Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 3
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THJglOLA DAILYSEGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER'2] 1912. THE SILENT FORTY 3 1585 —COMPLETE Look At the Value and Equipment Yon Get Self-starter—Elecbic Lights—Qniet ig Motor Nickel And Mark triniminr' throuirlwut Su-«-.irt & Clark Kpopuoim-tcr t-'olar electric iJKhU Filky rnnhair trj* r ;'t;Tlr :»i rnWicr iTict locwl T !A ;n vi «ion wplilatir .u v .iuj chicid Pi". X 4 l,re^ Drm "iinl :il'Ir rim» I'ocX and n-lie mils* Tt>ol Uix and toolo I, horid 4 >-i X 5'4 K.nir utroVo ir.o*nr Full -to ll 'ir ."c Tower Acrpsriblc iinil j'o*-<-r i-lnrt Enp!(*^l vrilvci r.M t.n on*' i-iOfl lis incli v .llct-1 bar... Ttrc irons and extra rim (t .twlinc tAnk iraucie l>ccp upholstcrinir. hand-bulTed leather In\-iiiiblc roil with lori> rwitch .Tuck, pnmp and tire repair kit Full lloatinK rear axle with larsa New Departure and Hyatt bcarinKa Lurise ixiwerf ul double internal expand- inic brakes Tio rod bclnnd front axte IVltnlar front radiator Ijitrr.t Rrniy masmrto with kick twitch ICiisy ridinR Vanadium steel sprinsa Itandromo body, deep blue color. Mack iva!nut trimminec. 18 processes at I body fmisli Tha Cii^v.r V,'.-io:T. is the cnr that was chosen by ih <3 II. S. (i.!.dii;n(i,: f.-r tlie I 'lclian Sorvice out West. Absolulcly :;f!<.-.;r .>:!::in;.>, result 01 1L> years of exixjrience in engine' Hiil'Iir:'. Sff »P» thf^ (Tni' lyeP-T:? T:;!V- in Un ln.Mirioits fonneau— h£5l!l JL?*^ notice t!ic steady, ailcnt pull of iu {M:..VP:-III| 1 1,. -r.'A ;••(> t ••• y-m-eh'tho fp-cntvalue that ia ofTcred v.'i'.h r!.is :i ..l (.I;";I.T .— i r '. 4 MODELS: ]^?oad5t2r Fmr and Five Passenger 'AQU^mg Cars — Sedan ' ' ""'CUnbs the Hills Like a,Six" Sec ilic Great Western before you buy. i>i( hiNsoN VM> KI:I-I.I:Y . p I>!iii (iiiv (}!il1i >ii rn)iii'>t iliiiiilDiliK, Kits. SKIM YOUBSELF against the winter blasts of many winters by purchasing a GarlandHeating Stove Sec our bis line. We have both Coal and Cwn- bination Coal and Gas. (PERSONAL HEmON.) TifeSIMSIHOW piCJiEIIDE Just Try Ely's Cream Balm, A Cleansing, Healing Antiseptic Cream ^ Arc j 'ou half sick for two or three '•nonthsVvcry summer wilh Hay Fever— vioiont Bneezing sptUs, running at the nosje; intense itching in the corners o( the eyes, pain and soreness in the back of the throat, at nights.a stuffed-up reeling in the head and an asthmatic • rtheezingj in the throat and chest? If , 50. you can pet aJmost instant n-lief by simply using a cleansing, healinft anii- ?eptic Cream called Ely's Cream Balm. ' Hay Fever is due to an extremely ;ens1tive: condition of the membrane ining the nose and throat. Dust, tmoke and certain odors irritate this Jclicate inside skin, it becomes inflamed, causing a watery discharge from the lose and violent spasms of sneezing. •Ely's Cream Balm will relieve all ihese distressing symptoms in five ninutcs' time. It opens up the air massages, soothes, heals and strengthens •Me weakened,- inflamed membranes, •estores them to healthy, normal condi- aon. BO that you are not subject to Hay Fever attacks. XJet a fif ty cent bottle from yotir druggist to-day. Give it a fair trial, ^d get (•our money back if j -ou are not satisfied. .Sj.ecial Ageni—S .^H. Burreil. -Let « K^'gii'lfr fur .Mrs. \V. G. S.iuorshurp of Aali Grove Mo., yvlio hHs ixi-ti l!'