Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 2
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HOPE SfAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, April 1, 1943 ombers Expected to Prepare Way for an Invasion Analysis of the News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment ; Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. By DeWITT MacKENZIE * Spring's terrible mud and slush which arc torturing the battleline in Russia probably are bad news v for the unfortunate troops who have to struggle through them, but , they're good news for the Allied 'cause as a whole. ' This is once when we can do a lot of powerful .hoping that spring ' will play the laggard in Eastern , Europe and delay the entrance of summer the season of all out offensives. The point is that the Anglo American Allies need a change to get set to deliver a powerful > blow against Hitler some•„ where in Western Europe by- the ' time the good weather makes it .possible nor him to inaugurate another great drive against the Red Army. ilt would be unsafe to permit the , Nazi Fuehrer to employ all this ", striking power on the eastern front * again. His position is becoming -, increasingly difficult and he is s likely to try some daring gamble this summer to extricate himself. , Freedom from pressure on the west would be an invitation to him to try another smash at the Bolshevists i Last year the all highest started > his successful Crimean drive on '" May 12. A month latter his terrific offensive against the Caucasus was in full swing. This is to say that the Allies ' have maybe two months in which ;,' to finish off Tunisia and pull up -, their socks for another big show. Their offensive should go down the ways by June first if they are to •', be in position to deal with the fast moving Nazis. There are, as pointed out in yesterday's column, several possible offensives, but there's only one * which, if successful, could force r <the Hitlerian war to a speedy conclusion — that is the invasion of ' France across the English channel. <• Th'e Russians continue to call for f ' this second front in the west the i latest appeal being from Alexander Troyanovsky, former Soviet am- 1 bassador to the United. ,, Well, of course that's easier said than done, but the attempt pre- i^umably will ze made if the Allies have the necessary equipment for sifch a colossal undertaking. If we can't have that, 'then we' may get an invasion of the Balkans. Anyway, so far as one can see e^erything is being done which Liberator's Deadly Stingers Market Report Here's a hun's-eye view of a B-24 Liberator bomber's movable tail turret, where twin ,50-caliber machine guns are mounted to fight off attack from the rear. SKIN ERUPTIONS . (externally caused) CHECK ITCHING-BURNING thp antiseptic-stimulating way with famous Black and White Ointment, Promotes healing. 10f,'25t, $Q(. Money back guarantee. Use only as directed. Cleanse daily with. Black and White Skin Soap. I could be done at this moment to prepare for an invasion of West ern Europe if it is fesaible when an appropriate moment arrives. We are speeding up the Tunisian battle so as to release men and equipment, and free the shipping lanes of the Mediterranean. We are giving Germany and occupied territories an awful raking from the air. That knocking out of Hitler's main industries, military bases and lines of communication in Western Europe by heavy bombing is an essential preliminary to invasion. When I was in England last October I was told in informed quarters that if the Anglo - American bomber force could be trebled — not an excessive figure at all— the job could be completed by this spring. The task is unfinished, and this probably means that the necessary bomber haven't been available. However, the British - American team has been getting ahead with the business recently. Along with this we .get the good word from London that informed observers expected an immediate expansion of the United States air service to follow-Major General Ira C. Eaker's statement that the experimental phase of daylight precision bombing had be'etr passed' successfully. England Wok: for^a'sWarm of big bombers from across the Atlantic. If this expansion materializes, we have a right to expect that the combined air - forces will have time in the next couple of months to reduce the Nazis sufficiently to permit of invasion. The good bombing weather is coming on. What we need is the bombers. Sixty - three per cent of all men's neckties sold in the U.S. are bought by women. There are only 300 miles serviceable motor roads in becia, and no railway. Ceiling Prices Set on Used Trucks, Buses Washington. March 31 f/P) — In an effort to chop down war-in flated prices, the Office of Price Administration today decreed mex- imum prices for used trucks, ambulances, buses and other used commercial motor vehicles. In some cases the ceiling prices were