The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 11, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1977
Page 5
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Page 10-NAUGATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Saturday, May 15.1916 Redeye Saturday, May is - SI Hcdwlg's Home and School Association will sponsor a dance ailillcd 'SpragFling."al7:30p.m.Abu/feU-illbeserved Danctoz S V£ lil ,J 0 , clock - Music by " Tlie "nPf^sion." The dance will be held al (he Falcon Hall. Tickets may be purchased by phoning 723- 1C27 729-7322 or 729-93M. There will be numerous door prizes and a Heart Of Met rattle featuring a new color TV set. - Congregation Beth Israel will hold ils annual dinner dancefroro ' -Clothier-Thrift Sliop at Congregational Church, second floor open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Cristoforo Colombo Auxiliary Tag Sale, 9 to 4 in Cristohrc Colombo Club Iloom, South MainSt. No early birds, please. Sunday, May 16 _- A.A.R.P. No. 495 (rip (o Green Mt. Race Track. Leave Mounl «cw Plaza al9a.m. Call Hazel Aurisch 729-2156. 2buses, Monday. May 17 - Centennial Lodge No. 100 Independent Order of Odd Fellows mccling alSp.m. in Odd Fellows Hall, MapleSl. — Cross Street School PTA Pol Luck Dinner. Tuesday, May 18 — Crisloforo Colombo Auxiliary Monthly Meeting, 7:30 p.m. in Club Room. Entertainment 9 year old Btenda McGarvey Country Slyle Singer. — Cross Street School Concwl • Grades K-l-2,7p.m. — Hetired Teachers of Naugatuck Monthly Meeting, 2:30 p.m. Naugaluck High School. — Regular meeting of Ihe Retired Teachers of Naugaluck at Ihe Naugaluck High School al 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 13 — Cross Street School Concert - Grades 3-4-5, 7 p.m. - CJothier-Thrifl Shop at Congregational Church, second flooi open 12 noon to J pjn. - Naugaluck Association for Children with Learning Disabilities "Hap Session", 7:30 p.m. Cily National Bank. Thursday, May 20 — Regular race-ling of the Covenant Women of Hillside Covenant Church will be held al 8 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. t •i Friday, May 21 — Crisloforo Colombo Annual Card Party — 7:30 p.m. in Club Room. Prizes and Refreshments. — Thrift Shop, open 10 to 3, United Metlioifist Church. — The 24th annual Golden Glove exhibition of Joe Triatio's stuiienls will be held al the Naugaluck VMCA at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 22 — The 24th annual Golden Gloves exhibilion of Joe Triano's students will be held at the Naugatuck YMCA at 7 p.m. — A Greenery and goodies gallery plant and bake sale sponsored by Ihe Congregational Church will tic held from 10 a.m. Io3 p.m. on •-' - Clothier-Thrift Shop al Congregational Church, second floor open from 10 ajn. lo 2 p.m. Sunday, May 23 — Daughters of Isabellas will hold a communion breakfast immediately following the 10 a.m. Mass at the Mission Church. The Breakfast will be held al the Elks Club, Rubber Ave. Tickets may be purchased at the door. Monday, May 24 — Centennial Lodge No. 100 Independent Order of Odd Fellows meeting al, in Odd Fellows Hal), MapJeSt. \Vednesday.May26 — Clolhier-Tlirift Shop al Congregational Church, second floor open from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Friday. May 28 -ThriflShop, open 10103, Uniled Methodist Church. Saturday, May 29 — CIolhier-Thrift Shop at Congregational Cliurch, second floor open from 10 a.m. lo 2 p.m. Tuesday. June 1 - SI Michael's Episcopal Allar Guild annual June banquel in the parish 'house at 6 p.m. Reservations call Mrs. AMen Saunders (729. 4371 ) or Mrs. William Pawlovski (729-5729). Reservations close May 26. Thursday, June 3 - A.A.ft.P. No. 4» Boal Trip up Hudson River and luncheon at Gasho of Japan. Call Helen Buckley 729-3160. 2 buses. Friday, Junc4 — St. Mary's Allar Guild will hold a rummage sale from 6 to 9 p.m — SI . M ary's A liar Society tag-rumm age s ale from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday. Junes — St. Mary's Altar Society lag-rummage sale from 9 a.m. to 12 men. — Bicentennial Home fc Garden Sale, sponsored by the Hillside Covenant Women, will be held in Ihe Fellowship Hall at the Hillside Covenant Church, corner of Hillside A«. & Elmwood St. from 1C a.m. 104 p.m. - St. Mary's Altar Guild will hold a rummage sale from ?a.m. to 12 noon. - St. ,\fary's Altar Guild will hold its banquet and inslalfation of officers al Ihe Knights of Columbus Hall, South Main St. -St. Mary's Altar Society annual banquet alKnighls of Columbus Hall. For reservations call Lucille Lang (r2 IT WASN'T FOUR AMD ELWtN, WAS It ? I CAN'T FI61WE OUT HOW HE POSS TtWT THINK Of A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND A THOUSAND I DIDN'T THINK SO ...HIS THOUGHTS AXE HAUNTED BY OFOWEHCAHTREiL... 