Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1912
Page 2
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THEIOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 2,19 Life and DMtk. If death be final, what is life with all Its lavish promises, its thwarted aims, ItiB lost ideals, its dishonored claims Its uncompleted growth? A prison Wall; AA epitaph recording but our names A> puppet-stage where Joys and griefs and shames FHirhish a demon fester's carnival; A plan Wlthduba purpose or a form; A roofless temple; an unfinished tale. And men like madrepores through calm and storm Toil, die to build a branch of fossil frail. And add from all their ;dreams, 'thdbght8,^t8, belief, A few more inches to a coral reef. -Christopher I*lerce Cranch. Mrs. Lh W. Duncan, who has been spending three months with her dangb ters in California, returned home on Thursday. *** / A belated hallowe'en party was held last cveulng at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brasafleld east of town. The guests in masks and costumes went in a body on the car. The house was dt>corated in the hallowe'en colors and li hallowe'en supper was served late in the evening. * • * —Fifty New Suits In all the wanted materials, priced from 110.00 to J30.00 Klcbardson's. • * * The members of the V. B. Church save a farewell party at the parsonage last night for their pastor. Rev. Prather end Mrs Prather, who yith their family leave soon for their new , charge at Chanulc. The evening was spent with music and games and a parting gift of table llrrcn was left for the host and hostess who will both he greatly missed by the members of the congregation. • + * —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at $1.50 and $2.00 per dozen. Phone 995-5. Peckler's Greenhouse • * * Mrs. J. M Thomp .B will be host'^sp to the Current Events club oh Monday iifternoon. It is the plan of the club this year to cling more closely to thr (Original purpose of the organisation and discuss present day interests, and all members are requested to be able to discuss current events.-The following is the political program which has Peen arranged: * -."^TSBI . Roll Call—Noted Women SuffTOf- Reading—"Oriijin of Political Parties," Mrs. Ix)5an. What has equal suffrage accomp- littiod In' the states where it is used? —MM. A B. Stoddard. * * * —Silks that will delight you; the new things you will find here. Ricb- ardeon's. • • • Mrs, H. K. Ewing entertained y <8- terday at dinner for Mrs Witington, formerly of Humboldt, but now living in Washington. Covers were laid for Mrs R. B. Stevenson, Mrs. A W. Beck. Mr8.i Nettle Wise, Mrs. C. F. Scott, Mrs. Witington and Mrs. Ewihg. Mrs. Witinston will be the guest of Mrs. Beck tomorrow. • • • —If you are looking for your Dress I'at. you should not buy until you see the elegant showing at Richardson's. * <* + The regular ritual service "of the W. R. C was held yesterd.^y afternoon In the (t ,A. R. hall. The only business of importance was the arrangement -for the pension day dinner the dat-» cf which was set for Monday November 4. The nicest heal. Ing cream for the face and iiaads. Large BotUe SSc DRUG ^ STOMC.: I t -4».'--. • "VERITHIH Poinl^ in Watch The jtwo supremely important' points In watch buying are to 'g«t a r«od one and the plurc yon bay it. Watches—like hjiman beings— sometimes go wrong, but If bought at the right place you -can depend on the guarantee being fulfilled to the letter. Our care in the selection of .'grades and makes assures your purchase i)eing right—the bestr,< your money can buy. - Our watch is our Kpwtal |»rtd^ —any tvatch purchased from m. 'Whether Gruea. Elgin, Walthann/ Haittllton or other wakes—we gtticrantee value'recelved. W»*T» tke Watrh (or Ton! The Unity club will meet on Monday afternoon with Mrs. S., R. Burrell. Mrs. Tteats will lead the lesson on the bird act of "King John," and Miss Punk has the paper for the sfternoon on, "England's Crisis and the Reign of King John." + • • —Another big shipment of Ne «1 :oats only in the advanced styles.