Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOV EMBER 1, 1912. T T WILSON WAS CHEERED ALSO ])('lii(irr:il< I'iirki'ii Minli^oii Si|iiiirr (•artlcn and T»'llo«I tor One Solid Hour. New York. 0 »-t — Cmcrnnr \Vo<>i!• TOW Wilson, siirukinic iiminht iM 'iorc , an ainlii-nei' t!iat filU-.l v\iiy (iMnor of Madison S(i*iiiri? Carili-n. ri'ci'ivi-d i !io proatcst ovation of liis cani;iaii;n for iho i>r<'siilc!i'y- Knicrln;: th-- lial! nt ;> o\Uuk. alter siu-akinj; !i<.-!oi'' an i-n- tlmsiastiv ratiiicnco in tlK- Hroiiv. t!;i- PiTiiocraiic .-luakvr sioml for a:i 1 >i>nr ami {'.:•,'•,• ininiiM s at tin- railing oi t:i. si^uakcr's iilalloiin, waiiinu l"i tli" d'M'onstration to end. ••'No niHU fdiilil fail I • liinMi! !•> a <!<"fions!iai'on MI < ji a- «<• liaM; «'t- lH '-Mil i .Mili;lil."' ill- sai<l wji^i > wvy i-viclcni'<- of iliM'li "Vi iiii:;, as '!tia!!> • niailo i:iiiir<'lf i:,'a !i!. v. -I I a!ii tin- n:-".!' I'uilN'ii lii-i oiM- I i-alizo li is a • <irnion.-M:i!ii'ii .1 .an-'-, auil U"! for a man." Stalling il .i' ;]•:>• .-liiMi;.- fvom ill.' (ioorway wji .n i;....jjmr \\i's,.ti ar rivi >il liv an; •v<<'. ;n ;'.<• i'.ronv nioctiii-. lii.' >^i:i-.'ri S.|ir,ir-<''it'n Oulliiir.-t il'i'til iitiii"-i .iforts 111 <|iii-!I it. Tile i:(tv':v.'^r'> iii":io!i inr <Hii'''t l):oii:-,:ii. "niy i.':i<'«i'i! <•;:.•,•!•.-. •CiialKs (if "U'l' nan! Wilson" sUr<>k fill iiaii am! iwix- wl.on rln -i »r,ini: lia;: .s!i.:;l;r:v , yiilisiilt^i! it H.IS .-tajtfil •uitit r<'ni '\M'.; l .y ><.v.ii-_' wonitn ivli" forr."! tlicir way ri. rh<- fn.n! nf llf; si..'ak'^r"s stand nn^i ii ;.-idi.Ml liio .croHfi loii'.s)) f,'fo;r- <• i-r;;s<!i'i-:n 1 S. C. l|((I..M!;s K(»IC SKNATOK. | VT)t<-rs, r< n:":i}!>f ;• t!ial S •' !!M!1T:"'~. is tile r.i'ri.i!:ir i:''i!i!'M.-an i; ini<- f"r • ytat'i f <>!i;ri'pr frMir. tins di .-trin. 11.- Mands for ti.-ai)"'; ai;..''. i-o...; uiivrn- ' mrn' atid ail tl .r- j ';i .j!.s>ii.' ji '^iiri.'.s.. •' advocat .-d liy tlu' j;.:it ir .a .i"ri^v of; JiojuiMi'-an.- 'f Kar..-.-'Ili' i- a (•'• ;-.n. ' s(iuar'>, lai'aM'i :i:an and is 'iiiitlcd to yr!';r \o;.- ii y.iuari- fi'P p: ohildii'in ' in Kansas. i 'And t;,f:->- is u ;av' .lanL '.r .-i .nfion-- ' ^Jnsr T:;i' K -nii" ranr,- ;aii-. in i<:.n as, .1. .1 H.dir. ;!:.•!>::: :.:-\v.;- of Kan -as City, saiti in" .an iiiti-iv :.'.\ No-., a.:)-: : 7. j!is! af;.-:- li'.' c ;.-f .'a: >>i :;.••! Ijiiiior int.-: • s'.s ,in Kan .-a-: •"T 'Ao y ..ars n^w t!,.- s ;i >;"y will 1:.^ d-/f -':-.-n: Kansa.- is uidnc t.- ])•• v.iT, anl;:).' hrc^. rs ar-- r -ji to. i! (lur .Tijanizarif 'ti ;n 1':'^ , >-:at.' wA] ;nair';.i;ri'-! ii::;i! wr uin AV«' h;iv.' s.'!;.- in ;o '!;.• f:::!;; to -!ay. ' •:iiv! -A- H' ; .iun' uu;;i !.ax.- .S',aa :i.i liiim;.- -.vii .i 1 • rsoas ..-..•r .•!!-.••:•<• V. ... '..avo lii u- v.\<. ri'.iij'ij .lis anJ j .iiiof -i! i;> fic ''..u IMS; :.':'!O.-;I ' t •• 1 a; ,ti or i\v'>n:y y.nrs Y'n In-' 1 from Kan.^.j^ tMs .-i.-ar s::'.v hn -sv/ rif.- n d" " If yi.'! ivart j.r of < ••iia'ii' in i:.- ;j::ain.^: '\<r .f '.hi'*-• 'ili '-r:;! " ' j- M:'-TT in yon wii; : nd .-ili of I.fsiiirin, t'l .\ti H'.i'a known aii'i n";.-'! TI in'' ri-s--. :r'.iii " M. l.TV to I I- jit'.v.' Ta' V S'di'ii.i a--'ins' ^!r ll'.'inf Ti.akinu "a d' -i" r.-i'''' fiuii' l.'L'js.Ja; 1;:.-. and U'il ii-.c '1. iii.