Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1912
Page 7
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- / THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOV EMBER 1, 1912. "THIS IS CERTAINLY AN AGE OF HUSTLE," SAYS FELIX TO FINK THE BRUSH FAaORY. ONE OF YOUR MEN VW^S DROWHEO INTMERWER , ANO I WOULD LIKE TO GET Ht& OOB. WELL \ OUST GAVE HIS xlOBTbTWEMAM VIHO PUSHED Hin IN WANTS—ALL KINDS FA KM LOANS WAXTKD—I , AM preiJared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to paj- any amount at any Interest paying time. See me and gel terms and rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thompson, Over Evans Drug Store. _ WANTS—ALL KINDS^ WAXTlCn—('.IKL FOK nKNICRAL l;ou.<e work. Apply t)iin VA\^\ St. I FOR SALE—FOR SALE , Professional Directory. Du. c. M. nuss * Extraction without pain by th» use of Nitron.^ iKiili- Oaa Boom >o. 1 ><)rtliru|> lildg. i'houe.'!—OltUo vOa; il»!a. HCZ • MOXEY TO LO.VM * Will lend on household goods, pinnos, organs, sewing mar rhineK, diamond.* and Jewelry. J. W. (OKFKV Uilire, >o. 110 Nurtli 8tre«t •> •> •:• • • • •> • <• <• •>•••>•*•• FOR SALE—FOR SALE | FOR RENT—FOR RENT WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the flnoist fruit and farming section In Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Ikix 20. WANTED — WASHING. IKONING and plain scwiiisr ii» ,lo. Will al.«<) co lint to work by day. .M2 K Lincoln St. , FOR SALE— 11 O U S E FURNISll- Mng::. ruKS. linoleums, trunks, eult cases and combination heaters. Uon- nell. y X. .Icffcr.-:on. Phone J2:t0. WANTED—PANTRY Kellcy I^lotel. FOR SALK--R IT G S. Fl.TKNlTFRE. Stovo!!. lii^ slock. I'asli or payments. GIRL ATjKil ll.;nninKcr. Wc.^t .MadL-on. WANTED—EIGHT OR TEX CORX hnskers;; with or without teams. W. M.'lUnna, northca.-t of J-iill.irpc, .Moran R^iral Route: WANTED— EXPERIENCED GIRL for housowork. .No washinc: poad wasPs. Call or write "T," care itc^- isti'r. WILLTIIE PARTY WHO CARRIED Ml.-;. Mlichi'Il? riiilii-clla fn>tii Maji>,<tic Tlicatrr at Stubb:; uu-i-tln;-' return ^a:u.• and viH-civc reward. Dr. Mitchell. WANTED- MAN AND WIFE TO., fake c!!ari;<' <'r <-hi(kon and IIOK i-anch adjoinlns the cily. ' .\pplv Daxter D. .McClain I WANTED .\ CIKL FOR GENERAL house work, at once. C.ill loT S. Elm or phone ;t;!S. " WANTED -TWO OR THREE Fl'RN ishcd nH)iii.-; for llirht housekeeping by \ .Monday. I';;i>iie ^\'<. i WANTED—Y () V R .MAGAklNE.^. j old be.ik.-s and Riblos to bind nnd recover. T!:e IJopister Bookblndery. WANTED—W H I T E GIRL FOR general house w.iik; family of two; j no wasbinp 417 S. Waln'.it Phone 44<;. imSAI£--£OR^AI^ FOR SALE—THREE ROOMED hoiis<> ;liid lot. .'D;_. bloek.s from .'^iju.Hro. Address S care of Roclsler. i FOR SALE OR TRADE—FOR (arms in Eastern Kansas, 201 acre farm in Ti !.\us county. Missouri, liio acres in Kimball county, Nebraska. I Two modern dwelling iiouses In lola. ; Kansas. .lames .Newell, CU S, Walnut St., loin."Kansas. ! CALL S.