Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1974
Page 11
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Moiiday, September 2, 19?4 Berry's World "... THE SUMMER PEOPLE ARE GONE - AND ALL'S WELL..." Brush fire blamed on ricocheting bullet LAKE HENSHAW, Calif. (AP) — A fast-moving brush fire that routed 1,000 holiday campers south of Mt. Palomar was touched off accidentally by a target shooter's ricocheting bullet, officials say. About 2,000 acres had been blackened, part of it in Cleveland National Forest. The fire remained out of control early today. Officials credited the target shooter, who was using a .357- magnum pistol with sounding the alert. But they said the flames, touched off by the glancing bullet's sparking effect, moved quickly. State and federal forest serv- ices pressed nearly 1,000 fire fighters into a round-the-clock battle. A fleet of air tankers was called in for daylight retardant bombings today. No structures or cabins in the area had been burned and no injuries were reported, a U.S. Forest Service information officer said. The blaze erupted about noon Sunday in north San Diego Countyi It was encouraged by summer-long lack of rain and high temperatures. The fleeing campers were never threatened seriously but the fire's path came to within a couple of miles of the camp sites, a forest spokesman said. Government forces, •W--KI vV>>" ft, • • ^^^^ ' . n '•••••' Khmer Rouge clash PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Government forces continued to tangle today with Khmer Rouge troops 14 miles west of Phnom Penh where the rebels have forced the evacuation of two small government outposts. The Cambodian military command said the fighting was in an area four to five miles north of Highway 4. Observers said that neither side was making significant gains in the fighting, and the insurgents appeared to be trying to cut the highway between Phnom Penh and its western defense anchor at Kampong Speu, 30 miles away. Field reports said a three- prong government drive along the Bassac River south of Phnom Penh slowed down for the past two days while ammunition supplies were being moved down to the government forces. The government troops were reported making slow but steady progress. In South Vietnam, the Viet Cong filed a protest with the International Commission of Conand Supervision charging at the Indonesian and Iranian legations were conducting in- 'pendent investigations of al- ieged cease-fire violations by e Communists. The Viet Cong claimed that « investigations were being ade at the request of the uth Vietnamese and violated e "principles of unanimity" der which the ICCS is sup- sed to operate. The Iranian and Indonesian -legations said they are con- lucting only "observations" to ain factual information and do t fix any blame. The two ommunist commission .embers, Poland and ungary, have refused to articipate in the in- estigations. The South Vietnamese gov- tent mean while called a re- >rt in Time magazine alleging idespread corruption in the 'Uth Vietnamese armed forces "piece of inaccurate and irre- >nsible reporting." In a dispatch from Saigon, said in its current issue at a secret military report wed that helicopter pilots •ge fees for evacuating uncled soldiers, artillery offi- cers charge infantry commanders for artillery support, and pilots on air force cargo planes charge civilians for passage. Government spokesman Nguyen Quoc Cuong disclaimed knowledge of any such military report. He said if there is such a report, it dealt with isolated incidents. Ohio man is Klon 's candidate ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - The imperial wizard of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said today that Dale Reusch of Lodi, Ohio, would be the Klan's candidate for president in the 1976 national election. James R. Venable, a Stone Mountain attorney, said Reuschn an employe of the Ford Motor Co. in Lodi, had chosen Scott Nelson, a Houston, Tex., natural gas company em- ploye, as his vice-presidential candidate. Reusch, 35, is grand dragon in Ohio and was sponsored by the Klan in an unsuccessful run in the Ohio gubernatorial race last year. Nelson, also 35, is the imperial wizard of the Texas Fiery Knights, an independent Klan group. The Klan held its annual convention at Stone Mountain over the weekend and selected its presidential and vice-presidential nominees today. The imperial wizard said this was the first time the Klan "has ever sponsored a candidate for national office." Venable said the group would campaign against foreign aid, welfare, the United Nations, taxes, the present chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and the current system of "regional government." Pocket Sundials In the Middle Ages when sundials were the principal way of telling time, clever designers not only produced pocket sundials but set sundials in stained glass windows so they could be read from indoors. HOPfc I'AttK.) sfAK Meany denounces wage-price guidelines WASHINGTON (AP) - AFt> CIO Resident (korge Meafty denounced wage-price guidelines shortly after Labor Secfe- tafy Peter Brennan said the administration iriay have to employ them in the fight against inflation. "I would look on guidelines as completely unfair to the worker and I would resist them very much," Meany said Sunday on ABC-TV's "Issues and Answers." One hour eariier t Brennan said such guidelines, under which workers and businesses would voluntarily keep wage and Price increases below a government - suggested limit, "may be the way we have to go" in combating inflation. Speaking on CBS-TV's "Face the Nation "progfamn Brennan said guidelines were definitely going to be discussed by the new Council Oh Wage and Price Stability which President