— Richardson's. * • * The second dance of the season will be given at the Clinker Club rooms next Monday night. The social committee has made special arrange- for the evening in the way of music and entertainment and all members and their friendls who have been notified, according to custom, are expected to be present that this dance may be a» enjoyable as the first onr Shield's orchestra will furnish thr music, an arrangement that will con tlnue throughout the season. New music has been prepared especially for these occasions and, as all dancers know from experience. It will add much to the pleasure of the evening * * + —If you buy your Hat at Richardson's you will be surprised at the littleness In price. * * * The Working society of the Presbyterian church had a combined business and social meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry Eyier. ' The members are occupied with charity work and a number o' garments were completed. After worl- hours the time was spent in a socia' way, Mrs. Eyler being assisted in ^-n- leriaining by Mrs, J. T. Price and Mrs. W. Z. Baftles. * * + —An elegant line of New Suits and Coats marked special. Richardson's. •* o A very quiet and pretty home wed- d'ing occured at the home of Mrs. Annie Wiles in Kansas City, Mo., at ^ o'clock • Wednesday evening, October 19, when David F. Felton and Bessie Hall-Bumslde were united in marriage by Rev. Dr. Nisdip of the First Presbyterian church. Mrs. Felton's home has been In lola for the past 13 years and she is well known and re =;pected in the neighborhood in which she has lived during that time. Mr. Felton has been a locomotive engineer for the M. K. & T. railroad for th- past ten j'ears until three months ago .when he engaged In business In Kansas City. In his visits to this city h: made many warm friends. * • • —.\ l)!g shipment of new Suits.— Richardson's. * * * The ladies of the Chrlati.-in churcl> will serve a chicken pie dinner oi> Tuesday noon in the old court house bulldin?. * * * The hoyal Woman's Bibip clas4 if meeting this afternoon with Mrs Moore on South Sycamore street / * • • It Is not often that accounts of rural parties reach this dejiartment but a phone message this rauri:ii:g fron- "•..iberty ga.'-' an »' c per at the Liberty schoolhouso Thirty-seven pies were sold bringing in a total of $30.80. two of them being sold Tor three dollars each to Arthur Townsend and Ray Rrown. neforr the sale of pics an pntert-iinment was given under the direction of the teacher. Miss Gephart. The iiror<-nd.- are to go toward the purchase of a nev, organ for the school. + * * Jlr. and Mrs. John Burns entertained the following guesm last evening at a Hallowe'en party; Mr. and Mrs. .John Walters, Mr. and .Mrs Herman Pancoast, Mr. and M:s. Wooten, Mr. r :r.d Mrs. G. E. Brown. Mrs. Will TikP. Mrs. J. Herring, .Miss .Mattic Hering, Mrs. Shapel ar.d Mr. G.:orge Henderson.^Music and gamcd constituted the evening's oniortainmeijt and at a late hour a HalloweVn luncheon was served. •:• •:• • All the guests who ittenricd the social given by the members of tht- Christian Endeavor, of the Prastytcr- 1/" llf.' {and Religion movement lh the South, I where he has spent the last two jrears I with his headquarters at Jacksonville. Fla. ' Mr. Moody comes to Tola veil equipped and splendidly recommended for the work here. He Is native of Tennessee and received the training for his work at Otterbein Univer- aky -dnd Bonebrake Theological Sem- come8_f^i Jifk«onVlUe;:*norida. Porftoarr. ' The opportunity of being as- Ber. Xoodj ComeM to Ida' Eiialpped irlth'Yarled and Broadening aad Helpful Experience. Rev. G. E^nfest Moody, the nev.- pastor of theuUDtted.^Mtbrcfr Cburcby 3ever *l yoanfsMr.^'Wkjay^^uBr-Seetein the ,\aaJ^.,ot..tb»^YgH|Wi Men'a Chria-j tian soetated with the greatest preachers <rf-the-«ottn(rr- aad his -experience in ^_-..__r_..^ ... J.. nroMems con- Rev. <•. £. Xoody, new I'. It. Pastor. Religious Work Director at Detroit Michigan, where he as.sisted in settin,- up the Men and Religion Forwan' Sloveniont, the first city to take iii' Uie movement. Mr. Moodys work was so thorough and efficient that he wa." asked to take up ilje work of the Men fronting the church will aid the now l>astor in his work In this city. Before entcriUB Y. M. C. A. work .Mr. Moody hold pastorates at Johnson City, Tenn.. and Cincinnati, Ohio, lie will preach Sunday morning and evening at the U. It. Church. The Big 9iipinent —ol— NEW 1912 BOOKS Is In at the bookstore. Over 50 of the popular authors have new books this year. Beatrice Harraden. Francis Utile. Alice Hea- gnh Rice. Rol>ert J. Burdett. Henry VanDyke. Margaret Sang- ater. give us new ones after a rest of some years. Alwotit 100 >«al late titles— most of them at reduced prices. •111 Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBB. •an church last night at the heme