Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1912
Page 4
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T '4 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 1, 1912. The lola Daily Register Th« )ol« Dally Record atftl th« lola Dally Index. THE KEGISTEK PUBLISHING CO. CHAS. F. SCOTT. Pres. and Kditor F. W. BREWSTKR Manager Entered at the lola Post ifflce aa Second. Class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Appli- Official Paper Olty of lola. Official Pap^r City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. SUBSCRIll>TION RATES. By Carrier |n lola, Ga> City. Lanyon- ville, Concrieto, LaiHarpe and Banett: One -Week ......i 10 ents One Month J 44 CPntv One Tear 1 J5.00 BV IVIAIL: One Tear. Insld.- oiinty JI-O" One Year, outsido county 1,1.00 TELEPHONES: Business Offt<-<? 1" Sorlety Reporlnr J 'S Job and Bindery IVpt HI A TKIHip-K TO TAFT. Senator iinnili,.<>f Idalto, ^^li^^s rrr-i- donl III i:io<|iti'iit Words. . Senator Horalv'.' <if lilaho, who \v:i> one of Cnloiipl (ROOFCVOII'.S slroijaosi supportors, hnt >vlio refuspii to fo!l<.".v the rolonol into I lie third term party, recently paid tl -.Jp follouinR--irilimo to tiip President: j "President Ta|"t i.": a.^nfo. sound, ron- Ki'ientioiis jind hme.-Jt exofiitive. H!F frankncs.s" is tlie opi'.osile of ontenos.- 10 mislead the ;imlilic and befos tile issues. Calm rrflortion upon his administration will show the President ~ to have been fearless, progres.^ive and thouftlitful of the peoplo'.s interests.. "If the voter ^l in their wisdom, now in time of s-rt Icrcat prosperity, feel that tliey can ris-k a rhanBe fi;om this condition liy casiimr their halloli; for a Penioeratic adniinl-=iration they have till' )iower to do so. "The solxT sciind tiiousht of a Kreat i)eopIe of this most prosperous country shouiil hrlns about the serlna? reflection that a chanue of admlni.s- tratlon from the party of prosrosixuid prospeiiry is iindesir;il)lo-''and unwarranted." I FILLSHERK PUIGELlie National ('••iaif (tp4> >'r4>4 \«it Art I 'n- til EIrrtoral CollrttP Is Iti -Mdy to Takp Final Artltin. Ttl .M -MIX AKKE.STIM; I .MjlOlt. Dashin:; Ton Man Known Here Is n l,!ini Knl'orror. Many lolans jknow Tom Mix, oi know of him. iliroueh his connection with tiie comeni companies and his several-visits lil'rc. He is a dasJiiu.c cow man. <>x-t'. iS. marshal, ex-Rouun Ilidor, cow -punoher at- the 101 rlin.'h and. was a special officer at I.ehunt durin.c the construction of the cement plant There. .\i present he is a special officer in the enforcement of the federal lirtuor lawj in Oklahoma and a partlcsJille paper prints the follow- ins story about him; ' There may bo several ways of in- troducins liquors irito the east side o! Oklahoma and peitinp away with it. but bootleppers: are finding out that checking dress suit cases and satch^is of booze ror some point on tliis side of the s'ate i.s a very unprofitablr l)Ian. .Mysterl.Mis lookiUR satcheh are the first th n?; to attract the eyr of enforcement pfficcrs and a numbei have been seized and found contain whiskey the pas^t several days. Tom Mix, an enforcement officer, confiscated larse quantities of liooze from trains on jthe Katy Monday and Tiiesd .iy. Mix boarded the trains coming; from the north at. Dewey where the n.->rth at Pewey where the seizur?.- nere made. TiVe i-fiiisijrnnient aoixot] consisted of five cases of whiskey nr.i'. one of pin and wore shipped throu'.;li as baggaiie. New York, Oct. 31.