Covina Argus from Covina, California on September 5, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntercd at the PostofTicc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Ar#ua Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance - - $1.50 Six Months .75 Three Months ... - .50 Sinple Copies .... .o.S ADVKHTrSKMKNTS: t)igplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per Hne each insertion. L-ctfal notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, September 5. 1W8. Our Ticket Taft For President Perkins For Senator Sherman For Vice-Prcsiderit McLachlan For Representative The Sons of flartha. Monday in Labor Day. Hf^rfi in the oitniM district,, whr-ro labor )H not t,rntiii\y.t'.i\, or wh«ro Uie nr«anl- zntioiiH ar<! at l«a«t not, potent, tlio day PHHHOH imoli your with but fuw riooplf) ranli/ing that it in 11 holiday for thft I'ritiro country. Labor day has little HlKiiiflcamio to IIH. Tho citriiH grower waxes facotioiiH and HHVB "All dayn are labor dayw to IIH, " which IH not truo. The ornriKo Krowflr workn hard, but ho known nothing of the oUtrrml «rind of tbo groat «itioH,'the fnotoricH, tho sweat, HhofiN, tho foundries, tho rolontloHH whirl of tho urcut whooln of trade. And porhapH lio han littlo UNO for tho day Hot aHido by tho work hitmen an their own. But, do you know, there aro thouoarulH of pinohcd, half-Htarvod rriori, women and ohildron in Chica KO, in New York and in tho groat manufacturing centers, who think and plan arid dron in from OIID Labor Day to tho corning Labor Day, Him- ply boonuHO thiH \H tho one and only day when tholr littlo pleaBimw arid triumphs oomo to tho surface? The day when they ooaao to bo tho apa- thotio brain which stands in front of the machine through tho "Long Day" and are changed into something almost akin to human beingH. What SH Labor Day? The triumphal marching of labor unions, you Hay, theu'day of inflammatory Hpueoh and intemporato pleasure. No. Look at it in tho light of tho reloaned soul of tho woavor and tho Bpiunor, the moulder and tho maker of IhingH of trade, who got« out into CJod'H air and (Jod'H HUM- uhii.o and hoarn tho ban do, IOOHOH night for a time of tho weaving, and beonmoH ii part of tho warp and woof of life. In tho eastern part of (.lie United StatoH tho air i» flllod with tho tmiu of coming .winter. Tho touch of tho bund of \vintor ban already boon laid among tho loaves of tho for(«Ht. Monday if) Lnbor Day. Tho parks and bcachoH will bo crowded with happy hum'inity, tho atroetH will bo filled with marching men, and on tho Hidowalk IIH tho parade gooH by will bo women and children who watch for tho sight of "my man in tho procoHHion. " Lot's envy thorn in tho joy of this one day in tho year. Funeral Is Mrs. V. A. KitzOfirnld, wifo of Professor Fit.//iernld, who so tragic nlly loot his life while attcnifitlng to f;rosM tho Pacific Kleotric, trucks in his automobile, started Irnm Lima, Ohio, Wednesday morning, and will arrive in Covina Bomotlrno during the first, of next week. Mrs, Fit.z- (/eruld has been completely prostrated since tho news of h»r husband'H death. Hhe wao not iti good health at tho time, having been threatened with appendicitis. All funeral arrangements will remain in abeyance until her arrival. Professor FitzfJernloVs son arrived from .Seattle on Monday, and bun been attending to some of bis father's affairs. Tbo board of trustees of the public schools will take action at their next meeting in relation to the vacancy in the department t/iught by Prof. Fitz- Oerald, and will offer a sot of rep.olu- tiorifl. Prof. Fitzfierald's death has been widely discussed and it ia universally agreed that hid place cannot bo HO well filled by anyone, HO freely did he give tho town of tho best talents at his disposal. Awarded a Scholarship. S KOHO Nigg, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. AlolH Nigg of this town, is tho fortunate possessor of a scholarship in tho University of •Southern California. It is tho Jla/,- /»rd schoolarship; one of tho many which have been given out by tho Whittior philanthropist of that riamo. Miss Nigg is a graduate of tho Covina High School of this past year, and too much cannot be said in her praise as regards her brilliancy in studies. Influence wa« brought to bear in her favor with tho scholarship committee through local citi/oiiN of influence, one of whom was Mr. Andrew MoAllon, to whom many thanks aro due. MISH Nigg is a young lady attractive in every way and her progress will be watched with interest. Dental Practice Sold. Dr. Robert P. Updyko, D.M.D., has Hold his fixtures and office paraphernalia, together with Ills Covina practice, to Dr. W. A. Barney of LOH Angeles. Dr. Barney has boon in charge of Dr. Updyke's office during the month of August while bis fellow practitioner has boon on a vacation, and is very