Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 5
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iraS lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENINq NOVEMBER 2,1912. Jerry L. Democratic Candidate for 1 Register of Deeds of Allen County. I Will Appreciate Your Support FINIILW0flD0F6.D.P.LEK6UE ISSIKS ST\TKMi:\r OK WIIVT IT HIS .SOUiHT TO IM). .Ippllnl Acid Tot in SiiuTiil Mill Who Seek UrpuliHrnii Sini|mrt, Hut Ficlit.Mr. Tiill. Toppka. K:ins . N.n -J Tli.< Kopiili- Uran Parly hi-airiif. tlinuiuli' its sof- rctary. i;ooii;o A. I'larU. toilay soni out Its closing statoiui-tit I" tin- voters of Katjsas. tollinc; th.- imnnoos of the spirit by conspiring to destroy the party from witliin. It Itas been tlie purpose of the Republican Party Lrague only to ac- 'liiaint loya] RepiibllcRna witb the facts. It has been unnecoasary to SUR- Kpst to thera their duty. They \inow ihrir duty and in dtscharRlng: It are .timply a)>plyin;Er the acid test to candi- (latos who assume to represent the party. To candidates who tncet the tc^f, the iiupiKirt of loyal.Republicans l.s Riven freely. Repvbiicans have simply been IcarninR n ether ccrtaia randidatps arc entitlci; » supitort as KepubllcanK. Take the ise of Arthur Cajjppr, null Moose aspirant for Governor, because his case is typical of all il\c null Moose candidates, i-'or twelve months past. Capper has claim to. Repubtlcaa snpport. Thejr w.ltl reallaa elactlon night hov vlgorw ous is the.apirit of psrtr loyaltjr ;Ui<t honor with which they have been trlf- llnK. The lesson they are leaminR should not be lost on others who may be ambitions for party fionors. The Republican Party League il not a transient organltatlon. It Is here to stay as I OUK as there la need for It PR.VI!$E FOR AX lOlAX. A I'olamn .Story in CbrrryTale Repnb. licaa Tells of Oratorlew A column story in the Cherry\'ale epub.ican tells of the most successful presentation of the oratorio "The Holy City," by a chorus of singers un- Icr the direction of Conductor' A. L. .uatright. of this city. Excerpts from ;ie story^foUpw: All the choruses were well rendered and .'had power and brilliancy even .aougli some of were weak- !ued by so many being absent Their vcrk certainly showed the results of bfir long and hard training during the three months. The rendering of rc chorus, "Great and Marvelous Are Thy Works," was alone more than *-6rth the price of admission. The solos and instrumental pieces vrre all of them very much appre- •iated. Prof. A. L. Boatright the conductor, lang all of the bass solos. Cherryvale lad been looking forward to this treat .'or several months and their high ex- ,)ectatlan8 were fully rewarded last evening. In singing. "Thus Saith the t»rd. Behold I Create a New Heaven "ind a New Earth," his marvelous voice tnd training were very clnarly displayed. Mr. Boatright has made himself very popular in our city by«hi8 splendid hbllity to coiiduct large choriiscK, his •,)crfcct mastery of himself and Ills work, coupled with his delightful personality. No higher recommendalion ,^ould bo given for hlin than the splendid way in which all the soloists of the Oratorio did (heir work, all of whom are pupils of Prof. Boatright. Solo parts were also taken by .Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Webb, of Humboldt, and they rccei \'ed much praise. The work of Miss Joy Hershhcrgcr. pianist, was the subject of much com- •nendalory comment. WELL DKSKHVED. * SEVEN YEARS OF MISERY How Mrs. Bediiine was Restored to Health by tycfia ELPiiikham'sVegeta- hw CiHnpoand. !L •liki: Sikeston. Mo. — "For seven years I •nffered evetythJmg. I was in bed for foor or five days at a time every month, and so weak I could hardly walk. I had cramps, backache and headache, and was 80 nervous and weak that I dreaded to see anyone or hav^ anyone move in the room. The doctors gave me taedi- dne to ease me at those times, and said that I ooght to have an operation. I would not listen to that, and when a friend of my husband's told him about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and what it had done for his wife, I was willing to take it Now I look the picture of health and feel like it, toa I can do all my own housework, work in the garden and entertain company and enjoy them, and can walk as far as any ondinary woman, any day in the week. I wish I could talk to every suffering woman and girl, and tell them what Lydia E. Pinkham's 'Vegetable Compound has done for me."