-.T FOR PRIDE FLOCK ' Tola l-'eed Store. Delivcreil anywhere in t ho city for fl.per back. Every sack Kuarnniecd. FOR SALE—BEST. TEA.M OF TWO- ; year-old imilos in the country. S. El -V.cCiinnls, 1-aIlarpe, Kas. \ I j I FOR SALE-II EI! D OF INGLE-; field S'lort Htirn.s. ei}.:ht cows bred, ' • :)r with calves at foot. Two yearling' heifers, four weanling heifer? and two , bulls "-ix luonihs idd. This offering • reiiresonis IS years of careful breeding, but owin^' lo my ini|iajrrd health they must be bold, .\dlire.^s II. (J. Slavens, .Neosho Fall.--? Knns. Ft)i: RE.NT—FURNISHED ROOMS <;"} .V. Jefferson FOR SALE—10. .<0. Kin oR 20" acres jiice meadow laml; miles from lola; %"'\ per acre. Want no tr:'.de. S(>e owner. S. W. Lust. l«iHariie, Kas i-di: SALE—ONE FIVE ROOM hotise, corner Douuliis and biS.. ou lot se\en. Idock lola, Kansas. , Clear,- Pric(! $L'tiO ed. K. Demo, Pra- I -tue, Okla. KOK SALE FIRST (M.ASS MA- teria! ;ind workman:-hi+L. on all kinds oi' hool;-^. at tlie Ue^Aistfij.'llookbliulery. FOR .^ALE -AT A DARGAIN. l.UR . IDi! SALE- ALL KINDS FKUIT " • !ern residence Call at Oi'S E. .t n-es. uiape vines, roses anil : .iiiie larjie >; I lison. W. T. Watson. ! .-iiaiie tre..s tlur stock fint-; call ami jsei' it at .;!.'. .N. Wainu!. Phone MSt;. TO EXCIIA.NGE—A NICE i.lTTLi: •' -^l Jack.son !;";:ie for good team, wajjon and harness. .\. W. Uock. L"> E. .Madison Ave. — A Lost Ad in the KoL'IsdT finds IL FOR SALE-XO 1 FRESH MU-Cll eow C. L. MorristMi, .Moran, Kas., R. Phone 711. I-illarpe. FOR SALE- GOOD LUMBER, hi'lviii.u', also delivery wagon, computing scales cheap. 201 South 4th. FOR REXT—TO S.MALL FAMJLY; U-. dern li')\:-e six rooms and bath; electric lifclits. Location -M.". .S. Walnut St. Vacant Nov. 10. Piionc ir.2. J'OUSALEOR REXT—FOUR ROOM modern house. -112 E. Lincoln. See .M. i 1. Dec-k-r. 211 N. Sycamore. j LOST—S C O T C H COLLIE DOG I alxuit I y»?ais old: will .nnswer to name ( "Hob." J.. F. Halderman. Phone 12.'fi. j Reward. \ FOR SALE—GOOD. M O I) E U N i house, well located- Cheap if taken at , on<-e. See .1 E. Powell or call at :!lli I S. Cottonwood. I TO EXCHANGE -HORSE, IIFGGY and .-ome real estate for automobile R. L. Thompson. Potatoes Anotliei" car of fancy Northcj-n Potatoes just in today. 65c Per Bushel in fivo bushel lots rleliv- ei'pd to any part of the city. At the car 60c. Bring your sacks. Bigus Fruit Store , East Side Squtare PHONE 293 • •> !•> •> •:• •> • •:• <• •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •;• •> •:• •:• * •> • PHILLIP HEKiELE • flAB.\ESS A>n SADDLEET •> Generatl itepairiag 110^ Soutti Street—lula. ^ •> • F, L. B. LE-IYELL, M. D. Specialties: Diseases of the. Chest Diseases of Children X-RAY PhopcR—OiVire 147; Res. 14? Iota State Bank Bldg. • • CWY.W KAIMLS IX ALLEX COUXTV. SO A. Z miles Moran; fair improve- in An is, $:!.i'Oi>. ' l';e ,\. pear Geneva: pood Iniprove- iiienis. |i;.0"»0. •^0 .\. ;'. miles lola, all level, black ' land In cultivation unimprove!;, $:1200. i rnimpiovcd 40, level land, $1200. , These arc all bargains. Why rent f when you can buy thorn on good terms? I OLA LAND COMPANY. A GENUINE SNAP IN HAY LAND— \ l>:o acres in .Mien county: -lo acres in j eultivatiun; 120 acres good useailow, :; miles Ui'w market, S mile.