Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 1, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1912
Page 2
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.1 7 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 1, 1912. 0|i])ortnnitf. (Hy IVroy M. CushiiipV. 1 saw Iter conu' athwart the inoriiing H«>r face, all radiant with the siinrlsf glow Of hope a:ul promise in her "lips and hair: lli>r eyos dre:(m-(limmeil aa one who through the night Slar.'s Ions and hiillds a ,nondroii8 jilory theri'— j Timid, I paused and wiw liV-r go. Manicprc Gttjpds We iilnays lune a good jis^orl- iiienl of (hi "ic In meliorate iiicecr< and ill sots. SKK WIXIKMV IHSI'I.AY . STOKE The Itcxull Store placed the as spcni . Ijitcr Ihc electric j candles and an hour or iw 1 with music and dancing. H ^ie Epley [ Was successful Ih a jguesalng contest Jind won tho pVize, & box of candy. {The guest list follows: Misses Anna , Smith, Helen Campbell, Lillian North; rup, Dorothy Kelley. .Esther Jones, Bessie F<>athorlln, Esther Redmond Ruth Stewart. Bernice IJartles. Marie Badgely. I.e..!; Heylipun. Ktolia Coi>- jening. I.ujae Sjjcncer, Grpce Adams, {Glen::; KRrtlrs. Iless i3ilbe. Messrs i Vorni- lU.. :;, Jerry Stover, Marion nor£<^ii. .\<al Carter. Clyde- Uurnslde, Wendell Lenhart, Arclile Hall, J. U. Mlttlobiuh, Kenneth Robinson, Frank ' Thomiison. Harold Ausherman, Frank i Troutman. Curl Campbell. I.loyd I.<en- jhari. Frank Xieftler, Arthur Kastwood and Hallio Kpl.y. •Full down llio early years 1 saw her MaptiMvd my dniiliis and sat me down ' to W;l"it. lleiidy to toucli heV robo wlien shi> re- tiirned. It seemed not loiij; lii fore Ihi- lonely snow Ot agt;. elosed in. and where tlie sunrise burned • Krstwhile the twilight mapio spread its slate. - Jt seemeil not very long to wail — l.eii"s loom ' lironed on —i heard no • while with anxious lireath The vigil bouii<I. At last a shadow came.- 1 s:iw it stir across the silent gloom: ••'Tis she." I cried, and rose to call her name— .... Hut it Vas death. Mrs. Arietl Funkhonser who has be. n siilTering from blood polsonin.;: is reported to be niuch improved. •5- •? -> —("ut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at Jl.'iO and $2iii! per dozen. Phone 935-5. I'eckler's Greenhouse * * * .\Ir. and .Mrs. \V. 0. Fiinstou enlir- tained a few guests last night for a Hallowe'en i>any. The decorations iind refreshments were suggestive of the season. The guests were: Mr. and I Urs. Hen Featherlin. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore, .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Manners, : Al'isoii .Mann<'rs and Ijcsiie and Lewis Fnnston. i'>'>•* —Fifty New Suits in all the wanted , :i;.iier!.11.-.-. I'riced from JIO.oo to $;!o.0(>. I Uii-liardson's. All e'egant line of New Suits and It:; aiaike:l special. F^lchardson's. •> •^ .Ml- .-ml .Mr?, (.'hris. I'.Iack eiitcr- taiiie:! last evening-with a Hallowe'rn dinner for the following guests: Miss Gertrude Fitzgerald. Miss Ruth Sum- ir.ors. Miss Daisy DeHavi>n, Mr. Raymond Runaker, .Mr. Pen DeHaven and Mr. Will Hlac-k The decorations were in keeping with the season and the bourj; following 'he dinner «;jre oc- cuyied with the telling of ghost stories." • * • .