The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 11, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 1892. INSURE Your (irowin? Crops Against HAIL. Wr are now prepared to write iiiMirunce and insure (rrnwinjr crops airainst hall in cine of our must reliable companies. Hail storms Is some, sections of the- country lire of common oeenrnnee ami there is not a season passes fhiit whole neifrhhiirhoods are. devastated liy these deseructive Monns. It is pretty hard for man to work industriously for a whole season, anil just as the harvest is nlinost secured see it cut down to the ground l>y hail and tlie fruit of a whole season vanish. FROM OCEAN TO OCEAN. COLUMBIAN EXCURSION TO THE NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION. A Few Cents per acre will protect yon. If you do not happen to sec one of <mr agents write to ns. We will send yon a blank application to fill up and return. We will also send y ou the hint copy of The Insurance Loan ]iuj,'le which will tell yon all about it. Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE NO, », CORNER AVENUE A AND MAIh Hutchinson, Kan. ON TON BAKERY Fresli BREAD Every Day. CREAM, HOMEMADE, GRAHAM AND RYE. Fresh. Every Day Special attention (riven to orders for fine cakes for parties. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No. \.i North Main Street. 1110 Nui-wry FuvorlltiH. There was Tom. ihv Son of the I'luur. Jack Sjirai. and Merry King Cole. Anil tlic Three Wine Men of Gotham. Who went to Kea in a Ixnvl; The woman who rode on a broomstick. And tswevt the cobweuiied sky. 4nn the noy who Mat in the comer. Hating ids Christmas pic. These were some of the old favorites, hut they have been supplanted by the "l'ansy" and "Chiitterhox" stories "Little Lord I'auntleroy." and "Five Little Poppers." The old fashioned pills and physics have been superceded, and wisely, too, by Pierce's Vtirgativc Pellets, u mild, harmless and effective cathartic. They are pleasant to talte—so gentle in their action that the most delicate child can take them, yet so effective that they will cure, the most obstinate cases of constipation, stomach, liver and bowel troubles. They should be in every nursery. As u gentle laxative, only one for a dose. Happy IJroujt of Newspaper lVoplc From All I'nrL <>r cite Kant. North "ml South VIISH TliriMiRli tin: OHy Kli lloiltc for Sun Francisco, Oil.—FlMfc Spclloti rHMflftl TlirotiKh Ml 7:tn fjitnt Kt-cnlflK, limlTook Supper—01)H *rVFUl0MR and rliMlliiiiilrliiH. The eighth annual convention of the National Editorial association will oe- inr in Han Francisco, Oil., May '±\-'M. An excursion train passed through this ity last night, in three sections. The first section comprised delegates principally from the south. The train arrived in this city at 7:1.") and stopped one hour. During the stay here a large number os our citizens called and formed the acquaintance of many of the journalists, most of whom were young, and quite a large per cent, were ladles. The south boasts of its ladies in journalism, and those who had the pleasure of meeting those ladies aboard the train last night, and observed the inquiring eye, and modest tongue can readily sec why the southern lady is at home in the journnlistie field. Many questions were asked concerning our city, its salt works, its broad beautiful driveways and its pretty dwelUngsand business blocks. Mr. McClain boarded the train here with samples of roch salt, while small boxes of R. S. V. V. salt were distributed among the astonished passengers, who could hardly believe that beneath their very feet was a layer of salt rock over :100 feet in thickness and almost 101) per cent, pure The trip occupies fifteen days from dale of starting until arriving in San Francisco, and includes long stops at Colorado Springs. Los Vegas, Albuquerque, .San Oicgo, Kedlands, Los Angeles, Fresno, Stockton and San Oternardino where the association meets, at which place the delegates arc the guests of the citizens, and will be entertained royally. The return trip will be through this city, at which time our citizens hope to be permitted to drive them over the city and show them the