-y i an ;.a\ to 1 ! I- v;-o-.' " r'-'';rri/ u haf li:'; rv :.rid dis:-"- a-. :iii<'d i|i Ti .y a 10 aii\ nxan- a'. I'll -:; Our Attraction is High Quality and Low Prices 101 East Madison Ave. We Pay \'our Mileage. WINTER APPARa AT ATTRACTIVE PMCES Suits Wi' aro receivinix new Suits for la<lit\^ aji'l nii.<:ses most every day. Some of the most heau- tiful cai'mcnts we have shown this season aro iKM -e now for yoiii- inspection, in all the wanted materials and hitest styles and the prices are from .$2.o0 to $7.50 lower than you usually have to ])ay for similar pjarments. Suils specially priced from .$10 ..'iO to $:r>.(») FURS .Select your Fui's now while the assortments are large. If you look at oui* Vur> you will buy here. Sets priced from $4.50 to §250 Special Tomorrow Ladies' .$12.50 Suits, tan and .c^ray ff7 AO mi.xtures, for tomorrow ^i'/O Coats Yt)U aiv sure t() find what you v.ant here. _ We are tiie most beautiful line of ladies' . and misses' Cnals evei- shown in lob, and the pi'ices are so lov.-—quality considered. No matter what style you are looking for it is here in all the newest coloi-ings and at prices that will • save you money. i Ladies' and Misses' Coats priced $5iJ>0 to $35 j CHILDREN'S COATS A beautiful liiie to from in velvet, corduioy antl ]>!aiii and novelty cloth:s—priced from .$L.50, $2, $2.50 to $6^50 Special Tomorrow Latbc.-' I'.lacl; (Molb Coats, worth J[i TA S7.-'»n-, f.ii- i-.nini-row only ^^•fj" Munsing Wear for woipen and children— the best nuin<r «jarmenl on ihe market and the least ex­ pensive—'juality considered. L.\I)IE.S" UNION SUITS priced at $L00, $1.50 and up to .S:j.<>0. 1!: \ I' a- Y .u aa..- : : iiilii; a - iri a::a ii-; Mr ( iiI.I'Mf.r.-: [;ii|.M In • iVS J:()VS' AXn GIRLS' UNION SLTI'S. i)riced at 50c, 75c, $1.00 and SL.50. Rl (;S AND DRAPERIES. At prices that will save you mf)ney. Let us siiow you. SHOES! If you have not tried our Shoes you had; Itcder come with the crowds tomorrow. We can .<ave y<iu money on yoiu- footwear. Ladies' Shof'.< in patents, trim met;i!, tan-, velvets, and fine kid leallu'r .<.5^speciMllv piiced frurn SL50, .*sl.75. .S2,.S2..")0,S:ito.SL.50. Red Goose We can save you money on Boys' and Girls' Shoe.<— our stock is }ai'fi:e and prices lowest—quality considered. (Jirls' Shoes in patent, tan, .Cfim metal and heavy kid leather, ijulton and lace, per j)air, $1.2.5, $1.50, $1.75, $2. Jockey Hoots $1.25, $1.50. .$2 and $2.50. Hoys' Heavy School Shoes priced at $1.50, $1.75 to .$2..50 fines* & Best For Boys & Girls BLANKETS Yf>u will profit by buyinj^ your Blankets here, where Xhe assortnlents are the largest and the prices tile lowest. Cotton Blankets ... .7.5c, $1, $1.2.5. $1..50, .$2 to .$.150 Wool Blankets (iriceri from $5 to $10 COiMFORtS. We are .^bowing the best line of Comforts we have ever shown. Priced at .$1. $1.50, $2 to $5 OUTINGS in light and dark colors. Per yard 5c, S'/jC, 10c FINE GOODS for Kimonas. Priced at JOc, }.5c and 17«/^c yd. Piiced at COMFORT CALICO. • 5c, 7'/^c, .S</,c. 10c yard COTTON BATTS Good quality. Priced at.. 10c, 12'/^c, 15c. 25c'and 35c WOOL DRESS GOODS The most beautiful line ever shown over our counter—all marked very Special. , isei Vi'a KM' • iai 1 1.. . Krom ( I'll to \(lir. . K ..S . tt. . .-.l |--..r tils V... . k .1 iirisoii. r iii t -.vas |..| lo I)..- ),ridi.-.'> • i '.-• •.