Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 29, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1908
Page 8
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*######***## ###••<## !Social (Hews; * # * # # #•# #*##########* The marriage is annouiicefl to takr place Sept. Gth of Mr. Krerl lliift' find Miss Kthel Shnnk of LOH Angeles, formerly of Covina. 'I.'lK' ChriHlian Kndcavor rif the Presbyterian Church entertained hint Tuesday evening with a social, the whole Sunday-school being itivitetl guests, A large crowd WHS present, flames were plnyed, music, enjoyed iinrl light, refreshments nerved. Mr. and Mrs. 10. A. Rich enter t.ained a number of young people on Monday evening in honor of the iil.sfc birthday of their daughter, Aileen. The evening WIIH plensfintly spetit playing grimes find listening t.o mueio. Refreshments of ontriKe ice and cuke were nerved. On ThurHrhiy, the 27th of August, Minn (it-nee Vivian I''uller WIIH married to Mr. Arthur Meadrt Urown at, LOH Angeles. M!HH Fuller was well known throughout, the valley ami especially prominent, in rriiiHical circles, being tit the preHcnt time vice- president of the Amphion society. Mr. and Mrs. Urown will be fit homo to their friends in AV.IIIH after the flrHt, of October. , Mrs. Marion Coltrin I nun Klsie Spencer; was complimented with a "house-wanning" In the form of H "kitchen shower" on Wednesday night by the Circle of the Women of Woodcraft. The party WIIH to celebrate the occupancy by Mr. find Mrc. Coltrin of their pretty new bungalow by this ponular youriK couple. Light refreshments were nerved. Ori Monday afternoon, fit the home • if ivlr. find Mrn. lOdgar Mitchell, Minn lOthel Shank wan complimented with H "fdinwer" in honor of her approaching marriage to Mr. Fred Hull. Many friends were nreaent, who placed tludr pretty and useful gifts on a table charmingly decorated with fiBpriragiiH fern and red carnat.iorm. Jce cream find cake were Herved. On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Wallace entertained with ft delightful nftornoon "at, homo" in honor of her guest, Mrs. Micks of Kanmift City, »ind Mrs. fJhidfoltor of Coullngii. Light refreHhmentH were nerved in the prettily decorated parlors, lhi< hostess being assisted In receiving by Mines. Hicks and McAlleu. Other ladies present wero Mutes. Lahee, VVesloy Hodges, S. Douglas, Clark, Reed, S. Allison, C. AlliHon, Nu/- uin and MisH Quick. A delightful Hiirpriflu greet(id Mrs. Hugh Arrnel on Thursday evening when a number of relatives assembled to celebrate her twentieth birthday. ThoHo [iruHiint were Meiwrs, and Almes. Milton Armcl, (ieo. Coolmun, Will Arniul, Jasper Unker of (Jlen- dora and Krank ilackson, Mrs. H. Cronse, Mrs. I'ioroe, Misaes JOdna Coolmun and Ulanchu Grouse, Messrs. David Croune, Hugh Arrnol, Ralph Coolniiin, \Vill lOmeriok, the linker children and the little daughter of the lumte.HH. The young hostess rc- coived many pntltv and useful gifts. KefruHhments of ice cream and cake wero served. A delightful evening alfair was the Welsh rarebit, dialing dinli party given on Tnesdity evening by the MisscH RiggiitK and their sinter, Mrs. W. A. MiiiTiiWH, of Waco, Texan, in their hcautilul huitte east of town. The all air was In otuupl Imeiil. of their IIOUHC gucnt, Miss Katherine (,'ollins, of Waco, Texas, and n most delightful time wan enjoyed, all kinds of giimes keeping everyone tinny and happy, till a late hour. Others prewent wero the Minnnes Vie, Dyrd anil Anna ReynoldH, Augusta and liens Sandcm; MCHHI'H. Howard Douglas, Jerome and Irvin K'e.vuolds, I'lmmons Cnuk, (limit and l^riiuU Chapmun, Otis Keeling, Paul Rig gins, Carl and Kliuer Shirley.- ()ne of the most enjoyable allnifH of th,' Hummer iiciuirred on Saturday fvening, August J.iul, uhen the 1 lit unni'd iale hi>ague ul tile M. I 1 ',. Chureh gave a laun jiuily in honor of Minri lOli/abclh .