Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 4
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llieWl)aily Hegi ^r JiM MB^Oaliy Itecerd and th* Iota Dally BQISTEB PUBUSHlire GO. • -^-J?- SOOTT. Pres. Ind Editor F.-^i;^?BREWSTKH.i .Uaaacer BBtered at^the lola P9st>mce aa Second- Oass Matter. Adrertlatiic Bate* Made Knows on Kvf^- ditidn. Ome(al Paper CKy of lola. omelal Paper City of Banett. ...Official Papar of A(len County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, •y Carrier In lola. Oaa City. Lanyon- 'Villa, Concrete taHarpa and BasaettT ana Week 10 cnta O M Month 44 cents OB* Taar ..w-W-M BY MAIL: On* Taar, Inside ounty 12.00 One Tear, outside county ts.oo TELEPHONES: Bualneia Office 1R Boelety Beporter Job and Bindery Pspt 141 The i»eoii!sl Yef. liTIccted rnlera? Yes;' AND GOD. Wlien the p^ple of Scotland told tbeir kiiiE tbat aaotlier was ruling in their land, he sneeringlr asked »"bo it was. They answered -King Jesus." Above people and Congress and President. God aits as ruler. If we as peoftle and elected officers assist Him in His govermnent, all Is well. If^re do not we'may read the sentence In the history of nations that have gone before us. Market prices an dtaiVf schedules and industrial activities' and diplomatic relations and all the problems of human government are all worked out In heaven. God has his plans. \Vc who rule at the ballot box and those wl)o.rule In office are apt to misrule uniiss we ore fully will ing to let God rule. Wo had better bcwnri! Icvt we repeat the folly of tliot-R who one time said of Jesus {'llr•i^•t, "Wo will not have this man to relpn over u.s." 4. 1 SATDBDAT SERMOX 4. S. S. Hil.SCHi!:R. Who is going to boar rule over us? is it going to be Taft, or lloo.sevolt or Wilson? The Bible tells us lo remember and obey and saluic those who rule over us. WHiom are you going to salute? Next Saturday we shall probably know. "Let the people rule." This political catch-phraFe ha.s been workcil to a finish of late years. In some cases I! has perhaps almost become the verba! badge of demagoguery. Of course the people should rule. All (larties agrc to that. Next Tuesday they will rule One of the blessings of a groat jwlit ical campaign is that "the people"'fin; out how'many dear frieiids they havt • and the counto' discovers how many- there are who want to save it. I^' the people rule through their ruler-who aire to be chosen for office. How are you going lo vote? DonX . answer. The question is asked only for theoretical effect. ' How yoii vot- is j-our own business entirely, if yo- .put your conscience into it. As yo- vote,,you are ruling to that exten: you are one of the people. Your vot- *ill COU.\'T ONK. but how much wil it weigh? Some votes if weighed woult be as light as a feather ;others woul .weigh like gold. F'ity it is that bnf kinds count alike. If your voles wer^ analyzed, wliat would be the showing: What i)er centNgf it would be i)rejii dice, what per cent, self-isocking, wlia per cent, conscience and intelligence Atould your vote look like this: "John Smith's vote. 1: Weight, fl: .Xnalysis: Prejudice 40 .ppr cent, CQ!' interest 4ri per cent, ignorance 14 per cbnt, conscience, intelligence. i>atu- latese, etc.. 1 per cent. Price paid for It, hot known." Xo. your's woiildn't l3bk like this. Iterhaps, Imt there are iens of thousands in our land that would. .