Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 12, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 8
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Passed to His Reward. T)r. A. K. Kcllnr. (or fifty year* a practicing physician, ;ind during his whole life an upright ('hristi;in ^entle- man, died yesterday morning at 5:20 o'clock at the home of hi* rlan^litor, Mrs. K. O. Thomason, on Cypress avenue. Had lie lived iii.'til Der.emh'-r 20th he would have been H2 years old. Since coming to ('.ovina he: has been practically in retirement, although assisting materially in the Christian work of the community. The funeral will be i held at .1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon :it the Christian church, Rev. J. W. 1 ' of Los Angeles, a f >rmer piistor hr?re, ofh'ci.'it intf, assisted by Rev. Mr. : Conley. The subject of this sketch was born in Oldham county, Kentucky, 1H miles from thi' city of Louisvilli-, on December 16, 1K27. Died at Covina, Cal., September 11th, l')OH. J)r Kellar wan the youngest of a family of ei^ht children. In 1852 his father's family moved from Kentucky to Central Illinois, now Moiiltrie county. Dr. Kellar received for his time, an exceptionally ^oorl education in liacon College, Harrod.s- burtf, Kentucky, and graduated from the medical department of the University of Louisville in 1851. In 1H52 he began practicing medicine in Decatur, III., where in the same, year he married Jane 1C. Cantrill. Of this union eight children were born, of whom but three ark now living, Kdgar II. Kellar, a minister of a Christian Church in Los Angeles, Mrs. Klrner (). Thomason of Covina, and Mrs. R. C. Fleming of Springfield, III. Dr. A. L. Kellar became a Christian when 1.1 years of age and in 1H51 was ordained a minister in the Christian church, fie practiced the healing art for both body and soul, and there was no bolter or more favorably known person in Central Illinois, than Dr. A. h. Kellar. He performed nobly his part in the laying of the foundations of the present prosperous counties of Mucori, Shelby and Mmillrie. In IH'J'i, his wife havinx'died and all his children married. Dr. Kellar removed from his old home in Sullivan. Hi., to California where he has since lived except for occasional visits to the scenes of his former labors, lu California he has made his home with his daughter Mrs. K. O, Thomason. In Ihu forty-four years from '52 to '% Dr. Kellar had an immense practice which could have been lucrative had th>- doctor been a good collector, or had he confined his practice to the well-to- do members of the community. Probably no person performed as many marriage ceremonies or preached aa many funeral discourses in theae years in Central Illinois as Dr. Kellar. He lived and died a comparatively poor man; rich, however, in the esteem of his fellowmen, and with untarnished integrity of character. "How beautiful it is for man to die Upon the walls of X<ion! To be called Like a watch-worn and weary sentinel To put his an no roll' and rest in heaven'' I.H I'alonia Initiate*. One of tin; larui'Hi. ami uiosl, eii- IhiiHiiiNtio meetings' held for mime limit WHM In NOriHinii until a lair hmir tin TueHday tivtming, when Lit I'alnma lodye, Ordor of Uio KiiHtiim Mtur, ontoi tuined 1'ort.v-flve visitors front Hi.iToiindiiiK U.WIIH anil initiiitud four inombers. Pomona, A/UHII and (lli'iidnni wore represented mid a nnmbi'i' of influential mumhors worn present, from other points, among whom worn Worthy (iriinrl 1'utron, lienjauiin I). Curtwright of Alhuni- lira; (inuul Knth, Mrs. Helen lloth of A/usa; (irand Esther, Miss Sura lil'CHl- ()f I.OH All^'ull'H. Tin- ramlidatrn adihil tril wero Mr. anil Mrs. D. Kyimm Hull and Mr-., and Mrs. S. Ilium. .\ftur tint work had been performed the immiherH and visitors repuired to tint banquet room, \vlieri' an olatmratn Imnqui't hail henn prepared for thorn. Tho tablos were clednruted witli fnrns and snail viniiH and throe huge baskets of cut flowers. Speech making was (Hiju.\e;l until a lain hour, and La I'nloma Itul^o inaiiilai urii its reputation fur hospitality in a fitting manner. Ranch Property Changes. T\MI important n:tlt>s of iitui'li propi'ily have been miidi> Iliis uerk by the Hi in of I'ulluid A Iliilohilisi n. Ten neri's of the .1. S. KHIIH raneh Wen.' tjulil to ,1. D. Webli of Whittier for a coiisidi nil ion uf ll'i.UOO. This property is leckoned among the lines! in the valley. The uths'l 1 sale is that i>t 1 1 aeres in (ilendina helnii^iug to \V. W. Kiaisher to D. M. Snthei luml uf LIIH Anxele-' for lll,0(>ll. In this transact ion i* i he exchange of cnii.siilerablt 1 l.ns An^elrs and Hay City projrrty. Mr. Sutherland i.