The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 13, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1977
Page 3
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e 10- N,U'(!ATIX'K NKWS (Tonn.1 Tuesday. May IS. 19J6 Scouts To Camp At Matthies Park BEACON FALLS - B oy Scouts of Troop 1M were granted permission to camp out on the island at Matthies Park June 11,12, and 13 in conjunction with a cleanup campaign of the park area as part ol lls public service com- milmenl in action taken by the Park Commission last night. The commission also voted to increase the salary of Park employee John Wilson from $2.50 per hour to $3.00 in view of the many extras Wilson has contributed through (he use of his own vehicle and other duties heretofore performed without recompense. Approximately 150 Rainbow Weather Conditions trout will be stocked at Malthies Pond by the'Park Commission equaling last year's effort to stock the pond with Iroul amenable to (he pond conditions as related by the State Dept. of Fish and Game. Hainbows were determined as the most likely to survive inwatersofthedepthand temperature of the pond and last year's stocking Is still producing results. The Commission voted to add 150 additional Rainbows of varying sizes, capable o[ surviving with !he existing species. The commission also voted lo allow the Bicentennial Committee to sell food at the park during the Bicentennial celebration for the convenience of patrons to the formal dedication ceremonies. SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD - Mrs. Hotly Daddona, recently appointed School Crossing Guard Itv the Board ol Selectmen rcjrcscnts a first for Beacon Falls In lhat she is the only uniformed woman police officer to tie appointed. She will be on duly at the in- liTscclion of Route 8 and Burton Ril. «herc children must cross the '""•"" hiB " M - V - ( DO.O»»T) FOOD .SCIIliMIC DENVER (UP1I — An organization called Ihe African Children's Feeding Scheme is being used lo nourish black children in Ihe Johannesburg area and educate mothers about nutrition. A nporl in the "School Voodservice Journal" in Denver says ttw ACFS project originated with Kay Ulytin, a South African who serves ns its organizing secretary. Governmental programs lo feed children vary from province to province in the nation. The ACFS program is funded partly by (he Bantu Administration, roughly comparable to Ihe United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. Donations make up the remainder of its supporl HISTORIC PROGRAM CHARLESTON, S.C. (UPI) - Tlie historic Dock Street Theatre will present a special chamber music program June 5 and 6, in commemoration of the first public concert in Ihe American colonies, given in 1731 in Charleslon. Arlists taking part induce operatic soprano Judilh Blegen, seven members of Ihe Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, violinist Ani Kafavian, and trumpeler Martin Berin- toum. Featured will be a work commissioned from American composer Stanley Silverman, to be patterned after the 1731 concerts in instrumentation and style. Hy United Press International City & Fcst HI Lo P*P Albuquerque PC Anchorage c Asheville cy Atlanta pc Billings c Birmingham c Boston r Charleston S.C. pc Charlotte N.C. r Chicago c Cleveland cy Columbus cy Dallas c Denver c DCS Moines c Detroit pc Dululhc El Paso pc Hartford r Honolulu c Houston pc Indianapolis c Jackson Miss, c Jacksonville pc Kansas City c Las Vegas c Little Rock c Los Angeles c Louisville pc Memphis c Miami Beach r Milwaukee c Minneapolis c Nashville pc New Orleans pc New York r Oklahoma City c Omaha c Philadelphia r Phoenix sy 81 54.... 55 42.... 74 50.... 19 55.... 82 48.... 78 56.... 78 58 .01 84 64 .40 79 58.... 56 40,... 70 44 .68 65 46 .16 79 50.... 77 45.... 66 44.... C4 46.... 63 31.... 81 53.... 76 63 .01 84 73 .01 80 62.... 58 42 .08 78 53.... 85 67.... 69 45 .... 100 71..,. 64 49.... 73 55.... 68 48 .58 67 50 .06 84 75.... 59 42.... 70 40.... 67 50 .39 83 61.... 69 60 .05 75 45.... MEETING CAN CELLED The meeting of the Bicentennial Committee scheduled to be held tonight has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date. CITED IN WATERTOWN Mark A. Lusdano, 17, of 43 Matthew St., Prospect, has been T11K HOCK GROUP "Cadence" will provide live music for the City Hill Modern Dance Show "Desperado" lo be presented May 20 and 21 at 8 p.m. in tte City Hill Auditorium. The members of Ihe group are left lorlgMi Mark Boulol, drummer: Bruce Horn, musical director and lead fiuilarisl: Kerry /wick, vocalist: Lisa Curina, vocalist: Nod March, bass guitarist: Jon March, organist and hasb gull aris t. Region 16 Continued From Page 1 the same as that of 1970, Chris Landino of Prospect, maintained "If they were spending that on a „ „ - supposed to do. It will continue ^ m e board serving when Ihe under the influence of liquor or |t)e p ro g ram s currently in drugs, court date June " Saras in Sponsors Forum WATEHBURY -Cong. Ronald A Sarasin has invited Amtrak Raising Fares WASHINGTON IUPI) - i Veterans' Counseling Forum, .... ,..