Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 29, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1908
Page 5
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local Events, Mrs. Hicka of Kansas City is the guest of Mrs. Wallace. Mrs. C. O. Glover has been ill all the week with an attack of acute indigestion. Mr. Armstrong, of the Covina Nurseries, has bought the Ira Bell house on East College street. Dr. and Mrs. Cline and little son have returned from a two weeks' vacation at Redondo. * Miss Vivienne Hodges is spending the week end in Los Angeles, the guest of Miss Eva Utter. Miss Ethel Shank was a week end guest of friends, Mrs. John Zug and the Misses Boots. Miss Katherine Collins of Waco, Texas, is the guest of the Misses Riggins. H. Snodgrass and family have returned form San Pedro, where they have been spending the summer. Principal and Mrs. A. Harvey Collins have returned from Long Beach. Mias Leita Wilson of IB a guest at the home Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Los Angeles of Mr. and Charlie Houser has gone to Cochran to sgeud some time with his father. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans were week end guests of Dr. and Mrs. Cline at Redoudo. Mr.and Mrs. G. N. Atwood and family took an auto trip to Long Beach on Sunday last. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews and little daughters left on Tuesday for Catalina. Mr. and Mrs. Whitsel and family left on Monday to spend two weeks at Catalina. Prof, and Mrs. W. B. Gladfelter of Coalinga were supper guests on Tuesday evening of Dr. and Mrs. Reed. Miss Blanche Crouse returned on Thursday evening from Ontario, where she has been visiting relatives. Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher ..and--daughter. Miss Evelyn, returned on Thursday evening from Seven Oaka Hotel, Badlands. Mrs. H. M. Houser was home from Catalina two days this week and has returned to epend two .weeks there with her daughters. Prof, and Mrs. W. B. Gladfelter of Coalinga have returned from Lon Beach and are guests at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hodges. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Thome have re turned from Long Beach. The docto has not been at all well during the past week. Mrs. J. R. Hodges and daughter Miss Vivienue, returned last Sunday from a pleasant visit with the for mer's sister at Glendora. Mr. Howard Breg of Ontario, Mr and Mrs. ,7. M. Bashor of Duarte am Mr. and Mrs. C. f. Smith of Pros peot Park were Sunday guests ut th home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Mussey o Los Angeles left last Sunday fo their home, after a pleasant wee epent with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Alussey. Miss Anna Overholtzer returned home from Coacbella Thursday where she had been visiting Lor sister, MrH. Otto Suyder, for the last four months. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Prather have returned from Redondo. The hitter left immediately for Coronado where Mrs. I. I. Cook and other relatives are staying. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Hnwkiua of Vernou, Texas, were guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson. | Mr. Hawkins is a banker. Th*v are j BO charmed with Covina that they j have decided to close out tneir inter- j eats and settle in this locality. \ Miss Constance .Manning has just returned from a visit to Sail Francisco and is spending several days; at the* home of Mrs. \V. W. Nush. She lias accepted a position iu the Albarnhra high school. i Hazzard A- Welch report the sale <jf twelve arid one-half acres, consifct- ing of Valencia*, navels and Tangerines, located t'Ao uiid one half miles east of ('..vina, owned by W. 1). Cole, to Kirhald H. Ci.le fit' I.oS Augelea, consideration tfju.uuj. This property is kiic'.'.n as the H. M. Given place and is one i.f the u,ost beautiful u .nn- plfi.-i", in '!•<• valli.-y, as well as a g..r..| i.nducer. Mr. Cole expects to ir.akr in.|.n.veu;eiits with a view t - milking it a country Mrs. S. E. King is skill seriously ill. Mrs. E. E. Price h a week end «uest of Mrs. J. D. Moffatt. Miss Mildred Houser is visiting elativea In Covina. Misa Lily Ransome is the guest of iends at Downey. Miss Mattie Chiltou spent, several ays of this week as the guest of her ousiti, Mrs. Hutchinson. If yon don't get Tour Times or Herald call up phone 159. P. W. berwood, Times agent. "Sageue" Hair Food is made to lake hair vigorous. Get a bottle at Cash's drug store, 50c. Miss Jennie Brown of Los Angeles pent Sunday with her friend, Mies Mary Nill. Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Peck f Pomona, Thursday, Aug. 27, a Oli. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crook, Miss larab Crook and Ralph Crook left oday for Coronado Tent City. Mr. and Mrs. D. Finch of Raisin ity were visiting relatives in Coma the past week. Lloyd Taylor, sou of Mr. and Mrs. 'ohri Coolman, who wag operated upon last week for appendicitis, is inickly recovering. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Angelmire ind children of Chicago are spend- ng a few weeks in Covina visiting heir cousins, the Overholtzers. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Haines, who lave been spending the summer in ovina, left on last Monday for their home in Butto Valley, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. ,B. L. King and fam- ly returned yesterday from a six weeks' outing at San Antonio canyon. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold were guests at a delightful dinner given by Mrs. Dana King of Azusa one evening of this week. The Rev. Gage and the Rev. Mo- Killock of Huntiugton Beach have exchanged pulpits for Sunday morning. J. M. Overholtzer of Portland, Oregon, arrived Sunday on a visit to bis mother, Mrs. Hannah Overholtzer, whom be had not seen for nine years. Mr. and Mrs. Will Arroel of Fort, Wayne, Indiana, have rented the Stevens home on the San Bernardino road. OUR AGENTS: Warner, WDitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary laundry Guaranteed piano tuning. L. E. Sheets, Pomona, tf. Miss Sara Reckard lias returned from a week's stay in San Diego and Coronado. J. L. Miner and son of Upland were guests last Sunday of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Will Wyeth. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jones of Ottumwa, Iowa, arrived Wednesday to spend about two mouths with their daughter, Mrs. J. P. Smeltzer. NOTICE—All desiring to pay accounts due C. W. Potter may leave the same with S. S. Asohenbrenner at the Hurley hardware. C. W. Potter. Paul Gngn met with an accident which might have proven verv serious on Tuesday last. He was pole vaulting when the pole broke and the lower piece slightly pouotratnd the groin. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold and Mr. and Mrs. Watts were guests on Thursday of Mis. Garrison to meet Mrs. Guiberson of Los Angeles (nee Miss Zada Taylor). The whole party enjoyed a ride in Mr. Wntta's automobile during the afternoon. Miss S. Reckard is making room for the new fall millinery stock and offers any trimmed bat in store, many as low as 50 cents, and nothing over two dollars. Untrirnmed hats from 25 cents up to one dollar. Flowers at your own prices. It will pay you to call and see them. Prof. B. M. Jones and wife of Mesa, Arizona, who were classmates of Prof. K. C. Leebrick, are spending a few days of their vacation with Mr. Leebrick. From Coviua they go to Long Beach for a week or so. Mr. Leebrick expects to be with them there for a few days. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. WANTED—A second-hand office desk. Inquire at this office. tip Want $4000 building loan for business block. Interest monthly. K. Box 8, Covina. "Sagene" Hair Food mid "Sagene" Pile Salve are home products, made (in Covina. Get them at Nash'a. 50c. For Sale peaches at G. Phone 13. Cling and freestone T. Brown's, Irwindale. tf Mr. and Mrs. Houston and children ot Los Angeles spent a day this week with relatives, Mr, and Mrs. Chilton, on their way to visit friends at Lancaster. Luncheon guests on Thursday last at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths were Mrs. Muir of Taooma and Mr. and Mrs. Will Leland and daughter, Miss Charlotte. Miss Elizabeth Jones of Long Beach, state superintendent of the Intermediate League, was the guest Saturday and Sunday of Miss Bessie Leebriok. Miss Ethel Casey will leave on Tuesday for Romona College, where she will become a boarder. Among other studies she will take a thorough course in bookkeeping. Ou Wednesday Mr. nod Mrs. C. J. Flatt eutertained at dinner two distinguished teacberH, MJHH Emma Hawks of San Dhnus arid Miss Andrews of Sycamore, New York. On August 23rd, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Flatt celebrated their wedding anniversary, entertaining at dinner Mr«j. Schroder and her two daughters from Ocean Park, and Mrn. Lund aucl daughter of Los Angeles. The young people of the Church of the Brethren are on a picnic today in Fish canyon, complimentary to Harry Brandt, who leaves next Tuesday to resume his studies at Hetli'imy Bihl«' School. Mr. A brier Alfred Davis has qualified IIH co-executor of the estate of his brother, Gilbert D. DaviH, deceased, and will assist in the nettle- rnent in connection with W. M. GriH- wold. Mrs. A. A. Davis, wife of the brother of Gilbert D. DaviH, who died u short time ayo of pneumonia, has gone to the old home in Oakland for the purpose of nettling up the affairs of the estate and on returning will make her home in Oovina. l>r. Arnyrauhl, veterinary, reperts ihe discovery of a cabe of glanders in a horse belonging to Pliny Miller of Giendoru. The horse was destroyed and all nrecantioiiri taken to prevent the spread of the disease. Mis. ftarlif-l 'I timer arrives today In | ay an extended \ifcit at UK- hoii,e ot Mr. and Mrs. < >. W. Vincent. Mr-. Turner in an old tiiend at.d M !ati\e of Mrs. Vii.ct-nt and Mrs. lii i-.U;v., v. horn tl;i-j have not B eeu for t.v.entj- live seals. CHARTER OAK. Miss Anna Lancaster of New York, who was the guest of her cousin, Mrs. W. S. Lincoln, left last Tuesday for Los Angeles. Miss Grace Lincoln has gone to the Pomona hospital to be trained as a nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menefee of Los Angeles were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Stowell. H. C. Mace spent two or three days at the Veteran Encampment at Huut- ington Beach. Mrs. H. H. Bryan and Mrs. O. J. Brown of Pomona, sister and neice of Mrs. H. C. Mace, were her guests on Thursday last. IRWINDALE. Mary arid Francos, children of Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Gaebko, have been quite ill during the week. Miss E. C. Smith of Pasadena waft the guisHt on Monday and Tuesday of her Bister, Mrs. Waterhouso. Etta Ream of rado, was the guest of week, the Newlau and ies, Pudblo, Colo relatives thin Kellar fumil- Wtinted—A young girl to learn millinery business, Mre. Mary Leebriok. Sale of millinery at Mias S. Reok- ard's. All hats at one half price and flowers at your own figures. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs 01 sotting, *;) per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 12(51. tf For Sale—One horso, lino carriage and double harness. J. M. Smith. Phone '219. If For Sale —Iron gray horse, fi years old, 1300 Ibs. L. S. Poagc. Phono 221 G. tf For Sale—Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, 81800. J. H. Matthews. You make no mistake in using "Sagene" for falling hair and daud ruff. At Nash's, 50c per bottle. Buggies repainted and rovarniwhod from 85.00 up. Surreys 1(5.00 up. Autos $10.00 up. G. W. Marsh. For Sale—Potatoes and poultry to order. Also'first class cow. R. C. Casad, Home phone 1128, Covina. tf To Rent—Six room house, corner of Aznsa and Cypress avenues. Rent $12.50 to right party. Apply to D. S. Poster, Coviua. 9-12 Umbrellas, Parasols—For 75o wo will cover an umbrella. George B. Detwiler, Glendora, Cal. Repairing, etc. For Sale—One pair of horses, weight 2,700. Good double harness and wagon. Price reasonable. A. E. Zug, Phone 10H. FOR SALE—Al baled barley hay. 115 delivered; second quality baled barley bay, 811 delivered; baled straw, $7 in the Hold. James Lewis, south end Irwindale avenue. Girl wanted to assist with housework in small family for board nnd room and attend school at Covina. Telephone 3259. P.O. box 544, Coviua. Up All parties indebted to the grocery firm of Brown & Bohrl arc requested to make an early Hettlornont HO that the books of this firm can bo closed. Bills may bo paid at the store of our successor Mr. Homo, who in authorized to receipt for the HHIIIO. Brown & Bohri. For Sal.i -H lotH on Center S!,., west, 87 fit) each; easy terms. Choice) lots on Navilla St., SHi'-ifi ;OIIH.V terms; tbreo beautiful lots on Badillo Htreot, 8(iOO each. 4 room house and three large lots, 8'2 - 2(K). flood (i room IIOIIHO and lot (!0xl7f>, fruit, of all kinds, good locality; price &1!)00. f5-room furnished Ijouf.o to let. for four at low rental. Houses of all Hi/.es for nale, List, your properly with us. COVINA REALTY CO., Clark >V. Douglas. Ed Kellar is spending a vacation at Long lieacb. Mr. Wm. IIontettler of L«.N Angeles wn« » guest tliis week tit the Kellar home. Victor Newlan of Dow/icy, a recent high school graduate, who will start a course fin Monday in the Los An geles State. Normal School, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Newlari. Mrs. Robert Edgar has returned t'lum a long visit, at Ocean Park, bringing with her her mother, Mrb. McigH, and niece, Miss Anna Mitchell, who will stay a week. JUST RECEIVED A new arid up-to-rlati- supply of Cards and Folders for your photon. Special price* rhiring September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SUIM'MKS Covina, Cal. TIIK NKW IRambler Mutomo bile IT* ' > **• Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FKKSII KVKKY 1M Y AT Hotter than any, ri-^ 'A'c sbo Better oi price ,i .'i i a. til,ill W. B. COWAN is 1?' it>» & A n S Cake arid Confectionery , through valley daily. THE Covina Peoples Store (INCOHI'OKATKP) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILN The Very Latest Styles for Early Fall ol the celebrated McCall Patterns have just been received by us. Please call and look them over. ONT YOV KNOW— l/uit J have a vary a/traelire assortment of WASH RAGS? at nil times. Also a splendid line of BATH BRUSHES and TOILET SOAPS Thttt goodi art hot n>tath«r comforttrt. Do You Pay Your Bills By Check? And thus have a record of each and every amount expended together with a receipt for the money paid? If not, you need a checking- account with this hank. It is the most convenient and satisfactory method of transacting business payments. We will be pleased to have you make this hank your place of deposit. The Covina National Bank BRASS NUDRY and MACHINE SHOP MANUFACTURERS or Irrpioo Appliances GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classus of Machine Work Reitterns Kurnihhcd. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office, opposite S. 1'. O'-p ,t Home I'hone 2H'> Covina, BEN F, THORPE CI:MI:NT CONTRACTOR Manufarturrr ot CI-MI-NT IRRIGATING PIPE All :ii/.cs carried in ,turk. {' Agent for Reinforced Cntit.rcte iJ Yard, V.V-.l < vpi. •. -. Avenue iii^ . ;i Specnlty Tcli-pliom: 4O.S7

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