Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 6
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Thpy Want tlie Ballot, It In Thdr Right and They Will I sc It to Good Pur)K>se. A little group oflolnns gathered at tlie A. O. U. W. Hall last evening and heard Mr. W. V. Morgan state the case of equal suffrage with persuasive logic. Mr. Morgan'^ talk was to tjio wen and should have been heard by a thousands Passing over the speaker's attractive personality and i)Ieas- ing manner, the fxm remains that with out n single bid for a|)plause from the ladles present, he stated their case as completely and convincingly as it has been.expounded hero'during the campaign, .lust to give the women a square deal, the Register herewith submits the argument which the voters should read in order to decide intelligently on their vote, and if the men fail to read it the women should, for In his talk .Mr. Morgan stated the men's objections and answered them. .Mr. .Moraan spoke in substance, as tollows: The question is so noii-partisnn that in Kansas overy candidate for governor, every candidate for rnite<l States senator and to far as I know every iiromiiient man in state affairs, every man taking an ;ictive interest 111 good government on 'Sn-cry party line Is In favor of this amendment. The head of every state institulloii of learning, the newspajier men of thtj iilate. the teachers of our schools, tlif union organizations of our laborhi}: men. the granges and alliances of oui farmers—e\cry organization of men in the state which is trying to promote the interests of the people, has declared in favor of the amendment. Ordinarily speaking, this would settle the question without a doubt. But I know that a lot of the best men in the state are expecting to vote .igainsi the amendment for some reaso.n which is so hard to define that they must admit to themselves that it is prejudice. 1 have some rospeot for prejudice because it is the result of education environment and habit of thought, and is not such an unworthy argument as is sometimes charged. But it is an argument that reason can reach, experience caii teach and judgment can chance. Hhrht or Privilepc. A lawyer friend of mine said to me that, the ballgt is not a right but : privilege and that therefore it was not proiior to say that a woman hai' a right to vote because' a man had : right to vote, for neither had an; :ialural right at all. only the jirivilegi granted to those whom the ms'jorit? '.bought worthy and capablf fJrant 'ng :hat tWs claim is theoreticalh I'orrect. we cpme up aaainst anothei- •roposition. The basis of our gov- change of pi s: vnee tame.'; p i -Tbp prices • .'fn five and J liave not paid, auU as a result have no tuor'j tabloid stock ' ihlB winter. ^T.- Jas. v. Churchill, 90 Wall St.. Am, K. Y.. has been bothered with ^UB ki^cy and bladder .trouble ':slnce he left ;he army, and sav,s: .jlded to try Foley Kidney iUlu aei; h^d cureil so many people and ».rotind th. > were just the thiDjr. [ for the "instituTion of a Sundav'school r^l^HiJ't*'"^"'""'* >^ '"^"'^d t° come Td , >S;~'"'v;'-' \ r<*<-o 1- bring a box. 1-thtm.' -01 sale at Burrell's The young folks of Spring Branch i!.:iive P:iiti !*cott a surprise .'on .Mon|(lay cv*-ning'as it was his birthday. iTtinEStS ( A.\ VLL YOTE. itr B OTK Will lU Alloned Time IJ^ V to Attend the I'olls. Tidents of the University of Kanl*ill he given time enough from jr ."wprk Tuesday vote. Cltancel- Ijifinulk:,Strong I'sieves that the ^ceraduatc; ehc.i:' not neglect i'^ntj'aiid has u.'-«-'d each student Pfcao do so to cHi'^-his ballot at lection. U-students ivbo live outside of ttce and wish to vote Tuesday 'alloired to take jsncb time as is . Irom their classes." de- Chancellor to the students. "I . Has one of the highest duties niltlzen to take an intelligent in- Mt -in .the government and I be- ithat-every one should exercise franchise Tuesday. |tj should be the policy of all uni- _ in America to fosttr student sfin national, state and munic- olictes and no hindrance.'