••V.'- I 1,1 ;')• ^•rl .oIIi ,'ai.' ' i:" Ii' . II i;i Jill li\<. s i ..s( \. ar. w \-. <-(.'.|. i M,.ia '.V'I'.ialii.-. •!. lioiii li" a.i:..;^.-i 1.. f- u. r-.- pris­ oners. .-.'I. :ai,i. •'u,-^ h' Id •<•: a .-M 'f M ':ir- I'arson.s this ^morniti): with a pi-w ^ I I:iiin to rooosnitlon as a mat artt.'Jt. 1„ ;, Uown lli»T<. last niclii lie ar-' • •'-1»I<M1 flm j-hallcnR'^ of Oait-s. of In- . d''p<'nd<'n<-<.. wlio cluini.s the litl.- ol , (-lianipion of S'liithftisKTiv Kan.«as, | and bfst«d tli'' allctji-d cliamiiion Oai<-h jirotnl8*'d lo Ijrow any/ iic whn Wiiuld tako him on two tiim-s within an liour. Johnson submitK-d to th.- Ixiir hUK hilt inst. ail of Icin^ piiim ij in till- tin;. In- cave CaL-s a tuiisli for COMMENT ON PUIY .H»II\.SO> .SMMK »n:KSII-KIL lola I <tliin..«l Maui Uii'fiilrd H Chal- li.|ii:«'r nt rur«oiis. - .\r .III)u.-oii. «))!) ha.s known .ii;^ .IS ^(iTiii I hiii:: of an atliliti-. l.o\.-r ,iiid wr .-.sil.T. r>.|i)iii.-il from \ii lohi MnMiir Writf> llrr Idfas UKIUI I.i-tlini.'rhildn-n Knmp Outdoor> ill WrnthiT l.iki- This. roiintri"I think il wtnild hf more aiipropriai'- to s.-nd'tlu'lii to out ci^v .sfhool.s lo civiliz*' our own hovs and Kirls Now I doiri put all tto- hlam<. (Ill ih*' srh'»»l hoard or on th*. i »*Hch *'rs • itiKr. I think tha parents are vorv i ., , , , ,,, it.ii.h to hiamo for iiphoIdinR tho.v '''l -r'' ih" 'hildnn could go to ihinss. I rf-ad in the RoKisfr l.ast J'''">• ^^^^"'^ f'""- C''t the little .siinim.r wh.r.- they ihouRht it would I ^^"^ ^"'^ ha..^ KIV.„ to bless our h- eo ni(.. io li.v up soin.! placfi in th« i'"": I'Olo ones out of uioth 'Ts w.-iy. Now I am a » mother. I ha\- fiv.- dear rhildrpn causes run-down health and sickness. Scott*s Emulsion and rest are needed, but SCOTT'S EMULSION is more important because it enriches the blood, ^ nourishes the nerves—builds the ^ body and restores strength, vigor and immediate energy without interrupting daily duties. Scoti's Emulsion drives out colds and cirengthens the lungs. & BOV.M:. }:!o<»mn<J.l, N. J. Idla KanKa..<. Oi t I'.l. I'>1L' liiily lt.;;lst.r; .Mr lliliior. will i vou pli.a!>< ,|irini llo- followins; !• \ i .in hour and lift.-<n minnios n. iih.-r ; i,,,,.^ ,„r ^, |„,„i |,air„M. on.- who ran om-_brinj: i r<'dil«.«l with a fall. • I ^j, .., imm.. and Kd' Ui. M hool rhild- . r .'ii :rnm hrr own window? .Vow I I.KnTKK M'.MBKIl ri.KVsiNJi. |ihink li would hav.. i^hown nior.-rom- mon «r |is> il Ihe trarh'-rs .uid srimol III-. J2-W 0 |llllillL' >Hlllh«T, "Tin- lliis*!irs' llulilcd 11 CrnHiL I Till, lola l,yr -i 'Uin Association roiirsf j '>|irn<'i| last i .wnli)^- at ihr Ornnd HIDI a iiniijiir and jdcaslni:. onti-rtiiinmoni l.y ilw ••flus.-ars," coiuixrsod of nine >-oi!ns mm J-"roiii fin^t to last thorp w.-is 11!) lioiilit as to till' < XI rllonrr and lalrnt of all tl-o iniisirians. Tlio au- di »r.'<' Ka\«' ti:- best of aif-ntlon and iiiiii-;i ai>iduus<. ^how•(•d thrir li'^arty a;'iiri"dation Tin- rvpniCfi's program-was divided into t!-:r«>o divisions, roncer. rollogo S!'"' < lub. and tl.p •Hussap-." the first di'.i.-iyn of which w -a .s by far 'he best, altr.oaaJ! ihc otht-rs wore not laAinR in cxre'.bnto. Hy the great variety.of f>ntfrtaiunirnt. the evening was far irom nion.