Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 6, 1952 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 15
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', '"'?',^f if , FRIDAY, JUNE 6, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Livestock Price! At East St. Lonit 198 Ibt ' 130-18 i 14.08-18.00; boiri Cattft 800; cilvet 480; generally about «U*dy! tfltriwduftt httd ee«>m«ttt»! t etoMM At«tn and tauten J7.oo.s8.oi utlHty unfl ewnmcttui e«wi 91.88-24.01 e«fth«» »na eu«tr»; B«m »nd cwnmSiNsfol blilW 43.80-98.80; eutle bwllj W.oo.93.00! fbml ami eJretet wiftl 30.00-38.00; tetfttd prima «<s 38,011); tttllU and conttnsreUi vttieni J3.oo-a9.oo, Shttfr «8; Heady eledtiuft trtd* attered Mfe* utility to eiwiet iprin t«mf» 88.60-30,00; <«W *\it» JO.OO.JJ.00 »m«ll lots utility (o choice old cro Clipped lambs J4.00-29.00; good light Weight sltujhtcr «w«l 10.80; «lmila grid* heavy «wei 8.80; cuiw 8.80-8.80 *|W bucki 7.80, Telegraph Want Ads Click! UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ROOTB COLLEGE AVE. ALTON, ILL, TWICE NIGHTLY Rain or TONIGHT and 2-BIG HITS-2 SATURDAY COME AS LATE AS 10:36 AND SEE BOTH HITS ictes tkt nap PLUS 2ND FEATURE WWM 4f TMHMnC MVMtWW FREE PLAYGROUND PONY RIDES TRAIN RIDES, MERRY-CO-ROUND at I " T- i_i>vs"""t_.-iu—:- HAITI AMERICAN LEGION BARN FRIDAY, JUNE 6 SHORTY SCHMITT and HIS ORCHESTRA Saturday Nile—Chaw Mank and His Orchestra For a Good Time Visit the Barn, American Legion Post 214 Closing New York Stock Quotations Abbott L Allied diem .,,73 Allied Strs ,,, Mils Clml 50 Am Can •.,.. Am Car &F ,, 38% Am Gas & El .. Am Loco 19 Am Pw & Lt... AmRadStS ..15% Am Smelt ,,.., 42'i Am Snuff 37'^ Am Tel & Tel 155% Am Tobacco .., 56% Am Zlttc ..t.i. 19'/i Anacon Cop ... 44% Armco Stl 37% Armour & Co ..10 Atchtson 85% Avco Mfg ..i...7 Bendlx AV ....51% Beth'Stl ......49% Borden 51% Borg Warn Briggs Mfg Budd Co . Canad Pac Case (J 1) Ches & Oh Chi & NW . Chi RI & Pac 62% Chrysler ... Cities Svc . Comvv Ed is Cong Nairn 'Con Edis ... Con N Gas Container Cont Can , Copper Rng Corn Prod Crane Co ..35 14 ..36% ..25% ..35% 20 . .1024 .. 31% .. 22!$ 58% 35 23% 67U 33% Curtlss Wr .1. 8',-i DOUR Airc .... 60'i Du Pont ..... 86'i Eastm Rod . 42% Eaton Mfg ... 30% El Auto Lite . 48% Gen Elec ... 60 Gen Foods ... 44«t Gen Motors . 55% Goodrich .... 06 Goodyear ... 42(-4 Gt Nor Ry pfd 52% Greyhound .... 11% Itomestake ... 37% Houd Hersh .. 12% Hudson Mot .. 14% 111 Cent 72H Inland Stl .... 44% Insplr Cop .... 23% Int Harv....... 32'i Inl Harv pf 17) 170'4 [nt Nirk 44'xi tnt Tel & Tel 17% Jewel Tea 67 Johns Man .... 7fH4 FCennecott 76% Kimb Clark ... 45% LOF Glass ... 36% Lib McN A L . 7% Marsh Field .. 25!i Montg Ward ... 62V6 Nash Kelv ... 19% Cat Bisc 32 Nat Cont 11 & Nat Dairy ,...52!i Nat Steel 45% NY Central ....20% Nia M Pw ....27'i No Am Avia ..16% No Amer Co ..21% Nor Pac 81'A Ohio Oil 56% Owens 111 G! ..73U Packard >• 4% Pan Am W Air 10 Param Plct ....24 Pa Coal & C ,.J3«4 PhelpS ttod ... 35'.i Philip Mor ... 45'i Phlllipis Pet ... 56% Pure Oil 64% Radio Cp ..... 25 l ,4 Reo Motors ... 20 Repub Sty ..... 4U4 Schenley Ind .. 26% Scott Roeb .... 53% Shell Oi. ...... 80V* Simmons Co. ,, 28V& Sinclair Oil,.... 45!* Socony Vac «... 38& South Pac .... 79% Spiegel 9% Std Brands ... 24% Std Oil Cal .. 56 !4 Std Oil Ind .. 83!i Std Oil NJ .... 77',i Starrett (LS) 37% Sterl Drug .... 38% Studebaker .... 37% Swift & Co.... 32!» Texas Co. .. 57 TimkDet As .. 