-re visiting friemls, reiiiriK'd Iminc this inorninp. —»r. O. L. Cox. Oculist 1' II. McKin/i<' of As !i <;r'iv.'. .Mo., who Tjiilin' liiTi- to iiltond the funi-nil of his iiioili «>r. ri';urii<(l homo iliis iiK ;i 1:1.1;. —Graduate Nurse; terms reason- al.le Phono J;!63. . .Miss ^'•>^•\ of Kl. Sroll, who bus Mi .-.n iKTr visiuiiK friends, returned I lioiiii' iiiis niornlti);. •riif ncn Wool liresH tloods never W'K- so pi <•!(>. UicliiinlsDn s Urn UoKi -rs of Paolu was a buMliiMSS \i!>iior iK'ie .vesterilay. Tor I'lmiiilcte liiif of niirHrry slork «ee .1. M. .Iiick^iiii. I'honc HSO, i Gmrj;"' Hiiiilersiui. of Wichita, is In 111)- rll> Uii!:iy. Iif. 11. I.. Ilrndrirkii. Old fonrl Iltinre. Ciills iin»»rri-il day or nlghL '•' -Mrs K \V Sinipsoii. of; Lawrence, Willi 111'' II here \isit!iin friends. KiuriKMl iioiiie today. _l»r. McMillen. riionrs 82 and 232. t,oe Uowliis. wl!o is I 'Mi 'iniiuj- scliuol 111 I.awri'iici will spiiid Sunday wilh his iiiotlier. -Drs. Hull ii Hull. Osleopatlis. TeliplK.nes 12«. CM. .XilDiiuy K<'< d of Cliauillc was a bu.siiH'ss visitor here yesterday. - I '.line a fine lot of Fruit Trees for saie A H llrown. ."ID S. Cottonwood I»r. (larlinglioiise made a drive to C'ariylf Uiis niorninR and reports the •A'/iiiit h-.Hl on act-oun^ of th<' mud. — K.\<-ry \oir>r wli<> can pel into the M;>je-;ti<- Tiiiai i e - .Monday iiiKht to liear -Jini.:;!- (' A. Siiiarl will be' well 1 laid In:' ;;ie ;;('ini:. —Ii.>!r,er"s •'Od.vssc-y," a bip new ! . .faeiuio film, liaj; a wondrous interest. It tells a thrillinjs story of Grecian Gods and lieroc-; It has been specially seciiri'd for ihe (Jrand Tliestre for ir t -i •.::i5e !neni o( two nlj;hls, commencing .Monday night. i W F ;U|(1 F. Klds«'»'ay, of Chnnute I were biisiuess visitors here yesterday. Cliof Coffee SOUK QvorywhcroJ for SSc, our priw.. Wc AVuloa Brothcri*' Prlio Chop'! Coffco. aolls ovorywhero for^ aOc^ our prico S5e , 3 cnnii Plantation POBB tier 'A cana Helns Pork & Beans itSe' 3 cans Van Camp's Huttor Ucans, for - - He I 7 pkgs. Post ToBBtlfes 50c • 3 cans Iowa Sugar Corn 2Sc' Hcinx 1)111 Pickles, doz 10c; Soda Crackers by the box. por_;' pound, only <Hc' 40c can Maple Syrup 25c ^ Full line of Heinz Pickles. 10 Uw. Lard. , $1.45. n lbs. ConiiHiund $1.00 7 boxes Toy Oats -.50c" 8 bars I.*nox Soap 25c; Best line of Fresh Vegetables,' Fish, Oysters. Meats and Staple. Groceries. , Newby Groc. Co. Phone 210 100 .S. Wdshlbgtou DeiiTcr to .Vny Part the City Joe Sample of Cherryvale is vialt- in; friends In ibe city. ilrs. B, V. Mliurof Ottawa who has, be^D here visiting friends returned hdine this morning. Dan Worster. of Cherryvule. who hall biecn hero visiting friends returned home this afternoon. r 3. A. Haddcn, of Lnmar. Colo., who has been here visiting friends went lo Wlnllold this afternoon. C. S. Miller, of Cbanute, who has -been here on business returned homo this atternoon. Chas. Crist, of Chanute. was a visit-, or here this morning. G. A. Taylor went to Carlyle afternoon on business. this John Pruitt. who has been here visiting friends returned to his home in Humboldt this .afternoon. Wm. Alexander, who Is working in the city went to Altoona today to spend Sunday with his parents. A. E. Cornelius of Moran was in thV. city this afternoon, enroute to Cherr.v vale. E. L. Larson, of Elsmorc