-, from lola; offered at forced .sale, only ft-'*"'. Iler.derson Realty Co. —Extra low prices on new and used I Gas anti Coal Stores. Ed Ilenningcr. j West .Madison i LAHABPE NEWS FOR TOOAy DKLIVKKV IKHISK ENJOYS oTiiEit (JAY srnuT, AX- V w ri- -S -li rir Sr rS v w ''c v A number of the farmers were in •ii OI'R Big Wall Pajier stock * ! iiiwn ye-t.-rclay wa!i suiilin.L' faies re- must lie sold. Tills is your o)t- v | j. :. inu o\'-" ihe fa't ;!iat i!ie\ were V portunity to secure the finest %• i t:ircu-.-ii e.-.rryiug stock water for u * W.TII jiaper that you have v I time at least THE DAY'S DOB AT GAS Gini: * u.-icd. .Never before in this lo. a!- 4- j " Mr.-' E ' \Vi!!iaU!s. of .;•.=• of t.,wi,. i HOY '^'V'v*•^;'vP, Hxtk -l/^ •i-? ity iiaj there been sliown such a %-ii:a\' a hi?.' dinner Weiin'sday in iicii- ' ("ON, .s.iiS i.r.l Itlu _ * select and quality line of Wall rr|-:r of Mr. Wir.ii;n!"s birthii:iy a:in!ver-' w Paper as is now to be found -i^lsary. .-Miout twenty friends and n>-i;:h- Gat^ Supply Winter iVill Be Adc-'"j- :'nioni;st th.- remnants of t!uit * j liors nia.le up the gu...n list. ilHute. Sa\> .MrJ Kirk—Farmers I.iked the Rain. }%- lar.ire wonderfiil wall paper as- -'i V sort:nent wi'li which we supply w .Vfessvs. Alje Don(;ias anii J/on Bird- sonir. who have been in Oklah.oiiiii fori •I- our early fall trade. Only a few w j some time st'^jped off here yesterday i ! w of these elegant prints and pat- r> I for a visit with the E. N. HarJzov: fani- Kire Hoys lo Eaf Oysters Xext ,Ien- Hiirv— Hallowe'en Was .WJd a.s (•("inipured with Other Years. L.-\H.-\RPE, NOV. 1—I.url Ashley, i-tr terns are U^t.'and these must be ' ily onroute lo tiieir l!<<ine in Claiks- deliveryman tor .1 R Smiili. experien-, ch.^sed out at .-\ BIG REDUC- ceii another run-a-way yesterday with •:• TIO.N. We do not intend that a a new delivery iiovs..-. Burl lied tiie tomle roll of any <if tliis hiuli horse wiiJ! a ."."-;i'iiind wei:;li; -"nd j%r ^ratle paiier shall h<' frover as burg. Mo GAS CITY. NOY. 1.— Mr. and Mrs. !<;. F. Kill!::, yesterday received a let' ler fro:ii their son. R»y. who left here •went to t!:-- Cool rrpjiience Jo deliv ^.r some ;;nH-er!es wi ;.'n tlie hi'r>e "jii ~t took a r ''-!i '>n" to run He ran for abfuit a block <arr >intr i! e WMCIJI but wh'n h'- made a quick tuin the "n-Bgon was turn>-<l o ':.>r When thi- baiijiene.l l-orse in some w ;iy uol caugiit in th .e harnes- and was tlMown J 1t> tlii- ^'.-. HUKI. It was nei e.-:iary to cut cou >iderable of i!ie harness-in fore he co \ild be rescued — Best Flour, .'.'""-p.iund lois, $12 hack J. .\. Brown: \ -ir >lr- Hattie Fitzjiat ri <-I;. of Erie, isir.'- vi.-iiinir !'er sister-. Mr> Wil!ian;s I Streicii left liiis jiioriiiu,:; foj-j Sai; Lake City mid Nev:o!;i points 'i>l-;be pone ,-i!ioUt lliree we« (>s oti <<i |ti- pany business i •:- Kverybody roiue and see the deiri-j •> onstration oi Col,-""; Hot Blast Heaters | v on T'uirs 'Iay, (leTolxr :;isr. .-it nines'; Hard war.' ] From autienti'- >;a :eiiieiits L-iII.-irpe| ri'y. «ill U'll sii |'|i ':ed \\\'\\ :;as ! ;::;> «!;!!