-„.— - MiddleSchoo operation and will give you a 197 g (na ( on iy „„„. „„,,,,„„ „ returnonlbedollarsyouspendon paid , or by tho board and lhat [;;;^ vailab |e,oftemlo visit education." youngsters who wished to do w.nuiu>d»« ZmiBudgetStotion special projects be asked to A molion by Anthony Bajorek finance the materials for them, of Prospect made at the outset of Board member Louis Poetalalso Ihe meeUng that the board start pointed out that more was being out with a zero budget with in- s P enl P erl lf a J! ha "J; va , sr f,'fr dividual line items detailed was since not all of he 700 students in withdrawnbyhimabouthalhvay the school look industrial arts Ihroush the session when he Mrs. Delage contended the school contended that even if Ihe budget system was like a two million contained all of Ihe monies some dollar corporation with a boardof Teachers Complain Of Violence HARTFORD, Conn. (UPD Hartford teachers, complaining violence is increasing in public schools, want the city to do something about it. The Hartford Federation of Teachers wants television moni- it Post College in Walerbury on tor - [rl g of Sc h 00 | halls and "ly 22nd which he and the s t a i rw clls, periodic checks of Providence r St. Louis c Salt Lake City c San Diego c San Francisco c San Juan c Seattle c Spokane c Tampa pc Washington r Wichila c 79 40 Amtrak will raise mam mica j • — 17 M 37 pw cent on most long-distance doubt if Mr Ciarfella would fnd sTme snort-run passenger spend it." Bajorek contended at trains Juno 15 the opening of Ihe session lhat he Multiple-ride commuter lick- fell a surplus existed in the els to the Boston -Philadelphia - budget proposal and cited he Harrisburg Pa, area will be 5106,000 surplus returnedto the increased 5 to 15 per cent, the towns from last years budge corporation said in an an- Ciarfella responded "I mil nouWment Monday. never spend more money than Metroliner fares will nol be should be spenl As far as wha increased, nor will any first Ciarfella termed "that notorious class fares except for a 5 per surplus" was concerned, he said 100 19.... 66 43 .42 58 51 .... «3 42.... 67 58.... 64 43 .»! 88 58.... 70 62.... 57 48.... 66 74 .... 62 46.... 60 32..., 86 77... 80 62 ... 72 38... directors not knowing how much money we have, how much we're spending and what we'll need in maintained. "The people are questioning a lot of things in the schools and we want to know if they're included in Ihe budget," she said. Had the budget presented lasl Connecticut Office of Veterans stut ) en [ lockers for weapons Affairs have cosponsored. a[K ) enclosing parking lols with The Forum will give veterans Mgh [cnces an opportunity to discuss with The un j on representatives ol the various Mim ,j slate and federal agencies, assistance programs which are 'available to them. Counselors will be altending from the Veterans Administration; Connecticut Office of Veterans Affairs' Veterans Bonus Division; Soldiers, Sailors and Marine Fund; Rocky Hill Veterans' Hospital, Social Security Administration and Food Stamp Program. Sarasin arranged the Forum in order thai veterans who have questions about (heir eligibility for benefits, and Ihose who may said Friday it _ t wants automatic expulsion of students who assualt or threaten teachers. Federation President Dorothy Billinglon said school administrators are "down-playing" violence and fail to investigate complaints beyond gelling the student's version of what happened. She plans lo ask for more proteclion at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday. U'OI.I.O COSTS HOUSTON' iUPH — Ameri•a's Apollo program, the flights Amtrak off incrcasi cost increases wmcn ftimran ......»""»-•.-• — - j- -----: cannot control and to hold down expenditures had to be curtailed the amount of federal subsidies in those areas not because we needed to keep Ihe country's wanted to but because we had passenger trains rolling. to." He maintained hat other The only longdistance Irait, than in Ihe tuition estimate the unaffected by Ihe fare increase hudget was only some 16,000 off. is the "Mountaineer" between "Obviously wilh a $2 million Norfolk Va., and Chicago, dollar budget you can I go to Also fares will not be raised on zero," the superintendent portions ot other long-distance maintained, routes, such as the Los Angeles-Oakland segmem of Ihe MamtmnceandSupphes Los Aneeles-Sealtle "Coast Budget allocations in Ihe area Starligil of su PP lies and maintenance A number of short-distance were bones of contention for routes will retain the old fares, several residents, who conlentcd including Washington -Cumber- that the board did not allow for land Md.; Chicago -St. Louis; inflationary cosls in the i ems