? should _ _ by any institution in the of /these young citizens wbo d.- I'tolvote. Kansas, at any rat,;, will Urthem all an opiwrtunity u 1- nest wish that all students uf :age will visit the election I will be a great thing for the -States when the collese men l^^fwnen taUe. as much interest in "Btl economy and good frovern- Sarrs Lc^ ol Uo}. —"It seemed that my 14-year-olc :>y would have to lose his leg, on ac count of an ugly ulcer, caused by ri bad bruise," wrote D. F. Howard Aquone. N. C. "All remedies and doctors, treatment failed till we tried Bucklcns Arnica Salve, and cured bin -with one box." Cures burns, boils, skit eruptions, piles. 25c at all druggist? Rev. G. W. Shepard. who has heei; here visiting his family, returned u Mount Drum this morning. The pulpit at the Bai)tist church will be occupied by Rev. G. W. Carley, of To- | IKka, tomorrow. M. T. MORGAN. •rnniint is the eiimlnaUon of spocia i.ri \il «-?e to any class. Kvery clasF j ;ind evry p<-rson has the right to ev- ) ry pritilf'ge that others possess. I i liink that a woman has a ri^ht to th< . ' i ):;llot becjiuse I bflieve tiiat slie is o ... , . , I. - ,,. . !;' 1 know she pavs tjixes. I moni.l should certainly be suffinen- | „„,,.r„.,a. ^ ^m of th. 10 b.,pe and courage to person ; ,„i„i„„-,h;„ ,he government can only Chfonic Dyspepslii. —The following unsolicited af" -1 with chronic dy-pepsia: h.i .en a chronic d.-speptic fo; and of all the medicine I hav( •.;.k.i.. Chamberlain's Tablets have done me more good than anylhin> else." savB AV G. .Mattlson. o.N 7 She; man St.. Hornellsville. ,\. Y. 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"run-down," debillfited teachers,,milliners, dressmakent, seamstresses, " shop>iirll." howe • keepers, nursini muthcrs, and feeble women ^eocrallrt it is an excellent appetizing cordial and restorative tome. ' "My disease was caUed rcuwcnSon.** writr* Mas. Lrau^fcDoK- AU>, uf MecMta. Mich.. Boute 1. "1 bad niTt <o n chill*, and BUiqb SMUS Bad l!w« wocM leave me vco' wsak. Then I <iad inflaaunatioa and the doctor arid I iud • floatiac Iddnvy. I ductgrcd imn months with oar famOy phyaicun. Be said I would lmT« to have an opentioo. Then I •twt >«d tskine hH medidae. After takina thrae bottln of Dr. Piercv's mxlicincs I have i.v >t bad any nervous chDla or w«alc spells. I am batter •'ll ^'duBEfawr >* now taUiir Oe 'PresrripUoa "and Dr. Piem's for MiToasncn and weak. tirod tett tiote. We Thcso rwMdiea have helped her erer as muck in a short f^ost faith in yoor modirioes for (cmala ttooblas." - ..I mUd MMtural bmnt wii—iinf. riv. ir< powers from the consent ol he coveined. I believe that it is just true now ;is it was in 1776 thai a\iiiion wiiliout r-preyentatioii is tyr- .nny. Hut aieepting this theory that otins is a privilege, is it not ••«|uall> rue that a 6i >ecial' priviiese is con- •rary to our theory of government and i'.at the securing of privilege by one •iiakes it a "right" for the others. It \s all a play uiN>n words. If you. Mr Man, were denied the power to vote you would think it was a right and you would flght to maintain it. You wouldnt quibble ag to whether it was i in Inherent right, or a right to have the same privilege as others. Yor 'vould go after the ballot as yours by • very right. i'ut yourself in her iiluce. .Mr. Man •"on't think of how protecting you are, of how kind you are, or how you shel- i !er the women folks of your family That has nothing to do with the ques- ..on of rights. \o doubt other iner ould clothe you and 'protect you from hardship, hut you wouldn't give, up vour citizenship for such tilings. You vould be as mad as a hornet. You would say, "To thunder with youi • rotection. 