-> ('oNina's lieu luil'U' and ii is I is intent inn 11 I' rali- | n inai.i nt 1 v 11 this \ ieinil >'. The t;;l !< i ,-(M j ' : in.'ily dwnrd iv .1. A. S,-!:iinim i.:i- | ill c.hli.-i'l I \ M i Sul I:, : !.:!..), also tin niliih 1' illai .1 ,V liiil.-liiliS' n, and a lai ti<- sl.'rli a.1,1.. i 11, the | I i-.- t'llt ulie. Huff-Shank. Mini KthH Hhnnk rf 1112 Must, Fifteenth Htreet, Ln'i An^elf), formerly of f'rn ina, find Mr. Fred Huff, were married at flie home of the bride (if. high noon on Sunday, Hep- tombftr <Jt.h. The bride wriH drews^d in white aern' 1 with trimrningH of Frortoh vnleneifmtif'S Ifieo, find she; carried a honqnet, of whsista daifiieH imd rnaid«!ti hair fertiH, with lilif'H of the vnlleyand maiflenl.uiir ferns in the hair. Her triiveling drenH was a brown nfirge Hailor, with hat to mateh. Miss Mliitirthr.t UootH rnnde a rlnlightfnl plr'tnre (IH In idcHinaid, flrnmitil in pink iind white oiKHiidie with lane trimrningH. Hhe enrrieil n bonrpint, of rarnnt.ioiiH Mild niairh'n- hair ferns. Uolh hrirlo ami liridcs- niairi are young Indies of very atlnie- tive Hfipenranei;. ,vlr. 10, ('. Llewert WIIH heHt. riiitti, a piirl.ienhir friend of the groom. The rniiid of honor \VHH Mrs. Lfirnon of Hollywood, The parlor waH rleoorated with HH- piiragiiH fern arirl white geraninniM, wif.h table dt.'nriratioriH of iiHpfirngiifl feniH and fianfileH. The couple were married under nn imrneiiHo white wedding bell, and after the ceremony WIIH at, mi end, a contrivance which had been arranged in the bell WIIH looHened and the bride arid groom were showered with rice and confetti. The marriage was nolonini/ed by CJ. H. Hanhur of the Brethren Church, JJOH Angeles, with relatives and intimate friends t.o the number of thirty- live present. Many useful find beautiful presents were receiver], among them being an electrio chandelier from (lie firm of Warner, Whitsel A Company. After a short wedding trip the couple will be at, homo to their friends after October first, at the home arranged on West (/enter street. Mr. Huff in an employee of the Warner, Whitsel it (Jo. grocery and in a very popular young man about town. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Shank, formerly of thin town. CovJnn Irrigating Company. Minutes of meetiiiK held Sept. MernberH of board present: Messrs. Kllidl.t, HoiiHer, J,al:ee, Cool man, Collision niul Menefee. Report of Hcorel.ary showed ha In nee on linnd Jt.Jy .list 81570..M; received during inontb $8 Hi. 55; total 82:i8(J. 89. Expenditures Interest, 845; Enst, Side Committee, 82H5.78; construction, 878.05; repniia, 8143.78; SHU Dlinus No. J expense, 88; LordshnrK expense, 85.11.7!); expense, 8383; offico fixpenso, 8104.35; total, 815:10.1)5; leaving? a bal- HIKIO in treasurer's bunds, 885(1.54. Kcport of superintendent showed expenses duiinu month of August as follows: Kau .Dirnas plant, 81827.84; San Dimas rnnniiiK expense, 850.58; LnrdshnrK expense, 8550, ,'ttl; eonNtruct.inn, 67. 00; total, 82444.81. liilln audited unil onlereil paid, 82751.57. An asHO.Hssment on the capital stock of fitly eentH per share was levied, payable at OUCH to the wecro- lary at I he oflleo of the conipiiny in Cnvina. Active Life Closed. William McLeod, proprietor of Uio restaurant on Citrus avennn, has hiuui calleii to Uakorstleld l.y the death of hid ui^ed mother, ,M''H. 10. M. MoLeod, who diorl at the homo of her daughter, Mrs. Ju.ssin Taylor, Tuesday ni^hl. Sh« was 77 years of am-. M ins KloreiH-o MoLeod had just returned from a visit at the stricken houttuhold, during uhich timo the a^oil lady had a very serious attack of illness. For the past six years Mrs. MeLim;} had been a partial panilylic. MrN, iMrLi'od was known thrnuuh- init the country as an active head of the W. C. T. U.,> huiiiK »t one time prenident of tins railway hranch in ('alifornia. Hh«t WIIH the widow of i\r'', ,iimniri McLood, a llnjiti.Ht minister oi! Luun.sliurK, Michigan, who nccupiuil the pulpit tor tlt'tv yoars. Mrs. Mclji'od luavcH the sons and one daughter, thirteen ^raniichild- I'rii, and one K 1 ' 1 '"' grandchild. A Word Al.out the Street Meetings. The aim is tn ^'ive in a tew miu utcrt some ct the ^reat tarts nt' ('hi iritianily. Thai is, in as concise way aw possible give .some of the leading initn.i of our leli^im, and leave each one to think these . ver tn: himself. No need l;e em liiiiras^ed at these things nit tliestlCii as tlic .lesii-, did this himself, and comu.iMidi'd his aj'i:stli's to "j^o into t.he highways. " Hesi.ifd, ii is leiny done tin on^hoiii the I'ivili/c-d \\oilti trdiiy isiid tl'.r j.v.nd [|:iit lias IMIIU> of this justifies the deed. Tln-le L> 11. [ n-,-,ii'ilt y nt It .!