only a fraction of current market quotations. The new regulations, effective April 26. sets the top legal price of any of these vehicles at a percentage of its original delivered price depending on age and partly on whether the vehicle has been reconditioned, the per cent ages range from 20 to 97 of "new cost." These percentages, OPA said, are "expected to halt the activities of speulators which have resulted in some instances in prices which are 200 per cent or more over the normal value of the used truck." Exempted frem the order are ordinary passenger automobiles, taxicabs, station wagons and farm tractors. However, offcials said they-were studying the possibility of similar action on these vehicles. Auto Relay Missoula. Mont. Aubrey Knowles, driving south, found a landslide blocking the highway. On the other side a north - hound motorist sat fuming. They traded cars and away they went. Several clays later they met in Missoula and re - swapped. The collective financial holdings of American women exceed $210,000,000,000. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockhards. 111., April 1 — r/Pi —- (U. S. Dept. Agr.i — Hogs, 7,000; active; generally 15 "> higher than average Wednesday; spots up on weights 160 Ibs. down: sows 5 15 higher; bulk good nnd choice 180 325 Ibs. 15.80 •v ten Ui.ofl: hiuhest since October 1020: 160 170 Ibs. 15.15 50: 140 160 Ibs. 1-1.05 IS.35; 100130 Ibs. 13.50 H.liO: sows 1535 05; stags 1550 down; quotations base on hard hogs. C >ltle. li.d'K): calves. 500; market opening generally steady except • --'lor.« '."0 lower (him Wednesday; n few good steers lii.-40H.00 15.25; common and medium cows 11.00 13.00; medium and good sausage bulls 13.00 14.75; good and choice vealcrs 15.00; medium and good 12.50 13.75: nominal range slughtcr steers 12.00 17.25; slaughter heifers 11.00 10.25; stacker and feeder steers 10.75 15.25. Sheep. 3,000; receipts include 10 decks southwest clipped lambs; two decks spring lambs: two decks | mixed; market not established. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, April 1 — (.I 1 ) —Wheat prices moved upward in 1 i g h t trading today as a little mill buying entered the pit and trade reports said t'ood distribution administration purchases of f 1 o u r. scheduled to be made tomorrow, might reach 250,000 barrels. A good demand developed for oats and the M a y contract reached a new seasonal high. Considerable selling was' encountered on the advance, but was readily absorbed. Rye followed the leadership of wheat and oats. At Ihe close wheat was 38 - 5-8 higher. May SI.45 3-4, July $1.46 1-8, corn was unchanged at ceilings, May SI.01, oats advanced 1-4 - 3.4 and rye was unchanged to 3-8 higher. Huge Group (Continued From Pnge One) 30 cents a b;ilc higher. Mny 20.45. Jly 20.20 and Oct 20.00. Futures closed 25 to 30 cents n bale higher. Mny—opened, 20.47; closed. 20.45 Jly—opened, 20.28; closed. 20.2G i the western desert jiir force shot Oct—opened, 20.08; clo.sed, SO.O.vOO | up Rommel's, traffic south of Bi- '0.04; closed, 20.02 j /.ovte. stiirtinK fill fires and many l'J.90; closed, H).!)(in j explosions on ;i stretch of o n o lied nir offensive baltcred the enemy from his frontline foxholes to his most important rear buses. HAF light bombers attacked motor transport and roads' in the Me?.- zounn - Sfax nren, Wellingtons of Dec—opened Mch—opened. Middling spot 22.2411: up N - NomJnal. Cliic-hgo, April 1 —(/I 1 )—. Butler, receipts 517.507; firm; prices as quoied by the Cheiiis" price cm-rent are unchanged. , o. April 1 try. live. 7 trucks: unchanged. firm, —Poul- murkcl mile. Bostons by Allied and Dulltniorcs escorted assault on the Axis land! n « grounds nl'Sfnx, now less than 70 miles '.iir line from the vanguards o( the Kifihth ARMY. Five large fires were set there nnd five air craft were destroyed on Ihe ground. Spitfires sweeping a valley 15 miles .southeast of El Guetar burned part of a 20 truck convoy loaded with troops. Spitfires and Airacobms destroyed many trucks and armored cars and five troops carriers and other sweeps. Women buy 90 per cent of all | food and 75 per cent of all cloth- fighters made a dnylii'.ht I inj; in the United States. Cash wheat no sales. Corn, No. 3 yellow 90 1-2 - 1.01 1-2; No. 4, 98"- .)9; No. 5, 93 1-2; No. 3 while 1.22; No. 4. 1.15 3-4. Oats No. 1 mixed 07 1-2; No. 2, 07 3-4; No. 1 white G8 1-4 - 1-2; No. 2, 07 3-4: No. 3, 07 1-8; No. 4, 00 1-2; sample grade white 04 1-2. Barley, malting, 90 - 1.07 nom; eed 50 - 0 nom. J-, SPRING bsiery NEWS Sleek-fitting, cobweb sheer rayon stockings. Perfect for Spring dress-up. We have them in all weights and the new Spring colors. 98c to 1.35 Long wearing, service weights in full fashioned, first quality hose. See these. 69c Ankle Sox See our hew, bright anklets and slack sox. All the new Spring shades in ribbed and fine mercerized cotton and rayons. Sizes 5'/2 to 10!/2. 