Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 5
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I I r, April 1, 1943 * Big Six Schools . Making Plans to Play Football By NORB GARRETT * 01Kn "*" s Ci) y. April i -(vp)_ niK Si V QC'llM/ili- •»! 11 4J *h oix M-noois, with the exception of Kansas Stale, are doing more than going through Ihe motions in pro'"!['"/%?"'• lhc ] ' m f "" lb;i " L '" m - , J (imp Vondit'ioMs. Wi " b ° U ' UlCr W '"~ Coaches and candirlales have taken spring practices seriously even (hough the grid mentors roaY i/o they may have only a few 4F's •'•••'I H JV.,.1: ,, IT.,,,,:,,- .,1,1s whl . n » 'hf season rolls around next Sent- ember. Only K-Slnlf. has fonnd it imp,,~- nblo lo hold spring practice, one of the institutions of the sport Ihe Wildcats recently announced cancoHation of their drills. % H is business as usual on the other five campuses, though, with Kansas, through Acting Director Karl Kino/.. today announcini' a spring program of some description. As soon as plans are formu- §, bled. Henry Shenk, former Jayhawk star end now track coach al his alma mater, will start the workouts. Oklahoma and Nebraska have completed their sessions, Missouri concludes its program Saturday >3 and Iowa State's hopefuls report-ed Tuesday for their first practice At Columbia, coach Don Faurot's 1942 championship aggregal on sings its swan song in (he tradi- l.,-..;|i varsity-alumni game Satur- f rlay. Seventeen lettermen of the 1942 learn will perform for Ihe alumni, among them several juniors ivho would return for action next year were it not for an ap- pointmenl with Uncle Sam. • Starting for the alumni will be •"*' such familiar figures as Bob Sleu- ber. Hull Heece. Bert Ekern. Fd Hodges, Mike Fitzgerald and .Jeff Davis. Opposing this array of talent is a varsity squad of 37. including lettormen Bill Ekern, Vrelie f- Abrams. Hob Callahan. Fred Kling, Keith Parker and Leo Milhi. Reflecting ihe war - time conditions is Ihe situation al Iowa state. Of the 32 men reporting to Coach Mike Michalske, only one, guard ,-J Don Seibolrl. is a lelterman. The other veteran available, halfback Howard Tippec, hasn't reported Only 7 of the 2B frosh numeral winners were on hand. Uncle Sam plays no favorites. ? though, and coaches arc proceed- in j,' under the theory that every sohoo' is ? ninv 10 have difficulty fielding a team. H may not be m,od football, but it'll be a reasonable facsimile, they'.'e sure. « r> .___ Deaths Last Night 'By The Assocfntetf Press WMMam Russell Grace Akien, S. C., April 1 — </p)_\VM- fj liiim Russell Grace. 04. former head .if the Ingersoll - Rand company and son of a former mayor of New York City, died last night. Gerhard E. Neinecke . Buffalo, N. Y., April 1 —{/!>)—Ger* hard F,. Necnieke, 94, believed to be the nation's oldest Boy Serint leader, rlied last night. A merit badge counselor, he gave stouts tests ! n interpreting, art and painting. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS M-1O's Rol I Off the Assembly Line Out ot the r.-.ctory oncl onto the battle line roll U. S. M-10 tank destroyers in this picture symbolic of our rapid war production. ; It -was taken at a Detroit Ford plant. - By HUGH FULLERTON, JR. Wide World Sports Columnist New Ycirk. April li/l'i—Although ! Ihe Nntionnl A.A.U. swimming j chiimpmnships this wook-cnd arc ] pneked full of rocordm - breakers, iibotit ihe only chance of busting ;i record will be in Iho ripening event on some program. . . Reason is that the Now York A. C. pool is it bit too narrow to be called "fast." . . . Coaches say the same races at Yale would produce times one fifth or two fifths of a second faster - . . Hul there's always a possibility right at the start before the boys nave kicked up the annoying wash that slows them down. . . Lew Diamond, the honest brakes- man, says that only a few bucks stands in the way of closing a Jackie Callura - I.ula Costantino nontitle fight for New Orleans late in April. . . The dickering involves taking ton per cent "off the top" to buy boxing equipment for service men. is No. 1 candidate fur the Cincinnati Reds' left field job, still is trying to net into some branch of the armed forces although he has been turned down by all of them because of a perforated eardrum. . . Nat llolman calls John Mikan. the big boy from De Paul, the greatest basketball center he ever has seen in Madison Square Garden. . . Heavyweight Tami Mauriello. turned clown by the Army, lias taken a job in a Long Island aircraft factory and plans to do his fighting on the side. William E. Pease ' Clove-land, April 1 — (/[>}— William E. Pease. (i8, chief engineer for tho late Van Sweringer brothers in building the Cleveland-Shak- I er Heights Rapid