\ liitt siiipment of new Suits.— Richardson's. « 4. ^ Another ineri-y H:illowe'en part;. last nialii was thai given by Mr. and .Mr.s. Ueoret> Muggins for their (hild- ren S"ella :iiul riiTord The house had b( en deconiietl v.-ith witches aii'l black cats and the gnm^s were iii I keeping v.Uh the season At niii< E«inBi Snffmge t'olamn. . Mr. Hob WIckard came last nii;lit iroiu ("haiiute to attend the Klks' dance, the guest Of Miss Hazel Beshears. , •!• -J. • . y—\f you are looUing for your Ures? . Hat, yon slumld not buy until you see Il;e elegant showing ut Uichard.-on's. • -i- •> Miss Mal>!o Witt, of fhanute. will be file week end gnesi of Miss Hazel • • • Thi- (1lirisii;.n Kndeavor of the Trcs Vvt< rian ilsiirch will >;i.-.> a Uallow- v"en soeial tonight at tli-.> home of Mr. :ind Mrs. A. G. Mumraa, .^>01 East street. •:• • • - Ilelirv l->vi>iL- w'lO has. been at I K nie since Sunday returned last nitlit to bis school work at Manh.ttian. • • ^'• _ • \nnther big shipment of New Ceats only in the advanced styles — liichar.dson".-' j o'clock. Mr.s. HuEgins. assisted by j Miss Mary Bird served dainty refresh The Klks opetcif Uieir club rooms;"',"",'-" <o<he following young people: last evoniii:,- for the first .social event i and Dorothy Knowles, of L I U! season, with ; dance, and if jiroved , ( Wanda Davis. Gertrude I pleasant of the H:il!owe'en ffstivitics. 'About r\vp!ity-iive danced or spent the . time with cards and punch was served ; tliroughoui the evening. i V • V ' -Silks that will dcliglit you: the, ,i;ew things ymi will find here. Rich- j :u-dson's. j Til" llalli.we'en social which w-as i I to have been given l-y members of ihej ! Kpworth League of the First Metlio -I •(list church has been postponed on ac | count of the inclemency of the weaib- er. \ social ot some other kind will doubtless hi' given at some later date. a reception and i n ""T' .'^T"""' .^^'-'I 'tcrson one of the most: J'"')"''^'!^''^^ Marling, .Tessm •> • Miss Ivy Hall returned today from Kansas City «here sli< Wf>iit lo .il- the wodding of lior sister, iMrs, l !'Ssifnarnside. lo Mr! David 1-%'lton. - \r you buy your at Rlch.<»rd- \ .n 's you will bo surprised at the lit- f'encss in price. J. i TONIGHT! rnlied .Vniuscnient fc's Company D '> •i' •i- One Week Sale o;i a'! Triiuireil llatA at Mr- TeflN s. 101' K .Maiiison, I'>Ia. Kalis. •> •:• Mrs. Hudson, ami daiigliti-r. of Foil Scott, afe -quests of Mrs. I.. K. Ilank- iiis and Miss Dllve Hankins tiiis week. • •> • The l.ongfellow program w'i<b « • • (' uive be< II civon by tli" Music c'ub «as postponed on acconni of the re; cital and will take the place of the ; '\!\eni!i' i)ro-.;ram wi:ich lisd be-ii ar( -::nged for the next meeting, j .J. The choir ol Sr. Timothy's cl-.un-h v.-ll ha>e a rehearsal at th>' church ;ni'icht. All momhers are urge> to at tend to help i>repate the music lor ili-' liomccomirg s- rviee on Sunday. j • •:• • I 1 A very delightful Hallowe'en parly ; : was given last night .it the W. E Ly- • i ons honie on .North street when Miss ; • \delyi; '.yon? and Miss Ruili Thoniy- .