—The seleclion i of a successor to the late Vice-President Sherman, as the Republican candidate to go before the electoral college in December, was the subject of informal discussion today among members of the Republican National Committee now in New York. Governor Herbert S. HadU-y. cf Missouri, has been advanced as the choice of .several members of the cotniniltei'„ but ?)o offer b;is bowi made as yi't to settle on a candidate. The fact that Chairman Hilles has <lelayed the meeting of the .National Committee until November l'.*. a w-rek after '•lection, will, it is beli<-vcd. prevent any gf-neral aprecinent lipon the vice-presidentitil candidate unsil after the results of the 'lecliou are known. .Should President Taft and I he elec- idis be surcessful. or should the eb'c- ti.Mi be thrown into eoucress by the failure of any c;indidate to secure a majority, it is believed the pressiin woi:ld becomo stronger upon the .National committee to name OovcnnM- lladley. Senator Horab, Senator Cummins or seine other man who lias beep prominently iilentilied in the progressive nioven:'-:it, but who did not j'lin the i,ew Prpgressive party. The success of fiilier Wilson or Roo\s( velt at the election Tuesda.\ would make the naming of a vice-pres idential candidate the next week only ;•. m.ittrr of formality. Republioan leidcrs iiere today declared tb.ey had no communication w'.tli (Jovernor Had by or any others whose names have beep proposed, as to their w-illiugiiess lo .lecrpt the post-election iioiiiiiialion if olTered, FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO EAT! If you eat yep need "Dizpstit." 1' aids Digestion, prexrpis distress aft>'r e-atiiig. stops gas IViiiiiation. relieii-.'. indigestion inst-jintly and cures dis- pepsia. Brown'U Digestif is a little tablet easy to sjwall'uv and abt -olcTc 'y harmle-s. li ims re!ie-,ed tlii )UK ;\n>l=. .''old on positive suarantee. Your nione .v imck if yiiu want if—.""c Miir- rell's Drug Sti'r;e Mil. umu.v: IS DISCOVEKEH. (•|«*wr IVnmiin linpnnes on the Deni- orratie F«ilder. One rf tli" most iriteiestlng dis:ov- Tie.s in the present «-ampalgn in this countv is .1 C. floble, of Humboldt Colli.- has lioen doing a good job laboring at the Hiimboltjl Brick jilaiit. and '.vhen bi> mailed out a picture iiost card to ench of the Democratic can- diditi's, he w;is diseoyend -snd tlie.x bec:iii)e ill For tiipy wish tlie.v had found him sooner. Oo'de cut out the pictures of tin Democratic candidates printed in tin Register l.nst Saturday and t'dded to eac.i head a figure. Kach figure indicated the office to which the candidate- aspired, .Tohn Tyler being shown sitting on th'' co'infv's safe, guarding the funds with a gun. Setb RartlPtt posr-s with a transit on his shoulders: Apt is fitting on the bench: Preeburg i.- writing at .T desk: Forrest is deiiver- i'lg an address to .-i j!;rv: Walker if blessing a newly married couple: ncii- well is registering a de<>d: Klein is attending a session of the senate out of doors: Hess is attendini| epilrt: Schmidt is aetintr as assessor: .Ti:n •lamii! is trying to uel his 'onr lei's •I 'l'ier .t house desk: Miss Petjiern- •?ill. tin a. holible skirt!! earrios a <-hon! !