Chicago -Carbondale, 111.; which remained at the same level Chicago -Milwaukee; Seattle - as last year s Portland; Seattle -Vancouver, Noting Ihe need for repairs or Canada; Los Angeles -San replacement of Ihe Community Diego and San Francisco - School boiler, Patnc.a Stemfeld 8 of Prospecl questioned how the figure could remain the same when the major repair was pending. Ciarfella explained that funds were available in the account since expenditures for such things as roof repairs and other major items had been done out of last year's budget and previous budgets. The boiler he said had been checked by a slate insurance them with the agency Administration 0 [ the representatives. In f.irly plannins. Ihe Apollo certificated personnel account The Forum Program will begin program scheduled 10 lunar -,„! ,i lod i.oar'c (nial at 10 a.m. and continue until 3 landing attempts, but Ihrcc ste hi. c^ntractt p.m. at Post College, SC* Counlry were canceled because of list year and Ihe coming year Club Rd.. Walerbury. hud** nils, have not yet been settled, and O . NE]U n AY LAKEWOOD, Ohio (UPI) Eugene O'Neill's comic look at the generation gap, "Ah ...„,..„ j on the princials and superintendent's salaries are not yet complete. The Board now has about two ••;- ".-" "~ Vint, ir, Wilderness!", will be included weeks according to staMe lo Shakeseare hold another district meeting for . its budgel proposal approval. I5lh season opening July S. SERVICE « S SERVICE H'l ft! Slim £ R Aftei Va S* R V Uil town ^ I FRANK BUCK 1 c 513 No. Mi't SI. Naag. c E . SERVICE . SERVICE I \S \TC\S XFV • Doyle "Kal Man" tlninson of Fl. Worth. Texas eliminated 21 olher poker plmri in a head-tc^'ead high-stakts game lo win Ihe World Scries of Poker in Las Vegas and nuke him I230.COO richer. Brunson collects his bundles of 1100 bills alltr bcalmg Jessie Allo of Houston. Te\asinafinalhawlthat»asworth}tTS.500. Market 157 Qulnn St., Naugatuck 729-6898 We carry a full tine of VIKING BAKERY PRODUCTS Colfee Cakes, Cookies, Layer Cakes, Bread & Rolls. ON ORDER ONLY Party Pastry To Serve 25-50 Or More. Birthday Cakes To Serve 10-45. Wedding Cakes The only place in town to buy "Viking" Bakersfield, Cal. Conn. Must Provide Share For Armory HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - Conneclicul has less than a week to provide 5325,000 as its share of construction cost of a ^spcclor lasfweek! and repairs solar-healed armory in Norwich an(J Qr replac e mcn [ ^u be or it will lose a $1.8 million recessar y Base d on the verbal federal grant for the project. rt ot &e - m pxlm he noted, Maj. Gen. John F. Frcund one SK(lm ^ have ,„ te state adjutant general, said ]aced and poss jble other Friday the federal money is portions repa i r ed. When costs for available until June 30, the end ^CTfepajrsorreplacementare of Ihe present fiscal year. j n rjj ar f e |j a ^a a judgement However, Freund said, m yjii be ma de by the board as lo order lo obtain the money the which js &t mm feasible, stale musl advertise for bids lo j^ Riyer Mi(Me 5^1 PT A construct Ihe armory and esid e nl Mar i e Delage award a construdion contract, requcste< ] a ^py 0 [ fte report a -M-day process. wnen it fas been received and Unless Ihe money is applied ^^ she wasn , t .^fied lhat a (or by the end of next week, it be too late to qualify for Ihe federal money, said. WILDER PLAY MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) Thornton Wilder's classic comedy "The Malchmaker" opens the lilh season of the Guthrie Theatre June 14. Seven other productions, ranging from modern comedy to Elizabethan tragedy, will be presented during the 197W season, erratic heat was lil y <M i i> oin fS to ** corrected. Ciarfella Freund said however, that he felt that recently developed valves which have been installed in the schools corridor radiators will take care of the heat problem. He noted lhat while the boiler in question is operable, it is not being used now since the school has another boiler and the weather milder. The allocation for supplies in industrial arts estimated at about Jl per pupil came under the gun. Noting the rising costs of lumber andlhallheestimaledfi gure was Home Mortgage Loans. Finance lhat dream home with a mortgage that's tailored to your income and budget. No one in greater Watcrbury knows more about mortgages than we do — and how lo structure them to your needs. Stop in or call. Home Improvement Loans. fix it up. Paint it, re-roof it, re-side it. Make it bigger, make it better, make if worth nore When you improve your home you improve its value. Coir.e in and talk things over. First Federal Savings! AND IOAN ASSOCIATION OF WATERBURY 50leavenworthSt.,Walerbuty *NaugaluckValleyMall,Watcrbuty * Chase Ave. atWigwam,Watetbury Plaza 656 Main St.,Watertown * Open Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1p.m.

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