(ones, State Inter meiliate superintendent. It look place nl the home ot Mi.-n lie^sio l.i'ehriek, iiclinu biipiirinleiiilent of the ('oviiiu league. The laun UUH lustily ileei,iateil uilli rohiieil Japan i M> laiilerii». Tim liisl part of the «t\eniug was .spc'iit in pla> ing ln\\n ^'illlle.-. which Were alternated with ire rieam. Later all retired to thr parlor^ where the li^hl-i \M-re turned lo\v ami nlc.lies, gho.i! and otherwiie, wen- l"lii. Were followed I..V talks 1,11 I nt eruie.l iale League lilial- ami work I)V Ml>-, Juliet, Ml.-s Li i- bi ick and Mi. Karl l.eebi icli. After the .singing ot >e\,-ial !I>'[IIIIM all ,n( joiirned, xoling it oni: of tlie ini,-I ph-a.-anl ol e\ en i II.^M. RIGGINS RANCH CHANGES HANDS Vast Covina Acreage is Sold to Wealthy Texan. The; bit<K»!ttt. deal in \\I\H part of (,'nliforriia for many (inyo XVHH ctoncd t.lllH VVPflk, Wllfiti J. W. Ki«fc?iliH Holf] his ranch of 7fiU nnr^H, livo stock j imd iiUtor holding, t.o Jurist; .). T, H'.vftHtt for f 18(5,500. Mr. KiKK'niH cariM! t.o f'nliforriin nhtiut 1H months fitfri find while O;ili- fnrriin IIIIH fiir.s^piiiK "iifl in f.'ict. Hurts ft of the shrewdest men in Atnerieii, and while ihiriKH hiivri not, been favorable for \>'m dewlH or money making on account of the hard UmeH and clone money, yet, Mr. KinyiriH, corri- iiiK from 'J'e.viiH, where people fire, not, "up-to-?io\v" MH wo think in California, lias by n<>n<] nmmiKement and HHKficioiiH deals "rrimle KOO<!." Mr. RiKK' nM JH now In Toxan nnrl wo urn Informod has bought a very liirj<« block of rich level land, 1520 ncr(!H, in oultivation, with irrigating (litcheH and canalw to every aero an.) a (low of water t.o thi.'He lanrln of 500 cubic feet, boiriK an almoHt, unlimited supply. Hfivon cropH of alfalfa fire riiadf: here every your and one. to two hiilOH of ciitton per aero rmide, worth fcfiO per Imlo. We aro told Mr. KlKKin.s KfitH on thin land two (Ino cotton KMIH, Ntore and Htock of nooils, livo stock, feed, and tuition from H40 Heron of land now ready to piok. The price, wo «ro told, WMH iihont S'lOO.OOO. Mr. \i\un\nv will return in a few days to im'tiriKe for hln family to ro- inaln for a tlrno in either Los An- Kolew or on the and then will likely Hpend the winter in Texas. Mr. Ki^K'ny and family have nintlo many friends in California, arid OH- pccinll.y about Covina, who all regret, to lose them and hope t.hoy may yet return to Covina and live. Jud^i! i). T. Hweatt and family, we aro told, will soon move to the RiKUinH ranch. Tills \I\K deal only shown the rapid dovolopment of our ^rand country and allows what a wide-awake man can do. Han Killed by Electric Car. (Continued from first page) to the railroad, although it has been saitl by those who witnessed the affair that the car did not slow up at Mm crossing. It seems from all accounts that, Prof. l''i!/(iorald was the victim ot a sudden "bucking" of his engine. One of the first to give professional aid to Prof. Fit/.' (jeiald was Mr. C. V Clapp, proprietor of one of the local dmu stores, nnd his a&sistiince prior to the coming of the physicians was valuable. A Monster Melon. It. C. CaBiid left at our ofllce this week a miiskmelnn weighing 27 pounds and measuring •! 