oi Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Mumma w.n masked as gbosts. The ghosts of th* social committee escorted the tuest? from the lower door to the attic wh'cii bad been decorated with r^utuinn leaveb. pumpkins and shocks of corn. The room was dimly lighted with lanterns giving it the appearance of a ham loft and in one comer .Miss Ve'- ma Slteper told fortunes. The roasting of marshmallows and Hallowe'en games occupied the time until late in the evening when cider and pumpkin i .ies were strved. • * « A lat-er to an lola friet?d from Mrs Ernc«t Gelvln. formerly Miss Gladyi. Grumuauch gives an account of the wedding trip which they are takinc Stariin? from Kansas City they will go to Washington by way of Chicago stopping for a short visit In each jilace Prom Washington they go to New York J'nd then by water to Fiorina where tliev will stop for sevciel ve :>k3. After .Vovcmber '-1 Mr. and Mrs. Gelvin will be at home in Maccn, Mo. * * •> .Miss Pi -arl Milburn has returned rom a few days visit with relatives in Greeley, Kansas. « * • A pUasant ovpuing was spent last nicht at ihp home of Misses Mattle and Minnie Plumb on South Kentucky street when they entertBined a group of friends at a Hallowe'en party; Hallowe'en games were played and refreshments wero served to the fol- lowmg guests: Gortntde Fals<«. I .,e- ona Warford. Fontella Strode. Teressa Greyhouse. Helen Caswell, LeOrrel Berkihiser. Flossie Gardner. Ed vllle, Hartford and Charley Ijind, (^larencc Smith, Frank Murray, Clar- "nco Warford, David Smith,, Roy Wright and Ernest Harriss. • * Mr. and Mrs. Carl W.-\au, who have lust reiirrned from a long visit In England brought with them a number of intoi-s'ini; souvenirs. Two of these ((;,.rm llestroylmr Vupiirlzcd Mr That are plaster replicas of the font in I lleurH .Stuffed-np Head in si Few which Shakespeare was baptised and ; .Minute!! Breathe It. the chair of St. Augustine. Having vis I ign't It worth a little effort to for- ited with relatives, Mr. and Mrs. .N'au Y(H TIIKI I.. »K.\ITIFIi. I SKI> E.VSY T(» H.VVE - <- iKroiii Tlio Clubwdiiian) You may hr as hralthy as a bird ii lie air and still have a poor complex on Changing scassns and tempera- ."ures. winds, dust and dirt, are apt to injure any skin, even though, the general health be good. When these external influences spoil the complexion the natural thing is to remove the spol; by e.\iernal means. Ordinary luercol-' ized wax will do this. It will actually absorb the weather-heaten fllm-skln, a little each day. In a week or two you will have a brand new complexion, a new skin. The exquisitely Jieautlful and youthful complexion thus acquired coiues 80 easily, without harm or discomfort, there's no reason why an> woman should not adopt this simple treatment. Get an ounce of mercolizeci wax at any drug store, apply nightly like cold creaiii. washing it off mornings. This will not fall In any case. To quickly remove wrinkles, signs of care and age. Iiathe the face occasionally In a solution of powdered saxollte. 1 o/... dissohed in >^ pint of witch hazel. The results will surprise you. While <'on!:n!.-.>^nian Murdock is- isklUK I'ur Uepub'.iran votes to rc-elec 'liiu to congress ,311 editorial in hi.«^ paper refers to the "Taft gang," meaning the Repuhruan voters who declined to be driven into the Bull Moos* party. Bill White, the Bull Moo^e manager, who is ardently supporting Murdock. et al, refers to the President a "Billtaft," with a sneer. Both thesi woithies are positive that slightlni and abusive - newspaper articles in- si )ired the shooting of Roosevelt. HYOMEI BANISHES CATARRH PresbyterUa Cbnrck. FIRST CHURCH—Ber.'S. S. iHU-^l scher, the pastor will preach momiiig and evening: The morning sermon will be on "Our Citizenship" and the evening sermon will be the next in the series on Revelation, subject. "The Opening of the Seven Seals."•Nothing could be more practical than these messages. They are up-to-date. Come and hear them. In the evening a ladies sextette will sing. A cordial, welcome to all. Sunday'school at 9:46 a. m. C. E. Meeting at 6:30 p. m. LITTLE BUILDERS' CHAPEL.- Mrs. E. N. Jones, superintendent Sabbath .School at 3 p. m. Young People's meeting 6:30 p. m The Teachers' Training class which has been held during the week is now held at 3 p. m. Sunday. B AS SETT CHAPEL. —Sabbath school at 10 a. m. Trinity M. E. Church. Services will be held tomorrow as follows: Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning service ll.