>tonous. Aside from the fn^ ^innnental work, an imitation of a tlei^h ride and box bii|i;ier. and a read ing by the leader, Ingraham Ford, were the most pleasing. The house was •"brought dotjn" a number of times by amusing selections '^and burlesques, the leading parts of f whtcb ~w-er»* taken by Mr. Ford. A • number of flute, clarionet, comet and trocai solos added to the display of the talent of the troupe. ' ho.iril would Takr a 1 bv A I'l I'.-l I loiij; and luak" a .sipiari. aivl tilt'-d |i roi'ks and piil a raiuaslovrr it III'. Iililr rhildri-n to pi.iy in on ' rainy, dump day.< and abo .iii h'lijd ..y.'. V the «iin it hoi rniiuufi lo blist. r ihilr lilth' far.n. Fix on- of tln'S. sij-ares on both sid« .s lor th<' liflh' lioys and littio sirls. so tliry ran t.ik.- th>ir dolii. s .and tcps .and .iiiy linic- i(-> to p:-;y w-lih and not liav.> to st.uid a.'id stomp in ih'- .'nud and as lor tin- lar.2or girls I'.t th.-m-ha^e a pli;fp tixi'd so thrv (an <>njoy th< ir n-- r"ss timf and also niako it prohiabh:* to rhcm. I.<^t the t.aia'ifr.s it-.n-h il.iin to l.e more lady-likt' and to take caiv cf theff clothes, mori' f spe<-iall.v i tlndr shoes.' Tli'-y can havo si-winj:' c-ot'ti-s's or r^.-idin;; conti-ais or play, #onie simple little game in which they don't h.tvo to run and juHT]'. and kirk and play ball. Tliaf is a boy's; pamr. Let the teachers <• >• ihat th*-' children become more civilized, more! €specially the girls. It Js a shame the; waj they let our girls carry oh at ^ school. It is just siinply spoiling j them for the more pure and noble pan i of womaubood. Xalk of sending mis -j Bionarles to the heathen in foreign i For State Senator from the 14th Senatorial District If you believe I am competent and worthy of your support. I will appreciate your vote oh next Tuesday. PAUL KLEIN Candidate on the Democratic Ticket. which Ood has bhsstd me with and I thank (Jod that I have never y. t wanted to run oft some phice to play, ju .st to gel them out of my way. .N'ow about til.' school children. 1 SM-. I lie little ones out m all kinds of •A'-ather. 'It is not rinlit to ox|>o «o ihi-se children that w .iy. Therefore I that ihey h.. ;:n.u the varnii' room ill the si-hool or a place lixeil upon 111"' school grounds for ih .'in In play in in bid weather. f wt .^ii Ihe niii 'l < .siiejially woiilit V rite more lo ih.- pap '-r on .this qiles- i.oii. ^.-ttheir h..-iris fixedon the we|-. f .r" of their htile ones a little mor«» and see what laii hi don.- for them Mothers wak- up lo tlu- aid of your rouuiry. Iion't vou know that ov.o diy's exposure tn .iy put your littlfi one ill the jjroiind. I hope to gee scmt'* mothers' letter.-; in print before long on this question. Well Mr Editor I hive written more Ui?n I intended I b 'tt. I just could not help it. Hoping you will give this room in your daily I.a ;>*'r I am very respectfully, -MRS. CORA JI. RfDOLE, ::'»•; south Fourth street, lola, Ks. Ttie l .i-^ii ;sc!i(K >l civics cla%g/has secured ti;.- necessary sample- ballots for the election, ihe judges and clerks have been appointed, and ever)thing points to a peaceful election day. Kev. rr. M. Gurley. of the Baptist '. cfairch, of Topeka, will be here Sunday and fill the Baptist pulpit, as ' Fov. Shepard will be absent. Rev. \ Gurle.y will also-preach at LaHarpe in' • the eveninf. . ,

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