Transit line. Cleveland's union terminal and the 70S - foot terminal lower, died last Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Joe Louis presented check for $64,980.02 to Army Relief Fund, representing his and Promotor Mike .Jacobs' I shares ot receipts of Louis - Abe Simon heavyweight championship fight'. Three Years Ago — Hen Hogan won Asheville Open Golf tournament with 273 score. Today's Guest Star John Mooney. Salt Lake Telegram: "Anyway, the rookie crop which blooms so nicely in the giapel'ruit loop, ripens so nicely the , first weeks of the season and then either rots or drops from the limb about n .idseason, mav be retard-ed enough by the nortbland's cold to insure a better yield this fall in the major league apple orchard." The Iowa System Football coaches likely will be keeping a close watch on spring football practice al the Iowa Pre- i Flight school — and not with the | idea of picking up a couple of good I running guards. . . The school will put a dozen squadron teams in the field and Leiul. Col. Bernie Bier man plans to give half of them offenses patterned after his own Minnes.jta system and to teach the other six "T" formation plays. . . They'll wind up a round - robin schedule with an allstar game between the two groups. OneMinute Sports Page Having won practically everything else in sight, Greg Rice likely will get the New York track writers' award as the outstanding performer of the winter season for the third lime in four years. . . Eric Tipton, the old Duke footballer who MONUMENTS WE EMPLOY NO AGENTS BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER and Save Agent's Commission. If interested write or phone us at our expense and we will call on you and show you our designs. FOUR STATES MONUMENT CO. PHONE 462 TEXARKANA, TEXAS Service Dept. Daryl .Parshall, the trotting horse pilot, has been sent to Camp Bliss. Tex. and is in the infantry. . Chief Specialist Curt Sandig. who divided, the football headline..; with Bill Dudley on the Pittsburgh Steelcrs last, fall, hit the jackpot in his first venture as a basketball coach. In his first game his enlisted men's cage team at the Olliim- wa, Iowa, Naval Air Station licked the defending champs of an independent tournament. . . Ilighes rvice bowling score repored to the A.B.C. so Jar is 2901) by the "Boiling Pointers" of Seattle. . . Knsign George Anderson, former Stanford sprinter, and Ensign Jim . former Noire Dame to- rulx.o Brut/., former Noire Dame footballer, have a reciprocal agreement at th,.. .lacksonvillo. Fin., Naval Air Station — they exchange symphonic records. -*•.• • •**— Briefs From League Training Sites By the Associated Pi-e s s Hollingsworth Stars Cape Oh ardo.au. Mo. -- Although a back injury threatened to send him Ui the minors during last year's spring training. Al Hollingsworth is top dog on Ihe St. Louis Browns' pitching staff this season. He has limited his teammates to five hits and no runs in nin t . innings, giving two hits in four frames yesterday. Walker Wns Approval Cairo, III. — Manager Billy Poi'lhwurlh of the St. Louis Cardinals is looking with approval on the work of Harry Walker, who is trying to fill Enos Slaughter's shoes in lite Cards' outfield. Walker slammed a homer and double, drove in three runs and counted one in yesterday's inlra - squad game. Sox Optimistic Over Chance for Pennant By JUDSON BAILEY Medford, Mass.. April 1 — (A>) — The Boston Red Sox could win the pennant for optimism in any baseball league. They have been hit harder by Ihe war than any other club in the majors, yet they figure they me a cinch to finish at least second in the American League again this year. Since Ihe 1042 season closed the Red Socket's have lost their entire first siring outfield, Ted Williams, IJorninie DiMaggio and Lou Finney; the rookie shortstop sensation of the season, Johnny Pesky; and ii pair of pHeheis who combined to win 20 games, Bill Btitland ant. Broadway CMarlie Wagner. That should be sufficient to stagger any aggregation, but it ban only served to make the Bostons bounce back with new determination. The Sox were the first team to announce they were going to train at home this spring. Before Commissioner Kcnesaw Landis and the magnates established the boundary of the Potomac and Ohio rivers. Tom Vawkoy, millionaire owner of the Red Sox, had settled upon the Tufts University baseball cage in suburban Boston for the Red Sox training base. This decision was supported superbly by the players, who reported in incredibly good shape for Ihe curtailed conditioning program they will have in advance of their j American League inaugural April 21. Practice started March 22 and the club as a whole looks as good as it would have after three weeks