-Vnil ve the'people rule. Tie rulers we elecr arc to rule. , • A good many have been going ov<?r the county howlittg as though they be licved all creation depended on their " being elected. But It doesn't. N'oithei does it depend upon the goo<I or liad judgment of the i^eople next Tuesday. Things probably will survive if this •one is elected ,and very likely will not go to smash If the other fellow- wins put. Hngo said, "Keiticr Germany nor France nor England is. hield in a scab- •ba^.7 The fate ijiC: ouj^ land is not held'^altogether inj-id bati^t box nor in t&eibrain of a preadent. | Who is going to bear juie over us' Siivrd hy III H ^Vife. —She's a wise woman who knows Just what to do when her hUHl )and'8 life is in danger, but Mrs. U. J. Flint Braintrce, Vt., is of that kind. "She insisted on niy using Dr. King's New Discovery," writes Mr. F. "for a dread ful couglu when 1 was so weak wy friends all thought I had duly a shart time lo live, and It completely cin-ed nic." A quick euro for coughs and colds, it's the most safe and reliable medicine for many throat and lung troubles—grip bronchitis, croup, whooping cough, quinsy, tonsilitis !iemorrhagcs. A trial will convince you, 50 ctB. and Jt.OO. G'larantccd i>y all druggists. A Remington tyijcwriicr man was hero yesterday and left this morning •Avitli three or four old machines, in- ,dicatlng.that lolans like the Remington. —Mrs. Paul Wehling, 316 Smith St, "Peoria. 111., had kidney and bladder trouble, with terrible backache and (lain across tlic hip.s. Just Im.nginr :ier condition. She further says: was also very nervotis, had headache5 and diizy si^ells, and was fast gettlnp worse when I took Foley Kidney Pllh xnd now all my troubles are curea T'olcy Kidney Pills have done .«:o nuic:. for me I shall .ilwai-s recommrnu hem." For nalo at Burrell'a Drug Store. n. E. Wasliburn. of Wichita, wlio "las been here and in Humboldt on business, went to Ft. Scott this morning. They Make Yon Feci Good. —The pleasant purgative effect nroduced by Chamberlain's Tablets :<nd the healthy condition of body rfnd .Bind which they create make one ftv.-l ioyful. For sala by all dealers. J. C Uiugliorn. of Yates Ccnlor was :i business visitor here today. J. C. Wallls, of Cherryvaic, who lias been here on business weiii 10 Yates Center this morning. p.vPK's: BRK.VKs c (n,n AT OXCK. Kirsl Hose of PnpeN Cold Compound Ends .VII Grippe Jllsery. You can surely end Grippe and break ui> the most severe cold cither in head, chest, back., stomach or limbs, by taking a dose of Paite's Cold Com- -jound every t«-o' houns until three consecutive dosesj are taken. It promptly relieves the most niisor- -ilile headache, dullness, head and nos- stuffed sneezing, .sore hroat. nu'.cous icatarrhal discharg;-.-;. .-unning of the nose, soreness, stlffnfsv and rheumatic twinges. Take this wonderful Compound as directed, w-iihout interference wit^i your usual duties and witli the knowledge that there is nothing else in the world, which will cure your cold or end Grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or l)ad after-effncts as a'2."<-cent package of Pape'.s Cold Compound, wliich any druggist can supply—accejit no siib- mtute—contains no quinine—belongs in ever}' home. Tastes nice. Home Health Chib Br Dr. D STU T H. Beeicr. Clileago, Uliasb. To liiegp AHired KeepH<nr, Comfork able TYPHOID FEVER. You are not ver>' much interested in scientific terms and phrsses that are often used in telling about disease, but you are interested in an article that tells yon in plain English the how and the why of disease. Wc are now right In the midat of the t}-phold season, and you want to know what it is, how it la contracted, how to prevent it and how- to treat it In a simple and effective manner. Typhoid fever-is an liifectlous dis ease and In 1880 Dr. Eberth discovered the cause of Its infectiousness—a bacillus, or rod-like germ—known as the bacillus typhosus of Eberth. Outside of the body it resists cold and moderate dry heat, yet fortunately direct "sunlight destroys it In a few hours and It Is readily killed by ordinary antlsciitic?. Ordinarily It will live in'clean water but a few days and In Ice rare.y longer than ten days, although instances are reimrted there living germs were re covered froni Ice water a period of five months. In su|ierflclal soil and in hu man excrement they will live for months. Milk utensils and vegetables, if washed in Infected water may bo