-p:iort: Foster is togged nil' 'ike :i border sheriff. The sk'-tching, while hastily is f>\er, and tlio cancidatt s aro ill. •lOted befoi-e, b'-eause they did not have Coble draw a iiicfire for use ip Until a short time'^ago, scarcely one persori in a thousand had ever tasted a really good soda craclcer—as it came fresh and crisp from the oven. Now every man, woman and child in these United States cpn know and enjoy llie crisp goodness of fresh baked soda crackers without going! to the baker's oven. ' Uneeda Biscuit bring the bakery to you. A food to live on. Stamina' for workers. Strength for the delicate. Bone and flesh for little folks. It will cost you just 5 cents to try Uneeda Biscuit. NATIONAL BlSCUm^ COMPANY. Moon visltfrt" at Will Stnink's Sunday. •Mr. and .Mrs. .1. K. Simmons, Mr. and .Mrs. II. .1. Stewart and .son, Russell, were guests at .\sbury Simmons Sunday. monts. The police de-partment kcpf the gangs well clucked, however, and no arrests Wi'iv made. in tire canii-aicp Hr card shrwint; them •>erTioera';f ir.tile. naiie :i secnpft astride tl:f all —Farm and ningbam. City Loans. IX M' Cun- rUAMC IM.WKfrTwEKK .>iii.n. IV.Iice Had a Few CalN l.asi Mghl lint T'ewer Than l-nal. TIu- police flcpartniciit had a eom- i^arativilv casv time night takirtr into a'-i'Ot|iil (he fael that it was !jfal- lowV?i. A f ^A- calls for an -offlBcr rn\hr- in but 'luy w-cro fewer than Is usual on the niuiit when prank play-, i-r.'-. f'ei ili'-y have ben grai^d n spf-'-i.-iI license \<\ '-uf-tom to p!n^s"c'! tricks and pranks as may pirase their ;"i:n(y whei|;-r nnyonr is or is not disturbed. TIK- children par.idcd the stn-cts dressed as gliosis -iiid c:irrvin!; puint<- Jiiis, despite 'lie fact that 'he niijlit was cold and r:iinv. A few older ones \isitcd the down inwn district and str<aked the window -.ihiss in bu.'-itK'ss hi>us's witli w ird >igii:< and st;;t "FAtiCKII -tirr WO.MKX will Find a Helpful Snutrestlon IMs I.etler, (tverworked, run down "fagged out' .vomeu who. feel as though t!iey i-.nili; '.ardly drag about, slipald profit h\ >Iiss RiclKerV: experietice. She .--ays: "Last winter I was coin|detidy ni! lown and felt fagged out all the time •Aas nervous and !iad indigestion. "One of my friends advised me ti ake Vinol it has done me gre;r. ;ood. The tired, .worn-out feeling !• ill gone and I am siron.i;. vigonm: ind we)!. Tiie stomach trouble soor Jisaiipearcii and now I eat heartily *nd have perfect digestiiin. 1 wis! ?very tire<l. w<'ak. nervous w(r:u,",i •ould have Vinol, for 1 never spen my money in my life that dicl me s< much good as that I spent for Vinci.' Marie Richter. Detroit, Midi Tliou.=ands of women and men win .vere formerly weak and sickly ow •heir presen' rugged hi-alth to l!;e ivonde.'flil stienst'!-cre;iJing cTej-Ts r' Vinol. ..We gtiaiantee Vinol to InjJi: .ou up ,i;!ii i make you strong. If : loes net we ujve (••!( k your money P. S. Fer rougli. scaly skin, try i-ui -axo S:;!vi-, Wc •.;!iaianiee It. S. K 'uirell, Diii:;3irt. lola. Kas. L T 3 L IIA I! .MOW. i.Mr.s. Cary Cloiidl Octcbcr A uficKjly number from .ere atti-iidcil ciiurcli ill Cottiigi- tirovi- >tinda.i e\eriii;g. .Mr. Ifricl--y> moied from lure to li 'ir i.iini Hicy recently purcha.-eii ;(Mr I'!i:o:i. Tiiesiiay We are sorry to f acoil r ."ii ;lil!ors, but our less is •iV.i'V.- uain. .lo'.m Kvans ; iid family and Dan jirn-ll, .1:-.. and family spi-nt Sundiiy :r Cary (••.niu's. .Mrs. J-'rank .-ind •:Mli!reu. Mr-i. IA .1 I'.Ooe, MOO" :ic! Dan Corneli ;ind wife and Philip raiidon spent fiie afternoon then-. C.raniima Cloud leturned iioiiie from •.•ir i'iiiua Satitrilav af:er a two w<'eks :^il '.Mtli l:ei- daii:;iiter, .M:.-. y.:iry IJarnliart. (JE>EVA. (Dorothy Call). 