1 can look after my owr ifairs. I want the right of an Amerl' :in citizen to vote and I'm going to j '.ive it or down goes your shanty " ! I'ut yourself-in the woman's place : .iiil if you have bc^n e.Tpecting to i "Ke against the amendment, think iiow you would feel it you were dis- Iriinchised. The Antl-Arfnimenl.«. The only argument which is ad- >anced against woman suffrage Is ad­ it li^ntalned ia tbe.r.^nte, man' it intAe home."•n ^re are 7,000.000 women In th« United SUtes who, have to leave the faom^ to .earn their own ^ui|ntenance. and > generally-to help support their families. Here are: 7,000.000' reasons why the "woman's place" argument will,not work. I'hope that number wlll.never increase but grow less. 1 believe that woman suffrage not only will Aot Uke women from their homes but will add to their ability to stay there. This Is not a proposition that will take woman from her home but it will increase the Importance of that home, dignify the occupation, and make! her long still more to be a home keeper. In the days of primitive clvili7.ation government was largely in necessity of war and Involved little but protection ^gainst enemies and evildoers. Now {|overnment not only provides an army iind navy but It goes into the life of every citizen. The home is governed and if the home is woman's only sphere, the home is governed without rciireseniation. Think of this you men who work all day and come home tired at night— your hoiiie life a comfort because of your mother your wife or your .sister —or even your boarding house keeper The legislation which you enact governs that home and the one who .iuows the most on the subjcol is not re|iresented. The home means the nanaglng. the buying, the economizing, the caring for the health, the instruction of the children, the selet- .ios of the food and. clothing, tne jchools, the charities, and all these subjects, for they have liccu' as g<^i- orally and as willingly turned over to -.lie women as have the shuits and the ilows to the men. Tliei-o are two sides .o the ordinary life, tlio liu.-;y and .'arning side, which the critics say is. he man's place, and the equally busy ind care taking side, which these same critics sa.v is the woman's (ilace. \nswer if you can the plain true stalc- nent that one has at least as much. .•Ight as the other to govern its own iffalrs. Think carefully, put yoiir- ielf in the other place and see how- it would seem from that viewpoint. This "woirfans place is the home" is the greatest argument in the world for woinan's vote, if you think fairly and squarely, and remember that the imi>ortant-"home" is entitled to rc|>- resentation In the government as welt as the shop and,the farm^ There is hardly a question of gov- ernineht which does not affect the home and the woman. Talk of the tariff and you know that the home is touched liy that. Every Democrat will tell you that every article a womau uses in the home is advanced in price by the tariff. Kvery Republican and every Progressiva will tell you that free trade means low wages, shoddy :;oods and hard times. fJont these things affect the woman as well as The man? ^ .^nd now don't dodge behind the weak statement that the man will ook after the woinan's interests. With ust as much truth or more, it could >e said that isome other man would ook after your interests and you need lOt vote. You would jeei- at such an irgument If used to d,istranchise you, iO don't dodge behind It when it comes to the woman. The truth is. and wc all know it, that men and women af- er being, ediicatcd and having rem li•d a suUable age. arc capable of dis- Inguishing right from wrong, are able o. decide on what is best for them, or their business and for their home, ind that together they can reach u ensible conclusion, with advantage to both. Womanly Qualities. But then comes another objecter falling back from