a source of Infection. Adding to latent typhoid, marked tyiilioid, and carrier lo each group: there Is probaly more country than city typhoid . A certain percentage of the cases In cities for • Instance, are brought in by persons returning froiu their summer vacations spent in the country, and suffering with what commonly called walking typhoid. According to the report of the Chicago Board of Health, the factors which make the typhoid are: 1. w-ater; 2, milk ;3. carriers;—sick and well; 4. flies; 6, oysters; 7, vegetables. You will readily see how lmi>ortant it is that you be clean and to know that and water arc uncontamln- ated. Every case of t}-|>hoid In youri family—or In your community is an indictment against your cleanliness. THE TYPHQID FLY—Ohr here is a subject a volume could be written on—Is one of the most potent, if not she greatest factor in the sprcail ol typhoid. How many families in the coiintr}': and in the lon-ns and cities; too. who are very little If nt all con- erneil about this pest? Their stalde.- and privy vaults are Ideal breeding ulace.s for the fly, when with very little cost and trouble they could be made clean nnd* uninhabitable for flie.«. Closed privy vaults and quicklime, or carbolic acid 6^ ounces to the gallon of water, sprinkled dally over the tuaniire and through the stable, wruld keep the flies from breeding ^here. Manure, without first being treated as Just above mentioned, -ihould never lie allowed to [tile or accumulate as Is so frequently done. Many families get their water suii- uly from ,the cistern ,or shallow well -^nly a few feet frcni their privy \-aults- <tablr or ibe Iinck door of their kilch- n. .\iU\ to this no screens, or a imor- y screened house, and one will not 'lavc tr) look far for the caiise of fy- liliolil, or other sickness in the.^e fami- ies. Wlien typhoid gets Into a family hat is not careful and clean and nei;- lects sanitary precautions, the health if the whole neighborhood Is Jeopar- llzed. It is Eometiiues hard, even when a -ase is in charge of a competent phy- =IOian. to set all the patients, excrete prqperiy disinfected. Usually the only way to have this done is to have a trained nurse on the case-. The excreta, ho'h from the bowels and kidneys, must he fhorouchly disinfectfd t)y the liberal use of quick-llme or chlorides. If this is not done flie may carry the germs lo otiier families Jr the v.a 'er supply liecorae contaminated, then too. the germs may remain in the soil and the next year Itcrnme a source of Inicction. Thes-e preventatives should be taken '•losed privy vaults and disinfeciirn of the contents :clean stables, and uncon taminated water ; ujiply (boil the water if necessaryl screening the- house, protecting food and all irtensils used in handling food, from flies, know- that VQur milk supply is not contaminated- ittd lastly, know that all excreta from •yphoid cases are properly disinfe'cted. The action of typhoid witli a brief de- criiition of trie i)rellminarj- symptoms and best method of home treat men; will be piyrn in the next lectures wpuld vadonbteiUy be .of Krest lielp in that'^pect.- It is aim a quiettlic in-, nuenctt on the nervons systsn^'and ia streastlieniaft bat tome specific for the serves la also needed and the rfgbt selection oflllcsue fcods would according to mr opinion be besi for her. Per- bape her restleeaaess at night fa also due to- her eating too mucb at night or of such foods wblch are not easily digested. This should also be inresti- crated and changed if necessary. For the itching I would suggest borax water. It should be applied several times dally. In more severe cases a mixture of equal parts of the distilled witch-hazel and strong infusion of lobelia and raspberry leaves can be recommended. When I know more definitely regard 'ng the cause of her nervousness I shall be in a better poaltion to give further suggestions and advice. All readers