-on eiif riained. The guests were met .Morrison. Ix)iiise Barnes, Nellie Davis. Keniietii Da\is. Ralph Fowler, Ceci! fvunner a:id l-'orrest Huggins. •:• •:• •:• -Mr. .ind .Mrs. Lee K:irr, who have been visiting Mrs. A. V\'. Ilowland for several days left this morning for Kansas City for a brief visit. From there they will go To Chicago. III., and to Gary, Ind.. for. short visits after which th>-y will go to (lieir Jionic It' Detroit. Mich. This is the first visit Mrs. Karr bait niadi- (o Tola since sli- was marr- 1 two years ago and a .number r* . ~i' valde parties have h<*en ^iven in l.vr honor during bi-r very short stay. .% .;. F.>r ill.' tirst time in tl;-- history of tile lo<al P. K. (V chapter the ritual burial si-rviei- was usi d yesterday at the fuiu-ral of Miss Floy Hoiiser. Th. I 'hapter attended in a body and with. l{»v. .Nusb.ium. of Parsons, conducting fl-e .service, Uie members sang th.- hyiiui!-. "Sometime We'll I'nderstand' ;n<i ".Nearer .Mv God to Thee.- Th. burial I '-f the golden star and the yellow and white flowers of the organization constituted a part of the ei-re- iiiony at the grave, one of the floral otTerings bearing the white star with lettering in' yellow. Miss Hous<-r was the .voungest nieni ber of the oril.-r and although her membership was of short standing tlie simple imiire.ssheness of .-the service could only express the love and es- t«-em in which she was held by ber sister members. 9J IX Tom Warner's Love Affair \ Log on the Track —c' 'J'e fast express means serious ; by two smaii uhosts, .iiss liuise Potis j ni^X -k*^?':/ I'er and Miss l^m Thompson. The i-.:>-•.— -' - 'i "'f Jns lack of \J^ I'.ome bad b.-en decorated for the oi-| 'casion wi'li auti::iin leaves and b'ack i !aii dyellow figur-'s and the g.. sts liaiity.loEs of strength and nerve we.ik barned .something of the future in a witch's den. Iigiit-:'d only v.iili jaek- o'-laiiterns, skulls aM 'i a burnfng kel­ tic. The early part of the evfiiinc was spent in, attempts to gu.-ss the identity of the gjie.sts who w^-re masked and •>vho looked wierd and^ unreal in the lii mlight froiii the jack-o'-lanterns. iie.-s If appetite falls, take Electric Hitters quickly to overcoir.e the cau.^c liy toning up tl-e stoinn/h and'x;urlng tiie indige.'-.Iiou. Michael- Ilessheimcr 'if Lincoln. Neb., bad been sick over three years, but si.\ bottles of Elec trie ni 'ters put him right on. his feel again. They have helped Ihousiinds They give pure blood, strong good digestion. Only aO druggists. nerves cents at all irS A GREAT SATISFACTION to know that your watch is ri'zht to tb.c fact that a J. V. Merchant \vat.>h aiwavs minute. Wc pride our.selves on the shows tiie correct time. I.AIUKS' MAHH I'll year, hiintiiig case, 1.". ji-wA -l l-:U;in I r Wuilhiiiu movement — felly gtjaiaii!,ecd; our price GENTS' W.U'( 11 Jii year, open face case. I.', j.-w.-l KIglii or Wal:ham. fully guarantied: our price Si:i.45 year, hunting case beautiful hand . ngraved. IT jewel Elgin or Walt ham, guaranteed: our iirice Send your name and address and we will mail you a copy of our illustrated ca.talogue of Diamonds, Watches.'Jewelry and pleasing novelties. IT. AT. Watch TiisiHTtor-.