—Mrs. D EHA B BTHUNE. Sikeston, Mo. Remember, the remedy which did this was Lydii^ £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It has helped thousands of women who have been troubled with displacements, inflammation, ulceration, tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, that bearing down feeling, indigestion, and ncrvoia prostration.after all other means tave f Mled. Why don't you try it ? ivansas, 11*111111; WM- pui im.-. H MI HI* league and i< I KS a.oo„„.lisl.o.i. i •"l'" '^^^'.^ """l^n* I»^V'-."I'l""^ The statcrt,.-nt .avs: omployed the columns of .his nows- „ , ,. , . papor to iKilson the minds of his read- Thp Parly lias ,.rs aRalnst a Republican nationahad- accompli.-ho<I 111,. i.iir ..|..M .s for wh'rh ministration. Would a Republican do it wa..: orjtanizni. In tl:c Li>aKU<'. th(>),|,at» loyal Republican^ Itavo arraved tlipni- !, ..„_.. » vi. „ m ^lTaf-^ ^^^:'"*'^"i "^^'." H'^ r !pon 'T ;h^''%^^^s"eeKe^s 'r "^de^^ mam ain tl.o prmnpl.-s of her party, ^ , ^ m-erthrow of the and to prPs..rvo n.. ,n:,-.-n..v. \\hen ,„^,„^„^3„ party because they cannot l^nrflTT aho-id un- control It Would a Republican do hindered to consiniiuiatc tJu'ir ron- ^j.-it'' splracy to t"vn ih.> Kopr.hluan orRani ' tapper joined in the Bull Moose con zation over bodily to ,l:o ProRres.Ivc ,„j,^V> ^^^^^^j Republican name * •^' . .and emblem for the Bull Moose party » By docoptivo iiiotl.ods ilipy had been by placinR Roosevelt electors on the successful in securinR the nomination , Rpp„blican ticket Would a'RepubH- - of protended Uppiiblicaiis, "ha^d.-pick-, p^n do that? ed" by thf Bui! .Moo>f- national com- ' Capper voted in the party cwincil miitpcman. m rppro.=ent ilio imrty as j ajjainst the resolution to withdra.w the /candidates. Tlipy were- woU on their | Roosevelt electors from the Rcipubli- way toward complete rii.^; pan ticket and to virtually dtefran- - mcnt ofMoyai Taft Republicans by i phifo loval Republican voters. Ro vot- -usurpincthi- name and emblojn of th<;,.od, loo,!in favor of the resoliititm dl- Rcpublitan party as a .srrcon for oI<>c- loral randidatfs jiIfHlccd to the -snp- liprt of a prrsideBlial ramlidato who had openly annojinccd his purpose to destroy the Republiran -iiart.v. Thov bad obiainod control of the party's lesal machinery and liad .^erurod the election of ofTir. rs of H IP iiPpublica* . sfa'e comiuiiiep who rpadii.v lent thera selves to bf'trayal of tlie Republican pjart.v. Rppuidicans were not acousod to thP danpor wiiio'.i threatened their jwny liirourh the machinations of tlie rcctinR the Secretary of Slate to violate the law and keep the names of Taft and Sherman off the Rep>iblican ticket as the party candid?.tcs for President and Vice President Would a Republican do that? Ca»>per acquiesced in the organization of the Republican state committee in the interest of Roosevelt, who declanes that he desires nothing more than the destruction of the Republioan party. Would a Republican do tha^? Capper is supporting Roosevelt, nulV MooVo b,.ss.'s and false candi-' UnowinR that Roosevelt is without (late« who soucb! to use Kepviblii-an ; hope of election and that support of mill. > 'I ... ..ffI. 11 „_!