of this publication are at liberty at alt times to write for information pertaining to' the subject of health. Address all communications to th/? Home Health Club. 3030 Cottage ^rove Av., Chicago, 111., with name ind address in full and nt least four rents In postace. •> SriKNTIKir .MISCELL.INY • The most mmarkable longnvltv is found in the vicinity of the Balkan 'oeninsula and the old age nntidolf of Prof. Metchnikoff— supiK >sed to destroy harmful bacteria of the great intestine—is a soured milk containing 'acMc liacilli, niadp by the peasants of this reRion. A ry^port from Consu! General Win. H. Gale of Athens, describes this preparation. It Is known 18 "yiaoiirt" or "yiaoiirtl," and has been made in Gree<'e since the Turkish oceu|iatlon in the fifteenth cen- turv. It is a favorite summer articlr of diet of all classes, considered cool- inK and healthful. It Is made fron' cither cow's or sheep's milk, which is boiled fivn or ten minutes according to the thickness desired, then |iar- •lally cooled, poured 'into small jars or cup^, and placed In a w-ooden container called a "dryer." A little old yiaourt—aliout 30 grains for a gallon of milk—is next dissolved in a littl' water, a drop of the solution being niacpd in each Jar without breakinf the scum. The dryer, which is airtight, is closed, and by a charcoal fin- Is kept at 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for three and a half iiours in summer to five hours in winter The yiaourt is then ready for ctarontslng Impolae sent at iMCh revo- iBtloB' keeps tbe two erlinders rotating together. This method nses a mnch stronger cnn«nt than the sel- eninm cell and therefore haa the important advantage of being less subject to the diatarbances inevitable on long lines. / A popular belief In Hungary that toothache is caused by a tiny worm has been investigated by Prof. Karol Sajo. The customary remedy is fumigation to drive out the parasite, and in a few cases the tooth worms so ob- taln<id were submitted for examination They proved to be portions of Hyos- cyamUB seeds, supposed to have been applied to case the pain. No worms were found, though the pbssihllity has been pointed out that certain fly larvae might develop in some bad ab- ccsses. Comparative tests by the Paris iind Orleans railway h«»-e shown that vibrations from the shock of falling weights are about 1!0 times as great in floors of 8t «:el and brick con^tnictiou. and Inst about 11 times ns long as in floors of re-lnforced concrete. The testa were made on floors designed to bear equal weights. DISTRICT P.IPKR.S 0> KOI'ST. Press of .ilfen and Woodson Conntirs Kind no Flaws In Ili*ronl. A variety of bees that can be safely handled, their stings beine harmless, is claimed by an English apiarist. They are offspring of a Cyprian Irone and an Italian queen and arc very active; one hive having produced MO pounds of honey this year The public will find much Interest, doubtless, in reading the oniiiion of the nrwspaper.s of the Allen-Woodson judicial district relating to the record of'Judge Oscar Foust and tlie esteem in whit.h he is held. Judge Foust has, become known as the no vacation Judge because of the fact that bo never lets up when there is public business to receive attention, no matN -r whether the weather is oi 'pressively hot, bitterly cold or beautifully fair or. what his personal wishes injiy he. Csually these elements furniiih a valid excuse for most, men to siez" a period of vacation. JudRe Foust, however, keeps plodding on and takes bis rest when he can get it w-ithout taking any time from the public. Excerpts from press comments follow-: Humb>Idt I'nlon: The Republicans of both Allen and Woodson counties are united for Judge Foust. The p;T- ty -is no: divided insofar as hi.s randi- dac.v is concerned. He has been all that a laithful, fair and honest servant of the public should be and ia entitled to re-election. Allen