•!• ' .1 i: K'.;li. -!;.•( • s-or I" the l.anvia /.in.- Conipanx. assur4'? room must hi' maile for ineoniiiij; r . tnck. Tiiere arc biu;ain.s in IT store for \nu. :• WATERS A: OAXFORTH 1- Urntrs and .le««'Iry ia<;s W<> have 2.' .Axminsier Ruu'S In assorted Oriental and l '"Ior;il patterns, yxl2 size. Pric'> ?l.s', cash, tp; feet by 12 fret, prt.-e J22:'" e.-ish. Tweniy-five. Se.-imle-;s P.nir- .••<'l!s I{iii;s in .'iss(u-li'd (tii-nlal! Flor.'il patterns, si/.e ;i\l2, price .<ll .2.". •a.'-h LallMiPK KIKMTI KE .STOJ.T II. K. .MaHlii. I'r<ip. Card of Tli:ink>. !:, year aiio lor Klanuitli Falls, Ore. T'l our ii'.any kind and syuip,i!lii/in^ H,. st:ited tli.-it be has :i line position j 'rienils .-ind H'-iL-'ibors. we wish to >\- m a hi:- Iniiilxr yard and is nior" ' t'-tel our hearM'eil Mhanks. for I:!eir ,1-- i i),;,,! satisiu d. He also tells of ^ bi>; j sistance. (!!i:inK the last si'-kU'-rs and !iio ,t le- :"i'( -i eifcvd of friends exjier-• death of our beloved <I-;u;rhter, .-^ister i.-n,--.I i!,,. Orji .if the mioHh Tie'j and niei-e. MI.S L Eioy H'MIS".-. .\nd paity I'ad l>'-en -n camp only two d.'vs I for the leau/ifiil floral offerin;:-, :ind -w-re baviif.: spb-udi'l link wlo-ii ' wejeh s'Ttens i!.e i! I'lldn'ss of ||,.y v,4're .'iM.-.rked by a bli-/.zard ae. I ! •'e-; h To !' I-; Os we ••.speeialiy snow v;f,rpi. They were prepar'd r f ."l ^ral•ft;! ti;.' tru" spirit rc >,.;,ili,r and -i l>'.;hi stio-.v luii ih. ; terhood s'r.'wu hv ;heir kindly acts so ur.ev p'. -. •! -|di;-/.ard turned t?i • \..-\\-: : wil!lni:ly lejuierei!. T!i>' kind worus of i-onsohiiion, and >yMip:i;!iy we ap; ri-- ei;:te. and will nev.r be ;i >r :;o 'ten To .•il! our niaay friends we il'ank you .May Co'l's rn best lib--lui: be bi- .stowe'l uii'in >oU all l> \ Hon ..'1. Waller 1! lloM>. r. Mr. an-l .Mi.^ W S Kauraian. I' 0 T A T 0 E S ( A K I, k H r X T E K C\R OF— KAXIY XOKTHEKX POTATOES ^ON TRACK PER BUSHEL . _ r.:. CENTS -l- •:- TEN BUSHEL LOTS AT f .oc v •'• rr :• Bi:l.NG YOUR .--ACKS v •I- rt- •;• ( .M: ST WHS NEAR V ; ( AKi, ii iiiMER :- ;A-- C! !V K \-: ^-\s •^ ;?i A .'i -t. A T^ :;re.. willi .Mrs Eishei.'- health. W.' ba\.' '^oMie unoe of tlial Sauer , file pcoi'Ie ih.-ir ihey need not fear this ; Kr.ur ;.i!.l .-iL" a fr-sh siiipineiil >f wint.T as tie f!i«l propo-ition .\|.Swee: and Sour I'iekbs .Mileheir.s Groe' ry .\ ll.iii w .-'.'U party was riwn last number ar<' laying in a supply of coal in eas.' of . use-.'^.'riry. but it is theupht . .nnd at \<\\>i iioj-.d. t!iai-i!;ey will not " have t-o Ui-e !• .•\d Bj.nnaii i;-.!;-- to Kan .-a'^ Cjiy on a. visit !'!'.:li! at till' Coot home for 1!:e .IiiiVior Lea.:;ue of t'.ie Met!!odi<t church. The ;.ad \v.'aih'-r i-aused a number 'f HaMowe'en jiartii'^; to l"' called off Frank Hans.n. of Chica;--o. repri-j laM n:s:ht. The weal !;er also put sentinp the Royal Tailors, was in town | .1 <'!ieck on tlie boys" aetion- yesterday. • —Potatoes C.'.e a I'usliel off car Fri<!;iy and .^aiuJd.-iy .1 .