„ i,„i„B fhA nnmoprafs The PniLte Tlint Conirs from Thankful lola People, One kidney remedy has known merit. lola people rely upon it. That remedy is Doan's Kidney Pills. lola testimony proves it reliable.' Charles Cole. 204 North Buckeye St.. lola. Kans., says: "in 1901 1 was in such poor health that I had about given up hojie of ever being cured. Kidney complaint was my trouble and for twelve years I had been trying various medicine for relief but my efforts were unsuccessful. My back was very weak and the least work caused in\ei>se pains to dart across my kidneys. My feet and limbs often became badly swollen and I had difficulty in passing the kidney secretions. This latter symptom led me to believe that I had kidney trouble and on a friend's advice, I began using Doan's Kidney Pills. In a short time I felt better and 1 steadily improved until I was cured. In .lanuary. 1907. I gave a statement for publication recommending Doan's Kidney Pills and during the time that has since passed, my opinion of this preparation has not changed. I occasionally take a few doses, finding that my kidneys arc thus kept in a normal condition." For sale by all dealers. Price ."iOc. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo. X. Y. sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. votes 10 ele:t Ihobuisehes to office so that the vmitht niaV.- recruitins stations of th.- of!io.'s in the state house 'i^k\ for,t!ie r.'ill Moose party in the future S^.? Th<*'loval Itepiibiicnn.- were wilhoul .•» ihi-:V. iniknsrr tuiikint an orcanl7..Ml fisht inWarsns for the honestly nominated parly for Pre.-ident. Roosevelt only helps the Democrats nationally. Would a RepubHcan do that? Throughout the campaign. Capper h.7s maintained close political relations with the Bull Moose national com niitteeman. William Allen White, who refers to him as "our candidate. t^:5^«lt^^s.dUf.•>e.i ttow. tlmnl^s to .he won d a . or, IS'dUf. rent now. tnnnKK lo uir « r X.\~'~7^M Toft riirjiti..u of tbe 15. publican Par!> (Mpi'er denies his «"'Wort to Taft ",e Vl!.- K,l.>eve!t electors have t the Hoi;".''".<^M ^"LlilL'^ fe-fl^rt'^n"! ould a Re- for iidvertis- .'>6 cents an Republican f ,. • I ii«in/«i<i. . - cents on Inch , - • „, • pwed,' : for space to be used In snpport Of Mr. ••^i;.' '.\n 'p ^i'e-Tiv.^ f i^niiaiirt has been, Taft. the Republican candidate for ina'.?e for national candidates of' President. -Would a Rcitublican do the'party witii K K - re-iHt that I 'resi-' that? / dent Taft is t>!oii-:uids of vot'>s strong- I The answer to all these /questions is er "in the star." titan h" ivas sixty day.s i obvious. Cappcr .;likp Stilbbs and all aco.- Tlie old s ;nriT of Repiiblicanisni! his BuH'Moose assodateS :',fails to-meet haS: been sUrn d to renewed activity ! the RcpubiicanVtestJ Th^e false can- 1. MULVUNESEESJt VICTORY Knn>nn Forerasts »I5 Electoral Voles for Mr. TufI as a Re ^Blt of Tuesday's Election. and'if wilV no» be profitable for party traitors ti ever actiin trifle with that didates who are b^ow^the standard set by; the loyal Republicans have, no For State Senator from the 14th Senatorial District If you believe I am competent and worthy of your support. I will appreciate your vote on next Tuesday. PAUL KLEIN Candidate on the Democratic Ticket. BILB 1I0R>S TOO QIIET. Old Fwibloned >'ol.He*VakeR( May f;o to the DIsieanI Soon. Ix»a Angeies, Cal., Nov. 1.—The trnf- Dc police hero havf. Just completed an official test of the bulb horn us an au-' tomoblle warning signal. So far as is known this Is the Rrst test of the kind over made. Members of the Inifflc sQuad went up and down various siren's where the parkinc of automobiles la permitted and blew the bulb horns attached to some four'hun- dred cars. Of fhl.i nuni^^r'only: two gave what might be termed'an {adequate .warning—that is. b'ne'thMf^oi'l^ be h^ird^.more>than SftJs ^reM /away. The.