connt.v Republicans are glad to know that the Hemibllcans over In Woodson are making a solid stand for him, and will see to it that he gets the splendid' suppo»-t that Is due him from the heme county. Tliaf partially dried peat ca|i be collected as iftiw-der at less than 25 cents ;j Ion, hydoiuK the work oif a larc -cai<'. is the view expressed by Dr. J. MeWllllams. wlio has been extwri nentine several .vears near lA>ndon )nt. The surface of the bog is brok- n i:-^ Willi a harrow-, the moisture Ii> be loosened material is quieklv r- •need by sun and wind to 25 to 5rt ler cent, and the drier portion is tlien -ucked up as powder by a suction tan •olle-.>tor. operating like a vacuurr eleaner. The harrowing and dust-coi. ecting may be made to harvest powdered i)eat at a single operation, intend of the usual diggine. stack!"" arting and grinding. Part of the dust proved ij^ cheap and efficient.fue' 'or generatinc steam, but a.s it was 'Of ill fine enough and grindin? was troublesome process, its use wa<' abi'.nt'onfd for the abundant wood oi he Iccalltv. With a satisfactory ineih -id of :;rindine. the experimenter.stafe.s bat he w-ould return to peat-dust fuel for steam-raising, even when- 'ither fnei is so nlentiful. A ton o' soft coal is usually rated .is the equiv lent of a ton and four-flfths of peat, imt on recent trials in V'lirope. t^' roolins of tile lioilers by the creaier jrtnooni of air rrouirej for the por- fe<:t combustion of the coal caused a loss that niadr life peat dust nearly equal in efUcie.-icy to an equalWcigli' of coal. Yates Center Xews: Judcn Osrnr Foiisl and Court Stenographer Ful- lenw-ider w-ere over from lola on business Tuesd:>.y. The Judge keeps the work well in hand and does it with tb»- least iMissible expense to the taxpayers. He »s a candidate for re-elect ion and llie Indications are that hi.'; t \ia-. trict will Rive him the full Republican vote as it should. There Is not the sllchtesi reason wliy any Republican s^hould not vote for him. Toronto Republicen: Judge Foust. of lola. was in Toronto yesienlay ion noon • He Is a candidate for re-elec- •ion In this district. He is a most r'.phteous judge and deserves re-election. And he doubtless will r.e. with ;RFECTIO] It makes, an the difference between cheerful ooQ^Mt and ^chflly discontent. It'^mdns that same difference to jrcMi and an ycmr fiunfly. It ia the dwapest and handiest way of getttng heat 'ttbetm yoo want it and when jroa want it. No wire, tube or floe oooneemk Yoacancprryit wliereveryoa want U attk, braakfiut-room or living-hipm. Psifcatoa Hcatct to tRDalEelew «ad odarfe«b Baaf^ ctoaotd. Damper top and eool handU. Safttaad aceoomfcal STANDARD OIL COAff^ CUB XITK.S. Dear Doctor: Please help us as you "lave so many otlieYs. .My niece is so very nervons t'lat wc fear her mind »-il| become unbalanced if it continues ^s it had done for the last year, ^ic Is tjine years old. her sleeji Is very un- easv and interrupted. If the wakes 'ip at night the light must be Ut. She is aiway.'! restless, complains much rf headacSe. esiie-.ially at the spot right over the eye-;. If anything! goes against her. siio become so excited ^n dfaints afterwards. She sometimes has peculiar expressions on her face. She eats fairly w-ell. but has a severe itching In the lower parts. Her mouth wttlbe filled with saliva al times. She 'oes to school, but It Is only with difficulty she is able to keep up with her ^T«S8. We have consulted several i>hy- clclans regarding her case, but nothing seems to help. ThanJ^Ing yon In advance for any help you may extend to us. I remain. MRS. H. X. The first I would advice you to do 's to have a Kood oculist.