The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 17, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1977
Page 3
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Ttt- Ing lh» iWi an Mciay UarMa, Hani Aaron, Yogi Barra, Luia TIM Km MgaW. WJ»a Uaya, Uwy Wh and Chartaa Hnlay. ovnai ol On OaUarxl AV Otha> guaab Induda Onon Vallaa, ClwlK Ctflaa. Had Buttona, Nlpwy Fluaadl. SNrlay Jor*». Foatar E*w Fu*i t ft, 9»7l. «Nh flg, Buriny wd Qtfty o«k „« e^, »« «•> oB»f to is* h • Mwn on .-J«* «i »>• B~n.Uk.- Otter cMoota te- y E«nlno,- raflular programming.) MO OO) 0000 TIMES T?*lm» Uircwt tlM Ews ramify into « luror when tr* mrwunow hir eo- oagvncnl lo i you ng mxi (Cut Fwk- Un) wirh lint ambitions but tnt prot- p«cti. Thelma: BsmN*a«fl» Stlnto. fjoridi; Esttw Ro». Jjnm: John Amol. J J.: Jim/nto W*Ht«r. irWfMcr) ' OWftVOMFFIN & 3 COWUMEB BJBVIVAJl JOT 81 EVIMNa BNTMN WITH KARTW AOMMKY 8 MOT1CUI B»4rlguatfBn«<i» NiWt ffi WOMAN 8 NlWt-Oigdt IcufecnM* O MARY NARTMAH, MAItr WUIT- Planning ror reflrwrwnt Rnw FtfUn" Worms viewers about privet* pMtfon p1aniandtna<rt«n«rit<. QJU.UL: PEOPLE AHP POUTK* UJLKORAKAII Pianist Amrram Rlgal k DM giMt CD BAAATA DC PfMtiAVCTA SjIrUCHUAIUMOfF FESTIVAL RUSMAN PROGRAM IUKYIHO* U«y prontod to taM the youngiaan to «aa Danny Kayt. but nM lha cant gat Bduta. iixr Lucida Bat. Danny Kay* Hmaatl. Moonty: Gala Qonkn. Cnrfc Candy Uoora. Uaitn f: \xa SHaaco. Doorman Ray K«log4 Tha Airny panducti a . hearing to Im«*t!ga1* Frank'a ch»rg« that Kawfc«y« Is 'gurfty" oT rrutiny. KmUy<: Mm AJda. Frank Uriy Un- vtlli. BJ: kkk« r-«rr«ll.-por»r: Harry Morgan. Colonel CvnfchMl: Had VDI- lon. Ftadtr Gary Burgtotl. (Aaoeat} O 63 pouce wouAN-crtM Drama Poppw txaet as a tfr*«twtM oon woman In ortifr to !n51tiM« a gang of bunoo arthta wmo rjupa dderry woman out of fnafr Iff* savfngif Papo«r: Anglo Dickinson. Cve^w Eatl Hodman. BoyTtar. Charlm fji«o\np. stytts: Ed B«mard. (Repeal: 40 rain.) AHoi and TrUa go 10 tna Hac- ooons 1 oorvMntkxi. Raipti: JacUa QUtaon. Alioa: Audm UaadOM. Tri«lrJorc*Rarviolch. ttfc a (S O «OD 9 r ki Aa Idaho, Kaov±r'. NmdaV Dragon and Tanniiail frtrnartaa. (U»a) BMOVB-Gmdy "OonT Ralaa lha 8Hd»a, Lowar f» Riw." (EnglM: 1K9| Epiaodtc hro< about tha mtYitai protMn ol an Amancan pciyookK •«» a BrWati <«a. "Btula Foroa." (IW7) VWa' acooum or a priaon braafL Burl r.vaaair. Hunt Cronyn, Chartoa OtHati, Hoar- annum. (2 m.) •MHtANDAUBt Clever Warmers KewsAtTheTop! So practical, so clever! Crochet for gifts, bazaars. Delighl the family! Crochet hun and egg warmers of tug yarn or bedspread cotton. Pattern 7M: directions, bun warmer ahoiil Sx9 inches; egg warmer about 4 inches. Easy! 51.00 for each pattern. Add 35c fach paltern for first- class airmail and handling. Send lo: Laura Wheeler, Keerilecrafl Depl., Kangatuck Daily News, Box [61. Old Chelsea Sta., \ew York. N.Y. 10011. Prinl Name, Address, Zip, Paltern XtimrKT. NEW! 200 designs lo knit, crochet, quill, sew, plus 3 FREE inside NEW 1976 N.EED1.ECRAFT CATAIXX;. Send ric. Crochet with Squares Sl.OO Crochel a Wardrobe Sl.OO Nifty Fifty Quilts $1-00 RippleCrochet Sl.OO Sew + Knit Book $1.25 Needlepoint Book Sl.OO Flower Crochet $1.00 Hairpin CrochclBook $1.00 Instant Crochet Book Jl.OO Instant Money Book Sl.OO InslantMacrameBook $1.00 CompleleGiftBook $1.00 Complete Afghans No. U ' Sl.OO 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50c Book of IS Quilts No. 1 5Cc • Museum Quill Book No. 2 Me 15 Quilts for Today No. 3 50C Eookofl6JiffyRugs SOc <*vjrlJ \ •ftr- \ The SUMMER FOCUS is on the wide