The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 13, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1977
Page 2
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K - \ U'(i VU'CK M'.WS (Conn.! Tuesday. May IK, I Redeye Ilrar Ann Unders: 1 need to lose 20 pounds. So does a ga! I work with. Wr decided instead of eating lunch we'd split an apple and play Bn rumrnv. The problem is. I lost $7 last week and S9 this week, and it's only Thursday I suggeslcd Iliat we play for lower stakes but she says it's m (un unless [here's "real money" involved This fiai is a much belter gin piayer than I am and I know il. But I (lon'l waul logo back locating lunch and I can't atlord these lerriblc losses. l'<l appreciate a cool solution to this problem •• Thinner Bui Poorer '' Di'iirThin Hul Poor: Find another fatty who will play just for the tun <>f it Then tell Hie card shark you can no longer afford Ihe (ih'Hsuie of IKT uimpany. Dear Ann: I'm a young woman 1251 and work at an interesting job, I'm Iho ynungcsl n'f Ihrce girls. My two sisters arc bolh married lo men my rnnilier can't sland iThey are college graduales. very sucvi'ss'ful in business and have proven to be wonderful husbands.l Mv miiihcr refuses (o meet any of Ihe men I now date. She hides in Ihel'xdroom under the pretext of "a sickheadachc." .'.I! my previous friends she has picked lo pieces This one didn't have a good enough fnmily background an<1 that one was very homely, i "What will your children look like?") I'm now seeing a man 1 un quite fond of. When 1 asked Mother to mcel him she flew inloarage and screamed. "Slop seeing him It's getting too serious The next thing you know you'll be getting married'" I'M' though! nf moiing out. bin she becomes hysteric a I whenever I mention it "\n nice girl lives alone when she has a mother in the cily." Any advice" I am-Sick (If II Ail Dear S.O.I.A.: It's time you few the coop, honey. II you need li-ofessional liclp lo replace the macaroni in your spine with more silidsiuff.gel il Andgoodluckloyou Yuu'regoitigloneedil Dear .Ann lenders: My jo-ycaniM husband and his 14-year old (LiUKliln- lime a relationship I mice Iliough was great, bul now I'm trgiwinn lir wonder AliiiiH wry evening after supper Hhonda and Had have a liltle ivn«lliii|! malcli Tliey roll around on Hie door and get inlo Ihe lU'ncVsl |iisili(ins illionda is fully developed. In my opinion she shimldn 1 IK- Ijirsing around like this Ui>liau>a III u>;imld son who is virtually ignored by his lalher. 1 Ime MUSI'sled Ihal il v mild make moresense if he \vreslled wilh his smi mid Irll liis (iaugbler alone. He accused me of IxHng jealous and then siiid.'-Ymihavca sirk mind " Whal abnul it. Ann? - Mother On Tin 1 Suvhnes Dear Mother- Xc> 11 year-old girl 'Tully developed yell should be lolling arnuiid on Ihe floor wilh any man - least of all her father The Uirsoplay "Inch may have started in complete innocence could trigger imt'*]X'clitl sensations in bolh parties. Your husband's allilude toward his son. as well as his daughter, su^esls lhai be could use snme counseling. He needs lo gain some insiglil niU> tils I eel nigs toward his children I hope he moves soon. li's awlully lale in Ilie game Hn\vynuit£islo<yytnmg lor a child In learn about sex 1 * Thai's just nne liiiifjj'iWll IftxFiri'.Anrt Landers' nfiv Hoi)klel.'"Ho*. What and Wlmi to Tell Your Child About Sex." Send 50 cents in coin, along with a long, stamped, sejf-addressed envelope to Ann Landers. P.O Box Hi*' Klgui. Illinois filH2H FOR WEDNESDAY. MAY 19. 1978 Look In the section in which smooth-running your birthday comes and lind what your outlook is, according lo Ihe stars. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A business associate may want you to join him in an investment. Belter not! This will not be a good day for venturing. TAURUS y/-j? (Apr. 21 to May 21) ^W» Venus influences highly inspirational. Unusual ideas coda spark a brand new approach in career matters, GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Mercury somewhat adverse. Your judgment clouded by a personal matters. Do not make any important decisions for W hours. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) A good period for starting or developing new business associations, but lake Ihe initiative before noon. Not much cooperation later. procedures merely for the saXe of change. SAGITTARIUS ,, (Nov. 23 (oDec. 21) « (jj Transform scintillating ideas into brisk quality action. Implement your program with the thorough thinking that brought past successes. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Review past failures, past successes. There'ssomelhingto be learned trom both. Incorporate the superior into any new effort You CAN attain. AQUARIUS /s& (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) ""raw Watch that tempo — and the inclination lo act upon a decision loo quickly. In holding discussions, don't try to force issues or you could overshoot a safe mark. PISCES X3? 7 (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) *<=* Matters of minor importance may blow up out of proportion - unless YOU call a halt. Your quick-silver intuition and perce ptive ness should be a help. YOUKE KIPPIN6J I THOUGHT EVfcRYONE KNEW ...YOU DUST WAIT UNTIL THiV 50 WTO A SERVICE STATION, THSN WATCH WHICH KEY 1H6Y ASK THE ATTENDANT FOR HOW TWE. necK DO YOU TEL.L A SOY TURTLE FROM A 6lf?L TURTLE ? Heart Of Juliet lones CAHTREU. ARE YOU HER£? CAHJREU.'f [ FEEL I MST IM-K TO HIM WHY AM 1 HIRE PROBABLY H'OH'l IET ME BUT..- Bringing Up father THIS I'VE GOT TO SEE--ITOUSHT TO BE 6OOD FOR A LAU6H/ PID YOU KNOW AUNT IS DOIN'S HER SETTIN6-UP EXERCISES? COULPNT I HURT THAT MUCH! i t HtV, I'VE SOT IT.' I'LL fW THE PART ) OF MARVLEE'S FATHEK/NP SAVE J SLOPPY IS CROCKEP COT TO BE A BETTER WAV. PAH. ;E to EXPLAIM 1 70 VARYLEE, BUZ, Allf HOVt T SHE ISN'T TOO HEARTBROKEN / PON'T BE (RIDICULOUS/ YOU'VE RUIHEP EVERYTHING.' SHE KEEPS THVlNS UNTIL SHE YlAKES HERSELF MISERABLE'.' I'VE TOLD YOU AND TOLD YOU. ..YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO. \ / DID YOU PICK UP DID YOU BRUSH ] (, yoiJR CLOTHES? TEETH?/ . r^ /«' by THOMAS JOSEPH EVERVOME THiKlKS I SHOULD FORCE COUNT VASCULAR VOW VAMPLE TO VOVE BV HIM ; I AlM'T MEVER HIT A SWAB AFTER HE WAS A DEAD PEOPLE! IT SEEMS LIKE PUTTIM' THE HORSE AFTER THE CART:; AHOY, <;AM,..SEUD A POZIM6 CANS OF PRIME SPINACH;: ACROSS Hialeah margin 5 Jacket part 11 Eager 12 Hay (ever sufferer's bane 13 Tiresome one U Courl decree 41 Concerning 12 wds.l « Half a sawbuck 43 Bambi's pals DOWN 1 Fat cat 2 Molding 3 Temptress 4 Nigerian yesterday's Answer 19 French 28 Mountain ,7 'pile title erour knock 33 Indonesian IS Sweel ; Building 21 "- lsla ™ "HO™!!* » Poetic road ' ^ familv omission (2 wits. 38 KiiKles or 21 CM a 9 Deer meat « Become Adams 2 Ante W Absorb precipitous 39 Wildly »iRnll7 16 Rake '« right impulsive of WWII 26 Wedding announcement 27 Before 28 Big house inmate 28 Duffer s gadgets 30 Rxit: conduit 34 Wooden core 35 Egyptian king, for short 36 Yale bulldog 37 Number on t2 wds.l 39 Disfigure 40 Small region e •" V•' f. ;••• •e- " Vl — '-' ^ " "> ' ll '.; ; ; ' L ' - ll ••f - — — J "' DAILY CUYPTOtH'OTE - Here's how In work il: A X V n 1. B A A X R is i. o N 1 n F F. 1. 1- n w 6nc li'llcr simply slands fi>r anntlicr. In uscil lor Ihi- llui'c'l/s. X Hie l»n <)V. i' aiiostioplic.t. Ihe IrnMlli :'"'l (iiriiialicin i>l I hinls. Karh dav tlii' cnilp U'llors .ire clilTcr.'nl YOU BORN TODAY are extremely sensitive, affectionate and home loving. Innately serious-minded, you make an excellent scholar and teacher; d-AiM also excel in science where yoir inherent inborn curivsity. Tsy:VJ t* a (July 24lo Aug. 23) Consider some original ideas or new twists to old methods to help you on lo a chievemenL B ut don't discard old procedures which have proved effective in the pas I. VIRGO (Aug. 2Uo Sepl. 23) You are always ready lo give terr.erAyj EiKv 'f'j- at faA help when needed, and you may of the sctivs L't, t>.'. hjvt i be called upon now. Give your strc-r^ !*nie/y ',v»4."S £f. lime, energy and (or) assets. It coflSsr.V--.tE.-r; vsivrji Ir. will pay well when you least the ctaict '/ 't expect iL fields are r r,fz. \ UBRA A.TX writing, L v * lii (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) the ttealB A productive day for those manager <t ^.-v.-.-r :'. is engaged in creative activities. Some of your ideas may need revision before they become practical, however. SCORPIO (OcU 24 to Nov. 22) Everyday matters need reviewing. Note where changes Archie J T. U VI endowed i \;tf. >IH--». 'f. sure lo tul'-'nvi r. sivjt i! could lead '.-, uun<?. mivrf success. A/.y '-rj.-r-i 'J. 