The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 20, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1977
Page 4
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Prospect Patter By JEA ™ RTADO 75IMM2 ented action today, , lothe last man who , gion IS budget, latest booklet and Interesting Miss i Pauline, as usual, took an ltens wWch ^ make ^ 3 mlellectol approach (o Ihe coming SesqincenTennTa ^ *Wh ?£ *, J-" ' Cation ""« meaningful to careifAttiBatheHundrafWit.. both "new comers" and "old of writing about U mers" ajfe ta tuture Drum Corps Notice All kidding aside, the school ' dorsement Citizens for Quality Education. Polios will be open here at Community School, and in Beacon Falls at Laurel Ledge eligible to vote in those towns are urged to cast their ballots. Memorial II ay Ser i ic es The Prospect Memorial Day Parade will be held Monday and those who will participate in Ihe l:30p.m. event are asked to be at the Green by 1 p.m. for line-up. Several floats for which prizes will be awarded will be entered and music will be provided by cur own Prospect Drum Corps as well as the Middlebury and Mattatuck Corps. The line of march will be from Ihe Green down to Rte. 69 to Old Schooihouse Road, up Rte. 68 lo tonight promptly at 7. Due to the referendum on the Region 15 school budget, Community School will not be available for All corps members are as ked lo wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes, since care must be taken not to mar the school gymnasium floor during practice. Members should contact fellow members to inform them of the change of foldings to minimize confusion State His lory Display Connecticut's role in our country's birth is portrayed in 12 exhibits contained in Southern New England Telephone's traveling display unit, the Spirit of '76. The 45-foot trailer, containing historical exhibits, will be at Ihe Algonquin School, Tuesday from to these." "The people we honor this evening had this sense of S Nuclear Treaty Continued From Page 1 WINNERS OF THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS fitness awards posed for photo recently at Ihe Naugaluck gymnasium. All malephysleal education classes took the fitness test, and Instructors Craig Peters, Bob Harrison and Athletic Director William Rado, Jr. gave out the certificates to most of Ihe winners, while two Marine Corps representatives gavethehlgtiest awards. The students scoring over 350 points on the lest were awarded the expert certificate, and they were, from left to right: Rich Dillon, Gary Palmer, Bob DeM a rco. Ken Holley, Handy Sylvestre, Michael DiMaria and Frank Neves. Also honored were the team competitors: Joseph Albert, Rob Bolton, Bob Hollon. Joe Monjj. Michael Di.Maria and Charles Knapik. (NEWSphotobyDonCousey) to the Green for services. Memorial DayUuest Memorial Day weekend guest of the Rev. John Beck of the Prospect Congregational Church will be Cadet Richard Van Orsdale, a second year student at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York. Major Fischer, commandant, has graciously given leave lo the cadet to represent the contemporary military on a weekend when the military men of the past are remembered. Cadet Van Orsdale will participate in the service of the church Sunday at 10 a.m. and will march in the Prospect Memorial Day Parade, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Monday, and will offer prayer during the exercises thereafter. It is hoped lhat his presence will remind the people of Prospect of those currently serving in the military and will bring to the attention of its young people Ihe suitability of a military career. Local Historian Miss Nellie Cowtfell, has informed us that the fourth volume in the series Prospect Town History may be available by Memorial Day, a fitting dale since the booklet deals with a history of those who served our country as far back as the Revolutionary War. As you can well imagine, the research involved is quite a task but was fruitful in lhat several more names deserving of being placed on the Honor Roll have been found. The booklet will have a brief story of 48 to 50 men, many of whom rest in graves in other area stales. The research revealed that Levi Tyler who died in camp in 1777 and Aaron Russell who was killed in the attack on New Haven in 1779 were only 13 and 14 