«. m. Junior League 2 p. m. Mens' meeting 3 p. m. Epworth League 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic services at 7:30 p. m Notice that the Juniors are to meet again tomorrow at 2 instead of 3 p. m A meeting expressly for men and boys will be held in the afternoon. Re\ .Morton of LaHarpe will be present to assist in this meeting, and every man and young man in lola should attend. The special meetings will be -.-ontinued through the coming week, A. 1... SAI^PSON, Pastor. First Bapflst llhorch. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Baracas class will be ..taught by Miss l.eota Lieurance, our honorary, member. Let every Baraca be at his post. Sermon 11 a. m. by Dr. J. M. Gurlcy state Sunday school and B. Y. P. U. secretary. ' B. Y. P. IT. 6:30 p. m. Short addresr by Dr. Gurley. Sermon 7:30 p. m. led by Dr. Shadwick. Dr. Gurley will preach at LaHarp< at 3 p. m. The public is cordially in vitcd. G. W. SHEPARD, Pastor. First f'hnrrh of Clirist Scientist. Sunday school 10 a m. Church services at 11 a. m. and f 1). m. Subject. "Everlasting Punish ment.' Testimonial service Wednesday a' S p. m. Services are held in the churcl building corner East and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the church is open from 2 to 4 p. ro. week days. A cordial invitation Is ex> ended to the public to attend the serv ccs and visit the reading room. JUST RECEIVED! A Big Shipment of Ladies' and Children's Rubbers and Overshoes. MADE BY Tbe Mflano Film Company, Italy The most gorgeous, stapendoas film ever made—bigger, l )etter, more striking, more Interesting, more sensational than DunteN Infer, no. Both Blade bjr the sianie comiHiny. A $200,000 Production— A Pipotoplay off the World'r Utorary Masterpiece—A istory of Lovel Passion! Deatli! Destruction!—1 iie ten Year War of Troy! Ulysses, the hero, was King of Ithaca at the commencement of the ten year Trojan War. With others he went to battle. When the conquest ended he started home, then began his most marvelous series of ad\'entures; shipwrecked, captured by a giant, hold prisoner by a goddess, and a hundred important happenings occur ,before he Anally reaches his kingdom where further troublfe awaits his home coming. Believing him dead, his estates have been violated and his wife about to be forced into marriage with a suitor. Then occurs the most realLttlc battle scene ever conceived. It thrills and staggers the imagination. Most wonderful of all. is the fact of getting such wonderful, lixlng. breathing, sensational realism into a' motloin picture play: There have been three great films produced since Moving Pictures passed the fad stage and became in reality a juediurn «f learning and art: "The Passion Play." Dante's "Infccno," and now the latest and most picturesque, "The 0dys.sey." of Homer. The story of the "Odyssey" hinges on the adventures of Ulysses. His departure from • Ithaca where he was enthroned;7to Troy where the ten year conflict was in itk inciplency. Overtaken by misfortune, he encounters adventure 5n adventure and finally reaches home just In time to save the honor of his wife and to scatter his wife's suitors. This film comes as a special attraction to the GRAND THEATRE 2 Nights, Monday and Tuesday ways welcome. ! The ladles are expecting you to at- end at the G. A. R. hall tonight. A Hallowe'en mask entertainment, ("omc ind have a good time tonight with us. J. W. GORDON. Pastor. / The Salvation Army. Sunday Holiness meeting in the morning at 11 o'clock, and at night at 7.30. Open air and indoor meeting at S p. m. "You are all welcome. Come nnd think of the deep need of your own salvation LIEUT. A. PEDERSON. Commanding Officer Tnltrd Brethren Chnrch. Sunday School 9:45 a m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m Junior and Senior C. E. at 6:30 p. m Midweek prayer meeting 7:30 p. m Woman's Missionary society will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30. A cordial invitation to the public to attend all these services. Cbrbtlaa rhnrrh. Sacred Song service Sunday evening. Large chorus. Inspiring music, anthems, solos, duets, etc. No sermon. .Morning sermon by the pastor. Bible School 9:30 a. m. Young People's Meeting fi:l."