'jf. communicaUwj zwli t-r*A also be an txc.tie£ wllrt for your talents. EirtMUt (.!: are'"needed, and make them Nellie Helbs, worM-ftmous efficiently. But do not alter opera singer. " Sr.uftj Smith In 1970 l'-S land area Si. Valentine's Day is as- exceeded 3.5 million square sociated with lovers because of miles and the population the o!d belief that on this day density was 57.5 persons per birds begin to choose their square mile. mates. snni[>le A is njlc lcllrr> nrils irr a. I this 'lr Si V It 1) W 0 I. K 'I. 11 K TliSKOU <; YICTYl' / it r v i (i T K .1 .1 1) M 0 X . Yesterday's CryplnqmiU". YUU 1)0 NOT I.ICAI) HY 111 I'lTNli 1-KOI'I.E l)VKll TIIK l!I-:.-\l) - THAT'S ASSAULT. NOT' I.I-:AI>KIISIIIP - D.D. I© \T,t. Kir Investors' Guide Aggressive Position Under 40? JUGHAID!! V6 BEEN FIGHTlW IN SCHOOL Q. I notice that many of your readers are interested In reliremeDt Income. But what about those who are under 40 and want to take an aggressive position In hope of capital gain? Several years ago I bought some airline bonds at HO. The broker told me they were risky, but felt I was In a posltlou to recover my losses. The bonds now trade at 48 and I am still holding some which I plan to pledge for a loan so that I can buy more stocks, bonds. I'm also "heavy" on options. Heel I should take an aggressive position In the market In the hopes of producing large gains. A. You're correct, of course, when you say thai much of this column is income-oriented. The reason is obvious: Relatively safe and generous income today can be produced from high quality bonds, preferreds, commons, savings accounts and Treasury and U.S. agency bonds. Generous capita I gains are no easier to come by I they were in 1676,1896,1946 or 1966. Anyone who goes out for capital gains is obviously taking a higher risk than someone who is content to receive quarterly preferred dividends or semi-annual bond interest. Secondly, this column has no qualms about telling anyone who wants 5H-6 per cent interest (as this is wrillen) and 100 per cenl assurance Ihe money will be returned in December that a Treasury bill due Ihen will fill Ihe bill 100 per cent. U you ask me what slock will show a 5% or 10 or 20 per cenl gain by December, 1 don't hear you. Nor should I hear you. I think the SEC would, properly, lake a dim view of such a n item. Yel, even though 1 am not going to get specific, I agree with your goals 100 per cent. A physician under 40 should... must... be aggressive in his securilies investing. You certainly were being aggressive when you paid 140 for a convertible debenture yielding aboul3 per cenl. Whelher it was explained to you then or not, you now know you were speculating — all out — on the common slock of that company. O.K. your loss won'lscar you for life. The problem arises in trying to answer: What now? 1 recall talking to a senior p«rtMr of i large bond trading houM one morning when a young, while-faced broker rushed in and exclaimed: "Mr I'm down 125,000 already on those Norfolk & Westerns." To which the senior partner calmly replied: "Just go back in there and trade." Which is about as much as I can say to you. Except that I hope you aren't asking me to hold your hand while you lake these risks. You have the youth and... I suppose...can count on having the money. That's sufficient basis (or matriculating in a hard knocks course in "slock market dangers. 1 ' One comment: If you go into options "heavily" be sure you have a broker who not only knows that market but pays close attention to il. U can be tricky. And if you run into further reverses in speculating, remember you can always turn lo a long-term program of steady acquisition of quality growth stocks. On Kcogh and IRA Pension Programs: I've been gelling some pretty tricky questions on how one may qualify under either of these two private pension plans. I must beg lo be excused. The Internal Revenue Service, or your own accountant or lawyer are the places you must go for advice on "iffy" situations. q. I have $15,000 Invested In eight slocks. A broker wants MOO lo sell all of IL I think It Is too much. A. So is 75 cents a pound for collage cheese, and $4.50 for replacing a fuse, and W.OOO for painting a house. Shop around and see if you can do belter. Brokerage rates are now up for grabs — there is no longer a fixed charge, or even a Slock Exchange minimum. 1 terdv D'tJI* In I7no ihe I'S land area totaled (KYOTO square miles and Ihe number of persons per square mile was ( 5. according lo ihe Census Bureau's new "Historical Slalistics of Ihe I'mted Slates. Colonial Times lo I97H"

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