Ford obtained from Congress to monitor the inflation fight. Meany contended that such guidelines are enforced on wages but not ott prices. "I think wage and price guidelines would be just as unfair as wage and price controls because our experience shows prices are not controlled.... But wages are very, very definitely controlled because every employer becomes an enforcer," Meany said. Guidelines would have to rely on governmental fjawboning" for their effectiveness, Brennan said, and would have to be es- tablished on an industry by industry basis. Meany said that guidelines were tried during the Johnson administration and "became sort of a laugh in the industrial complex on both the union and the employers' side." The only equitable situation would be no controls at all or the creation of an enormous federal bureaucracy to control wages and prices at every level of the economy, Meany said, but he said he was not in favor of such controls. Brennan declined to offer specific guidelines for labor contracts but said unions should try to keep wage demands within the increase in the cost of living. Meany said he expected to see a tax increase after the November elections although Ford's spokesmen. have ruled out any tax hike requests before the end of the yeaf. The labor chieftain repeated, earlier remarks that the country is headed for a depression unless the administration makes a quick reversal of its economic policies. Ford "is not going to turn this around by following the same policy that's been a disaster for the last 5% years," Meany said. Asked if the Labor Department was equipped to handle a depression, Brennan outlined a federal plan to increase public service employment in response to increases in unemployment. If the present rate of 5.3 per cent were to go as high as 7 per cent, the federal government would create some 800,000 public service jobs, Brennan said. Meany called for ah end to tight money policies, saying high interest rates are the "most inflationary factor in our economy." In his Labor Day statement, Ford said the nation needs the support of workers "in a new struggle for productivity — for more purchasing power and less inflation. "I am confident that the men and women of the American labor movement know that the struggle against inflation is a joint venture by all segments of the American people — and that they will do their part," the President said. Page Efevefi Brennan's Labor Day Statement labeled the Watergate scandals one of "the most difficult periods in (American) history." He predicted "equally difficult economic problems in the days ahead. "Each of us must exercise the restraints and make the sacrifices necessary to control inflation," Brennan said. "Candor and fair play have replaced obfuscation and criminality" in the White House, Leonard Woodcock, president of the United Auto Workers said in his holiday statement. "But this Labor Day is a time of crisis for Workers. The crisis is economic." He said the current unemployment rate "would be intolerable in most industrialized nations." A bite by Australia's bulldog ant, Myrmecia gulosa, feels like the jab of a hot needle. BABY FOOD GREENBEANS oo CKEN U.S.O.A. B«x Mrttoint: 3 3 ftr«a*» Qtrs., 3 Wing*, N«k» and 3 S«U CAMPBELL'S SOUP ('amp&lk Chicken Noodle CHICKEN NOODLE 5 W* 10W-OZ. • • CANS V TUNA A&P LIGHT CHUNK 6'/j-OZ. CANS 39* U.S.D.A. ORADI A INSHCUO FRYER PARTS Breast u. 89< Drumsticks ti. 79< Thighs . ty ,7f< "SOPf».»IGHT" OUAIITY HIAVV illf CHUCK STEAKS CENTER CUT 7-BONE LB S9« Shoulder Arm Pot Roast IB 99C Boneless Top Round Steaks or Roast . . . ib$l 79 Boneless Bottom Round Steaks or Roast . . . ib.$l °9 Boneless Rump Roast i b $l 69 Allgood Brand Sliced Bacon Pk g .$2.37. . . X$1 19 A&P Skinless Franks "'£ 59C "Super Right" Qualify Sma " Smoked Picnics Lean A. g 69C Sliced, Skinned, Deveined Beef Liver i b 89C A&P Beef Sausage 'p'kV Chuck Wagon Chopped Beef Steaks chuck wogon . . P k g '$l ^ 5 Fried Fish Sticks P £ 99, ."£. 59C Cop'n John's Shrimp Cocktail BUS. 3 to,*! 00 weo WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES PRICES GOOD MON SEPT 2 THRU SAT., SEPT. 7, 1974 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES A&P SLICED BOLOGNA b GREAT FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES P k 9 , S9* "SUPER RIGHT QUALITY HEAVY BEEF CHUCK ROAST Boneless Chyck Roast lb.M.09 CREAMY SKIPPY TIDE IAUNDHY DETERGENT WITH 4 9 ' 02 ' BELOW BOX S9* FOLGER S COFFEE '" % ~~ I BCLQW A«,,GRINPS '»•»«»•»* •»»*»»*»•••«»• t»«<"> KRAFT NOODLE WITH CHICKEN DINNER SPINACH AM Chapped l> Uof FROZEN GRADE "A" 4 io-oz.^r • rices. ii PORK IN BEANS Sweet & Juicy PEACHES Washington State Bartlett PEARS ** Lbs. $JOO PEANUT BUTTER WITH COUPON BELOW u-oz. ••*••*••*»***••••••JAR A&P f* OF FCC VACUUM lr lr « • ES BS AU GRINDS 2rlb WITH COUPON BELOW • con 49* $|95 JANE PARKER BAKERY BUYS Hot Dog Buns 3'S*! 00 WHOLE Wheat Bread :: 45C CUFF HOUSE i_lirr nwuac _ 4. . nn MANDARIN ORANGES 3c A ° Nz sH OC) GLADKXA Whit* & Y«llpw ^ _ n _ CQRNBREAD MIX 7«J*1 M BORDEN'S CHOPPED FROZEN A&P GRADE "A" H _ ^ . BROCCOLI ? R . PE . A ^ & . c — R ? T - S • • 3 °™ ' Pascal Stalks 00 Ripe TOMATOES 3 -/I 00 Fresh Clipped - ju> CARROTS * *•' 00 FUNK & WAGNAU'S WILDLIFE ENCYCLOPEDIA TOMATO A&W ROOT BEER 28-Oz. Btls. 3$r No Return FOIGERS COFFEE All ORINDS $ 1 99 T I li'fJf 'f;.F i f"f'"T a>ja SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER CStAMf U02 JAB 49< It'k here! A world of focU on the world of living creatures. 22 Volumes world of living creatures More 2500 color illustrations VOl. I I las QOC tg^po" pe- tumil; j tnf w Sat i e(J t 7 19741 A&P COFFEE ^*1 9 ( coupon po' family •w Sat iepi 7 1974 YOUR DOLLAR IS PACKED WITH POWER !

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