\. Brown .1. X. Brown was in lola yesterday Mr and .Mrs E. C. Fisher, who leit bcre last .liily for California for fi:o benefit of Mr-^. Ftsiier's health, returned last week to their old home in Clarksburg. .Mo. California did v.--: Toiay is the expiratli^n of t!.<' lawn season. .\11 those w;:o hnve !)• en iiay- inir for wat<>r for the Inwn only, will 1 e ji'iut off unless i'.dditiunal ]iayiiient is made for future use. Misses Pearl and r)r>r:\ .\danisenter- talned the .Tuniors and S'tiiors lust eveninjr with a HailoweVu party. Hair Brushes in all and ;rades 4i Combs, all kinds, both for ladies and sents. See our window dispkiy. F. K. (OOKSEV Prescription Druggist I.)iltur|ip, Kunsufi. •:• -v- •:•^- * ^ *!• I-:- t.'uaranteed Since I^>»<; FIDELITV FLOrn ,N0 EXPERIMENT PERFECT BREAD —.PAUKlirKST".. •j» •:• •^ •^ •:• v;. a; -p IMPORTANT! Triiin 4 "',i ^;oe.^ ihroii.uh-Wieh- lla. llutvhinson, Sterlin;; and Lyons eonmctiim at (ieneseo wilii JhrouKh S'.M-\ ice lo Pa-ifjc Coast. Tr:iin b-aviiiK I<i!a t:!-: p III , :^roes throi:j;h to Wkhiia iiiak inir. coniieeiioii at Wi< lilia for Colora'lo and the Pacific coast. Tr.iin 410 has tliroush. first- class i-oaeii aiiil standard sleeper to St. L<.>i;i.s. iiHlkiliK Kood i-on;jeeli<iiis with ail line.; at St. l>ouis. Tr;;::i los inukes conneeiion at Rbb liiil for .^.Norlh i East and Soiitl'.t rn Missouri iii>ints. LLMUIV6ER AGEXT. boni'-waT'l. I Miss Orar-.- Shawver of Kiiic.iid. vi.-'- ' ile,l ber sisier. .Miss Sojdiia Shawver | here y.'.si.-r.hiy. j Frank Hanson, of Chieago, was Ir .-tnsaetin;; busiin-ss ill our eiiy y, s- terilay. .Mrs Haeon who !i.-is been actiiiK as nurs4' for Miss Fay .\rbiickle ri'lurn''d , y.sieni.-iy _ to hir home in (•h.-ijiiiie i .MISS Fay' is nMich b.-tter. .Mrs E. Wllliairis of Melrose cave a dinu' r Tu< .s.lay in honor of Mr. Will- ' lams' hirthd.iy .-iniiivers.-iry. i V 1.. Goodri<-b d'-livered ::n Inii-resi \ \nv. sermon at ihe Cbrisii.-iii ebureh 1 last J'venintr on the subject of ".-V Tab'j of Two Citi-s." ~ The biir sale is now on in the ••J'llhiiii: de;..irlmint al the .Model. ! rhi- lire boys in< t last evnini; in 1 the hose bouse and concluded the iiMiiiiMy r-'ports. .Mr. 0'I..oary was tak .'• in'o itie fliprirtnient after which the reeetii mee'ina .-i'. Kansas Ciry I I was diseu.ssed. It w,-is decided 'o Rive j 'an oyst-r suiiper in .lanuury'for the inemb-rs tiiid their families. Those of ;1.,' who did not (£0 to Kansas Ci;y v.i!l .-.'S'l be conslderi'd as m ;esls i <;n tliat iii;.'lit.' One (ould h;>rdly tell this mornin.i; that l;":t nit-'ht was Hallowt'en It ' e"lel)rated v<'ry mildly in eompari ; son with former years. Probably the • incleiin iiey of the weather had something to do with it G E. Bro-vn of Kansas City, called i cii Messrs Carl and Hunter yesterday. .Mrs. .N. ,1 Hooper has gone to Dew, ' y. i)k;a.. for an extended visit wiih h. r so'i, W. O. Hooper^ She will visit ;.l Colinsville before fTturnini; home. \. M.' .McCormick and .1. .MeC.innis of l.allarpe were In Gas buying'jiota- l-:-s \. .Tt,rd;'y Mr. and Mrs. .lefr Folk are tli.' parents of a daughter born the tlrst of the Week. A number of costly leaks have be«'n i found In the big ga.s mains in the past j f.w wei'ks Yesterday a large leak in 111 intiln on Malii street that wa« wital- ing didlars worth of pas daily v as repaired This accoiinis for I'l- low -I S ;;i |r,- betw-i'ell !