20U Transamer .... 26!4 Un Carbide .. 64% Un Pac 11614 Unit Air L .... 27 Unit Airc .... 31% US Rubber .... 24 US Steel 39!£ West Un Tel ., 41 West Elec ... 36% Wool worth .... 44 !i Zenith Rad ... 75% Zonite Pd % 4% News of Stocks Higher Prices in Vlarket Activity NEW YORK, June 6-WP-Higher irices were maintained today in he stock market with activity and eadership rotating among major groups. Gains in many cases were substantial, but the bulk of the list Covered a range of fractions lower o between 1 and ^ points higher ith most of the jfct on the upside. Activity expanded to 1,600,000 hares, the highest in around seven veeks. Yesterday's total was 1,410,300 shares. The biggest advance was cen- ered in a few companies with a eavy stake in Williston basin oil— Amerada Petroleum, Shell Oil, and Northern Pacific—with a rise of 3 o 6 points at times. Steels and motors maintained good fractional gains throughout most of the session. Higher were Republic Steel, Genral Motors, Santa Fe, Kennecott Copper, American Cyanamid, Genral Electric, and Johns-Manville. U. S. government bonds in the ver-the-counter market were ( uietly steady. CHICAGO, June 6 —/P— Most BOYS! GIRLS! ENTER THIS BIG FISHING CONTEST Contist Now Going On , . , Ends USE THIS FISHING CONTEST ENTRY BLANK Or get an entry blank from Kramer Electric of Alton or Wood River, Alton-Wood River Sportsmen'* Club or the Alton and Wood River Police Departments. Register your fish at the above mentioned places. t Kind of Fish Length Weight Where Caught By Name Address Boy Girl Age Date 1952 Witness. Signed Monday, Junt 30th, 8 P, M, % Sponsored By Thi Sf, Louis Browns Basiball Club and Kramtr Eleetrie of Alton and Wood River in Co-Opiration with Alton-Wood Rivir Sportsman's Club. FISH MUST BE CAUGHT ON A „ POLE AND LINE, Winners Will bo Judpd by Both Siio and Number of Fish Caught from June 1st to Juno 30th. All children, up to 16 years old, residing in Madison County are eligible. 30 PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED JUNE 30th ALTON THE HOME OF HOTPOINT and GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES grains moved within a narrow range on the Board of Trade today. Dealings were less active than in earlier sessions this week. Soybeans and rye showed flashes of strength. All rye contracts made new seasonal highs. This cereal has been very strong in the past three days with buying stimulated by reports of damage to the small crop in the northwest. Old crop soybeans gained around 3 cents at one time, but they had difficulty in maintaining this advantage. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlots: wheat 2, corn 133, oats 7, rye none, barley 12 and soybeans 16. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, June 6—UP)—Produce and live poultry: Eggs, extras 38-39, itandarcte 34-3S, unclassified 31-33, A large 33-37. Butter, 92 score 68'a-B9'/.j, 90 score eS'j-ee'/i, 89 score 64' a -65!i. Fowl, commercial crosses and whites 28-30.