was in the ^ citjr this afternoon enroute to Chanuic , to spend Sunday with his parents. j. E. G. Butcher and Howard Wliraion went to Chanute this jaftemoon on business. ' f Bum the gas and smoke which is produced by the combustion of coal. Tlie Air Blast Stoves will do it. We have just received a new supply. Mrs. H. P. Barnes, of Coffeyville who has been visllinj; friends here returned home this morplng. —Over 1,000 men and women actors were necessary to the loiinwliictlon of Homer's "Odyssey" in moving picture film. Cha.s. fJnifleii was in the elt.v yesterday between trains enroute to K. V. from his home in El'smore. Hen Adnm.s, of .Nevada, Mo, was a business visitor here today. —The Place Really Go. are still do- ins a Kood business and want to see all Ibeir frienils and customers at the M. K. e .'isireh in East lola iinndiiy afternoon at the meeting for men and boys. Chas. Marmount, who hos been working In Biirilosvllle is here vlsit- liiK his family. W I,. (V.x went to Bayaril this af- 'eri:oon on business, .Mrs. I). llerxiUe. who has bei-n vl.sliinK in Vinlta, Okla., returned hoiiu vesierday. .Mrs. M .1. UnlKcr, of t'arlyle was in ilu- ehy ilit« altemoon. — K .i '.iiiers «'ho eoiue to town .Mon..;iy niult ;o bear .luilgp Smart will t-e pioxided with scats even If the city folk iiiii't stiintl. i.o 'iis II. Hess of iliiniboldt, was In the city today. Farmers from near Carlyle report that the rain iind snow has imt the ro!"-!;-- In bad ondifion Mr .-.nd Mrs Alta nunlap. of near Carlyle were in the city today. Mr and .Mrs. Dan Dressier, of S Pceond slieot are the parents of a bab;- bov born last night. W S. Dickerson of Carlyle was here on business loda.x'. - Jiirjpe C .\. Smart, of Ottawa, will "lisciiis nepiililicRn politics at the ,\Ia- vyiii- T!ie:<tre Monday nicht. Every- 'wi ;iy invited, l^idies specially. Mr:- I. F. Wil.son of 523 South Oak street fell this morning and sprained left ankle. Although the sprain is not serious It will take some time lo ni< iid on arcotint of .Mrs. Wilson's advaiiceil years. Ii. Scowl of Kansas City, was si busi iiess visitor here this afternot)!!. Mrs. (feorge Tlioiiias. of .Mnnhnt- lan. who has been ben; visiting with friends, went lo Fort Scott today. .1 <'. Iliinlss. of Carlyle. was a liiisl- iies:. \isitor hero this alternotni. .Mrs A II Shot", of Carlyle. wa.-^ Iieie ell luisliiess Ibis afternoon. .Miss .Metcalf retiirneil lionie lo Coli .ny ihls afternoon. AHhouBli I lie roads were bail the streets weri' crowded wilb farmers lo day. There were twenty gr.ide hoys ni the Hoys Ulble class ai the V. M. C. .\. last evening. The class has not yet selei ted a teacher and Secretary Walker is lining the position. Mrs. C. O. .Jones, of Coffeyville. wbo j has been here visiting friends returned home this morning. I). W. .Merri<k of Miavenworib, who has be«'n here and In Humboldt on bii -iness returned home yesterday Mr.-. O. Willis, of Burlington, who" has' been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. Rev. I. n. Prather wl-nfto Chan-.itc. this afternoon lo fill the i>ulpit In the Cnlted Brethren church to which he has been appointed. H. E. Eaton, of Bronson. was n business visitor here this afternoon. .Mtoona Tribune: .Mrs. .1. .