The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on January 11, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1977
Page 3
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Pag« 6- NAl'GATOCK NEWS (Conn.) 8»Uird»y, M»y IS, 1116 Travel Editor Calls Cenote Major Highlight OBD BEND, CALIF.: Danny Suhrf, an employe ol a commercial bee grower In Glenn County, wears a beard of bees during Ihe final days of shipping the insects lo various parts of the country] Suhre simply placed a queen fee intohts real board and Ihe result was a swarm of workers. (UPI) In Our Time "OPZRAT/ON SAti."/976... ONE OF THE GREATEST FLOTILLAS OF SAILING VESSELS EVER ASSEMBLE? tY//LL RENPEZ VOUS IN NEW YORK HARBOR IN AN INPEPENPENCE PAY SALUTE T()-0ESEEN .- --.• AROUND \THp '^CtRLP. ' ' m l$J IOAM. ON JULY 4, A VAST AWAOA OF SAILING VESSELS LEP BY A MAJESTIC COLUMN OF 18 LARGE SQUARE-ROGERS HILL MOVE UP A/EIV YORK HARBOR AS MILLIONS WATCH WA WORLD TELBYISEP SATELLITE FACILITIES. HALF OF ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WLL BE TRAINING SHIPS SUCH AS THE.ABQYE 'UNICORN! IT WAS REBUILT AT A COSrOF i3/fAVLLtOtfANPO/ARTEREP BY THE FLORIPA OCEAN SCIENCES INSTITUTE AS A TRAINING SHIP FOR BOYS IS TO 21 YEARS UNPER. , OFFICER ANP PROFESSIONAL. 6UIPANCE. UMIKE THE SA/L/^G GHOSTS OF THE PAST THAT TREAP THESE PfCKS, THE UNICORN'S CREW, LIKE MANY OF THE. OTHER-SAILORS, WILL WEARSPERRY TOP-S/PER BOATING SHOES ANP SOOTS mm AW-SKIP SOLES. ' ANP ALL-WFATNfR MARINER SUITS. STUDENTS HONOKKD STOKRS. Conn. (UPII - The University of Connecticut says four stuiienls have been selecl- ed to receive the 1976 Wall Street Journal Achievement By .MURRAY J. BROWN UPI Travel Edilor CHICHEN-ITZA, Mexico (UPI) - "Don't get loo close to Ihe edge," warned our Mexican guide, looking at Ihe young blonde American, her fingers, wrisls, neck and ears dripping wilh jewelry, "We need rain." We were standing near the rim of the Well of Sacrifice in what remains of the ancient Maya capital of Chichen-Itza in Mexico's Yucatan, A descendant of the people who built a great culture and civilization in the jungles and mountains of Middle America while Europe was still fumbling through the Dark Ages, our guide said the ancient Maya believed their Rain God lived in the cenote. A natural pit about 350 feet long and 150 feet wide, Ibe elliptical cenote has almost vertical limestone walls dropping about 70 feet to the mirrorlike murky jade-green water. "In times of severe drought, the high priest would selecl beautiful young maidens lo be thrown into the well as sacrifices," the guide said. "They were dressed in the finest clothes and adorned wilh ornaments made of gold and jade." "Quien sabe?" he replied when pressed whether the story ol the sacrificed virgins was fact or ficlion. It is a matter of record, however, that divers employed by Edward Thompson, then the U.S. consul in the Yucatan, in 1904 did recover human bones, ceremonial knives, balls of copal incense and ornaments and other artifacts of gold and carved jade. The cenote is a major highlight on the tour of Chichen-llza, one of the outstanding archaeologial finds in the Americas, which sprawls over 18 square miles of scrub jungle in the peninsula svashed by Ihe Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. The well — where a few scraggly Irees provided the only shelter from the blazing midday tropical sun — is about 350 yards from the main square Religion In America By David E. Anderson base lo a height of about 123 feet in nine terraces and is topped by a beautiful temple. There are stairways on each of the four sides — 91 steps — up the 45-degree-angle walls to Ihe ., „ ,. top platform for a thrilling There are some indications unacceptable, as are all other panoramic view of the entire 'he attracliveness of bizarre lifestyles but ours." An ex- area, and allheal religious culls such tteme fo ™ of lhal > bt " r It is a steep climb, too, by a as Ihe Children of God, the added, would be a group like neighborhood, lark, narrow, airless stairway Unification Church arid Ihe the Manson Family, those who p 0 u ce said Blacks To Raise Funds For Victim BY PATRICK J. KILLEN CHICAGO (UPII - A group of black businessmen hopes to raise at least $10,000 for a white man blinded during an attempted robbery in a Chicago dark, to a chamber in the inside Divine Light Mission of one- pyramid with a Chac-Mool '>">« boy guru Maharaj Ji may statue and a red-painted sloni •» declining, jaguar with eyes of jade, But Bill St Impressive also is the 120- believes some of Ihe culls still foot-wide Ball Court, flanked by P°se a danger lo adolescents definitely on the wane, in gathered around murderer Charles Manson. Starr said the altracliveness Nicholas Comito,. 