years old. Miss Cowdell noted that although Ihe graves of the two have not yet been found the monument on the Green should be considered as the symbol of the unknown graves from the first settler loset foot in Prospect viled lo view the capsule history o! Connecticut's participation in the Revolution. School Page and Pictures The monthly school page will be published inSaturday'sNEWS and both Harriet Rau and this correspondent hope you enjoy it. , Due to a heavy schedule of photos, as a result of the Bicentennial aclivities at the schools there will be a slight delay in publication of some of them. Also, Harriet and this writerhopetowrapuptheschool page season with a Bicentennial theme so be patient your photos are coming. Town Picnic Don't kidyoursell that Ihe July 4(h picnic is a long time away because time is flying (that happens as you get old!). This year's event will have a Bicenlennial flavor and will include such events as: the pi anting ofa Charter Oak; Mililia Muster; -Bell Ringing; Square Dancing; Barbershop Quartet arid in a" more modern vein: Dance demonstrations, Sky divers; the Prospect Dnim Corps concert and the Bonfire and fireworks display. The event will be chaired by Bill Dowling (who has a smashing Bieentennial-Sesqui- cenlennial beard) who is representing the Prospect Jaycees, the umbrella organization of the went. Many organizations will be represented in the games, contests, and races as well as Ihe food booth whi ch will al I have the look of back lo 200 years ago. All interested townspeople are inviled to attend Ihe picnic commitlee's nexl meeting on June 21 at 8 p.m. at Town Hall. East Hartford Forum Wearing Poppy Honors War x Bommarito Continued From Page 1 necessary to insure thai the American public not become an ,..._. — . . _ . unwitting viclim of unsafe tires English teachers are being attending. Further meetings and . produced in callous disregard for unfairly held accountable for workshops are to be planned by The American Legion f , jfe „ ^ students' scores on the verbal the Connecticut Council of Auxiliary reports lhat wearing a Bom " ilo a i so tol(i the Scholastic Aptitude Test or TeachersofEnglishworkingwilh POT °" P °PP>' Da >' wU1 llonor College Boards was one opinion the CEEB. the more than half-million strongly voiced by English teachers attending a Forum on the entrance tests on Saturday, ~ .. . ,, „ , ^""S ^th World Wars, Ihe '• Continued From Page 1 Korean War and Vietnam Con- implemented. Mrs. Nolan and flict. several others have maintained Poppy Day as a memorial to that no change is necessary in the American War dead, and a present system relative to a trihule to Ihe disabled ser- librarian. vicemen originated after the first The "savings account" of World War. Soldiers returning Prospect May 22 at Penny High School in East Hartford. Renaming the verbal section of SAT examination was one specific proposal made al Ihe meeting jointly sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board as well as the Connecticut Council of Teachers o! English and the New England Council of Teachers of English. "Critical thinking" was proposed as a more accurate name for this section of the College Boards because much of the material in ... this test comes from Ihe areas of "* llem "* ranove <i "> its en- of silk by French widows and social studies and science and tirit >' ** wouW not make the war-orphans. But poppy making lesls the student's ability to r W sl -i n deterence to those who was soon turned over to as ailed reason about and, assess ideas "fAPtedsomething in Ihe account, veterans in llis country. from thosi'a'r'eas of knowledge. : ToWri ':Council 'Chairman' The poppy was adopted asMts Robert O'Brien poinled oul Ihe Memorial Flower by the "savings account" can be used American Legion at its National for ilans in the future such as Convention in Cleveland Ohio, land purchases and large September 1920 and the Secretary, "1 am certain thai your concern for life and human values tail Coleman May 24. In another matter, the URW learned lhal the Department of Justice has responded to an April 20 letter from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.l. Assistant Attorney General NAUGATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Friday, May 25,1956 -Page II Sarasin Speaks On Memorial Day DERBY — Congressman