- Other prices unchanged. Bunker Hill Bible Schools to Open BUNKER HILL. — Vacation Bible School at the Methodist Church will opeh Monday morning at 9 o'clock, with Mrs. H. F. Scheldt in charge of the kindergarten; Mrs. R. C. Noble, primaries, and Mrs. Donald Lowe, juniors and intermediates. All children are invited to attend. The Rev. Earl Brown will be in charge of the Bible school, which opens Monday morning at the Baptist Church. The gospel team from Moody Bible Institute will begin services Sunday evening and will take part in the Bible school. Find No Tunnels in Compound on Koje KOJE ISLAND, Korea, June 6, /P—Army engineers dug holes around a prisoner compound holding North Korean officers today in a check for possible escape tunnels. They found none. An intelligence officer said the check was made as troops of the Royal Canadian regiment and the King's Shropshire light infantry took over guarding the compound of 3340 Communist prisoners. The prison island had one of its quietest days in weeks. Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Chicago Cash OfalB CHICAGO, June 6, ft ~ WHEAT-None. CORN - No. 2 yellow 1.85-85 W: No.%, 1.MU-MU; No. 4, 1.81 U«t No. 5, 1.66%-78; sample grade 1.59%-79%. OATS — No. 2 heavy mixed 82; No. 1 heavy white 83; No. 3 heavy white 81; sample grade heavy white 81. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting, 1.28-65. Feed 1.20-30. SOYBEANS-None. Grain Future* Low Close High WI-IEAT- July . 2.33U Sep. Dec. Mar. COR\July Sep. dec. Mar. OAT July Sep. Dec. Mar. RYE— July Sep. 2.35% 2.40'i 2.43! a 1.82 1.73% 1.76% 76!i 78% . 82% 85% 2.09',i 2.10 Dec. SOYBEANS- July Sep. Nov. Jan. Mar. 3.26 3.07% 2.93% 2.95!a 2.96% 2.32 2.34% 2.39% 2.42% 1.81'i 1.80% 1.72% 1.76 75% 78'4 82 U 83 Vi 2.Q6*i 2.07 !i 2.10 3.2.1 U 3.0314 2.91. 2.93U- 2.9414 2.33 2.35%-% 2.40%-14 2.4314 1.81%-82 1.8114 78% 82%-14 85% 2.09!i-U 2.09!4 2.1114 3.22-2214 3.05%-!4 2.92-91% 2.93% 2.94% St. Louis Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, June 6, !P — WHEAT — Receipts 17 cars, no sales. CORN—Receipts 25 cars, 1 sold, No. 2 yellow 1.87^4. OATS — Receipts 2 cars, no sales. Tax Collections Alton township tax collection total had reached $1,025,573 when his city hall office closed for the day, % Thursday, City Treasurer Osborn announced. The Thursday collection amounted to $35,508. Payment time at Alton will end Saturday, June 21, two weeks from tomorrow. The tax office Saturday will close at noon. Mexico reports new sulphur deposits. Business Mirror Promotions Up In Hot Weather By SAM flAWSOV NEW YORK, June 6 - K Hot weather will find a speed-up in business promotions. Retailers and manufacturers are planning big drives to keep every one on his toes—and to take the cash registers out of the dog< day doldrums. Men will be reminded sternly: "Neckties are essential to proper dress—in any season." "Every woman an interior decorator" is the slogan this summer of the carpet institute. Bedding makers aren't resting on their laurels after April's na lonal sleep show. They're trying .0 think up new styles—for an es sentially static product—to perk up their business and to display In the next national exhibit in September, called home fashions !ime. TrlmncM the Thing The International Association of Clothing Designers, meeting in Rochester, N. Y., this week, says that "trimness of line" is to be he new slogan for men's suits. Members debated the merits of the Ivy League style of narrow shoulders and the Hollywood wedge with its widj shoulders and narrow lip-line. The wool bureau, stung by the nvasion of synthetics in the summer suit field, and just getting over the effects of the raw wool price gyrations of last year, is slugging hard for wool summer suits. Silk suits — some costing as much as J150—are being widely promoted. And the silk shirt is tack in the stores, priced around DANCE EVERY SAT. NITE GODFREY CIVIC CENTER Sat., June 7th. Davt Stilts Orehutra Dancing from 9:00 to 1:00 Juni U, Barkily's Oroh. «efl'4'tt« OPEN 7:30 P.M. * 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY SHOW AT DUSK RAIN OR CLEAR ENDS TONIGHT! BOTH PICTURES FIRST RUN WOOD RIVER TWO STAR-STUDDED HITS OF ENTERTAINMENT! 