collar worn open or topping a turilenccV. dickey.Below.easylinescan he sashed or not. Sew this Prinled Paltern 4595: Misses'Sizes 8.10.12,14,16. lS.20.Sizel2(bustH)takes 2 yards 60-incli fabric. $1.00 for each pattern. Add Kc for each pattern for first class air mail and handling. Send lo Anne Adams, Pattern Depl., Naugaluck Daily News, 243 Wesl 17 St., New York. N.Y. 10011. Print Name Address, Zip, Size and Style Number. GET AII.00 pattern free choose it from NEW SPRING-SUMMER CATALOG! Packed with hundreds of great sun. sport, city, travel styles. Seta Tic for dialog Now! Scvf Knit Book $1.25 Instant Money Crafts (1.00 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 InslanlFashionBook $1.00 TRUDY 12 Losfand Found 16 Autos Wanted LOST — eyeglasses vicinity between Corman St. 4 High School, near Seed SI. 7298822. 12 A Personals (statewide) MASSAGE. We come to you? days a week, 24 hours a (By or come to us. By appointment only. iVewHaven 100 Pond Lilly Ave. E» it 59, Wilbur Cross Pkwayt-393.2«J "Well, till 1 doctor sail! accurding lo my weight 1 should be eiglil feet, seven and unc-half-inchcs tall." CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 1 P.M. DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is logivenolice that I, 'ony L-imas of 151 Andrew Ave., Apt. 155, Naugatuck, bave filed an application ilacardcd 21st day of May, 976. wilt] Ihe Liquor Control Commission for a RESTAURANT LIQUOR for he sal e of alcohoji cli puor on he premises Sullivan's (estaurant, 22 Church llreet. Naugatuck. The msiness will Iw owned by Siiguslo Lamas of 73 loodyear Avenue, Vaiigaluck and will be con ducted by Tony Lamas as >ermittee. Tony La mas Dated 24!h dav of May, 1976. S-25, 6-1-1976 - NOTICE The Board of Finance o] the Town of Beacon Falls will hold a PUBLIC HEARING 0,1 Ihe Selectmen's Budget at Laurel [.edge School Auditorium, Highland Avenue, Beacon Falls. Connecticut, on June 2. 1976 at 8 p.m. at which time Itemized Estimates o Ihe expenditures of Ihe Town for the ensuing year shall be presented, and shall hear al persons who may wish to be lieard in regard" to any appropriation which thev ari desirious that the board shal recommend. Dated al Beacon Falls Connecticut, this 25th day o May, 1976. James P. Green r- Chairma BoardofFinanc Town of Beacon Falls, Conn 5-25-76 1 — Help Wanted AVON Get ready for college luilio •willi excellent earnite Sell in nearby area. Cal Mrs. Gray 729-9331. HOUSEKEEPER Southbui home, live-out • flexibl hours, 5'i day's, 2 happ children. Interview al fte< Bull Motor Inn. Wedntsda May 26th - no calls please WORK AT HOME on OU new telephone program Earn $25 • $100 wcekl> depending on lim available. 729-8250. J200 WEEKLY possibl stuffing envelopes. Sen self-addressed stampec envelope. Edray Mails Box 188, D.M., Albany, M 64402. RECEPTIONIST for do. tor's office. Mature perso preferred. Permanen position. Will Iraii Naugaluck resident pr ferred Send resume P.O. Box 4S2, Naugaluc' Conn. ! AMBITIOUS couple needin more income, unusu; opportunity for good earn ings. Work together, Part time or full lime. Phone fo appt. 759-9424. - Work Wanted 3 Brokers — Estate Real XHERfENCED PAINTER, looking for work. iornings & Sal's. Call 729- 069C or 729-5653. Babysitters rt.I, care for child in my lome. Prefer age 3-6 vrs. Tall 723-1939. (Beacon ? alls. vicinity Laurel Ledge School). " Brokers — slate Real PHYLLIS FLEMING Real Estale II roker 729-5333 DaSilva Really Showcase of Homes Display at 168 Pros peel SI ., Naug. JOHN F. DEEGAN Realtor-Appraiser M.L.S. 729-3073 729-5SU-S8M327 14 Autos for Sate 1968 BUICK Skylack. Good second car. Runs good. 53W. Call 723-2117". HIGHEST price paid for junk and wrecked cars picked up. Fusco's Auto Salvage 27l-«38 274-0208 up t ° 29A Wanted to Buy WILL buy old wicker furniture in good condition. Also antique otJt rurniture and docks. Call 263-2829. Dogs, Cats, t Pels ED'S AUTO PARTS WTI1Y. 736-9515 TWO free adorable male ' puppies. 