25c - 39c NEW YORK COTTON New York, April 1 — (K"i— Aggres- ive trade buying lifted cotton prices to new seasonal highs today, rice fixing operations emphasized he mounting back log of government textile requirements and the increased demand for spot cotton. Late afternoon values were 10 to Missing Witness in Tulsa Case Called Tulsa, Okla., April 1 — (/Pi — Defense counsel for Mrs. Elhi B. Howard Fort Worth divorcee, sub subpoenaed its first witness today a tier announcing it had located F. G. Eastman of Chicago into whose room Mrs. Howard ran after the fatal shooting of Mrs. T. Karl Simmons, 55, widely known horsewoman. Marvin Simpson of Fort Worth, attorney for Mrs. Howard, said Eastman would testify for the defense. After the fatal shooting in Mrs. Howard's room at the fashionable Mayo hotel a week ago, Eastman told Deputy Sheriff Burnis Brown the hall to his room, crying: "A woman is trying to kill me." Meanwhile County Attorney Dixie ilmer planned to question a second maid at the Simmons home. Gilmer caiestioned a Negro maid employed in the Simmons home ast night after meeting with what lasf night after meeting with what from Simmons. Marvin Johnson, attorney for Simmons, declared, however, the situation "was strict- y a misunderstanding by the county attorney." After their first discovery in 1501), the Solomon Islands remained unvisited by Europeans for two hundred years. Santa Isabel Island in the Solomons was transferred from German'-' to Great Britain by treaty in 1900. YOU GET BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MADE BY THE WESSON Oil PEOPLE Amazing results J " in building SWRDYBODKS! Promote the flow of igestive juices he stomach MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY Y OUNG people, especially those of grammar nnd high school age, are prone to be deficient in stomach digestive juices and ved-blood. A growing-person who Is operating on n 65 to 10% healthy blood volume or a j stomnch digestive capacity ot only 50 1 to 00% normal IB severely handicapped. In such cases Nature needs extra help. Organic troubles or focal Infection, If they exist, must he corrected. Tissue foods must be digested and rich, rod-blood must bo present to build sturdy bodies'. SSS Tonic Is especially designed to build-up blood strength when deficient I .. , and to promote those stomach Juices ' which digest the food so the body can moke proper use of It In tissue building nnd repair. These two Important results enable, the body to make use of the food 09 Nature Intended. Thus you may gain n keen appetite . . . firm flesh . . . body energy . . . mental alertness! | Bullil Sturdy Health so th.it the Doctors may better serve our Fighting Forces Thousands and thousands of users hnvo testified to the benefits SSS Tonic has brought to them and scientific research shows that it gets results—that's why so many say "SSS Tonic builds sturdy health , —makes you feel like, yourself again." At drug stores In 10 and 20 03. slzes.<QS.S.S.Co. SS.S.TONIC helps build STURDY HEALTH 1 if Ih'l 1 BIVOUAC \ 1 / BfiCK. LETTUCE Large Heads TOMATOES Lb23c BANANAS Lbs. 29c ORANGES Dr. Phillips Florida, Dozen SUGAR 10 Lbs. 63c T ALIJOT 1 IHRR flBw *!^B? ^^^^^^^w ^IU^HJSM^^ ^^WH!^^^ H..II 'We Outfit the Family FftlNT sJ' s ft i NT! c* NEEDED TO MAK DELICIOUS NOURISH IN0 SALAD »; Creamy Potato Salad 6 medium-sized, un pared potatoes liramlciut by: Mary Lcc 'l'aylor,Apr. J 2 tablespoon* walcr 3 talil^puuns suii.ir V, cup finely cut '/» "--aspoon pepper onion 1 Vz cups shredded, 3 tablespoons meat ™ w carrots drippings, hum or 6 tablespoons diced, bacon flit sweet pickles Vz CU P vinegar 3 4 cup Pet Milk Cover and cook potatoes about 20 minutes, or until tender, in boiling water. Drain and cool. Cook onion slowly for 5 minutes in meat drippings. Add vinegar, water, sugar, salt and pepper. Heat to boiling. Let stand in wa/m place. Remove skins from pora« toes, then cut into thin slices. Put potatoes in bowl with shredded carrots and diced pickles. Pour vinegar mixture over vegetables and mix lightly. Then aclJ milk and mix gently until vegetables and dressing are well blended. Serve at once. Serves 6. Cnrnish ullh tomatoes if dvaireiJ. For This Recipe You'll Need: Irradiated PIT MILK Potatoes Carrots 3 Ta " 10 Ibs 39c 2bchs. 15c Popular Brands Pkgs. 35c FULL CREAM FLOUR FULL CREAM SALAD DRESS!NG£30c PEANUT BUTTER Quart Jar P and G SOAP 6bars25c Aunt Jemima MEAL 20 Lbs 75c MATCHESSboxeslOc WE HAVE A NICE ASSORTMENT OF CURED MEATS. HAMS, BACON, SALT MEAT, JOWLS PORK STEAK Lb. 35c (7 Points to Lb.) C P Aaed ,J E, Wisconsin (8 Points to Lb.) 45c PORK ROAST (6 Points to Lb.) 2C RATIONED FOODS Pure Armours TDC'CrT TREET All VA Oil Flats SARDINES IQc Heinz 14-oz. KETCHUP 25c Kraft DINNER lOc SAUSAGE Pure Pork (7 Points) Lb. 27c Souse Loaf Ready to Eat (4 Points) Stew Meat Brisket (4 Points) Lb. 29c BACON End Slices 5 Points) Lb, 25c

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