(not an op•Ician) examine her eyes. There may be an eyestrain »-hich often Is the direct cause of such troubles. It will •lave a ver>- irritating effct ui«-n her nervous system. She may alt- - have worms and this should be thor'^ughly "xamined Into, nnd the cause removed. <t is also possible that she has inh'er- •ted her nervons trouide. Thi« hap- nens often and I meittloned it not very >ong ago ia one cf my articles in this oaner. It is -tikely that her trouble w^ill become asKravated. nerhaps caus Ing Chorea or Eoilepsy. if it is allowed »o run arid potbJne done to prevent it. It is'very important that her bowels Bird sanctuaries are following game parks in the development of a systematic plan for Droieciinp the wild. British naturalists are making a bird N'eosho Falls Post:- Judge Oscar Foust Is very popular in this liart of Woodson and Allen counties, and his re-election is generally conceded. Tlie followins stj'tenient also appears In the Yates Center News': Inasmuch as there has been a report circulated over Woodson county tliat Judge Foust has caused annece«.^ai-\ expense to the county In the matter of extra sessions of court, we. the under- signrd meml)ers of the iiar of this county desire to sot tliis matter right 'n tijf eyes of the taxpayers of the county. The fact is that the extra sessions ha"9|p been held solely for the accommodation of litigants and have not cost the county a cent, as the Judge and his stenographer pay their own traveliuR and hotel bills. In Allen county the Judge is at iiome and can hold court at any time for :he convenience of parties, and he has simply extended to Woodson county the same opportunity, in that he is always ready and w-illing to come te Yates Center and .hold a special ses- REPUBLICAN NATIONAL GOMMITTEE CU.tRIiK8F. SCOTT. Directer rabliefty Barraa. ArDITORIDV HOTEL. Cbirago, lUIaois The Truth About The Payne Law AVheii t'e r;;yi:e law w:»«i passed the magazines which were uiad a,t Taft i)ecause li.> bad mgrcsted that it was not fair'for them lb pay only ten millions a ye:-r ia jM'.stage "wlien it cost the government, sixty- three mirion i:'>IIa:-' a .'ear to transjiort theui tli^w^gh the mails, declared, that it iv.-i.s a r'-.'l-!i<>rj «p-Aar<!; ihe I I I R newspapers, which were mad at the llri-Ml ll<:-ii party bcca.-.-c print |ii;i)er was nor, put on the. free I'st. I'ecit'iei! it w;'s a ic.'i.'-irn i:pw.!.-fl; and .the Deuiocrntic and; insnrgtjnt p'ili*i-'-;Ti;'. wlio v.ere eagerly <-,r--t.'nK afc'Jtit for any chance to make j>o>itii:M capital ajralnst tl-.e I'vcsident and the Regular llc- piiMicrins. ili-'-tared ',; was p. revision iiiv.:iril. They were nil siiey--in;; ;,i n. li'car c i:i!;il a tariff law lias'beeii in actual c>i)Dr:it'i<ri fiT a (•or!--\ilei-j..|)i,^ time noliody can tell what tho average r;:te o' ilnty on l:»ipo:tK will I.e—and they guessed wrong. The Pavne law- I;a«-- UM-.V le-e:i in (<vv ;a:!oii iion> than three years and the triMli al-'>!it i« i.s ir;is; . . The Payne law ailmits :,\ 2 per cent of all Imports wholly free while tinder tl;e Diiigley Ihw but 44.3 per cent were free. On all ilntiable imports the average duty under the Payne law is 41..' per <ent. Cnder the Dingiey law 45 S per cent. The average duty on all imports under the Payne law is 20.1 per cent and it was 2.">.'. per cent under the Iiingley law. That Is to .sav. the Payne law Is a rcvi.sion downward of 10 per cent on dutialile imports: and on all goods Imported it is a reduction of -21 per cent below the DIngley law.. In ail the history of flie I'nited States there has lieen but four years since I7S!» when the |>ercentagc of free importation was as large as under the Payne law-, and there have been but fourteen years since IS20 when the free and dutialde importations i»ut together have had as low- a percentage of duty as they bear under the Payne liaw. This is not proi>h.ecy. it is history. It is not a guess, it is a fact. CrcJident Taft and the Republican party kept the faith. Colonel Roose- veU knew it a .vear ago when he said in tho Outlook that "the Payne law' is better than the Dingiey law and very much better than the McKlnley law"—which is only another way of saying what Taft said at Winona, that It is the best tariff law- ever made liy the Republican party. ..