•!);.^ tiai'.u a:..I ! li.-i ,• Ii a | . -sil !!;[ y • f i: di iiijj - -i .!. ^.., '.!:•• !. -; ii w ! 1! i!!i.'. \' e •,-,.i r ; I. ii', ~. io | in. < -ii S.i- ui iii.;. , i • .;. j ', a:, y i lie '.. !.i. \\ 111 >•• u.t- . i.,- i.l ' I..- -'.i e.'lol !:.!•-->.ij.•.-, i ! I i- .i '.- The Broadwell Store COVINA, CAL. There is a certain satisfaction about having even one's working clothes made right. Call and let us show you the Famous Sweet-Orr working clothes and trousers. They (it and wear as no common clothes do. I can show you a pair of corduroy trousers worn two years without a rip or tear. Made from best English corduroy, all sizes, stouts and slims. Do you know this Boy We have the goods you want for him. Waists. K. K. Pants. Clothing-. Cadet Hosiery. Shoes that don't wear out. •sine SiltelTAl Buy your staple sheetings, muslins, outings, long cloths, nainsooks, denims, cotton batts, galateas, in Covina. Special, prices by the bolt. We offer long silk gloves, black or white, 75c per pair. See our $2.50 suit case. See our S5.00 trunk. Special Shoe Bargains Boys' tan low shoes, welt soles, regular S3.00 values at $2.0O Boys' tan shoes $1.45 Boys' canvas shoes, oak soles $1.50 Men's W. Iv. Douglas 54.00 oxfords ..$2.75 Men's oil grain plow shoes $1.75 Several lines of women's S3.50 oxfords to close out $2.OO Girls' 'j heel vici kid oxfords $1.95 3£^Sraro»3SraireOT: I (pi Howell & Howell $l| I BREAD '^ A S Light, Sweet H IS and Wholesome ^i }• Vd fS FRESH EVERY DAY AT 6T Tomorrow ;md every Sunday we serve an Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. extra tine CHICKEN DINNER IF YOl' WANT ANY We serve the same menu on Weilnesilay of each week, and every day a better meal than any country hotel in the valley. Mr. Rancher a;id Familvmaii — Don't a'.low your lire to be started at home. Visit us aud >;et the habit. PAINTING HotelVcoflome 4 4 4 • • KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. J. J. KlTX.llKKALl), i'rop. Work Shoes These two cuts are of our famous Menz-"Ease" Elk Shoes, waterproof. We show you everf style and ia addition many styles in black and tan work shoes not found even in the largest stores. Why not buy your shoes where they sell absolutely reliable footwear? There's lots of folks who wouldn't think of buying a lottery ticket, yet who buy goods upon a chance. Stop buying goods by chance. Buy reliable makes from reliable firms. Announcement All of the complete and expensive stock of Potter's Hardware Store has been purchased by W, L Hurley Who solicits your trade and good will. We will cater to old customers and new ones with the finest line in the valley. Fine Builder's Hardware, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Ik-aters and Ranges, (ias and (rasolene Stoves. Come and see the Ouick Meal Stove. Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves and House Furnishing I'roods. Call arid Get Aaui.iinted. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. F. E WOLFARTH MONEY WANTED A'.l work guaranteed ami prices rcasciii.ible. 1 'houe r 1. C. H. Kistler , , Jeweler - , .ur^o uiu! LOtnuiete stock of everything in the liiu.'. Vu.iiriM- of a'.l k'.u.U. Kiiu- water v, of k a sn«.via'.tv • V.'i '.!••.: s Avenue Covina. i I have notes falling due in alir....,t every month from i2 : i'.n) to **4>u.oO Secured by tirst trust deeds on new city reaidenoe^. orange, walnut and al- falt.i ranches,, which 1 will -sfll to net lender. .- per cent, payable i|uar(eriy, Tee of f.ixes. and guarantee payment of interest to maturity of note, am! collect interest free. I can loan s.-""»i.ui to ;. ; IKH> lor \ oti on modern homes in (.'ovina or I,o» An- ijeies or on ranches near Covina fur 2 or ,i years on L'.o<.dtirsi mortgages at '' per ct-nt iii't; the borrower pass all taxes and expenses anil sny commis- .>i.jii. and the banks Collect interest tree. Tel. 325V. OSCAR MII,L,ER.

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