0(-f. 31. —The rain we ar| having is greatly appreciated as nearly everyone has been hauling watei;. Mr.4. Mzzle Grimm b-ltOctober for Cermany where she will jii.-ikc Ii' r home with relatives. Mr. iinU Mrs. T. K. ISoswortli. H. N. Gray an<I Rev. Fisk attended the convention in Altoona last wi-ek. .Mrs. Cliilds and daughter .Minnie of Okla.. visited at F. II. Cbilds last we:k. Miss Minnie retiini. i| home Wednesday. Mr. ami Mrs I-;;irr visited with I rcbitives here Ijst \\<i k. .Mrs. Rees ;illd clliidl-etl visitini: .ii Fre<l Rei s'. II. .N. Gray .-iiid Miss Mi>ni'" Gniy visited I -ehllivi'S in l'>l:i .i few day.a \:i>\ week. Arthur Hyde weiit in Drown eniiiH.^ b'st week io work f'>r .-i wlp'--. It. H. W;iriier and family visiteil o\. er Suiirla.v with rci.ii i. c-,- iti P.-irsoii;; iiirninu .Monday ;if!' nionii. I Mrs Stella We.-il of .\ • Falls ; visited rel;ilivi-.s a few di>s !::;l w< i -l in Ibis vicinity. .lim Deliiiy ;i||il Ml':; f.-iMU- ..\rni>l' ami children w-r-- biis.iie^.s •.i;-iiiir.-i tc Colony Tuesday. .Mr. Ilatjiilloii .-iiid M..\ .'•'IICJIM- .-U- here looking for ;i idjice Tlii-y iiileni' to move l>:ick li'-re. ({• v S >I. trwiii 1. n-riie-l lu<ie.. Monday fnun :i |>ri f •> i-it •..•jlli hi., si>:. I':!iil ',11 lola. .\l'e Irwin hiis haul' fur a tii-v cist<'rn .Mr.~. Vi^k enter!. lii) .-Mid Mi-Js Minnie ("nild. iio<;ii. .Mr. .-iiiil Mrs. Hi'ir/e ;i|.- t!;.- eiim III' ;m ep v M pmici !;tirii c.i '!ct<(l)er l.">. I I d the m :it "Tia d Mr,--' ; fl.i'.- .•'ff 1 (<nn'K!{ sriFFifs mu: i.tis.s. I.unihcr Vard at Par-ous I>aiiiai.'ei .•«;:,tl.<IIK) WiirSli. I.ila peopli' Klif kri'iiv M Co'ipc. and his s ii. Waller. wlii> liave bee: :i:nn;n:; a liini!;c:- \;i: ! :'.t Par.-on- s;i:ce lia\inu ' !.i. wiM W. .-nrry *. '••;rn i-ial ;'tev .Mi-ia:!i'.l a se\er,. ' •. ;:;e. iliere !:i<t nii;'iit "I'liis i.- ll.- -e, ii;.! fir. l.icalel i:i Par 1 (US. I '.'Veii to ! 'l'cen(iiar-\ REPUBLICAN NATIONAL C0>IMITTF:E AIIHT O IMITM noTFi., ( liIraL'o. Illinois niAiM .Ks F. s« <rrT. IHrrctor i 'ublicity lliirran. \.".*,en I have i; ! >lit: Presidi-nt lirici- \v;i wrb ii'< lip-'ti tiie I' ;ii i-vcli i:p :!,.- • S'.r.;;;.-I.tii; >•> s;:id ii. ib. •: > sav -..r.s sa..'; on • iiliiie •! I'...' c.iflte.-!- lor- CM t' • •• i;iiii-l!' -M'l as'a'ii.-.! tec . • in ' • of I ,;?lir, 1. I. : • v.'i.o •::tv ill- ::ica!. I ." di<;a!. ua.s a;'-. ..-cd I'uit i: ad .'.(Cling ill" e !i ;i wi ^eitcd ill ci:'n'i r-: 1 .ili'er ' i;:!i. f- (ii:* ?;o; would c;i-f •(•Verity i eiits ;i-i i'. i'ln .tf !;](• !;ep;.l'i;i ail (aii.i:.!;: : (It ll;eCjipitiil, i: .-triiik ijir i';; kiio.v t! - I;. Iioi'.c'er. rh:il i:.r'- i' ;i (I i= y I liiiiiiii;. ;T.(i!e m' n : i::-e. I'll ;ii t'lis si ace Oi • •:::;t I arii ij'.-.ul i.i make ; iM.:>. ; • w:i> ( r . s.irKa. tluit (;r; 1- ! .in.: ]• I • (V.'Ue iily liv I let; ; :• al.-e !;e editorial iliat I I'M- li to • U)f 1 111.- «enr .•I cditiiria! i ..Miiiciit • • i: r'-. liiai mi- to • •l,;,(.w ledgiiicm. iiKTely ;:.'y read what is n ally ' . :;i!i:ns of tic- C;!;.!!;!! I (leciiiie i .r l.e ie.-llired 't:::;:-. ill bm-uiiii; :-nK ;•' !iol | ,.|.-c- i-l l-'^'i., v.". I- I le(l>;eil Id v(iii- lor ;-|ii| wl'icli b;is led no proti sis l'> i.f. r laii;.- iMiiixiriion <>( lie- ciiie'i; <>l ;i 11 !'i.-^ r.-.r wi*. rCc: . !•(.. • ion 1: '•; ..- I.. i-ii.l- I :'IMI '(•; ;c. |•'. (• • : !i- I I • : :r DcMioeratic prriicip! i .I'iii.n tile iiici;!!' I I 11 :i' c 1 ii; ••.Vils •(( •If !'