sights. At t) o 'clock yesterday evening,while the train was running at the rate of 110 miles an hour a young couple were united in marriage, while on cither side of the train, for miles away stretched broad acres of smiling grain fields, a splendid prospect, the whole ominous of a beautiful crop. Indeed, the surroundings were ominous. On the summit of Pike's Peak the entire party will witness the marriage of one of Mississippi's fairest daughters to a brave young journalist of Alabama, whose names we will not mention at their request, as neither of them want the parents to know what what has happened until their return home. Following are the names of a few of the delegates with whom the reporter became acquainted, and all of whom are very pleasant ladies and gentle­ men; .1. A. Uountrec. editor of the Enquirer. Ilartsellc, Alabama. T. T. McDongal of theCoredo(W.Va.) Advance. .John F. Jacob, Wellsburgh (W. Vn.) Herald. There were many others on the train wlu.m we did not have the pleasure of meeting, anil whose names we did not learn. They were joined here by Fletcher Meriditb and wife of the Interior Herald, and T. .1. Palmer and wife of the Meade llepubllcan. There were on this section about I "ill persons, and each of the other sections, which passed through about midnight, had as many. The three sections will all meet at Colorado Springs, and will remain there until to-morrow evening. They were a happy crowd, and many pleasant sayings concerning what they saw en route will follow their return home. They were very much pleased with what they saw of this city. S .TRAOT PATENT A Tree is Known by its Fruit. JUST RECEIVED IN OUR BOY DEPARTMENT I 300 child's suits, $0.50,"~~"wcrtli all of $1.00 200 child's suits, .75, worth fully 1.25 300 child's suits, 1.00, new colors, worth 1.75 1.50, all wool, worth 2.35 1.75, beauties, worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 2.50, hummers, worth 4.oo 400 child's suits, 350 child's suits, 500 child's suits, (350 child's suits, Try King of Kansas Flour, SI.35 a sack. Price List of "Cheap-John" prices won't buy the genuine medicines. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery (for the Liver, Mood and Lungs) and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription (for woman's weaknesses and ailments), each cost 81 .00 por bottle, and bis Pleasant Pellets (the original little Liver Pills), 25 cents a vial, and no tliscouut. These genuine medicines are now sold only through druggists, regularly authorized as agents, and at the above long-established prices. Hut if you get the genuine, they're the cheapest medicines you can buy at any price. They're .sold on a'peculiar plan—"value received or no pay." In every case they're guaranteed to benefit or cure, or the money is refunded. Unauthorized dealers may offer spurious imitations or substitutes at lower prices than above. Beware of all such. A perfect remedy for scrofula, in all its forms—something that purifies the blood, as well as claims to. That, if it is taken in time, will cure consumption. As a strcngth-restorer,blood-clciiuser and llcsh-builder, nothing equals "Uol- den Medical Discovery." For every form of scrofula, bronchial, throat and lung affections, weak lungs, severe coughs and kindred ailments, it is the only remedy so sure that it can be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or cure, in every case, you have your money back. It Republican Club Will Heot. The Republican club as organized last summer under the rules of the state league, will meet at the court house next Friday evening at 7:30 p. m. for the purpose »f filling any vacancies there may be in the corps of officers, and such other business as may come befove the club. The Republicans arc awakiog and propose to begin work. Everybody is invited to attend. .1. IV. JONES, Chairman. A. L. Si 'ONsr.Hit, Secretary. ft THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated SI.00 21 lbs Light llrown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans : 1.00 COFFEE, Arbuclcle S .20 Midland 20 Santos • 20 Mocha and .lava 33% CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes S .10 ii I b can Pumpkin .10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Ueans..'