-'omers emitted so s^^tta'sound that ItXconJdj'nortbeVhfarfl'at^ all. In every («se;it :Wii8 :ti^ksiblc' to obtain anytSip>pbiit'.i'*wjtfee»e'when the bulb w(as'gri {Bped -qu^kl.r. thus denion- sirating'that'-as'an emergency) signal the bulb horn was absolutely use less. (The test was conducted secretely hy the plice for the purpose of gaining first hand titformatlon on the auto mobile warning signal question now a leading issue here and before the city council for solution. Its results will in all probability havp an important influence upoq the enactment of the ordinance recently introduced requiring the use of signals of greater power and dependability. Especial interest is lent to the test by the fact that the record of accidents, resulting from failure to bear automobile horns shows that 77 per cent of these occurred at crossings Ciiicapo, Nov. 2 —Tlirec hundred and fifteen electoral votes for President Taft. or forty-nine more than are necessary, are claimed by Director David W. Mulvane, in charge of the western bureau of the Republican campaiRii. and .Toscph B. Kcaling, chief of the organization bureau. managers state that the contest on the home -s'trctrh is between Taft and Wilson with Roosevelt running a poor Jhird. thci- assert that Wilson will not get the Democratic support that Bryan received in 1908, and that the steadily increasing drift toward President Taft Is due to the open declarations of Republicans who early in the cam|)aiRn had made up their minds to vote for Wilson to insure the defeat of Roosevelt: that they will now vote for T.iff. realizing that Roo.scvelfs elec- rion is impossible, and that a vote for Roosevelt aids In the election of a Democratic candidate. Accordin.g to the statement issued by Mr. Mulvane and Mr. Kealing, Governor Wilson is given the solid soutli. with South Carolina and California idded. making a total of 132 votes. The following states, with a total of S4 electoral v"ies, are placed in the ioubtful column: Colorado, Kansas, Konturk.v. Nebraska, Nevada, New lersp.v. nklahcmia, Tennessee and West Virginia. The remaining states, ttiih 3K. voles are given to President Taft. Director .Mulvane stated this morning that tlv> estimate was ba.«e<> ujton reports from all states. He said that 'he awakening of" the country to the wisdom and necessity of continuing •he. pood times under the Taft administration was universal and that the last week of the campaign had witnessed large accessions to the Republican candidates. E.. R. Summons went to Cniontown this .moaning. Mrs! D. W. Sanderson, of Ft Scott who.has been here visiting friends, retucned home this.morning. YOUNG MdrrHE No yorng woman, tn the Joy e( coming motherbood, should neglect to preparo her system for th« physical ordeal she la to undergo. The health of both herself and the coming child depends largely upon th« car« she beatowB npon herself dnrlng the waiting months. Mother's Friend wheVe'the n"^lsroTtralhc Is such that expectant nother's sys- .,„., ,. .h.„i«f-»v n^^,. \ tern fof the coming event, and Its use makes ber comforuble during all the term. It works with and for natnn^ and by gradually eipandlog all tl» auefs, laoacles and tendons, tnTotved, and keeping the breasts la good eon* ditlon. brings the woman to the crisis In spletdid physical condition.. The baby, too. is more apt to he perfect and strong where the mother has U>us prepared hsrself for nature's supreme fuactioiiu No bettor adrire could h» liTsn % young ezpeetaat tBother than that she US9 Mother's Friend; It is a medicine that has proven lU value In thousands of eases. Mother's Friend Is sold at drug stores. Write fbr free book for eipect. ant mothers which contains much valuable Information, and many sug- gestloni rf P. helpful nature. nUBWPJ MjSgUTOK CO- ' JUhats. «a. an efficient signal is absolutely necessary. —Mrs. T. A. Town. 107 »5th St. Wat »tr- town, a n. writes: "My four children are subject to hard colds and I always use Foley's Honey and Tar Compound with «|)lendld resulta. Somr time ago I had a aevsre attack of li- grippe and the dnrlor preserlbed >i>- Ity'a Honey and Tar Compound a««* It soon overcame (he la grippe. I oar always depend upon Foley's Honev and Tar Compound and nnt sure nt Kood resuliB." .For sale at Rurrall't Drug Store. The Nalvatlon Army. —We will have Rummage Sate al W. Madison street on Fridiiy afternoon All kinds of clothes. Come and we will help you. The Commanding Officer. 