'MAKE JUUE BBUEVEl'M Of AD,. ...AND IH THE HOSPITAL... fORHOUKS OX.F. ff/WS£K StTS Mff THINKS ABOUT THE SICK, PfSPEKATE MAH III A TAHGIER HOSPITAL... I'M OF HO, EARTHLY USE TO HER ...Of? TO ANYBODY' Bringing Up Father THAIS NIC6--T VJOHOSK wnArrr is- GROOVER, WILL YOU HSLP ME CARRV THIS BASW OF ICE WATER (JP TO J1G65'5 ROOM? SHE SAID SHE WAS PREPARING A SURPRISE FOR VOU-- AUNT MASaE SAIO YOU CAME HOME SO LATE LAST NIGHT SHE DIDN'T THINK YOU'D SET UP FOR BREAKFAST WEVUWG }' NO SUY wrril 'THEM I'M COMPLETELY A WHITE j WA\TY HfllR'S , PUMBFOUNDEDi Sl)IT...H*5 / BEEN IN / WHSRE EtSE WAVY A HERE NO, SlOPPV'S KOf IN THE LOBBY. COME VOU ALWAYS HAD IT ROUGHER .' WHEN W/LL I EVER GET SOME SYAIPATHV?/ DON'T FORGET.,. SOME DAY THESE PAVS WILL BE THE. OLD DAYS. I SHOULD LIVE SO LONG.' WE DIDN'T" HAVE POWER Boner's Ark ILUHAVEOSJEFOP BAB>; AMP QJE Popeje ALL ME NEIGHBORS BLAME WE PER THE VAMPIRE.' VOU COULD ! FIGHT THE j BEAST, BUT i DOUBT VOO'O WIN! I VAMPIRES ACE ACTUALLY . YAM AM "SI WALKING DEAD PEOPLS^SO 1AUVE 5AILOR AN' THEY ARE IMPERVIOUS TO /I DOESU'T <5O PHYSICAL PAMAGE.' X AROUN 1 SMACKlW UNLIVE BODIES Archie Sunday, June 13 — Senior WcmjTs Friendship Club trip to Green Mountain Race Track at PowralJ VI. Call Mrs. Maliane, 729-6153. Tuesday, June 15 - Retired Teachers Luncheon Meeting, Fortin's Restaurant Naugatock. Social Hour I p.m. Luncheon, 1:30 p.m. Reservations AND I SEARCHED THROUGH EVERY BOUTIQUE IN TOWN 3EFOREI FOUND THIS PARUN6 HAT '. GOSK. J WISH I HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO Afforo NEArcLOTHES ' LIKE THAT;" — The Rdired Teachers of N'augaluck nill hold a luncheon SflUffY Smith rr«eling at Fortm's Restaurant. Social hour 1 p.m. with luncheon at 1:30 p.m. 1VOHTHLESS FINANCES HARTFORD, Conn. (UP1) Stale Republican parly Chairman Frederick K. Biebel said Dernocratic Gov. Ella T. Grasso's assessments of Ihe stale's fiscal condition are worthless and confusing. Biebel said Sunday, "Gov Grasso's reports on stall finances are absolutely worthless. They are tailored to suit her moods or her ambitions o Ihe moment. They ate uninfor mative, purposely confusinj and politically manipulated." With a new legislature to be decled Ihis November, Biebel sounded a theme Republicans have already promised to use saying the governor had ma<k a "mockery" of her promise U keep people fully informed on fiscal matters. IT'S DARKER'N fl WOLF'S MOUTH i NEVER seew SICH fl TERRIBLE, GLOOMY DflV GLORY BE!! VONDER COMES TH'SUN Loweezvu I GOT SOME JUICY GOSSIP by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 1 Schisgal play 1 Big city eyesore 45 Lamb's dam DOWN 1 On the (fleeing! 8 Beach house 2 Not likely 11 Mozart's ••- Kleine Nacht- musik" 12 Not vegetable or mineral 13 Girl's name 14 Glutton 15 Place 17 Stannum 18 Folklore creature 19 Places of worship 21 Harness strap 23 Challenged 21 The briny 26 Catch 27 Acute 29 Fashion 32 Asylum 34 Buddy 35 Thrice (imis.) 36 Had lunch 37 Spanish queen 38 Ending for dio or pano « Buy shares in 42 Grandparental 43 Brave's home 44 Closely confined 3 Prized 4 Understand? 5 Nursery rhyme lass (3 vs-ds.) 6 Loosened 7 Available resources 8 Gambol 9 Old- womanish 10 Nickname for St. Peter (2 wds.) Yesterday'sAnswer 1« Federal 28 Diminutive agent 30 "-20 Hyde Park Macabre' stroller 31 Hearten 22 "Hud" 3Z Belt Oscar 33 Begin winner afresh 25 Greek river WHighlmus.) 