-. Un -ii'> ver- e'/ •*••! e t/.r liiiiiiiiM'N ittadc iilitiiii III.' t:irii'i I-:-'- I r'li.t ••. • ' • • f.i c A'OI'M! M"\' \ '\ < lill ..:N IM.W l\ rOMI'\!;iSP\. "id ir (1 ::ii ni.iii.ii in. i;c v.tiiilil li; V ••]:• c'l "icr !: n v ii! the i>cnnt«r:itir • . i:-it* i.( :i ( K li"! Ill ei<ii|.I|i tl'-ri lore ;ic.i^ jilili'" (nr (.!••• (Iiie.i ll.l vnl" \ I ,,|i|i|t rl •• .Mil-- tli.t! Ill- :'a.l p..!:ci.-.< •I•!<• I ''I'liiie! • •..iiicallv ii'i-. I .I 'l'l 1 (i(. Iln! •.IHi-eM -ll. ic ;i • to I! : ::!li;ile * plaliortii. or i>!l >VID« II .s!-t:.M 1.1 Ki: • :it ilnir \::r(!s .-iie-e tl,. • :'-:it "Ity .\ (liyiriirii sa> ; Kas.. /)<•! ;:! V.'!:al !s 1— :ive l-ci-n li.e (irk u:' :.: reriiltei," laie tl ftcrnoru: the I.liming. \-'r!i a l"-^s nf 1 I lie oVVitV's and liiir.'.i.'- >:ird o:' fx M Cooper l.ilinber C(>ii:i::ny. Tin in-iirrr.ce i- said to he (mi. .\ lii:;' wind was !i!owin'.x a; !!:e "iine tin- fin •.\n.-- i!l>--co'>cred. ;ir.i! ii wa-; with grei! :;rfii-ii'ty ti:e fire:i;. n sived dtliei Iiuili'.'atis in 1 ;c lilo k Some "f tii< si :-iit riires llirca:*::'! are tiic large-' iia-ine»s houses in tin- city .\ rewa ! will .nfftreil f.-ir i;.e airesl o!' ti:i iijip'^si (1 fircliug-- W .STATKS WWr l \(<».>IK TAX- 1 Positively permanent- Don't buv a niof to last just "a year or two." You can ' now roof with Peerless at a lower first cost than you've ever dreamed possible. And you know that Peerless is the mnt roofinc—the positive protection that once laid, r.ti\r requires repairs. Just put on and forget all about it. The only time you'll turd to remember it, when you have another building ' to cover. Then, what Peerless has proven about itself on the first, will make you put it on the second. Peerless is the one brand that makes a roofing -dollar stretch over more square feet and yield more sofid satisfaction tlian any other kind on the market. Come in and sec us'and Peerless I'repared Roofinjf at the sam* time. We'll mal;e a permanent c-iNicimcr of you with permanent Pccrle ^s ^Prepared RooSng. Four Mnre .Mii>l Italily l'ropii>e(' .Imeiidniciil (»» .Valie It ''arr». V/as'.iinglon. Od. :M -Tliirtv t--.. ";:|es li;i\r tioiified Sc-retary Kno^ )f I I'-ir ia;if!'.-uinn of tlie proi o^• -J-iu •om«' la',-, ann-idnieiit to the fe-Icia •rin-titijiinn and tour h ;ive u'ltifie.-! he .-ti'-e lieiianmel ( f their rejcL ion To tiecni" effi-ctive tli;!!y-s'> • fate-. tlir«-e-foiii f lis of lli<e-(- in tic "nion. must r.-tlry. Tlio^e w-|ii(-li have nut notifie(i tlu i(>piirtmint of'ication <ir reje-:!- . '.re . Delaware. I-'lurida. Louisiun;-. Massachu.'<>*t.;. N-nv .lersey. New .Me\CO. C!;io. I'enr.i-y Kania. Vermont. Vi: jini;:. West Vimlnia iind Wyoming C -nne^ticiit. New llaliijKliire. l !;ii.ii!- '•^land and l't:ih !::ive notified of re jecticn. ZK.>n» FtH: VtH 11 .SKI.\. Wc are i;!a(l tc. Ii. ai tha? Fern Ku.-•II is sciiic better at present. Cary Cloud is Itiii;i';!ii; a '^rjinaiv f( r -ex I.;<.<.c • Mrs. I. .1. r .c " is vi.-itini; II. >i inii!ii::liam arc! v.-".- oi Io',a. TIK-V S;:n- |-(.(,c '.i!:re:!lce at;.I .'ii'f.t Kr. ci;e w \\ |li''ii!. Ile-icy ai" vc.y icici' ami- n at I." mna". • i.s caj!!:!:; oil Vi-vw .•ill Tfeir. •ii."c • I l:imi''(iii, I..'' -.v V I -ei:!-: licr .-iMi. Krzenin. riniplo. Hash and All Ski: Al'l'lirtious l{uii -kly llraled. .V.-) matt.'r wljat I'le ttcuMe. e-/eii;:) .annu. pimpbs. salt r!'.