the first iioslUon, and says: "Yes, it Is right that the tvomen should vote. Imt il might not jvork well (or the women." It might lo something mysterious and awtitl to .he femililne character, no one knows jxactly what. Hut this is not a mere Jieory we are discussing. Woman now lias the ballot in sUx states of the Jnlon and In several of them has been exercising it for years. Nut a voice of criticism is raised in these states that the womanly characteristics have been changed, that she has ietn>gr;id- ed as a wife, a mother o,- r. Iiousi- keeiier. In fact every >» u: i . the effect that the stiiiiv < . which affect her home iiiakes u beliei lousckcciicr. just as the study of the .luestions which affect a farm makes a setter farmer. There is not in one of these states, a governor, or a legislature, a newsiiaiier, a political par­ ly or a prominent man who dues not say that woman suffrage ha.-; been beneliclal to the men. tu the worn* a and to the state. Women Won't Vule. Our opponent must admit this, if he is fair, and still he holds to prejudice. He can't argue luuch so he asserts: •Women wont vote." . But the women do vote, in every slate and country where they have the right they exercise it in about the sauie proportion as do tlie men. Si>iiiebo<iy .started the story in Kansas that the women don't vote In Colorado. 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How lOLA f ?EGiSTt.-K ii.;; aders Can Obtain Free This Was^derfisS. Bo^fe You Need Only Present Six Coupons Printed elsewhere (daily) clipped on con.^^cculive ihiys. and liii cMvense bonus set opposite the style sclcclcd (which covers \ \v' items of "J :0 cost of packing, express from factory, cluvking. clci-k I'.ii'c and O\\\VY iiecc.-^.sary EXPENSE items), as c.xi5laiii"d undci- il .e Dictioii'iry rt.u{>'tti nriiitcd on the .second page of this i.vsiie. Ky n'.iii I'Dc exti'a jx-.^UiLre. Women Waul lo Vote. .And now I'oiiies tfii- la.-;; ar;;iiiiien; /.[Conceding that tliore is no rea.-oii why women >houhi nri vote, ilio opiMmeni says 111; is for it whenever lie is .-^iir'- tiie women want to vote. Incideniall .v. he iirobably says iiis "wn wile doiusu't care anything about it and lie doesn 't believe the women il". I*erhai>'' lieuiil i:uupesl thai this ii|-<ipo.~ifion h-- left to the wdilieii. Of coiirbe 111' will admit tiiat tiri .s a rank th«:ry, taat one clti/eii iiiall lie kepi inmi vuling beeau -e anoiiier ilovs not .iaie to Hu; the ••;inti" trii 'S ti> j-atisfy hi .-i con -iienee i )y (iiselaiii.- ing re.'ponsil.ility and leavins the (la--, lion entirely to th'« wmnen. He fir .-t a.-isiire.s them lliat if they vote tliev miL -'t .-erve in ;he ruiiiy. whirli isii r a! all true. Il-- joleniiily warn- rh.- women folks that if tliey vote 'iiev will stay out iiiKhts, >;er\e on juries. KC til war, l>e ei>ntaminateil liy haiinv their liallois in liie same l.ox uir'.i •IV. II :;ri .; t":...\ :i.:iv •.T wh.-n . .'IKitda;''..: \\Mi ;i;iri .•iiIi'iMue ..; ;i _\i >:e. ihe'c ;'r" i lis I'IHSC I'-.ISons ill.' iilkell 'Mill iierierii e il t"'i.>.- \\';':/\ wiiiiiyn t"l!tr;r.-e i n <'a .-;iii;.'' !!i"it \\ can -fill. C -'H. line iij' u itii the iii.n ' a!.>nv n;i:;'ii^!: li:: . ii:":; the ciiai:; ;• • •ry uoiiiiin :;: • •• > • I I' hiislir.iu!. ••• i !• I:.T i-iii!iiriMi S M.- uiios'- rei-nnl 1'.. t:e- k;;i>u \ :w :i. ; r •.; w!:i> i\ ill- slam! •: . !i .. i iuiUis; heart ot y.-.i:' in.•;!.••: .'iiil uiNv kli.e.v : liest i:ite!e-t (.f I',.- ^ eolintry 1 di> ii. v.^!e wil! X.rhvi i .t 1! make ptiijiic lit.- :i! ':i!kin.r ti> y.>r. n>-n ' '•rn:-. .• ' .1 use !,,>- !",>i(!inK liark. I •:(• ij ;.-!?(.r. luf.irf :iie men of Kansas .in :. 'iiiN.; . i. •« !>>rl:er they will :;.>.• I > i: • -.'vzhx of full eitizen- r 'Mi- -II i V 'lilii fii; iffor ineiii s.^hes i! Il.ey .ij.! not h:iie it if the \ii;eni!iiienT shcmiii he (iefea.ei! • this if "i!" !>' ;|it.