27 Bundle o( 11 Churchill's papers sign DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE- Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is LONGFELLOW One lelter simply stands for another. In Ihis sample A is used for the three I-'s. X for Ihe two O's. etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the lonpth nnd formation of (be words are all hints. Each day Ihe coile letters are different. •CRYPTOQUOTE S U I' S 1, V Vf P S I. C N G J U .5 M V G M M G Z N J P N W N Y R N E M L P I. ' M G J I • V' H T J N M . - X L 1 U 1,1 N M S 1, B P N 0 YcsttTday's Cryploquote: FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT SELF- 1NTEHEST IS ONE OF THE RARE AND BEAUTIFUL THINGS OF LIFE. - JAMES FRANCIS BYRNES IB 19'6 Klni Ftiluio SjndiciK. Inc.) Investors' Guide ^ r Offset Gains.LossesinSameYear Q. I took slock profits during the last two years and early this year. I Intend to taie some losses this year when the Dow Jones Industrial Index goes to 1W5, or before the year-tni A. You give no dollar figures on gains or losses, so I can't tell whether you've harmed yourself tax-wise or not. But I'm sure you realize that you have paid out capital gains taies on all profils in 1574 and l^Sbulthatany losses you may deduct this year are limited. Unless you have it all worked out in dollars and cents it is often better to offset gains with losses ui the same year, rather than pay gains taxes and then hope to recover them by limited, loss deductions in the following years. * » * Q. .What Is Ihe "beta" coefficient 1 read about In security analysis? A. From the Wiesenberger "Mutual Fund Performance Monthly": "The Beta coefficient is the risk factor. It is the measure of a fund's (or stock's) sensitivity to, or volatility relative lo, that of (he general stock market as represented by the Standard i Poor's 500 stock index - with dividends added." As applied to mutual funds, it represents the average plus or minus percentage change in the net asset value of a mutual fund in relation lo a plus or minus 1 per cent change in the S4P 500 index. Thus, a fund with a high be la is more sensitive to market fluctuations because, on average, it will gain or lose more than lie StP 500 beta, which is always ]. To shorlen it up a bit, I think it's fair lo say that the beta measurement is an index lo a fund's or a stock's volatility relative to the general market. * < « Q. Afler raising aod educating seven children we an now begin to feather oar om nest for retirement. We woold Ifte the oamw of some low-priced slocks. We need a high return on our capital since we are In our mid- and lale-603 and eipecl lo work for only sii more years. A. I can well understand your feeling that now that you can finally get going on a retirement financing program you must move quickly. Unfortunately, th ere is no connection between a late start and rapid progress. And certainly there is positive correlation between low-priced stocks and high gain. Please don't try to make up for a 20- year delay by jumping into low- priced slocks merely because Ihey are low priced I am sending you a list of growth stocks which have good growth records. The high return, if you are lucky, will not come in quarterly dividends, but, we hope, in market price appreciation over Ihe next half- dozen yean lo your retirement when you will take a fresh look at your capital and then redirect it toward bringing in high Income. Q. I bought tfO.OOO worth of bonds. Commission was }100 plus |9 for other charges and WU.17 la Interest. Doesn't thai Interest figure seem Ugh? A. Accrued bond interest paid by the buyer Is figured on a daily basis, so we must assume il is cornel. It represents interest earned by the bonds from the last payment date until your purchase. A rough figure would be: your $20,000 of 8.7 per cent bonds earn »1,7W in interest annually, $70 every six months. If you bought the bonds a little more than two months after Ihe last payment date, J3H.17 of interest accrued. You owe that to the seller and will recoup it when you receive the M70 semiannual payment from which, (or income lax purposes, you will subtract the WH.l? W« SHUt.S«Y v>|lc Tvd''Cm. txjt he ».fi (*ev*J« »ftl*tn only t t HI! iop, io« SMI in,. cj, IT VOTES NEW YORK (UPI) - UT Credit Corp. a wholly owned' subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., has filed a registralion certificate uilh Die SEC covering a proposed public offering of $50 million notes due June l. 19M Net proceeds from the proposed sale of notes will be added lo the general funds ot the company and used for the reduction of short-term indebtedness. UT said Monday. The firm said the noles are redeemable on or after June 1. IW at their principal amount, plus accrued interest, and are .not emitted to a sinking fund.

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