• a!!ii I o'eloek. Roy Ball.-ird of lola. w.-is owr visit- in:; friends-yrslerday ,Tay Rush, who has be>-n In the west ern part of the state lookiim for : 'ocirion r-tuni'd ho'ue yesterd.ay Hi s:iys be th 'nks his le-xi crop will be i.-iis -d on W'-siern Kansas soil. unusually luri;.' i-rowd a 't- nd.-'d lb.- Diis.;;irs :il ih.- (;rand thea;i-.< ii, lola l .-isi evenit!?;. .-V s '.ighi redurtior w -ris maiie to G :'.s City people to cover i-ar fare Tiie .Mitertainment was oi:'' of ill" b St lyceuui numbers ever :-;v- en in Ibis vieiiiity. \ioy Roberts of Colony, was \n tie eitV y.'sterday sli.-ikiiiK hands v ith old friends. Mrs Xliomas Wade r -'iurne,l yester- •!ay frot" .b fferson where sh" was called by the -Illness anil death of her s rand son. Ex-Counc-ilnii'.n Nidie .\dains was a smiling visitor in town yest-.rday. PI.EASAXT VALLEY. I BerkihUerJ October ::e We didn't know tlier.- was so many good looking DemoeraT- '.n .Mien county until we got our Saturday Resist, r Up here the IVmo- -rats are juft about as homely :is ihe Republicans. E. C Iteyi:(i!i!s. c.'indidate lor county • s5.-.-i,r on th'- Ke -aid^.-an tirket. was calling en the voters here .Mondav. Mr and .Mrs .1 B. .Martin, of Coff.-.v- kille. but formerly of here, were visiting- at the .lames Davis and Chas kol in.-tm Injiiies the past week The uieetinus at the i-liiii -h a:e pro- -•ve.-siug nicely. C !::'S Robinson delitered hogs fe tJoy Roberts at Ctdtmy Monday Wni Bird, of lola, was visiting at hL irm li.'re Tuesday. .Mr Griffith has purchaseil the fet>il n the Cox and .MiKhell farms .ind ' feeding seventy heail of cattle on his ' farm here. I Earl Hend.-i -on. Chas Bolby nnd : C I..- Kent a'teude'I the Weaver sale noi ;h of lola Tuesday. .Mr. DelejMaiu hauJe! hay (o Toi.i Tu.-silay j Bert .Scot: d,-,'i\.•:••1.' hogs to L'oy ' Ridierts ,il Colony Tuesday. Chas. .Maxui'I! is doing .=ome goc.d work on t;.e r.>;a!s a' present. Th'> carijei;:'rs are getting along nicely with the work on t'le large .-tfM-k and ha; barn A. T. Ballard is having bttilt on ! is farm here. .Artiiiir Georu-e i pres.-i.ig i;av for W. .M. Price this week. .\fiss I.eona S:ro''e, of loin, was visiting at the Sam Frame bony Satur- da.v. .Miss JIadison and Chas. Monmger, if Gas City, WP;,> cining at the P,erki- l-.iser home Sunday evening. .•\fter t'>> nice dry summer and fall it is hard to get Uicd to this kind of \ Weather 1 Clias Bolh'y is .getting ready to move \ :ii lii.s farm in .-Xrkansas. I Butchering seems to be all tiie go • up here since the co'il weather. ' T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuninr and RepairinsT' Wltk Roberta Mustc Ca FHOKI 4» •:• • •> •> •:• •:• •:• • •:••>•• *^ * • •> * ACCTIOXEERI * A. D. <'oIlln» •» Genera! Farm Sales; Livestock •> a specialty. Satisfaction guar- • anteed. Address. Carlyle, Kas. <• Electric Wiring! Done by experienced irien. Prices reasonable. Canfield &«Thompson With the L. H. Wlshard Hdw. Phone 39. RELIABLE FIRE LNSUR.W'CE—LV renewing your Insurance, place some ..f it with me. 1 will see that your interests are safely guarded, by writing you in a first class company. Be-, sides, we need the business and •»-l!l i ilipreciate your patronage. K. L. J Thompson. Phono 142. Over Evans | Drug Store. f ntt.twa Her.