^ .Some Catholic Opinion!). His Eminence, Patrick Francis Moran, late Cardinal of Austrnlia; The woman who votes only avails hcrseltj of B rightful privilege that democracy"}'las gained for her. No longer a house •lo'd chattel she is recognized as a mans fellow worker and helpmate, and credited with public sidrlf ttnd intelligence. .\ R a mother she has a special Inti-rest in the legislation of her country, for upon it depends the welfare of her children. She should i deem it one of the greatest iirivl|ej;es i t{ her sex that she can now help to choose the men w ho will make the, Ijiwg under which her children must live, and exert her purer Influence ui^- •jn the nollllcal atmosiihere of her lime. How can she sacrifice her dignity by putting on her bonnet and w-alking down to the polling booth? The men about the polling booth show her every courtesy, flie ofTiclals are anxious to mtike things easy for them, and the whole business of voting does •lot occupy more than Ave minutes. The woman w-ho thinks she is making herstjlf unworthy by voting is a silly creature. Rt. Rev. Bernard J. McQuaid. late Bishop of Rochester: I: fills me with 'i -eat joy when I tbiiiV of the m.'iny changes that will be brought about when women have the right ot suffrage. They will defy the jioliticlans and vote as any chrlslian man should and would vote if he had the moral coiirago. Rt. Rev. James .L Kenne, Bishop of ^'hcyeniie. Wyo.: From my large <-x- "erjciice as a Bishop of the Catholic "biircli in Wyoming, where we li .o had woman suffrage for forty w;o vears. I am convinced that women vote as honestly, conscientiously and 'ntelllgpntly ;is the men—to say flu- 'east. I also find that women are not active politicians nor office-seekers I '-ave never known but one woman in Wyoming who made her.self obnoxious 'n polliics. As to the Catholic womciv, in my diocese f no not find that the richt of suffrage has drawn them out of their homes or out of the church. Rl. Rev. .loseph M. Gleason. P.ilp Vlfo. Cal.:The Catholic church teaches above all thjncs reverence for wo- nuin and veneration for motherhood. !>til th -re is no danger to the dienity of womanhood or motherhood to be I 'lared from the ballot. The fait that •I Woma:; is lli-- jnoflM -r of son.-- ;ind •laughters will lend to make her mori cap 'ful 111 vo;ii!g for the government uni '.er which her children are to be reared. I :i :ii lookini: .-if the .jiieslion .;s M pri"st of the ('atliolh- (-liurch. We iice -l the woai.-ii in hold back the firi-es o' corriii'lion and slv.- deee-ie.v ."ui! fair-n :iiidediiess :i chance She ;lionld be man's eipial i,ot alone in 'h- liomi- but ill ihe body iiolitlc. and she will. You mial't as well try to stop ilie torrents of .Niairra as to stop e .-iia' suffrace. Rev. Thomas Scully, of Cambridge. Mass.: T know of no argument for refusing the sutTr:'::e lo women Js not equally anplicable to men. We are away b-hind other countries in • his. These women have certain po- lit'ral rights with results so satis- fac'orv that certain nu-n in Church .