responsibility, this sense of Ronald A. Sarasin told a pre- purpose," Sarasin told the Derby- Memorial Day gathering here shelton Memorial Day Sunday night thai what America Association at ceremonies in the needs today "is more intelligence Derby High School Auditorium, aboutour goals, more integrity in He warned the group about (lie our stnse of purpose and a dangers of becoming too cynical heightened sense of respon- or callous, declaring "We must sibility in fulfilling and living up continue to be open to the possibilities of America," Recalling the many threats and crises our nation has surmounted, and the sacrifice made by the men and women we honor on Memorial Day, Sarasin pointed out thaf'Inherent in the kilotons or more but allows a rightswhichareguaranteedtous series of explosions with an are the responsibilities which of total yield of 1,500 kilotons. necessity must accompany those The alom bomb which deva- rights". stated Hiroshima in World War Speaking o! these patriots, 11 had an explosive force of 20 Sarasin said, "These were people kilotons. who recognized Ihe potential of The accord also creates a America and who were willing to joint consultative commission fight for it. They, loo, may have through which both sides must experienced tb| disillusionment forward technical information brought about ^by the distance about projected peaceful nu- belween our possibilities and our clear explosions. realities as a country, but who The treaty, which has been held a dream with determination, under negotiate since Octo- the one shared by our Founding ber 1974, is a companion Falhers." agreement to the Limited '."They have defended Ihis Nuclear Test Ban Treaty which country, Ihe ideals of justice, former President Richard liberty and equality, throughout Nixon signed with Brezhnev in trie last two centuries, with Moscow July 3, 1974. fortitude and courage," Sarasin That agreement prohibits noted, underground testing of nuclear "We, too, must make that weapons with a yield of 150 coromiluiEnt in order to realize kilotons or more. the continuing possibilities of The present treaty is intended America", he concluded. to assure each of the superpowers that nuclear explosions for civil engineering purposes are not put to secrel military use. The Soviel Union has been intensely interested in harnessing nuclear explosions for such engineering purposes as scooping out new harbors and diverting rivers. In the 1960s the United States contemplated using such explosions lo dredge a new Panama Canal, but later concluded the project was not feasible. Administration officials said the two companion treaties SAT*~SUN« would be forwarded to the I AD HP ni"7"7A LAnut r\LL!\ '2.75 1729-176< Charlie Murphy's est, 1974 Prospect St. Naugatuck Every Tues. Clams ,A special URW International Conventions convened : 10 a.m.. English teachers also expressed their belief that high school students are increasingly able and well prepared in hicago. This special was to consider an lo the URW Constitution which would provide for .onlhly dues suppl English, and lhal declining SAT e^'Pment and would keep the American Legion Auxiliary verbal scores do not accurately ^ rale stable al lhal lirae - He adopted it at their first con- reflect the preparation and added "it is extremely sensible." vention in Kansas City in 1921. potenlial of loday's students. It Ma gnavice argued thai it was Afler taking this aclion, the was suggested lhat curriculum " laxalion in advance for an Auxiliary pledged that 100 per has moved away from the tests. unkno »' n expenditure" but his cent of Ihe Poppy Day con- Represenliug the College En- molion was defeated by a 62 lo« tribulions would go lo welfare J^^^£wtartlM* trance Examination Board, vote of taxpayers, work for servicemen and their benents avallat>te to strlkws "^ The building inspectors account families. siri kers in * * s ' " °" l ° had On Poppy Day each year, more throughout the counlry by approximately 125 thousand volunteer workers. FOXDA FIL!