1 inches in circumference. He picked two other melons, each weighing over '20 pounds, from the vine bearing the monster at the same time. The melons aro of the Kusalm variety and closely resemble the China muskmelons. Mr. Casad estim.ituH his crop of this variety a!. 1000 ilo'/oim and besides these ho raises many cantnloupen and Chilian watermelons. Most of the melons are placed mi the Cuvina market, Warner, WhitHol X Co., groeeis, selling about four do/en of Ilio KiiHiilms a day. The balance of the crop is disposed of to the Harvey eating hoimes .in the Hiinta i«V system. Mr. Casad o\vns a fine ranch and farm near Iruindale and is one of the mo'st enterprising tanners in these parts. Club l : ormln£. At a meeting lit the Young Men's Club held thin \\eek it was decided In hold a general meeting Mi mla.v 'evening, Aug. i'.lst, at which a mini I tier of pnunini'iit eilncalois and di ! vim-ri will lie pir-enl to <lln- llieir I assistance In the project. The clul; j is |.i lie nun seclai inn, and the next ! meeting uill lie held in the vacant i iM.iiu on the corner ot t'iiru.i avenue I an.i Hadillo Mrrct. I Her fifty youin,; j men weie (iiv-cnl at the last nice! ni^. N oscmite Valley. Y< ,•*•<• 111 L t o \ ulK'Y i>» (1'iu ivachi'il daily .ittcr short .mil plf.tK.ii.l trip via Si'iitlu-i u 1'ai'iiii- (•> Mi'i'Ci'i!. Y">cmiti' \'.lllev K'.lill'! .Hid \.- Illllr^ -.t.l.'f ii'K'. I i i K. r ni a 11-M i uut \ ''!_• >• 'i'. t hi-I i| I'.U/i !U" .ul.iT. K..r Sal.- Han, d R, ck at.d IHaek Luny>luiug hen--. Mi.-. H<-\ille, \\i-t I'lii'lite -I reel. 1 ! j. SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION District Meeting of the Brethren Societies to he Held in Covina. The district, Sunday School convention of the Urelhren fhurnhes of Southern California and Arizona v-ill be held in the Covina F'rethrftii Church, Saturflny, HeptemVier .">th. The following program will be 1 carried nut.: MO UN I NO MKHHION. ft:00 Devotional K\erci«eH. !):20 What, benefits has the church derived from Sunday School Work? W. K. Trostle. (ieneral JJiseiiHslnn. !):'15 My Plan for Teac.hing next Sunday's LeiHon: 1st- Primary Class Mrs. W. H. Wertenbaker. 2d Junior Class Margaret JJrandt. .'ird- Young People Mrs. T'eague. CJetieral Dlscns.'ion. 10:25 The Child Jts Problems and Possibilities 10. K. Yundt. (joneral Discussion. \():';() The Parent's Relation to the Sunday School Teacher--Mrs. Susie Thomas. Oerieral Disoussion, AKTKRNOON SfOSSION. 1 :00. Business Session. Roll Call of the Delegates. Reports from Secretary and Committees. 1 :IIO Organized Work--VV. F. Kngland. Oeneral IJificussion. 2:00 If our Sunday School Kn- rollment is to reach 100,000 in 1908, we must enroll throe pupils where we had two last year. How can this District raise her quota?— Harvey Snell. (Joner'jl Discussion. 2:150 Supplemental Work- Susie Forney. (Jeneral Discussion. H:00 Round Table. At 7:30 p.m. there will be a sermon by Kov. W. P. England of Lordsburg. A cordial invitation Is extended to all the Sunday Schools and everyone to attend the convention and the services in the evening. NOTICE TO CRPiDITOKS. Estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of (ieorge Smith, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased, ;o exhibit the same with necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator at the office of A. M. Pence, 7 and 8 Reed Building, in the City of Covina, California, which place is hereby designated as the place of business of said estate. Dated this 4th day of August, 1908. A. C-r. Smith, Administrator. A. M. Pence, attorney for said estate. Kissel Kar A car that sells for 5225,0 that will demonstrate and show as good material and workmanship as a 540OO car. i 4 cyl.. 40 h. p., speetl 43 to 50 miles, | won both events it entered at Pasa' dfMia-Altarlena hill climb. Ha.s Uakcrs- | /ieUI road record of 4 hours and 45 : minutes over horrible roads. Have a ride in one a'.'d you will be a Kissel Kar booster. Reo Automobiles THK CAR OF SERVICE I Ask a 113- of the many Reo owners Bqrad Q. W. MARSH Practical • CARRIAGE AND AUTO I I fainter Shop opposite Postoffiee COVINA James Corbett IBleiolcsmithiingr All kinds of general and heavy LUacksmithing-. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks 2.nd Bo* Presses horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 63 Shop Wesr Badillo St, Csvina IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMIN1NG OR PAPER HANGING doiu', SLV me before vmi let your jnh. All work "•uunmteet! anil rruv* reasonable. PRICES Touring- Car with top, S1450.00 Keo Roadster, 20 h. p., 51100.00 Reo Runabout, $700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlinder and Kisselcar. Ciet a demonstration before buying-. REO Garage COVINA DIAMONDS OF FULL VALUE Beautiful high quality Stones in all the choice and rare Mountings and styles. Sent on Approval. Shop by Mail We guarantee the best of value. Prices range about $100 per carat, Solitaire and Clusters. Combined also with other gems. Write M5 for estimates SPECIAL SETTINGS To YOUR ORDER NEXT ORPHEUM THEATRE I Tomorrow and every Sunday we serve an extra tine CHICKEN DINNER We serve the same menu on Wednesday of each week, and every day a better meal than any country hotel in the valley. Mr. Rancher and Fami!vman—• Don't a'.low your (ire to he started at home. Viait us aud get the habit. Hotel Yendome J. J. FIT2GERALD, Prop. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Having recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all l<imls of shoe repairing at short iiotu'e. Satistaetiuti is guaranteed in every respect. Mi'if.-i »ewi-d half sub's 75c I.uiiirs' »c\vi-n half .->uU'-. i>(v I.adii-*' nailed .-i"c Phone 51. Tooth Paste is made with milk of magnesia as a base, aromatic oils as a germicide and flavor, precipitated chalk for a polish. The result is a. smooth, aromatic delightful dentifrice that preserves the teeth, hardens the gums and keeps the laouth in a clean, healthy condition. Ask your dentist about Boradent. At mil drtlrfgiatB 25 cent* Troy Ptiarmacal Company POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE PRICES give us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our. methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Bundles at McLeocf s Restaurant LORBEER BROS Announcement t All of the complete and expensive stock of Potter's Hardware Store has been purchased by W, L, Hurley Who solicits .your trade and good will. We will cater to old customers and new ones with the finest line in the valley. fine Builder's Hardware, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasolene Stoves. Come and see the Quick Meal Stove. Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves arid House Furnishing Goods. Call and Get Acquainted. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. WONEY WANTED I have notes falling- due in almost every mouth from $250.00 to S9000.00 secured by tirst ( trust deeds on new city residences, orange, walnut and alfalfa ranches, which I will sell to net lender, 8 per cent interest, payable quarterly, Tee of taxes, and g-uarantee payment uf interest to maturity of note, and collect interest free. lean loan $5(X).00 to J3(Mi() for you on modern homes in Covina or Los An- treles or on ranches near Covina for 2 or 3 years on g-ood first mortgages at l ' per cent net; the borrower pays all taxes and expenses and my commission, aud the banks collect interest free. Tel. 325.M. OSCAR MIL,L,ER. KERCKHOFF^CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 14S; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. I THINK C.H.Kistler(OVINATRAm F, E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler . . l.-ir^i 1 .UK! v'oiiipU-U 1 .-1- i k ut everything i i! the Ii in-. HUTCHISON BROS., Prop*. All kinds of haiiliny and Kurniuire Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos PKU.Ml'T SKKYU'K. i'KiCHs KU;HT. 1 have a nice lim- iviirk - -"^'" Ii v. oiiice OD Citrus Ave. Covina, QI. Avfiiue ''oviua, t'ai. , Home i'houe lli'o ! HAIR BRUSHES Look them over and let me know what YOU THINK W. W. NASH F"resoription Druggist

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