Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 5, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events/) V>——-----asHeSesr^—"--------------"-"^ Born to Mr. and Mrs. («eo. Beebe of (ileudora, a daughter. Gilbert Nigg is visiting friends at Anaheim. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Goodrich on Wednesday, Sept. 2, a girl. Mrs. A. P. Kerckhoff and family have returned from Santa Barbara. Dr. and Mrs. Jennings and little daughter are visiting relatives in Oakland. The Rev. and Mrs. W. O. Conley and children have returned from Seven Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. Kunkel nnd baby of Loe Angeles were week end guests of the letter's sister, Mrs. H. Cass. Mrs. Harry White and sons returned from Long Beach on Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass and Miss Lilian returned on Tuesday from Seven Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Groover and family returned from a two weeks' visit to Long Beach on Saturday laat. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tripp and family have returned from their sojourn at Ocean Park. "Sagene" Hair Food is marie to make hair vigorous. Get a bottle at Nash's drug store, 50c. Mr. and Mrs. Gaskill of Pomona were guests last Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Armel. J. R. Hodges and family are moving into their new residence at the corner of First and Italia streets, Guaranteed piano tuning. L. E. Sheets, Pomona, tf. Miss Etta Crouch has returned fmm Santa Barbara. Dr. nnd the Missea Herron are taking a vacation at Laguna Beach. M'iss Hazel Clifford is visiting cousina in Los Angeles. Mrs. H. Crouse is the guest of relatives in Ontario. U. R. Kring is spending a few days at Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Forrester are spending the week with relatives in Los Angeles. Miss Allie Smith 5s visiting her sister, Mrs. John Shuey, at Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Houston and children of Los Angeles were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Havilaud. Mrs. J. S. Eckles returned home Wednesday evening after a week's vacation at, Redondo. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Whitsel and little daughters will return on Monday from Catalina. Edwin Sanders of Los Angeles is visiting hia parents, Mr. and Mrs J. Sanders. Roy and Lee Smith are spending two weeks with their brother, Chester, and wife of Hollywood. Dr. Hopkins and wife of Los Angeles were guests last Sunday of Dr. and Mrs. Shoemaker. Sam Walton took a strenuous week end trip by bicycle to Riverside vhere he was the guest of his bro- her. OUR AGENTS: Warner, Wfcibel & (o. Brown & Botifi Pomona Sanitary Laundry Miss Maude Walton of Compton and Miss Edythe Hutchison of Long Beach have been spending the week and with Mies Minnie Hutchison. Miss Elsie Smith, society editor of the Times, is spending the week end at the home of her sister, Mra. Harry White. Miss Mattie Chilton returned last Saturday from Los Angeles, where she spent a week with her cousin, Miss Hutchison. The Missea Illie Stanton and Ruth Poole and Mr. Otis Keeling were guests several days this week of Rev. and Mrs. W. O. Conley at Seven Oaks. Mrs. Wm. Harder left Wednesday for her home in Portland, Oregon, after paying an extended visit at tbe home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hazzard. W. S. Sides and family are rooming at Mrs. S. E. King's and will soon move into their beautiful new bungalow on Italia street. Miss Pomeroy has returned from Riverside to attend the funeral of Dr. Wm. Thorne and to slay with Mrs. Thorne for a few days. The Misses Jessie Kistler and Nigg have left for Stanford University, the former for her second yeai and the letter her first. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lefesue and two children have rented part of the Glover cottage on Badillo street. Mr. Lefesne is a painter and is work ing for Mr, Kistler, Mrs. W. B. Boadwell and children returned last Wednesday from San Diego where they have spent a month. Mr. Broadwell went there last Sunday and returned with them. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Reynolds and family, who are making an auto tour of tbe north and are now at Santa Cruz, are expected home about the 12th. Prof, and Mrs. Gladfelter, have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hodges, have left for Coalinga, where Mr. Glad- ielter has accepted the prinoipalship of the high school. Week end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson were Mr. and Mrs. Franklin of Fort West, Texas, the Hon. Drew Pruitt of Los Angeles and Mr. Allen McDowell of Hauta Ana. O. H. Van Rerisselaer, who recently purchased the J. W. Utter place near Charter Oak, has with his family moved from Hollywood onto the property. Henrv N. Sears, traveling passenger agent for the Rock Island system, was in Coviua this week. He informed the Argus that large preparations are being made all along the line for heavy touriat traflic this year. Miss Florence McLeod has completed a pleasant sojourn at liakfcrs- rifcld at the home of her uncle, Prof. George H. Taylor, teacher of music, in the public schools -<f that city, and hao re.fauu.ed her position iii the office of Doran, Broube &. Price in Augelts. Mr. and Mra. S. A. Walton spent i few days this week visiting Mon- •ovia friends, Frof. Ingram and fain- sly and Mrs. and Miss Davenport. Mrs. J. C. Angel leaves tomorrow 'or Los Angeles to spend a few days with her oldest son Fred, who is ;here on a business trip. Mrs. Martha Hibsoh, rural route carrier No. 1, is taking her annual vacation. H. G. Doughty is acting ae substitute carrier. Mr. and Mrs. J. Zug and family will attend the wedding of Mies Ethel Shank and Mr. Fred Huff, to take place at high noon tomorrow. Mrs. Clifford bas returned from Pasadena where she baa been visiting at the home of her friend, Mrs. Packard. Mrs. John Baldridge atid baby of Los Angeles spent a few days this week at the home of Mrs. E. P. Warner. Messrs. Kebbler nnd Jones of Denver were guests this week of G. C. Kirby at his handsome home on San Bernardino road. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Seeley and family returned on Thursday evening to Laguna Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Watte joined them there by auto on Friday and are their guests at present. Mr. N. C. Delano of Idaho was a guest this week of Mr. Charles Buller at bis ranch in Covina. Mr. Delano was an old friend and neighbor ot the'Buller family during their stay in Idaho. Mr. Delano called at the Argus office and expressed himself as very well pleased with his visit to Southern California. One Hundred Presents for Spruance Baby. From Thursday's Examiner: The door bell of tbe L. J. C. Spru ance home at 415 Washington street rang just one hundred times Tuesday. The first tinkle awakened the household at an early hour and the last of the hundred was just before midnight. The whole commotion was created because L. J. C. Sprunnoe, Jr., only heir to the noted bouse of Spruauce, was just two weeka old that day. Before the arrival of the little son, his father, L. J. C. Spruance, well-known club man, was the only living member of the noted Spruance family. A hundred friends of Mr. Spruanoo who are his associates in the Bedowin Patrol, the Shriners nnd the Jonathan Club, resolved that the tiny lad should not be neglected hi tbe way of toys. First they talked of a pool. But after much discussion mid disagreement it was decided thnt each should ouy his own presents for the baby. Late Monday afternoon one hundred shoppers filed out of the Jonathan Club in a body and invaded the stores and bombarded the messenger offices. The first ten parcels were received by Mrs. Spruance. Then she called for reinforcements and for the rest of the day, while L. J. C. Spruance, Jr., cooed nnd slept, the entire household was busy answering the door bell. Tbo donations, each bearing tbo donor's card, occupy the drawing room now, and when Mrs. Spruance has recovered from Tuesday's rush, they will be removed to a room she has set apart for them. Mrs. Spruanoe was formerly Mis. Mary Kelsey, an attractive young widow, who resided in Pasadena with her father and mother. Mr. Sprunnce was formerly a prominent fruit shipper of Covina and a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lahee. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. WANTED A second-hand office desk. Impure nt this office. tip Want SI(100 building loan for business block. Interest monthly. K. Box 8, Covinn. "Sagone" Hair Food and "Sagono" 'ile Salve are home products, mtido n Covina. Get. thorn at Nash's. C)()c, The executive committee of the Christian P^udenvor of the Presbyterian Church held an interesting meeting on Monday evening at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Stevens. The first part of the evening was devoted to business nnd planning the wnrk of tbe year. A social hour and refreshments followed. Among out-of-town people wbo at- W jj 0 ended the funeral of Dr. Wm. Thorne were Mmes. Baker and Howes, tbe Misses Middleton and Vosbnrg and Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Clapp of Los Angeles, Mr. and Mra. C, Damerel of Ocean Park, Mrs. Foliette and Mr. Kimball of Long Beaub, Miss Pomeroy of Riverside and Mrs. Dana King of Azufca. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the under signed administrator of the estate of George Smith, deceased, to the cred itors of, and all persons having- claims- against the said deceased, to exhibi the same with necessary vouchers within ten months after the first pub lication of this notice to the said ad rmnistratorat the office of A. M. Pence 7 and 8 Reed Building, in the City o Covina, California, which place ii hereby designated as the place of busi ness of said estate. Dated this 4th day of August, 1008 A. G. Smith, Administrator. A. M, Pence, attorney for said estate THE NEW IRamblcr /\i_jtomofc>ile For Sale enches at G. •hone 13. Cling nnd freestone T. Brown's, Irwindalo. tt * * * THE Covina Peoples Store (INCORPORATKIi) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY We cannot toll you whore to get your WICT GOODS, Hut we do know where you can £d your DRY GOODS. We have just received a new shipment ot Wash Goods suitahle for boys' and girls' school wear, from 7c to 25c a yard Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. We can "show you." Sec local agent or W. B. COWAN 830 S. Broadway, LOB Angeles Agent for Southern California Card of Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. Onr-ar Yarnell wish to tender their heartfelt tbanka for the. assistance rendered by friends during the ilhifeBS of their little, daughter, Thelma, and for the kind- shown after her death. Signed, i/ Yarnell and v.if*-. An Appreciation. During the last illness and after the death of the beloved husband and father, William Thorne, M.D., friends and neighbor* were most attentive and sympathetic, and we wish to tender our heartfelt thanks and full appreciation for this kindness in our hour of bereavement. Mrs. William Thorne ; Vv illiaui B. Thorne. Howell & Newell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date Mipply of Cards and Folders for your photos.. Special prif.cs during';mbtr. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SCI'i'J.IKS Coviiia, C.n.1. Wanted—A voting girl to learn jiillinery business, Mrs. Mary cebriok. Place your spare cash in the Coviua /alley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. For Sale—Barred rock and Black jnngshang heiiH. Mrs. Bovillc, W. 'uente street. Sale of millinery nt, Miss S. Rock- rd'fl. All hats at one half price and lowers at your own figures. Furnished rooms for light IIOUHC- oping. .Inquire of Mrs. S. K. ting, East College! street. Thoroughbred White Leghorn e«gs 01 setting, SI! per 100. H. K. Ward, barter Oak. Phone 1'2C>1. tf For Sale. ---One horse, lino carriage ind double harness. .1. M. Smith. Phone 210. tf For Sale — Iron gray horse, f> years )ld, 1300 Ibs. L. S. Poage. Phone 2210. tf For Sale—Comfortable, five room oaidence in fine section of town, 81800. J. H. Matthews. You make no mistake in using "Sngene" for falling hair nnd dandruff. At Nash's, 50o per bottle. Buggies repainted and revaruishod from 8S.OO up. Surreys (0.00 up. Autos S10.00 up. O. W. Marsh. For Sale—Potatoes awl poultry to order. Also first class cow. K. C. Cnsad, Home phono 1128, Covina. t,f To Rent - Six room house, corner of AZUSB <jr.d Cypress avenues. Rent 812.50 to right party. Apply to D. S. Foster, Covina. 9-12 We want to buy good Jersey cows. Must be fresh ihlloh cows nnd in good condition. Address box 81, Covirm, or call Homo phone 2119. 9 20p For Sale—One pair of horses, weight 2,700. Good double harness and wagon. Price rciismiublo. A. B. Zug, Phone 1014. FOR SALK--A1 baled barley hay. 815 delivered; second quality baled barley hay, #11 delivered; baled straw, 87 in the field, .lames Lewis, south end Irwindale avenue. F. H. Stauton has twenty tons of baled straw for sale. 80 per ton in the field at the Hudson ranch nt Puente. F. H. Stantori, K.I'M)., Puerile. Itp. Fit/Gerald & Harry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and improved real estate at lowest current rales. Write or telephone them at PaHudeiia or call up eJ. W. PrentisH, Covina phone 2i:i4, and nnk to have u rcpre scntative of the firm call on you. tf For Sale -3 lots on Center SI.., west, 8V. r )0 each; easy terms. Choice lots on Navilla St., 8«i2r»;easy terms; three beautiful lots on Badillo street, fo'OU each. 4 room house and three large lots, 82200. Good (1 room house and lot (10x175, fruit of all kinds, good locality; price 81!)00. 0-room furnished bouse to let. for four months at low rental. Houses of all Hi'/.es for Bttle. List your property with us. COVINA KKALTY CO., Clark A. Douglas. Cement Work All Kinds. I have in my yards in the rear the Covina Irrigating Company, KHHI College street, cement irrigation pipe ot all sixes ready for instant, delivery. Let me furnish you on all cement c.urbu und sidewalks, foundations, etc. Long years of ex perience in laying cement, irrigation pipe. Vou can wive money h.y seeing me. .IAMKK HO N HAM, P. O. box nil. yards, K. College Kt... Cuvliin. To Make Cherry Jelly To make cherry je.lly out throw a handful of < hcrry the jelly while hoilini;. ieiivcit have tj'jild »omc tin:*; easily be lifted out. .jY-Ji, nui wi )• tcibtvfc t;x^<.t\y like i.herry (.oinpa* 1 ! Our new line of Outing Flannels arc the best we lirive ever shown for the money. They come in plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids, light and dark, from 5c to 15c a yard ONT YOU KNOW- I/I (I I / /Itll'f (I 7'cTV dttl'lltiil'C tissortnn'.ni o/ WASH RAGS? at all times. A/so a splendid line of BATH BRUSHES and TOILET SOAPS These good* art hoi H'tather comtoritri, Do You Pay Your Bills By Check? And thus have a record of each and every amount expended together with a receipt for the money paid? If not, you need a checking account with this hank. It is the most convenient and satisfactory method of transacting business payments. We will be pleased to have you make this bank your place of deposit. The Covina National Bank BRASS FOUNDRT M MACHINE SHOP MANUFACTURERS Of Irrigation GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work F*eitte-rns A\0tdo Kbtim.itcn Furnished, THE KELLAR-TIIOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office, oppohite. K. I', lieprjt Home I'hone 2rt'l Coviua, Cal. lor I BEN F, THORPE CI:MI:NT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE Ail sues curried in slock. R< infon•<:(! Concrete Uuihiings u Specialty Yard, Went Cvpr< ••>-, Avnuc Tvlc|ihou« 4037

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