58. was mowing the lawn of his West Side home last Monday . when a gunman approached But Bill Starr of Young Life of the cults, especially the more him and demanded money. He Sieves some of Ihe culls still bizarre manifestations, "are SWU nga basket at the assailant f . ™ u ,,. WU.V, .»,»«. », ,~>se a danger lo adolescents definitely on the wane in Iwo massive walls 272 feet long, and that parents need some particular those culls that tried where defeat mean death the Sidelines on Ihe various to shove it down your throats. guide said. Embedded in Ihe Sroups when their children center of each wall — about 2c c » m « no™* proclaiming they feel up - is a large stone rinf: have '»™d the truth. with a hole about 18 inches ir. For starr . even the use of the diameter. The court was used wd cult is a negative. for a soccerlike contest in "A c ull is a distortion of which players tried to knock a some basic, historical idea of "The more subtle ones are Ihe ones we have to watch for, those with more of an intellectual kind of appeal." But Starr said young people today "basically have their heads screwed on pretty well" hard-rubber ball through the what Christianity is," he said in "en while they still are going Awards for outstanding perfor- ™ * e cit J which &<•<* •»<* lo mance in business studies. the fifth century. The dusty dirt path, called the Sacred Way, is the same used by the ancient The awards are given annually for academic achievement, potential for growth and contributions to the business and aeaberni ....The.n M> La senior, and graduate sludeHs Richard Beplat of East Northport, N.Y.. James Champley of Stamford and Francis Paine of Litchfield. holes without using their hands, an interview. "A good case in The captain of the losing point would be. Ihe distinction team was decapitated by the between Ihe Jesus People of the winning captain — the death 1960s and the Children of God." ceremony is depicted in the has The Jesus People, he said, relief sculptures along the base "were for Ihe most part simply of the wails. an enthusiastic part of Chris- Other highlights included the lianity. They came out in a Temple of the Warriors, a religious way against Ihe war complex of various types of but were not destructive of structures and huge inscribed historic Chrislianity." pillars and sacrificial stone But he said the Children of altars; the Temple of the God. a cult basically found on Tigers and Eagles, with its 'he West Coast, ' ( 'was one of the carvings of tigers, jaguars, most damnable heresies to eagles and plumed serpents touch our kids ... it was almost clutching human hearts in their an enslavement." talons; the Wall of the Skulls, One of the crucial guidelines, depicting hundreds of human he said, would be to look at skulls impaled on poles; the whether or not the group's circular El Caracol, or obser-. leaching, "in a fundamental valory; Ihe Chichen-Chob, with way distorts" historical Chris- its still undeciphered strip of tianily. carved hieroglyphics; and the "A dead giveaway is the u-ay Nunnery and Annex, one of the in which children are lurned most beautiful of the ruins and against their parents," he said, which (he Spaniards believed ff the group does not leach served as a Maya convent. the potential convert lo "honor I visited Chichen-llza on one thy father and mother, if it of the series of 12-day completely undermines Ihe "Voyages to the Cities of the authority of parents, the loving Dawn" operated during the authority, and teaches instead 1975-76 season out of New '° turn children against their Orleans by the Carras Lines parenls, then it is a dangerous new luxury cruise ship Daphne. Rroup." The cruises to Yacatan, Central "Any authentic movement America and the islands of the that is interested in the Caribbean will be resumed this youngster," he said "will be fall. interested, must be interested, Optional land excursions also in the welfare of Ihe whole are offered from the various ports of call lo the Maya ruins the turmoil of adolesence. "We're always going to have our struggle with kids growing up and learning to handle things with moderation, but I Ihink we're in a little better shape than we were 10 years ago," he said. The Almanac and tried (o run. He was shot in the back and the temple. The second bullet left him permanently blind. A black youth was indicted for Ihe crime. Hut from his hospital bed Comilo said, "I am not a hater and I don't intend to let this make me a hater." When George E. Johnson, president of Johnson Producls Co. and one of Chicago's most successful black businessmen, read about the incident, he decided to start a fund for Comito. "I (ove Mr. Comito for what he is," Johnson said. "He now has to face a life without sight ' — and 1 want us blacks to become involved in helping him before anyone else." Johnson asked Edwin C. Berry, former head of the Ky United 1'ress International Today is Saturday, May 13, Ihe 136lh day of 1976 with 230 lo Chicago Urban League, to set follow. up Ihe fund. Berry said Johnson The rnoon is between