well pleased with the business prospoctB hero. Dr. Barney ia a graduate of the dental college of the University of Southern California. While in business here, Dr. Up- dyko made a host of frieudH, as lie is most companionable* and genial in manner. Ho IIIIH fitted up a flue oilloo in tho Union Trust Company building in Los AngeloB, and will start practising immediately. Fortunate Pomona. Pomona is a town which thinku of Pomona all the time. That spirit cannot bo improved upon in any way. Thie coming Thursday thoro will bo thousands of people in Po-, making merry in tho parkw, mobbing tbo sturoH for bargains, of which tho advertisements Kent broadcast say there are many, and tho wolciimo to tho outsider will bo huproino and complete. You will have a good time in Pomona, and tho oommitti'o tolls you why in this manner Iwu ^ond lira.sH bands two high wire (i.xhihitions- two bal loon HbHen-iionN and parachute descent, and mimeniiiH entertainment fur tho oyo and oar. The Argus IH in ! receipt of complete intiirmatiun about | tho alliiir and will bo glad to answer quotations. Tho ladies aro to be taken care of especially. Froo , rooms, free ico water all over town, ' mid the right hand of fellowship in I'Verybody. Look at the big dis play printed in the Argus this issue and decide to spend ymir^day up there-. We wish we were U"i''r! to have as piud :t time ri^lit here in Covina, but we're lint K<>iii^ In just yet. Our time is coming, we hnpe. do to the Southern I'arillc Malic,n m time tor the nine tifty train in tlic iiinrning, mid (4el a round trip fur forly cents, excnrisnn la'ed for the day "iily. Succumbs to Complications. Littlo Tholma Yarnoll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Varnoll, died Monday, after having lioon ill for tbo past seven weeks of a complication of diseases. Tho child was eight years and t-cvon months old. Tholma was one of tho brightest children in tho town, and tho family is in ro- ceipt of many expressions of sympathy from friends. Tho funeral was hold at '2 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon from tho residence on CitruH avenue, and was conducted by Rov. Mr. (iago of tho Haptist church. Interment was in Oakdalo comotory. Among the. many beautiful Moral pieces was a large standing floral design from Mr. Yarnoll's associates at tho Covina CitriiH Association packing house. DuUderar Will Sell. Mr. G. O. Duddortir, proprietor of tho confectionery store at the corner of Citrus avenue and Uadilio utroot, has practically made arrangements for soiling his store and equipment. Tho now proprietors will not take posHostu'on for at loast a month. Mr. Duddorar has not made, any definite announoomont of tho Halo as yet. Tho popular dispense! of confections mij'8 that ho would like to nut nut on his ranch, which lie owns in the northern part of tho Htate, and give hia family of buys a chance to grow. (ilendora Orange Figures. The report of the (ilendora Citrus inn, made public, this week, sh«ws that thin company has packe.) 1 r. l,f)UO packed boxes' of Washington navrl oian^(<s during the shipping season eluding Aiii/usi 'list. The tnlal number '•! buxes packed is 1 '.''.i, '.'o'.i, and the growers wire paid' the Mini of £'Jn>, ll'Ji'. :i'J up until j Angii'..t Ifith. '1 hi- fiuit netted tbo | grnwi'i 1 per om- hundri'd weight ill j tli" rati- of £!.<'>- l^r navelt-, N'alenoia ! Lati'ti, fH.:'l. These tigni'es are trom | tin- n-'.i.u of K. l-\ Ul The Aftermath of Folly. Another chapter in the lamentable tragedy which shocked CoVlna on April '20, HtOf;, when Roland Htorrs, an accomplished musician and an Kriglislitnan with wealthy runnec- tions, WHS found doad from gutiHhot wounds in a bungalow in Monrovia, IH being painted in pathetic colors at the Los Angeles county hospital, where the pretty wife of Htorra is being treated for drug addiction and Insanity attendant upon it. Covina people will remember the lady. Hhe had many friends here at one time. The Los Angeles Kxaminer tells the stoiy in part as follows: MrH. Alberta J. Dabnoy Storrs, daughter of the late Commander Dabney, U. S. A., and a cousin of Mrs, Nannie Langhorne Astor, wifo of William Waldorf Astor, Jr., IB a prisoner in a cell of the insanity ward at the County Hospital, a victim of the morphine habit, and tortured by visions of the tragic death of her husband, whom she was accused of murdering. The young woman presents a pathetic picture. Once beautiful, she is now pallid and wasted. Her bright wit and charm have fled, and her mind is now a prey to delusions and a dread of tho power which has her enchained. Instead of the exhilarating social atmosphere of Washington arid New York, to which she waH accustomed, she is Hiirrounded by the insane, who chatter and howl and babble, according to the character of their afflictions. I ••••••••••••••••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••*••* I i Two Cues . . . Opens Realty Offices. Another one of Covina's young men IHIH chosen his home town in which to engage in business, Mr. Jerome KoynoldH having this week opened a real estate exchange in the office rooms of Attorney Pence. Mr. Koynolds's specialty will be orange groves, and in this line he ia connected with a prominent Los Augolos firm. Announcement. On arid after tho first of September the Los Angeles Times will arrive in Covina one hour earlier than has been the case iu the past. Tho papers will be taken from tho 5:15 car at A/.USB, and brought by automobile to Covina, reaching here at G o'clock. The Covina delivery will hereafter be as early as any place in the valley. F. W. SHERWOOD, Agent. A picture of Miss Ida May Benjamin, one of the contestants in the Times scholarship contest, appeared in the Times Tdursday. Miss Benjamin now has 23,214 votes and is in 'JJlrd place. Kervices in the Church of the Holy Trinity, twelfth Sunday after Trinity: Holy Communion 11 a. m. ; subject, "The Peace of God." Kven- j song, 7 :')0 p.m. : subject, "The Preeminence of Christ. " Offertory solo by Mr. Marshall. Sunday-school 9:45 a. in. Christian Church: Sunday-school 9:45. Preaching by the pastor 11, subject, "The Sin of David and Its Consequences." Junior Endeavor 3. Senior Endeavor 0:45. At 7:45 Hev. Frank T. Lea, for years a missionary in Africa, will give an address on "Life on the Congo," with excellent stereopticon views. All are cordially invited. Worship at the Baptist Church: Bible school 0:45 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7:45* p.m. by the pastor. Morning theme, "Faith Magnificent"; evening theme, "What Christianity Does For Humanity." B.V.P.U. 7 n.m. ; topic, "Living With God"; leader, Mrs. G. W. Mitchell. The Lord's Supper will be observed after tho morning service. All are cordially invited to these services. Presbyterian Church: Sunday- school 0:45. C bnrc . h service n a> m. ; subject, "A Launching Out and Letting Down.., j un j or Endeavor 4:30. Y.P.S.C R C;45 Gospe i Ber . vice, 7:45; su n j eoti "She Asks Mercy and Gets Grace." Prayer-meeting Thursday evening, 7:45; subject, "A Comparative Study of the Believers' Standing and State." All strangers and friends are cordially invited to these ser\ices. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. At the Methodist Church the "pas- toi will preach both morning and evening. Topic at 11 a.m., "A Miracle of Prophecy." Evening topic, "Titled Christians." Sunday- school 0:45. Intermediate and Senior Epworth Leagues 6:45. Class meeting immediately after morning service. You are cordially invited to attend all of these services. Harry W. White, pastor. Gnnther's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. NOTICE—All desiring to pay accounts due C. W. Potter may leave the same with S. S. Asohenbrenner at the Hurley hardware. C. W. Potter. J. N. WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you arc thinking of purchasing a vehicle os any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. TO CAMPING AND FISHING PARTIES For Charter Hy the Day, Week or Month, the Swift Cruising Launch SAN TOY CAPT. WILL MATTHEWS The World's Records for Yellowtail and Black Sea Ikiss are held by patrons of Will Matthews. For Terms Apply to W. II. MATTHEWS, Avalon, Catalina Island or Argus Office, Covina. HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal \YHOLKSOMi:, SWKKT, AIM'ETIXINU Pics, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. HKINKK, Prop If we please you, TELL OTHERS If not, TELL US Yours for business, Home's Grocery Home phone 43 No Longer an Experiment but a Fact! You can cook your meals without fire. Do you realize what a saving- this means in fuel? Do you know how much discomfort you avoid? Come and let us explain the "Purity" Firclcss Cooker If it were not a success we would not recommend it. Cooks the dinner while you are away. For sale by F. H. FABRICK'S Hardware Store Covina, Cal. Home Phone 6 Before you let any contract for the FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every size tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Phone 199 Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak Che first National Band OF COVINA has a capital of $50,000, and surplus of $30,000; a board of directors whose names, are an assurance of strength and conservatism. Your account, subject to your check, is invited, on the most liberal basis consistent with absolute security for every dollar of your deposits. Capital $50,000 Surplus $30,000 COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. (inlcrs taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receiv'e prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Phone 36

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