< um. /eni< n«itant!.v >f<>jis irritiilioi;. .The cur- •nmes (iuick. Sinks riuht in. !ia\:n. K) trace. Zenvi is a vani.'liing !ii|i;i'' 'our '.V;in fairly reve's witli de'.r.;"' h" ii.omer.t ,5Ce!ro is applii';! Great •«t tiling en e->rt'i for dacir^iff. Ze:u'j ;.:i:-arei ly K. W IJos .:Hc::c:n,- Cc. .S:. I..-;iis, Mo. and i: old l-.y all •(;rim-.-i.^ts $1 a \.r.\:\t j.i' to \K<i\(- III .(Oil its V..-•nd'-rfi" alu(^ it is Slow ptii i:\> in lilie-al si/.' rial bottles al only '1'- cents and ;. ;uar?nfeej ;t> I 'n tiie w-.rk or you r.oney back So!d at .Morris fi- llow- -.d"-.- Drv: STe. '.\n -n " >. tiikiim he :'(;|(It. :, Mr -.:\.<\ Mr- I il^'i.- i"-\v <:,'V-- Haii- ;M-S-11 MC|'..!I> and |j n. .(esc. and !-. : ( ' ft' ^;iti;!.'iy ;;f': r cia: A xviili •iv.-ie t'ldiKl ;;n<I -iM- u-!'-'; . i( es at Cof.-!L-e til", y.ii'a I'll 'I I i . ^Ii:; v. i' ;;*n'.a ll(-(-i . •,. Iiiie .Mi- i, .1 "•( ' II I.da, I Ml .in'i .Mr W i: II:i'i;i'idn e!!- (ili'-(| .'I III,-ill»«-.•- ,,( re'.iijvi., ; 'iclils Id ('.iii;i> f Siin(!.i> .\"''l!ie ilddc. !>:' ri-aiiote.' speni irday and .s'lindiiy with I'.-r gramli Mrs lldiie. Ziila and Viicie C'lmd I |{FS< F\T VAI.I.FV. I Dora Lndieotti D to:.";- 2:'.- yVy^ •••loy Lyl!• ni. anil .Mr i:':,i:- Tw. -ex. ieij;lil (irliocd, veil- inarr:e-l i'rinity .Meiidili.-r i,ars(.n:i: • Local theatre yriers v.lio reiiiembci •lee Howjinl iileasa .Ily will li.' snr !(> learn ijiat his wife, ktniwn as y\.<- ble Harrison. <!ieil tin other day at tiet I dine in Canaibi. She w.-is a (litniiin- 'ive actress iind left her home to soi k l.:r fortune in .Vcw ork when yoiiir: Her lirst posiii.iii as a dress m<i'!- el and in this ciipai iiy -:'.i.- !;o' •: louch with thiiitrica! toll: and wa; eilf;:ige(l in a-(-i(OriIs :i|ii| lal( r play. (' ill .several high class pliy.-- sii-!> a.- "['•tilies in'Toylar.'i" and "Tii-- Goddc^.- of l.!)>erty" in •vUich slTc s^ rre(l T::- iitn-tilosis d'"veiiiiie'i :i'!d in s; iic o: (Very effort to .^.iv.- !•( r ^\\ died ;it ilic aue of twent.>-'w(i \i:iv<. In • luirl. wfip I>r. Wilson , •••iii :;fd at !!:e vfr.i tiitl.set i>l !.-^ a'"': , ':::!•( !;'.''c ..::t r !,'!'•'; (l" lii-ii'incwt^ iir -di--a>ier; , (.'!<• aLeri-it'iCH i,> j-e ».'i <.iiit (ii carr* i.iit lii- (•:• jirc-.i d jil -IILC- «>I Hte plafic. II-. ••!;.' !.:.:•;!, :)V ; "..'slSl. .-.It li iJiS iS i .NR H\ M:V WOKKKI : n mi: ttM \Ti{v \s won.j> . UKAN NATHIN- HlfsE KH.V Cdtcael I .'ivi.--.--, clt may M.I I:->.VJ kiidw II .wti.ea tl.e ,-i!d\was writldi ihat he biii.self couM not (,(• e !'-ti'-d Kiii l -e IvUdws ii now, aiid in rciiiaiiiitig a candi-!::!' .ind ttnis makiit;: ii"s; ibb- liie dci tjdn of Wilslm he is jiractjcall.v (diinil'iitiiit: tc loinu nboiii ihc • cai ((iii-wi(|f ruin " v.liii-h.lie ilec /arc5; will lullirw Iii; r.itic vii IMPV (-.eiy man v .li .i '.oles for biiii is lieijiiiij; III i,;-i (-ipit i|.- • .-i e ^a^^il Willi!! v.d'ilii iralce .'11 panics ill oi:r pa-i lii'-^inr'- .-(•• la i;l;c (-!iild's |ilay in ('cuiarisdM." A \o'e for'Roi'Seve.'i a-; . f.r-ly ;i vor-- for \\ il.soti. iJ .i vi^le lo "c :.iise such di^.-i.tei tn evi-iy wiiikir :ii the couiilry as v.iilil me.iii iiation-w i'le rain" . That is tic- I'-al iss-:;- of ri :e i .•iiiip::i:;n. Tiie rieiiincntiie tariff plant; cf l ''ll' is idi-ntiial wit:; that nf I^tC In a si«i!c(i '.Xi.p' al in the .•\ii-er :can I'l^opb- " inserted as ;in in many uev.