r.f the usual leisurely processing in Florida. The result is that the team is in fine fittle for its first exhibition game day after tomorrow with the Brooklyn Dodgers in Brooklyn and feeling cocky about what is to come thereafter. Westerners, Brooklyn to Meet in Garden New York. April 1 —W)—They'll play a lame of cowboys and Indians .it Madison Square Garden tonight to wind up the basketball reason and collect about $23,000 for the Rod Cross. The game pits the Wyoming Cowboys, winners of the National Collegiate A. A. tournament, against the Red Men of St. John's University in Brooklyn, victors in the National Invitational tournament. And it should settle, for the present, any controversy concerning the merits of these two tourneys, both of which ended in the Garden this week. The runners-up in the two events. Georgetown and Toledo university, will clash in the first half of the charily doubleheader which is expected to attract some It!,(1(10 spectators. Wyoming, which averaged 00 points a game during Ihe regular season in which it lost only to Duquesne, breezed through the western N.C.A.A. sectional tourney, then took the national title Tuesday by whipping Georgetown, 40 to 3-i. Meeting the hardest kind of eoin- | petition, the Brooklyn Indians won '21 out of 28 regular season games and then eliminated, in turn, Rice. Fordham and Toledo. PAGE FIVE, FOR SALE New improved streamline McCormick- Deering Cream Separators. In stock for immediate delivery. Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. 218 North Walnut — Phpne 257 -— Hope, Arkansas Receive Early Workouts Asbury. Park, N. J. — Charlie Keller and Bill Knickerbocker. Uvu laic -jiTivals in the New York Yankees camp, haven't played any n.-isfball yd bul Ihey're beginning in.lcel the rigors of training. Knickerbocker readied here yesterday in time lo work out with the advanced class in calisthenics while Keller, a latter arrival, got his exercise carrying bis bajis up Ihrce flights because the hotel elevator was out of order. Infieider Turns Catcher Bear Mountain, N. Y.—Although the Brooklyn Dodgers admittedly need infielders more than a n y- Ihing else. Bobby Brugan, acquired from the Phillies, figures bis 111- lurc lies as a catcher. Checking in at camp yesteiday, Brugan said: "1 IhiiiK I'd do belter in the future as a catcher. Nut that I know as much about catching as 1 do about infield play, but I liked catching alter JIans Lobert put me behind the plale." -•- •«»»«»- — Kerch is called Russia's Pompeii because of its many tumbs and relics, * Chicago Amateurs Take New Yorkers Chicago, April 1 —(./Pi— So far as New York's Golden Glovers were concerned there was no fooling id- day — no fooling that the midwest grows its amateur boxers tough. Tho Manhattan fighters have been Irying lo whip the midwest- erns at Chicago ever since the in- etrcity bouts were originated in 1028. Even in their own backyard, the New Yorkers encountered aggravating resistance, winning only I four Limes in the 1C - year old rivalry. But last nighl their of for I:: reached a climax of futility. The j New Yorkers won only two'of the 10 bouts in which a champion and an alternate from each team fought in Ihe eight weight classes. Their lowest setback previously was in 13,'il -vhen Chicago won, "l3 to S. The Chicagoans scored two knockout victories in their romp before a huge stadium crowd of 19.733 persons. Last night's knockouts came from the fists of Hy Bronstoin, attached to the Rosecrans Air Field at St. .Joseph, Mo., and Reedy Evans. 19 year old Chicago negro. Both are light heavyweights. Bronsloin picked himself up after a first round knockdown to floor .Joe Rochester in three frames. Minutes later Evans swarmed all over Aldred finally droppii,:; the bewildered New Yorker in 57 seconds. Fights Lost Night By The Associated Press Cleveland — Lloyd Marshall. lt>5. Los Angeles, stop p e d E/./ard Charles, 168, Cincinnati (81; Joey Maxim. 182, Cleveland, outpointed Curtis Sheppard, 187, Pittsburgh (10»; Izzy Jannazx.o, 150, Brooklyn, stopped Sammy Secretl. 153, Pittsburgh (8t. Elizabeth, N. J. — Freddie Her- munn, 128, Elizabeth, outpointed Cliff Gregory, 130 1-4, Elizabeth (G). The raising of funds to bribe electors to choose Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor in 1519 has been called the biggest business deal of the century. ring Sh owing Redfern Coats . Hurshmair Coats Marcus Coats . New Smart Suits AT ROBISON'S . . . 16.75 to 39.98 10 &c; • • • t • • I 7. v/«J . 10.98 to 14 85 14.85 -board to faj Designed for You DRESSES — th Beautiful border prints combine with soft plain colors in our new series of Funinspun linen- weave rayon dresses. 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