-•nd State are now willinc to grant them full citizenship Cardinal Arch- bisho]! Vanchn has publicly stated that he is. for it Educated men and Women of the Catholic laity are everywhere now to be foiind for It. The onpositlon to female jg a matter of course. .All ^reat social and oolitical reforms, as well as religious ones, have always liei n resisted bv "i -ejudices, custom and the old cry •;nopi;ortn ,ie.' So If is with thi.s. it i< a battle—reason and justice op- po.':- d by senseless fears, and selfish •.loti-ro. The raiise is just. I? ma> 1" defi aied tndai but never comuercd and tomorrow itVill b. viitorioiis. Time The Weather Is Getting Cold— and Winter Will Soon Be Here and the purchasing of an Overcoat should be in your mind. We were never so pleased with oui* Overcoat stock as w-e are this season. We have the best overcoats we have ever had for the price. There is a lot of styling and an abundance of comfort, warmth and satisfaction in our Overcoats. / Hart, Schaffner & Marx, Society Brand. Spero, Mictiaet & Son, Makers. This includes some of the beist makes for MEN AND YOUNG MEN in the country. They are cut in various lengths and shapes—some of them fit the body—others hang'full and loose. We have them in all the colors—the nev,' bi'dwns, tans, .grays, and blacks. You will be agreeably surpi'ised how modestly these Coats are priced, be a good time for you to step in and look at them. tt) know Now will have a OVERCOATS jNlO(o$2.5 SUITS $10 to $27.50 Rain Coats and Slipons at all prices FLORSHEIM Just received a new- shipment in the new Dukb and Turtle toes- prices $4 to $5 SHOES! 5- New location in Famous BIdg. Wc pay your car fare according to the usual rules. (;«I,I»K\ VAM.KT. (Mrs. Haltie Cullett.* Oct ,11 —Mr. J R. Stewart of lola is contemplatins pulling wat-'r works on Ills farm. He siirel.v has the water to pipe anywhere and then some. .Mr. .N'eim .ver "i'l farm tin- Wood idace owned by Mrs. Blanche Wood of Tola. Harry Biakely has returned bomc after working for Waller Wood. Ward Kerr is now working for Mr. Wood. Ernest Smith and family vislK -d bU sister, Mrs. Walter Wood last week. Culling kafilr corn, slacking cowpeas and IiimIiii-< water is keeping tin farmer.-* busy. Spencer Mavis has rcnli-<l the Sam I farm. Me has llv.-d on the .1 R. SI-w (art home place for four .vears. Orval Nlorrlsoii and son Ira. were j calling In Ihe Hall on S.-ilurday, i Miss l.ouise Ki niieily visited In-r MUiil. .Mrs, .Mi-Couib. last week. Will Wagner and son have b.-en I pfowllig .-iltlioiijTli Ihe crouiid Is pel j ty "dry. i .Mr. Slriiiik will move his ii I the wi .<t side of his farm. Rally day at the Hall was a M -rv nil -isani dav. The "House by the SIdi of the Road," read by Oerfrude And- ni "S was commented upon by R'-v Morton of iJiHarne. SU. C O. IJollin- eer, of lola, Mr. Tredway. of 1-aHarpe, Rev. Chapmnn .ind Rev. Morton all made fine talks. «!->in r -ain and a friend from Humboldt, Gertrude and Annabelle And- riias. Lizzie Diiggan. Artie Boyer'and Rosie Dajion, all high school pupils, came out Sunday to attend the rally at the churfh. Some hr.d to go honje early so as to meet the train Mrs. W. C. Walk.-r eniertiilned sixt.v pjests on Saturd:'v .-v .-nin .g in honor of her son Georg«-'s eightrenth birthday. Oysters were served. Miss Cecil Walker and Mrs. .Margery Donald, of lola. and Mrs. Cusic were our callers on Saturday. Mrs. Kepn-'dy was visiting her son Pierce, and familv last win-k. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Anderson went to ste a piece of property which Is Mrs. Anderson's interest in the eftate j of her father, the late Peter Olson. > Charley Wilson drove them down in his aulo. The "P aw Paw Patch" in the Register was g'md and regnrdlens pf our present surroundingii there is no telling what may befall ns In old age. WHEAT DOWN iOTHEN I? ( KKK.VI. rVCKRT.H.V A.S TO TIIK PBOPEU THING TO DO. latlle JIarkel Steadies After Serere i Ilrop—Hoifs .\dTanre in Face of llea\y Keccipts. (Uy th-.- .V-'s.iri.iteil I*ies..;) • i Chicago, Sow i. —A denial of re- j ports tliat the .\rgentine crop was damaged, and the good weather and ; large receipts in the Northwest weak- I ened wheat. This decline wa;?, check- i ed. liowevcr, by the uncertainties re- j garding the Turkish war. The opening ; was ?^e'to i-ic lower. December i .started at W% to "<,c, unchanged. J thou sank to SO'^ff 9(i-'jic. i Chicago Close. 1 WHEAT—Dec. 8!tTi«i no; May or -'i j COR.V—.July .'.2V:-; Dec. :.l; M.-iy 1 .-.'I 'ic. OATS—Dec. :;iifc: May s::^ :«->s Kansas City Gniin. Kansas City, .Vov. 1—Casii Wluat, ruarket unchanged to Ic lower. No 2 ;ard. sr .^iii;-.: N;-. :;. SIT, VC; N... 2 red. 'IT',..';; i.f'i; .\o ;:. ;).-.'.'.ft cb.s*— •ec. .S»'.sT|N4>, : .Mav XH-'s,''.! S:»s,. CORN-Old .•.'•Tf-.T. new TA: N<« 'J !::\e!l. «dd '.7. n.-v ; .\o S. oM new .No '_' white, obi .'"-'v. new .".4if>r .fi; No S. old .•".rt 'fJ •'•T. -new r .2. SOUVENIR FREE! FREE! iSATURDAY TUMBLER* In addition to the usual profit-sharing checks, with Spices. Baking Powder. Teas. Coffees. Exti^acts. etc. GranuIatedSugdf 251b. Bag $1.39 18 lbs. ..:$i.oo 100 lbs. ..$5 56 U/>e Union Pacific Tea Co. L. R. OI.AIIFELTER, .llgr. Phone 336 No. 7 North Jefferson lola, Kas. 47','!»-t7;H;c: Dee Is',; "iiK.--- •;iiii .May 4S'Vy. f).\TS—.Market. Ste.idv No 'J wl-.ile ••;<.^.i,stc: No 2 mixiii. ;".:;;i RYK—'••"•c |ier biij^bel i;.->-"ipts of wheal. l.'.T cars. KanoHs Cllj l.lvr»!iH-k. Kansas I 'lly. Ni>\ I (WTTI.K leiiipl-:'l.'.'i'o .Market strong.' .\a•IM- ,-teers Jil .".uit |0 7.'.: cow- .ind lellers $;iil S ilii; st^^«•ker^ and fee.l el-s 1 1 .M'li 7 • buIN 1 1 11(1 -,,.-, •>:. ealvof 1.1 O0'ff3..'"i0 noes— Receipts 4.''i"> Market litghi-r. Heavy $7 7ii!i» 7 .*^i'; pack.jr.- and biitt-hers |7 I '.iHi 7 Si>: light $7 U"*; 7 t!.'".. Chlciign Lhe-^tork. ('hii-ago. .V.iv I - CATri .E. rereipt- •2.".U!> Marki-i ^teady. Beeves $:. :!i>f; II,""; stoekers ;'nd feiili-r.- ti'J'i'ii 7 r.u; ci>ws and heifers $2 7i^^i7 2.'. H ()';.><--Keee !pf.-- 12.111"' .Market h stroni: to r.c hlsh-r Light J7'.'("fi 7 aiixed ?7 I'-'?'"<">; iieavv J7 7 !•.'.. pigs $ 1.7.'fi 7.27, i K:iii«iio iCit.r Prodiire. Kan.-as City. Nov 1 - BfTTKR Creamery 2vc: firsts 2i;; seconil.- 2'J: packing stock 22'A(fr23c EC.GS—E.rfras 2."Uc: firsts 2.''.'j<'^i 24'-.jc: seconds l.Sc. H.W ^.Market firm. Choice iimoth.\ tlS.r .e^/ H eii; choice prairie $i :'..l 'OTi !;: .".li. BROO.M CORN—$«•> to $|i"> per ton Lead and .Spelter­ s' ! .juis. No\ 1 —Lead, market iiii- >etl'.