\nd the best of it is that it did not close a factory, did not put any man out of a job and did not reduce anybody's wages. Did the Democratic i>art> ever enact a tariff law of which that could be said? Director Publicity, Repiil)llcan Nat. Com. J. S. DEA.\. President Republican I'arty I^eague. REPUBLICAiN TICKET. Kaliooal. For President—William II. Taft, of Ohio For Yice-Presldent^James S. nan, of New York. For Presidential Electors—B. F. Blaker, J. E. Bocock. Charles H. "Browne, John F. Delllnger, John S ;ilmore, A. Q. Miller, C. W. Miller, ;»aul Rich, U H. Thompson. W. A. Thompson. State Ticket. For United States Senator—W. R. Stublis. For Justices, Supreme Court—R. A 'Jurch, W. A. Johnston. For Governor—Arthur Capper. For Lieutenant-Governor—Sheffield 'ngalls. For Secretary of State—Charles H Sessloni?. iiablfed b.v kf--.ishers. f row-hawks daws, kestr'';. shrikes. ' nnels, rock- idp'ts and ^-heat-ears. ':i l.ouisian;'. •wo new refuges have ' "n provide<t for ducks, geese, rnd -irious other tnlKrjitory birdsj One i f these IS.One acres on Yermillon Bay, has been pre sent.^d the stite by E A. ^fclIhenny and C. W. Ward: and the other Marsh Island, of ~r..(if^ acres—is »e he placed in suitable hands by Mrs. Russell Sa^e. In ilie iiT 'w precess of a Pennsylvania inventor heated cr.-ini'latef' .ork is foried Into mold'* and is baked while under oressure. .Meitinc of the >-ork resin firmly cements the grau- ul's tocetbrr flicting with his otlicr duties. This statement is simpl.v made in justice to fudge Foust and to set right any erroneous impressions that may have arisen in the minds of the people of (his county. .S. C. HOLMES, ' W. E. Hogueland. G. H. LAMB. G. R. STEPHE.VSO.V. S. C. HOLCOMB. J. C. Cl'LVER. E. E. KELLEY. Humboldt /Herajd: Judce Foust is an old resident of Allen County, having practiced law at lola for miny years before be was elevated lo tlie Judgeship of this district, having been I appointed when the 37th Judicial dis- ; trict was created and since elected. In the pmctlca! work of iran.«m»t-; Judge Foust is eminently qualified ting photographs by telecraph from | to fill the office of District Judge and •soiirhern France to the Paris mom- has had several years expet^lence on ing papers, the selenium cell of tl'ejfhc bench and deserves re-election at For "State Auditor—W. E. Davis. For Treasurer—Eari Akcrs. For Attorney General—John S Dawson. For Superintendent of Insurance- ike S. Lewis. For Supt. of Public Instruction—W O. Ross. For State Printer—W. C. Austin. District. Congressman. 2nd District—J L iirady. Judge, STth Judicial District—Osca- Foust. For Senator, 14th District—S. C 'lolmes.. County Ticket For Representative—Baxter D. McClain. . For Treasurer—Frances A. Wilson. For County Clerk—R. E. Culbertson. For Register of Deeds—J. W. Laury. For County Attorney—R. E. Culli- 'on. For Probate Judge—J. B. Smith. For Sheriff-Hoover Kerr. For Coroner—R. X. .McMillen. For County Surveyor—U. L. Pal- string. For ClVjrk District Court—John W. Brown-. County Supt—Mrs. E. W. Myler. For Assessor—E. C .Reynolds. For Commissioner, 2nd District—H. O. Stephenson. For Commissioner. 3rd Dlslrlct^E. P. Brigbam. the hands of the voters of Allen and Woodson counties on the 3th of .November. Korn apparatus has been dropned. It appears that the modified process, uses films of etched pelatlne mount "d i on copper, ruled parallel Iloe« li 'ce • hose of half-toiie being added for ! has i — better effect in printing, and the co-^-! His fairness and Integrity cannot be rer-hacked phoioKrnph is fitted round I questioned and he is verj- highly e»a cylinder. As this Is rotated a t>»e»- ' teeeaed not only in the Allen and al point moves over the surface in a j Woodson coiinty bars but by outside spiral course. Wherever the point, attorneys who have