\. Splcer' and children left today for Purcell, Oklahoma, where she will visit her sister. Mrs. L. G. Pantler. and family., for a few days. The doctor accompanied them to Thayer, wliere they, boanleil the train, and where they' were Joined bv Mrs. Splcer's mother.- of lola. wbo will accompany them to] the Oklahoma town. Mrs. Julia E. Thorpe, of Chanule, who has been hero visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. J. \. Hopper, left this afternoon for Dewey, Okla., for an extended visit with her son. Mrs. D. C. Brown, of Topeka. wbo has been visiting friends, went lo Cha­ nule Ibis aftornooti. Mrs. .M. M Brown went to lluinbobll this afternoon to spend Sunday with nit tills. Mrs W. II. Sanders, of Cherryvale. wbo has been here visiting friends, j returned home this afternoon. NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungcrford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Jjots BRIEF REPORT OF MARKETS Uniln KxrhiingeH Closed TiMluy .Vc- riiunt Shrrniiin Kuurriil—i.he Stork Quotatlous. Mrs. George Calvert, of Caney. who ba.v. been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. F L. l/ombard. of Mildred, who has. been here visiting his sister. Mrs. G. W. Reeves, went to Independence this afternoon. A. F.' Ploretife went to Humboldt this afternoon on business. Frank McKlnzie went to Collinsville, Okla., this afternoon to work. Mrs. D. W. -Oliver, of Kansas City.! who has been here vlsillng friends, went to Bartlesvllle. Okla, this afternoon. llt.V tin- .\s--<Miat«'ll PlV.ssl Clileago, .Nov. 2.—There will be no grain iiuotatlons today as the exchanges are elosed out of respect to the late Vice-President Shermans funeral. KiinKas City lilrestork. Kansas City, Nov. 2.—CATTLE, receipts l.OOO. Market steady. Native steers $6..">0«f 10.7.'^; cows and heifers $:J.2.'>@S.00: stockers and feeders $4.50 'rx7.25; bulls $4.00@.';.25; calves $.").0« (gfl..-.0. HOGS—Receipts 1.500. .Market 5c higlier. Heav>' J7.75g7.80; packers and butchers $7.60(0'7.80; light $6.00'0 6.50. St. Timothy's Kpisropnl Chnrrii. The parishlrncrs of St. Timothy's' '•hureh and the people of lola are licr<>liy adviired that regular inorninK services will be resumed coinmencinc Siinda.v. (tomorrow) at 11 o'cfock. The program for Sunday will be found In the <-hurcli notices of today'.'-- l.-isiie Any persim needlnK the offices of the Uectiir win rind him at the Rectory. 2('7 .N. Walnut street, or may see him after the services at the church on Sunilay inorninB. CARI. W. N.\l'. Hector. Blood Humors! Cominonl.v e .mse plinplps, boils, hives, ! ei-::er::i or! rlieuin, or some other . foil" of eriMiiyri; but Rometimes they exl.«t in i;ie .';.»;ern. indicated >t>y feel- Ins? of wc .-ii:; '.-^s, |an~udr. loss of .Tp- • pelii'-, o'r ger.ernl debility,, without ! eau any brcr.Ufr.g out. They are eipc'.lcd and the whole system I? ionoval-;d. i-trcnsthened and toned by Hood's Sarsaparilla CM 11 tod:v In n/Tinl llipild f.irm .>r cbucoiaiod iubk-i.'< vaiiea Sfrsstabc- IR CiE OUT muLs Terrible Itching. Began with Rash. Dandruf Literally Coyered Si»lp. Entirely Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment Within One Month. nO02 CJUW St.. St. Loul*. Mo.