112 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-9331 Timt Trial* 7;30 P.M. lit Rac« S:15 P,M, (CDT) SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH Rain Datt Following Tutrtay Nitt ALTON SPEEDWAY LOCATID t MILE NORTH OF GODFREY ON ROUTE til TONIGHT BRING A GUESTI TWO ADMITTED FOR A SINGLE ADMISSION Judy Garland—Frank Morgan Ray Bolger "THE WIZARD OF OZ" Technicolor Shown at 7:14 James Stewart—Donna Reed Lionel Barrymore "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" Shown at 9:04 Se/ecfed Shotts SAT., SUN., MQN, Cornel Wilde—Maureen O'Hara Robert Douglas "AT SWORD'S POINT" 7:35 Robert Young—Bet»y Drake John Sqtton 'The Second Woman" 8:01 VAN JOHNSON MttOTHY McOUMf KUIH ROMAN Shown at 11:10 Shown at 9: — PLUS SELECTED FEATURETTES ONE COMPLETE SHOW ONLY! * SATURDAY ONLY * 'JllARKoflhe RENEGADE \ ~rZs-tSA//Srt/j0& RICARDO MONTAIBAN ADDED COLOR CARTOONS * FREE CHILDREN Under 12 and CARS PLAYGROUND FOR KIDDIES ROOKIE'S DINER j Delicious Home'Coofced MecrJs Chicken and Steak Dinner*. Spaghetti and Moat Ball Dinners Free to Children Under 6 Accompanied by Parents, DIAL 4-7162 - 24-HOUR SERVICE 838 THOMAS ST., ROXAJVA, ILL. ROCCO M4NM, Manager TOWriG—SATURDAY poor* Open 7:00 Show Start* 7:30 Marie Wilton — Groucho ftfar* "A GIRL IN EVERY PORF Shown at 8:55 Sally Form* •** Cafleton Young "HARD, FAST & BEAUTIFUL" Shown at 7:30 , Jsck up lummef tte ililirrfi *«y. price categofies hftve , ftftiait unchanged ^vhile other p«)du were inflated and claims the in dilatory Is ttirrtlfig mil a better pw* duct dollar tot ddllar • t6day than Iff years ago. fie Sales Dp Tie sales at wholesale are u slightly over a year ago, acob Ing to ll&tty fteftner, president 6 the foundation, tife credits hew styles, such as narrower widths new designs, such as embroider Ing and weaving, and new fabrics such as those with special wrinkle spot and crease proof claims, But Denner has few kind word 'or the man who goes tieless In hot weather— or arty other time. "When a man lakes off his neck tie," he says severely, "his stan dards of dress have begun tha KIDDIES' MATINEE Saturday From 1 P. M. dive Mom and pad ft Kent for a fc\v hours. 'Tell them you want to sec this show. • SHORT SUBJECT • Z BIO FEATURED ' THRILLING SERIAL * TONIGHT . SATURDAY FUNNIEST nWie thase everf... wk«n Mcrtt agtnt Hop* langlci with that lamarr-v«loui gait Stown »t 8:30 P. M. hown 7:00 - 10:00 P. M. Parklnf !• Bur •! Tkf>l*r TONITE - SATURDAY Shown 2:88 0:00 PLUS '. " WNttl MACKMAIl Mi ' Shown 1:00 4t2S 7:50 ,1 YVETTE DUGAY Shown at 8:36 (8»l. Sin - 5:37 - «::! . Bowery Boys • Hunts Hw Shown at 7:00—0:07 (S»t. a| 1:00 . 4:10 - «:»« - 8:38) TONITE 38EUIO Shown at 7:00—10:00 — AND — Shown at 8:60 - PLUS SERIAL 2 CARTOONS •STARTS SUNDA OPEN 12:45 DAILY nun i nn i nni IIH i TODAY & SAT. with ESTELITA RODRK5UE KNNY EDWARDS • PINKY LEE Shown 1:00 8:30"6:00 8:30 PLUS ••/r tlorrlng ESTELITA "Illl WIUIAMS Shown 2:05 4;8K 7:10 9:40 CARTOON MATINEE SAT. 1:30, OODRIVE /// / iHi v t in. i TONITE & SAT. Roy MILLAND Helena Carter Hugh Marlowe^ Forrest Tucker 2ND HIT- Shown 905 HEAL DRAMAS The WHISTLE at Eaton , Falls .liOYOIIKItfS shown HQTHftS BATTLE

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