occasion 10 prac- toucheg the Conner it completes :n i Uce before him. Attorneys who have electric circuit but the current is i^- > practiced in several district courts of lermpted by the gelatine of the thick-) Kansas say that they would rather try er parts of the picture. At the rn- a case before Judge Foust than before ceiving end ,a second cylinder ia ro-, any other Judge before whom they (ated in a dark box in exact upH-n; have practiced. '^•Ith the tmnsmittlng cylinder. Thte. Judge Foust is d good judge and he second cylinder carries a photograph- j will have the united suppo.n of his Ic film and receives a beam of light, j party in this section of the county and His manner is most pleasing and he i fcTnes tb^t* con^in coSrner mSrphlTe. t CountTAltorney FranV R. Forve... IS all tbe requisites of a model judge, i'leroln and other sedati ves wh <in' vrai i Inia Should move freely and regularly and ""blch is flashed intermittently by the; «ill doubtless be re-elected November our old friend the Compound Gentian' current sending the pkture. A »yn-: 5th. A fold .Sedative Coogb JledIclDe)i. if you' want to contribute directly to the occurrence of capillary bron- [ chitis and pneumonia use cough men 'leroin and other sedatives when'you have a cough or cold. An expectorant like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy !s what is needed. That cleans out the culture beds or breeding placas for the germs of pneumonia and other germ diseases. That Is why pneumonia never results from a cold when Chainberlain's Cougb Remedy is used. U has a world wide repntation for its cures. It contains no morphine or otjer sedative. For sale by all dealers. IP THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier the same evening. lola. Probate Judge—J. S. Walker, lola. Shertff~J. H; Fowter, Gaa. : ! Coroner—F. L. B. Leavell. lola. ; County Supt—Vide FeUteriagHU.;^ Carlylo. ^ Co. Surveyor—& D. Bartlett lola- ^ Clerk of the Diistrlct Conrt—Loala. B. Hesa, HiunboId|t Connty^r Assessor-rFred/Schmldt. of Hnmboldt ^ .4. * • * DEMOCRATIC COLUinr • * •. Material furnished for this colum* comes from the County Committee an4 The Daily Register is In no^se r»- ' sponsible for any sUtement appearing jnder this beading. A similar colnma will be devoted to, the Republidtaa, fbe Register is responsible oi)ly for .ts own editorial expressions. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. National Ticket. For President—Gov. Woodrow Wlt- ion. New Jersey. Foi- Vice President—Gov. Tbomaa R. Marshall. Indiana. Presidential Electors—Francis M- Patterson, 'Yates Center; Andera Sor-: ensen. McPberson; F. H. Ubi, Smith . Center; Alfred Q. Wooster, Erie; 8. C. Bybee, Gamett; James W. Clark ' Great Bend; Hiram R. Fulton. Han- Dver; Cbas. E. Gants. Meivem; Isaac II. Magill, Corning; Thomas J. CNeil. Osage City. State Ticket. For U. S. Senator—^Wm. H. Thoinp- !on. Garden^ City. Justice Supreme Court — Humbert Riddle, Emporia; A. B. Reeves. Dodge City. Governor—Geo. H. Hodges. Olatbe.- Lieut Governor—Frank L. Britton Jsage City. . . Seci'etary of State—Burt E. Brown. ^wrence. : State Auditor—Perry Clemens, of. Hamilton. State Treasurer—P. E. Laughlln. Marysville. Atty General-^. B. Little. OInthe. Supt. of Public Instruction—David . .M. Bowen, Plttsburg- Supt. of Insurance—Carl J. Peter^ son, lola. ' State Printer-William P. Fedor. of Great Bend. Congressman. 2nd Dlst—Jos. Taggart. Kansas City, Kans. ' r Judge STth Jadicial Dfst^harlet H. Apt. lola. Kans. State Senator'..^ 14th Dist — Paul Klein lola, Kans. Representative. 20th Dlst—J. W. Ham. Humboldt. Kaa..' Ceaaty ticket County Clerk—Chas. Fi^berg. Elsmore. County Treasurer—John T. Tylert Gaa City. ~ Register of Deeds—Jerry L. Bedwell, lola. Commissioner Browp, Moran. Commissioner BobUson lola. Jc^tice of Smith. DlBtrlct-i;j.V H. |rd District—M. a. lola Gity^ir. T.

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