— "For Bve yenre I nuffeml with itchlnR of nay body and walp. My trouble befran with a rash on my lower limbs which was very anooyioK and my sralp was literally covered with dandruff. Myfaalruacd to come out by the bandf ula and the itching of my Ixxly and sralp was terrible. I had used almost all the ddn remedies oo the market with no renilta. when I wrote for » little Cuticura Soap and 01nt> ment and It gave me butant relict WiUdn ona month's use of the Cuticun Soap and Ointment I ^raa entirely cured. I cannot discover one strand of my bair coming out aiid I have not lost a minuto of sleep sinea using the Cuticura Soap and Oiatmant, which entirely cured me of Itching of my body and scalp in its wont form. I also And the Cuthnua Soap a benefit tn abaving." (Signed) Cbaries Judlln. Dee. 8.1011. For red. rough, ciiapped and bleeding hands, itching, buraJag palaa, shapelw sails and painful flnger-enda, a ooe-niaht Cuticura treatment works wonders. Soak hands, on retlrins. in iiot water and Coticura Soap. Dry, anoint with Cntk:ura Ointment, and wear old. loose gloves during the night, Cuticura Soap (35c) and Cuticura Ointment (SOc.) are sold throughout tha world. Liberal sample of each maU«d free, with a2 -p. Iiook on the akin and sralp. Address pont-canl "Cutk'ura..Dopt. T. BastJMi." M-Tender-famt tarn should use Cuticura iiosp Shatiug Utkk. 2dc. tfampietne Chlrngo LlTestork. Chicago, ^•nv. 2.—CATTLE, receipts 500. Market steady. Reeves $5.30ia 11.0(1; sfockc.-s and feeders J1.2.".@7,.V> cowp and heifers $2.70ffi 7.2.'">. HOGS—Rccelpt.s 7.000. .Markel. is- stesdy to 5e higher. Light $7.S5^r S '10; ml.xed $7.45i5S.05.- heavy J7.25(f7.' S.OO; pigs $5.25«7.40. Kan^lis City Prodnre. Kansas Cit.v. .Nov. 2.-^nUTTER— Oeamcry 28c: firsts 2t>; seconds 24; packing stock 22'.-in2^5. EGGS—Extras 25^ic; firsts Zlilifi 21i...;'.secnnds IKr. ll.W—Market firm. Choice llinothv $i:5.50fi 14.00; choice prairie $K! (»o*r i:!50. Loral Market!*. Product quotations furnished ilully by Cogblll Commission Company: BUTTER—2le per pound. EGGS—22c per dozen. pmi.TKV Hens. O'W-: o.ks. Ic; siirings.'!«'-..c: ilitcks. lOc; se«>se. .".r; turkeys. l"c: guineas. 20c each. HORSE HIDES—$2.00 to $2.7.5. RKEF HIDES—lOe nROO.M CORN—$60 to $l<in per ton rUKKKY «ROVE. il.eota M. Wilson.> October :!1 —.\ heavy rain fell here We<lnesday night and Thur.sday filling the cisterns and jninds. BASE BALL! NEW YORK GIANTS -vs. :— BOSTON RED SOX T!ie last game ,tif the World's Series played Oct. 16, 1912, will be shown at the MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! llK(;i-i..\K PROtJR.\M~ • HETTY'S NIGHTMARE" "IF J)Rlir\.MS CA.ME TRCE' •IN THE CHORUS" 5d -7- -AXY SEAT- -5* The Old Soldier Tote. . Editor Register: An article ap~ I>eared in the Register last week stating that ninety ner cent of the old soldiers would vole-tor Tafl at the en-: suing election. This statement is ar- rot'.eous. If it meant the old soldiers who are Republicans then a luucli larger iiortion than the article con-^ cedes, say they will vote for Roosevelt. If it means all the old soldiers then the article is as wild as a march hare, for at least one-third of the cx- (nion soldiers who cet their, mall at lola nev<-r were Republicans, but Democrats, who will vote for Woodrow Wilson. It is no doubt true that the 0 A. R. )>ost8 arc composed largely of Republican tnembers. while as 'he Dep«rt- menl Commander G. A. R of Kansas, ."tufes in his last report that more than one-half of the old soldlerar "f Kansas don't belonc to the G. A. R. for reasons best known to themselvesT In the Civil War flftv years .IKO the 1 11 Ion armv was composed of volun- fers who enlisted to suppress the Rebellion and for the . roulnten.ince of the I'nion. The survivors who aru now Republicans, were Republican.