(ld: -T \\ Horsiman of | I'-oria. I'l . |)»i.->.sei| thr/mgh Ottawa, this morninc ;:oJ:it.- r(> lol.->. for a visit his brother. Hi sai'l that lie hail; .iiisi niuin d fr '.'Ui the "Texas panhan-; die. and I'M: tu- kno .vs that it is ih« : country that tin- sun ev-r. shone on ' STOVE.S Coal. Gas and Wood Heaters! Combination Coal and Gas, Hot Blast and Air Tights ECOXOMT IIAXGES / Born'>: Comoination Coal and Gaa Kanpe-^the best made. Places Right! • Tiiel.HjWisliardHdw. E G. Danforth and n:other. Mrs. M. F. Danfottth, of Deering. Kas.. -who •;;i\< been visitin;.- relatives in La- ii.irp". w(ot lo Thayer fiiis aftf:'rnoon. •|r» n Re:rNter Want Ad. I G. W. SMITH Public S&loT I -will -i-II at Piililic \iiction nn-ni} turn!.)! miles ne>l nnd mile south • f .Mildred. I mile ea^t and <>'-,• n:i'c>> tiortli.'i>i i.alliirpr. and '.: nille south, if Ohiiiioiid ( hiircli. en Monday, November 11, 1912 Iteginnintr :tt 1" o'clock a. m., the I'ollowinc dcirrihed p.ropcrty: t HE AO IIOR.SES. I bay t> ,!Ui "f work iia...-. wt ... t lleo lbs ; 1 b;iy driving :;i ;:re. 7 yeirs old. in foal by standard br'-d ffiirg iiorse. wt pn •! ; l iiav p'!il:i..; I'..It. I o'li Bred for dri\;;:i; t HE U> I VTTl.E. 1 gn,>d milk cow. yi.ais oKI. i;'.' I;;.-: •iiilk; 1 l-y.e.ii-old i n-.v. ei.iig ii:i;k: both will I'e iresii in siirji.^: 1 .-^iajri .-.earling h-if'-r calf: 1 Ueii, r calf IHHiS. ?• head r.f shoat.-;. -.v.ight .-il .i 'i.l 1-'" pounds. FEED. :;eO liiishels of good lorn in irib; «o b'l^hels of (-iin^- seed in head; I'l tons of luiilet and iuanie hay in barn: !i> tiuth'-l- •'! .s.-.'d i-.>rn and ith-r aith-b-s U'.i ni.iiierous to mention. FUni IMPIFMEXTS. I rtdiiig Crii.y>n ciMiva'or; 1 walking tl-shovo! culti.ator: 1 11-inch stir- riiig pb>w ; 1 harrow: 1 disc; 1 .fohn Ik-ere Ii.iter; 1 iiio-.c -r and rake; I D.-Ting grain ^b:nder; *2 wagons; 1 surrey: I single bugcv; I set of new .-iiigb- ;.a'.nt--s.- ; I s- 1 of double work iiari'.ess. Iloti^ehoid and Kitchen Furniture. . I Eciinomy Chief cream separator; 1 tive octave organ; 1, good book case; 2 ii'oa beds with springs; 2 good 100- egg incubators; lo gallons of new stirgUuin molasses. I'OILTKY. ' .".!> hens 5 dozen young pullets. 3 dozen fry chickens. TERMS OF SAL^:— .Ml sums of SM.rtO and under, cash in hand. All 8um» over $10.00. a* credit oi I'J months will be given, purchaser giving note •with -approved je« urity. t«earing 6"i interest from date tf paid when du,«. If not ptiid when due to draw lo'i from date of sale. 4% discount for cash, on redit sales .\o property to be removed until settled for. rOL. f. : . OK V <;00. Vuctloueer. SmitK l .r .NCll 0.\' THE GROUNUiJ i:. C. Mel :.\l\, tierk. I

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