729-1263, 16A Automotive Repair JOHN RIMKUS Used Cars Auto Body and Painting, automotive glass. Cherry St. Exl. Call 7294232. AUTO-PAINTiNG Complete Auto FRANK'SAUTOBODV Prospect Street 729-57 1 1 \ 18 Boats and supplies SHEAMOTOKS 700 Rubber Ave., Naug. 129-2289 729-2280 BOSCO DODGE 799 Neil-Haven Koad NaugatuckJ2W561 FRANK BUICK, INC. Authorized Sate ^Service Buick-Open-OMC Trucks 573 No. Main St., Naup 729-8201 Al.VC E KIllfKSOX J1I.S VJUItuliln-rAve. NAL'GATUCK VALLEY AGENCY Henry Kogut Broker "Listing will) us brings results" 729-2»u afters — 729*22 3D Houses for Sale MANUELN.V1EIHA 305 Church St. »1 Estate Insurance -The Person lo Person Agency 29-2271 alter 5—729-6630 BEACON FAL15 - Country setting involves a 6 rm. Cape situated on s i acre with babbline brook. 2 lialhs. all appliances, IflV floors. 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, fam. room. In ground 20x40 pool with cabana are some of the many extras. More to come. Upper S40's. Sold by owner. 723-0289. FOR FORD SALES&SERYICE 757-2711 Savelle Ford 62jWolc«tlRd, Walerbnry, Conn. CULMO-LARK1N Chrysler-Plymouth Thomaston 283-1316 WESCADIL1.AC- OI.DS.MOBILE "M'hereEvervbodv Saves" 520-30 Walerlown Ave. 751-6135 HENHICK CHEVROLET INC. 125SO. Main Street Naugatuck. Conn. 06770 67 MUSTANG 6 cyl, 2 dr. H.T., 4 new tires, 2 snow tires. Economical to operate. Easy to maintain S700. 729-8833. HENRY ENGLE Real Estate Broker . 729-2981 UO.M1NICK SCAVONE Real Estate Broker Appraiser' 29-5934 729-5585 5 BOOMS — Large beautifully landscaped lot' 2 baths, finished rec. room Call 729-2537 after 4 p.m Shown by appointment. A.llE.VRYIUnHICK Real Estale Broker 190 May Street 72W7I5 AWRENCEM.SWEENRY AGEXCV WILLIAM YAN'AREl.LX 29-ssiai II Vhtn YOU Want 'o Rent — l!uy ell — CALL " HANCIS T. ZAPJ'ONE CO. tealtor — Appraiser — MLS 707Rubber Ave. 723-1424 Br. Mp.r. Joseph R. Rimany JOHN L. WOERMER Heal Estate Broker J. "DOC" AQUAVIA Real Estate Broker ^- Ask about our ^^ Stale-wide listings*rvice RUPWAM ASSOCIATES Real Estate and Insurance Haven lid. Naugaluck 2lhr.. | .rrvire 729-S21S 75,5.72 Mrs. Alberta Christie 729-6350 Real Estate lf>3 Quinn St. \augaluc Appraisals 72:1-1111 }2 Land for Sale ,SSUMF, PAYMENTS— W acres Ranch near St. Johns, Arizona. Pay 2 back payments $109, was 513.000, balance due SI 1.282. Call Bob collect B02-947-80II. FOR SALE, '68 Buick Riviera needs work, bes offer. '66 V.W. needs work best offer. 729-1253. ilST) * Cfi&fijVIMPA LA door, standard shifl. Ca! 729-0192. .600 VT acres. Excellent timber, ample frontage, $150 per acre. Begin and Chatoux Realty, 143 R.R. St., St. Johnsbury, VI. 802748-8169. 9A Apartments Rent •» HMS. excellent condition; slove & refrigerator. 1-3797389. '69 CHEVY Impala, 6 cy AT. Good transportalioi Priced to sell, 729-7948. la' MONITOR TRAILER sleeps 6, self-containec Cheerful and neal,Cijl723 2038. FOOT Homemade boat and trailer, 5hp, Evinrude - must see • $300 firm. 7231593. 24 Farm Products ilC'H farm loam. G i»L Excavating, 729-1651 — fWa-2531. IOHSE or cow manure fo sate. SO cents per bushel Your containers. Wil deliver by truck-load 729 lf»5l or 729-3030 23 Articles For Sale 'OK SALE refrigerator. Hnmc articles, 2 twin beds, box springs & mattresses. 