its full phase and last quarter. The morning stars are Venus and Jupiter. ' The evening stars are Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Those born on this date are under the sign of Taurus. Three entertainment world personalities were born on May 15: Actresses Anna Maria Alberghetti (1936) and Constance Cummings (19101, and actor Jaraes Mason (19091. On this day in history: In 1862, Congress created the Department of Agriculture. In 1918, the first regular air mail service was established between Washington, Philadelphia and New York. wanted "(o get the first $10,000 from blacks and then invite everybody in." Herry said contributions should be sent to Ihe Nicholas Comito Fund in care of Johnson Products Co., 8522 South Ijfayette St., Chicago 60620. He said Johnson wanted to demonstrate "Ihe great need to Iry to bridge interracia! understanding." "Some people have raised the question. 'Etow come we are prejudging Ihr people who have been apprehended?," Berry saij. "We're not. We're saying it was a dastardly act, whoever did it. H will remain to be seen if the people apprehended r.clually did it." Bfayas. of Uxmal, Tulum and Copan in Dominating Ihe area is Ihe Honduras as well as FOR SIM)AY, MAY 18,1976 Look in the section in which ence, but you will be amply your birthday comes and find repaid. Late hours bring some surprising news. SAGITTARIUS what your outlook is, according to the stars. in the welfare of Ihe family." Another danger sign to watch for is the claiming of messianic oiher authority by Ihe leadership of the group. "It is dangerous three 'when anyone 'acts, as; if they •by bur.from'"have all Ihe answers." * ..... Serpent. It actually consists of Playa del Carmen on' the Starr also warned about cults two pyramids, the outer built Caribbean, our first stop in that promote "an irresponsible upon an older, inner structure. Yucatan. It's about a two-hour attitude toward life" and which It rises up from Ihe Cat, bare ride from Merida, capital of the say the potential convert "need terrain from a 2DO-so.uare-foot Yucatan, on the western side of °ol consider responsibility very the peninsula. Merida is about important. Only that is impor- Iwo hours by jel plane from lant which the organisation Mexico City and Miami. believes is important." There are two resort hotels al Other danger signs Starr Chichen-Itza — the Mayaland pointed to included the group's and Hacienda Chichen — and educational process — "wheth- several newer hotels in the er or not it encourages or village of Piste, about one mile allows differences of opinion" away on Route CN-180. Accom- — and the demand that some modalions also are available in Merida. Contract» Bridge One Play Makes a Big Difference West dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH *107 5432 » 105 JLJS62 WEST EAST *KQ8 *AJS VA952 »73 » A 9 6 2 » K Q J 8 1 3 *93 SOUTH *AQ 1075 The bidding: West North Kasl Soulh I» Pass 34 3» Dole Opening lead - ace of diamonds. OK play — even an innocent- looking one — sometimes makes a world of difference. Consider this deal from 4he Vanderbill team of four championship, where West (Harry Harkavy of Miami Beach) opened Ihe bidding with one diamond, which his partner raised lo three. South bid three hearts and Harkavy was faced with a difficult problem. He could have passed to show a minimum opening bid; he could have voluntarily bid three notrutnp; or he could double. Alter jiving due weight to East's game-forcing jump-raise lo three diamonds, Harkavy elected todouble and everybody passed. As it turned out, South would have done much better to run to four clubs, but his pass of three hearts doubled was certainly reasonable. Harlavy led the ace and another diamond, following the usual procedure of trying to shorten declarer in trumps. Declarer ruffed and returned a low trump, whereupon Harkavy made the crucial play of the ace! He led another diamond, which South ruffed, and by now West and declarer each had only Ihree trumps left. Declarer could (hen do no better lhan cash the K-Q-J of hearts and ace o! clubs, after which he had to concede Ihe remaining tricks to go down three — 800 points. The outcome would have been altogether different if Harkavy had followed low on declarer's. trump lead lo dummy at trick three. Had he ducked, as many players might have done, he would have had ample cause to rue Ihe day. Declarer would next have taken a club finesse and made the contract with an overticX for a score of 930 points. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) There's a tendency now to act without thinking, then ask yourself the "why" of failure. Map out a workable program BEFORE starting. Also take a note of new trends. Good results for like effort. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Don't lose confidence in your ability to produce the results you want—even if temporarily stymied. Keep trying. Some dandy advantages on your side. GEMINI ir^^- (May 22 lo June 21) u *r Neither look (or trouble nor believe it won't come just because you look Ihe other way. Face up to situations and you won't fool yourself or find problems as difficult to solve. CANCER tt£-\ (June 22 to July 23) " V* Better than some days, less smooth than others. Strive with the best intent and only good can result. Believe, with strong faith, in yourself — and others. LEO O/ifi 1 (July 24 to Aug. 23) Jfcvtf* Avoid overecertion and excitement; make no unnecessary changes in smooth-running projects. Romance and family interests in special planetary favor. VffiGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You may find it easier to do (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) * W Change, variety and travel are highlighted in your chart. You may have to make some adjustments in your life, but the challenge, should prove interesting. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Even though a Sunday, you may be able to complete a transaction which enhances security. A friend versed in the la» could be of great help. AQUARIUS -*«-i^ (Jan. 21 to Feb. 15) """Saia The accent is on social activity. Welcome the opportunity to meet people, make new friends, perhaps make contacts which could prove invaluable, business-wise. PISCES V^? (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) "%4 Planetary influences somewhat restriclive. Be especially careful in romance. Emotional situations could get out of hand. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a high order of intellect, a lively imagination and the practicality to cany out your most original ideas. Your confidence in yourself allows you to accomplish many things which others would hesitate to undertake or would attempt ineffectively. At times, your finest achievements are wrought in solitude, but you do not make It a regular practice to CAR SERVICING RADNOR, Pa. (UPI) Servicing of U.S. automobiles this year will cost more than $55.5 trillion, according lo Motor Age magazine, which notes mat people are keeping Iheir cars longer because of the high prices for new ones. Much o[ Ihe projected expenditures will go lo brake service because more and more states are concentrating on tightening Eh° requirements for brake inspections, it adds. groups make — he mentioned Ihe Hare Krishna cull — of imposing a totally new and rigid life-style on Ihe young person. "They tell you your present lifeslyle is totally For Naugofucfc News Home Delivery Call 729-2228 STARCHY FOOD ANNAPOLIS (UPI) - A scientist at the Oregon Research Institute and an enthusiastic marathon says starchy foods help runners and other endurance athletes set records. '•! , ,;.. '• -• ;•;•; ' i,: "Nutrition, Today,".. a, magazine for health professionals, quotes the doctor as saying diet is more important than dedication and at least as important as training. He said Ihe basic research was done in Sweden. Using a special prerace diet emphasizing carbohydrates, he found it cut six lo 10 minutes off Ihe limes of his lest runners over a marathon course of 12 kilometers, or more lhan 26 miles. His super-compensation diet begins one week before a race. In 1969, Justice Abe Fortas, under Tire for an admitted run!ier financier Louis Wolfson, re- 1 from Ihe United GUILD OPTICIANS Contact Lenses 54 Centef St. 754-2114 O SUNDAY SPECIAL BROWNIES 2 For 45< HOT FRESH BREAD * ROLLS from our ovens every day ' RITA'S BAKER1 '1 Spring St. Union Cil DAILY r. A.M. TO 10:30 P.M. CUMEDMON. AREA BUYING GUIDE WHERE.TO niYIT-EASILY AXD QHCKLY int FeiCum Syndicate, J things yourself than fa depend retreat from the world. In fact, on others who do not wish lo you are gregarious by nature cooperate. You'll do them and make a delightful corn- better, too. panion. You are extremely LJBJU AlTX versatile and many fields (SepL 24 to Oct. 23) — beckon your talents. Your Ttee may be some conflict natural caution could maXe you between desire and necessity, an outstanding banker or Be realistic, as you usually are, lawyer and an innate curiosity and the answer will come, could lead you to science. Other Romance and travel favored, avenues lo success: literature, SCORPIO « #c the theater, music, statesman(Oct 24 to Nov. 22) "vfHC ship, diplomacy. BirtlxJate of; An unusual request deserves Wm. R Seward, Sec'y. of State your consirjeration. Fulfilling it under Pres. Abraham Lincoln; may involve some fcconveni- Liberate, pianist Frank's NAUGATUCK AUTO BODY 31 V««s of rjuaiity wiknan. *wmsr..wrar. Cameras • Projectors • Rollei • Kodak »Ag(a « Niton •Poljioi<T»Aij u , . •RENTALS TIL.754-MS* . SEPAJ ,, RESTAURANT l> Charlie Murphy's Prospect St. [ st . 1974 729-1766 PIZZA • GRINDERS Your Host Aft Petrucci AIDERSOH FUNERAL HOME. ARMSTRONG TIRES-] Radiator AIR CONDITIONING RobtrURoDGondoI

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