. 10 2 lb can Lima Ueans 08X 2 lb can Succotash 2 lb can Peas OSM 2 lb can Uluckbcrries -10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 3* lb can Peaches IS We have a handsome line of fine Prices low and correct. IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. See our 83.00 suits, worth S-1.00 4.00 " 5.50 " r>.»0 " 7.H0 0.50 " 10.00 " 8.00 " 12.00 " 10.00 " 15,00 " 12.0(1 " 18.00 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .40 .40 .40 2JJ lb can California Peaches "ii lb can California Apricots..: 2, 1 -; lb can California Green Gage 2 lb can California Egg Plums 2Ju lb can California Pears 2 \i lb can California Quinces 2>s lb can California Cherries... Gallon can California Peaches.. Gallon can California Currants.. Gallon can California Gooseber's Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon ' 15 1 lb can Oysters .10 2 lb can Oysters 17 H SUNDRIES. 5 lbs Reans S 3 lbs Rice 0 lbs Oat Meal 25 5 lbs Hulk Starch 25 Sour Pickles, per gallon 25 Hams 11 Iireakfast llacon 11 Lard • :. .10 boys' limits,. Jerseys, 3-piecc suits, etc. HOYS' SHIRT WAIST DEPARTMENT J 500 dozen at I5e each, worth 25 800 dozen, sateen, at 25c, worth 50 KNEE PANTS FOR HOYS. 500 dozen at 10c pair, worth 30 450 " 20c " 35 350 ." " 25c •' 45 250 " . 3Se " 50 Our 5llc, 7,">c & 81 pants are well known Above are the best values we ever had for the money. We say they are worth more money—we know they arc worth more—but we always give our trade the benefit. Remember we are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Hats. Remember our stock is the largest clothing stocfcjj|u. Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we efn say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter; about 33J< inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height, get guess tickets. Candle wjlll be lit July 4, 1802. Come and A Vorllilblu l'ulacc. The Midland Umsorial parlors, under the management of Henry Hoffman, is one of the loading barber shops in the stute. Late improvements make the interior of the shaving parlor a veritable palace. Everything has been overhauled, clean carpets on the floor of each bath room, large, clean and roomy tubs, and the floor of the shaving parlor proper has been replaced by a new one of tiling, of elegant pattern' K»eu razors, expert workmen, and complete satisfaction is the order of the. clay, at Umsorial parlors. Give him ii call. Xotlut* fill' IHllH. Settled bids will be received at the ofiiv «i of the city clerk up to noon Monday, May Hi, 1801, for sprinkling the streets of the city, liidn should be made by that hour. The council reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Rids to be made by the hour, lly order of the city council. A. 11, Lrrri .H .City Cleric. HtucklLuUluriC MautlllK. There will bo a mooting of the stockholders of the Ilutohi uson and Southern Railroad company at the company's office in Hutchinson, Kansas, Friday, May 13, 18W3 at 10 u. in. JI. A. CIIUISTY, President. CUAS. 11. DAVIS, Secretary. April 13, 1803. tf James A, lloyt, Enterprise and Mountaineer, Greensville, S. C A. W. Sheets, of the Argus, Long Prairie, Minn. Miss Virginia C. Clay, assistant secretary of the National Editorial Association, and of the Democrat, Hunts- villc, Ala. W. I). Jelks. Times, Enfala, Ala. IV. H. Judson, wife and daughter, dipt. Castle, the originator of the National Association. F. P. Glass and wife. -Miss Lulu Price, of the Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala. Mrs. Fanny V. King, of the Citizen, Scottsborough, Ala. L. 11. (irubbs anil daughter Miss Leila, of the Decatcr News. W. M. Mecks and daughter Eunice, of the Gadston Times. W. L. Clay and wife, of the Iluuts- ville Democrat. Robert Kawls, of the Athens, Ga., Courier. „ We also hud the pleasure of meeting the following persons from Minnesota; Win. Hinds, Jos. Leicht, C. R. McKinney, O. II. llronson, I). C. Ligbbaum, A. W. Sheets. F. C. Neumier and O. L. Lciman. From Mississippi. .1. W. Buchanan of the Grenada Sentinel; and J. G. Cashman of the Post. Also W. 0. L. Jewettof .theSholbino (Mo.) Democrat; W. Williams of the Columbia Herald; E. D. Gray of the Sturgeon Leader; \V; T. Uurkhardt of the Fayette Standard. John" W. Jacks of the Montgomery (Ala.) Democrat. .1. E. Rrown of the Kingwood (W, Va ) Argus. A. J. Uirelitleld of the Coutralia (Kan.) Journal. W. K. McDonald of the Oculii (Fla.) Free Press. AV. Wilgus of the Keiituckyiim. Ilop- klnsvillc, Ky. O. 13. llittcnger of the Ocala (Fla.) Runner. George T. Gnnnip, general passenger agent of the Santa Fe route, who lias the party in charge. E. A. Lock wood of the liatavlu (O.) Sun; Fred Saucer of the Enquirer, Up- permarlboro, Mil. Miss Harriet Iloltman of the ltrazil (Ind.) Democrat. The GriMluatliiK CUlfft*, The following is a list of the names of the graduating class for 1802, from the High school. The class comprises six young ladies and six young gentlemen, each and all of whom are most excellent young people: Lena Jordan, Gertrude Wlllett. Alva Strandbcrg, Willie Jordan, Willie liar- thold, Arthur Diide. Sam Cory, Mabel Meyer, Mabel Mitchell, Edna Hoylc, Richard Price and Mamie Goldberg. THE chinson s Music COMPANY. UKALEUSIN All Addition. Smith, Millerit Carpenter are building a thirty-five foot addition to their buggy shed, which gives them much the largest shed room of any livery barn In central or western Kansas, and one of the largest in the state. And the best of all is, that it is filled with elegant rigs of all kinds, too. A Stimuli Up, A farmer's team became frightened at an engine on the Hock Island this morning, ran away and smashed th wagon into kindling wood. The driver was notseriously injured, having jumped from the wagon after seeing that be could not control the horses. 1 Notice. Every member of Joe Hooker W. i: C. No. Ill, is earnestly requested to be present at the regular meeting next Friday afternoon. Mas. .H'I.IA CAMPUKLI.. President. Attest: MRS. LASIE LOVBLACK, Secretary. A Change. The "Temple of Fame" will be given | in the opera house, instead of the auditorium, as previously advertised. l!e-j member the date, May 10. Pianos and Organs. General agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. LEADERS ^ OF UTCHINSOtf, «__ i KANS. LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS . Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, FRUITS. FRUITS. Strawberries, Pine Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and all other choice fruits, at FURMAN'S. MS Nortli Mala St. REMOVED. I have removed my bakery and fancy grocery to No. 1(5, South Main street, where I will continue to make my famous cream bread. K. HYDE. D. I. * Galliher, LIVERYMAN Fine rigs, stylisb teams and the finest funeral car and white hearse i a the state. RQCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. HE. IF. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of TeaB, and a f ul line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. l. TBEAWORh. ..atuti'lutcnilciiyou (orsManl If you urtdUfM- •d,sliuwlll/i«/pyi>u,aud by usius proper means. »ou can got welt anil Slay well. We cure Wont toaca oT nea'a WMUMH anil Dlacajaea. iExulaloa all! Sent 1 aeafed, fri e, for flllmJ. ,.J.V. Bveo'lhliig confldelillalalwayil PONT BE A FOOU r Arc as Hexih'e and dainty as the finest turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Arc the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. I>adlcs wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. The cork is secured in u pocket, which is sewed in with the senm, holding It llrmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For s^le by (YOUNG BROS. Garden Seeds L. G. DUPLER, Hli K OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bulk* seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Eierr MAN wtio would know the GRAND TRUTHS, tho Plain Facts. ' Old Beoreta and the Now DlKoverloa ot Medical *•- lolonoe a» agpl _ _ 'dft« M.rrlnd Ufa, nhoula writu'for'ouf w««erfnl 111 tie book, Viinad "A THBAT1SK KOll MKN ONLY." To anr earueit IUUD we will mall one *»r JEaUrvly free, in plain aealad OOTOC. "A ceniee from the quacka." THB UIE MUMCAV CO.. BUFFALO, N. V.

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