« p. m. Cordial invitation to all young people to attend these services. A prof-' itablc hour. The church desires to make visitors, new residents and all others welcome to al Ithchse services. did not follow the path of the majority of tourists and were fortunate In seeing the old byways many of them that are just the same today as they were many hundreds of years ago and of these Mr. N'au made, a number of little wjiter color sketches, showing the quaint old thatched cottages, the famous meadows and the ivy covered chapels ind churches for which England is noted. Mrs. Nau has relatives in the Island of Guernsey, an English possession just off the coast of France, one'of the quaintest spots in the world with its mixture of French and English customs, and here too. Mr Nau spent some time in sketching. Oit their journey they bought u carefully selected series or post cards showing almost the entire trip even to the boats on which they traveled. In America they spent some time in New Y'ork and Mrs. Nau gives an interesting account of the kitchens of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel which they, had the good fortune to visit in the company of a former secretary of the company. The new Congres^onal Library was also, an interesting place and Mr. Nau has copies of the beautiful mural paintings, all done by American artists. Mr. and Mrs. .\'nu are delighted with" lh.!ir trip but Iwth are hbid to ht- at home again. ever rid yourself of Catarrh when (' B. Spencer is authorlzc<l to guarantee Booth's flYOMEl to end the misery of Catarrh, or money back? ' To banish Catarrh you must destroy t:atarrh germs. HYO.MEl. the wonderful remedy made from Australian Eucalyptus and other antiseptics will destroy these Keriiis; will end Catarrh; will overcome Catarrhal Deafness. Complete outfit with Inhaler, $1.00; o .Nira Ijottles, .lOc In each package Is a little book that tells bow this simple remedy beiiollts sufferers from Catarrh j «or Coughs. Colds, Croup and Catarrhal Deafness. left me with • frigbtful cough anA wty weak. I had spells wheal could hardly breathe ot speak for lOXo^ fPj minutes. My doctor mnid not help mewbntj was eomFiet^-mied ^ DR, KINC'S ew-OisGOfery Mrs. J. E. Cox. Joliet, m. ^ 80e *«» UM-AT AU OROMmS: First Methodist Epl.vuopal (hnrrlu Sunday School P:4.'> a. m. Morning worship at II o'clock. Sermon theme, "Who Shall Vote?" This s the last of the series on Christian ^itizenship. Epworth Leai^ue at 6:30 p. m. Evening worship at 7:30. An evangelistic service. BENSON M^^WELU Pastor. ^t. Timothy 's Kiilsropal Chnrrli. The 22nd Sunday after Trinity— collect for the day: "Lord, we beseech thee to keep thy household; the f'hurch. in continual godliness; that through thy protection It may be free from all adversities, and devoutly given to serve thee in good works, to the glory of thy name, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen." Services tomorrow will be: Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Choral celebration of the Holy Communion and sermon by the rector at 11 o'clock. Events for next "week: Friday. 2:30 p. m. Daughters of the king will meet with .Mrs. C. W. .\au a! the rectory. Friday. 7:30 p. m. Choir practice. Strangers especially are invited to join with us in the worship of God. CARL W. .NAD. Rector. AdTpntist Meeting. "Turkey from a Prophetic View- Point" will be the subject Sunday at 11 a. m. at the Adventist church OB South Street. Notice this te.\t:- Is. 46:9-10. God says that he has declared the end sOng senice. Preaching at 8:10 by the pastor. Subject: "Christ Our Conqueror." All are invited -to these services. Come and enjoy with us a spiritual feast. C A. WOODS, Pastor. A Log on the Track —of the fast express means serious trouble ahead if not ren-oved. so does loss of appetite. It means lack of vitality, loss of strength and nerve weak ncss. If appetite falls, take Electric Bitters quickly to overcome the cause l)y toning up the stomach and curing from the beginning. It makes no dlf- j the indigestion: Michael Hessheimer ference what the scoffer :;\-»y ray— ! of Lincoln, Neb., had been sick over God's word will stand. L.:Kc z.:. Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass away. Again Amos 3:7: Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth His secret unto his ser\-ants the prophets. If you are a cjiUd of God, we Invite you to this special service. If you ire a skeptic, come and listen to the three years, but si.x bottles of Electric Bitters put him right on his feet again. They have helped thousands; They give pure blood, strong nerves good digestion. Only 50 cents at all druggLsts. Letters were received by a number - - . -.of old soldiers here today from Jesse voice of prophecy. It will inspire you f D. Grant .son of tae 'ate V. S. Grant. vnn faith in God to see how He deals | urging them to vote for Wilson. The with the rise and fall of nations. So; chief reason advanced was that Wilcome all. Bring your friends and i son would Iw elected. The veterans nelghiiorn. i were inclined to scoff at this "logic." WM. K. TATltn. First A. M. E. Church. PreachlnK at 11a. ni. by the pastor. Subject: "Divine Security and Support." General class meeting 12 :30 p. in. Sunday school at 3 p. m. Evening services at,":.'>0 p. lu. with for if Wlson will have 400 votes In the Electoral College, why Is Grant so anxiotis to Influence their vote? One veteran surmised that Grant is a Mooser. wjio has despaired of electing Roosevelt and Is boosting anyone to beat Proi-ident Taft. —Farm and City Leans. R. M. Cunningham. THE VEILED PROPHET Whose Marvelous Mystic Powers, Penetrating: Insight and Unerring Accuracy Completely Baffles Scientific Investigation. , .Seroad Baptist Charrh. Sunday school 10 a. m. Mrs. J W. Gordon. Supt. Covienant and Praise Meeting at 11 o'clock. Preaching and the Lords' Supper at 11:45 a. ni. R Y. P. V. «:S0 Jt m. Preaching by the pastor 8 o'clock. Subject of sermon: "He could not be hid." We hope to see a large attend ance. Strangers' and visitors are al- It Is one of the strange and mysterious anomalies of nature that she does, in a few, very few instances, produce a person that is so gifted as to simply cause the whole country to look with astonishment—to hold the people in awe and wonder.. Touched by the magic wand of nature, full and complete and a perfect understandiuf; of all the occult forces are to such a person a revelation at birth. This city Is favored with the presence of a verj- remarkable person, whose visit and mission will Interest every man and woman in lola. The visitor is Louise Perln, the noted Clair voyant and spirit medium, who come? to lola at the sollclution of a large number of local business men and prominent citizens. ^Vhlle Mme. Perin has the Indorse­ ment of hundreds of the most noted men and women of America, she deems them of little value, since she stands alone upon the merits of her work. Any person who can believe their eyes and ears cannot help but know that her work la tbe highest order of genuine clalrvoyancy. The Key to Higher Life. Do you wish to possess thhe key to the vaults of happiness, friendship, wealth and fame, or will you plod along vainly hoping that luck or and information on all matters of interest in business transactions ,law- .-iiifs, contested wills, life insurance, tlamagc suits, divorces, deeds mort- gapres. claims, collections, speculations, adventures, stocks and all fina rial difficulties. Truly predict the" success of pending pension claims, etc. She will tell whether the land you own contains oil. pas or minerals, and lo what extent; tells whether you will receive fair dealings with partners. If you care to .know what business you shall follow to be successful, where you intend to make any changes or to start a business, buy or sell property, or. in fact, take any important step, don't fail to pall on her. Love, Coortsbip, Marriage.l If affairs of the heart or emotions of love intcwst you. she will give the exact and truthful revelations of all love affairs, settles lovers' quarrels, enable you to win the esteem and affection of any one you desire, causes speedy and happy marriages; tells if the one you love Is true :also date of marriage: restores lost affection, peace and confidence to lovers and dis cordant families; gives yen the full secret how to control, fascinate and charm the one you love, also those you meet, and how to make a person chance may open the door for you? If i * distance think of yon. yott want to be pointed out as a self- made man or woman, if you wish to become a master of men. to lead while others follow, there is an absolutely sure and simple way that never fails. CuareralBir BBKiar^K Affairs. Mme. Perln gives ..ates. facts and flgures, reliable and impertant advice Her parlors at 21S West Madison Avenue are crowded every day whh men and women la all walks of life— who-are taking advantage of the special low fee of 50 cente As next week will imsilively Ite the ituH week at this nominal price, you are, advised to call immediately

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