\f HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Peter Fonda will star as a fugitive from jail who becomes a country-western singing sensa- lion in "Outlaw Blues" for Warner Bros. BRING YOUR MEMORIAL WEEK-END FILM HERE TO BE DEVELOPED Color Prints Ernest W. Beals of the Regional Offices in Andover, whjctl included his salary, also _. „, , . . Massachusetts, admitted that came UIxfer tne BU" by many who than 25 million poppies made by SAT verbal items or questions fel1 Ks salar y was to ° **&• t&sabled veterans are distributed remainmthelestsfoTanaverage Ma 3f or G* 0 ^ 6 $***> ™ M 'hat life span cf. eight yeari. while he was a part-time employee his job was often full time Seller communications bet- in hours of service. He also ween the teaching profession, the pointed oul that the salaries CEEB and the Educalional listed inclutfcd the inspector's Testing Service which is the task as Zoning Enforcement technical group which' actually officer and that the lolal $11,750 writes Ihe test questions, scores item included the salaries of the and reports lest questions, scores electrical and plumbing in- and reports test results, was spectors. Raymond Bishop ol suggested at the Forum. At- Woodcrest Drive however, tending Ihe meeting from local questioned whether the amount schools were Ruth Podgwaite, of build ng in town justified the Arline O'Donovan and Frances same B.OOO salary of the in- McLaughlin of Cheshire High spec! or. School; James Fanning and Ronald Franco .of Maria Patricia Monahan of Cheshire Holchkiss Road, cautioned the Academy; Almeda Ambrulevich Board of Recreation "not lo of Fairfield; Nellie Bealty of forget Ihe girls" noting he fdt the Naugatuclt High and John girls' grammar school Softball Proctor of Walertown . teamwasnotaswellequi pped by the board as the boys' little and tha , ^j^, was MedBl , Recreation Director John Reidy pointed out that Ihe purchase ol week. ANN-MARGRET SHINES HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Ann- Margrel co-stars with Peter Firth in "Joseph Andrews," an 18lh cenlury comedy based on Henry Fielding's novel. CLOSED MONDAY .MEMORIAL DOT Order Your Holiday Week-End Hot Dog and Hamburger Roils and other picnic goodies in advance Coll Now: Open Sunday As Usual HOT FRESH BREAD & ROLLS from our ovens every day FREE PARKING IN OUR SAKE BRIGHTLY LIGHTED LOT RITA'S BAKERY 51 Spring St. Union City DAILY 6 A.M. TO 10:30 P.M CLOSED MON. ELECTRIC ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY SPECTACULAR ROOSTIE' MARCH TO OUR- MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL SAT.-SUN.-MON. - PLAIN 5 Hot Dogs oJS1.76'j 24S SOUTH MAIN STREET, NAUGATUCK received this exceeded its for the girls' Another question raised during the Forum was selection of teacher-advisors (o assist in writing and evaluating the SAT's. The need for closer contact between the College Entrance Examination Board, Ihe Educational Testing Service and the teaching profession was weeV and also strongly supported by those ^^j had ^^ $200 allotment teams. Mayor Sab o opined it seem ed to be a "problem of communication", adding lhat the board makes every effort to comply with the requests by all organizations for assistance with equipment, and those who need such assistance must outline U»se needs to insure (he board has the correct information. A motion by Thomas Howson of Highland Drive to cut 167,444 from Ihe total budget of J#M,476 without effecting a change in Ihe line items was not recognized by moderator Robert Cranney who noted the changes must be made in individual budget items. Howsons request was based on the fact lhat a J67.444 rebate from Region 16 was reflected in Ihe revenue side o! the budget. Cranhey, along with O'Brien pointed out however, lhat Ihe vole must be on the budget expenditures alone, since the revenue sheet was not within the province of the town meeting. SATURDAY, MAY 29 ONLY ENJOY A SNACK WITH US AS WE COOK ON FAMOUS WEBER GRILLS SUMMER FURNITURE SAMSONITI RELAX IN TOTAL COMFORT WITH "SAMSONITE" OR "TELESCOPE" CHAIRS, CHAISES AND TABLES country garden [PANASONIC TAKE IT WITH ... YOU SATURDAY, MAY 29 FRUIT TREES (Many Varieties) BUY NO. 1 AT REG. PRICE GET 2nd FOR s l SUNDAY, MAY 30 SHADE, ORNAMENTAL TREES 25% OFF PORCH, PATIO PICNIC or BEACH A/C, D/C TV's OR PORTABLE i RADIOS SPECIAL GE SAVINGS MONDAY, MAY 31 ALL EVERGREENS 25% OFF SELECTED JUNIPER & ILEX 2/'9 SAVE ON EVERY MODEL IN STOCK SAMPLE BUY $ U7 CASH & CARRY 5000 BTU ELECTRIC, INC. HOURS: Mon., Fri. 8'5:30, Sat 9-5, Sun. 10-4 819 STRAITS TURNPIKE RT. 6?, EXIT 17, RT. 84 MIDDLEBURY, CT.

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