, in 1788 sent to Newgate for seven years for an atrocious libel on the queen of France. Ho professed conversion to Judaism and died in prison Nov. 1, 1703. Sim ilarly Tom Paine was indicted in Lon don for publishing his "Eights of Man," flod to France and was outlawed. The only attempt at that sort of thing in the United States took form in tho famous Alien and Sedition Laws." Since they expired an American cau libel foreigners ad libitum, as witness tho "war editorials" and at various public meet iugs, The American pross is free in deed, but where all are free some will be licentious, and that the whole law of libel v.- in au unsatisfactory condition none are freer to admit than tho editor: themselves. J, H, B EADLE. Dark, yellow, greasy skin is a symptom of disordered kidneys and liver, and unless treated promtly may result in a dangerous disease. One bottle of Ueggs' Blood Purifier will entirely remove the cause and leave the skin clear and transparent, sold and warranted by A. .1. Haum- hardt. ARE YOU nUNBY FOB A HOME'.' If so write to Oeo. T. Nicholson, 0. V. & T. & S. V. B. 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If you want one of these albums, send me Jl at once, as the an-pqly Is limited. Six for SB. Address H. P. STEWART, 48 W. Eleventh St. Philadelphia, Pa. BARGAIN! cant interior, a rich gll E VEKY one In need of information on the subject of advertising will do well to obtain a copy of "liook for Advertisers," 3tlS pages, price, on i pald. on receipt of j compilation from * Directory of ail __. Mailed. price. ContalnB a careful American Newspaper the best papers and class Journals; gives the circulation rating of every one, aud a good deal of Information about rates and other matters pertaining to the business of advertising. Address Howell's Advertising Bureau, 10 Spruce St., New York, tf EASTWARD. Local Freight (dally) leaves St. Louis Mall (dally) leaves W. &C. Acc. (dally) mixed leaves. WESTWARD. Local Freight (daily) leaves W.&C. Acc.(dally)mlxed arrives Benver Express (dally) leaves... 8:00 a. ml 9:30 a. 4:10 p. 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A A. Drug Co. MEDICINE CO. CHICAGO, Oh. J7JDWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney at Law. Office in HutcbineonNational Bank building S as I iffi COPfl Catabllahad 1871 . M. U II Lt & bU.! ICO 8. WATER 8T. OHIOACKJ, ItiTa^ COMMISSION MERCHANT: BROOM CORN fou« a L .wU, Anls I'M SsrafM, W»rs«r m C«., «J WVl.ilK«aU.,W <al, •«rvKsauXsU*Ml a»k. j "^y M - WHITELAW, ' Attorney at Law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman Btreet. -•^rHITESlDE * QLEASON Attorneys at Law, I Office, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. 24 South Main St rj\AYIX»R * TAYLOR, Attorneys at Law, I Office, up-ntalrs, Masonic Temple. YOU WEAK MANt M ivil Thoughts, •Varfiilcii (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) '\| Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, | veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, 5 fish and game. John Hartman, cutter./ Telephone 33. MIDLAND HOTEL. Most contrally located hotel in the city. . HEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY.!) 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