Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1954
Page 8
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By Ch(ck Youn§ , o&i) MY GOODNESS, I MU6TVE PEA0 THATV/RONG ' I'LL TRY IT AGAIN %to h>* 1 NO SUPPER )'l'l'\WEARE ONI A DIET / All Dressed Up ^ Answer to Previous Puzzle OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wifliomi ACROSS • 3 Three-legged (.1 In Wallow in R 1 34Knco < lofiiJ^ Meclovcr 30 Musical nbtc SOMcditcrranenn .8r £,,',"- eojoglc Tlfti Reparations 31 Right (ab.) island 36 Dnnglcd 40 Painlul Spots 34 Rubbed out 42 Facilitates 37 Formal • 43 Sea eagles is required on40 European certain mountain occasions 49 Capuchin 38 Skirts with monkey 50 Stiinmer (Fr.) 30 Snooze 3D Sullen il Colonize ' * TcJiau shrine . (ab.) yt Demolishes (Gaelic)' 52 dqlf mound 7vWorin -„.,-—-; to Jcfenus of 4m- B^' A raw- 1 p«4 r % *•*• 39 W' ( 16 52 S5 z h '. 1 a. 33 J , M IV V 1 . / '' IS i(> W 30 ^ 1)0 7 3 f> S ^ Z3 2b W i ^ t! • 6 If ^ i'/ HP if w 7 P 21 VI ^ M» 6 20 ^^ IN ^ 12 V V it) » 9 If 17 37 w. SI 57 10 % 36 11 It . 13 - " HEfSOES ARE MAPE -MOT BORM OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople By Dick'Turner *r ^^^^^^^^^^^^HOW ASOUTFlF VOLJ CAM ^fff^^ / ^ / ^^^''^f^^^ / ^^f^fff^^^-^i',j, u/-mDi c A» Wcodi llrv ^ /- AT-> c-iv/e y \A)U 11 r- «AKV-T/.ns?S?3 HUOrLe ^^ VfcK&tj HO ESAD,eOY5/WHILt= 5ANMH5^^ MAPPV ^ABDLlT- '!<C:M TA"5? It FASMION1.MG A^ » H p^X^f A g£ ® ^^//j^w^^g^j/^c^j^sfgi^j^.i-iuvv /-.DL/WI // ir i^u (^r»N u ^^^^M^f^f^M MOOPLE A VERSE, MOW ESAD,eOY5/WHILt= 5ANMH5^^ MAPPV ^ABDLlT- 'ifZMc: TAILOR IS FASMIONIMGA ^, pp£rU Jf VOUff' c§2§ MODEL OF AVV COAT WITH TM5\f EM3OV 1^ A BOOS? B ^9.11, w 1*1 ^., ly\,r-» H.IJ* T-V,I ix-^-il-r- \^( . CINOI—'Y \-> / /T> Dt-'t^'^ I. DU (?Ll LT-M CHA (?. X T M T5IL SEMT-l/^..._ _. L^.\./ «...«-_.'- _ PUILT-IM CHAIF?,-I'M DILISEM1 LV -SEEKING A CATCHY fJANte -M FOR IT/ARE YOU YOKELS KING A CATCHV rAN\E R IT/ ARE YOU YOKELS CAPABLE OP THIMKifAG FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger any sport clothes, would ypuse?' i'jrJ1*aVtlng south tomorrow!'! j By GalbraHh m ^"wif4 * Rtfe^lV^5 "Just a minute there, Chief Oop'lywump!" HENRY By Carl Anderson thig spelling grade on the " fto Wjn spelling in t,^prlrf'u/flff'« OZARK IKE oy; Jonaftry 21, _.*. ii— By Hoy dH—WON t HAVE T'LOOK AT TH' SCO' BOARD NEITHUH/ SO WE WON f HAVE T'LOOKATTHATOIG, UOLY MEMBUH UF ENDUP TH' FUST HALF.TH4NK GOODNESS/. WHILE, ., ANYHOW/ CAPTURING A REBOUND, PROTECT THE BALL BY KEEPING YOUR ELBOWS OUT,., AND PASS TO A TEAAAMATG AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. TO AVOID GETTING TIED UP. r VIC FLINT 0v Micnael O'Malley and Ralph Lane TOWAKPTHEr /MOTEL AT' WHICH FLOYP. 0ANVILLE SPENT THE NIGHT.. 11PHE /MOTEL KBEPEfc /MAKES A PISCOVEKV IN THE CAgIN VACATEP BY THE. TWO. IT CAM'T BE--A WHOLE BASKET. FULL OP MONEY/ Copr. 1954 by NEA Service. Inc. T. M. ROB. U. S. Pat. OH, ALL MIME/AMP WHO KNOWS I HAVE IT? OMLV THE PEOPLE WHO LEFT IT HERE/ ANC7 WHO&E WORI7 WILL THE POLICE WE'LL PILL UP AT THE NEXT 6AS 5TATION,MIP<5E. SET ME A BUNPLE OP CASH OUT OF THAT BRIEFCASE. WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner ...._ GIRL-SHE H/XF rX SUBTLE 50METHINS IN HER VOICE THfXT TUGS THE HEART... A PLEASANTLY ANI- MATEP Fr\CE,.,N FWR FIGURE. SOME' l HAP N HUNCH WNLLY WM BE TH' &E6T DIRECTOR.' X IW HOLLYWOOD, BUT NO ONE CAM BUT I- WISH \SAFH.V PREPICT WHICH PERSON; WALLV MJCKLB \W-ITV WILL CLICK. WITH MILLIONS! COULP SEE HER. \\£> t\ GAMBLE WE ML TfVKE'. FIRST, 5IMCE YOU WILL BE WAKING TOaETHEK- WE RISK #5000 OM & 5HOT.,;IF £HE COMBS SARAH, HE.. _. . WORTH MILLIONS! /.OAAV... THE WORK SHE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin ........... . A 8«nrle»""li'i'c. T. M. Bop. U. S. P.M. Oji BUGS BUNNY HEY, YA SCBOUNSIN' BUM, ^ j ' ^ WHEEc VA SOIM' WITH MV ENJOY A BIT OP DINNER ALLEY OOP 0y ¥. T. HamlTn NO, YOUR HISK- THEIR FOOTMEN, BUT AXMANA THAT I'VE kv ^Ov y WfcuU l^UIMfc, PiAl v I^MN, \ IHrtl 1'Vfc CXNvSCr YOUR <3AUGE OF THE \ SEEN ALL ENBMY'5 TACTIC . ALMOST'UNCANNY/ LOCKED 5HIELPS WE GOT IT MADE/ CHJRIS WELKIN, flonereer By Kus» Winiferbothani IN THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE OH, KEITH, DARLIN6, FOROIVE ME.' IPW I'M AWFULLV JEALOUS 1 , lite JU?T BECAUSE i LOVE so/ ,j DON'T uKETue IDEA OF VQUEiMUNSAPEVEg FftRTIOJLAU WHO THE aiBt. IS AS LONS AS SHE'S PRSTTV; ARE VOU/ KEITH STEBLINKp? To , PeVPTe A UTTLi ATTgNTION TO , IF l'WA5 SAO AS TQUGH ENOJ6H... SJ8LLJ ALL THAT, WHY DOYPU \yjBti*\ i/ec?rj /KMk.i^S/Mi rm^w^''"wJyy'^t^ "*****' ^vyvt^^T 1 7^^,«**^^^r^" - »*•;^^y,^^-^^w ^

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