-.! sr :nr other vear. aiiil in 'he n .-iiutiuie Kansas wiil s "tin;: tn i;.- r'eiice vvatehiniijr the ii'H-.s>ii)n L-.i liy T';e only chance tor !- i:'-':'.:'; :i k of liis .ussion; and •• •• .T.-on '-r' 's litii' inscussiein is • r. ' !.• 'op, • • o' siile lia.^'con- !i ......... v\->- \u gO?^lIUt Trv a KeL'i^ter Want Ad. llgures show that they do. There arelt,,,,,^ „r ,„^„ ti,at ;!„•>• wi!! inoremen than women in Colorado.. ,,rohal)iv go to riinninp for office. He yet 43 per cent of the ballots at theU^rpets to add tliai all the-e dr.-adfni last atate election were cast by wo- ,i,|njjs ^.^ro predicted in everv .~ia:.- men. Every governor of every state where women ha\e the ballot certifies that they e.\erclse the right the same as the men. • .1111 Koinj; j iiioilier. or I will rai-" T:; ! mo !:'.i :!y. •!i ;-:>:r- itM 'i. (I like \ OU. S. I •\\\ « i:. which now has suffrage; and uon« them came to pass. But tlie argument won't work. Heiei >oii , In Kaii!?as= we have women's orsani- ~ • And now conies the mean fling, 'tliel ^jjjims. i liib.->. church societies. W <" ^^•••r ''w~ iininoral women vote." I don't know T. T S. !od!;e .s, sewing circle.s ami'"-- > '• "• why an immoral woman should notUcnooI.- Kvery one of th(»e that has i'l :'•••' have as uiucb right to vote as an iin- spoken on the auhj«.>ct has said "ye>" moral man. But think of this foolish and nn' one has said "no* Fortunate- subterfuge. There are In.Colorado a ly in Kansas we do not have the rii?- few hundred so-called liiluioral wo- tresslng conditions'that exist in many men. There are 12 .'i .00tt moral wo- states. We do not have the militants men. They all vote. The net gain to «s thev do in Kngland. We don't nee.! morality. If that is the sticking point.!them, for the men in Kansa.s are not is better than 124.000. In this eom-jasklng that kind of ariiuments. thut is. munlty there are how liiany immoral' none :ire except those whidi donv » Unless .::i; . : I '.-.r.:; .\ • •iii.'i; i! I > woiii.-n r- i;i n iii;i;' v 'li.i '..' v ini; it il! s'i;;'r:i::e s'a'.es t ... . y •• • 'hev ^• ;r..i "'i..:i'.; ••^'•il women? Unless yon are worse than Denver, there are not one in a hundred. Thai 99 would everlastingly liaralyze any lapse that this one would favor. And I want to say. in parenthesis, that In a study of this ittni I learned (hat the immoral women arc; Just the ones who do not vote because of their frequent changes of abode, their lack of Interest in public questions and' tbe natural disinclination that they have, for they -.ire women, 10 attrart public attention. know that the women want to vote 0\ef our stale there are tlioiisands and tens of ttioiisunds of the be.^t women savini: to the men tliey will .ip- preciate the ballot They now have il in :-iiy affairs and they nxerci.-e it, and noi a man ever get.« Into the legislature who ' thinks Mn these .>,i\ tliat law can be reiiealed. \<i !e iin.! <i .i \ot Tlie PoKithe Side. state.-; say it j- th- le-t:,-;- w.iy The | .Xow.I want. In a few words. 10 take jlionest men wSio w.-re ili.Hi''iiil a ^e i>e- | up the other side, the positive side. ' ing convlnee.l Tliey !iai! reason to i There are not only no reasons against, consider and s>:> *low ;!>it tliere is no j .I.-rai'ati' When " :-.'i 'P on I. -iiuie Tis • lian^ es U T. an<! iliE iis tli.'v tti!! H '-vi-i- !••• inj T.> ;(;e i -ollini: piaf^-- Siiffiaire Varchi:!:.- On. -:. t. - lia\'' .•••;.ii!...! in - r.- , 'ri'Zf .\ !:.!lf|o!i \>"e. n i.<\-- a -.oie f'lfs ye ;>.r on eie..,'.!. nr (c;;... -rae- ::io. jn^ on mi'l ••.••r-. • n.- trim;nan . ii.'i ..^e • 11. v ; s, o :!iit:?ia• •• i n<-:,., p !a . \,!.-\''n ;::.-v ;\anl 'r.. Ti e :;,.-n in r':c-c a t^iat uni^ers.i; « a i|iie- :i< n o' ^ •' ; hapitene'l T'le JOHN T. TYLER Pres. Io!a Bu.siness College. Your Support Solicited

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