* when they enlisted In the army. Thu sntvivors who are now Democrats, we-c Democrats when they enlisted ;'s there was nothing In the nature or rharaetor of the war to change their politics on< way or the other. They are Democrats and Republicans now; s they were Democrats and Republi- Mr. and Mrs. Oren Adams were|<,„ng they first enlisted. Then: guests of Mr. and Mrs., Chas. Harris of near PIqua, Saturday niRht and Sunday. Miss Montgomery gave a party for her pupils In the school yard Saturday afternoon from two until five. The afternoon was Spent in playing various games at four o'clock.. Refreshments were served ronsistlng of oranges, cookies and i>opcom. All rc- iwrt a fine time. Mr. J. C. Dombtirgs i.s having his alfalfa thrafhed this week. ' Mrs. Price McFarland returned to Tola Saturday after spending the week , with .Mrs. Belle Adams. j .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wilson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs.' Wilson's brother. .Mr. K. E. Poppono of near Chanute. I Mr and Mrs. Jim Adams entertained the follow Ing gueins^ Sunday at dinner: .Mr. and .Mrs. B. F. .Adams. Burton and Harlette Adams. Mr. and Mrs. !• I^awrcnce Faust, o'f lola, and Mr. I Henry Wilson. ,1 .Miss Alta McFarlan s)>ent Sunday with Miss Ethel Van Fossen. .Miss; Eva Glenn was also a gueat of Miss i VanFossen. i Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Wilson, Leota and Lloyd, spent the day at C. C.j of Humboldt, spent the day at A. Iia-l ker's Sunday. i may have been changes both ways since the war. but not enough to make nnv subst.iptial difference In political rcwlts. one wav or the other J. B. GOSHORN. -A host Ad in the Registrr fiuds H. W, E. New€€m^ GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Prices Are Right, our deliveries are rights, our groceries are right Call on Us 0 I o Q Z < 0 Kansas state Teacbefs Associati(m Topeka November S and 9' The country's best things In- education brought right to your" door. Great speakers with great^ nicFsages. A better and more varied program than ever before —crowded with enthusiasm, up-" lift, relaxation and enjoyment for yon. Meet eld frle«d»— .Make R«w friendsliips— Take a look alteut loim— ' To |K>kH daily growii more» liraullfnL As to railroad service, you- want tha best—and «• offer St; fa^t tiains and plenty^ of tbeui;^^ liLViirluus cars, courteous" attentions and Santa Fp safety. The tinest nienis in the world at Harvey Hpusea alqt^the way. 1 ^ w.t pnqx %,875,. Tana Loans Lcirest Bates Bcsach Office of The Merriam .. Jcfrtgage Co.r Topeka, Kins. Optional Payments.' Any Time. Will l^t .50% of Land Value,, BK.ST LOAX I.V ALLfX COUNXr • SEE) VO' IOLA,JLA2jD.COaiEP41f —J, G. Criswen. a patertr'Hvflia at 540 North Mulberry <8t, 'Hagwttown. Md. states: "I had kidney trouble with a severe pain across, my back, and .could hardly get iip after sitting down. I took Foley Kidney Pills and soon found the pain left my bacr, T could get up and dowit with ease, acd the blaifder action was more regular and normal." Try the. For sale at Hnrrell's Dnig Store. I —Let g KefflRter Ftr Sale sell It.

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