-^papers, Ps-'-fes-ior Wilson siys: "Tlie n-asoii that I leel justiiinl in apiiealinir to flic voters of tills r<.i;«fr» to Mijiporf the lf< litocralie p .irlr at this critical .iunr- ttire in its iu 'i'airs Is Hiat the li ader.s oi neither of the other parties propose til alltirk the pmliieni ol a free '.'oternnient at its heart. Neither pnijiosi -s lo make a U«IM .MKVTAI, CIHXtiK in the policy of the ::<M* rnniciit nilh regard to tarift" duties. It is nitli both of them ill respect to the tariiY niin-h a nneslion of iimre or less; niercl} a i |ues(ioii ot I 'lpnini: ofi a little here and aniendin:: little there; nllile with the IN-niocrats. it is a <inestioii of principle.*" I.'ct'il that .-mair! ai;d !.':cn st'i," ;iii>l think. Do you want a • fiitida- 1!!: lital eliatigc" in tlie firiff io!i<-y of our goverhiceiitLook ardiind v.ii; and see what t'lc coiiiiliy is <!oinu under ti'e present t:irilf policy. I ook back to l .s!i::-7 ttnd learn what hapiiened when 'l:at y v.a.s ' !i:'nK "i!. I'd yon want it to liappefi ;iu:iiii'' Prof. Wilscii is no' satis- lieil with "Idiiiiingiiff a lirtle here" and "amending a little ilier. . " lie' wants to l(i;i it all o!t. to aii:et:d the whole policy out oi e ..;istence. I.- ilial \IW want? .Stop .-fiid tlii.'i.'i' .;oIIN S DKAN I 'rc'-idciit cf Ke;i';l.lic:iii Party fx-aRUi?. Try a KeL'iMer Want Ad. TBE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOIiA, KA.NSAS OVEn FOKTV VEAKS OF Ct^.SEKTATIVK HANKI.XG IX lOLA Depository for the Initrd Slates, .Htatc o£ Kilnsas, and Alien toif• OFFICERS: i.f t'. a! t! in Ic; -iunil;iy ev(>n:nu .T :ive liilc and i;:' •• .;!•• lioili n llie-c .a\inu liv •ral ycar^ \^'e e\teni ions to ti.e ly marri' is'i i!ic: . tcr .^'-ars ;d'ne s \ jolly : em a cliarivaii 'I'-esdri.t .Mr-. l:-'Ie Adan:^ and 'nnc'- a' W M Kiniicn" .Ml-, at:-! .Mr.-. Ilarl-y niily .Mr. i.r.d .;ns and raaii;/, VilKiile and f i! :i •!in V:;ienb!ir:; -k. Till know:: ;:cre sev - :!gratu!:i- I diipje an I cTdsp.-^-i iiy riwd gavr- • V i-ning. I.onnic took ^ Sniiday Vrigh: an •ae i- lisrht. .Mrs a' .^lIs. .\siii.ry Mr. and .Mr.-.'.y. .Mr. ami and family S 'l':.lo'.v. •M re •.';ar;'y Wr:L-l;;"s .S'ni.:a\ |! 1 kin,-^ ar.-l .'(,:;u ai.l .Mr.-. K .1 MH.I.FR, President MI-.f.VI.N FHO.NK, Cashi-r n. .1. COFFKY Asst. Ca:--.bier CAPITAL $50,000.00 Ii. L,. iS'ORTHRUP. Vice-Prest , F. A. NOKTffUf'P, Vicc-Prest D. P. .NOKTHRCP. Vicn-Prcst SURPLUS $20,000.00 yoi K iji SIM..S.S .soi.iiriKJ) Infenst I'ald "n Time Drpichs Safely Heposit Hoxis ft^r Rent PUBUC SALE! \-< I am lraiin:;,the I mile ni-sf <if Lallarpe. '4 mile ^all \Ml as the Wiioten t.irin. nii tale. I ni'l sell PultUr Any^o) at nij farm, I •• s»'MHt of .Missouri iVailfr niilniad. farm Monday, November 4. 1*912 Mev^lniiins at IK oVIork. iu ni« lite i""!Inninir desrril»vd propirtj: i HEAD IKtKSI.s. i year-did mare with 'I llis.. brer] Id ( ana- • I horse. II vears obi. . ud'.i] all 01 rpi'M- lidr&«- I HE\u t \rn.E. 1 y.-ar-o'd cnw. t-ivinc inili-. '1: :; i-ahe... all hcifi-rs r « HEAP OF HO«;s. 1 hrodiL sow I.cad nf • ii;; pM ll.s. c.-ieh IIIICKE^S.- A'-diil 111 d6;?en ehiik^r-. ii(.ro':t;Jilir.-1 Piiff <)r;.--.!;''T : '.'ra if(^-:ei Farn w:!l be ( ,r.*r. I t-i ;-,y • I sale, av-i i: TC.- '-(i > ...•il. -.' ' •. 1.1. i.:. wt. ili.i • I .111 •IJiC j,. ill FAKM nin .FMKNTS. ETI . _• :s .-inKb- iiunie-.s; I. sjet (tdiilil- •i'.arpes.»: I .-^.t iloiiiil- l>'igcy bai- i-: I carriage; I aliiio .st new iaiEuy. .'.•I l.iiTsy; 1 fane -.vaf;d:i; 1 !.i<-ak : ;l(iw. l"-inch; I harrtiw ; 1 vinegfir; lo t isijiis (id';'i->c~; ii.o <],i>ck^ I.f (-;i;ie hay; t idii.