1.1 EUT. A. PEDERSON. Ass't Deloa Clark Psul Klein went to morning on business. Mnran this J. L. Brady, Republican Candidate for Coiigrjess, stands for reasonable 'protection. The ^Democrktic party stands for Tariff for revenue only. In casting your ballot for Congressman, vote for ^. L Brady, the protection candidate. I He was born in Kansas and speaks the Kansas language; during six years in the Legislature he supported every progressive measure. There are legitimate differences among Republicans on the Presidency but the desirability of electing a Republican Congressman appeals to all voters alike. ' The support of the voters of lola and Allen County is respectfully solicited. J. L. BRADY Republican Candidate for Congress 2nd District. r LITESTOCK BEYIEW. are still without cattle. The countrj-1 was bare to begin with, and a large; number of the cattle that have gone out were stock grades, which will not tigurc in the beef market for another Catarrh Cannot Be Cured y with LOCAL APPLICATIOS8. as thej nnnot reicft> thr Ml of the <UMUe. On«n* H » Wood or toiutl-• . Kansas City Stock Yards. Nov. 1.— Cattle received here this week T^.UMi: last week 83.900; same week last year •54.600. Prices on short fed steers are I'.'i to uO cents lower this week, but prime animals are steady, and cows And heifers are also selling as high as last week. Stock cattle and feeders' liave itarticipated in the decline to the extent of about a quarter, and the demand bas' fallen off a little for country kinds. Panhandle. New Mexico and Colorado furnished a liberal |>er- centage of the run. though there was several times as many short fed steers liere this week as any week before this fall. These steers have been fed 30 to 60 days largely, and lack finish, hence their disappointing welcome from buyers. Calves are 2.^ to M cents higher, tops $9.r>0. and bulls sell welt at $4.25 to 15.00 largely. Country buying here since the first of ^ugust has l>een exceptionally heavy, and commission men report that many feeders tutlooal dIMir. ud In order lo cure It pm i lotrmal rmicdm. Ball-i caurrb Cure H ukea kF-U trnurily. ud leti dtrcciir upon Uie Mood asd moeoqt; voar Hpnrp (hp fart that chfnni»nt« /HaU's Uttank Can la not a qouk BedM.' jcar. Hence tnai snipmenis i ^a,. uw»pn«,uwibyoBeotuiei>e«t!pbnie«»»- to the country in the last three months in mia countrr for rean ami la amralarptMeitpUoi^.: from here exceed those of a year ago U.^-STSTb^IJ'lSaSSJ^^^ the same period by 90.000 bead in not mutmm mrtam. -me pmeet cvnMnatlon at lhaf esperlaiiy Significant Receipts during i ;"^'|k"^,"„tj ;Sr'SS'^.S£^^ October were practically as heavy as| - last Octol»er. and good run Is ex -i liectod through Noijember. Hogs received here this wee c 55.400: last week .'•'J.SUO; same week 1: styear 65.600. The disastrous break In prices in the last two weeks has reci Ived a check, and while some dealer:! are entirely pessi- mistu- with regard to prices during .Vovember. others ^ave the nervp to predict that the market will stay about where it is now during the month. Supply figures are bullish, and statistics relatiio ta the probable movement of the product arc likewise on that z\d^ nut the packers must have th^r fling I every fall, at the opening of the pack-; ing sea.son. hence further should not surprise anyone, J. A. FtlCKART. Market Correspondent. F. 4. CIIK.N5V * CO™ m«&. Tdedo. a Xold br nnmlat*. vc«« TSP. . Take Uaii-( FamUr 1-ni* tor eoBM^UoB. CHICHESTER^IUS^ SOtlirOBUGBlSEIBmMap^^ IRAB.FRANTZ THB •rrwMnraiMrr LOUIS B. HESS Huniboldt* Kansas 4 Democratic Candidate FOR - Clerk District Court I would apprecjiate your vot« at ' the election, November 5.1912.

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