15 in. color TV table i chairset(2inches(hick); I hutch, mink stole, cast iron barbecue, everything excellent (M57. condition. 723- SWI.MMING POOLS. Colec guaranteed luxury abov ground pool. Must'SACHI FICE. I6'x31' O.D. com plcte with filter, pump, lin er, ladder, sumfeck fencin and stairs. Completely ir stalled for onlv S78i Financing availafele Cai Carl toll free, 1-800-382-0531 anytime. ADORABLE kittens free of charge, 180 High St. Call 729-8606. 'ONDH1LLPF.T SALON Poodle Clipping Custom Dog Grooming Calll2S-3275 8 Professional iervices J.A. ASSOCIATES ttention Home Owners — We speciaHie in interior & exterior painting, sheet- rock work and small carpentry. Call 729-8355 any-time. Ask for Joe. NTERJOR and Exterior Painting and wallpapering. Free Est. Call Tom Pohorilak 729-1849. Associated with Stokes Paint. COUCH PAINTING CO. Free estimates — fully insured contractor. Call 729-9119. GORDON Plumb. 4 Heating 24 Hour Service Reliable, Reasonable Rates. 723-1770 CARPENTRY, masonry, painting, ISnd-scaping, trees cut, gem repairs, any areas cleaned. 129-1336. CARPENTRY ir PAINTING of all types. Ceramic tile. Roofing. Wallpapering. .References on request. Fully ins. Free Est. Jack Slanczyk 723-1118. ELECTRONIC organ for sale. Good cond. 729-65S9. HOTPOINT -8000 BTU air- conditioner. Perfect condition. Call 729-1378. MOVING - Must sell washer, dryer, dishwasher and Hummel figurines — 729-9458. 29 Tag Sales TAGSAi,F.ioa.m.-5 15 Ave. B. Deacon Ms of evervthing, May Mth. '27th anrf 28th. 5p.m., Falls. BOSCO & BRAUN POWER EQUIPMENT, 8 Curtiss St., Union City. New and used lawnmowers, tractors and chain saws. Hours 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon. - Sat. open 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sundays. We repair all types tractors, lawnmowers, and chain saws. Call 72W6S4. TREE WORK done very reasonable, fully insured. Free' estimates. Call collect 1-73H638.' •-••:•<'• C" rr ~ "' -!-' CAr.r-UTandmg cleaning, 1 to !00 rooms any siie. The Window Cleaning Service of Naugaluck, 729-7W7 or 757-7414. 38A T.V. Repair A.L. PURCARO EleclronlcRepair Service SS Bridge St. 729-1331 729-4259 N.SUC.ATCCK Walerhury Line Mattatuck.Manor Ants. No. Spring St. Quality 2 bdrrn. apis, heat, hoi water, cooking gas, range, refrigerator, garbage disposal, TV antennae, parking, swimming pool, washer and dryer facilities. No r*' 5 A(Illlis only. Call Mrs. Johnson, venial agent -729-2453 for appt. 272-7211. 11-B Miscellaneous j Rental E-Z RENTALS. 457 N. Main St., Union City, 723-2009. Open 7 days a week. Tillers, chainsaw^, floor sanders, cement-mixers and finishers. Floor polishers, nig shampooers, tow bars, generators, pumps, automotive needs, party goods and lawnmowers. Repairs on all makes of mowers and small gas engines, sharpening. Daily 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sun. 7 a.m. - I p.m. 12 Lost and Found ZIGBARANOWSK1 Broker Appraiser Properly Management Nangatuck 72S-1427 ASSISTANT Store Manager needed for hard-gooc store. S«l«ry open — Experience preferred, bu ... . not necMury. Write to F.E, (Red) Smith "' '<* tk R«IEsUle Broker IMPOUNDF.n Brown male, red i while collar. Burton Rd. area. Call Beacon Falls dog warden, 729-1076. LOST Passbook No. 449654 issued to me by the Walerbirry Savings Bank, application has been made to Ihe bank for a new book. IT IN THE WANT ADS!

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