- I iTJiiri" l;;iy in barn; clnna (Id-^i'^ . ! (Hniii;; ;atii». n <-w; I rti-iiei; ta- ui'.ii as new: 1 library :in<l I i :'-n'; 1 (irc .-ser. new; j he .-jTjn^ •s; • '.;dK s''-vi-: ! chiffdiii^-r. rev. rut im- :i.-itdr. ' i.*c Wilson sewiri; (i;!icr articles tod •e-idii ' l--,l. i 1.!. !-.n ;. ! -I ? ':ii .i 1 dn;:u:; 1 :; i ;.ii.d(|.-r; ! V,!.-.•!. • a •.'•IOC. an(| lots i PAUL KLEIN J srsi 'Et I El» TK.Vn' KOIJHEK.S. r «o V"U!i:r f<i« I'liuehers at .Muskti Kcc \re Arrested. .Miis.lcotfoe. Okla .r 0 :f.- .•;!-.fc" Da.'s, 2' yrars obi. s-un of .lack Davi • 'rader pf t::" Davis faction of .\t,'i :'o- -.ounry feutii-ts. and Buc',: Deri.'•(!. fonr.erlv a foreman on tl-e .la-b i)avis ranch, \v?re arrestel at HI- ker "ik'a., today on n charge of holriir'.' uc •!r.d robbing the .MiFEOurl, Kan: T.>\as UniJted, Tuesdsy pjoinlns v/;; rrnts are ou' for three more fusr'^'t-: " is undprBtord po money wa- f. and 'n pcfsey.=Jon of the men. TOPEliA G. O. r. rONFIDEVT. Topeka. Oct. :{! -T;ie Rej ublioan i '.esgtie headcjuarters |h3s .«ent out many thousands of le't'frs during thisi* WhATas.S. STANDS foR ' The familiar letters, S. S. S., stand for Siwft's Sure Spccitic, a name faoncstly and fairly earned by a great blood remedy. It is worthy of Its : title because it really CURES every iiilnientresnltinjj from inipnne blood, j The mtyority of physical afdiclions nrc caused by bad blood. l)crause a weak, pollnted circulation deprives the systent cf its neccss.-iry strength and disease-resisting p> iS. S. S. cni-i"; 'jvcry disonlcr wbich comes from ' •weak or disc -^scd blood, it tones tp and regtilatcs .' cvciy portioti of the system, and creates an abnn- '< dant supply of r.ourislaing properties whicli fill the ; circnlatioifart'l bria.? health, to tlie body. S. S. S. ' anil I'-' : TEHMS OF S\l F- AH s>r:s fii-n "lis iiv. r SP"i- I (i-dit df i" dir.''.; will itii appr'ivdi Miiiiity tj.-ariiic 'J'- ii "r.-! froT-. •It i-aiii wli-n lie- to draw l"'- fmni of -a! •.ft:' sa |.-i.;d-.-Ml i'ni;! .; . r'v to !>•• Ol.. t . >. IMMIOF. Ailrti'OK er. .. i;. JH>»VJ.| s;. I \,Ti,. I.I.'.NCII ON Tin-: GROCNDS. iinibr. ( a.- h in liand iv< pun-ba .ser civir.s note (ia'c if , u:»I w.'ien due. If \ di^couri for <-iy,\i on I'lei I Mr J. W. RHODES "Ccr live fri "d: lo subscriiw for a car :it "J"' i etits <a(h: s< ad us 2.'. cuts and ki-p ?1 (or your trouble." is th.- way one ismadeenttcly of healing, cleansing roots. Herbs ,„.,=, ^rder advertising of tb' weeklies big sug-. )Md barks, v.hich are also possessed of great tonic '.r'"., . . . properties. It does not contain a particle of min- ' Hre",:,.' rlC^^, rest and safest blood mcdione for yonng or old, S. S. S. curc-8 Rbenmatism, Catarrh, Sores and Dl- -^mpat,.n an^ n,,,,^^ „m f ho.i8«nd« of i S'^'"' Diseases, Scrofnla, Blalaria and all otha .-e^ es cr i.ierature. To all of that the troables of « deranged circulaHon. Writefor free book on the blood aac " • yocharge for either. m SWIFT SPECmC CO^ ATLANTA, GA, lejRue hits reeeiviMj verse replies. only seven ad- any medical advice. iMper ha? to compete with; _e\acily similar to the mail order "jobbing house which sap.s ll:c life of the cijun- .rv merchant. The Register's waste iiaper box seems almost to chuckle when it receive.s this kind of litera: are. Farm LOUDH Branch Office of Tbe Merriam Mortgage Co. Topeka, KMDS. Optional Payments, Any, Time. Wll Let 50 '7o of Land Value. BEST LOAN IS ALL£N COUSTY SEE lOLA LAND COMPY

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