-.!. $J <• 'i I v'.; sii.'lter, market unsetM,.,! $7.2.".f/ 7.37. I .ornI Markets. Product quotations furnished daily iiy Cogl'ill Commission Company: BCTTKI! -I'lc per ixftind. ECCS—22c tit^r dozen POri.TRV—Hens. li)>,c; cocks. 4c; -prints lO'-l-c: duck.«". 10c; geese, .'.c; ] turkevs. lOc; guineas. 2'>c each. *' HORSE HbDES—$2 00 to $2 75. BEEF Tl IDES—10c. Slnndiinl Nc-.v York, Oil Company ISlalid.;rd •>;! I Oil l 'ity> niiidcnd. i diviibnd ofa .share, the tiirst since Oct. ;{|.—The Standard ,;:!: ion ot Ih.- v.,ri .)Us com- of Ohio, tl;e origin.i! ' paiii. s. Company, has d-i-lare.l | " • . : - IH a Rei-Mvter Knr Sale >cll IL Bowels Get Weak As Age Advances "hi- l-'lrsl >ec«-»»ll> I-, til Keep' |toMel<i (M-nll) (Ipcii Uiih a ,>lllil l.n\athi--TiMilr. the D S Wllberth. of Caney. who. has been here and In 1-aHarpe risiling friends, returned home tills afternoon lI'MlHr. ..Ill at.- I- Ml al.siilulely il. 'eUil-nl ll|ii>ll II,e e.lUilltioll iif Mr. ..iwi-ls Ih.'il great van- sboiil.l I... laK.ii o s.-e that tli.-y act regularly. The 'ail IS that as age advances the nil iii.iscles biTotue weak and jiuutiv.- uiil the liver dues' not s'ori- up t' •• iuiei-s ihat are ii. eessar.v to pruijipl ilige.-tion. Sum.- lieip can be obtaine.! .ai- ng easily (lig--it.'(l I'oeils and liy tak-! ng pb'tity of exeril>e. but hitt '-rl IS lrk.-;.>me to most ehu-rly p. .pie on.j thing Is certain, that a stat.- ef on-: stipation shnuld always b.- avi.i.leil as ; h is dangero^is to lif-- and iiealtli Th--i lest plan i.- to tak.- laild laxative; \s often as is ile.-i:..-.l ::e :-.-..;.-aiy. Hut vitli e.iual certainf;. it is sugc---ted hal c:il.,irtics. i .'-r -:ati\'-s. ;.hy .5 :i-.<. -.••Its and |iill.~ 1..- .i-.'>ided, as th-y do !>ut temporary i ;.>i >il aiei ain- sn l :u!sh IS to tie a shotk • > a .l.licat.- .s.x .-te::! .\ mii '.h b.!i.i pi^:!!. and one ihut. 'aousands of eli|.-;-ly people aie lo!- lowiiig is t.. »ak.- :• gentle la.xarive- tonic like 1).- Cal-iw Hs Syrup P -p- [.^lin. whicli act-: a-;.n.arly like nature as is iiossiiib-. Iii i.iet. the tendency of this r .Mue .Iv i~ t.) strengthen th'- stomach and liow.-l muscles au'l :io train thein to .net natur.illy again when medicines of a!! kinds c<in u.— ually be dispensed with. This is the opinion of many people of dif^oTent at^i--. aiming them .\fr. William Dei- lii-ii. Hoxii-. Kan. ami .\lr^i "! Wilson, Sandpuint, Idaho and they ItEIBKRT. IVli.-in cuiLstanriy in the i.a\.- Si I up hou.-i-. .\ bolt!'- can Ne bought of any drug- >j;ist at t:t-v cents or one dollar. People •i.-^.;al!y biy the tir'ty Ceut size tirst. and l!;'-n. having convinced themselves of ir- !:-erirs ihry tiuy the dollar size, which i~ more ecoi;oii:ica! .\uy elderly pers'-n c:ir. fiillfiw l.^ese suggestions, '.\ith safe-y atid the assurance of gooil n-sults. If no me:)i!)E-r of your family has .-ver usett Svrip P-.-psia and you would lik^- -o !f;»ke a i>er3oniil triat of it >:ef.;e tmyin.g it in the regular way of H tiruBgis.t. send your address— a postal wi!J (b>—to l).--. W. CjCaldwclI, 41." Washiuuiun. St. .Montiicello, 111. .11!.I .1 t -aii.-p! • bottle will! be mailed you, UesiittH ar>' always guaranteetl or uion^y will be ret'undeJ.<j

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